And Then There Were Three
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Greg and Lynn’s relationship grows. When they include their friend Dave, Lynn discovers that her brother and Dave have a secret.

And then there were three.

Lynn slipped under the sheet with her brother Greg. She snuggled up against him and giggled as she gave him a kiss.

"Last night was wild, wasn't it?" Lynn said.

Rolling onto his side and facing his sister, Greg said, "I thought it was wonderful."

"Are you talking about what we did or what happened in the car?"

"I'm talking about what you and I did when we got home. Fooling around with Dave was fun, but making love with you was amazing," Greg said.

Lynn giggled and moved her hand down Greg's body. She began fondling his cock and squirmed against him. "I thought it was amazing too. Greg, I'm very happy we shared our virginity. It means a lot to me."

"What now?"

Pulling her brother's hand to her breast, Lynn kissed him. She held her mouth to his, pushing her tongue past his lips. Greg moaned as she gently stroked his rigid cock and he massaged her breast. "I think we should do it again just to make sure we like it."

Greg chuckled and moved onto Lynn's body. She spread her legs and guided his hard cock into her pussy. As he rocked his hips, sliding his cock deep into her, Greg began moving slowly and Lynn wrapped her arms around his neck. They looked into each other's eyes, smiling as they made love for the second time.

Dropping his head, Greg kissed Lynn. She moaned into his open mouth and flicked her tongue against his. He moved faster, causing her to grunt each time he shoved his dick into her pussy all the way.

Neither Greg nor Lynn said anything. They shared kisses, smiles, and the wonderful feeling of their coupling. Greg did his best to prolong his climax, but found that he couldn't. As he pumped his semen into her, Lynn let out a throaty groan. Greg kept moving and kissing Lynn. She reached her orgasm moments later and then they relaxed in each other's arms.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hold out any longer," Greg said.

"I'm not sorry, Greg."

"Maybe I'll get better if we practice."

Giggling, Lynn said, "Oh yeah, we're going to practice a lot." She gave Greg a kiss. "Did you mean what you said about Dave last night? Are you sure you won't be mad at me if I still go out with him?"

Greg smiled. "Yeah, I meant what I said. I hope you'll understand if I go out with someone else too."

"I won't know until it happens, but I don't think I'll get jealous. I want you to be happy."

Greg nodded. He thought about his relationship with Dave and wondered if it would continue.

"I have to go pee," Lynn said.

Greg extracted his semi hard cock from Lynn. He rolled off her body, watching as she jumped up and headed for the door. She looked back, grinned, and told Greg to come with her.

After taking care of their pressing needs, Lynn and Dave jumped into the shower together. Playfully, they washed each other. They traded kisses, soft caresses, and laughter.

Finished in the bathroom, Lynn went to her room and Greg went to his. They dressed for the day, went downstairs, and into the kitchen. Greg poured two cups of coffee and gave one to Lynn. They sat at the table, gazing into each other's eyes and drinking their coffee.

"What are your plans for today?" Greg said.

"I don't have any plans. I guess I'll just hang around here. What are you doing?" Lynn said.

"I want to do a few things on my car. Other than that, I don't have any plans either."

"Is Dave coming over today?"

Shaking his head, Greg said, "No, he has something going. Why, do you want to fuck him?" Greg chuckled and winked at his sister.

Lynn giggled and shrugged her shoulders. Greg smiled and thought about the three of them together.

"I'm going to have cereal for breakfast. What do you want?" Lynn said.

Greg got up, moved behind his sister, and put his hands over her breasts. She looked up and he kissed her.

"Later, Babe. Mom and Dad will be back from shopping in a little while."

Greg and Lynn ate breakfast. They went outside and Greg went to the garage. He took out the lawnmower and started cutting the grass. Lynn watched for a moment and then saw her parents pulling into the driveway.

"Hi, Mom, need help?" Lynn said.

"Yes please. We have the bags in the trunk," her mom said.

Lynn, her mom, and her dad carried the bags of food into the kitchen. Lynn helped her mom put everything away and then poured coffee. As they sat at the table, the telephone rang. Lynn jumped up, thinking it was Dave. She answered the phone and called for her dad.

"That's grandpa. He asked for Dad," Lynn said.

Lynn and Greg's dad talked to his father for a few minutes. After hanging up, he sat down next to his wife.

"That was Dad. He said that Mom's in the hospital and that we should get up there as soon as we can," Lynn's dad said.

"What's going on?" Lynn's mom said.

