Breaking Point: Rick
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A dysfunctional family had forced him to fend for himself. Anger, disgust, and even hatred had been his driving forces. He was now free of them, independent, and excelling in his studies. But, teaming up with a woman who was so completely different from his family highlighted what his life was lacking. And her daughters!

There were only three weeks before finals for the spring semester. Rick's group had just handed in their New Business Startup project, and he and Naomi were relaxing with a Coke in the Union. Through the entire project, Rick had had to suppress his irritation that the rest of the five-person team had mostly coat-tailed on the work that he and Naomi had done. Now that it was over, it suddenly did not matter. He knew they had done quality work, and she had been a wonderful partner.

When the arbitrary makeup of the team was first announced, Rick would certainly not have expected the close, productive way that he and Naomi had been able to work together. She was, after all, an adult woman, probably in her early thirties. From his bitter experience, that made her immediately suspect.

Looking back, he could see that Naomi must have sensed his automatic wariness and had worked very carefully to get herself past that barrier. He knew little about her, except that she had twin daughters and that she wore no wedding ring. It had taken a lot of talking to himself just to work with her. There was no way he would delve into her personal life, nor would he allow her to pry into his.

Naomi had recognized from the first team meeting that Rick was a scarred young man. She had found out only a few things. He was at the top of the class, and in fact, he was at the top of all of his classes. Also, he was a second year student taking the senior level class with her along with some other upper level classes. How he managed that was something she very much wanted to find out.

She had ways of finding out most things that had to do with the University. Her late husband had been the head football coach before she lost him in a small plane crash on a recruiting trip three years earlier.

Naomi had gotten pregnant from Jack while barely sixteen. They had been careful, but the percentages got them. At the time, Jack was about to receive his M.A. in sports administration and take an assistant coaching job. Both sets of parents had been very supportive, realizing that the love between the two was the kind that could survive such a setback. There was little concern about Naomi's age, since she had always seemed very mature for her years.

Despite Jack's brilliant football career, assistant coaches at small colleges did not make big money, so there were some lean years. Jack rapidly made a name for himself, though, and was hired as an assistant back at the university after only four years. Three years later, the head coach took an NFL job and Jack was named interim. He won the job permanently, and the lean years for the family were over.

Though devastated at the loss of Jack, Naomi was able to find strength to keep her own life on track for the sake of the twins. She had already been taking classes and the University waived any tuition through a Masters degree. Jack's life insurance policy was a big one with double indemnity, and he had mortgage insurance. Added to the settlement from the aircraft charter company, she and the girls were at least financially secure.

The twins, Celia and Delia, were fourteen and finishing the eighth grade when Naomi and Rick worked together on the project. By general agreement, they would be at least thirty at their next birthday. Not at all bad kids, they were just a double handful. Unlike Naomi, the girls favored Jack's athletic build. They were strong and quick, but already showed promise of very womanly curves. Facially, they were girl-next-door, with ready smiles hiding any hint of plainness. Like their mother, they were excellent students.

Naomi herself was a perfect example of the 'pleasingly plump' female form. A roundish but gorgeous face, fabulous skin, lustrous brunette hair, and grace of movement worthy of any dancer made her a very sexy woman. Every part of her was cushioned without unsightly rolls and bulges. She worked hard to keep the body that Jack had enjoyed so much, but she did not attempt to slim down.

This was the second year that Naomi had considered the twins old enough to be latch-key kids, and she was taking more classes than usual. Even so, she had arranged her schedule so they only had to be home alone after school two days a week, and that was only when neither volleyball nor softball was in season.

To Naomi, the fact that one or two people would determine the success of a team project seemed obvious. That she and Rick would be the two took only minutes to deduce. They had made a very effective pair, but Rick's uniformly reserved demeanor around her was puzzling and frustrating. Not that she had romantic designs on him, or anything. It was just that she was a naturally open, gregarious person, willing to talk about most anything. By the project's end, she could only conclude that the women in his life had not been good to him. There was no way she would not find out more.

