Another New Life

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Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - Boy meets girl after a very bad experiece. Katya is a 14 year old killer from Prague and Jim falls in love with her early in their new career. With nothing to lose Jim signs up with a South African firm called Global Conquest. Within a year things change, for the better when he meets Katya.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Historical   Slow  

In 1965 a group of recruits left the USA led by a former US Marine Captain named XYZ1. They met up in Africa with other newly recruited troops, seized the designated target and when assembled for their payment were gunned down by the new ruler, some escaped and took their revenge.

After the Korean War and during the 1961 period there were 6 executive agencies, the so-called no-names. Later OSS and OSI departments formed into several agencies, CIA, NSA, NSC, DIA, and several others. The no-names continue to exist and for the most part were not affected by the problems in 1968 that DC might have had. (Redacted since some people are still alive)

It is often easy to point out failures, greed and certified nut-cakes but for every bad apple there are probably 20 - 30 good, decent people trying to hold things together. When one looks in from the outside or in hindsight a different decision may be reached, however, when viewed in real-time the fact that any decision had been made is to the credit of those in-charge.

One story follows, it will grow a bit in chapters, focusing on English, American, Russian and German specialist just trying to follow orders.

Try to remember this is just a story; everything has been in the media and no Official Secrets have been exposed. How could fiction ever match reality?

Our main characters names are Jim, Boris, Nadia and Katya. They live happily ever after. Yeah, right.

Speech is in quotes.

Cast: Classified - Majestic

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