Sex, Cheating and Romance
Chapter 1

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I'm Randy Burke and this is the story of my life so far. I come from a rather large family. I have two sisters and two brothers. They are all a lot older than me. I came along twelve years after my younger sister.

We were a poor family. My dad had a good job in the auto factory but he spent all his money at the track or at the bar. Mom worked as a clerk at the corner grocery store. We lived in what we called the projects. They were government-assisted living quarters. Dad and Mom were separated most of the time. That's why we lived in the projects. He would always drop in unannounced.

My childhood wasn't a happy one. All of my brothers and sisters moved out as soon as they turned eighteen or nineteen. They wanted to get away from this shitty home life we had. My Dad would often get drunk and beat up on my mom. One day, when I was about twelve, my two older brothers had enough.

They stopped by and the two of them beat the crap out of Dad. I couldn't blame them. Why Mom put up with it for so long, we didn't understand. This time she filed charges against Dad and he went to jail for a couple of months.

After he got out of jail, Mom had an order of protection against him and finally filed for divorce. We still lived in the shitty apartment but at least we didn't have to put up with my dad anymore. Mom got child support for me along with welfare benefits. Between the benefits and her job at the corner grocery, we were able to make ends meet.

I saw my siblings once in a while but we weren't close. Just too many years difference in our age. I didn't have a lot of friends. I was the poor kid from the projects. I understood that Mom did the best she could but that didn't stop kids from making fun of me.

I got the reputation as a bad kid. Mom had to come to school at least four times before I finally graduated. I wasn't that smart, but I think they just passed me along to get me out of the system. I did hang with a couple of other guys with reputations like mine. I didn't take shit from anyone.

While in school I'd mow lawns and do odd jobs to earn some extra money. I'd give half of all my money to Mom and kept the rest for myself. I wanted to save up and get myself a motorcycle.

I didn't have the smarts or the money to go to college. I was good working with my hands and after graduation I got a job working construction. I helped remodel houses and did a lot of concrete work. The work was hard but it kept me in shape and it paid good.

One of my brothers was going to sell his old Harley. I made a deal with him and gave him the money I had saved and paid him monthly payments till the balance was paid. Now I felt like the stud. I spent my evenings fixing the bike up and hung around a biker bar.

Some of the construction guys I worked with hung out there. Even though I was only twenty, no one said anything about me drinking. I also began smoking weed. For the next five years that was my life. I worked, drank and smoked weed.

I need to explain a little about the biker bar. This wasn't a biker gang like they used to have in the fifties and sixties. We weren't some outlaw club that raised havoc on the nearby communities. We did do a lot of drinking and partying. The only fights we got in was when someone else started it or a member got really drunk. It was almost always over a woman.

Most all these guys were construction workers or worked in the auto factories. I will say they were a rough bunch of guys. I felt at home with them.

When it came to women, they seemed to just come to the bar. Most all of them knew what we were like, and on weekends after the bar closed, Butch the owner would lock the doors, and the real party started. Anyone could leave at any time but they couldn't get back in.

The booze and weed flowed pretty freely. We paid for our own drinks but our club picked up any unpaid tab. We didn't want to piss Butch off. We had about seventy members altogether but we were rarely all there at once. Every night we averaged twenty or so bikers. There were rarely non bikers in the bar but every now and then someone might come in. Butch just waited on them. Most didn't stay long after seeing our club members. The only exception was Friday nights that I'll explain later.

More about the women who came into the bar. Most were party girls, while others might be getting some sort of revenge on their parents. There was a college about a mile away. We even had a few married women come in and we knew what they wanted. Thinking back, there was quite a few regulars. There were a couple of back rooms used for sex during open hours but after hours most happened right out in the open.

No woman was ever forced. There was always plenty of pussy there on the weekends, so we didn't need to force anyone. I will say that after a woman has been around for a couple of weeks we kind of considered her club property. It meant she was somewhat expected to have sex with anyone in the club.

She still wouldn't be forced but was told what was expected of her. The one big exception was if one biker said that she was his old lady, then she usually didn't put out for everyone else. A few of the bikers had wives that would sometimes come to the weekend parties. They seemed to be a group of women who didn't care what their husbands did.

I've had sex with a few of them and they told me, "As long as he brings home the paycheck and supports the kids, I don't care if he fucks some slut on the side."

After being fucked by different guys, some women might ask a biker if she could be his girl. That way she wouldn't be free game for every cock there. Some of the guys did look pretty nasty. Sometimes the biker might let her fuck another biker but it was on his say-so.

