Beyond Mile High - the Dream

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Preface - This is the follow-on to the story I did earlier, "Mile High Club - The Reality". As stated there - that ending is the real true ending to the story. This is my fantasy ending - the way I'd have much preferred it to end. But alas, it was not meant to be. If you've read "Mile High Club - The Reality", you can skip to Chapter 2 directly unless you want/need a refresher.

This is a mostly true story, part of which actually did happen to me - names have been changed to protect the guilty, but the details actually happened pretty much the way it's described.

Well, at least until I got off the plane. It's been a long time, so if some of the fine details aren't precise you'll have to forgive me, but then only she and I would know that for sure.

After leaving that aircraft in Houston, the rest of the story is, as stated in my "note to Janice" below, my dream.

My fantasy. Detailing how I would have preferred life to go. But it didn't. Life is sometimes that way.

I've still got every letter I ever received from her. All 34 of them, each promptly answered, her perfume fading with time, and yes, I still read them on occasion - and weep at what might have been.

I suppose I'm still love sick, but that's just the way it is.

To Janice, whom I hope will somehow see this:

If you see this story Janice (not her real name by the way, but she'll know if she sees it), please know that I've never given up on you. I lost you after the third trip - the one to Atlanta, where we were supposed to meet again 4 months after that first meeting.

As seemed to have been our luck, your flight and schedule had changed again at the last minute and we didn't have the opportunity to hook up.

When I got back and called there was no answer for weeks. My letters never came back so I do hope you received them and know how deeply I feel about you. Your notes in return seemed to reflect the same passion, as well as the frustration in not being able to make a meet happen. I still have every letter from you that I received sweetie, all 34 of them.

I guess it was just never meant to be.

On a whim I stopped by your house when I was on the road a few weeks later, but you had moved and the landlord said you had changed jobs and airlines but didn't know which one or exactly where you had ended up. He thought you had relocated to Europe somewhere.

This story is my dream sweetheart. It's how I would have liked things to work out, and from reading your letters, over and over, you had the same hope.

Life takes some unplanned turns where we just have to make the best of the hand we're dealt.

Yours and mine seemed to have turned in the wrong directions at the wrong times. I will die forever very sad about that.

I hope you have had a wonderful life.

Honey, I still think of you often, and being single would still go to you anywhere. I love you baby, and hope your memories of our brief time together are as warm as mine.

I love you,


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