"Dad said that Mom had chest pains this morning. He called the ambulance and they took her to emergency. He didn't know if mom had a heart attack or what. He said they're running tests."

"I'll pack a few things, Honey."

"You better pack for a few days," Lynn's dad said.

Lynn's parents went to their room. Lynn went outside to tell her brother what was going on. He stopped mowing and went into the house with his sister.

"Do you want Lynn and me to go with you?" Greg said.

"That's not necessary, Greg. Once we find out what's going on, we'll give you a call," his dad said.

Lynn helped her mom pack. Greg and his dad took the bags out to the car and put them in the trunk.

"Here's some money," Greg's dad said as he handed his son a wad of bills.

"I have money, Dad."

"I know, but take this anyway. You can take your sister out to eat. If you have to drive up to Georgia, you'll need money for gas. I'll call you two tomorrow and let you know what's going on. It will be too late by the time we get there," Greg's dad said.

After a brief goodbye, Lynn and Greg's parents left. Greg went to finish the lawn while his sister started cleaning house.

"I'm finished with the lawn. I'm going to work on the car for a little while," Greg said as he stood next to his sister.

"Okay, I'm going to finish the cleaning and then lie in the sun for a while," Lynn said.

Greg went to the garage. He opened the hood of his Chevy and stared into the engine compartment. Smiling, he thought about the hours he and Dave spent working on the car and the relationship that developed between them.

Leaning against the fender, Greg thought back to the night he and Dave fondled each other. He smiled as his cock flexed in his shorts. When he began reliving the first time he and Dave shared oral sex, his cock grew into a full-blown hard on.

Rubbing his crotch, Greg changed his thoughts to the night before and that morning when he and Lynn had sex. He tried to decide which he liked better, but realized the enjoyed his time with Lynn and Dave equally. His only concern was what would happen between the three of them.

As much as he wanted to, he didn't feel he could confess his feelings for Dave to his sister. Greg was positive she wouldn't understand and feared it would hurt their relationship. He also didn't know how he was going to tell Dave that he and Lynn had sex. Greg thought about the three of them fooling around together and wondered if Dave, Lynn, and him would ever do it again. Lynn and Greg talked about it and agreed it would be fun, but they would have to see how Dave would react.

Shaking off his thoughts, Greg went to work on his car. He checked the oil, battery, and radiator. After making sure all the fluids were full, he decided that he didn't have anything that he needed to do.

Greg went outside and saw his sister stretched out on a blanket. He sat next to her and gently stroked her back. Lynn turned her head, looked at Greg, and smiled.

"Are you finished working on your car?" Lynn said.

"Yeah, I didn't have much that I needed to do."

"What would you like to do?" Lynn giggled and smiled.

"If the neighbors wouldn't see us, I'd fuck you right here."

"They can't see into the house."

Chuckling, Greg and Lynn went into the house. They used their parents' bathroom to shower and then went to their parents' bedroom. Lynn pulled back the covers and they climbed onto the bed. Coming together, Lynn and Greg began kissing and touching each other. They rolled around, using their hand and mouths to please one another.

Greg rolled Lynn onto her back, pulled her hips up, and pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. She rocked back, matching his steady thrusting. He held her hips as he drove his cock in and out of her. Lynn moaned and diddled her clit while her brother fucked her.

After about fifteen minutes, Greg pulled his cock out of his sister and rolled her onto her back. He lowered his head, licking her pussy. Lynn held his head, pressing his face into her crotch. He slid a finger into her pussy and pumped in and out, as he licked and sucked her clit.

Greg slowed down and gently licked Lynn's pussy. He removed his finger from her pussy, held her ass, and planted kisses on her inner thighs. Remembering how he and Dave liked to do each other, Greg flipped around and moved his cock close to Lynn's head. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, stroking him as she licked the head of his cock.

Lynn opened her mouth and covered the end of Greg's cock with her mouth. She sucked him as he probed her pussy with his tongue. They maintained their sexy sixty-nine until Greg felt himself getting close to an orgasm. He pulled his cock out of his sister's mouth and rolled onto his back.

"Why did you stop?" Lynn said. She stroked his thigh and lifted her head so she could see her brother.

"I was getting too close."

Giggling, Lynn said, "So, I like sucking your cock and tasting your cum."

"I don't want to wear myself out. We have all day," Greg said.

Smiling, Lynn moved her hand to Greg's cock. She pressed his shaft against his body and said, "Yeah, and all night too."