Rick had been thinking for weeks that he should change the way he acted toward Naomi. He had not been able to do it, and now, he felt compelled to apologize. It had not taken long to realize that she was completely different from the women in his family.

Intellectually, he had always known that his mother, sisters, and the collection of princesses on his mother's side of the family were not typical of all women. His father being the only child of two only children left only his paternal grandmother as an offsetting female example in the family. While she was a sweet lady, Rick could see where his father got what Rick considered his subservience to his mother.

Rick's mother was one of three remarkably beautiful sisters with no male siblings. She was the only one whose husband had not fled long ago. That, in Rick's opinion, was only because his father could never muster the courage to do it. It was either that, or he was so naturally submissive that he needed the complete dominance that Rick's mother provided. Then again, maybe the sex was good enough to hold him. As he became old enough to understand the significance, Rick had been first embarrassed, then surprised at the frequency and passion of his parents' ill-hidden interludes.

Of four male offspring of the three sisters, Rick was the last to flee. None had stayed at home more than a month after high school graduation. Two had gone military and one had simply dropped out of sight.

Rick had stayed only three days after his own graduation. Unfortunately, it was long enough to endure a storm of anger from his mother. She had found out via congratulations from an acquaintance that Rick had been Valedictorian and had given a very well-received speech at the graduation ceremony. Her anger was at the humiliation of not knowing about her son's achievement, not at having missed the occasion. Rick was certain of that.

He had tried to feel guilty about not informing his family of his academic standing and letting them know about graduation, but the guilt never stuck. Since he could not remember the last time they had inquired about his grades, he had seen little point in mentioning them. It was certain that his parents knew nothing of the numerous college courses he had been able to take at the local community college through a co-op program.

The administration of Rick's high school was enlightened in that the school counsellor, Mrs. Emerson, was encouraged to work with the top students, not just those with problems. Because of his flawless grades, Mrs. Emerson began meeting with him during his sophomore year. Despite the topic being his future education, she found out a lot about his home environment.

Whatever interest and support Rick had lacked from his family had been partially offset by a few teachers and Mrs. Emerson. If fact, she and one female teacher were probably all that kept him from turning into a real misogynist. To them, he was the rare student who rewarded their professional efforts, and they took extraordinary steps to help him out. The one thing none of them thought of was that without their intervention, his family might not know about his winning Valedictorian.

Rick's father had always been a problem for Rick, for a number of reasons. Big, handsome, athletic, well-spoken, intelligent - all of those things about his father, Rick should have been happy with because he inherited them. The problem was that from a young age, Rick realized that his father would never, ever intervene on his behalf against his mother. Rick was deathly afraid that he had inherited that lack of a backbone.

Part of the reason his father never stood up for Rick was that Rick was a disappointment to him as a son. Being a college-level athlete, his father saw the physical potential in Rick, but no desire to participate. Actually, as a youngster, Rick had played and done well. The problem came up when his twin sisters, a grade behind but about eighteen months younger, showed such a passion for cheerleading. If that meant he might be sharing the field with them, he wanted no part of it. Also, as he grew older, he became ever more of a loner, and team sports just did not appeal to him.

Despite his devotion to his studies and his reclusiveness, Rick did not let his good physique atrophy. His physical outlet was cycling, off-road cycling. Since he was first old enough to ride, he had loved the motion, the exertion, the degree of control, and even the risk that biking the nearby forested hills offered.

Because he had been seen as a budding sports star, Ricks had received his share of attention from his parents during his preteen years. In those days, to his mother, he was a child and the beneficiary of her mothering instincts. Nice bikes were among the normal boyhood possessions that he received. After puberty, he was viewed as a man, a massive step downward in his mother's mind. A child was to be nurtured and cared for. A man was simply a useful tool.

As he passed through puberty but showed little interest in team sports, his value in the eyes of both parents dropped. From then on, he had to scratch and claw for every possession.

