A Wife's Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Water Sports, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elly discovers her husband is gay and leaves the marital home to live with his new partner who turns out to be a local gangster into drugs and male prostitution. She is thrown into poverty and decides to get revenge.

Birth of a whore

She couldn't quite identify the feeling which had hot tears streaming down her cheeks after all, it could be any one of several emotions currently coursing through her body. Putting the still hot tea cup on the elderly makeshift table she stood up and walked to the large filthy windows, only cleaned by the seemingly never-ending rain. It seemed to her that the pre-dominant feeling that was consuming her was rage, body trembling, blood thumping uncontrollable rage! Gazing out at the newly resurrected glass and steel city spread out before her she could not distinguish what was really going on in her head, as though seeking divine intervention she looked to the heavens but only saw mute grey scudding rain bearing clouds, then she saw the flickering light of a fire and smoke climbing high into the winter sky. Red and blue lights pulsed in the gloom from the emergency vehicles. As she watched, Elly thought the fire was gaining a foothold and the fire-fighters were losing the initial battle as the flames grew ever higher and ever brighter, almost as though they were fighting fire with fire! At this point Elly seemed entirely overwhelmed by a sense of injustice, anger and sheer hatred which was pulsing through her body. As she once again turned around to face her surroundings, she noticed her reflection in the mirror, she saw a pretty woman in her mid twenties, shoulder length light brown hair framing a beautiful oval shaped face with a flawless creamy complexion, almond hazel eyes that were dulled with worry and emotion. Yet she knew that she had once had dazzled and beguiled many a man! without warning a sob full of bitter tears gripped her and racked her entire being with great spasms of frustration and a sense of impotence which she had not experienced before, covering her face with her open hands she heard herself ask, "I'm not ugly? I'm good in bed? I'm a good person? What more can I do?" Then her thoughts returned to the fire and she thought that perhaps fighting fire with fire is not that bad a idea!

The bedsit she was in was no more than a single large room with a bed, old fashioned leather couch a couple of chairs a table and other oddments of furniture common to such property. She knew it was tawdry, characterless yet it was clean and she thought it safe, just till her cheque arrived, then she could start anew, till then though, could she survive?

She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand and swore inwardly, "no more, no more fucking tears, no, not for those bastards!"

There was a knock at her door so stifling another bout of tears she gathered herself together and opened it, The girl standing there was wearing a pretty and warm smile on her face, she asked,

"You ok? Jesus not crying again?" Elly opened the door wide and ushered her new friend Alison into the room, Her smile and manner was entirely infectious and Elly found herself returning the warmth with a smile of her own, she said,

"You want a tea or coffee? Or just come to raid the biscuit barrel again, honestly Alison I don't know where you put it all, you are so slim!"

Alison was 18, dark haired olive skinned with a distinct Neapolitan appearance and for some reason Elly couldn't quite fathom had a real tomboyish style. Sighing loudly Elly watched as Alison casually jumped full pelt onto the bed and playfully bouncing up and down on it, Elly noticed a band of scarlet at her waist as her jumper had ridden up clearly indicating the colour of her panties. Elly knew of old that she had definite leanings if not to open lesbianism but certainly in the past such opportunities would have been grasped if opportunities it were! Not waiting for a response from her flatmate Elly put the kettle on to boil and began to fix mugs and place some biscuits on to a plate When Alison asked,

"I take it no news this morning? I mean in the mail?"

Elly shook her head to indicate there had not been but was surprised when Alison went on,

"You know Elly, those bastards ruined your life, ok so he's going to give you the contents of the house and even the profit from the sale but for fucks sake Elly, all those years living a lie? What a bastard you really need to do something about them!"

Elly casually glanced over at the airer in the corner of the room, her own panties bras and tights hung there drying in the meagre heat of the single bar electric fire. Alison stood up and quite relaxed walked over to it and re-arranged Ellys undies and Elly seeing another female touching her panties had for the first time in months a frison of sexual excitement, she was glad her panties were only the soft plain coloured ones, plain white and cream and pale pink and white. Yet her mind was elsewhere, something Alison had said had stirred something within her own soul and quite suddenly with a shock she knew what it was! Elly replied with a sense of calm and control she did not truly feel, "Actually Alison I did get a cheque this morning just my Social security though, just enough to cover the rent for this dump and very little else!"

