Helping Hubby
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Fiction, Cuckold, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Her husband Jason is sent to prison for a year. A man arrives saying he can protect hubby from being abused. She must decide, and after hearing Jason's recorded plea for help she agrees to take the man as her new husband for the duration of Jason's time. The man explains that her duties include being constantly available for sex. Not just with him, but with the other prison officers who will have to protect Jason over the coming year.

Jacky Wilson was on her bed crying when the doorbell rang. It was now over a week since her husband Jason had been found guilty of fraud and sentenced to twelve months in prison. She hated waking up without him in her bed, and couldn't get used to not having to get up early to make his breakfast and see him off to work. She felt empty inside, knowing it was going to be a year before she again had a reason to get up early. Except she would have to get a job, very soon. She couldn't afford to live off their dwindling savings, his legal expenses had been horrendous even though he had pleaded guilty. She just couldn't get motivated to make such a change in her life, somehow going off to work would be almost a betrayal of him, an acknowledgement that he was gone from her life, even if only for a year.

She wondered how he was, she knew he must be terrified, and she feared for him. He had been released on bail awaiting sentencing, and during this time he had spent many nights sobbing while she cradled him in her arms. She hadn't fully understood his concern until, going into his study a few days before his trial, she had found the computer still open and discovered he had been googling the phrase "prison wife".

She had never heard the phrase before, and assumed it must apply to women like her, left behind when their husbands were locked up. She was shocked when she opened the article he had been looking at, and read, "A prison wife is an inmate who befriends a fellow prisoner, and thereafter performs the duties normally expected of a wife. This is normally in exchange for protection, or just to avoid being passed around the other prisoners like a box of chocolates. Such wives must defer to their men. They are expected to do domestic work, for instance keeping the husband's cell tidy and making his tea. Most importantly, the wife is expected to be constantly available to her husband for sex."

The doorbell rang again, lengthily this time, forcing her to stop thinking of Jason. Obviously it wasn't just some door to door salesperson, whoever it was clearly wasn't going to go away. She forced herself to get up and pull a dressing gown on over her long cotton nightie, and went downstairs. She kept the door on its chain as she opened it, and peeped out. "Yes?"

The big burly man outside, maybe forty years old and wearing a smart grey suit, showed her an identity card, showing that he worked in the prison. She realized later that he hadn't given her his name, in fact she was sure that he had held his thumb over the name on the card when he showed it to her. He said gruffly, "Can I come in, I need to talk with you."

"What's it about? Is Jason okay?" Surely they couldn't have beaten him to death already?

The man gave a grim smile. "Yes, he is okay at the moment, but that's what I want to talk with you about. Perhaps you had better listen to what he has to say." The man held out what she took to be a mobile phone, inviting her to take it through the gap in the chained door.

"I'm not allowed phone calls with him yet."

"No I know that, this is a tape recorder. It's just a recording I want you to listen to. But I'm sure you will recognize his voice. Understand that this is totally unofficial; I have arranged it because I knew how important it was for him, and I hope for you too. Please, just listen to what he says." She put her hand out, took the machine, and shut the door so she didn't have the man watching as she listened to her husband, no doubt crying and saying how he missed her.

She did recognize his voice despite the tears. "Darling this is Jason, you have to help me. Please, you won't believe what they are threatening to do to me. Well, maybe you can guess, there's enough about it on the television nowadays. Baby, already I've had to do things that revolt me. But then these are things that you have done for me, so I am wondering, could you bear to do them again? Do them for me but not actually with me?"

Her face went pale as she listened to his words, knowing just what he meant, understanding exactly what he was asking of her. He wanted her to have oral sex with men so that he wouldn't have to! She was left wondering whether she could actually do what he wanted, and how she would have to do it, who with, how, or when. Obviously the man outside her door was here to explain all that. Probably he would something from her right now! Tears were pouring down her face as she realized the recording had stopped. She stood leaning against the wall, her body racked with tremors, as she wondered what she could do.

Reluctantly she opened the door, passed the man's recorder out to him, then took the chain off the hook, and asked him if he wanted to come inside.

She asked him to sit down, asked him if he wanted a drink. Even though it was early, she was definitely going to have one herself, so she was glad when he said he would like one. Fetching the drinks gave her time to think about her situation, but she hadn't had any great ideas by the time she walked back out to the living room, handed him his drink, and sat down opposite him.

The man sipped his drink, then asked, "Do you understand what your husband is trying to say?"

She nodded. "I think so yes."

The man smiled, as though relieved he didn't have to spell it out. "You quite sure?" She nodded again, her hand shaking as she took a gulp of her drink. She looked up at him, eyes tearful, face pale, cheeks flushed.