Well before he was legal to hold a job, Rick was helping at a nearby bike shop, taking his pay in bikes and accessories. Thus, he always had access to good equipment.

Because he became relatively invisible to his parents once there was no sports career ahead, they did not notice or begrudge the huge percentage of his time that he spent away from home. As far as his sisters were concerned, he was even less of a factor. He found that if he could manage to be at dinner on weeknights, his other absences went mostly unnoticed, as was the succession of new and better bikes that he carefully locked in the garage overnight.

When he was old enough to receive actual wages, Rick became almost a miser. By then, he had made good friends with Mrs. Emerson, and she showed him that a scholarship was his best ticket to the escape from home that he sought. Keying on what his cousins had done, he had anticipated enlisting right out of school, but Mrs. Emerson convinced him that his most unique advantage was his brain, and that he should use it.

Just because he could not fathom not doing his best, Rick had made perfect grades up to that point. With his new resolve, he made it his objective to win top academic honors in his class. Mrs. Emerson also arranged for him to take some college courses which would both fulfill high school requirements and jump him ahead when he enrolled in college. Thus, from December of his sophomore year when he turned sixteen, Rick became very focused.

Without the usual social distractions, there was time for studying, working, and biking. He did have one date in high school. Afterwards, it seemed that every female relative had grilled the poor girl and they all took great glee in criticizing him on every detail of the rather innocuous meal and movie outing. That ended any desire for more dating.

Lack of a car also made dating problematic. Only once did he broach the subject of his parents helping him get a car. He was shut down so hard that he vowed never to bring up the subject again. Neither would he ask to use the family car. With the help of Mrs. Emerson, once again, he was able to use a borrowed car to get his license. Otherwise, his bike provided satisfactory transportation.

One of the cruelest evidences of his warped family was the sixteenth birthday gift of a car for the twins to share. Their cheerleading and other extracurricular activities were the offhand justifications given. Since that happened after his junior year had just ended and the end of his time at home was in sight, he refused to let the anger gnaw at him.

After his graduation, his sisters joined their mother in being angry at him. Though never a significant factor in the twins' lives, as far as they were concerned, their brother did pose one problem for them. Many of their contemporaries knew Rick and thought that he was a real hunk. Other girls had often asked about him and even asked to get set up for dates with him. Knowing that their brother did not date but having no idea why, the twins had begun telling inquiring girls that he was gay.

The reason the twins were angry about missing graduation was typical of the screwed up family. Worthless as their brother was to them, they could have gained some social credit from boasting of his accomplishment. Instead, they ended up looking as uncaring as they truly were.

Thus, Rick felt no need for any sort of goodbye to any of his family. He just left. None of them knew of his scholarship, or even where he planned to attend. Naturally, they knew nothing of his early enrollment in summer classes.

Perhaps Mrs. Emerson could have been criticized for not doing more to close the gap between Rick and the rest of the family. However, she had decided, probably wisely, that the best thing she could do for him was to provide at least one considerate, supportive female presence.

His firm intention was to simply leave and never be heard from again. Mrs. Emerson, however, worked hard to turn him from that course. She grudgingly agreed that he could keep his location from his family. She got him to agree to at least send periodic email to let them know that he was OK. Together, they hammered out a list of what information would be cruel to withhold from them and what was just 'none of their damn business'.

As leery as he was of domineering females, he agreed to copy her on all emails to his family. That way, she would know if he was keeping at least minimally in touch. In exchange for him keeping her much more informed, Mrs. Emerson promised to reveal nothing from the forbidden list should the family contact her.

Like most things in his life the past couple of years, his exit from home was carefully planned. He got his luggage to the home of a nearby friend ahead of time. On departure day, he went to the friend's house and had the friend take him to the bus station.

As did a number of schools, the University required non-local freshman to live in the dorms, so life was pretty well arranged for Rick when he arrived. His scholarship covered a lot and he believed that his savings would carry him for almost two years. Since he arrived almost a week before summer classes started, he used the time to look for a job. Fortunately, an enthusiastic recommendation from the bike shop back home got him on at a similar dealership near campus.