Carlos was one of the oldest members that attended regularly. He had been there way back when my brothers belonged to the club. I guess you can say he was the club president since he had been there for fifteen years. There was maybe a half dozen older guys still hanging at the bar regularly.

Most members lasted four or five years and then went on with their life. Now and then an old member might drop in just to say 'hi'. I had been a member for five years now and it was the same old thing. I was really ready to move on.

On Friday nights Butch's Bar put on one hell of a fish fry. It started way back before I even knew the bar existed. That was the day you could see a lot of the old bikers come in and have dinner with their family. Most left after they got done eating. I don't know how Butch did it but it was some of the best fish ever. He also had shrimp and sandwiches for the people who didn't like fish and chips.

Butch's fish fry was known all over the county and was the one day that we would see a lot of non-bikers and their families come in to eat.

I would see my brothers come in at least once a month with their families. I didn't see my family often since the death of my mother. I just kind of lost touch. It was good to see them when they would come to the fish fry.

After Mom's death I moved into a trailer in a mobile home park. I was just renting but it was all I needed. About all I did there was sleep and take a shower. I didn't eat at home much. I had my bike and a pickup truck, both were paid off so I was pretty much set.

But I'd been thinking about my life and even though I didn't mind the sex at the bar, I wished there was something more for me out there. Since Mom's death it was sad coming home to nobody.

Carlos knew a few of the girls at the college and would invite them to the club. He let them know it was a biker bar and what we did after hours. It was hard to believe how many college girls would come on most weekends. I guess they wanted to feed their wild side. We didn't have many clean cut college guys, if we had any at all. These were rough, tough men working hard jobs.

It wasn't always the same girls but had the same outcome. They would drink, smoke a little weed and get laid. Sometimes someone tried to sneak in hard drugs but if Butch caught them they would be banned for life from the bar. Most of the bikers kept to Butch's rules.

The way I met Sheila was she came to the bar with a couple of her girlfriends one weekend. After the bar closed she joined right in and began drinking and smoking the weed. She seemed different to me and I kept my eye on her. Carlos was the first to fuck her. I just shook my head; why would a girl like that get messed up and give herself like that? She was quite out of it and got passed around. Everyone always liked to try the new girls.

I mentioned that some of the bikers had a wife or girlfriend who sometimes came by the bar. Carlos had a girlfriend that he has had for fourteen years, Sharon. They had lived together and had two kids and but never got married.

Sharon and I talked quite a few times. I asked her how she could live with a guy that was fucking different women all the time. She told me she started out just like the young girls did and liked the excitement, the partying and do what you want to do life style. She fell in love with Carlos and got pregnant. After a few years she realized he wasn't going to change and just went along with him.

She didn't like to watch him with other women any more; she was afraid of losing him. They now had two kids together, and once the kids started school she got a job at an insurance agency.

She wouldn't leave Carlos because she still cared for him. I really felt sorry for her. She would come by some weekends and it bothered her when she saw him with these college girls. That was how she had met him and knew one day she would probably lose him.

I wish I had known Sharon before she met Carlos but I would have just been a kid. She was a nice person and deserved a better lot in life than she was settling for. Some day maybe she would be smart enough to walk out on Carlos.

To be honest here, Sharon and I did it a few times when Carlos was drunk on his ass and had already fucked some young chick. She was one of the few that I had gentle sex with. She would really get into it and I loved the way her pussy squeezed my cock when she reached an orgasm.

She was one of the few that I didn't use a condom with and it felt so much better. I met her a couple of times away from the bar. She would come to my trailer and we had real sex. I'd eat her pussy and she would suck my cock. If it wasn't for her kids she would probably have left Carlos and we could have been together.

We knew it would never work out for us so we didn't see each other as often. Carlos never had a clue how many times I fucked his wife. Sharon and I stayed good friends with benefits once in a while.

As I mentioned I kept my eye on Sheila. She was plastered when she came over to me and sat down. She seemed different from a lot of the girls that came to the club. I used the old saying, "What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked. She must have had more than weed to be this far gone.

She was beautiful. Nice body, pretty face and long blonde hair. A rack that has been manhandled a lot that night and her panties were missing. At least the four guys that used her wore condoms.

"I saw you watching me most of the night. I was told your name is Randy and that you were one of the quiet ones. Is that true?" asked Sheila.

Earlier, while Sheila was sowing her oats I was having sex with one of the married women who came in often. I found it easier to have sex with the married women since they were there for only one thing. I gave them the sex they wanted.