Greg flipped around and pushed his sister onto her back. He spread Lynn's legs, notched his cock in her pussy, and pushed. She pulled her legs back, sighing as his cock filled her pussy. Lynn released her legs, wrapped her arms around Greg's neck, and pulled him down so she could kiss him. He continued moving as they tried to keep their mouths together, but couldn't.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good. Please fuck me, Greg. Fuck me and make me cum," Lynn said.

Greg started moving faster. He continued fucking his sister, using a few of the tricks he'd learned with Dave to prolong is climax. When Lynn came, he shoved his cock into her convulsing pussy and came too. Greg held his cock deep in Lynn's pussy as his cock throbbed and he filled her with his semen. Sated, they held each other and started kissing. He kept his cock in her pussy, doing his best to keep it from pulling out.

"Wow, that was great! You lasted a long time," Lynn said.

"I wanted to make it good for you."

"Hmmm, it was wonderful, Greg. I love fucking you."

Greg wiggled his hips and started pulling his cock out of his sister's pussy. He kissed her neck and then he sucked each of her nipples. Lynn stroked his head, moaning, as he started moving lower. Greg put his hands behind her knees, pushed her legs back along her sides, and began licking her pussy. Lynn squirmed and groaned as her brother sucked and licked his cum from her crotch. She didn't know what possessed him to do it, but she didn't care. A few minutes later, Lynn came hard. She tried to move, but Greg kept her pressed to the bed.

"Oh my God! That was so hot!" Lynn said when Greg moved up and kissed her. "Now it's my turn."

Lynn moved down and sucked Greg's semi hard cock into her mouth. She savored the combined flavors of his semen and her pussy juices. Because Greg wasn't completely hard, she was able to take his entire cock into her mouth. She moaned and rubbed her nose against his pubic hair, stroking his shaft with her tongue.

Greg and Lynn remained in bed for the entire afternoon. As soon as he could get his cock hard, Greg fucked Lynn again. The finally got out of bed at six in the evening and took a shower together. Lynn and Greg went up to their rooms to dress so they could go to dinner.

"Are you ready yet?" Greg said when he walked into his sister's bedroom.

Lynn stood in front of her closet flipping through her clothes and looking for something to wear. Greg moved behind her, covering her bra covered breasts with both hands. He massaged her breasts for a moment and then moved one hand down to her crotch. Rubbing Lynn through her panties, he kissed her neck.

"I'm trying to decide what to wear tonight. I want to look nice for my first date with you," Lynn said. She leaned back against Greg and let out a sigh.

"Wear a skirt."

Giggling, Lynn nodded. She reached into the closet, grabbed a mini skirt, and showed it to Greg. He pressed his fingers against her pussy and squeezed her breast.

"I guess that means yes," Lynn said.

"Yup, I like you in that skirt."

"I didn't know that you paid any attention to the way I dressed."

"Well, I have. I've always thought you were sexy." Greg slipped his hands into her panties and rubbed her pubic hair. "I was right!"

Lynn twisted to face Greg. She gave him a kiss and smiled. "Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?"

"Is it working?"

Giggling, Lynn nodded. "I think it's working too well, Greg. What are we going to do?"

"We'll figure it out, Sis. Now, get dressed before I ravage you."

Greg stepped back and Lynn put on her skirt. She found a matching sleeveless blouse in her closet, put it on, and buttoned it. After slipping on a pair of sandals, Lynn told Greg she was ready to go.

Lynn sat in the front seat of Greg's car and turned sideways to face him. He glanced at her legs, grinning when he saw that Lynn's skirt was up far enough for him to see the gusset of her pink panties. She saw him looking between her legs and giggled.

Putting her hands on her inner thighs, Lynn moved them up to her crotch. She parted her legs further, and said, "Do you like looking under my skirt?"

"Hell yes!"

"Maybe I shouldn't wear panties when we go out. Maybe I shouldn't wear them at all."

"That would be hot, Lynn."

"Yeah, but I'm afraid that I'd leak allover everything. You make my pussy so wet."

"Tell me about it. I'm so hard I can't stand it," Greg said.

"Want me to blow you so you don't have a hard on?"

"Not right now. I can wait, Sis."

Greg and Lynn laughed and teased each other. When they arrived at the restaurant, Greg adjusted his cock in his slacks. They went inside and found a booth, sliding in across from one another.

During dinner, Greg and Lynn shared winks and smiles. They ordered beers to go with the steaks they ate. After dinner, they headed for the car.

"What would you like to do now?" Greg said.