Alison lay back on the bed, her bare midriff quite visible as was the elasticised waist of her panties, quite unashamedly her legs were splayed open the V of her crotch beneath the tight jeans quite visible. Elly knew she loved and adored sex, her preference was and always had been for men but there had been occasions when she had slipped between the thighs of a pretty girl usually as part of a threesome or even a foursome with her Ex husband! Which perplexed Elly even more, their love making had been great, satisfying, adventurous and regular, what more could she have done!

Lapsing into bitter melancholy she recalled the day her husband had came home unexpectedly early from work, he was accompanied by a short blonde guy who Elly didn't recognise and took a instant dislike to. Her husband John had sat on the couch, his friend sitting by his side and he began to openly weep as he explained that he was gay, he had tried to remain faithful to Elly but at the end of the day he just could not deny his true sexuality. Tears began to roll down her own cheeks as she remembered the look of contempt and triumph on the short blonde mans face as John declared his intention to live openly as a gay man with his new love, almost speechless with shock and disbelief Elly had just sat there stunned into silence as John told her he was going to pack up his stuff and that the lawyer would be in touch to settle the financial arrangements, by which time his own body was convulsed with sobs and thinking back Elly thought she saw more relief than regret in his countenance!

Elly had heard later that her husbands new love was quite a wealthy guy, he apparently owned a number of gay bars in the city and appeared to be doing well. She had also found out he preferred the name Sasha to his given name which she knew to be Thomas, either way Elly hated him and his kind for breaking up her happy marriage! She didn't have any problems with gay people, she herself had indulged in a number of sexual liaisons with other females but always as part of her marriage, she consented to the sex as she enjoyed it but also because she believed it brought her husband pleasure to watch her have sex with another female.

What had frightened her more was that 2 weeks after her husband and his new lover had visited her, she had been making her way home from shopping when she had been forced into a quiet and dimly lighted lane, strong hands clamped her mouth closed whilst someone whispered in her ear, "Listen lady, if you fuck with your husbands love life a certain party will slit you from clit to tit, do you understand?" An unseen hand went to her groin and slammed it hard into her crotch, the voice went on, "Just take your money and get on with your life, this is your first and very, very last warning, do not make waves!"

Elly guessed this was due to the negotiations as to how the marriage was to be settled financially, she had been wronged and was determined to make the bastards suffer so she had instructed her lawyer to pull out all the stops to get as much as she possibly could. On reflection after the incident she knew instinctively that her former husband would never have threatened her that way, so it must have been his lover, Elly was frightened! Yet from what the lawyer had said she was to receive all she was entitled to and more, again she guessed the inherent goodness of her husband had come to the fore so why the violence and threats? It was after all her who had lost her home, lost her dignity, forced to live in a shit hole of a flat, reduced to claiming benefit and wondering how to pay for heat, light and rent never mind food!

Awakening from the memory Elly felt warm arms go around her shoulders and Alison was whispering to her,

"Elly, you'll be fine, you can do this, you will come out of this a stronger better person, I'll help you Elly!"

Instinctively out of the necessity for closeness and comfort Elly returned Alisons embrace and both women held each other tight! Elly was shocked to realise how close they were and more shocked to feel that old familiar throbbing of need between her legs, "So here it was" She thought, "Decision time, what the hell, we all needed a little loving in our life!"

Elly began to gently caress Alisons back immediately aware that she was sans bra! Then it happened, someone knocked firmly and determinedly on her door! Both giggled and broke the embrace and Elly stood up to answer the door!

