Dear Vickie
Chapter 1

My name is Boyd Cummings and I am presently 26 years old and a TSgt. in the USAF. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan as a sniper/spotter, along with SSgt. Tony Mancini, my spotter/sniper and very good friend.

I guess I should start at the beginning and go from there. I enlisted right out of high school to be the fourth generation USAF member in our family. My dad is now retired in Central Texas after 26 years in the service. My grandfather and grandmother are now both retired, him after 30 years in the Air Force, and they are living in a retirement community also in Central Texas. My great-grandfather is now gone, but was in the Army Air Corps during WW II, so military tradition was something I was used to. I met and married my darling wife, Victoria Shelling, while going to school in Mississippi. Her parents were both ex-Air Force, as well, and thinking of retiring somewhere in Central Florida.

We were extremely happy when I was transferred to Patrick AFB in Florida, as it is near Melbourne where Vickie's parents, Sam and Misty, ended up. Sean, our son, was born there about three years ago. This made it very convenient for us to get great babysitters in her parents that were less than forty minutes away.

I started a small cleaning service to help save some money for our children's future. It started with me cleaning the small church that we attended outside the base, then we started cleaning houses when people left base housing and needed a final inspection before leaving. We expanded a few times and now had about ten to twelve people working for us. We rarely did any of the cleaning ourselves anymore, as we now pretty much just ran the company. Vickie did the accounting and scheduling thing, and I maintained the sales and monitoring of the company. We ended up with a small strip center of offices and a three story office building as our clients, plus a lot of final inspection cleanings of the homes on base. All of our workers were military connected, like wives or male spouses of military personnel. Yeah, we also had a couple of guys working for us for the heavy work.

I had been an Avionics Systems Technician for most of my eight years in the service, but they recently were looking for snipers for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since I had qualified expert on my last three firearms qualifications, I was asked if I wanted to try out for a sniper team. The hazardous duty pay was sweet and I wanted to try it. Vickie agreed. Sean was now three and growing like a weed. I ended up going to train with the Marine and Army snipers at their training center in Georgia. There I met Toni Mancini from upstate New York. Somehow, we were the only USAF members at the school at the time, so we decided to team up and make a USAF only team. Most of the other service members also tended to stay with their own service, but we did have a couple Army-Marine teams. At the end of school, Tony and I ended up ranking third and fourth behind an Army-Marine team. Tony had been stationed at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, but was transferred down to Patrick, from where we went TDY [Temporary Duty Station for the non-military out there] to Afghanistan.

We had been there for about eight months of an eighteen month TDY and had been on numerous missions. I was able to talk to Vickie and Sean and both my parents and in-laws either over the phone or using Skype. It made missing my wife and son a little easier, but it was still no substitute for being home.

I was talking to my wife when I saw the shadow of someone in the background of the picture on the computer. I was using Skype on a computer in the communications tent. I asked her if that was Sean I saw in the background and she said that he was at her folk's house for the week. They wanted to have some time with him too. It must have been one of the cleaning people checking in. It was like about 2:00 in the afternoon there, so I didn't think anything about it.

The next day, I get a phone call from my buddy, Don Sterling. He is a very close friend that he and his wife sometimes help out with cleaning and babysitting. He said, "Boyd, my boy, I have some really bad news to tell you. Vickie is cheating on you."

"You have got to be joking, right?"

"No such luck, buddy boy, I got proof right here on my phone. I came by to check on Vickie yesterday afternoon and to see if she had anything for us this weekend. She didn't answer the door, but I saw her car, so I turned the knob and it was open. I strolled in, and right there in the kitchen, I saw her naked and bent over the table, getting it from behind from Dick Smothers. I think I know why she was with him. That southern boy is hung like a mule. I hated to be the bearer of such bad news, Buddy, but I thought you should know about this right away."

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I almost passed out from the shock.

"Don, I don't know what to think. I mean I know it has been a long eight months, but she's already replacing me."

"Yeah, it looks that way, Buddy. What do you want me to do?"

"Don, keep an eye on her and make sure he is the only one. If she has others, then I can get Sean away from her as an unfit mother. She said that Sean was at grandma's house over in Melbourne for the week, so keep checking and make sure you get pictures. I want proof positive that she is fucking me over. Wait, remember that office building we do, isn't there an attorney that we clean for there?"

"Yeah, Boyd, it's Stein and Green something. You want me to see them and see what can be done from here? You should talk to the legal eagles there too and see if they can suggest something."

"Yeah, Don. You check with them and make sure you give them everything you can get on her. Man, this really pisses me off. Here I'm limited to the Palmer sisters and she is getting long dicked by Dickie Smothers. Yeah, keep up the good work and keep me informed."

"Yeah, Boyd, I really hated to be the one to break it to you, but I felt it had to be done. Marie and I loved you guys just like family."

