Diamonds in the Rough
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 'Diamonds' is a multiple chapter story. It is a profoundly different and unusual romance. Because of this stories unique nature, it requires the reader to have the willingness to accept an odd and very rare relationship. 'Diamonds' calls for an open mind, and an unlocked heart. If you can do those two things, I think you will enjoy it! The selected categories are for all the chapters!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   Tear Jerker   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Slow   Violent  

The bar was lively for a Thursday evening. Sam Weatherly stared into the almost empty bottle of beer, quietly contemplating recent events. Valentine's Day with Alexis had not gone as planned. Grimly, Sam tipped the bottle up drinking the last few drops. Sam placed the drained bottle behind the bars back-splash asking Sherry, the bartender, for another. With a sympathetic smile, Sherry patted Sam's hand and took the empty away placing it with the others. She reached into the fridge for another long neck. Opening it, Sherry slid the cold brew down the bar into Sam's waiting hands.

On its journey the bottle passed a man deep in thought sipping a glass of Chardonnay. Taking a swig from the freshly opened bottle, Sam let the beer linger a moment. Savoring the fermented essence, Sam's gaze drifted to the mirror on the wall. Surveying the reflections Sam spotted a happy group of ten to twelve people in the back. They were all having fun, especially the cheery couple seated at the party's center. Sam swallowed hard, feeling a tear escape as thoughts turned to Alexis. It was only a couple of days ago when things had come apart.

"Yo! Everyone, gather around — c'mon Martin, Wilson, Brantley, Weatherly, get your asses over here now!" yelled site foreman Maxwell Hooper. "God damn it Caruthers, close that fucking phone before I shove it where the sun don't shine. I've got something important to tell you lamebrains."

Standing on a pallet of rebar, Max told the gathering that with some extra effort they could finish the job the next afternoon, a full day early. Sam looked at Brantley, giving the dump truck driver two thumbs up. Everyone knew tomorrow was Valentine's Day. The thought of being home with their loved ones on Cupid's magical day inspired the construction workers. The hum of machinery filled the air; encouraging shouts spurred them on to job completion.

Sam worked the controls of the mighty excavator with the grace of a conductor performing at Carnegie Hall. The proud operating engineer sent the powerful machine's scoop deep into the ground, and with unerring accuracy emptied the contents into the waiting dump truck. Brantley watched in awe as Sam hit the 'sweet spot' each and every time.

"Damn Sam, that was fast work," said Brantley as he started to place the tarp over the now full truck.

"Shit, Jackson if you had a woman half as lovely as my Alexis, that fucking truck of yours would already have been emptied and back by now!" laughed Sam, climbing out of the cab of the excavator.

Jumping to the ground, the young heavy machine operator helped Brantley get the truck ready for transit. The twosome labored into the early evening preparing the earth for the next phase of the project.

At 2:15, Valentine's Day afternoon, the gang cheered in jubilation when Max gave the thumbs up for a job well done. With loud back slaps, and high fives, the crew quickly vacated the job site, anticipating the arms of dear loved ones at home. After giving Brantley a fist-bump, Sam hurried to the Iron-Man-Red Silverado, quickly sliding onto the leather seat. Turning the ignition key the powerful diesel came to life, and it was homeward bound. But before heading onto the highway, a stop needed to be made first.

"That looks really good," Sam said, complimenting the young man on the color scheme. "Where do you keep your roses?"

The busy florist responded by pointing to a large cooler. Sam nodded, heading over to the huge walk-in refrigerator. Going through the collection of blooms, six yellow roses were selected and handed to the floral magician.

The young man meticulously laid them amongst the mixture of red and white carnations. Satisfied with the presentation, he daintily added ferns and baby breathe completing the Valentine bouquet of love.

The excited operating engineer watched intently, as the roses were carefully tucked to sleep. The wrapping paper decorated with Cupid's arrow piercing each heart of love glistened under the bright lights. Sam smiled broadly knowing Alexis would understand the significance of the six roses. It was six years ago this week when they began their life together as a couple.

Acknowledging the extra care taken by the young gentleman, Sam slipped him a five-dollar tip. Picking up the bouquet, the delighted construction worker walked out of the shop beginning the three-and-a-half hour drive home to the beautiful Alexis.

