A Special Favor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, First, Anal Sex, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 15 year old sister requests a very special favor of her 14 year old brother. She was raped and now fears she will become the school whore and needs a hand to guide her, she wants her brother to be her Master and use her as his slut. Mentally damaged by her rape she needs the security of slavery.

Samantha is my sister, she was close to me and beautiful, yeah I had noticed. I'm fourteen years old and large for my age and Sammy is a small, petit beautiful girl; straight long blonde hair hanging halfway down her back, a slim dancers body and nice breasts. We were playing cards in Sammy's room and she mentioned "Tim likes me and he is kind of creepy looking" and we both laughed. Then she asked "Simon would you do me a favor a very special favor, it might be hard and I wouldn't want to offend you, this is so very important to me and I've wanted to ask for a long time".

"Sure Sammy just ask, I'd do anything for you" and she looked so serious, "if I tell you have to keep this a secret and it is just between us, not even mom or dad, I'd just die if anyone knew, and I don't want you to hate me". I paused and said "Sammy I could never hate you and nothing you can say would shock me, and I'll always love you". Sammy paused and asked "this is just between us right, a secret, sacred and forever" and I nodded and said "yes a secret just between us forever".

Sis looked so serious "I need your help Simon and this is going to sound so horrible and you are going to hate me and think I am bad" she held her hand up as I went to speak and said "I almost don't know where to start" and paused. "I see how you look at me Simon" and I blushed, sis knew what I thought; "and see how you look at me in my bikini. This is the part is going to shock you and make you hate me (I just looked at her). "I want you to make love to me, rape me, force me, strip me and use me as a slave, a sex slave!" My jaw literally dropped and Sammy held her finger up to stop me talking, she said in a whisper "I was raped three years ago at twelve and never told anyone, never said a word, now boys will be asking me out on dates, I'll be going to dances and parties. The boys will know and they will be raping me, having me blow them, each boy in school will fuck me and I'll be the school slut and whore. You'll be ashamed of me and I'll kill myself. I can not stop this and it is going to happen, only you can stop it, only you can save me, you love me and care for me and I think you love me enough to fuck me, make me blow you, fuck me in the ass and use my breasts as toys, just you can do this. I have this need for this, once a boy touches me it will never stop unless I am a slave to one and one I can trust. I need sex and need the humiliation of being used like a slut, need to be a slut, this is my inner need and curse ".

I paused a second "Sammy you are my sister and beautiful, but if we have sex it is incest" and Sammy stopped me "you love me enough to use me as your own slut, and I know you want me, want to fuck me and touch my body and use me, if you didn't I wouldn't ask. If you love me you'll do this and I'll be safe, an owned slut, your private slave to do with as you want. If you wanted me to blow every boy in the Cafeteria I will! But I know you will take care of me and take care of the sexual needs that are making me crazy. If you love me, you'll take me as your property and make me happy and safe. As soon as you accept me, and promise to keep me forever then you can feel me up, strip me naked, fuck my cunt, put your cock in my mouth or bend me over and fuck me in the ass, take nude photos of me, use me like a cheap whore; your private slut, I am just three holes with tits and legs for your use brother. If you do not accept this then the boys at school will all be fucking me, I'll get pregnant and diseased, and be blowing the whole football team, being gang banged like a whore, a shame to mom and dad and to you; just a useless slut. Since I was raped I know what I am and hide it; I'm desperate and need this, I thought maybe it would be better to kill myself, and in the end when all the boys are fucking me and the girls call me a shank then I will kill myself"! She looked sad, broken and alone. I didn't need to think just said "sis you belong to me now and you are mine forever".

She smiled, "thank you Simon you will never be sorry and will enjoy owning me" and I asked my sister "you don't have to tell me about the rape until you want to, have ever had sex other then that"? "No Master, it was a man, I went into Clifford's store, he followed me and I didn't see him. He stopped me as I walked home, it was years ago but I still live it, he asked me where Elm Street was, I walked to the car window, and woke up an hour later. I'd been raped, there was slight marks on my body, my panties were gone and my pussy had bleed, the marks faded but I knew I was damaged goods, the worst thing is I need someone to rape me again, over and over. My butt is virgin and my mouth, they are yours as is my pussy. Mom had me put on the pill to regulate my period. I am yours now command me."

"Sis take off your blouse and bra for me" and she smiled unbuttoning her blouse like it was nothing then removing it and tossing it on the bed, then brushing the shoulder straps of her bra off her shoulders and then reaching around her back to unsnap her bra and putting it atop her blouse. My sister breasts were perfect for her slim body, white and pale, firm looking, round and cone shaped with pink nipples and areola. She stood facing me as we stood next to the sofa, then took my hands and pressed the open palms to her breasts and whispered "finally". My mind exploded with pleasure my sister's silky, smooth naked breasts were cupped in my hands as I gently fondled her tits, firm but soft and her nipples liked diamonds and so hard. Sis looked at me and smiled saying "fuck me hard and use me" as my hands played with her naked tits. Sis asked "want me naked Master?" and I nodded my head and sis reached and pushed her short shorts and panties off, and tossed it on the sofa with her clothing leaving my hands on her boobs. I looked at her belly, smooth pussy, shaved clean and long beautiful legs, her slim waist and womanly hips, as my hands continued to feel her up. Sis smiled "I shaved knowing you'd like that, a smooth pussy will be nicer for your pleasure Master".