"I want to go home so you can fuck me silly," Lynn said.

Laughing, Greg drove home. In the house, he and Lynn came together in a hug. As they kissed, Greg pulled the back of her skirt up and rubbed her ass. Lynn moaned into his mouth and rubbed against him.

In their parents' bedroom, Greg and Lynn undressed each other. They fell onto the bed and began kissing. Over the next two hours, they kissed, touched, and held one another. Lynn climbed on her brother, lowered herself onto his cock, and rode him. He held her breasts and pushed up to meet her.

Greg and Lynn fucked each other twice, using their mouths to clean one another between bouts. They finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

The ringing telephone woke Greg on Sunday morning. He ran to the kitchen and picked it up. While talking to his dad, Lynn came out and hugged him from behind. Greg talked to his dad for ten minutes and hung up.

"They think that Grandma is going to be okay, Lynn. The doctors aren't sure what's wrong so she's staying in the hospital for a few days. Mom and Dad said they're staying with Grandpa for now and that they'll let us know what's going on later," Greg said.

"I'm glad Grandma is okay. Dad didn't say when they'd be home?" Lynn said.

"No, but he did say they'd be there all week for sure. He said that they might come home a week from tomorrow if everything is okay."

"Hmmm, what a great way to start the day. We found out that Grandma is okay and we get to spend the week sleeping together." Lynn kissed Greg and began stroking his cock. "Let's take a shower."

Greg and Lynn lived as a couple for the next few days. They went to work, came home, and had dinner together. At night, they shared a bed and made love.

On Thursday, Dave stopped by after dinner. Greg and Lynn told him about their grandmother and then they caught up on what's been happening. Sitting outside, they drank a few beers and enjoyed each other's company. Greg went into the house for cold beers, leaving Lynn and Dave alone.

"There's a party Friday night. Would you like to go?" Dave said.

"I don't know. What about Greg?" Lynn said.

"I meant all three of us, Lynn. The party is at a girl I know from work's house. They have a pool so we can go swimming if we want to."

Greg came back and passed out the cold beers. He took his seat and Dave told him about the party.

"You two can go. I don't want to get in the way," Greg said.

"We're not going unless you do, are we, Lynn?" Dave said.

Lynn giggled and shook her head.

"I don't know. I'll let you know later," Greg said.

Dave stayed for another hour. He told his friends he had to get to bed so he could get up for work in the morning. After he left, Greg and Lynn went into the house.

"Greg, if you don't go to the party, I'm not going either," Lynn said.

"I don't want to get in the way, Sis."

Lynn giggled and shook her head. "You weren't in the way the last time the three of us were together."

"Do you want the three of us to mess around together again?" Greg said.

Lynn started unfastening Greg's shorts. She pushed them down, kneeling so she could work them off his feet. After pulling his underwear off, Lynn took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him until he was erect and looked up. Removing Greg's cock from her mouth, she rubbed it against her cheek.

"Baby, I wouldn't have it any other way. After spending this week alone with you, I never want us to be apart. We may have friends with us, but as far as I'm concerned, they'll have to share."

Greg pulled Lynn to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. They shared a tender kiss and then he removed her halter-top. Covering her breasts with both hands, Greg massaged them.

"What am I going to do with you?" Greg said.

"You can do anything you want to, Sweetie."

Lynn and Greg went to bed. They came together and he shoved his cock into her willing pussy. As he hammered her, Lynn grunted and begged him to fuck her. She flailed her legs and scraped his back with her fingernails. Without regard to her, Greg continued fucking Lynn until he came. His body quivered as he shoved his cock into her pussy as far as he could. Lynn hooked her legs over his, rocking against his pubic bone with hers.

"Holly shit, where did that come from?" Lynn said as Greg lie panting on top of her.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, Sis."

"Sorry? Why the hell would you be sorry? That was amazing! I loved feeling you fuck me like that."

Lifting his head, Greg looked into his sister's eyes. "I didn't think about you or satisfying you. It was kind of selfish."

"Baby, you did satisfy me. Knowing that you're happy is enough for me." Lynn squirmed under Greg and kissed his nose. "Anytime you feel like being selfish, go for it!"

Smiling, Greg slid down her body. He licked and kissed her breasts, looked up, and said, "Let me see if I can make it up to you."

"If you want to eat my pussy, go for it! As far as making anything up to me, it isn't necessary."

Greg slid down and buried his face between Lynn's legs. He licked her pussy and sucked her clit until she reached her climax. Lynn pulled him up, kissing Greg when his head was over hers.

