They Try Again
Chapter 1

A lot has happened in the last 11 months.

Katya, Jim and Boris meet in Moscow for the 1st time since Nadia has left.

Frankie had just about got back her slim, now womanish, figure after giving her father twin boys. He was very happy and two girls in town seemed very excited to live at the castle and take care of he and the boys there, even very happy to perform above or below the call of duty. They both were 14 and repeated that they were willing to do anything the Baron might need or want and were very, very eager to learn new things.

Nadia has pretty much been alone, having gone to Bali to rest up and forget her mistakes. When she first arrived dozen of men and even women saw fresh meat for them to partake of. All seemed to want her company and suggested a number of things that they might do or go with her. Nadia however had her fill of the moochers and fair weather friends and in an act, more like the old Nadia, called them all together, handed them each a handwritten envelope.

Inside were the words "DIE! Bother me no more! If you do, it will be your last day on earth!"

It seemed they all got the message. Nadia did make a few friends, on a nearby beach a young boy and girl came up to here asking if she could help them. "What is it"? she asked. "Grandpapa" the girl said, "he has fallen and we cannot lift him up"? She and her Golden Dragon guards went over with them and saw the old man on the sand. Upon closer inspection it seemed he had tripped in a small hole in the sand and hit his head when he had fallen. Two of the guard raised him up, while Nadia and two other guards brought a chair and water over to where they were. After giving him some water and applying wet cloths to his face he began to make a moaning sound.

The children ran to him closer, he reached out to them and asked what had happened? "You had fallen grandpapa" the girl said, "we did not know what to do then we saw these people walking along the beach and asked for their help". The old man extended his sand covered hand, Nadia took it, kissed it and said; "I am very happy my friends were along too, I did not really know what to do either, come with us I live nearby and you need to rest after all this. My name is Nadia, these gentlemen are my friends, their names would be strange to you, but know you and the children will be safe with us. Let us go and you can tell me whom we might call".

As they neared the compound, several of the Ninjas and 4 of her Russian guards ran to them, carried the old man to a veranda and eased him to a couch. Others escorted the children near him. "A doctor has been called and the maids are bringing a light meal and drinks for the children" one said.

After an examination was made, the doctor told Nadia the old man would be fine. That he had hit his head but the most serious thing wrong was his lack of food and water, this was probably why he fell. He handed her some tablets and three bottles of liquid. After getting instructions how to help him regain his strength, Nadia beckoned the two children over, she asked them where they lived, over there they pointed, indicating what appeared to be a clump of trees. "What are your names" she asked? "I am Sophia she said and my brother is Manuel. We came here to be with grandpapa for the summer but our parents never returned". "How old are you? I am 11, my birthday was last week; and my brother is 4 next week". " How about your grandpapa" she asked? "His name is Paulo, Franco Paulo Peralta, he has been here a long time, at least since we were very little".

"Would it be all right if we were to have birthday a party for you both, right here"? The faces of the children lit up, "certainly" they both said and hugged her. A tear came to Nadia; for once in a long time she had made a person happy. Four sets of eyes took note too, it seemed this was the first time their mistress showed more concern for others than herself. The master will be pleased. "Come she said a room for you both and your grandpapa has been readied, you shall be my guests and tomorrow we must plan your party".

The next morning breakfast was served on the veranda; Paulo, the children and Nadia were served. "Thank you so very much Nadia" Paulo said. "Thank you for making the little ones so happy and giving them things to do other than to worry about me". It was obvious from their speech and gracious manners that these were people who were educated and at one time enjoyed wealth for nothing at the compound seemed unusual to them. Nadia asked how she might help. Paulo hesitated then finally began to relate to Nadia how he and the children were together again. He had once been very wealth; he had married and had a daughter, the children's mother. He had been sailing near here when his yacht sank and he floated ashore. He had lost his memory, if it was not for the kindly people on the island he would never have recovered. It had been several years later, the resort had been both a source of work and food for him, especially since he understood and spoke multiple languages.

At this resort, as he turned to carry away dishes to the kitchen, he heard a scream then two voices yelling, "Paulo, Paulo"! Two people ran up to him, one a woman threw herself to his feet, the other a man, placed arms around his shoulders, both had tears in their eyes. "Paulo" the woman said, "is it really you"? "Where have you been all these years"? He looked at both of them, asking, "Do I know you? Do you know me? Who am I?"