For five long nights Sam yearned for the comforts of home and the passion of Alexis' arms. Sam enjoyed six fantastic years with this beautiful woman. Monogamy was everything Sam expected it to be. The love of Alexis was all Sam needed to be complete and happy. Sam would never love another woman again.

The powerful diesel moved eagerly up the highway. Sam thought wistfully of Alexis' splendor. Visions of soft blond hair shimmered in the warm sun. Sam saw her eyes twinkle with joy as the twenty-eight year old imagined the comfort of her arms, the soft touch of her hands, and the heat of her sex. The inferno named Alexis beckoning Sam to hurry. The accelerator pedal inched closer towards the floor; the impressive truck's speed increased, bringing Sam ever closer to the arms of the beautiful Alexis.

Shortly before 6:00 on Valentine's Day, Sam pulled into the driveway. Their house looked so inviting to the exhausted construction worker.

'Won't Alexis be surprised!' Sam lovingly thought, getting out of the truck.

Flowers in hand, Sam quietly opened the door to their home. A feeling of uneasiness briefly crept into Sam's heart. Forgetting to close the door Sam glanced around the living room. Unexpectedly hearing a faint noise, Sam realized Alexis must be upstairs.

Tiptoeing, the excavator operator embarked on the short expedition to their love nest. Sam craved Alexis' luscious lips; the tender pink nipples hungering for the attention only Sam could give. Thoughts of sweet nectar and pussy honey drove feet to climb faster. Dreaming of Alexis' hooded jewel, Sam mentally caressed her image causing the specter to squirm with delight. Tenderly Sam parted the spirit girl's drapes opening her tunnel of love. Tonguing the entrance, Sam sent Dream Alexis into a mad frenzy. With each succulent lick, the phantom sighed with intense pleasure. Sam eagerly attacked Alexis' clit, swiftly bringing her to a slow boil and the first of many climaxes. Sam moaned easing into her warmth. With quick strokes, Sam fucked Dream Alexis to orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm.

Awakening from the reverie, a sweaty Sam realized the journey was over. Grasping the knob, Sam quietly and every so slowly opened the door to their bedroom. The anticipation of seeing the beautiful woman after five long, strenuous days filled Sam's heart with love. The love called Alexis.

Peeking into the room, Sam was stunned speechless. Eyes stared in disbelief, Sam's heart was laid open as Cupid's arrow was unmercifully ripped from Sam's now heaving chest. Alexis, the beautiful Alexis, was getting fucked doggy-style by a woman wearing a strap-on.

Sam froze, mouth open, unable to speak, watched in horror as the once beautiful Alexis pushed back onto the red plastic cock of her lover. Her pussy glistened brighter with each ravishing stroke of the massive dildo. Moaning intensely the two lovers moved as one, impaling Alexis' pussy on the pike of treachery.

Only with great effort did Sam keep the terrible feelings from boiling over. It was a single small tear rolling down the stoic engineer's cheek that betrayed Sam's fragile emotions. Heart shattered into a million pieces, Sam choked back a scream watching the woman grab Alexis' nipples rolling them savagely with her fingers. Sam heard Alexis squeal with pleasure at the woman's ministrations.

"Oh yeah, deeper Brit, deeper; fill my pussy with that cock of yours," Alexis moaned.

"How's that baby," growled Brittany as she jammed the fake cock into Sam's woman.

"Unngghh!" screamed Alexis, as Brittany moved faster. "Oh God Brit, I love you so much! I don't know what I'd do without you! Ooooohhh!"

Bellowing with rage, Sam snapped out of the trance. The arrangement so tenderly prepared for Alexis flew through the air and smashed into the writhing women in mid-stroke. Broken flowers littered the bed and surrounding floor. Startled at the interruption the women turned to the door and saw a shadow in the dim light.

"Ohhhh my God, Sam, what are you doing home? You weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow!" the once beautiful Alexis cried, recognizing her mate at the entrance to their bedroom.

Quickly she pulled herself off the strap-on. Her wet pussy made a popping sound as she slid off the thick red shaft. Brittany, surveying the situation, quietly got up, grabbed her clothes and quickly began to dress.