"Sweetie, you have to understand that I love you and that I'm more than willing to do anything you want." Lynn giggled and gave Greg a kiss. "I want you to know that I won't have a second thought about sucking your cock whenever I feel the need."

"I guess I can live with that," Greg said with a chuckle.

"Good, because I love sucking your cock and having you fuck me."

"I love eating your pussy."

"I love you, Greg, and I'm not talking about the way a sister is supposed to love her brother, whatever that is. I know we can't get married, but we sure as hell can live like it if that's what we want."

"What about Dave?"

"What about him? I think he'll be able to accept us, Baby. It isn't as if I'm in love with him. I like Dave, but if I have to choose, you win."

Greg and Lynn snuggled together for a little while. She started fondling his cock, giggling as it hardened in her hand. Kissing him, Lynn pulled back and looked in his eyes. "Will you do something for me?"

"Sure, I'll do anything I can for you, Lynn."

Giggling, Lynn climbed out of bed. She went to the bathroom, returning with a jar of petroleum jelly. Crawling onto the bed, she stayed on all fours and gave the jar to Greg. Wiggling her ass, she said, "Do you know what I want to try?"

Greg furrowed his brow and then he chuckled. Moving next to her, he turned Lynn's head so he could give her a kiss. She reached for his cock, stroking it as he sat back. Greg unscrewed the cap on the jar, and put the lid aside. Lynn dipped her fingers into the jar and then began rubbing the jelly on Greg's cock.

Lynn coated Greg's cock with the slick substance as he used two fingers to spread some of it between her ass cheeks. He slid his finger into her anus, causing Lynn to gasp and grip his cock. Greg fingered her anus, adding a second finger. Once he felt she was relaxed enough, he moved behind her.

Gripping his cock with one hand, Greg held Lynn's hip with his other hand. He pressed the head of his cock against her puckered opening, feeling her push back against him. Lynn pressed her shoulders against the bed, reached behind her, and spread her butt cheeks. Greg continued applying pressure until his cock slipped past her tight sphincter and into her rectum.

"Oh yeah," Lynn growled. "It feels like you're splitting me in two."

"Want me to stop?"

"Not unless you want me to cut that thing off. Push in deeper!"

Greg began rocking his hips. Slowly, his cock went deeper into Lynn's bowels. She kept her hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks for her brother. Once he shoved his entire cock into her ass, Greg paused.

"Mmmm, that feels so strange. I love the feeling of your cock up my ass," Lynn said.

"Me too, Baby. Your asshole is tight."

Lynn wiggled and said, "Are you saying I have a sloppy pussy?"

"No, not at all! Your pussy is great!"

Greg moved his hands to Lynn's ass and used his thumbs to spread her cheeks even wider. She put her hands on the bed, pushed herself up, and started moving against Greg's thrusts. She moved one hand to her clit, rubbed it, and then pushed two fingers into her pussy.

"I can feel your cock," Lynn said.

"Yeah, I can feel your fingers rubbing me."

"This is so wild! I love having you butt fuck me."

"Good, because I love doing it to you, Babe."

Greg and Lynn moved together. She diddled her clit and fingered her pussy while Greg maintained a steady motion. Feeling is orgasm build, Greg grabbed Lynn's hips and pulled her back. She pressed her fingers against is cock, feeling it pulse as he shot his semen into her bowels. Her climax matched his and she moaned.

Exhausted, Greg fell against Lynn's back, pushing her down on the bed. His cock stayed in her rectum, softening as they recovered.

"We need to shower. There's no way I'm going to suck your cock after you fuck my ass," Lynn said and then she giggled.

Greg sat up and got off the bed. He helped Lynn to her feet and they went to the bathroom. In the shower, Greg hugged her.

"How's your butt?" Greg said.

Giggling, Lynn said, "Empty." She fondled his flaccid cock. "Can you get this up and fix that?"

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Are you kidding? As I said, it was amazing, Greg." Lynn giggled. "I guess you won't have to stop fucking me when I'm on the rag, will you?"

"No, I won't."

Using her soapy hands, Lynn washed Greg's cock and balls. She asked if his dick was sore and he assured her it was fine. After rinsing him, Lynn leaned over and sucked his limp cock into her mouth. She sucked him for a few moments, stood up, and giggled.

"Yup, you're all nice and clean. Not to mention very tasty."

