Claire's Sweet 16 Poo Party
Part 1: The Party

"Mum, mum ... come look what I did" said 15 year old Claire Bishop excitedly, as she proudly marvelled at the solid brown log resting on the kitchen bench.

"Wow honey that's a nice one, that will go perfectly in the casserole I'm making for dinner."

"Yum!!!" said Claire "Your the best mum ever."

What came out of the back passage was something to be celebrated and enjoyed in the Bishop household, which consisted of Claire's mum Carol and her 17 year old sister Louise. The girls were raised to be proud of an open about their bowel movements, something the girls would display by openly discussing all things poo with their friends at school, something their friends had become accustomed to and even started to imitate.

Toilets were rarely used in the Bishop household as most meals used poo as the main ingredient, tonight was no exception as Tuesdays were meatloaf night, a recipe that consisted of the bowel movements of all three Bishop women plus Claire's best friend Sally, who was staying the night. The poo of all the girls was lovingly combined in mum's secret recipe and served up fresh and steaming, which they all devoured till they were left with wide brown grins. All the girls agreed that it was Yummy, but the night was topped off when mum produced dessert, delicious brown mousse fresh from her backside.

The Bishop girls were raised to be aware of their bowel movements, touching, smelling and playing with their poo was encouraged from an early age, then when they were old enough they were lovingly fed poo with a knife and fork by their mother, a taste they grew to love. They always brought packed lunches to school consisting of such treats as poo spread sandwiches, poo cakes and other goodies and also sometimes just a big plain old brown stool as a special treat. Their friends were all envious of them and tried to get their mothers to make them such nice lunches.

It was almost Claire's 16th birthday and her mother had a special sweet 16th planned for her, all her friends would be invited round for a poo party. Claire handed out the invitations to all her friends at school, which read 'You are invited to celebrate the 16th Birthday of Claire Bishop by attending a poo party, food and drinks will be provided and all guests are asked to bring a full bowel', they were also encouraged to bring their mothers along, which they all did. All her friends were extremely excited about the party and kept asking her questions like whether they would get to eat poo at her party, she assured them all that they would get to eat lots of poo if they wanted too.

The day of the party arrived, as the girls and mothers started to arrive. There was an air of nervous excitement, as Carol brought out hors d'oeuvres of bite sized poo morsels which although most of the mothers and daughters at the party had never tried, they were all eager to taste. After they found they enjoyed them they quickly devoured the whole plate. Claire's mum then gathered all the guests around to make an announcement.

"Thank you all for coming today to celebrate the sweet 16th of my daughter Claire, today's party will be a poo party and you have been asked to attend with a full bowel so you can all contribute to the celebrations and fun, I hope everybody enjoys themselves, now relax and get comfortable as I go and prepare the first game."

The girls all excitedly chatted and mucked around while the mothers got to know each other. Carol then returned and announced the first game,

"Today's first game will be mother daughter face painting, as things will get a bit messy, everybody should take their clothes off for this next game," a suggestion the women didn't need telling twice as they all quickly removed their clothes and placed them in the basket provided.

Carol and Claire then brought out a large plastic sheet to cover the floor, then the room full of excited naked Middle aged women and teenage girls sat down in pairs.

Carol then asked the mothers to all squat with their backs facing their daughters, then Carol asked them to all open their bowels and release one nice big stool, which owing to their nice full bowels they were all able to do. While this was a new experience for these women they were so caught up in the excitement of the party they all eagerly embraced the fun. The daughters all watched on in awe as their mothers produced a thick brown tube of poo from their backsides, an intimate act they never thought they would see, but found utterly beautiful. When the women had all laid down their brown present on the plastic sheet, a pungent smell filled the air, the smell of a room full of women's poo, a smell they found to be strangely erotic as everybody breathed in deeply the naughty scent.

"Who just thought what your mother did was really sexy?" asked Carol.

All the girls hands quickly shot up as they all shrieked about how cool and exciting watching their mother defecate was.

"Ok on to first game, its time to paint each others faces so we can all get in the spirit of the party."

The mother and daughters hesitantly at first then with wild abandon, dug in with their hands and smeared big brown streaks of poo all over each others faces until their faces were completely covered brown. What a sight a room full of women and girls, all with faces completely smeared brown with poo.

They were all quite dirty by then so the party was taken outside to the backyard which had high fences so they had complete privacy to enjoy the poo party. The girls all ran around naked and enjoyed themselves with their pooey faces. Focus then returned to the birthday girl Claire as her mother brought out the inflatable mini swimming pool, she then announced that it was time for everyone to join in and give Claire her Sweet 16th Birthday bath. Claire quickly laid down in the pool with a smile from ear to ear as her mother started proceedings by turning around and squatting over the pool and then lovingly opened her bowels and unleashed a nice big pile of steaming poo right on her adoring daughters chest. Next all her friends from school started to unload their bowels all over her and in the pool.

"Thanks guys, this is best present ever, your the best friends a girls could have!" said Claire as the pool quickly started to fill up with brown mess, soon the entire party was unloading all over her.