For all practical purposes, Rick's first two years were about like high school years, only live-in. With his time a bit more skewed toward study, the rest was still mostly split between work and biking. With no need to spend any time with family for appearances, and no time required to bike to school, he actually came out ahead on discretionary time. Not having a better alternative and finding at least some social contact in the dorm, he continued there his second year.

Actually, biking was not as rewarding as it had been at home, since there were no forested hills nearby. There was, however, a network of off-road trails and dedicated road lanes that allowed him to ride hard for an hour or more without covering the same ground. He was able to get great aerobic work, but without the true off road challenge, he was concerned that he would lose upper body muscle tone.

The city bus system provided bike racks. He was nervous because they were so exposed to damage, but he finally gave it a try because he could reach some more satisfying terrain. Since weekends were the heaviest business days for the bike shop, he had less time to ride then. Fortunately, he had days when his classes ended early in the afternoon and that is when he took the bus to the off road areas. After the bus rides, it meant that he would arrive back at the dorm well after dark and would miss dinner on his meal plan, but he considered it worthwhile. With some weight work at the school health club, he felt like he was keeping up all of his conditioning.

Not naturally shy and having grown up with a lot of women around, Rick had no problem interacting with coeds that he encountered. However, because of his limited time and money and because of his mistrust of females in general, he did not date and he did not attend parties. His only concession to any kind of social activity was joining his dorm's intramural teams in various sports and attending University games with his dorm mates.

When he joined Naomi for their minimal celebration of the project completion, he had realized for some time how narrow his life had become. However, he had not thought about it enough to have any ideas for correcting his situation.

As Rick was still trying to think of how best to apologize for not being friendlier during the project, Naomi asked "Are you busy this weekend?" when conversation about the project lagged.

"I have to work all day Saturday, but I have Sunday free, except for studying," he answered. He knew what was coming next, and he was not sure if he liked the idea.

Naomi read his face well and almost gave up her idea. The problem was, she really liked the young man and it bothered her that he seemed to be living with some demons. "Why don't you bring your books and come out to our house Sunday morning. I'll promise to give you time to study. We're having the pool opened tomorrow, so bring your suit. It has been a while since a man has used our grill. You any good at it?"

Rick had a naturally humorous bent, although he was too seldom in situations that warranted joking. Something about Naomi just made him feel relaxed. He quipped "Hey, it's genetic. All men are good at burning dead animals."

"Oh. So I better have a backup, just in case, huh?" she retorted with a grin. "I assume that means you've never done it."

At that, his light mood darkened. Grilling was another of those duties that he was just expected to do. He was actually pretty good at it, but it had not been something that brought any pleasure. Again, she decided to ignore what she saw on his face.

"Say, where do you work on Saturdays?"

"Wheelsports. I put in fifteen to twenty hours a week there."

"I'll bet you worked at a bike shop at home, then. Competition for jobs there must be pretty fierce. You must ride a lot, too," she observed.

"Yeah, I worked at the shop back home before I was legal. And yes, I ride whenever I can. I don't have a car, so it's how I get around."

"Oh. I'd better come pick you up, then."

"How far is your house from campus?" he asked.

"About seven miles. It's the closest decent neighborhood we could find." This time, he saw the sadness in her face and he wondered about her husband. Her last name, Brown, was common, so he never connected it with the former coach, although he had heard the story numerous times.

"That's an easy ride for me. What's the address? I'll look up a map online."

After they parted, Rick went for a very strenuous ride, working off his frustration at his inability to say 'no' to the invitation. She had twin girls, for God's sake! What was he thinking? He could picture himself in a situation very much like what he had fled from. At the same time, he had to admit that Naomi was more like Mrs. Emerson than like any woman in his family. It was a quandary that the ride did not resolve, and it did not make Friday evening's studying very productive.