"We busted our butts getting the job done early so we could all be with our loved ones on Valentine's Day," Sam said in a controlled voice. "I was so excited, coming home to my beautiful woman; then I find you in our bed with that, that cunt fucking you, and you screaming how much you love her."

"Sam, I'm so sorry," blubbered Alexis, frantically searching for her robe to hide her sex soaked body from Sam's sight. Finding it, she quickly slipped it over her shaking shoulders.

"I didn't mean it to do it Sam! I love you, only you! Please baby, you have to believe me!" Alexis said, as the tears of shame burned her cheeks.

Slowly she got up off the bed, staring at her partner of six years. The once beautiful Alexis' eyes silently pled for forgiveness at her betrayal to their loving relationship.

"I believe what I see and what I heard," Sam said trying to keep the myriad of feelings in check. "Alexis, you have ten minutes to get you and your lover's asses out of MY house."

"Noo Sam! Don't say that; let me stay. I love you! We can work it out!" she cried in anguish.

"You have nine minutes and forty-five seconds," was Sam's detached reply to the sobbing Alexis.

Turning towards the other woman Sam said, "Brittany, you can have her; she's all yours. Now get your stinking cunt out of my house before I throw you out."

Slipping her shoes on, Brittany smirked at Sam as she said, "This wasn't the first time I fucked Alexis you know. Every time you went out of town, I came over. I licked that pussy, I sucked those tits, and I fucked your bitch with a bigger dick!"

Brittany grabbed the red strap-on, still slick with Alexis' juices, and pitched it at Sam's feet. The gauntlet thrown, Brittany clenched her fists staring at Sam with contempt. Sam bent down and picked up the vile contraption by its straps. Looking at the object with disgust; Sam heaved it across the room smacking an unsuspecting Alexis in the head. The straps whipped her as they flew by.

Alexis yelped in pain, a red welt already forming on the side of her face. Never having seen Sam so enraged before, she crept deeper into the corner shaking with fear. Alexis' heart thudded in her chest, and she lifted her trembling hands to cover her face. The two combatants turned away from the cowering girl and faced each other again.

Fearlessly, Brittany walked over to Sam.

Glowering at the wounded person before her, Brittany continued her verbal assault, "Alexis is an oversexed minx. Obviously you don't do anything for her anymore — otherwise I wouldn't have been fucking your woman for over a year."

Brittany's verbal salvo hit Sam hard. Sam turned to Alexis and stared at the shaken woman. Alexis averted her eyes, hanging her head in shame. Brittany had scored a direct hit on Sam's bleeding heart. The emotional armor began cracking as Sam realized the once beautiful Alexis was in reality a cheating bitch who did not share Sam's belief in honor or monogamy.

Taking a deep breath, Sam said in a measured voice, "Brittany ... I really ... don't care ... anymore. I'm well beyond that. I want you..." Sam paused, and looking directly at Alexis continued, " ... and that cheating bitch ... out of here ... NOW!" yelling the last word.

Brittany realizing Sam's emotional defenses were now very weak, decided it was time to go for the jugular. The butch reared back and spat in Sam's face. Her hot saliva ran down Sam's cheek. Taking a step back, Sam glared at Brittany, eyes opened wide with astonishment at this act of hatred. Sam wiped the dribble off.

"What's the matter Sam, can't handle it?" the young woman asked venomously. "What if I don't want to leave? What are YOU going to do about it?" Brittany demanded, giving Sam a hard shove.

Sam taken aback by the vicious push, stared at the spit covered hand. Casting a glance at the cheating slut Alexis, the remnants of Sam's heavily damaged emotional armor disintegrated not with a tear, but a smile. Armor gone, Sam started to laugh. Sam laughed so hard tears were falling onto the floor. Brittany was stunned by this reaction to her attack. It was not what she expected. Brittany backed away from the hysterical person, her heart beating faster as anxiety replaced bravado.

Suddenly the laughter turned into a scowl. At that moment Sam yelled, "THIS!!"