I pulled her forward by her breasts and sis put her arms around my neck smiling. "With mom and dad away all weekend at the Resort we will be alone tonight, Saturday, Sunday and until Monday night, hope mom and dad enjoy that Conference for work" she said with a smile. I slide one hand to her butt and cupped her butt cheek, pulling her tight to me, my hand still on her left breast. "I'm your private whore now Simon, you own me now and forever. You can get me pregnant when you want, I'd like two or three babies with you and I love you, want your sperm in my womb. I've done a lot of reading online on women like me, it might help you control me" she said breathlessly. I lifted my sister and took two steps to her small sofa against the wall and sat her on my knees. My hands explored her breasts, "tell me slave" and twisted her nipple lightly, caressing and fondling her thighs, her belly, breasts, even her back, then her butt and I cupped her pussy in my hand. Sis swooned and fell back in my arms her head against my shoulder begging "please Master more" and felt her wetness and slipped a finger inside her cunt, fingering her and leaning down to kiss her breasts and suck her nipple.

She was silent breathing in and shaking with her orgasms. "Master you will have to fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth and fuck me in the ass, use my body as your slut, if you do not fuck me in the butt I might cheat on you. I know once I accept being your slave I am safe. Up until now any man that touched me could have had me, any man! Maybe it is best today that you fuck all my holes and make me a true whore, owned. You are my Master, my Daddy now and my Brother forever". Her calling me Daddy was a kind of turn on, and fucking all three holes a dream come true. Then she said "a woman never truly belongs to a man unless he has fucked her in the ass, a slave needs her Master to butt fuck hard and take all three holes"! As she talked my hands explored my nubile and beautiful sister, now my slave, a sex slave forever. Pushing two finger into her wet cunt make her throw her head back "Yes Daddy Brother I am your slave"!

Kissing her my fingers moving over her smooth skin, her wet little pussy my mouth was clamped to hers, our tongues danced a forbidden dance of incest. Sis whispered "your incest whore now, you can get me pregnant when ever you want, just tell me when to stop taking the birth control pill" Sshe laughed a wicked little sensual laugh. "Will you be spanking me to Daddy" she whispered "I need that too" and I turned my sister over, caressing her smooth ass, running my hand over her bottom, rubbing her forbidden butt cheeks, and holding her head down, she was a prisoner. Sis whimpered and shook and I knew she'd had another orgasm, lifting my hand high I spanked her buttocks hard and then caressed her butt, dipping down between her legs to touch her wet pussy a pussy now flooded, slipping two fingers inside her, fingering that wet cunt. "You are such a whore Samantha, wet being spanked by your own brother, this is incest and disgusting" I said and she moaned with pleasure. Lifting my hand high again to slap her butt hard, then between her legs to pet her cunt. After ten spanks all Sammy could do was cum and whimper her love for me, "Daddy I love you so much, I want your baby in my belly as soon as possible and then you will drink the milk from my titties, use me as your whore Daddy Master, your sex slave forever". I lifted her and lead her to the bed.

"Kneel on the bed, nose down, butt at the end of the bed" and she smiled. Sis stripped off her short shorts and panties, revealing her hairless smooth pussy and beautiful legs and butt, even her cunt was beautiful, she smiled and kneel, her butt facing me and her nose down on the bed, her tits there to be felt. I knew she needed this but I wanted her. I rammed my cock inside her sopping wet pussy in and out, and used a finger to transfer her wettness to her anus, pressing a finger into her tight rosebud. Sammy whimpered with pleasure and pain. Then standing behind her I rammed my cock up my sister's arse hole and she screamed with joy, I left it in her butt and waited, then pressed further and Sammy was crying and cuming "Brother Daddy is fucking my butt, I am your whore Master, your useless slut, your hole" and then she'd shuddered in orgasm. In and out slow and deep, over and over her tight anus around me so tight it was nearly painful and then I came inside her bowels and flooded her ass hole with my hot cum. "I love you Master Brother" she screamed and was shuddering in one orgasm after another.

"Stay there" I ordered, went to her bathroom and washed my cock with soap and water, cleaned myself. Took soap and a wet wash cloth and a dry face towel and cleaned her butt, wrapped the dirty wash cloth in the towel and dropped them and then pressed into her tight cunt. Pressing in hard and deep, and she whimpered "Oh Brother Master fuck your useless whore, your cum is inside my butt hole". Ramming her tight cunt and reaching under her to feel those perfect tits! Exhausted I laid on sis's bed and she crawled into my arms. "Brother you are my boyfriend, Master and Daddy now and forever, you saved me, your cum has blessed me." and I feel asleep my naked older sister in my arms. We'd have three days and nights then all day Monday until the Parental Units were home. I told Sammy she was to behave when the Parents were home and my slut when we were alone. No dating for her, no boyfriends just her Daddy, Master-Brother now and she smiled. She whispered "I hope my pills fail and you got me pregnant!".

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