Coached Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Yet another story concerning Mrs. Sara Bergman and her ongoing experiences with a surgically implanted device originally inserted to reduce pain.

Sara arrived on time, parking her car in the spot that Beasely had told her to park it. Sara did not like this assignment from Beasely but like all his orders she knew that if she disobeyed she would pay a horrible price. The name she had been given sent shivers up her spine. Stan Grassly, assistant soccer coach was the person to whom she was to report. The older man had always given her the creeps and even when she was forced to be around him because of her chaperone duties the man disgusted her. The assistant coach was always checking out her boobs or her fanny and then he would make some remark to one of his subordinates and they both would snicker. Sara shuddered again as she steeled herself and walked into the gym that Grassly managed in addition to being an assistant soccer coach at the high school. Grassly was talking to a young man and one of the other men that she knew of by sight but didn't know his name. His back was to her as he was talking and the man that always snickered with Grassly gave him a nudge as the so that Grassly turned and saw her.

"My don't you look nice in that outfit, Mrs. Bergman!"

"Thank you Mister Grassly. Could I talk to you in private, please?"

"Not really. I am quite busy, but we can step over here out of earshot so to speak. Now, Mrs. Bergman," Grassly said as he made it obvious he was looking at her boobs forcing her blouse out. Sara wore a dark pencil styled blue skirt which had an at the knee hem. Her heels were higher than she was used to, but not so high as to make her wobble when she walked. The slightly lighter blue half sleeved button up the front blouse covered her top, although two of the buttons were straining because of the smaller fitted size to the blouse and her big boobs.

"Now Mrs. Bergman we are sufficiently far enough away for you to tell me what's on your mind."

Sara hesitated then she said,

"Did you talk with ... Charles Beasely, Mister Grassly?"

"Yeah he made some wild ass statements about you, which I am pretty sure you would be offended by."

Sara blushed then stammered out,

"Not so wild ass ... he was on the level."

"Really?" Questioned Grassly standing back as she looked into the older face of a man in need of a shave.

"On the level, you say?" Sara noticed his eyes shifted from her face to her well endowed bosom and then back to her face again. She felt as if he were undressing her again, in his mind, and this time she felt another shiver as she realized she would have to undress for him if he asked for it.

"Y-yes I-I'm afraid so."

"Well, now, if that's true you go have a chair in my office, the one facing the door, ok? And Mrs. Bergman, when you sit down I want to see it all. I will be in to ... discuss this situation in a few minutes, oh, and remember all there is to see."

She blushed because she knew his voice had carried to the youth and the assistant. She tried to ignore the youth and the other man about Grassly's age and yet follow through with the crude demands of the older coach. Sara bit her lower lipstick lip as she saw she would be facing the door. There was no help for it, she realized miserably, and she sat down. Sara made sure her naked fanny cheeks touched the cold surface of the upholstery of the straight backed chair. She was fully aware she was exposing her legs entirely; that her crotch was also exposed. Sara used her purse to effectively cover that area as she waited for Grassly.

Grassly finally came into the office. Behind came his assistant which Grassly introduced to Sara for the first time formally. The man's name was Victor Anderson. His eyes were roving as he surveyed Sara's exposed thighs. She knew that the tops of her garter belt supported hose were totally exposed. Anderson made with the small talk effectively as he scanned her boobs and her legs. He commented on how many previous times they had met and never been introduced and how he, as a man, really appreciated the female form. Sara could not help but blush from that comment mostly because of her leg exposure which was even more pronounced when Grassly asked for her purse and put it on the table. Sara was careful to keep her arms on the armrests of the chair and allow both Grassy and Anderson an unobstructed view of her exposed legs and part of her crotch area. Grassly allowed Anderson the favor of Anderson commenting on how he liked women who wore her style of hose because the contrast of the tan tint against her upper white thighs made her appear more sexy and even though she shifted uncomfortably under the stares by both men Grassly let Anderson continue, even when Anderson had sat down and stared obviously up between her legs. Sara had to acknowledge the previous statements of Anderson about being in front of him as a chaperone or as one of the volunteer helpers and that she had been aware of his attentiveness not only to her form but to her as a woman as well.