"Just in case, let me explain. He wishes to avoid becoming a Prison Wife. Are you familiar with that term?" She nodded slowly, suddenly realizing that the man was enjoying spelling it out. "Yes. I read about it on the internet."

"Excellent. So, what would you say is the main responsibility of a Prison Wife?"

She shuddered as she remembered reading the description. She looked down and whispered, "To be constantly available to her man for sex."

She sat miserably watching him as he lent back sipping his drink and letting his eyes rove over her. She was 28 years old, long brown hair, and she realized the thin dressing gown and nightie were not hiding much of the shape of her 34C breasts. She gulped her drink down and quickly excused herself to get another one.

In the kitchen she stood wondering what to do. She thought back to the night she had first read those awful things on the internet. She had found out that, if an inmate couldn't find someone to protect him, someone to accept him as his wife, the inmate would be fair game to all, and would likely be forced to do oral sex, or take sodomy, from everyone stronger than him! Or groups of men!

She knew that Jason would never survive in that environment! He was sweet and gentle and loving, but quite incapable of defending himself against men wanting to use him that way. No wonder Jason was having difficulty sleeping! He must be dreading it.

Reading more about the prison wife situation, she discovered that wives were called up for oral sex a lot, not just with the husband but with other men, and also that wives were often sodomised by the husband. She could see that even that was better than being available to everyone, experiencing pack rapes.

After reading internet articles on the topic for an hour, she had gone up to their bedroom and sat for a long time by the bed watching him sleeping fretfully. She wanted to wake him up and talk it over with him, but what could she say?

Since he was first charged, she had been encouraging him to have as much sex as he wanted, to take his mind off the future and to give him some pleasant memories for when he was alone in his cell. But after reading that article she realized how inadequate she had been as his sexual companion. Her idea of making love 'often' had been once a night at the most, whereas she now knew that a prison wife had to give oral sex to his man a lot more than that! Without being specific, one of the articles even expressed it as 'A LOT!!!'

At first she had assumed he would only be doing it for his new prison husband, but reading on she discovered that the typical prison husband would make his new wife do it for all his friends, just because he could, showing off his new possession. And he would also make the wife do it for anyone else in the prison, including the guards, who could provide favours or cigarettes in return. The article made it clear that this also could happen several times a day.

When she walked back in, the man was still lounging in Jason's chair. "Where were we?" the man said. "Oh yes, I remember. You said, correctly, that the wife must be constantly available for sex. Your husband is now in a position where he must either become a prison wife, or as they say, be handed around like a box of chocolates." Jacky guessed that this man had read the same article she, and Jason, had read.

"But there is a the third option, which is that the man might be able to offer something else up instead, enticing enough that those in power will protect him in return for it. That's what your husband is doing. He is offering you." He sipped his drink, letting his words sink in. She shuddered, but nodded to let him know she understood. "I am sure you don't want Jason to become a prison wife, do you?" She shook her head. "So you accept the other option, that you will take his place? Provide sexual services to the men who can protect him?"

She bit her lip and nodded, trying not to cry.

"He has asked me personally to look after you. I think you know what that means. I suggest that you think of me as your husband from now on. Until he is released in twelve month's time." He smiled at her but said nothing more.

After a few moments of silence, she nervously asked, "So what must I do?"

"As you said, you must be constantly available to your new husband for sex."

"I see. To you. Until Jason is released."


She sat silently, having trouble breathing. Would she be able to cope with this? Could she live with herself if she refused, and Jason had to provide prison wife services for the rest of his time inside? What would he be like after twelve months of that, how would he cope with life, with her, when he was released?

She looked up at the man. "Will Jason have to know?"

"He will guess, when people start leaving him alone. I promise you he will be very grateful to you for saving him from what is happening now."

"So it has already started?"

"Some, yes, he has sucked a few cocks, but so far mostly it's been threats, he quickly offered you as his option, and we have gone easy on him since while you decide whether to help him. Meanwhile he has been told exactly what will happen if you don't take up his request for help, and that is why he sent you that tape recording. He desperately wants you to accept this offer."

The man sat quietly watching her, one eyebrow raised, as though expecting her to know what to do next. Looking at him now, at the lustful look on his face, she could see that he was very confident that he was about to get what he wanted.

"If I do what he says, how can I know it will help him?"

"If you do what we want, we won't make your husband do it. You are much more desirable to us all."

"What exactly must I do?"

"Each day you will receive an email with an address and a time. You must go there and do what you know is required with whoever is in the house."

"So it's not just with you?"

