My Strange Life

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Doctor/Nurse, Teacher/Student, Clergy, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - In this twisted version of the American Dream, a sexy teenage girl lives a life of sexual adventure as she bounces in and out of trouble wearing little more than a cheerful smile and a shameless attitude...But Amy's not a slut. She's a 21st century sexual terrorist! Jihad!

Introductions and Homework

I was going to read my homework assignment aloud for Father Groves. I felt a little nervous since I'd been the only girl in the whole class he'd asked to stay after school. I wondered if there was something wrong with it and even if there was, why would he want me to stay after and read it out loud for him?

All I really knew was that there are an awful lot of strange things that go on around my school, and not just at my school, but the whole town it seemed like. I wondered sometimes if it was just me, or if other people sensed it too, but they were just too shy to say anything. Well, I like to write sometimes, not always of course, but mostly and I thought I'd write about my life and maybe someday somebody might read this and say "Hmmmm ... What a strange place." Or maybe they'd say, "Hmmm ... What's so strange about that?"

So, I stood there in front of Father Groves' desk, wearing my green and orange scotch pleated skirt and white short-sleeved blouse, and my knee high white socks and black Betsy's, because at the Virgin Mary's Academy that's what the girls wear everyday. The boys go to St. Joseph's, which is supposed to be a different school, but shares some of the same buildings and classrooms and teachers, so I don't really understand why my school has two different names, depending on if you're a boy or a girl. We girls don't go to class with the boys though; we just see them in the halls sometimes, and at Mass on Wednesdays of course. But the boys sit on the left side of the chapel and the girls sit on the right, and every pew has one of the sisters to make sure we're paying attention to Jesus and not to some cute guy across the way.

Anyhow, like I was saying, I had my gold-blonde hair pinned up, since there was a rule that if hair came down below the shoulder it had to be in a braid and I hadn't had time to braid my hair that morning. Besides, I didn't mind pinning it up since some of the boys, and some of the girls too, liked to pull on my braids and say 'Ding-Dong! Anybody home in there?' and it makes me pretty mad. Like it would anyone else, I'd guess.

My mother says they do that to get my attention, at least the boys do. The girls do it because they're jealous. I really am just about the prettiest girl in school and always have been, ever since I was little. Sometimes I don't feel especially pretty, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think I'm not very attractive at all, but my mother says everybody feels like that sometimes. And those thoughts don't last because some guy is always telling me I'm beautiful, or some girl I don't even know will tell me how she wished she looked like me. It's a big responsibility, being beautiful. I found that out when I was 13 and became "Miss Teen Dairy Queen" which has nothing to do with the DQ Drive-Thru out on Route 69, especially since they sued the County last year.

I'll talk about all that some other time. As you can tell I do have a hard time keeping my stories from wandering into one another. Maybe that was what Father Groves wanted to talk to me about. I brushed a loose strand of hair out of my blue eyes, hoping I wasn't in trouble, and started reading out loud, right from the top where I'd put the date like he wanted:

02 Feb 2012

English Composition II

Assignment: Two Thousand words on your strangest school experience this past year

Due Date: 03 Feb 2012

Déjà vu

By Amy Welch (Sophomore)

My strangest school experience happened last September, at the beginning of the school year. I was in the Admin Office, getting a hall pass because I was late for school because I couldn't find my silver and turquoise hair clip. I'd gotten it for my 15th birthday last July from my Uncle Max, who isn't really my uncle but he likes to give me things anyway for helping him wash his dog, Spunky. Spunky is a big dog, but I don't know what kind for sure. I think he's a Great Dane or something like that. Anyway, Spunky likes me a lot and we wrestle sometimes before I give him his bath and Uncle Max likes to watch and take pictures of us. I asked him why he takes so many pictures and Uncle Max told me he shares them with other dog lovers, and they're all jealous of him because Spunky has such a pretty girl to play with.