He went on to explain that his wife feared he had been lost at sea. She had waited 7 years hoping that he would be found alive. His brother had tried to find him but no one knew he had gone near Bali when the storm hit. Carlos was his brother, after 7 years Paulo was declared dead and after another year in mourning, he had asked Lucia to marry him, not because he had longed for her but to raise a male heir to the Peralta fortune. He had never had a son, his own wide having died while trying to bear him one. Paulo and he were sole heirs and had expected he and Lucia to have more children, then the loss of Paulo.

When they found him at the resort, they took him to their villa there and started to tell him of the past. There was only shame in their eyes when they looked at Manuel then each other and both began to weep. "Paulo, my Paulo, What have we done? What should we do? Manuel is our son, even when we both thought you dead there must be a male heir to carry on the Peralta name. Oh Paulo"! She began to weep, and Carlos took his brothers hand and placed it on Lucia's. "Brother, if I have wronged you I am truly sorry, for I never meant to do so". It was decided that Lucia and Carlos would take the boat back to Australia then fly back home to make arrangements for Paulo to be restored to the living. The children would stay with Paulo to not only get to know him but to try to tell him what news that there was while he had been thought lost. Carlos paid for several months at the villa and opened a large bank account and some modest cash for Paulo and the children to use until they returned. That was several months ago, the banking records were tossed away by the maid who took the cash thinking it was a huge tip. Paulo found the villa now occupied by another family and went back to work at the resort, using whatever money and food he got for the children, They now lived on the beach but never once did the children complain.

Nadia wept when she heard what had occurred. She called Moscow to uncover what had happened to Carlos and Lucia, then arranged for a local clerk to find out everything on the island. He discovered that a banking account in Paulo's name was opened but never used. She told Paulo only that people would help him and he and the children would live with her as her guest. "Now come" she said, taking his hand, "I have to remember how to have a birthday party, we need to go shopping, send out invitations and I need your help". If there was such a thing as another chance in like, Nadia seemed to have found it. No longer was she the selfish, moody, bitch who hated everything and everyone. Nadia found the first real happiness in life helping her new guests.

She made arrangements at the resort for a birthday party for the children. They asked her how many people; she started to answer, "All of ... then said, let me ask the children". When Sophia told here that 2 of the girls at the resort were nice to them at the resort but when they had to live on the beach 5 or 6 local children always came by them bringing what little food they could. Nadia told the resort to have enough for 30 people; she then began to find each of the children's mates, their families and friends. There were now 42 for the party and she had the resort prepare for 50.

Now time for shopping, "Paulo", she said. I know you may be as new to this as I, but would you help us shop." The butler and three maids would go with her as well as a number of the ever-present bodyguards, but she wanted Paulo and the children to do this as a family, she also had a surprise or two in mind.

It was time for the party; the children and Paulo were nicely dressed and went on ahead. At the entrance to the resort several Russian and Ninja bodyguard were there to ensure any and all who came for the party were allowed in, whether they had an invitation or not.

To start the party drinks, food and fruit were served to all, as well as a package of clothes and swim ware handed out. Nadia had wanted everyone to dress in similar clothes, she knew many of the locals were not wealthy and the thought that this may be an issue weighed on her mind. Please enjoy a nice swim then we shall start the party in 60 minutes. More food and refreshments were brought out then it was time for the games to start. Nadia motioned for three very large PiƱatas to be hung, "since we are to have a party I would also like to include Paulo, for he too must have fun". With that Paulo, Sophia and Paulo were blindfolded and placed ready to strike; with some help there was a shower of coins, toys, candy and jewelry that began to cascade down. Everyone just stood and looked. "Hmm", Nadia said would our 3 birthday guests please come to me while the rest of you try to find things you may like, the children scrambled now, bags were being handed out to each child as they gleefully searched around. The parents near them all had tears in their eyes and looked to Nadia, she placed her hands over her heart then raised them to her lips sending out a roomful of kisses.

As Sophia, Manuel and Paulo came up to her, three men approached and handed each an armful, perhaps she said you might be more comfortable in your rooms to open those.