"Make sure nobody knows about this but you and me, Don. I don't want anyone else to know about this except you and the lawyers. We keep this firmly under our hats until I can get something started. Do I need to wire you some money to hire the lawyer? Find out, will ya? And thanks, Don, I really appreciate this. I thought Vickie was solid, but I guess not. Call me if you find out anything from Stein, or more dirt."

"No problemo, Boyd. Talk to you soon."

I sat back in the chair and just slumped down. My heart felt like it was in a million pieces and the top of my head just blew off. Man, how could Vickie do that to us? We had been happily married for over six years now. Why now? Was it because I was gone? I mean, we had a real good sex life, at least two to three times a week. Sometimes when we had a weekend off it was two or three times a day. We did everything together. I ate her pussy to several orgasms before I even entered her. I wasn't small, by any means, at seven inches long and almost two inches across. I mean that's not small, is it? Well, maybe compared to nine or ten inches, I guess that was small, but my God, how many guys are out there like that? I know from showers in high school, and even here, that I'm bigger than most guys.

What to do, that was my first question? I needed to get to the legal office. I needed help in a big way.

I went over to the Headquarters building to see if I could get an appointment to see a lawyer. I entered and saw an Army Sgt. was at the desk. She was kinda cute and I asked her if I could speak to a lawyer. She asked why, and I said it was personal and about a possible divorce. She said, "Please have a seat and let me see who's available."

She went through another door in the building, and was only gone about a minute before she reappeared, and said, "Follow me."

She showed me into a room with a full bird Colonel who stood up as we walked in. "Colonel Lane, this is TSgt. Cummings and he needs your assistance." She then walked out and closed the door.

The Colonel came around the desk with his hand out and said, "Pleased to meet you Sgt. Cummings, please sit and tell all about it."

He went behind the desk again and pulled out a legal pad and said "Go ahead, take your time and tell me everything you know."

I explained everything I had learned from my friend, Don. I even told him about Don trying to find a lawyer there to also look into this mess. By the time I was finished with my story, I was weeping like a baby. Great wracking sobs were shaking my body, and I felt like a mass of jelly piled on the seat of the chair. I was wrung out. I wasn't even sure I could get up and walk out of there.

I heard the Colonel pick up a phone and make a call. "Vic, this is Charlie, I have someone in my office you need to come talk to. Yes, he got a call from home that was not good. No not that ... yeah, that. He needs some time and a helping hand." He typed something on his computer, then said, "Try to get a hold of USAF SSgt. Tony Mancini and see if he can help too. No, he'll be fine in my office for now, but come as soon as you can. Thanks, Vic, see you soon."

"Now, Son, I have some help coming for you; someone who can really help you, and your partner, Tony, will be coming too, if we can find him. So you just sit tight and we'll get you some help."

"I c-can go somewhere else so y- you can have your office back. I'll just go out to the other room and let you get back to work. I don't want to disturb you. I know you have to be a busy man."

"Nonsense, Boyd, I am never too busy for someone like you. I know this has been a big shock to you, but it will get better with time. It will probably take a lot of time for the hurt to go away, but it will. I know the hurt you are going through from firsthand experience. It still hurts a little even after ten years, but it does get to where you can manage the pain of betrayal. It also helps to find someone who can help you get over the pain and realize that you are still lovable and worth being with someone who loves you. I know it's hard. I took almost five years to get over my betrayal before I could look forward to living again. I know this doesn't help much, but I was so down I thought that ending it all would give me the peace I needed, but an angel of mercy found me, brought me back from the brink of destruction, and helped to heal me of most of my hurts. Now I try to help people like you and me who have been shit upon by someone we trusted and loved with all our hearts. It has helped me cope with the pain. I hope this helps talking to someone who has gone through this same grief and lived to see the light at the other end of the tunnel, and not just a train I first thought I saw, that was going to destroy me and my life."

I just sat there taking it all in. Here was another lost soul who had been where I am now and he looked none the worse for wear. Someone had found him and brought him back. So maybe there was hope for me too. Maybe?

I sat in that chair in the Colonel's office and thought about everything that he had said, about what he had gone through. Was I any different than him? Was I better or worse than him? Could I do this, come back from the brink, that is? I don't know, but I knew one thing, well, two things actually. One I would make it out of this mess; I had to because of Sean. He deserved better than a slut for a mother and a crazy father. Secondly, I needed to make sure that Vickie would never be around Sean again. She was not even fit to be a mother, let alone the mother of my child. She would be someone I could hate for the rest of my life and not feel bad about it.

She didn't deserve to be a mother with the way she was whoring around just because this guy had a big dick. The other thing was that if she went after Dick Smothers because he had a big dick, what's to say she wouldn't do it again with someone else, or maybe she already had. I didn't know, but did I really want to know how long this had been going on? I'm not really sure I wanted to know. If she had been cuckolding me for years, then I would probably want to kill her with my bare hands; just strangle her until her lifeless eyes closed forever. That way I would know that she would never stray on some other poor fool again.

