Anne the Mature Model
Chapter 1

Going Through the clothes on the racks at Target Anne with her husband Matt are looking for a dress to wear for the modeling assignment she has on Tuesday night with Paul an amateur photographer that was looking for a mature female model for erotic photos. They found a sun dress in her size that was red and white with a halter top.

The modest 59 year old mother of 2 grown children and grandmother of 2 was resistant to the idea that she was model material at first, when her 61 year old husband Matt showed her the advertisement that he checked out to see if it was legitimate. Paul over the last month wore down Anne's resistance to modeling for Paul. A meeting with Paul was set up to see if Anne was comfortable with the Photographer. A nervous Anne along with her Husband Matt met Paul at a restaurant. After talking for a while Anne found out that she and Paul graduated in the same class in the city High school this made Anne more comfortable with Paul added to that Paul was O.K with having her husband Matt present while she was modeling. The last hurdle to overcome is that Anne did not want Paul to have any of the pictures he took of her and she would model for him. This was accomplished by using Matt's camera and putting the pictures up on her husband's computer to see how they came out and a date was set for the shoot.

Tuesday came before Anne knew it. Going to the bathroom she took off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. Anne did not know why Paul was looking for mature females, when he could probably find many young women to model for him. She took her second shower in the late afternoon, but did not groom her vaginal area. She was just finishing her shower when Matt came home. She called to him to come to the bathroom he came in to find his wife naked drying off. Anne asked him to check the back of her legs and rectal area to see if she should do any grooming. She bent over and exposed herself to her husband for his inspection of her private area. He had her open her legs for better access to her vaginal and rectal area. She was hoping that tonight she would not be this exposed for Paul. After about five minutes Matt told Anne she passed his inspection.

Going into the Bedroom Anne went to her Lingerie drawer to get panties Matt stopped her telling her that she will only put on her dress tonight. She started to protest, but figured that she will be naked tonight in front of both men anyway, so she put on her sundress without undergarments. At 5 PM Matt informed Anne that they were meeting Paul at Patrick's Pub for Supper before she modeled for them. Anne wanted to go put on panties before going out in public, but Matt talked her out of it. She felt uncomfortable being all but naked out in public for a little while, but after they met Paul and started conversing with him, she forgot she was without undergarments, and even started to enjoy the freedom she felt being all but naked in public. She felt a combination of humiliation and embarrassment along with sexual excitement presently.

After supper the trio went to the home of Anne and Matt. The family room was set up for taking pictures and Paul started with pictures of Anne standing and sitting. She was very stiff to begin with, but Paul complimented her about her dress and her figure after about 10 minutes of having her dance around the room she became more relaxed and confident of her beauty. Matt was in the background with another camera photographing Paul taking pictures of his wife Anne.

Paul told Anne to sit on the chair and put her feet on the floor with her legs spread she did this and her dress lay between her legs. Many pictures where taken of her in this position. Then Paul told her to raise her dress up this exposed her vaginal area to the camera. Anne turned red with this request, she was going to let another man see her most private area she did this after a little hesitation. She realized that she will have no secrets from Paul by the end of the Photo Session. The top of the dress was removed to expose her breasts to the camera eye and both men. Anne was feeling excited presently her nipples were noticeably erect and her vaginal area was becoming moist. She was surprised how wet she has become when Paul asked her to spread her legs and open her vagina for the camera. Paul complimented her many times about her beauty as she spread her legs open.

When Paul told Anne to remove her dress she did it without any hesitation she was having the time of her life modeling. She did not hesitate when he asked her if he could show her how he wanted her to position her vaginal lips. He had her spread her legs and he opened her up and placed her fingers how he wanted them. Anne felt him put his fingers into her vagina and this excited her very much. Then he took many pictures of her spread open. Her husband was taking pictures of both of them he was very proud of his wife for putting her modesty aside and exposing herself completely to another man.

There are pictures of her standing, sitting, laying down, clothed, nude and spread. The last part of her modeling Paul concentrated on her breasts. He touched them to show her how he wanted to have her hold her breasts. This was the last part of her modeling that they recorded.

When she was told that the modeling session was done Anne did not make any attempt to get dressed. She was very comfortable being naked in front of both men and she was very excited to have both men see all of her. There was a more intimate bond between Anne and both men presently that she felt very glad she had the chance to experience.

Matt downloaded all the pictures on the computer and all 3 looked at the pictures. Both men were complimenting Anne on her beauty; she even liked a few of the pictures. For the next 45 minutes they looked at all the pictures. Then went back to the best of the pictures and put them in a separate folder. Anne looked at all the pictures that were put in the folder she was embarrassed by the ones she was completely exposed with her legs spread and the pink inner lips of her vagina was exposed. She did not like the pictures that showed her rectal area, but both men told her she was a real mature woman where any of her imperfections added to her beauty. All this time Anne remained naked as the day she was born, also she realized that she had no secrets from Paul, so this added to her comfort of being naked in front of both men.

Matt looked at Anne he could tell that she was horny by her nipples and the moisture in the juncture of her womanhood. He told her to lie on the couch and spread her legs then had Paul sit between her legs she hesitated only a second or two before she complied. Her vaginal lips were puffy and her vaginal slit was open with moisture coming from her opening. As soon as she opened her legs you could smell the sweet odor of her excitement. The pheromones filled the entire room exciting both men. Matt told Paul he could rub Anne's vagina for her, she reached between her legs and pulled her vagina open for Paul. Anne had a tremendous orgasm in less than 5 minutes. She was recovering from her orgasm while Paul kept rubbing her vaginal area.

The subject came up of their graduating class, while Paul kept up the constant stimulation of her vaginal area and Matt kept taking pictures of her through her entire stimulation, they talked about the people that graduated with them. Anne asked Matt to go up to the bedroom and retrieve her year book. When Matt went back to the Family room Anne was still laying with her legs spread and Paul was still rubbing her vaginal area.

Anne got up and sat beside Paul He fully clothed she naked and looked at their year book

They went through the book for over an hour laughing and surprised that they both had the same friends, but they did not remember each other until they found their pictures in the year book. All and all the night lasted for 7 hours with 4.5 hours of Anne being naked in front of both men.

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