As she opened it a tall blonde overweight man almost pushed passed her and came into the room, Elly recognised him as her landlord Mr Mills, he was undoubtedly there to collect the rent. Elly bridled at the lack of courtesy and manners and was about to say something when he smiled at both women and said,

"Ah I see you are getting on well together, excellent, it's always gratifying to see my tenants getting on with each other!" His expression changed quicker than the weather outside as he went on, "You know it is rent day girls?"

Both women nodded and Alison replied, "Just let me go into my room and I'll get it for you"

Elly said, I haven't been to the post office yet to cash my cheque so will hand it in later today if that's ok with you?"

Mills Smiled and nodded his agreement, Elly saw his gaze fall on her undies and also saw it linger there, turning to face her he undressed her with his gaze, visualising the underwear on the airer on her body! Enjoying and liking what he saw he smiled and added, "I know the rent is a bit more than you can comfortably afford sometimes though, with my special tenants, I can come to a, what shall we call it, a private arrangement?"

Elly knew precisely what he was suggesting and she also knew she should be feeling nothing but revulsion at his offer, yet that was not what she was feeling! She responded by returning his smile saying, "actually I can afford the rent, at least this month, so I don't see any immediate need for mmm private arrangements?" Their eyes locked for a instant and Elly immediately saw the avarice, lust and she thought a sense of power and dominance there. As they looked into each others soul Elly prayed he didn't see what lay behind her hazel eyes, the truth might even shock him!

At that moment Alison returned and handed over her rent to Mills, he gave her a receipt, smiled and left. When he had left the flat Alison asked, "What did that bastard want? No wait, I'll tell you exactly what he wanted, did he offer free rent for services rendered? Elly he is always offering it, believe it or not there are a number of his female tenants who gladly spread their thighs for not only his delight but that of his business associates as well, Elly it's not just sex, it's wild parties bordering on orgies! Elly he actively seeks out the most vulnerable, the most needy, his whole approach borders on sexual blackmail, you either oblige him or he puts you and your baggage on the streets! Elly there are even rumours he will use other means to get his way, drugs and violence are no strangers to this guy, so for fucks sake be careful how you deal with him. I don't know if it's true, but there are stories of girls being bullied and beaten by him and his cronies." Alison took a breath and lowering her voice she went on, "Elly I might as well tell you before someone else does, the girl who had this room before you is called Maxine, she is pretty blonde and always a happy wee thing. One day a month or 2 ago I popped in to say Hi, Elly she had a black eye and a split lip, apparently she had had the temerity to say no to Mills, that's why she decided to leave!"

Again Elly knew she should have felt something like shock or surprise but both feelings were absent, she thought," Well at least he desired me didn't he? He clearly wanted to bed me, didn't he?" Inwardly Elly recognised the delusion for what it was and resolved not to fall into such a trap, at least, not to the point of being beaten up!

Seeing the confusion on Ellys face Alison went on, "Look Elly we all have weeks and months when we struggle to find the rent, you are different though, your time here is only short term, so tough it out and don't surrender your virtue to the horny bastard!" Elly found herself smiling at the use of the word virtue, knowing what she had done sexually in the past and knowing what had went through her mind in the last 10 minutes or so, virtue was not involved! Elly asked, "So tell me Alison have you or any of the other girls succumbed to his little arrangements?"

Alison sat back down on the bed and the look on her face gave Elly her answer, Alison sighed and said, "At some stage we all have, sometimes it isn't sex, sometimes he just wants photos of us naked or watch us have lesbian sex whilst he wanks himself off. Honestly Elly, it's far from pleasant but it was necessary at the time."

Elly and Alison shared the flat with 3 other girls, Janice and Linda were a lesbian couple who kept themselves very much to themselves, Irene was a pretty blond girl who worked in the city and seemed to have a steady relationship with a guy and Elly thought her situation was not unlike her own. She asked, "Even Irene?" Alison smiled and answered, "difficult to believe isn't it, so prim and proper yet when she had a difficult month she obliged Mills and one of his business partners here in the flat and even in Mill's office, the way Mills tells it, she couldn't get enough and loved sucking both of them at the same time! Men Elly, every one a fucking bastard!"

