Chapter 1

This is the story is about a 59 year old woman named Maria. She and her husband lived in a small city in the northeast. She is the mother of 2 grown children and a grandmother. Her and her husband has been married almost 30 years when this adventure started.

Their married life was good, Maria was not shy with her husband Charley she was an imitative lover, and he has many pictures of her nude and spread. She always got very excited when he wanted to take her pictures, although she did not like to view her images. She drew the line when Charles explained to her that he would like Maria to be more outgoing. Maria would just laugh as Charles told her that he wanted to show her off to other men. Many disagreements started when Charles mentioned his fantasies of having other men see her naked. He has even asked if he could go with her for her yearly check-up to watch the doctor examine her. She always told him No and that he was a pervert.

After all these years of marriage Maria could not understand her husband wanting to show her to other men. She was shy and a very modest woman that was taught by her mother that her body was only for her husband's pleasure and she could not understand her husband's sudden obsession with going to her GYN exams with her.

On the internet Charles found a Forum where people talk about Medical Play exams. He was very interested in this subject and contacted a real Doctor in the area that set up play exams for couples that are interested in this subject. Charles showed his wife the information that he gathered asking her if she would be willing to be a patient for a play exam with the doctor showing him how to perform the exam. She told him definitely no she will not be exposed to anyone for something as silly as this.

Charles dropped the subject as he figured showing off his wife will only remain his fantasy. He has resigned himself to the sad truth that he was not going to talk his wife into any of these adventures that he has been dreaming about and has almost become an obsession with him. He spent most of his time on the net talking with other men and women with his interests without his wife knowing it.

At this time let me tell you A little about Maria. She is about 5'4 tall; she weighs about 156 pounds and has large breast, with a small butt. Even though she is almost 60 years old her breasts are still nice and she has few stretch marks. Her legs are also very nice. All in all Charles is very proud of her and wants to show her off.

Now to get back to the story Charles always wanted a big power boat that was at least 30 feet long with dual engines and out drives. He priced up what he wanted and it was over 100 thousand dollars. On the other hand his wife Maria wanted a fifth wheel trailer and wanted to go camping the unit she picked out was also in the 100 thousand dollar range including the truck to move it. As hard as they tried they could not save enough to do either.

Charles and Maria always bought scratch tickets in the hopes of hitting the jackpot from one of the tickets. Both agreed that if one hits it they could get the leisure equipment that they wanted. They were buying the tickets faithfully for about 6 years when Charles hit the jackpot, enough to buy his boat after taxes were deducted. He brought home books of the boat he wanted to buy showing them to Maria. She looked at Charles and said that she did not like to be on the water in a boat and would do anything to buy the Fifth wheel trailer with truck instead.

Not realizing that Maria disliked the water and boating Charles was ready to just buy the trailer and truck to go camping instead of the boat, until Maria said she would do anything to get the trailer instead. His devious mind started to work overtime. He told Maria that if she wanted to buy the coach she would have to agree to be more outgoing. He gave her the email about the play exam and said if she agreed to this he would agree to buy the trailer instead. She asked if it was just a one time thing he said no it would be any time he wanted her to be examined that she would have to do it.

It took Charles bringing her to the boat store with the deposit check before she agreed to his deal. She would be the patient for a play exam whenever he would like her to. They went to the RV store and put a deposit on the unit she wanted, and then went to order a Dodge diesel 2500 to pull it.

Getting on the computer Charles made an appointment for Maria to be examined. An email came back with a schedule of open times. Charles showed Maria the times and she took a Saturday morning at 10 am as it will take them an hour to get to the exam site. Charles Emailed Dr Bob the time he would be there with his wife for her exam, which was the following week.

The closer the date for her exam got the more nervous she became. Maria tried to just forget it while working, but when she got home she started thinking about it again. Her husband noticed her nervousness and tried to talk to her saying she would probably enjoy herself if she let her strict upbringing go for the day. She would not listen to him and he was feeling guilty at what he was making his wonderful wife of over 35 years do, but he could not bring himself to call off the adventure that was so close to happening. He kept telling her how proud he was of her to do this for him and he loved her very much.