So, I couldn't find my special hair clip and I missed my school bus, so I needed a hall pass from Mrs. Edwards so I could go to homeroom. I was waiting for her in the office when this guy came in that I'd never seen before and he looked like a total geek. He had big ears and a funny haircut and ugly pants. I tried to ignore him, but he walked right over and sat down right next to me on the plastic couch they have in the office there.

"Hi," he said.

I ignored him and looked at myself in the mirror, the big one with the sign that says 'Look your best – Be your best' and I know I look my best all the time. I had my long blonde hair in a French braid that morning. It took a long time for my mother to get it just right, but I wanted it because I'd just gotten a French manicure and I was wearing my little red French beret that Uncle Seymour gave me for Christmas two years ago after I promised not to tell anyone that he made a movie about me called 'Amy Takes a Bath'. He's not really my uncle, he just likes me to call him that when I sit in his lap and watch home movies with him. My favorite is 'Amy's Big Lollipop' but I don't know why he called it that since there's no candy at all in that movie.

"My name is Mark. I'm new here," he said.

And I just looked the other way because I didn't want anyone to see me talking to him! Especially since I was trying to make the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad and the cheerleading coach, Miss Squires, had just interviewed me the day before. She asked me if I liked boys better than I liked girls and I said I didn't know. I told her all my friends were girls, but I had other friends sometimes too, like Peter Harbuck, who were boys, but they weren't always my friends, just sometimes. Like the time Peter, Stanley, and Otis took me to Crystal Pond so we could play 'Spit or Swallow' but they didn't hardly play at all! They just wanted me to play and I got tired of that after about three times each. And Miss Squires told me that boys were evil and grew up to be evil men who would flip me on my belly and do me like a goat if I gave them half a chance, and I wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but I didn't want no wicked man doing a goat thing to me! I knew that much!

"Do you want to go out with me?" he asked.

I couldn't believe my ears! Of all the nerve! Like I would go out with him just because he asked? I know I'm totally hot, but wow! What a big nerve he had! The only boy I ever went out with was Steven, who wasn't a boy at all, he was a college man and he met me at the mall over in Green Briar, sitting at the Orange Julius, and he said 'Hi' and I said 'Hi' and then he asked me if I would want to go out with him and his four friends to see his van. And I said yeah because he looked real nice, but it was dark in his van so I don't know for sure if he was the nice one or not. But we only went out that one time because my parents thought thirteen was too young for dating.

So I told this guy, "No."

And he said, "Why not?"

And I said, "Cause you look like a two stick hick!"

And he said, "You don't even know me! Are you one of those shallow people who judge other people just by looks?"

And I said, "Well, of course! How else am I gonna do it, stupid?"

And he said, "What's your name?"

And I said, "Amy Welch! Duh!" Like somebody wouldn't know me!

And he said, "Ohhhh! You're Amy Welch?"

And I said, "Uh-huh."

And he said, "I have a big dick, Amy."

And I said, "Let me see it."

And he said, "Not here. Let's go in the bathroom."

And I said, "Okay."

So we went to the bathroom and it was only the 5th time I'd ever been in the boys' bathroom but this time there wasn't anybody else in here, just me and Mark. He opened his pants and pulled out his dick and it was really big! He played with it until it got hard and then he said, "I want to see yours too."

And I said, "I'm a girl, bonehead. I don't have one of those."

And he said, "No. I mean, I want to see your pussy."

So I said, "Oh, okay."

Because my Mother taught me that fair is only fair, so I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down around my knees and kind of spread them so he could see. Everybody says I've got a really pretty pussy. My Uncle Max said Spunky likes it because there's almost no hair on it and dogs get tired of other dogs all the time, or something like that. But I think Spunky thinks I'm a dog too. And Uncle Seymour said I had the prettiest pussy he's ever seen and he was in the army so he's seen every kind of pussy there is. And Miss Squires makes me practice my splits sometimes in her office with no panties on because she said my pussy is way too pretty to hide all the time, and she's the coach, so I know she's seen a lot of pussies before too.

