A Return to Greatness

Although wars are horrific, and many atrocities were committed, on all sides, there has always been the maxim that the winning side is always good and the losers' bad.

I am not sure this is the case though. My grandmother had to leave her home when the Tsar's troops wanted land. My grandfather found that even the best cavalry were no match for ditches, shells from artillery and tanks. They both were losers; later the winners there became new losers. I hate to think that Tsar Nicholas lost everything, yet it would have been nice to still the lands that he took from my family.

The English hate the French, the Dutch hate the English, the Germans hate the Russians, the Jews hate the Germans and Arabs, the Arabs hate the Jews, and the Swiss and Italians love anyone with enough money to give them.

I always wondered how long this has been going on?

Wait, it may have happened before. I'll have to check with the Aztecs, Inca, Amazonians, Eskimo, American and Canadian Indians to see if they ever had any trouble with people wanting; taking things from them.

It seems that nationality and religion have played a part in some of this such as being; Christian, infidel, Jew or Arab in the Crusades or the the Inquisition.

Even more bad things existed, like the witch trials, the Sack of Rome, Cambodia, Africa, India, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, slavery, the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War to Yankees), WW I, The Great Patriotic War(WWII), whew, there are more but you get the idea.

My point is that what follows is a story, it neither condemns nor praises the things that people do in war. It does not mean to place blame on any group, race or religion. I believe that there are good people, bad people and most in-between.

I have known and worked with people from all races, creeds and nations. In some cases they did good one day and bad another time. I choose to treat them as they treated me.

I mean no offence to anyone.

This is a work of fiction, however, it may contain some truths.

The point to be taken is that, if you listen to the ramblings of the day you will be taken advantage of.

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