Grassly asked if she would be kind enough to show him the contents of her purse and since this required Sara coming to her feet she was more than glad to oblige as she let her skirt hem fall back into place.

"Mrs. Bergman," said Grassly to her.

"Yes Mister Grassly," she politely inquired.

"Through that door over there next to the couch is another room. I would like you to go into that room and wait for me while I finish up here with Mister Anderson."

"Certainly, Mister Grassly," Sara replied and then before she could turn to go Anderson,

"Before she goes to wait could I asked her a question, Stan?"

Grassly looked at Sara, his eyes flicking to the strained buttons on her blouse then back to Anderson and replied,

"Sure Vic, ask you question."

"Mrs. Bergman, could you please tell me what size bra you wear?"

Sara blushed, almost to the point of tears. The question was blatantly obvious to humiliate her. None the less, she swallowed nodded quickly and said,

"My normal bra size is thirty eight d d d."

"Told you," said Anderson slapping Grassly's shoulder, "I told you that they were d's' Stan!"

"Yeah, yeah so you did, Vic."

"See Mrs. Bergman we had this bet going on ever since we first saw you. Stan here didn't think you were d' class material."

"Oh," said Sara swallowing and shifting her weight on her heels nervously.

"And you are aren't you?" asked Vic.

"Y-yes and a little more..." she responded lamely.

"If you sit down, in the other room, Mrs. Bergman, the same rules will apply."

"Yes Mister Grassly," Sara replied glad to leave the room with the lecherous Anderson ogling her all the way.

Sara waited almost ten minutes before the door opened to the room she had entered. She knew there was a little window high up the provided the room with a lot of light. There were two file cabinets, some loose weights stacked on the floor, a cot, a rectangular sturdy table which was under a shaded lamp. There were three chairs in the room. The chair closest to where she had nervously been pacing back and forth was a swivel rocking office chair with large armrests.

Grassly entered locking the door behind him as he walked in giving her a leer which was pretty obvious. He had a box under his arm which he tossed onto the table as he looked over at her. He sat down in the swivel rocking chair and brought his right hand up to rub his rough face.

"Beasely said anything I wanted and so far you've been good, Mrs. Bergman."

"Thank-thank you Mister Grassly."

"How about sir' from now on Mrs. Bergman?"

"Alright, sir," she replied.

"Mrs. Bergman I want you to take off your clothes. I don't want a strip tease, just a strip, starting with the blouse and bra."

The shock of his statement that he wanted her to take off her clothes was expected but when it came she still felt almost as if he had hit her.

"Yes ... sir," she stammered out as she pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt then slowly began unbuttoning it. She shrugged off the blouse as he said,

"Just put it on the table, then wait some."

"Yes sir," she replied blushing.

He had her show him what she looked like in her unsupportive bra both from her side and the back before he had her face him again.

"Alright take off the bra and hand it to me."

Sara blushed deeply but obediently unhooked her bra by reaching behind her, then her big boobs drooped down as what little support the bra she had on was removed. She licked dry lips as she handed him her bra. She leaned forward to remove her skirt her big melon shaped breasts swaying away from her only slightly rounded rib cage. Sara noticed he had looked her bra over carefully, making it an obvious point to hold the bra tag out and up so he could read the size printed on the tag. He grinned, more a leer, as his eyes went from the tag to her exposed breasts. She took the skirt off dropping it and stepping out of the skirt first with her right leg then her left putting the garment on the table, then sniffing slightly she removed the g-string and put it too on the table. Grassly told her to interlace her fingers over the top of her head and after she had done that he told her to turn a complete circle. He admired her form as she turned, still dressed in her gartered hose and high heels. He had her step very close to him while he ran his palm down her back and felt her fanny. Then using both hands he felt her right leg at the hose tops quickly moving his hand to her shaved pubic area. He performed the same hand positioning on her left leg. He moved his hands in this manner back and forth in and up and down move over her thighs crossing the small area of uncovered thigh flesh to the hose covered area of thigh flesh in an almost obsessive manner. It was obvious to Sara that the man enjoyed her selection of hose beyond the point of what was a casual appreciation.