It was not until late Saturday afternoon at work that he worked up the honesty to admit to himself that he was very lonely and that Naomi was a very appealing woman in so many ways. The girls? ... well, he should be able to tolerate a couple of fourteen year olds. That hurdle crossed, he could let himself look forward to the next day. He had an amazingly productive evening of study.

Naomi waited until Saturday at dinner to tell the girls about Rick's visit. Actually, one of the reasons for inviting him had been to give the girls some exposure to a nice guy. As involved in sports as they were, they were already hearing some anti-male ideas from their teammates. Unfortunately, in Naomi's opinion, many of those teammates would leave high school as confirmed lesbians. If the twins went that way, she would certainly love them just as much. She just wanted to do what she could to let them make an informed decision.

Of course, one day with a guy who seemed to have a real problem with females might not do much to pique the twins' interest, but she was doing it for herself, too. Since she invited him, she had relieved herself more than in a typical month. Thinking about him in sexual terms was wrong in so many ways, but that did nothing to quell the feelings and the dreams. As a strong minded person, she was able to tell herself that the fantasies were fine, but in reality, she would treat him as a needy friend that she would like to help. The first step, of course, was to find out more about him.

"You two planning to be around tomorrow?" she inquired casually as they finished dinner.

"Well, we'll probably go somewhere, but we haven't made any plans, yet," Delia answered.

"Just so you know, I've invited Rick to come for the day," she told them. "You remember that I've talked about him from that project I worked on?"

"Yeah, but you thought he was kinda, you know, not too friendly," Celia offered. "Why would you want him to come out here?"

"He's not unfriendly at all," Naomi countered. "I think he has just had bad experiences with women. I'm curious, and I'd like to find out more."

"Is it all right for us to talk to him, then?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Well, if he doesn't like women, he might want us to leave him alone," Delia explained.

"I don't think liking women is the problem. I'm guessing that the women in his family treated him badly, is all. Besides, I don't think you will want to leave him alone."

"Oh? Is he good looking? I thought he was a brain."

"Personally, I would call him a 'hunk'," Naomi said with a grin. "Maybe you two can change his mind about women. Who knows?"

That brought a flood of giggles, flared nostrils, and some stiff nipples. "When is he coming."

"In the morning."

"Mo-om! What time in the morning?"

"We didn't talk about that," Naomi admitted.

"How are we supposed to know when to be ready, then?" Celia wailed.

"What's to get ready?" Naomi challenged. "Just watch TV or play in the pool, or whatever. When he gets here, he gets here."

"The pool! But our hair would be all wet and..."

"Look, Girls. I have a feeling that just being ourselves will be the best way with Rick. I'm just guessing, but I'll bet that he has a mother and sisters that are cheerleader types."

"Oooooh, Yuck!" Delia exclaimed. "If that's why he's down on women, I can't blame him."

"Well, then, no dressing up or anything. Don't try to be something you're not."

"What does he drive, so we can be watching?"

"A bike."

"A bike? All the way from campus?" Celia asked in surprise.

"Apparently, he's a pretty serious biker. He works part time in a bike shop," Naomi explained.

"Can we go on our bikes down to the shopping center and watch for him?"

"How will you recognize him? There will be a lot of bikers out in the morning?"

"Oh. Darn!"

"Tell you what, let me see if I can call him, OK?"

"Yeay! This will be so cool!" The shopping center was just under two miles away. It could be reached on residential streets, and Naomi had let them bike there for a movie with friends a few times.

The girls wanted to listen in, but Naomi shooed them away. Rick was studying, and he answered the phone. "Rick, my girls are really excited about your visit. They wanted to know if they could meet you at the shopping center where our road meets Division and bike home with you. Would that be OK?"

Now, that was something different for Rick. They wanted to meet him part way? On bikes? He could not remember seeing his sisters on bikes since they were eight or nine. Certainly not after they developed. Maybe Naomi's were really different from his sisters. That would help a lot.

"How about if I call you when I'm ready to leave. I can estimate when I will be at that corner," he offered, to her relief. "Is that a safe place for them to wait? How will I recognize them?"