Greg washed Lynn, taking his time to make sure all the petroleum jelly was gone from between her cheeks. He knelt on the floor, spread her ass, and kissed her. Lynn leaned forward, moaning as her brother probed her rectum with his tongue. He moved back and stood up.

"You are such a wonderful man, Greg. I love the fact that nothing seems unacceptable to you," Lynn said and then she kissed him.

"It's easy with you. You don't seem to have any hang-ups either, Babe."

"Not where you and sex are concerned."

Greg and Lynn finished in the shower. They dried each other, went to the bedroom, and looked at the messy bed. Giggling, Lynn removed the sheets. While she took the sheets to the laundry room, Greg put a fresh set on the bed.

Lynn and Greg stretched out facing each other. They shared tender kisses and snuggled together. As they settled in for the night, both of them thought about the next night when Dave would be with them.

Greg woke up the next morning, saw his sister wasn't there, and went to the bathroom. He pulled on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen. Lynn stood at the counter, making coffee. He walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed the back of her neck.

"Good morning, Babe. How did you sleep last night?" Greg said.

"I slept like a log, but I have every night we've been together." Lynn turned around and faced her brother. "You know, I wish we could sleep together every night. I'm so tempted to tell Mom and Dad how I feel and that I want to sleep with you."

"You know that there'd be hell to play if you did."

"I know, but it's nice to dream." Lynn hugged Greg and gave him a kiss.

"Who knows, maybe someday we can get a place of our own and do what we want."

Lynn's head popped up and she looked into Greg's eyes. "Are you serious or are you teasing me?"

Greg moved his hands from Lynn's hips to breasts. "That all depends. How would you feel if I spent all my free time feeling you up and fucking you?"

Giggling, Lynn said, "I'd demand it! You'd have to put up with me sucking your cock."

Lynn and Greg laughed. He released her so she could finish making coffee and breakfast. While they ate, Lynn couldn't keep her eyes off her brother. She thought about living with him and the fun they could have together.

Greg and Lynn went to work. When they got home, Lynn asked him what he wanted for dinner. He told her he would take her out and to call Dave to see if he wanted to go with them.

Lynn called Dave and asked him if he wanted to go out to eat with Greg and her. He agreed, telling Lynn he would be ready in an hour. When Lynn conveyed the message, Greg nodded. They went upstairs and shared the shower before getting dressed.

"What do you want me to wear tonight?" Lynn said, as she stood naked in Greg's bedroom.

"Do you even have to ask?"

"No, but I like it when you tell me what you want," Lynn said.

"Um, let's see. How about a mini skirt and a halter-top?"

"I have a halter sundress. How about that?"

"Try it on and let me see how you look."

Lynn giggled and went to her room. She put on a pair of yellow bikini panties and the sundress she mentioned. Greg came in and nodded his approval. He moved behind her, slipped his hands into the sides of her dress, and fondled her breasts.

"Yup, this will be great," Greg said.

Twisting her head, Lynn kissed Greg. "I love you, Greg."

"I know. I love you too, Sis. Look, no matter what happens tonight, that isn't going to change."

"I hope not."

Greg hugged Lynn against his body. "Sweetie, that's up to us. We can have fun or we can let silly jealousy mess things up. I don't know what, if anything is going to happen tonight or in the future. The most important thing we can do is talk and make sure we're on the same page."

"How did you get so smart?" Lynn said.

"I'm not that smart, but I do know that I don't want anything coming between us. We're young, young, and horny." Lynn giggled and nodded. "I would rather have fun and not take life too seriously until we have to."

"I think that you're smart, Greg. How many people think as you do? I know I'm your sister, although I don't always feel that way, but you make everything seem so simple. I think most guys would try to complicate things."

"If you ask me, love should be fun, not complicated. The same is true for sex. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape because you suck or fuck another guy. Just make sure you don't catch anything," Greg said.

Giggling, Lynn smacked Greg's shoulder. "Don't worry, I won't. As I said, I don't want to have sex with anyone unless you're there too."

Greg smiled, gave Lynn a kiss, and said, "Let's go, Dave is going to be waiting for us."

Lynn made sure her dress hiked up as she got into Greg's car. She giggled, grabbed the hem of the skirt, and lifted it so her brother could see her panties.

"Are you going to tease me all night?" Greg said as he pulled away from the house.

"No, I'm going to tease you and Dave all night. Is that a problem?"

Laughing, Greg shook his head. He took off, shifting gears as he headed toward Dave's house. Dave came outside when Greg honked the horn. Lynn slid over, making room for Dave in the front seat.

