Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm a long haul truck driver and this is my life after my divorce. Could be in many different categories.

I'm Joe Harper and have been an over the road truck driver for the past eighteen years. After the death of my father I inherited enough money so I was able to buy my own rig.

Before becoming a truck driver I worked for the trucking company in the warehouse and moved the trucks into the loading docks as well as loading and unloading them. They wouldn't hire me as an over the road driver because of the cost of insurance on me, even though they knew I could drive the big rigs.

Once I became an independent driver and had my own rig they didn't hesitate having me drive. The money was good, but I was always away from home. That was the drawback on being a long-haul truck driver but I loved my job. I learned how to drive from my dad. He drove for thirty years till he passed away from cancer. He and my mother had been divorced for years.

She was remarried and moved out of state. When they divorced I was a teenager, and I chose to live with my dad. My Mom didn't want a lot to do with me after that. I see her maybe once a year. I do send her a Mother's Day card, that's about it.

I got married while I still worked in the warehouse. I was twenty at the time and my wife Marge was twenty-one. She went to college for two years and got a job as a secretary. In the following two years both of our daughters were born. We named them Barbara, who we called Babs, and Bethany who I called Beth.

Marge decided to be a stay at home mom until the girls started school and then she got a job as secretary in a large law firm.

When driving, which was most of the time, I would be on the road for an average of four days, sometimes more. I could stay home as many days as I wanted since I had my own rig but to make the big money I needed to be on the road.

Needless to say, it made for a rough home life. I always tried to do as much as I could with the family when I was home. It just didn't work out. We were only married nine years when Marge asked for a divorce.

Our sex life when I was home was great. Even after the girls were born I know we made love every day I was home. Marge never told me no, or that she had a headache. She even told me that it wasn't about sex. It was about wanting a more fulfilling life.

My problem was the more I worked, the more money I could bring home and get things for the family. I guess it was a choice; she could have me at home or have all the material things she wanted. She never did tell me which she preferred.

To be honest I would have to say that I might have made the wrong choice. Even though I loved my job, I really loved Marge. She was right when she said I wasn't there for them. She said she spent more time at her parents than she did at home. At least at their house she had adult people to talk to.

Marge's parents didn't care for me a whole lot. They thought I should have given up driving and spent more time home with my family. They would often berate me in front of Marge and the girls. It often started arguments. Since it was her parents I often didn't talk back but left their house. They never offered to help with child support and the groceries, if I stayed home and had a lower paying job. Besides, I wanted to take care of my own family.

Unfortunately driving truck was all I knew. We already had kids so I couldn't give up driving and go to college. How could I support them? Besides, I wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.

As I talked to her about maybe cutting back my hours and spending a little more time at home she let me have it; the truth. She told me she had found someone else who was a lot more dependable and would be there for her and the girls.

It hurt, it really did. I was angry but I was as mad at myself as I was Marge. Getting married so young and starting a family wasn't an easy thing. I wasn't brought up in a loving two-parent household. I fended for myself a lot.

I had to pay a large amount of child support, which I didn't mind because I loved my girls. I saw them every time I was home. I would usually have them for two days before going back on the road. I made sure they went to school and we enjoyed our time together.

I never met Marge's boyfriend till after our divorce. I was surprised the divorce went through so quickly. I didn't fight it: what good would that have done? I just took the stuff I wanted, cause I didn't need much and got a decent apartment.

After the divorce, Marge married her boyfriend that she met where she worked. He was an attorney. It shouldn't have been a surprise seeing she saw him every day and me a couple of days every two weeks. His name was Mark. He was recently divorced; I found out later that his wife had found out he had been cheating on her and it was with my wife.

When I first met him I thought I would really hate him but I didn't. He seemed like a regular guy, until he apologized for sleeping with Marge. How lame is that? Hitting him wouldn't have solved any problems anyway but would have created a few more. I did believe through karma or whatever he would eventually get payback.

Marge got the house in the divorce along with the house payments. She didn't get any alimony because it was easy to prove adultery seeing she admitted it, besides she married Mark two months after the divorce was final.