"Yeah, it's safe. I let them bike to movies there," she replied. "I'm sure they'll be the only twins on bikes waiting in front of the coffee shop."

"I don't think you mentioned their names."

"They're Celia & Delia. They like those names and don't use any nicknames. It will take you weeks to differentiate between them, so don't even bother," she laughed. "Rick, thanks for doing this. Since ... well, the girls have not had enough exposure to men lately. This will be really good for them." Naomi had figured out that Rick would respond better if he thought he was helping her in some way.

As he rode toward the rendezvous the next morning, Rick chided himself for being so nervous. 'The girls are just fourteen, for God's sake', he kept reminding himself, 'and Naomi is as nice a woman as you have ever met.'

As he had been told, there was no trouble spotting the twins, and they did not even try to act cool when they spotted him. They had no idea how many points they won when they went ape over his very nice bike before even introducing themselves. The introductions were really unnecessary, and they were quick.

Pleased by their interest, he had a sudden idea. "Is there a way to your house on quiet streets?"

Splitting the response between them, they told him "Yeah, Mom doesn't like us to ride the main road. Why?"

"Well, if you aren't afraid I'll break your bikes, I'll lower my seat and you can each ride it half way to your house." He noticed that their bikes were sturdy ones, and he could tolerate the short seats for a couple of miles.

They were too stunned to respond for a moment, but made up for the silence with quick, loud agreement. "I'll let you decide who goes first," he said as he pulled out his ever-handy wrench and lowered his seat.

It was only then that he worried about whether they could actually reach the peddles safely and if they were taking a risk of hurting themselves on the bar. A look at their bikes, though, showed that they were normal ones with the full triangle frame. He was impressed with how easily the first girl got going.

As they rode, he could not help watching their bare legs. They were shapely legs, but they definitely had muscles, muscles all the way into their buttocks. The other thing he could not miss was their unbridled enthusiasm and pleasure. They seemed not to care at all about being 'cool'. He was having to revisit a lot of his assumptions about teen girls.

Naomi must have been watching through the front window, and came out to meet them. In denim shorts, sandals, and a golf shirt, she was quite a sight, but he had little time for a closer examination. The girls babbled for minutes about how cool it was to ride his bike. Then, one turned to him and pled "Will you come in the pool with us? It's nice and warm." When he looked at Naomi, she gave him a nod, and he agreed. Reverting to a few years younger, the girls tore off with squeals to get into their suits.

When he came out of the short trance he had entered as he watched them scamper away, he saw Naomi with her hands on her hips and as cross an expression as she could manage around her grin. "Do you realize what you have just done, Richard Stanwick? You've made my poor darlings fall madly in love with you, and you just got here!"

It took a little time for him to realize what she was saying, and his look of concern and confusion made her lose it. Laughing for all she was worth, she unconsciously rested her hand on his upper arm and leaned her forehead against his chest. It was such a natural, intimate little gesture, that it almost made him cry. It was the kind of expression of feeling that he had never experienced with a woman before.

Trying to cover up his emotions, he joked "Then, you'd better get in the pool with me to protect my virtue."

"Oh, I..." something in his expression told her that demurring was a very bad move right then. 'Damn! Which suit should I wear?' was her next thought.

She had always been a bit body shy. Jack had made her believe that her body pleased and excited him, so she had enjoyed enticing him. She had never been as comfortable exposing what she considered her excess flesh to other men, though. In her drawer were suits with about four different levels of exposure, and which one to choose was causing her a minor panic.

Well, it damn sure wasn't going be the thong bikini that Jack had gotten her to wear on that Caribbean beach where other women were topless or nude. Her normal choice with company would have been the high-cut one piece. It accentuated her good spots.