"Hi, how are you two tonight?" Dave said after closing the door.

"Great. Where do you want to eat?" Lynn said. She snuggled against Dave, took his chin in her hand, and kissed him. "I've missed you."

Smiling, Dave said, "I've missed you guys too. Um, let's go to the Shrimp Shack tonight. They have good food, cold beer, and they're cheap."

Greg drove toward the restaurant. Lynn put her hand on Dave's leg, rubbing his knee. In the restaurant, they found a table and sat down. The server came over, took their drink orders, and went to get them beers.

Greg could sense uneasiness about Dave. He glanced at Lynn, raising his eyebrows. She shrugged her shoulders and turned her head toward Dave. The server brought their beers, placed them on the table and told them she'd be back to take their order.

Greg, Dave, and Lynn perused the menu and decided what they wanted to eat. When the server returned, they told her. Dave picked up his beer bottle, took a drink, and told the server to bring three more.

"Look, I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say what's on my mind. Are you two pissed because of what happened last weekend?" Dave said.

Greg looked at Lynn. She smiled and then giggled. "Yeah, Dave, I'm mad. I'm mad that you've been hiding all week! Why?"

"I was afraid that I messed everything up for the three of us." Dave glanced at Lynn and then he looked into Greg's eyes.

"You didn't mess anything up, Dave. We're all friends, aren't we?" Greg said. Dave nodded. "Friends don't get pissed over petty things like feeling up Lynn."

Lynn giggled and shook her head as she grinned at Dave. "I thought that you didn't like me anymore because Greg and I fooled around."

Dave shook his head. He was about to say something, but the server came to the table with their meals. After she left, Dave said, "You two are my best friends. Shit, you're my only real friends. What happened didn't bother me. If you remember, I sort of started it."

"Yes you did and I haven't been able to thank you," Lynn said. As bad as she wanted to tell Dave what she felt was in store for him, she didn't.

"Let's just get past this and have a good time," Greg said. "So, tell us about this party we're going to."

Dave smiled. "A girl I know from work is throwing the party. Sarah is cool and said that we can do a joint if we want to. I scored a bag of green that's killer."

"That's cool. I like what we do when we get buzzed," Lynn said. Dave and Greg chuckled.

After finishing their meals, Dave, Greg, and Lynn left for the party. When they arrived at the house, Lynn giggled.

"This is Sarah Billings' house," Lynn said. "I know her from school."

"I don't know her real well, but she seems nice. We work in the same department," Dave said.

"I didn't hang around with Sarah, but I heard that she likes to party. She always hung with a different group in school," Lynn said.

"Isn't Larry Billings her brother?" Greg said. "You remember him from school, don't you Dave?"

"Yeah, I remember Larry. He was a jock, wasn't he?" Dave said.

"Yup, that's him."

Greg parked the car and they went to the house. Sarah answered the door, said hi to Dave, and then she saw Lynn.

"Lynn, I didn't know that you'd be here tonight. Dave told me he was dating a chick, but he didn't say who it was. Come in and join the party," Sarah said. "Lynn, you'll know a few of the kids here."

"Is Larry here tonight? Dave and I know him from school," Greg said.

"He's out back. Follow me," Sarah said.

Greg, Dave, and Lynn followed Sarah though the house to the backyard. Sarah showed them where the cooler of beer was and told them to have fun. Dave took out three cans of beer, handing one to Greg and Lynn.

The group moved around the patio and Lynn said hi to a few kids she knew. Dave kept his arm around Lynn and greeted her friends. Greg stayed close, wishing he could hold his sister too.

When they saw Larry, Dave and Greg went over to say hi.

"I didn't bring my suit," Lynn said as she pointed at the pool. "I forgot that you said that we could go swimming."

Sarah came up behind Lynn and said, "I have spare suits if you want to wear one. By the time we go swimming, most everyone will have a buzz and they'll go skinny dipping."

"Where is your boyfriend? I thought that you were going with Tom," Lynn said.

Sarah shook her head. "No, we broke up. He's going away to school so we decided to call it quits. He's still my friend, but that's it. Tom isn't going to be here tonight."

"Who are you with?" Lynn said.

Laughing, Sarah said, "Let me get back to you on that."

Lynn giggled and nodded. Sarah excused herself and went to talk to a few of the other kids.

As the night wore on, several of the kids began smoking joints. Dave pulled a joint from his pocket, lit it, and passed it to Greg. He took a hit and gave the joint to his sister. They shared the smoke with a girl that stopped near them. When it was gone, Dave lit another one.

