The Protector - the Strength of Memories

God's heroes often seem to be unlikely candidates for the job. How does he find a farmer capable of being a king or the fisherman to change the course of history? How does He recruit His heroes? The Protector Chronicles may be a possibility based on fantasy but who is to say something like it isn't true? Who is willing to place a limit on God?

Jonas Gianni was a Mafia hit man, and a very good one. Among the families he was rated as one of the best until the father of one of his assigned targets took revenge. Jonas, his wife Sheila and daughter Liz were killed. That's where his life as a Protector starts. God gave him another chance to spend eternity with his wife and daughter. All Jonas had to do is use his already perfected violent talents to protect the innocents of the world.

Joe, as God advised them to call him, gave Jonas certain advantages over the common dirt bags. Jonas is stronger and faster in body and mind. He heals faster, doesn't grow old and is luckier than any man should expect to be. He can also see a person's aura. He can see what made you the kind of person you are and what you are like now. All of these abilities give him a great advantage over the common scum of the earth that would hurt a child or an innocent man or woman.

God's Adversary also has agents which Joe calls the Red Agents. They have the same abilities as Joe's Protectors except for seeing auras. It's a very thin edge over a vicious enemy but when it's all you have, you need to learn to use it. Of course, it isn't enough of an edge if the other advantages aren't honed to a razor sharp knifes edge.

This is the third installment in the Protector Chronicles.

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