Her friends soon joined her in the pool and began rubbing the poo all over her as she writhed in ecstasy. From her toes to the top of her head her friends rubbed and smeared it in every nook and cranny of her body, their hands running all over her body, one girl paying particular attention to her hair giving her a poo shampoo, something Claire had often done at home with her sister. She was brown and smelly from head to toe and loved every minute of it, pretty soon all the girls in the bath were becoming quite brown themselves and the mums joined in too and now everybody was covering everybody else in sweet sticky smelly brown poo, but the bath wasn't big enough for them all, so the plastic sheet was brought out and soon they were one big gyrating mass of bodies desperate to be covered and cover each other on every square inch of their bodies, there were mothers giving daughters poo shampoos and facials, daughters obsessively rubbing poo into their mothers armpits, between their toes, into the crack in their bum cheeks, anywhere they could get it. They were all now acting like depraved poo whores who couldn't get enough of the stuff, finally Claire's mum announced the final game of the party would be human toilet but first it was time for lunch.

All the women were starving now after all the playing around, so they made their way over to the table, still brown from head to toe, making everything brown as they went, they sat down in excited anticipation as Claire's mum brought out a big piled high plate of poo hot dogs, lovingly made by Carol and her daughters that morning. They all looked on amazed, licking their licks at this strange delicacy.

"Ok everybody dig in there's plenty for everyone," said Carol.

They all took a hot dog bun and then helped themselves, the snacks they had eaten earlier had got them accustomed to the taste, so they now all dug in with abandon clearly enjoying the taste. Soon they were going back for seconds and thirds, mothers and daughters alike enjoying the filthy taste of the brown logs, girls were now asking their mothers if they could have poo hot dogs and other things at home and the mothers all wanted too know Miss Bishops recipes. After they had all filled themselves on hot dogs it was time for the birthday cake, it was Claire's favourite, mom's special chocolate cake with special brown icing 'yum'. They sang Happy Birthday and Claire thanked everybody for such a wonderful party, then the cake was cut up and eaten everybody enjoying the unusual taste of Carol's special recipe and for desert there were poo brownies.

Everybody was by now thoroughly full and in need of clearing their bowels. That's when the final game of the party began. Claire's mum brought out a medium sized clear plastic box which was open on the bottom and had a neck shaped hole on one side, and to the surprise of the girls it had a plastic toilet seat on the top with a shallow bowl and round opening at the bottom that funnelled into a short tube, Claire recognised the contraption as it was often used in the bishop household.

"Ladies now for the final game of the day, Claire's special sweet 16th present, Human Toilet."

All the girls grinned big brown smiles as they led Claire by the hand over to the plastic now brown sheet and lay her on her back as her mother placed the contraption over her head, her smiling mouth was then lovingly placed under the pipe. Claire had been waiting for this moment for months, ever since her and her mother starting planning her party, now she was finally going to get her wish of eating the poo of all her friends and even more excitingly their mothers, she had butterflies in her stomach from the anticipation of knowing her stomach would soon be full of so much poo.

"Claire has specially requested that she would get everybody here today to do her the honour of feeding her their poo, I hope you can all help my daughter out and fill her stomach full of poo, we will be going in the order of daughter then mother until everybody is done, now Sally since your Claire's best friend I think should get to go first."

Sally excitedly rushed over to seat and sat down, her bottom now only a few inches away from her best friends face. Claire stared up through the clear plastic bowl looking at her friends anus thinking what lovely things were about to come from it and how it was the first of many anus's she would see today. Sally didn't take long before she grunted and a big long solid stool emerged from her anus and slid down into the no friction bowl and down the tube right into Claire's waiting mouth, the poo filled Claire's mouth, but she quickly chewed it all up enjoying the flavour of it in her mouth, Sally then filled her mouth again with a second then third brown sloppy log finishing of by farting down the tube which Claire breathed in deeply and savoured. Next was Sally's mum Bridgette who emptied a nice big load in her mouth. This depraved act was exciting the women and girls who couldn't wait to get their turn to publicly poo in a girls mouth. After each mother daughter couple had finished, the daughters inspired by Claire would clean their mothers anus with their tongue and then vice versa, something they had never done before but clearly now poo play would be something that would be introduced to their households.

Claire had eaten most of the presents of the guests of the party an was in absolute heaven now, as all her wildest poo dreams were coming true, but after eating almost 25 big loads her belly was starting to strain and she was having trouble getting it down, her mother recognised this and removed the toilet from her head. She sat Claire up soothing her and rubbing her stomach. She left Claire for a moment and then returned with a plate and knife an fork and also a bib which she placed around her daughters neck, Claire looked up at her surprised, but could see what she was thinking, this was Claire's special day and she wouldn't let her be disappointed. The next mother in line came up and filled the plate with 3 and a half big steaming coiled stools. Her mother then proceeded to use the knife and fork to cut off bite sized pieces which she placed in her daughters mouth, urging her to chew and swallow.

Everybody at the party urged Claire on as her mother continued to lovingly spoon feed her the guests poo. There were now only three mother daughter pairs left in line and they all produced nice big loads, which now despite being almost unable to chew Claire's mum kept forcing down bit by bit till she had eaten everybody's poo except her mothers which she had saved for last. Claire loved her mother and was thankful that she had not let her give up and had helped her achieve her dream.

"I love you Mum, thank you for that, but can I have yours now," said a clearly exhausted Claire.

"Of course honey if you think you can handle it," said her mother wiping her daughters pooey mouth with the bib.

"Please mummy, please I really want it."

"Ok," said her mum as she laid a nice big load down on the plate then proceeded to feed it to her daughter who clearly struggling, wanted it bad as she devoured every morsel, loving the taste of her mothers poo most of all. Everybody cheered when Claire finished the last bite, the mothers clearly touched by such a loving moment, hoping they can do such wonderful things with their daughters, which after today seemed likely.

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