"No, darling, there are lots of men who have to be bought off, I'm afraid. Look at it this way, I will be your husband, but you are going to have lots of lovers. These are all men who will otherwise be using Jason for their sexual pleasure. At first you only have to provide oral sex to us."

"At first. Oral only," she responded stiffly, having no doubt now of what she was to do. Something to be grateful for, she supposed, that her duties were limited, even if not for all time.

"Yes, for the moment. If you can keep the guys happy with that, we may never ask more of you. But you will have to learn to do it well."

Jacky sat silently for a minute or so, thinking of her husband and what more he would have to do if she, and he, couldn't keep these men happy with their mouths. She suspected that she might be put to the same awfulness as her husband was dreading.

She wondered exactly what she should do now, just go to him, kneel, take out his cock? How does a respectable wife go about doing that with a stranger? She noticed he was sitting with his feet quite wide apart, obviously expecting that soon she would be kneeling between his feet. She was already wondering how big his cock would be. Jason wasn't very large in that department. She suspected this guy would be bigger.

Finally the man grinned and said, "Come on then, Jacky, let's see how good you are. You owe it to your husband to do your best. Remember, if I am not satisfied, then Wilson will have to do more work tonight."

She stood up and walked slowly over to him, her eyes down looking at the crotch of his pants. As she was about to get to her knees, he stopped her. "Just a minute, Jacky. Let me see you. Take your clothes off."

She undid the belt of her dressing gown and shrugged the gown off her shoulders, and let it fall behind her. His eyes roamed down over her nightdress, over the swell of her large firm breasts, and down to her belly, her legs, her feet, then back up to her face. "Very nice. Take it off, please."

She raised the nightdress over her head, dropped it behind her, shook her head to free her long brown hair, and looked down at him. His eyes were on her breasts. "Magnificent," he sighed. He brought both hands up and very gently cupped the creamy mounds, toyed briefly with her nipples, sending a shiver through her, then he slid a hand down to her crotch, making her groan. "Feet apart, please Jacky."

His fingers gently coaxed her labia apart, slid softly over her clitoris, then delved inside her. "You are very wet, Jacky." She flushed, stifled another moan, bit her lip. She stood very still while he masturbated her. Stood still until she wasn't able to keep still, until her body started shaking, twitching, as his fingers delved and caressed. Jason had never touched her like this, sometimes during lovemaking Jason would stroke her down there, even go down on her, but only while she was fondling his cock prior to penetration. This man was just sitting silently masturbating her, and she found she was liking it. Too much!

"Do you have any sexy underwear, Jacky?"

She gasped, shocked by the intrusion into the private world of his fingers caressing her. She panted, paused, thought. "Um well yes some I suppose."

"Show me."

Her legs felt weak as she led him upstairs, no doubt his eyes on her bum cheeks. She wondered if he was already contemplating sodomy! In her bedroom, Jason's bedroom, he made her open her lingerie drawer, rummaged through it, then pulled it out and tipped the entire contents onto the bed. She watched while he ran his fingers through her things, the things that only Jason had ever seen her wearing. There wasn't much that would excite him. She was quite embarrassed when he looked up, holding a lacy bra and frilly briefs, and said, "Is this it? No corsets, no suspender belts?"

She actually apologized, then flushed, wondering why she had felt the need to do that.

"Buy some, this afternoon. Wear them for your next appointment."

She nodded, still barely able to comprehend that she was standing naked in her bedroom with a complete stranger who was calmly telling her how to dress for an appointment to give oral sex to another complete stranger.

The man got up onto the bed, Jason's bed, and laid down on top of her lingerie, still holding those panties in his hand. "Take my shoes and socks off," he said, and propped his head on the pillows so he could watch her do so. Then he said, "Now my trousers." She climbed up on the bed, kneeling astride his feet, lent forward and undid his belt, then unclipped his trousers and drew the zip down. In all her married life, she had never undressed her husband.

The man lifted his hips so she could draw his trousers to his knees, then again so she could tug his underpants down to mid thigh. He was big!

"Rght off," he said. She had to get off the bed again to do that, first drawing his trousers off and laying them over the back of a chair, then leaning over him again to draw his underpants down off his feet. Now as she looked up at him she could see the hard cock, the swelling sack of his testicles, the thick bush of his black pubic hair.

"Now come back on the bed and show me how good you are at giving head."

She was about to get between his feet when he patted the bed beside his chest, and she realized he wanted her to kneel close to him looking down his body to his cock. "Keep your knees apart so I can play with you."