Friday night Maria and Charles went out to eat. He brought flowers home with him for her. She loved the flowers, but could not enjoy them thinking that they were for her because she is going to be a patient tomorrow. Maria asked Charles again why he is making her go for a play exam before they left for a night out at one of the premier restaurants in the area. He told her truthfully he did not know and she could see he felt bad that he was forcing her to have a play exam the next day. She dropped the subject as she did say that she would do anything to get the trailer now she had to show him that she was going to do what he wanted her to do. Charles did tell her that after she goes through the exam tomorrow if she was dead set against doing it again he will honor her wishes. This revelation made Maria feel a little better, as she will only have to do this one time and she will be done with it and have her trailer she thought to herself if she did not like the exam.


The next day Saturday Dawned sunny and warm Maria got up early to take a shower to be clean for her coming exam. She laid out clothes that she usually wears for her yearly exam. Charles was very excited he got his camera equipment and put it in the car. They were ready to go at about 8 AM. Charles stopped at a Friendly Restaurant as he knows his wife likes the breakfast there. She hardly eat anything she was so nervous. They left at quarter to nine for their hour trip to the exam site. It was a very stressed hour drive, Charles was worried that Maria was going to have a nervous breakdown and asked her if she would rather turn around and go back home. She took one look at the expression on her husbands face and realized that she had to do this at least once for him. He was very good to her and if he wanted her to be examined then she will do it. She will not see this Dr. again so she can grit her teeth and do her best to make her husband happy for today anyway, as he has been after her to do something like this for over 4 years.

They drove into the city and Maria was happy to see they were in the good section of this big city. Charles found the street he was looking for and passed the hospital that showed on his directions one street passed he turned into the Clinic he was looking for. There were about 10 cars there Maria wanted to know how come there was all the cars there she thought the clinic was closed today. Charles said he did not know why all the cars were there. He opened the car door for her she hesitated getting out as if trying to decide if she will actually be able to go through with this exam. She realized this was her last chance to get out of this, gathering all her will she got out of the car and grabbed for her husbands hand for support and security. Maria asked one last time "You really want to have me do this?" Charles answer was "Only if you want to do it?" Her answer was "I do not want to do this, but I love you and will do this for you." With no further discussion she held her head up pulled her shoulders back and looked straight ahead letting Charles lead her to the door of the Clinic.

Opening the door they found the reception area filled with at least ten men and women between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. As they came in the office Maria and Charles were handed a document to fill out by a gentleman in a white lab coat on over jeans. After giving Maria and Charles the handout the gentleman stated that he was Doctor Bob that runs this clinic during the week, he is also interested in showing people interested in the Medical Fetish to do the exams properly so no one is injured. Doctor Bob has also found some medical problems with the ladies that have been examined by him during the play exam. The ailments were corrected because the ailment was caught early enough. This made Maria feel better that it will be a proper exam.

He also told everyone that in order to have the play exam they all have to sign the paperwork that they are here of their own free will. Everyone will do as they are told. Dr. Bob is ultimately in charge of the exam and everyone will do as he says. There will be nudity, with still and video photography that all patients and play doctors have to agree to. All the people that were there read through the paperwork then all signed them including Maria and Charles.

After all the paperwork was collected the standard forms were pasted out for medical exams of new patients with the exception of the last page. There were questions for the patients of the sexual likes and dislikes that had to be filled out. This made Maria and most of the other women blush.

All the paperwork was collected and the husband of the first couple was called into the back area. He went in with a camera case and tripod. It was about 5 minutes later that Dr. Bob came out and called out the name Roseanne, blushing a women about Maria's age stood up and followed Dr. Bob into the back area, within another 10 minutes Rosanne was led out by Dr. Bob and her husband completely naked to go to the restroom in front of all the others there followed by a man carrying a camcorder documenting Rosanne's Exam. Dr. Bob stated that he had to watch her while she gave a urine sample her husband followed along clothed in a white coat similar to Dr. Bob's. The woman blushed crimson as she tried to give a urine sample, while her husband spread her vaginal lips to expose her urethra. Maria looked at all the women there and realized they will all be going through the same exam shortly.

About a half hour later a blushing Roseanne came through the door from the exam room area back into the Waiting room with her head down not looking at anyone followed by her husband and Dr. Bob. He went with them to the exit door and thanked them for being part to the demonstration.