She felt a shiver run through her at the unbidden thought that maybe they should just skinny dip, as she had done with the girls the day the pool was ready for use. Mentally slapping down that fantasy, she still inexplicably felt the urge to show herself a bit, so she chose the 'regular' bikini. Her belly had never been one of her figure problems, and she had worked hard to return it to its prior tautness after the girls. 'Let's see how Rick reacts to seeing a lot more of his project partner', she thought.

Predictably, Rick was changed and was heading to the pool long before Naomi had finished deciding on her suit. The girls had noticed that he had a nice build when he rode up to meet them. With his biking gear on and with them so excited about his bike, though, they had not taken time to drool. They were already in the pool when he stepped through the patio door, and this time, they definitely drooled.

Noticing that the twins seemed transfixed, Rick could not pass up the chance and did a cannonball right in front of them. That stopped the drooling and got them into full water fight mode. It started with splashing, but it quickly turned into frantic efforts to dunk him. That meant lots and lots of body contact. When he realized that he hardly ever felt cloth against him, only skin, some blood started flowing South.

The battle raged with lots of girlish squeals and screams and masculine growls and shouts until all of the girlish noises suddenly stopped dead. Rick happened to be facing away from the house with both girls in front of him. Turning to see what had interrupted them, he suddenly had lots of blood, perhaps most of his supply, heading right to his crotch.

Faster than he could remember, he had a full, raging hardon from seeing Naomi in her brief swimsuit walking gracefully toward the pool. Even when the girls hollered "Mom!" and "Wow, cool!", he stood stupefied with his cock rigid and pulsing.

Of course he had seen various female members of his clan in swimsuits or other scanty attire. Besides the fact that they were merciless to him if he seemed to react to or, heaven forbid, comment on the sight, it never seemed to affect him sexually. Probably, it was because each of those women carried such a negative aura to him that it overrode any effect from their undeniable physical beauty. He could not remember getting erect from any view of those women.

Reaching the pool steps and seeing Rick still catatonic, Naomi told the girls "Get us some Cokes, Girls. Please."

Stepping into the pool and right up to Rick, she hugged him briefly and told him "You can't imagine how your reaction makes me feel."

Shaking his head as if to clear cobwebs, he was able to say "You must get that reaction a lot."

She still had her hands on his upper arms from the hug, and he felt her shiver. "You are the first man other than my husband to see me in this suit."

"Naomi, I would really like to find out more about you. Will you tell me?"

"Will you tell ME?" she shot back. "Everything?"

"I ... I guess it would be good for me," he admitted.

"It will have to be later. Here come the girls," she informed him.

Unlike their mother, who had approached noiselessly, there was no doubt when the girls opened the door. Rick looked toward the door and groaned at the sight of one girl turning away from them to close it. When they had left the pool, his eyes had been riveted on Naomi and they had moved away behind him. Now, he saw that the girl's suit bottom had nothing in the back but a thin strip running up her crack. Showing an admirable level of sensitivity, the girls stretched out on loungers with the Cokes, leaving two on the table for Naomi and Rick.

"We had quite a discussion last night about what suits they were going to wear today," Naomi said with a chuckle after hearing his groan. "They bought those on a shopping trip with friends."

"I guess you lost the argument, huh?"

"It wasn't really an argument, Rick. I understand why they want to show you their bodies."

"They do?"

"Sure. Because they're not in the glamorous crowd at school, they don't get much approval of their sex appeal," she explained.

"But they're perfect!" he exclaimed.

"God, I wish they had heard you say that. It would do them a world of good."

He just shook his head. "I guess you've figured out that I'm pretty stupid about women."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," she countered. "You just have to remember how much all women need that approval, all the time."

"I guess I don't understand how they can go almost naked like that with a stranger," he admitted.

"Rick, if you want, I'll tell them they can ditch the suits."

"And they'd do it?"

"So fast you wouldn't even see it," she chuckled. Barely audibly, she murmured to herself "Can't blame them."

She had not said it quite softly enough. More than a little confused, he asked "Can I assume that you don't wear that suit often?" Her blush was his answer. "Why?" he pressed.