"Smooth, nice and smooth, just like Beasely said you would be."

Her eyes watered slightly and her head went from being down to level as she stared at a spot on the wall behind where the man sat when she felt his palm cup her crotch. His fingers moved along the secret stimulation area between her ass hole and her pussy, while the cupping action of his palm pushed her outer vaginal lips from side to side causing her unwanted and rather extreme stimulation. This added to her humiliated embarrassment as she felt herself generating lubrication, a significant amount of aroused juice and enough for the man to realize he had caused a significant increase in her arousal. His other hand had been active rubbing her firm ass cheeks while he was cupping her genitals at her crotch. After kneading her ass cheeks, almost painfully, commenting on the smooth hairless texture of her skin, his hand had moved upwards over her garter belt, across her hips, to her rib cage. He had then proceeded to cup a breast and he happily expressed his pleasure at finding her nipples already stimulated and aroused. The dryness left Sara's eyes as she felt her blood pressure rise, her breathing increase, her hips betraying her by twitching, almost aching to start a sexual grinding. She blushed deeply even more as the horrible realization hit her that she had to mentally fight off a physical sexual climax.

The older man's expert cupping and fondling of her genitals without penetration, plus his firm rubbing of her nipple caused her to almost go into a sexual daze as she stood there virtually naked her senses approaching a sensory overload. Then as if from far off she heard him say something and she shook her head trying to make sense of it realizing he had commented that Charlie had told him she was a hot woman that suppressed her own sexuality. In a way, she reflected in a far off way, as her hips began to twitch and now churn expressing her arousal, in a way it was a compliment and in another way it was demeaning. He had slowed his fondling of her genitals which allowed Sara to fend off a climax, but there still was a considerable flow of sexual arousal there as he told her he wanted her to light his cigar. She stood there in high heels, hose, garter belt totally nude other than those clothes which only served to add to her appearance of being a middle aged slut rather than the conservative mother and lady that she wanted to portray herself as. She found it difficult to light the cigar, Grassly had provided the matches, as she stood there bending over and had her left breast cupped by his right hand. Her hand shook so much that the flame from the match went out as she tried to light the cigar all the while his hand cupping her breast, fondling her breast flesh, fingering her nipple, causing her an extreme amount of agitation. Grassly did not seem to mind that it took her multiple attempts, she was in fact on her fourth cigar lighting attempt before the cigar finally caught and the tip was ignited. He blew the smoke in her face, something she should have coughed at, but did not. Sara wondered briefly whether Grassly had a device, her turn on was so strong and so long lasting, before she rejected that idea realizing the older man had somehow tapped into knowing what turned her on and what made her feel sexually excited even from mild, or gross, humiliation he was subjecting her to.

The smoke smell from the cigar helped her regain some temporary control of her own senses. She detested the smell of cigar smoke and it was because of the cloud he kept around her head that she became aware that his terrible hands had moved back to her sensitive genital area. Sara could feel his hands working her into the terrible uncontrolled passion again and she was only vaguely aware of her slouching down between his legs, using her big boobs to sandwich his aroused organ, which was totally exposed. She was not aware of when he had removed his pants but it was pretty obvious he had as she rested her arms on his legs and positioned her breasts so that she used her big boobs to stimulate the older man pinching his organ between her boobs as she pumped herself up and down, masturbating his erection with her breasts. Her mouth came down almost automatically, she sucked in the head of his erection into her mouth, slurping on the rod as she did so, almost as if this were a normal thing for her to do. If the device was not being used on her, she knew she had already lost it, because she sucked his penis as if her very life depended on it. She felt more turned on than she had in a very long time.