Elly seemed to make a decision as she acknowledged that somewhere in her psyche a switch had been flicked on and she was forever changed! Gazing at the lovely girl laying on her bed Elly first went to her door and making sure it was properly closed she stared intently into Alisons dark eyes and asked, "Alison, do you want to continue where we left off? I mean, before we were so rudely interrupted by Mr Mills?" she let her gaze wander over Alison enjoying the sight of this lithe young woman and felt her groin groan with need. The movement of Alisons head was barely perceptible but unmistakable, it said yes!

Elly approached the prone figure on her bed and smiling gently took hold of the hem of Alison's jumper and pulled it up to her throat revealing her large shapely firm breasts, Elly saw immediately that her nipples were standing proud and rock hard, using both hands she took one in each and began delicately to tease and caress them, she whispered, "I'm going to be honest with you Alison, I'm not a full lesbian but right now, all I want and need is you, do you understand?"

For response Alison simply closed her eyes and slowly pulled Ellys lips onto hers, their first kiss was soft and warm and as their lips parted their tongues began to dance around each others warm wet mouth! Elly flopped on the bed beside Alison and gently but insistently undid the clip of her jeans and without rushing it she slid her hand down inside Alison's scarlet knickers, first encountering the flat firm stomach of a young fit woman, then she felt the tight curls of her pubic hair then down further to her now spread thighs and the warm wet needy vagina! Alison gasped as she felt Ellys finger probe her labia then it was inside her, deep deep deep inside her so that she felt like coming!

Their kissing and embrace had become ever more passionate, Elly helped Alison remove her top then she pulled down her jeans and scarlet panties and enthralled Elly stared at the beautiful olive skinned girl now lying naked on her bed her nipples erect and Elly could see her clit was also fully engorged as it peeped out from her slit! Alison opened her eyes and gazing meaningfully at Elly said, "Now you Elly, I want to see you naked to, will you undress yourself for me?" smiling almost shyly she added, "I like to watch!"

Elly stood up and immediately unbuttoned her blouse revealing her pale blue half cup bra, then without hesitation or embarrassment deftly removed both her trousers and habitual honey coloured tights! She too smiled down at Alison who was watching her intently, enjoying every movement, her hand now down at her own vagina gently circling and masturbating her clit! Standing there in her matching pale blue bikini panties Elly could plainly see both Alisons vagina and anal pucker, an involuntary spasm racked her vagina so that she all but came just standing there! Elly unhurriedly slid out of her knickers and let them fall down onto the floor with the rest of her clothing! With a wicked little smile she let Alison gaze at her naked body, then giggling she began to gently pull on each of her own nipples spreading her legs open as she did so! Suddenly Alison reached up and pulled Elly down on top of her, again their lips met and Elly felt Alison's fingers probing her entrance! gasping with delight she moaned, "Wait Alison, I want you to lick me!" Elly quickly pulled Alison's naked warm body a few inches down the bed then she straddled Alison's face with her open legs immediately feeling Alison's lips clamp onto her clit and fingers probing ever deeper inside her! She began to ride Alison's fingers and felt the first rush of the oncoming orgasm! She was a little disconcerted and surprised as Alison's tongue left her clit and Elly felt it penetrate her anus, which was all too much for her and she gaped massively as she came like a wet storm all over Alison's face spraying her with her juices!

Breathless and hot Elly quickly dismounted from Alison's face and rapidly slipped between her thighs and without hesitation began to suckle furiously on the younger woman's clit whilst ramming 2 sometimes 3 fingers deeper and quicker inside her open wet very hot and tight vagina! Alison responded by bucking her hips up and down in time with Ellys thrusts, till she to howled with orgasm her spasm so violent the wetness covered her own thighs and totally soaked Ellys face!

When both had calmed down sufficiently to talk they smiled at each other and kissed gently and tenderly! Elly could not only feel Alison's heart thump in her chest she could see the rise and fall and pulse as she stared at her breasts. Elly was surprised when Alison broke the companionable silence by saying, Elly I know you are not a lesbian but you are wonderful, Elly, would you let me do something kinky?"

