Claire D' Lune in Allegro
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Claire is fed-up with her subservient role as Jean Claude's mistress. She meets the handsome and romantic Arthur in an art gallery. Something clicks and suddenly she is bending over for this man who knows all her buttons. Now she must tend to Jean Claude and his depraved demands.

Claire Darcy gazed vacantly at the large painting on the gallery wall.

She saw it and yet it really didn't quite register. Her mind was spinning and weaving intricate combinations of "What Ifs" and "Why Me's" so fast that her retina and her medulla were like strangers in a dense London fog.

Claire mumbled "It wasn't my fault" under her breath.

It was, of course, just barely audible to human ears. In a strange distortion of cosmic certainty, the words pierced the consciousness of the totally bored Arthur standing less than a meter to her rear.

Arthur was instantly intrigued.

The fact that he had painted the jumbled expression of deep-seated melancholy perched forlornly on the wall in front of them was the sole reason for his presence.

There had been relatively few art lovers who had paused even for an instant to view his now regretted offering. This hauntingly beautiful young woman had stood here for several minutes already and seemed engrossed in his bold strokes.

Arthur studied the six o'clock view of the tall, slender and most elegantly attired female form standing in quiet serenity and totally unaware of his penetrating stare. She was dressed in simple black with little or no frills. The dress was perfectly fitted displaying the soft curves of her nubile female bottom. Her waist seemed to be inordinately tiny. Perhaps that was the angle or some trick of the mind. His eyes wandered lower to the perfect lines of seamed nylons that only heightened the sensuous picture of feminine attraction. Her stiletto heels added a sense of danger that only made him more anxious to somehow draw her attention to him.

Since he was not too well versed in the chess-like moves of social interaction, Arthur used the tried and true method of less imaginative males over the ages.

"Do you find this piece to be interesting, Madame?"

Claire was displeased to be taken from her internal private hell of recrimination and despair. She was having far too much fun wallowing in the shame and guilt adorned walls she had built around her like a cocoon of personal penance.

She looked at the handsome man with the hint of a mustache and slowly wandered back to reality.

"Were you addressing me, Sir?"

Arthur cleared his throat nervously.

This was certainly off to a bad start.

"I was merely inquiring as to your opinion on the painting. My name is Arthur King and I am the unfortunate contributor of this piece. It seems to attract scant interest except for you."

Claire looked at the painting on the wall with eyes clouded in self-pity. The painting did bring a smile to her face. The moonlit view of the waves crashing onto a barren beach reminded her she was alone with her recriminations.

"You seem to have captured the lighting perfectly, Mr. King. That is always the most difficult ingredient. Is that an English shore? My name is Claire. Claire Darcy from Manchester."

Arthur could not detect a trace of Manchester dialect in the well-modulated posh tones employed by the very attractive mature woman. Judging from her jewelry, Claire was definitely an upper-class female or a cross-over from the masses linked to a well-fixed elitist. He noticed she seemed a bit distracted and off-kilter in a charming sort of way.

"You have given me my first compliment on my moonlight masterpiece. As to the shore, it is on the Rhodes in a very out of the way locale."

Arthur chuckled somewhat self-consciously at his ridiculous aversion to criticism. It was time to find out more about this mysterious and sensuous female with the smile of an angel and the body of a temptress from hell.

"Would you care to join me at Andre's for a cocktail? It is just next door and I want to drag more compliments from your non-critical mind."

Claire looked around at the bustling crowd and decided she needed a little more solitude. She nodded her head in quick assent.

Arthur took her arm and guided her through the crowd to the exit. His forearm was tingling with the soft delicate rubbing of her bra-less breast on his wrist and the back of his hand. She was 100% real and the flick of her sensitive nipple across his knuckle revealed she was in a state of unfeigned feminine arousal. He prayed it was because of his proximity to her beautiful body.

Just before they entered the tiny bistro, Arthur swung Claire into his embrace and lifted her face up for a tender searching kiss that compressed their lips firmly but not with any sense of pressure or demand. He could feel her heart beating rapidly and it reassured him of her interest.

"There now! We can enter as friends and not strangers. Our intimacy is safe in front of others."

Claire laughed softly and squeezed Arthur's arm.

"To what length will you go to assure that, Mr. King? Do not presume you will be getting lucky tonight, my little artist."

They sat for nearly an hour talking about absolutely nothing. Neither one could remember a single word.

When they left Andre's, Claire had her arm around Arthur's waist and she had forgotten all of her troubles. They had vanished with the single kiss of introduction outside the door.

There was a slight mist.

Arthur pulled Claire into a darkened doorway of a deserted travel agency. She was giggling at the contact between their slightly inebriated bodies. He held her close and let his hands rest comfortably on her lush buttocks without attempting to fondle or to play with her luscious ass cheeks. Claire melted into Arthurs groin and allowed his extended member to rub with dangerous intent between her shaky legs. He looked down into her face and saw the tears in her eyes. She groaned out her frustration and he knew immediately that her need for sex was even more intense than his own.