Mark said, "Bend over the sink."

And I said, "Why would I do that?"

And he said, "Why do you think? I want to stick it in you."

So I said, "Oh, okay."

And I did it, just leaning over the sink in the boy's room and Mark did have a big dick. It felt really good when he put it in me too. He grabbed my hips and kind of pulled hard because I think I was just a little too small for it at first, but like Uncle Seymour says 'Little girls stretch' and that's what I was doing, stretching all around that big dick in my little pussy. And it really was pretty big. I thought I could feel it all the way up in my tummy and I was afraid he was going to get even bigger, like Spunky does sometimes and we'd get stuck, but it didn't.

I liked it a lot too, even though he didn't last very long, it really made me feel all tingly so I was standing on my tiptoes and singing 'Oh My God! Bless America!' until I forgot all the words and I was just saying 'Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!' over and over. About the time I was feeling like I swallowed a rainbow, I felt something else too, a hot gooey throbbing fire that spread all around inside me and made my body shake all over.

I said, "Did you shoot your little sperms in me?"

Mark said, "I sure did, about 10 million of 'em. I couldn't help it."

And I said, "That's okay. It feels really good."

And he said, "Yeah, it felt great. Thanks."

He was zipping up his pants and I was pulling my panties up when he asked me again if he could take me out some time, like to a movie or the McDonalds.

I said, "No way, Jose."

And then we left the bathroom without another word, but Mr. Johnson, the janitor saw us and I thought he was going to get mad at me for being in the boys' bathroom with Mark. But Mark told him there was a busted pipe in the girl's bathroom and he was just being a gentleman and watching the door while I used the boys' bathroom. Mr. Johnson said that was an awfully nice thing for Mark to do and gave him a wink, which meant it was okay, I guess. But then Mr. Johnson told me that if I needed somebody to watch the bathroom door for me, I should get him since the bathrooms were his property, in a manner of speaking.

I nodded and said, "Yes sir!" because I was just so happy he wasn't mad.

I was going back to the admin office, because I still didn't have my hall pass. Mark said he had to go to gym class because he had a new secret to tell all his friends.

I asked him, "What's that?"

And Mark said, "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

And I said, "So what? Tell me anyway."

And Mark said, "I'm gonna tell everybody how I fucked you in the boys' bathroom."

And I said, "Who's going to believe a stupid story like that?"

But he just laughed and walked away. I thought, 'What a big nerve!' and went back to the admin office to see if I could get a hall pass before I got into some kind of trouble. But my panties were getting all gooey inside because I was walking really fast, but not running because running in the halls isn't allowed in school, so I walked slower and tried to keep my thighs pressed together, because I could feel that sticky mess running down my legs.

That was when Miss Holsum, the school nurse, saw me, because I was right by her office and she asked me what was the matter. I didn't want to say really, since it was a little embarrassing and I didn't have a hall pass and she can be a little strict about hall passes, but mostly with the boys. She's a lot like Miss Squires, I think, and everybody knows they're best friends, so I especially didn't want her to tell on me to Miss Squires. So I told her I just had some funny cramps and I was going to the admin office to get a hall pass because I'd been in the bathroom.

I don't think she believed me though because she lifted my skirt and looked at the gooey, sticky mess running down my thighs and clucked her tongue. Then Miss Holsum pulled my panty to one side and whistled softly. And then she put her finger right up inside me, because she is a nurse and she knows about girl problems, especially since she's a girl too, and when she pulled her finger out it was all gooey too. She smelled it and told me the next time I had funny cramps like those ones, I should just come see her and she would make me feel better without making a real big mess in my underwear.

I nodded and she fixed my panty and smoothed my skirt pleats and gave me a little spank on the butt. She always does that if nobody else is around and I don't really mind it too much. And then Miss Holsum started walking the other way, towards the gym, holding her finger up in the air like she was having a big long really good idea, or maybe just pointing at the ceiling. But I knew she was going to show it to Miss Squires and get me in trouble.