She shivered as she took up the position he required, and bent down over his cock. She felt his hand caress her breasts, then move down between her legs. She moved her knees further apart, and held his cock shaft in her hand as she lowered her mouth over it. She paused in that position, not wanting to take him further into her mouth. She could feel his fingers exploring her labia again, stroking around her clitoris. She was having difficulty concentrating on his penis.

A hand came up over her back, into her hair behind her head, and gently but firmly pushed her down, forcing her to take his cock deeper into her mouth. For a moment she remembered why she was meant to be here, but then his hand went to her knee and lifted it, pulled it over him, and placed it down the other side of him, so now she was kneeling astride him, and her pussy was hovering over his face! She shuddered as he raised his head and licked her pussy!

A wave of pleasure went through her, and she moaned again as his hands came up under her and cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples while his tongue ravaged her sex. She forced herself to push down on his cock until her chin was buried in his pubic hair, but then she froze and let herself give in to the wonderful sensations of what he was doing to her. She orgasmed, and collapsed on his body, with his cock still in her mouth.

He allowed her a few moments to recover then spanked her butt and hissed, "Get on with it, girl."

She moved her head up and down, but was too exhausted to do much more, and was relieved when he pushed her off him and rolled her onto her back. He sat up, looking down at her, his cock still rampant. "What's up, Jacky? Never sucked cock before?"

"Not often, not really. I'm sorry."

"It's Wilson you should be apologizing for. He's going to be busy tonight."

"No, wait, please, give me another chance. Please, teach me how to do it properly."

He sat looking at her, his hand idly running over her breast. "No, my dear, you will have to learn yourself, you are going to get an opportunity every day from now on. What I will do now is show you what will happen to your husband if you fail to improve."

He dragged her across into the middle of the bed, still on her back, knelt between her feet, and lifted her ankles up over his shoulders. "Do you have any anal lubricant?" She shook her head no, so he casually spat on his fingers, and pushed one of them into her ass!

"Oh god no, please, it's going to hurt, please don't." She realized she was inviting him to fuck her in the cunt, and that he probably wouldn't use a condom, but by then she didn't really care.

"Sorry darling, it's got to be this. Sodomy. Buggery. That's what Jason is going to be doing a dozen times every day, if you don't help him out. So it's important that you understand why you are learning to give good head. Smile, baby, and try to relax. And next time you go shopping, buy some lube."

And with that he lent slowly forward, his hand guiding his cock head toward her bum hole. "Relax baby or it will hurt." When his cock was pressed firmly against her virgin sphincter, he said, "They say it helps if you push down, as though taking a shit. Try it."

She gasped as she felt him very slowly opening her up. At first it felt strange, even nice, but as he pressed further it began to hurt, and she panted, "Please stop there for a moment, let me get used to it."

"I will, darling, because I don't want to hurt you. But the men who start doing this to your husband won't stop, they will enjoy hurting him. Think on that, as you prepare to suck cock tomorrow. Try to do it better than you did just now, and if the guy isn't satisfied then offer him what I am doing now." As he talked, Jacky relaxed, and she felt his cock opening her more. It wasn't so painful now, and she closed her eyes and tried to push. As though taking a shit, as he had put it.

Suddenly her sphincter opened and his cock surged up inside her, and she opened her eyes and looked down and saw that he was buried to the hilt. She struggled to breathe when he started moving, slowly fucking her ass.

And as he fucked her he whispered, "I will be your controller all the time that he is in prison. I will allocate your daily roster, and receive their reports after your visits. I will from time to time visit you myself, and I will use you, and if you are not doing what we want I may punish you. Have you ever been spanked?" She groaned and shook her head. "I will send you parcels containing sexy undies and also spanking implements. Keep them available at all times, okay?"

"From now on you are to consider me as your new husband, in all respects. Is that clear?" She gasped that she understood, and would do as he said. His right hand was on her breast, his left fiddling with her clit! His voice grew tenser, his thrusts harder, and suddenly he climaxed, firing his semen up inside her ass. To Jacky's surprise she climaxed with him!

A few minutes later he gently lifted her legs off his shoulders and laid them on the bed each side of him, pulled his cock out of her bum, and reached for a pair of her panties and used them to clean himself.

He got off the bed and started to get dressed, and as he did so he told her to go downstairs and make him a cup of coffee. He said casually, "You had better put some panties on, your bottom will leak for a while."

"Yes, sir," she muttered, and put some on.

"I'm your husband, baby, you don't have to call me sir, you can call me darling, okay?"

She gulped, and reluctantly said, "Yes, darling." She started to put on her dressing gown, but he said no, she looked nice in just her knickers. Breasts bobbing, she went downstairs to make her new husband a cup of coffee, already feeling his semen running out of her ass.

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