As they left, Nadia presented each of the parents an envelope, "please accept my appreciation for all that you had done these many months for Paulo and the children"

"I do not know what all has happened but the children have told me that you all have tried to help them, now I too wish to help yours. Next week several people will open a small school, hospital and store in town. Inside are documents for you to use to be a part of this, those that can may also wish to help out there for there is much to do". Inside was a bank account card showing more money in it than the average worker there would make in 10 years, those where both husband and wife showed up received 2. No matter when they joined the town stores there would be another surprise for them. In a very short time and little effort Nadia had changed the lives and the future of 50 people. What was happening, she just did this as though it had always been the way she was. She cried.

When she returned to the compound, the three birthday kids, as she thought of them, ran up to her, all teary eyed and gave her hugs and kisses. "Why" they all asked? "Nadia answered, " because I could" was all she said. A maid told her there was a call for her; she took it and listened to a very strange voice. "Ms Voston", she heard, "it is time for you once more, a plane will be waiting for you at the airport to come to Tokyo, bring everything you will need for 2 weeks, you will meet with The Dark Lord next week for further instructions". There was a click.

Boris, Katya and Jim meet in Moscow.

Much has happened; you both have done everything that has been asked of you. Now I/we have something that will provide for the family for a very long time. Boris began to explain how the German and Swedish military had approached the Dutch in an effort to sell them arms and munitions since many countries would not deal with them directly.

After the failures in Afghanistan the Russian military had asked Boris to arrange for such sales or even leases of Soviet arms. Such monies would be in the hundreds of $ Billions every year. There were already many countries in the Middle East and Africa begging for such support. He would be the military person responsible if Boris would be his partner. This new venture, in public, was to be headed by Katya and Jim if they would agree.

It was very easy to now involve Rob, since Frankie had turned to her father for her sons; Rob had worked with most of the Arab and Moslem countries and had even learned the language. He also seemed to enjoy the lifestyle, the Harem seeming to be one to easily adopt; he even began to follow Moslem customs and restrictions. He had been to Mecca several times and been asked to administer the city by the Saudi's since it was not wanted that any one King or Prince were to be in power there.

It was in Mecca that Rob and the family were invited to visit several countries, it seemed that not only were they interested for their oil to be protected but also for all arms that might be available and, many, many Russian, mmm, advisors. Two of the countries even wanted offensive and defensive weapons missiles and now 2 more Asian countries indicated each planned to spend $50 billion to modernize the army. Boris had really hit the jackpot, he wished for Nadia to join him, no longer caring about Frankie. He called Katya and Jim and told them of the requests to meet. Each country had indicated that, if exclusive to friendly nations, sales over the next 5 years would exceed $200 billion each.

Just with the invites that meant the new venture would become the largest arms dealer in Europe in the first year of operation. Little did Rob realize that it would become much, much larger, soon near the size of China and America.

Within 6 months there was more demand than supply. With the gold and oil being sent to Russia, the military could now begin the manufacture of new and more powerful weapons and Russians were once again at work. Boris was now involved in politics and Jim and Rob seemed to thrive in this new environment. The Russian military had even provided them ships, planes and access to 2 underground labs to provide a view of future weapons. A new leader had emerged in the Middle East, he had invited Rob to Tripoli to meet, he would also introduce him to his daughter, two of which were twins and were soon to be 14. Rob hesitated to visit a mere Colonel but the added incentive to meet young daughters might make this an interesting trip.

It was time for Frankie to start to live her life now. Her father had his heirs by her and now was kept bust by the two girls that would raise the boys. Yes, Frankie was ready, she was 19 and wondered how to be free of Rob but still keep her new family. Nadia and Katya and her Father were really all the family she now had. Her father had given her several properties around the world and Rob, as a gift, transferred the ship, plane and the Moscow home to her. Both her father and Boris had provided large bank accounts for her as well as all the expenses need to maintain the properties. She would ask Rob for her freedom but first she needed to know how the family would accept her.

She went to see Katya. The greeting she got from both Katya and Jim was like she was like a long lost sister, full of hugs and kisses and an immediate call being made to Boris. "Frankie", Katya said, "Boris is on his way here. When he arrives we have something to ask you".

Neither Boris, Jim nor Katya had asked or made her do anything sexual. She knew they really did love her as family, she knew also the Nadia and her could be more than near sisters. She did not hate or blame Rob but the fact that he had let here mate with her own father so readily was not the response she expected. A true husband would have fought for her, not turned away. She needed to speak with Nadia, but first the meeting with Boris.

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