"I had a wonderful husband who gave me lots and lots of approval. I lost him in a plane crash three years ago. Not much approval since. Guess I'm needy."

"I hope you could tell that I approve."

With a giggle, she assured him "Oh, I could tell, alright. Especially when I hugged you."

"Naomi!" he protested.

"I'll bet you don't want to leave the pool right now, do you?" she teased. He could only groan again.

Stepping close for another brief hug, she told him "Rick, you are a really nice guy. Your approval means more to me than you can imagine. I'm sure the girls feel the same way."

"But they only met me a little while ago," he protested.

"We can smell real nice guys a long ways away. It doesn't take long. Shall I tell them to leave the suits and join us?"

"Not that it would make a whole lot of difference, but I don't think I'm ready for that," he said with a shake of his head.

"You're not still comparing them to your sisters, aren't you?" she guessed.

"How ... how did you know about them?"

"Just a shot in the dark. Guess I scored, huh?"

"Twins, too," he admitted. "But not like yours at all. They were ... well, all the women in the family were gorgeous, but bitches," he snarled out.

"I want to hear about that later when we talk," she said. "I'll bet you can get out of the pool, now, can't you?"

How did she know that just the thought of the women he had fled from was the best erection-prevention ever? She seemed able to get inside his head. Somehow, though, that prospect did not frighten him.

It was a warm spring day, and none of the women showed any interest in covering up. Rick had to avert his gaze numerous times to prevent another erection. He berated himself for not thinking about reducing his risk before he left the dorm.

As they all relaxed around the pool, the talk turned to biking, with the girls showing genuine curiosity and interest. When he described the area he bussed to, they got excited. "Mom, can we go out there sometime and try it?"

"I don't think your bikes would survive," Naomi warned. "They aren't built for off road."


"I might be able to arrange some rentals from the shop," Rick offered. "It would have to be on a weekday, though. Everything is rented out most weekends."

"We have softball practice or games every school night," one of the girls lamented.

"Well, I guess we'll have to wait until school's out, then," Rick consoled. "Do you ride, Naomi?"

"Oh, I don't know. I haven't biked for a long time. I would just slow you down."

"So, we go slower. I'd rather have you with us," he insisted.

"It sounds like we've got a few weeks to wait. We'll figure something out," Naomi decided.

"Oh, can I get a copy of your softball schedule?" That won Rick some serious points with the girls. However, he could tell from their faces that he was now committed to attending at least a couple of games.

The girls wanted to go and play in the pool some more. Rick was about to join them, but he could tell that Naomi wanted him to stay with her and talk. For a while, they just watched the girls frolicking. They were in and out of the pool a lot.

"Guess I'm no expert, but don't they look older than fourteen?" he observed.

"Yeah, they do. That's one thing they inherited from me. I matured early. When I had them, I wasn't quite seventeen. Other than that, they are more like Jack's side."

"Do you think they're kind of, uh, parading for my benefit? They sure seem to be out of the pool a lot."

"Good guess, Rick. That is exactly what they are doing. Enjoying it?"

"Very much. Are they really worried that they aren't sexy?"

"You bet. They are females, Rick. We ALWAYS worry about that."

"Even you?"

"Flatterer!" she accused, but he glanced over to see her face flushed.

"They wouldn't really take off their suits, would they?"

"Hey, Girls!" Naomi shouted. "If you want to, you can take..."

"Naomi! No!" Rick shouted just as loudly, sitting up and reaching his hand out to Naomi's arm. "I don't want to embarrass them that way."

"Embarrass who?" she challenged. "I think you're the one who would be embarrassed. I'll bet you're afraid they would want you to show them your hardon." Then she giggled like one of the twins.

He just flopped back and lay silent. She soon realized that she had hit a sore spot. Softly, she asked "You haven't had much experience with girls, have you?"

"None, except for the two I had to live with."

"Why don't you tell me about it."

By the time he finished a summary version of his life before college, the girls had worn out. Naomi had signaled them to stay away, though, so they had gone into the house.

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