Elly giggled and answered, "You mean even more kinky than what we have just done?" she thought for a moment and went on "Of course darling Alison, as long as it does not involved pain then feel free!"

Alison quickly stood up and said, "Elly the flat is empty come with me, just stay in the nude, please Elly?" Elly was a little puzzled but also stood up and they held warm hands as they made their way along to the shared bathroom, Elly looked quizzically at Alison as they went into the large brightly tiled modern bathroom, Alison whispered, "Elly don't laugh, just indulge me, please? I want you to kneel in the bath and let me put my head between your legs!" Seeing the uncertainty on Ellys face she went on, "Please Elly, just for me! Please!" she pleaded, shrugging her shoulders and feeling a little silly Elly climbed into the enormous enamel bath and knelt down, her face near the taps, then she felt Alison position herself directly behind her then she felt it, Alison was licking her anus and then she felt her fingers inside her vagina then she felt her anus being stretched then Alison's tongue was deep in her anus and moving with unbelievable depth and speed! Again Elly felt the orgasm approach and this time she embraced it fully, letting all her frustrations out as she screamed with satisfaction and relief! When she had caught her breath she noticed that Alisons attentions had switched to her vagina, a muffled voice said from between her legs, Elly pee, please pee on my face!" Elly had no hesitation in immediately letting her bladder relax and piss poured from her vagina, she heard Alison trying to get as much of her pee down her throat as possible but most went over her face and into her hair and into the bath!

Ten minutes later they returned to Ellys room, they had bathed and both were now naked and fragrant from perfumed soap! Once in the room Elly went to pour them both a large glass of white wine, as she picked up the bottle she had a thought, turning to face Alison she put the tall thin wine glass down between her legs just below her light brown hairy slit and asked, "Wine or piss for you?" Alison didn't hesitate she answered, "a little of both for me!" Elly smiled and parted her legs a little wider and emitted a stream of yellow piss into the wine glass then she topped it up from the wine bottle and poured herself a large glass of pure wine! Smiling they toasted each others health! Elly said, "Well Alison, that was a novel way to spend a hour or so! I mean, it was lovely!" going on she added, "I have to get dressed and go to the post office, I had better get Mills money or he'll want something else instead!" Elly parted her thighs to indicate her still throbbing slit then standing up she headed towards the pile of discarded clothes, with a giggle she picked up Alison's scarlet knickers and quickly slid them on over her thighs and pulled them up so that they were tight on her crotch, when she looked at Alison her face was as scarlet as her panties, she said, "oh Elly, they really suit you, would you like to keep my knickers on? I mean as a souvenir? You suit them so much!" Elly had put them on for a laugh but as she looked down she had to admit they did suit her and it did provide a strange mix of feelings, all of which were pleasant! The warmth began to flood between her legs as her need began to grow again!

Elly still only in Alison's knickers pulled Alison down back onto the bed but seeing a dark shadow fall across Alison's face she asked, "What's wrong? Did I go too far? Alison just be open, tell me if I crossed the line?" Alison closed her eyes and with a sigh answered. "Elly you know I'm a lesbian right?" Elly nodded and smiled in affirmation but remained silent. Alison continued, "Sometimes, when I have the cash I'll go cruising some of the gay bars, the guy you describe as Sasha? The one who stole your man?" Elly also now serious said, "go on Alison, don't worry, it won't upset me any more than I already am!" "Elly he's a fucking gangster, he owns a couple of bars in town both catering for gays, the thing is Elly... !" Alison hesitated but seeing the encouraging look on Ellys face she went on, "Elly, he is allegedly heavily into drugs and male prostitution, I just don't know what your husband was thinking! Sasha is a cruel evil little bastard. I actually feel sorry for your hubby!"

Alison watched Ellys expression intently as she digested this new information, then quite suddenly her smile returned and totally surprised Alison by saying, "So tell me Alison what do you know about the Vietnam war! I've decided not to get angry but I'm definitely gonna get even!"

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