Dr. Bob went to the reception desk looked at the waiting list then looked up and called Charles name. Charles got up picked up his camera equipment and disappeared through the door to the exam room hall. Maria realized that in a few minutes she will be called to go in to start the exam.

Still when Dr. Bob called her name she jumped and turned red. A very stressed Maria followed Dr. Bob with shaking legs. The Dr. brought her to an exam room that was much larger than one you would see in any medical facility. There was a man in the exam room with a video camera he was the same man that she saw following Roseanne when she had to give a specimen.

He introduced himself as James a PA that works for Dr. Bob during the week. He was using Charles equipment to videotape the exam, as her husband was going to be performing the exam under the directions of Dr. Bob. She was told to undress completely and sit on the exam table to wait for him. Maria started to go in back of the curtain to undress when James told her that he was going to videotape her undressing.

After the explanation from James, a humiliated Maria started to undress, she took off her top, folded it than placed it on the chair, next came the skirt she removed that and placed it on the chair. She could hear the noise of the camera as she was undressing. The next part of her disrobing was harder she had to decide what to remove first; her bra or panties. She chose her bra took that off with her back to the camera then slipped her panties down giving the camera a good look at her behind and her vaginal lips as she bent over to remove her panties and retrieve them from the floor. She put all her clothes neatly on the chair in the changing area. Under the watchful eye of the camcorder she proceeded to the exam table completely nude. This was the first time that anyone but her husband and her doctor has seen her nude since she was a child. Stepping up onto the stool in front of the exam table she turned to sit up on the exam table and unsuccessfully tried to keep her modesty as she did. She could feel the cool air on her exposed vaginal area as she mounted the table.

James took a full frontal of Maria with the camcorder panning up and down a few times before shutting it down to wait for the doctor to enter ... She was so embarrassed that she was red all the way down to her thighs. James started talking to her as if she was sitting on the exam table completely dressed. Her nudity did not cause him to stare at her in fact he did not look at anything else but her face while he was conversing with her. They were talking about current events his family and her family. Maria was becoming comfortable in her nudity she was even beginning to enjoy it.

The knock on the door brought Maria back to the reality of her situation. She is nude and again the camera is the eye that is capturing the whole ordeal that she is going through. James started the camera before Dr. Bob and Her husband Charles came through the door. Charles per instruction of Dr. Bob told Maria to put her feet in the stirrups this gave the James a perfect view of Maria from the top of her head to her breast including a captivating view of her moist vaginal area. In spite of herself Maria was becoming very excited with her very intimate being exposed to the strangers, the camera and the play doctor.

Charles took Maria's blood pressure, pulse, and checked her breathing. Then with Dr Bob directing him Charles informed Maria that she will have to give a urine specimen and the only available lavatory was adjacent to the waiting room. This is the moment of truth for Maria is she brave enough to go out there in all her naked glory to let the men and women that she does not know see her naked.

The door to the exam room is opened as Maria dismounts the stirrups. She walks with haltering steps to the door and peeks out seeing all the people through the open exam room hall door. Charles walks up close to Maria and tells her how proud he is of her and that he loves her very much for doing this for him. This gives Maria the confidence she needs to pull her shoulders back and raise her head up high and walks out into the room full of strangers. She takes the sample cup and lets her husband open her vaginal lips so that her urethra was exposed she peed in the cup with a little embarrassment, but something was happening. She could see that she was in control of the situation. All the people there where under her control, they wanted to see her in all her naked glory she completed her task and walked back into the room.

Doctor Bob Proceeded to have her get onto the exam table again and leaving the door open so that she could see some of the people in the waiting room and so that James could videotape the GYN exam. The good doctor proceeded to put on a pair of gloves to manually examine Maria intimately spreading her vagina area and stepping aside while she being video taped.

The Play Doctor then proceeded to take a medium sized speculum and gave Charles instruction on how to insert the speculum properly as not to injure is wife in the process. Charles practiced on his wife with the speculum while looking to see if he was causing her any discomfort. All this was recorded and Maria was becoming very comfortable with her nudity. The doctor gave Charles the speculum he was using on his wife thus bringing and end to the exam.

Maria was helped off the exam table and went to her clothes that she put on in full view of some of the men and women that were waiting their turn in the waiting room.

After the exam on the way home Maria said to her husband that the exam was not that bad and if he wanted to be examined again she would do it for him.

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