I looked at Sheila. "Honey, you're drop dead gorgeous and I wouldn't think twice about having sex with you but I'm not much on being the caboose on a train. I'm more of an engine man, if you know what I mean. Maybe next time."

She looked at me, shocked. I had to figure she didn't get turned down very often. I saw her walk up to the owner, Butch. I figured she was asking him about me. Damn, why was she a slut? I think I could have gone for someone like her.

Butch told me later that the girl asked about me. Questions like, where did I work? Was I married or did I have a girlfriend? He said for some reason she was interested in me. I told him I turned her down and she probably wasn't used to that. He laughed and I headed on home.

I have to admit that I often thought about her and it was odd, seeing I hardly even talked to her. It was two weeks later when she came back with her girlfriend Tricia. She said 'hi' to Butch and walked over to me. I was sitting there having a beer. When the music started she asked me to dance. I stared at her for a few seconds before getting up. I didn't say a word as I took her hand and held her close.

"So, what brings you back here? Didn't get enough last time?" I asked.

I didn't know why I was treating her bad. We had college girls come in every week and do the same thing she had done.

"I came back to see you. Why are you so mean? Did I do something to make you dislike me?" she asked. She looked sad.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not big on shared relationships. You just seem like someone special. I apologize, we all have our own life to live." I didn't even know what I was saying, so I just shut up.

"Look Randy, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Yes, I like to party but I don't usually act the way I did the last time I was here. I think Carlos put something in my drink. I really do. I can't take it back and it was just sex after all."

I liked her and held her close. We spent the evening together, only having a few drinks, and she told me about herself. Other guys asked her to dance and she refused. She would say, "No thank you, I'm with Randy tonight."

We got strange looks from some of the bikers but they knew better than to mess with me and I never said a word. I would just look at them and they would leave. Because of my job I was always in good shape. I didn't need to work out but still had the muscles. My background of getting into fights beginning in junior high school preceded me.

In the few fights we did have at the bar I wouldn't think twice about using a pool cue or a beer bottle. If I was in a fight it was to win. I was arrested a few times but the charges never stuck. I never started a fight but finished most of them.

I had Butch make us up sandwiches while Sheila told me about herself. I was a good listener and she definitely was worth looking at.

She began by telling me where she went to college, which I already knew. She was a senior and would be graduating in a few weeks. She came from a pretty wealthy family. Her Dad was an engineer at one of the auto plants. Her mom did medical billing out of the house.

Sheila was getting a nursing degree and was already promised a job at the local hospital. She had a sister, Olivia, who was two years younger than her, who was taking nursing courses in college also.

When I asked her why her sister didn't come to Butch's Bar, she told me that she and Olivia were complete opposites. Sheila liked to party, but she said Olivia was more of a geek. Later when it got time to close the doors, Tricia told Sheila she was going to leave. She had driven and wanted to know if she wanted a ride back to the apartment they shared with four other girls.

Sheila looked at me and asked if I could take her home later. I nodded my head and told Tricia it was nice meeting her. There were probably a dozen guys left in the bar after closing along with ten women, which Sheila was one of them.

Butch would let us stay for at least an hour or so while he cleaned and restocked the bar. He would still let us buy beers and we played the jukebox. Almost all the songs were slow ones. Sheila and I danced.

Bob and Ray, a couple of bikers, asked me if I minded if they danced with Sheila. I told them, "Sorry, guys, she's with me tonight." It was the first time that I said that about any woman who stayed after hours. The guys looked pissed but I knew they wouldn't be a problem. They were two of the guys that had sex with her two weeks ago.

Sheila smiled and kissed me. I slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her tight against my hardening cock. We went back to a corner booth near the restrooms where she took off her pants. She straddled me and my cock sank right into her pussy. I realized I didn't have on a condom but she told me she was on the pill.

She felt so good. I tucked my hands under her ass and pulled her tight as I came. I felt her pussy tighten up and squeeze my cock. As she had an orgasm she looked down at me and kissed me like two lovers would kiss. We stayed that way till I got hard again and we kept going.

I never remember staying in a woman before and getting hard and fucking her a second time without taking a break. I was never in love but I wondered if this was what it felt like. I wasn't sure what I would do about her. I knew I wanted to see her again but I still didn't want to be in a relationship where I shared my woman.

She used the ladies room and cleaned up and I gave her a ride back to her apartment on my bike. She gave me her number and asked me to call her.

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