I walked back to the admin office still gooey and maybe even a little worse than before, since Miss Holsum had checked me with her finger. Mrs. Edwards still wasn't there though, so I sat down on the couch to wait and crossed my legs, even though it didn't help very much and I knew I was going to leave a mess when I got up. About a minute later a boy I didn't know came into the office and sat down right next to me! He looked an awful lot like Mark, with big ears and a bad haircut and pants that came halfway up his shins.

"Hi," he said.

I tried to ignore him because he looked like he'd just stepped off the ugly bus and Lord only knows it must have been a long trip.

"Are you Amy Welch?" he asked.

"Duh! Of course I am!" I said, as if two people in this school wouldn't know me in the same day!

"Ohhhh..." he said.

"Who are you anyways?" I asked.

"I'm Mark's twin brother, Mike. I'm new here," he said.

"Twin brother?" I looked at him closely. "Prove it."

"Here?" he asked.

"No. Let's go to the bathroom," I said and we did.

The End

I finished reading and looked up at Father Groves. He was sitting way down and his chair was squeaking as he rocked back and forth in it. I could see his arm moving a little, like he was rubbing a sore spot on his leg and I was going to ask him if he was okay, but he started talking first.

"Amy, that was a very, very good essay," he smiled at me. "You should be very proud of it. I read it last night while I was lying in bed. I read Jane's and Susan's and all the rest and I was almost falling asleep. But do you know what happened, Amy?"

"No, sir. I don't," I replied honestly. I didn't know exactly what he was talking about, but I feel that way a lot around grown-ups.

"I read yours, Amy." He smiled and looked me up and down real slowly. "I read it three times, and then again this morning just before I took my shower. That's how good it is."

"Thank you, Father Groves." I smiled too and did a little curtsy, since I didn't really know what else to do.

His arm was moving more and he licked his lips. "Why don't you lock the door and then come sit on my desk, Amy."

"You want me to lock the door?" I wasn't sure I'd heard him right.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble for sitting on my desk. I mean, if you wanted to sit here and somebody just happened to walk in while you were doing it, that would be kind of hard to explain," he said reasonably. "I just can't decide what you should get for a grade; if I should give you an 'A' or just 'B' ... I'm really hoping you can help me decide, Amy."

I sure did want that 'A' since my Daddy gave me a little something extra in my allowance every time I brought home a good grade. An 'A' on my essay might just be enough to get me that new pair of hip-huggers that I'd seen at the mall the other day. So naturally I locked that door and walked back to Father Groves' desk, sitting down on the edge with my back to him. I smiled over my shoulder and hoped I could find some way to get that 'A' on my paper.

"That's a good girl, Amy," he sighed, giving me a friendly smile. "Let's turn you around this way."

Father Groves leaned over his desk, reaching out so that his hands were on my hips. His right hand looked a little wet with something, but he didn't seem to notice as he pulled me more towards the middle of his desk, and then we both kind of spun me around to face his side of the desk. My knees were bent so my shoes were on the polished wood and I apologized for that.

"Oh, that's okay, Amy. You just sit there and..." Father Groves pushed my knees out a little with his gentle hands and I leaned back on my arms, so my firm little boobs pushed out a bit. "Oh my!" he said. "That's perfect!"

He was looking at my chest and I arched my back a little more, tilting my head up and wondering if this was being sexy. For some reason I felt like being sexy right then. I'm not sure why, but Sister Anita, my student counselor, told me once that I had a special gift when it came to being sexy and there were probably a lot of career opportunities for me in Bangkok. But Sister Anita has a tattoo and she jokes around a lot, so I'm not sure if she was serious.