The previous blowjobs she had given youths were almost always a disgusting practice where she tasted their foul flavor or where she nearly gagged on the rod of flesh shoved down her throat. This was different somehow. She felt like it was natural to let it happen and what was more was surprised to find herself to become aroused even more as she sucked, licked, tongued and used her breasts to support the man's balls and his cock while she continued with the oral stimulation. She found, almost shockingly so, that she was closer to her own climax than Grassly was from the oral sex. She moaned and came a few seconds before his cock ejaculated his spunk into her mouth and even though she tried she could not get all of his ejaculated spunk down her throat, some of it, she choked on, oozed out of the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Sara was almost sure the device had not been activated but she realized she already had given the older man control over her body. Although she had experienced a climax once or twice before while giving oral sex, she realized that when she had she never really gained back control until after penetrating sex had taken place. Grassly surprised her because even though he was older he still was able to get into the sex with her within a few minutes of his first ejaculation.

She was not aware of her moving to the bed, nor was she aware of Grassly disrobing, but she was aware when first pussy penetration came because she climaxed again before the penetration had actually been made. The sex with Grassly on the bed was both beautiful and ugly. She was as turned on as she had ever been in her life and even having her big boobs mashed under his forceful squeezing wasn't the ugly part. The ugly part was when she had climaxed for the last time and realized horribly what a slut she must appear to be.

Grassly finished his cigar as he intently watched her getting her clothes back on. Sara noticed he had brought in her make up kit and her brush. She thanked him, then set down to make herself presentable. The session she had with Grassly had taken more time than she had intended and judging the time by the amount of light coming through the single window in the room she judged it was close to dark. Sara was exhausted. She felt totally drained but even though she was tired she still made every attempt to appear more composed than she felt.

"When you go back to the office, sit down in the chair behind my desk, the swivel chair and reclaim the contents of your purse. I will check and see if Vic is still here."

"What if he is Mist ... I me-mean sir?"

"Well, he has expressed his fascination with your legs and ass. I wouldn't want to tell Beasely you didn't live up to my expectations, or maybe that doesn't make a difference, Sara."

"It makes a big difference, sir," she replied obviously bitter and tired too.

"Still, I think you have a fine set of thighs and I want to see more of them before you go tonight. When you sit, all there is to see, will still be the standard."

When Sara entered Grassly's office no one was about. She exhaled gratefully and went over to Grassly's swivel chair making sure her naked bottom touched the upholstery of the chair. She slowly gathered the remaining contents of her purse and put the purse in order. She felt some sense of relief not hearing Vic's voice and seeing that Grassly had turned off the lights in the main gym. Maybe she'd get off with just Grassly, she thought hopefully.

Grassly came back and said from the doorway,

"Vic is still about. He's got an office in the back. Go park that pretty ass of yours on his desk top and cross your legs, same rules apply of course."

"Of course, sir," she replied almost bitterly as she stood up, smoothed her rumpled skirt into place and walked out of Grassly's office. To her left was a bright light. Sara walked towards the office which appeared to be enclosed in frosted glass. Anderson's office was much smaller than Grassly's. His desk was clean and had a glass cover, a cold glass cover, she reflected unhappily.

Sara pulled up her skirt and parked' her naked ass on the cold glass. She shivered realizing that she no longer had the g-string on. She crossed her legs quickly. She didn't have long to wait, only a matter of thirty seconds or so before she heard Anderson's voice say,

"Damn what a set of nice legs, Mrs. Bergman."

"Oh!," she exclaimed sincerely startled, "I didn't hear you approach, Mister Anderson!"

"Yeah, I was just about to leave, good thing I didn't though, such a lovely set." Sara wasn't sure which set' Anderson was referring to, but she could still blush and she did.