With one swift punch, Brittany's head shot back. Sam grabbed the dazed butch by the hair and began dragging the screaming woman out of the bedroom and down the stairs. With each step, Brittany's ass bounced hard. Reaching the bottom, Sam quickly picked the confused woman up. Holding the butch by her shoulders, Sam smiled, then quickly landed a one-two combination to the nose and jaw of Alexis' champion. Brittany crumpled quickly.

Effortlessly Sam lifted the dazed woman back up and threw her through the open door onto the waiting sidewalk. After tumbling off the walkway onto the grass, Brittany wobbled noticeably as she got up. Her nose broken, Brittany tasted blood — her blood. Suffering from temporary double vision, she saw two Sam's standing at the door. The Sam's took one step towards her and Brittany fell back down and began crawling quickly to her car a few doors away. Leaving the sidewalk red with a trail of blood, the beaten woman opened the car door. Tires squealed loudly as the once brash female left with her tail dragging between her legs.

Turning around Sam shook the sore right hand. The knuckles were already purple, and Sam could see the swelling begin. Leaving the door open, Sam gazed up the stairs to see Alexis sniveling. Alexis had crept out of the bedroom when she heard Brittany scream in agony as she was being dragged through the house. Watching Sam destroy Brittany, Alexis cried profusely. She knew she had brought the beast out. She knew she destroyed everything with the betrayal of her beloved Sam. Alexis looked down the staircase, where Sam stood glaring at her.

"You now have seven minutes." Sam calmly told the cheating bitch.

Alexis cried in anguish, and without another word she packed her things. With suitcase in hand, and her head down, Alexis walked past Sam and out the front door. Reaching her car, she looked back, mouthing the words, "I'm sorry."

Sam said nothing, and did even less. Alexis knew for sure it was over. She realized that she would pay for her infidelity the rest of her life. Slowly she placed the bags in her Prius, and with one last look, Alexis left her home for the past six years behind forever.

Sam watched Alexis drive off. Closing the door, the betrayed soul went into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, Sam rummaged around until a beer was exposed. Angrily, Sam twisted the top off and threw the cap at the wall. After taking a long pull, Sam climbed up the stairs to the bedroom that once belonged to a loving couple.

Unsteadily, Sam walked around the rumpled bed. Smelling the stench of tainted sex on it, Sam knew the bed was now worthless trash. Looking down, Sam saw the flowers on the floor. Emotionless, the once proud construction worker bent down to pick up the six roses. Grasping the last yellow rose, Sam started to shake violently and a torrent of tears fell unabashedly to the floor.

The once calm and controlled human being began to weep inconsolably. Clenching the flowers tightly, the thorns of treachery bit hard, puncturing the palm that once caressed a beautiful woman named Alexis. Blood dripped from the holes of despair mingled with the tears of fresh loss. Sobbing uncontrollably, overwrought with raw emotion, Samantha Weatherly fell onto the bed she once shared with her lover. Crying openly, Samantha wept for what was now forever lost.

Sam looked at her bandaged hand. The puncture marks of betrayal hurt her deeply. She flexed her hand and took another sip of the cold drink. It had been three days since she caught Alexis with that bitch in their bed. Alexis emailed Sam hoping for forgiveness, and reconciliation. Sam responded telling Alexis she had one day to take all her belongings out. After that, what was left would be unceremoniously tossed into the trash. Today was the day.

Sipping her drink, Sam looked over at the man with the wine. He seemed troubled to her. Not wishing to embarrass him, she turned away nonchalantly rolling a finger around the open end of the bottle. In her peripheral vision, Sam watched the man take a sip of his wine. Then to her surprise his brow furrowed in pain; Sam instantly knew the cause of such sorrow. She felt his anguish in her heart. Stunned by her unforeseen empathy, Samantha took another drink of liquid courage, and began to think of years gone by.

Samantha Weatherly had been a lesbian for as long as she could remember. She was the typical 'tomboy' growing up. She enjoyed playing sports, and loved working with tools. Sam realized her sexual preference at a young age. She never dated guys, because she knew they were not for her. Sam did have a few encounters with girls, but nothing ever developed beyond kissing. Early on Samantha vowed she would never be a one-night stand. When she found someone, it would be for forever. She would not compromise on that principle.