Then it hit me, her parents, did they know and hide it from me? I really didn't think so. I had called them mom and pop since before we married. They were like my family. They were my surrogate family, just closer in distance than my own family, so they filled the bill for closeness and love. I needed to let them know, but would they tell their daughter about my plans? I didn't think so, but she was their daughter, and as they say, blood is thicker than water. I would have to tread carefully there.

There was a soft knock at the door and Father Victorio Barducci came in, followed by my partner, Tony. Tony came to me and got down on his knees and hugged me to him. "Father Vic told me what happened. Buddy, please come back to us, we need you here and now. I know this has to hurt real bad, but you have to come back for Sean's sake. You don't want her to have him, do you?" I shook my head, unable to trust myself to speak.

"Then dig deep, Boyd, you need to buck up to get through this. I can help, and so can Father Vic. We're here for you, Buddy; remember that."

"I –ah ... I know that, Tony, and I got a friend at home, Don. He is looking to see what else is going on. He'll keep me informed about anyone else. He even has a picture of one guy, with Vickie bent over the kitchen table. He thinks there are more of them too. He's contacting a lawyer back there to start the proceedings. I'm sorry I just fell apart like I did, but it suddenly hit me when I was telling my story to the Colonel. Let's go back to the tent and maybe I can get some sleep. I'm pretty sure we have a mission coming up. I think we're next in the rotation."

"Boyd, don't worry about that, I can get the rotation changed, besides we may even get you some emergency leave to go back and confront your wife and get your divorce started. Who is this Don who is helping you back home?" asked the Colonel.

"Colonel Lane, he is Don Sterling. He is in my phone list. He was going to see a law firm Stein & Green something, we can't remember who, but they're on Atlantic Drive, just south of Sunrise Avenue, in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida. My cleaning company does their offices for them."

"You own a cleaning company, Sergeant?"

"Yeah, me and my cheating wife own and run a small cleaning company with about ten to twelve employees. The guy my whore wife was doing is one of our employees, or was until I get back to fire him. Why?"

"Are both names on the company as officers?"

"Just mine. I started the company, asked my wife to help out to do some cleaning, then she took over the scheduling and bookkeeping. I'm the president and sales guy. Is that important, Colonel?"

"Yes, I think it is. Did you submit to the state for a business ID and all that?"

"Yeah, I got the legal office on base get all the paperwork set up, and they submitted everything for me. I have a state and federal ID number for my taxes and for paying my employees, so everything is above board. I collect taxes on my employees and send everything to the IRS four times a year."

"Great, Boyd, you did everything right. Now we need to get you settled down and I will contact Don and get the lawyer's name and number. I'll handle it from here until we can get your new lawyer up to speed on everything, then we will see what you want to do next. Why don't you and Tony go on back to your tent and I'll notify your CO [Commanding Officer] about you needing some time off right now."

"Thank you, Colonel Lane, I'd appreciate a couple of days off to try and sort out my feelings and emotions concerning this mess. Then I think I need to go on a real mission, I'll probably need to blow off some steam, and shooting calms me down ... a lot."

"Colonel Lane, Boyd's not kidding when he says that shooting calms him down. We are both so mellow after a mission that it's like he and I are floating on air for a couple of days afterwards. Our CO, Major Kelly says he likes the way we approach a mission. We are all uptight right after the briefing, but once we set out we become all business, and when we get back, it's like party time. He said he wishes that all his snipers could learn to be like us."

"Are you both snipers?" asked Father Barducci.

"Yes, Father, we are both qualified and we both take turns depending upon our rest periods. One of us shoots and the other spots. We have no competition as to who is the best. When we graduated sniper school, our ranking was two one hundredths apart. Just like our counts; we as a team, have fifty-four confirmed and twenty-three possibles between us. But I'm not sure either one of us could tell you what each of us have individually. I think we are about even, but we don't care about that. We do our job to the very best of our ability, and that's all that matters to us. We are a team, and what affects one of us, affects the other. Just like what glory one gets, the other also gets the glory. I think that is one of the reasons our CO puts us on the hard ones, because he knows we will get the job done."

"That is very commendable, Tony, one spirit with two bodies and two minds. You really are a team, a formidable team I might add."

"I second that emotion, Vic. You can see what happened when Tony came into the office, his first concern was his partner, and then it was, get all the information I can, and then how can we resolve this situation. They are a real team, just like you said; two bodies, but one spirit."

"Yes, it is. It is so refreshing to see in the young people today that they have the pride and responsibility for others, and not that 'Me Attitude' a lot of them are developing."

Colonel Lane wrote down Don's number, then Tony and I left the office while Father Barducci and the Colonel talked some more.

Tony helped me back to our tent and I took a couple of aspirin and lay down on my cot. I was out like a light.

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