"There you are Vic," came Grassly's voice.

"Yeah, still here Stan," said Anderson.

Anderson had come into the office and sat down behind the desk that Sara sat on with her right leg over her left. Anderson reached out and slid his hand along Sara's exposed right calf from just above her ankle to well over the middle of her thighs but short of the hose tops. The whiter skin of her upper thighs was also exposed but Anderson only rubbed the hose covered leg flesh.

"I was hoping," said Anderson still sliding his hand back and forth over her leg, now concentrating on her thigh and his hand sliding over the tops of her hose, "that I might get some time with Mrs. Bergman, here, like you did, Stan."

"Oh I don't think you will get that kind of time Vic," said Stan Grassly, "unless Mrs. Bergman here is ... ahem" he cleared his throat, "willing to tolerate your attention."

"You know, Mister Grassly sir, that a bad report is not acceptable!"

"Oh I know that; it's just that Vic here has been so complimentary of you Mrs. Bergman, isn't that right Vic?"

"Yeah, yeah it sure is Stan and Mrs. Bergman, I think, " his hand was very, very close to her naked crotch, "as well as said you are quite a woman."

"No really, I have," said Stan his hand retreating back to her hose covered thigh.

"In fact, Vic here, has commented often about how shapely you are when he had an opportunity to view you at some of the activities."

"Yes, I have been aware of his ... attention," she replied almost sarcastically.

"I know how tired you must be," said Grassly, "and to a limited degree I can understand your unwillingness to go too much further forward."

"I never said anything about being unwilling, Mister Grassly! Plea-please don't say that!"

"Perhaps," said Grassly coolly and Sara swallowed her eyes getting larger.

"Wha-what would you have me do, Mister Grassly, I me-mean to avoid such a terrible report as I was un-unwilling to cooperate?"

"You freely admit you are tired and from the looks of it your back is sore?"

"Yes, I would say that without question."

"I would think, then, in the light of your position as well as your desire to make sure certain unnamed parties get a good report, that you would want to relieve some of that discomfort by having your breasts supported better and even rubbed after you ask, as politely as possible, Vic here to help you remove your blouse and bra."

Sara's jaw dropped. Momentarily she was speechless before she realized what Grassly had just told her. Do what she had tried to avoid or suffer from not having performed anything at all!

"I-I am tired Mister Johnson, would you be so kind as to pull my blouse out of the waistband of my skirt, then unbutton it, so that I-I can take it off?"

"It would be a pleasure Mrs. Bergman, a real pleasure," he commented as with surprisingly gentleness he pulled her blouse out of the skirt's waistband. He looked her in the face as she blushed and said,

"Now will you please unbutton my blouse, Mister Johnson?"

"You don't mind if I take my time, do you Mrs. Bergman?"

"Take as long as you need but plea-please re-remember my ba-back is very sore."

"I will work quickly, then Mrs. Bergman," said Vic leering and ogling her chest even as he quickly unbuttoned her blouse and did assist with her removing the blouse which he took and put in the chair he had vacated when he stood up to comply with the loosening and removing of the garment.

Vic took a moment to stare, his jaw actually dropping as he looked at her newly exposed cleavage. He then reached out and gently left her right bra strap off her shoulder. His finger, then two fingers rubbed the indented flesh caused by the strap as he said,

"The straps sure do mark you up, don't they, Mrs. Bergman?"

"My, boobs are heavy."

"So I see," said Johnson lowering her left strap.

Both boobs dropped slightly, the support gone. He leaned towards her, getting to within inches of her face as he reached behind her and unclasped the bra. Holding both sides of the bra he leaned away taking the bra with him. Her big breasts bounced free and once again were totally exposed to the lustful eyes of both men. Grassly just watched and Sara looked over to him saw him raise his eyebrows which she took to mean she was to humiliate herself even more and ask Johnson to begin massaging her breasts.

"Mister Johnson, would you please ... relieve the pressure ... on my back by holding my breasts up?"