I moved out and he moved in. I told Marge I would never step foot back in the house again. It may seem a little funny but I still had feelings for her and I believe she did for me also.

Whenever I talked with the girls, they told me Mark was good to them and treated them nice but that I was still their dad. Life went on for all of us. As I mentioned I was spending more and more time on the road. I was now gone sometimes for a two weeks at a time, but tried to take two days in a row off to be with my daughters.

I lived in a two-bedroom apartment, one for me and one for the girls when they spent the night. It wasn't overly fancy since I could care less about decorating it but I did keep it clean. It was a nice apartment and the facility had a pool and a hot tub for the tenants. I would spend some of my free time sitting at poolside while the girls swam. It was just nice being near them.

As far as Marge goes, I never stepped foot in the house after I left. I talked to her out front or on the phone. One day about a year after the divorce, she asked me why we couldn't be friends, at least for the girls' sake.

"Marge, you cheated on me while we were still married and making love. If you would have told me you were unhappy with me sexually maybe I could have done something about it."

"Joe, I wasn't dissatisfied with you sexually. In fact you are twice the lover that Mark is and I miss having sex with you."

"What? So you want to have sex with me?" I asked, surprised.

"No, I couldn't do that to Mark," she replied. "I would still like to be friends. You could visit with us or at least sit with us at the girls' events."

"That's bullshit! That sucks! You had no problem cheating on me! As far as being friends goes, no way! I will stay cordial to you for the sake of the girls." I left, knowing I still had feelings for her, but she made a fool out of me. I could never forget that.

I saw the girls less and less as they got older. They would stop by to see me, but they were busy with school stuff and meeting new friends. Sometimes they would bring their girlfriends over to swim.

If I was at home and the girls had any school activities to go to I would be there. I never sat with Marge, it would have been too awkward. The girls were into softball and volleyball. They were pretty darn good and I was proud of them.

Most of the time at the games I would see Marge with her sister Gloria. She was a pretty good looker also. Gloria and I have become good friends in the last couple of years but more on that later.

My sex life was pretty darn good. Since I was a truck driver it was like being a sailor. I had a girl in every port. I vowed I would never pay for sex but I would take a woman for a night on the town. I loved having dinner, dancing and some great sex afterwards.

When I was able I usually took my motorcycle on my truck. Some companies didn't allow it but others didn't mind. It gave me the freedom to go places when I was in cities overnight. My view of sex and couples has changed since my divorce. Probably because a lot of the women I dated and had sex with were already married. They just wanted a little more out of life without any real commitment; I gave them that.

I loved my so-called one night stands. The sex was always great and the women would do most anything. The following day I would be gone and maybe return a month or two later. Some towns I never made it back to. The one thing I decided is it would only be about sex. I got burnt for being in love and it wasn't going to happen again.

Besides, that's one reason I liked the married women; no commitments. I've met them at a lot of the businesses I delivered at. Also, a few at different local bar hangouts when I had overnight stays. I even met them at the gyms I went too. There wasn't any pressure on me or the women to perform.

A lot of truck drivers are out of shape. I didn't want to be like that so I had a gym membership with a national firm. If I was in a town near one of the gyms I would take the time to work out. In my opinion it kept me looking and feeling better.

Before I go deeper into my truck driving life I need to tell you more about Gloria. She's Marge's older sister by about two years. I liked Gloria from the day I met her. I was even an usher at her wedding to her husband Bill. She and Marge looked a lot alike, but they were sisters.

After I was divorced from Marge, Gloria surprised me by coming over to see me one day when I was home. We talked and had a drink together. She said she stopped by to see how I was doing. I told her I missed Marge even though I had been with other women on the road. "Damn, you look so much like her. Too bad you don't cheat on Bill," I said, strictly as a joke.

She smiled at me and said, "Who said I didn't?" She leaned forward and kissed me. I mean really kissed me.

We stopped talking and I began to strip her. I took her blouse and bra off and began to squeeze and suck on her breasts. Damn, she felt so good. Within the next ten minutes we were both naked and having raw sex on my bed. She took my cock in her mouth and deep throated me.

I repaid her by sucking her pussy lips till she had her first orgasm. "Fuck me Joe! Put your fat cock in my pussy and fuck me hard!"