She turned away from him and pulled up the designer dress to her tiny waist.

In the soft glow of the streetlamp Arthur could see the reflection of the twin moons of sweet desire. He pushed Claire forward just slightly but enough to spread open her glorious bum. Arthur rubbed his rampant cock up and down Claire's heated pussy lips and even bounced it playfully on her brown eye winking in the lamplight. The sound of Claire's gasps drove Arthur into a frenzy from which there was no turning back.

Her nylons and garters were black as the moonless sky.

He pushed forward and pulled her nicely rounded hips back into his groin. His sturdy cock impaled her dripping wet pussy so quickly that they both were unable to articulate a single word for several minutes. The sound of the meaty penetration was deliciously obscene to his sex-crazed ears. He held on in sheer desperation to reach the finish line of their frenzied copulation. This high-class well-dressed woman with the most beautiful ass spread wide open for him continued to whimper and beg for more.

Arthur reached under the bent-over form in front of him and cupped Claire's soft breast with his hand. He rolled her aroused nipples between his fingers and tugged on them to make her push back on his cock with a muffled groan. The silky feel of her skin and the way that it cast exciting images in the light of the dim streetlamp made him rock-hard as he pounded her without mercy.

Claire felt herself begin to start the spiral of orgasmic release. She covered her mouth with her hand not wanting to bring attention to their furtive movements in the darkened doorway. The sprinkles had stopped and several people were passing by on their way home in the midnight hour. She felt herself squirt her sticky juices down the inside of her legs and all over Arthur's lovely cock buried deep inside her vagina. She knew Arthur was fully aware of her naughty exhibition because he twisted her nipple and dug his fingers deep into her rump at the very same time.

She started to shake a bit and her knees went a little wobbly. Thank goodness he had a firm grip on her hips and she could lean back into his body to regain her balance.

Arthur cried out a low warning.

"Here it comes. I have to go now, my dear, just don't move. That's right. Stay perfectly still. It is right there. Ahh. Yes. Oh ... My sweet Claire. Take every last drop inside. That's a good girl."

Arthur shot his copious load deep inside Claire's pulsating pussy.

Claire felt it splash strongly against her vaginal walls. She experienced a seldom felt sense of fullness. It bore testimony to the fact that Arthur had not drained his member into a friendly vagina for almost a month. The flood was monumental and seemed to continue for a very long time.

When he withdrew from Claire's well-satisfied private parts, she tightened her pussy lips to keep his juices safely inside.

They held each other close and their lips and tongues danced a lively jig for several long delicious moments. Claire's hands were busy learning about all of the muscles and curves in Arthur's tight and well-muscled ass.

They walked together back to Claire's hotel.

She told him it was not a good idea to come inside with her because she had to "tie up some loose ends". He was not exactly sure what that meant but he sensed that is as much as the beautiful mature woman wanted to get into at the present time.

Arthur was not the pushy type. They agreed to meet at the same little bistro at noon-time and try to make plans for tomorrow evening.

Claire was a little bit nervous as she took the lift up to seventh floor.

She slipped inside the luxurious suite and saw that Jean Claude was still sitting up for her.

"Where have you been, my darling? I have been worried sick thinking you had an accident or even worse."

"Jean Claude, I am sorry that I worried you. I needed to be alone and think about this arrangement. You know it cannot go on any longer. I am not a plaything for you or your friends."

The silver-haired older man studied the attractive woman in front of him. She was practically glowing with an aura of satisfaction. His fears were realized in their full entirety. He was certain she was returning from sex with an unknown partner.

"Let's not over-react, my dumpling. A good night's sleep will work wonders for both of us.

Claire took her shower and hoped and prayed that Jean-Claude would be already asleep before she joined him in the bed. When she emerged into the bedroom, she saw he was reading a dreary report of some type and was obviously waiting for her to join him in the bed. She realized that the "I've got a headache" routine would not suffice in this volatile moment, so she snuggled up next to him and allowed him to play with her body to his heart's content. The customary smack on her bottom was her signal to get on her tummy. This was the part she had begun to dread.

The application of the lubricant was almost as distasteful as the anal impalement itself.

Claire found herself sucking Jean Claude's small cock to make it hard enough to push past her tight sphincter muscle. She was really happy her mentor had a small penis. His obsession with anal sex had reached a point that made her escape from his grasp a necessity for her own mental health.

Her slightly overweight partner took great delight in pounding her bottom relentlessly for almost a half an hour. His weight on her back took the breath from her body and she struggled to be rid of the sometimes painful intrusion deep in her rectum. Claire had to admit her struggles and his control did make her very horny. She waited for the flood of creamy cum to be released.

Claire heard Jean Claude's familiar sounds of impending release and felt the spurts of sticky cum cover her ass cheeks and her back with streams of white creamy liquid. She had a sense of being a very dirty and nasty girl. It was a bit humiliating and yet it was exciting too. If only there was a bit more romance involved with his love-making.

She heard him snoring and resolved to make her "get-away" the very next day.

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