I knew just what Father Groves wanted though; I'd seen that look before on the faces of a lot of men his age. Especially at the mall for some reason, but at the Denny's too and sometimes it made me blush, but mostly I just smiled at them and sucked mayonnaise off my French fries. I love that stuff, but anyway, my legs were open and I made sure I pulled my skirt up over my knees so it fell down my thighs, and I knew he could see the virgin white cotton of my panties.

"Like this, Father?" I asked coyly, knowing exactly how my voice should sound, soft and breathless, and a little shy.

I'd been getting good grades since I was twelve. That was the same time I was in my first school play too and my Drama teacher, Mrs. Wright, had given me a lot of special lessons. She'd even had me practice some scenes she'd written for her and her husband, Mr. Wright. She wasn't my Drama teacher anymore though, since she taught at Our Lady of Lourdes and that's just for 6th to 8th grade girls. The Virgin Mary's Academy is for high school girls, like me. But Mr. And Mrs. Wright still liked me to come over sometimes and help some of their new students practice scenes. I don't mind, it's fun and they're really nice to me. But I'm getting off track again, aren't I?

"Yessss ... Amy, just like that. Why don't you unbutton your blouse a little? I think it's getting awfully warm in here." Father Groves leaned closer and licked his lips again, staring at the little mound of my hidden sex.

I undid the buttons slowly, pulling my blouse open to expose the lacy white of my bra. I opened it just enough so I could pull the cotton blouse aside and cup my breasts in my hands. They aren't very big yet, but I'm only fifteen, and someday they'll be ripe and full like my mother's, but right now I just wear a little 32A bra. Pushing them together though seemed to help, like they were a little larger than they really were, and I felt my nipples getting hard enough to show through the thin silky cups.

"Do you want to see my boobies, Father?" I breathed and he nodded, dragging his eyes from between my thighs to watch as I pulled first one cup and then the other down, exposing my puffy bubblegum pink nipples.

I pinched them with my fingers, twisting a little because it always feels so good when they get hard like the erasers on my pencils, and I just watched his face. I was getting awfully hot just sitting there, playing with my tits while my English teacher watched. Inside and out, I mean, and I felt myself starting to cream and I looked down between my legs.

"Can I take these off too, Father?" I asked him sweetly, rubbing a finger down my crack so that my panty outlined the little lips of my pussy.

Teasing my slit felt amazing and I wanted to do more. When Father Groves nodded, I pulled my panties off without moving my legs at all. I just pushed my knees together until I could slide them up and then back down around my ankles. The cool air felt so good I gave a little shiver, like somebody was blowing in my ear, and I rubbed two fingers across my hairless slit, making a little circle so my soft little lips twisted and opened slightly. I felt the oily warmth of my excitement leaking slowly out and I pinched my labia, pulling my juicy lips apart and exposing the delicate pink folds to our eyes.

"See how wet I'm getting, Father? I can't help it sometimes. I just have to touch myself and..." I sighed as I pushed a finger inside my hot, moist pussy, curling it a little and feeling the soft walls giving way. " ... Ohhh ... It feels so good when I do this. Is it a sin, Father? Am I being bad?"

Father Groves was leaning very close now, his nose almost touching my hard little clitty as he watched my finger squish in and out.

"Ohhh no, Amy. You're so beautiful ... Soooooo ... Beautiful," he was talking like he was in a dream. "And beauty is never a sin, Amy."

I'd started pinching one of my nipples again because they were so itchy it almost hurt, and rubbing my clit with my thumb while I pushed my middle finger inside my pussy as far as I could, wiggling it like it was a little fish. I felt butterflies in my tummy and I was waiting for Father Groves to do something besides just watch. I could see the tip of his big hard cock as he jerked himself off and I really wished he'd put it in me.

"Don't you ... Don't you want to ... Touch me?" I asked, really starting to squirm a little. My juices were running down into my butt crack and making a big wet spot on his desk. "You can ... Put it in me ... If you want, Father."