A few days after her eighteenth birthday, Samantha sat down with her parents, and confessed to them that she was a lesbian. At first her mom and dad refused to believe their daughter was gay. They tried to convince Sam to see a psychiatrist, but since Sam was of legal age, they couldn't force her.

Eventually, they recognized Samantha for who she really was, accepting their gay daughter with open arms. Sam felt blessed to have such wonderful parents. When she graduated high school a few months later, Sam entered an apprenticeship program to become an operating engineer. She always loved working with machinery, and the thrill of operating powerful construction equipment beckoned to her.

Samantha rarely went out. She did date occasionally, but she had never met the right woman. Sam's main focus was finishing her apprenticeship and getting her career going. Any thoughts she might have as far as 'relationships' were concerned, were on the very back burner.

By age twenty, Samantha was certified to operate excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and graders. She was especially proud of her Tower Crane certificate. Sam began her career as a journeyman operating engineer with great enthusiasm. She expected a certain amount of harassment for being a woman heavy equipment operator, and she wasn't disappointed. Her union brothers — and yes, sisters — had fun with the rookie engineer. After a few months, Samantha proved herself very capable of handling the big machines.

Eventually she earned the respect of her coworkers, and was given the nickname 'Sweet Spot' by her good bud Jackson. Samantha had the uncanny ability to find the perfect load balance when running the crane — the so-called 'sweet spot'. Lifting steel to the workers above, Samantha always placed the heavy loads precisely where they should be. She was one of the fastest, most accurate crane operators in the Midwest. Sam was proud her nickname Sweet Spot didn't allude to her gender; Sweet Spot was a name she earned with her skills as an operating engineer.

Inevitably, a few of the boys would hit on her; she would be polite and was upfront about her preference. Most of the time the guys understood, but one brash young fool didn't take no for an answer. He was found the next morning suspended fifty feet in the air hanging from her crane. Everyone denied knowing what happened to the jerk. The idiot, when he was brought down, immediately walked over to Sam apologizing for his boorish behavior. Humbled before his peers, Richard Alvarez found the nearest port-a-potty where he changed his soiled pants.

Samantha was never bothered again.

When she turned twenty-one, Sam started going to Gigi's, a gay bar near her new home. She never met anyone to whom she was romantically attracted, but nevertheless she loved hanging with other gay people, including the guys. She became friends with a few, but never thought anything about it. To her being with gays of both sexes was a normal part of life.

Sam was known as a soft butch. She kept her black hair short, parting it on the left side. Sam liked it short because it was easy to care for. She passionately embraced her femininity, wearing makeup to enhance her appearance and occasionally she dressed up in stockings and a dress. At the Christmas party following her certification, Sam shocked her coworkers by wearing a red silk dress with black fishnets. Sam strolled around on three inch heels, her lips the color of burgundy, and her brown eyes glowing sensuously. Sam was the hit of the party. Make no mistake this butch loved being a woman. Sam took pride in her 34-B breasts. She loved her tiny nipples because they were so sensitive. Sam loved her pussy as well. She kept it trimmed, using baby oil to keep it soft and smooth. Sam enjoyed masturbating with a dildo while she dreamed of the day she would be with her life partner. She knew in her heart that she would be the dominant one in any relationship. It was just who she was. She didn't want to be a man; she wasn't interested in being masculine. Samantha was a woman who loved women. To her it was simple.

Samantha was twenty-two when she met Alexis Smothers. They met at the mall, of all places. Sam was sitting at the coffee shop when Alexis came up to her and introduced herself. Sparks flew as Sam gazed at this winsome blonde femme' named Alexis. They dated for six months before Alexis moved into Sam's home and bedroom. Sam believed with all her heart this was her 'forever' love. Sadly, Alexis didn't believe the same way. Sam invested six years into the relationship. Today she drank to its end.

Sam decided that she would have one beer for every year she and Alexis had been together. She was on beer number five when a loud whoop went up from the party at the back of the room. Turning around, Sam saw two guys kiss as everyone wished them well on their twentieth anniversary. She smiled at their good fortune, but felt very sad at her recent loss.

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