One of the boys grabbed a girl, picked her up, and carried her to the pool. She laughed and kicked her legs as the boy tossed her into the water.

"Give me anything you have that you don't want to get wet," Greg said. "I'll go put our things in the car. It looks like things are going to get wild."

Dave gave Greg his wallet and Lynn gave him her purse. While Greg took the things to lock in the car, Dave found a place to hide the joints he had in his pocket. When Greg came back, Dave lit one of the joints and passed it to his friend. As they smoked, Larry and Sarah walked over to them. Lynn handed Sarah the joint and after hitting it, she passed it to her brother. When they finished the joint, Larry lit another.

Greg grabbed beers for everyone, passing out the cans. He took a couple hits from the joint and passed it to Dave. A few moments later, Larry put his beer down and then took his sister's can from her. She protested, but Larry ignored her pleas. He picked her up and tossed Sarah in the pool.

"You dickhead!" Sarah said when she climbed out of the water. "I knew I shouldn't have worn white tonight. You can see right through my top and shorts."

Sarah pulled at her wet top, trying to conceal her breasts. Larry laughed and made a comment that caused Dave, Greg, and Lynn to turn their heads.

"Why are you bitching, Sarah? You know damn well that you're going to be naked before the night is over," Larry said.

Giggling, Sarah nodded. "Yeah, you're probably right, Larry. That doesn't mean that you're not a pervert."

"What can I say? I happen to like looking at hot chicks," Larry said. He glanced at Dave and Greg, shrugging his shoulders. "Can you blame me?"

Sarah giggled and picked up her beer. She tipped up the can, taking a big drink. Larry grabbed his beer and walked away.

"Don't mind us, we've never been shy around each other," Sarah said. "Our parents introduced us to skinny-dipping years ago."

"That's cool," Lynn said. "I don't care what you or anyone else does. That's your business."

Sarah nodded and said, "It's too bad that more people don't think that way, Lynn. It seems that a lot of people are more interested in spreading rumors than they are in the truth."

With that, Sarah left to talk to a few other kids. The guys tossed a few girls into the pool and then a few of the girls ganged up on the boys. Dave looked at Greg and cocked his head toward Lynn. Greg chuckled and nodded.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Lynn said when Dave wrapped his arms around her and carried her toward the pool.

"What do you think?" Dave said.

"Let me take my dress off first. I don't want to have wet clothes for the rest of the night."

Dave put Lynn down. She reached behind her back, unbuttoned her halter, and removed her dress. Handing the garment to Dave, Lynn jumped into the pool. She milled around, taunting Dave and Greg.

Sarah saw what Lynn did and laughed. She removed her top and shorts, jumping in to the water wearing her panties. A few moments later, several of the other kids stripped and got into the pool.

"See what you started?" Sarah said to Lynn.

"Oh well, I didn't want to get my dress wet," Lynn said.

Dave and Greg removed their shorts and shirts. They put their things with Lynn's dress and joined her in the pool. Swimming over to Lynn and Sarah, Dave and Greg couldn't help staring at the two girls.

"It looks as if the party is in full swing," Larry said as he moved through the other kids to his sister.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," Sarah said and then she giggled.

A group of kids began splashing and dunking each other. Greg put his hand on Lynn's back and said, "Let's get out of the pool. It looks like things are going to get ugly."

Lynn nodded and took Dave's hand. She pulled him toward the ladder while she followed her brother. When they got out, Sarah came over and climbed out too. She gave everyone towels and wrapped one around her body. Lynn circled her body with the towel, tucking the end between her breasts. Dave and Greg dried themselves and sat on a couple chairs.

"This happens all the time. I think I'm going to stop having parties," Sarah said.

"I wouldn't want the hassle. If someone gets hurt, it'll be your ass," Greg said to Sarah.

"Larry can usually take care of things if they get too wild."

"If he needs any help, let us know," Dave said. Greg looked at his friend and nodded.

"Thanks, but I don't think anything will happen. We start breaking it up at midnight and try to get everyone out of her by one. If we don't, the neighbors get pissed," Sarah said.

"I think we're going to hit it, Sarah. We should get together one of these days," Lynn said.

"Okay, give me a call. I wouldn't mind just kicking back with a few friends," Sarah said.

Dave, Greg, and Lynn put on their clothes. They found Larry, said goodbye, and left. Greg got their things out of the trunk and then Dave ran back to the house. He told Greg and Lynn he forgot his pot.

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