I did as I was told. She was built so much like her sister. I fucked her silly and it was as though I was taking revenge on Marge by fucking her sister so hard. I knew she had come again before I dumped a huge load into her.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes till we both came down from our highs. I got off her and went to apologize, but she stopped me by kissing me again. I do have to say I was lost for words. This was my ex-sister in law after all.

"Damn, you're every bit as good as my sister said you were. What was she thinking letting you go? You can fuck me anytime you're home Joe, just give me a heads up so I can clear my schedule."

Gloria was a teacher and her husband Bill was an engineer. I always thought that they had a good marriage but I guess I was wrong. They didn't have any kids. Gloria said she dealt with kids all day long and that was enough. Besides when she felt motherly, she could have my daughters over. The girls loved her.

"What about you and Bill? Are you getting a divorce?" I asked.

"Hell no! I love him but every now and then I like a little strange. By the way, I know that Bill does the same thing. We are both quiet about our flings and never talk about them. Seems to work well for us."

"Oh shit! You aren't going to tell him about us, are you? I would feel kind of embarrassed if he knew about us."

"No, I'd never give him the names of any of my one night stands. I only have sex with guys one time. It isn't like I do it every day. Maybe once every few months. Since I've been with you I might have to make an exception. Joe, I loved fucking you, really, you're one of the best I've been with."

"Thanks Gloria, you're not so bad yourself. You're right up there with your sister as my best ever. Maybe it's because I've always had feeling for the two of you. Are you going to tell Marge we were together?"

"Hell no! Christ, she'd kill me. She knows I've been with a few different guys but I would never tell her about you. Please promise me you won't tell her either."

"Of course I won't, otherwise you may never come back. This is one secret just between the two of us. Why would it bother Marge anyway? She cheated on me and got divorced."

"It's a sister and friend thing. You don't have sex with your friends or sister's ex. She has often told me what a good lover you were. That's why I had to find out for myself. Joe, would you answer a question honestly for me?"

"What is it you want to know?"

"All these years you've been on the road, have you had sex with other women? I mean while you were still married to Marge."

I grinned. "Gloria, I think I'll just keep that answer to myself. I will tell you one thing. Since I moved out I don't deny myself." I leaned over and kissed her passionately and grabbed a handful of pussy.

Gloria probably stops by every other month or so. I love having sex with her. I haven't told her but she's so much like being with Marge. She even told me that I've been making a good girl out of her. She has only had sex with other men only one time a year since she's been with me. She didn't go on to explain it any further.

Whenever I see her anywhere with Marge, I just nod to her. I've seen her out with Bill a couple of times and it feels funny. One time I saw Bill in another town and he was with another woman. He looked guilty as hell but just told me it was his secretary and they were headed to a meeting. I never told Gloria, because she already knew he had affairs.

It got me to wondering how many cheating couples are out there. I have to say it's most of the people I know or that I have met. I had to wonder if Marge cheated on Mark. I know she had cheated on me, and Mark cheated on his ex-wife.

Just recently, I did ask Gloria if Marge ever cheated on me with anyone besides Mark and if she has cheated on Mark. She said that Marge has said that she never cheated on me with anyone else, and now she regrets doing it to be with Mark. She also said Marge didn't cheat on Mark as far as she knew. She did tell me that Marge told her most everything, and that Mark was being transferred to another office across town.

The girls were teenagers now and getting ready to start college. I got word that Marge was filing for a divorce. It seems that after Mark got transferred he met up with his ex-wife. She was now pregnant. Gloria told me Marge took it pretty hard. She was really pissed at Mark.

She told Gloria that she couldn't believe she gave up me for Mark, who wasn't half the lover I was. She applied for a divorce using adultery. Mark was going to pay for what he did to her. Marge kicked his ass out the day she found out about the pregnancy. He moved back in with his ex-wife. They were going to get remarried after his divorce from Marge was final.

I was surprised that Marge never told me about it. I did talk to her every couple of weeks. Gloria told me that Marge was too ashamed to tell me. She knew I would find out soon enough. I just thought of the saying, "What goes around, comes around".

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