But he shook his head and I just about had a heart attack when he said, "No, Amy." because that was the first time I'd ever heard any guy say that to me. Then he explained a little and I almost kind of understood.

"I do want to touch you, to put it in and ... know you ... like in the Bible. But I took a vow to God, Amy. A holy vow of celibacy. Do you know what that is?"

I shook my head and moaned a little, lifting my butt of the desk as I stuck my finger really deep and tickled my secret spot. I was panting like a dog and I would have had a good little cum if Father Groves would just ... Touch me!

"It means I can't have sexual relations with anyone, Amy. I have to stay pure and chaste for the Lord. But..." I think he sensed my urgent need, " ... I can do this with you."

He stood up and held his big thick cock over my hungry little snatch and stroked it. I watched and fucked myself silly while he rubbed his hand back and forth along the thick, veiny shaft. It looked so hard, so hot, and so yummy. I wanted it in me so bad! But he'd made a promise to God and I wouldn't have wanted him to break that, even if it would have felt really good. We were both being chaste for Jesus while we jerked off together, watching each other do it, and that was more fun than it sounds, believe me. I wouldn't have believed it either, but it's true, and I'm sure Jesus would have been proud.

I sat with the soles of my shoes pressed together, my panties puddle around my ankles, and my long legs spread wide apart, so that my knees were almost touching the desk and my heels almost reached my pussy. I fingered my creamy little twat with both hands, spreading my pussy lips so they looked like little pink butterfly wings, glistening wet and puffy with excitement. I watched my teacher's hard thickness so tantalizingly close, hovering over my tight juicy hole.

That was such a tease, I was ready to start begging him to put it in me, to fill me up with his big dick, but the only sound I made was my ragged breathing, my soft moans of desperation. And Father Groves answered me with his own breathless sounds of pleasure, little grunts and groans, and the constant wet soft fwap-fwap-fwapping sound of his hand flying across his swollen prick, drawing the foreskin back and forth over the dark swollen head.

I was getting close and I rubbed harder, jerking my hips and feeling my whole body tense up. I was breathing hard, like I'd just run all the way home from school and it seemed like I couldn't catch my breath no matter what. And Father Groves was right there with me, talking to me softly, telling me how beautiful I was. How perfect and pretty my little pussy was until he couldn't say anything anymore, he just let out a long loud groan, and his big dick jerked and started shooting his sperm all over my burning cunt. It looked so neat and felt so good that I started cumming too.

I pulled my lips apart again so he could see the inside quivering, my pink hole opening and closing like it was trying to grab onto something. Father Groves aimed his cock right for it, shooting inside me without really being inside me at all. I shuddered and pushed his semen inside my horny hole with my fingers, working his hot spooge all around my fiery cunt. He'd covered my pussy and thighs and made a mess on my skirt, and even on my blouse. He'd plastered me with ball juice all the way up to my bare boobs, but I didn't care. I was shaking and crying and having the best cum I'd had in a month.

He grinned as I rubbed that creamy goo all over my tits, since I really do want to have some nice big ones someday, and then I licked my fingers clean while Father Groves watched. He had made quite a mess and his cock and fingers were covered with his semen too. I offered to lick him clean, but he said no, he couldn't let me do that. He just cleaned his hand with my panties, wiping his fingers and palm clean so that the material was damp and sticky all over. He used my panties to clean his cock too.

"I'm sure you won't mind..." Father Groves smiled and I giggled as I pulled up my cummy panties, nice and snug and tight.

I had to lift my butt too and I did have a puddle underneath me, but once my panties were on I sat back down and sorta wiggled my hips with a grin. That seemed to clean up the mess pretty good, except my butt was all wet, but I was pretty soaked all over down there anyway. I fixed my bra and then my blouse and skirt, and hoped all the stains would wash out in the bathroom sink and then I frowned, wondering if my clothes would even get dry before I got home.

Father Groves wrote a big blue 'A+' on my essay paper and he never did touch me.

Weird huh?

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