"Wow!" Johnson said this as he reached out and lifted both mounds of tit flesh up making the twin orbs appear much larger and rounder. Johnson slowly massaged the tit flesh while saying,

"These are the best set of melons I have ever touched!"

Sara felt cheap. She felt used, cheap and sluttish. While Johnson fondled her now well supported breasts she briefly looked over at Grassly and he pointed to her left and up. She heard him say,

"There is no sound, only motion picture."

Sara gasp realizing she was on video recording and she knew from her previous actions how it would look. A paid whore would look better. Vic was busy rubbing her left nipple, then fondling her right nipple while his head dropped to suck her left nipple into his mouth. He continued to liberally fondle, squeeze and hold her oversized breasts up for her.

Sara was not sure when he had her lay down, with her legs dangling over the edge of the desk and her thighs open. She turned her head towards Grassly's voice even as she felt Johnson's erection buried in her pussy, his right hand on her left breast, her right breast being pushed up near her chin, while Johnson licked her neck behind her left ear. Grassly told her he was leaving but he had turned on the pleasure part of the controller and set it for one point five. It would be active for about five miles or until he got out of range. Meanwhile Johnson's erect cock pulled back then pushed forward with some amount of force. Johnson was all of eight inches and Sara should have experienced some discomfort; instead she felt more aroused and she knew why. That damnable device inside her was making and keeping her horny.

Sara climaxed beneath him on the desk. She also climaxed on the floor as he took her from behind. She cried and screamed as he shoved his erection deep into her rectum. He kept pounding until she actually climaxed. Sara couldn't believe the pain, but she could believe the pressure of her climax as she came yet again. She came twice more, once while he was screwing her between her boobs and into her mouth and once again while she was gagging on the deep throat that wearied her to the point of no further climax penetrations, even though there were at least three more. She climaxed for the last time when he was fondling her dangling boobs and fondling her now distended and very aroused nipples.

It was with some feeling of impending disaster when Sara was told to report to Vic Johnson two days after her first sexual encounter with the man. She was to report to him in her chaperone outfit but not wearing either bra or panties.

Sara felt like a real slut as she walked into the gym where Vic Johnson worked. Her loose white blouse top hid her braless condition as well as it could be done with her size boobs. At least there were no nipples showing and the tell tale wiggle of her unfettered orbs was hidden by the looseness of the white top with the frilly lace front. She wasn't wearing panty underwear but she was wearing a garter belt, the straps of which were very irritating as the straps were held tight against her upper thighs and she could feel her hose pull every time she moved her leg because the hose were so tight and high on her thighs. The black skirt she wore had a hem line one inch over her knee's. This happened to be the required height for a female chaperone's skirt. The white and black outfit was what the chaperone's wore when they went to various social functions sponsored by the schools. As she walked across the gym floor her high heels clicked and clacked which brought some unwanted attention by the four teenagers doing some kind of work at the other end of the gym. Sara walked into Johnson's office and stood at the front of his desk. He was on the telephone and he held up a hand acknowledging he had seen her standing there. Johnson put his hand over the receiver and said to her,

"Have a seat, baby, remember the rules."

Sara blushed for two reasons the first of which was she didn't like being called baby' and the second was the way he had told her to raise her skirt. Her naked bottom hit the cold leather of the chair and she felt her nipples harden automatically; almost on queue. She was still simmering from the remark about being a baby to him, he was younger by a decade than she was, when she felt it; she knew he had a controller and she felt the definite surge of pleasure from both her crotch and her nipples. Johnson had turned it on and on a fairly high setting to boot. She kept her purse at her crotch covering her lack of panty underwear and she was glad she did when the first of the youths came in, gave her exposed legs a long stare then signed something that Johnson showed the youth. The youth grinned at her obviously noting her exposed upper thighs and the lower edge of her naked fanny. She blushed even more deeply and she was glad when he finally left.

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