Hiding in the Closet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He waited to watch.

I was hiding in the closet. It was a little tight, but not too bad. I could close the door all the way if I needed to. I knew they'd be taking a shower tonight. They always did after one of Jack's softball games. It seemed like an eternity before they came home. Then it dawned on me. How was I going to get out of the bathroom? They were just going to go hop into bed for a few more rounds. Maybe, just maybe, they'd go out for dinner after, and then Jack would spend the night. Yea, that was it, he'd be hungry.

That's when I heard the door open, Jack pushing Kat into her bedroom. I could hear the clothes falling to the floor, the sounds of their kissing, Jack saying "I was so hard at dinner, baby, I need to fuck you so bad. All night!" I panicked, I almost burst out of the closet and the bathroom, until I saw them walk by, turning on the shower, NAKED.

I had seen them naked before, but NEVER this close. I was so hard at this point; I don't think I'd ever been this big before, feeling my boxers actually tent. I had been holding a pair of Kat's emerald green lace panties. I put them in my mouth, wanting to cover any noises I might make. I had already shot a load in my boxers.

I couldn't stop staring through the small crack I allowed myself, Kat and Jim, making out. The thing was, I was spending as much time looking at him as I was at her. Their bodies were in stark contrast, standing there. Kat, her body small, every inch tanned perfectly. My eyes traveled down her body to her perfect little feet. How I wanted to suck on those toes, to kiss the tops of her feet, to feel them wrapped around my lil penis. Then slowly, my eyes traveled up, her calves strong, perfectly shaped, her thighs muscled, tight, not a drop of fat or cellulite. Then there was her ass. I think I came again at that point, but I am not sure.

That's when I saw movement; Kat was stroking Jack's cock. It was huge. Her little hand didn't even fit around it. And his balls, they were huge. And it was all hairless. His balls, his cock, even his chest and back, not a trace of hair. They slipped into the shower then, but left the curtain open. The hot water cascading over their bodies, making Jack's muscular figure look even more so. His pecs, his biceps looked even stronger, tanner as the water fell off his body.

God, and Kat. She was beautiful, her long hair darkening under the stream of water. Her breasts perfect, not a hint of sag, and her nipples, hard, sticking out at least half an inch from her breasts. A perfect dark pink, I watched one disappear into Jacks waiting mouth. The strong muscles of his jaw working as he sucked on her nipple, then bared his teeth as they closed on it, pulling back, seeing her grimace in pain and pleasure as her breast pulled then the nipple popped back into place.

"Stop screwing around and fuck me already!" She practically yelled at Jack. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the back wall of the shower, and I swear he looked at the closet and winked. I couldn't see Kat other than her leg up on the side of the tub, but I could see every inch of Jack's amazing body. I could see his knees bend, half his cock disappearing behind the curtain, but still a good thick 4 inches still in view. I heard Kat moan out his name and I knew his cock was inside her. The water was splashing on his thighs, his calves as he pushed up. The striations of his muscles clear on his wet back as he began to fuck her. My mind was a whir. I could hear Kat, but the words weren't making it from my ears to my brain. Just fragments of sentences, screams, as she begged for more of his big cock, how his big cock was perfect, how no little dick guy before him had ever really satisfied her.

I watched as her legs wrapped around his waist. I watched as he pulled his hips back, and then thrust them forward. I'd never seen an ass as perfect as his except online. It was muscled, dimpled, perfect. And so was the rest of him, I knew now why Kat was in love. He was a machine, made for fucking. Then Kat started cumming. She screamed, she bit down on his shoulder, still screaming. He pulled back from the wall, afraid she might throw her head back and knock herself out perhaps as she came. She kept cumming for what seemed like minutes. Jack came too, his body tensing, the muscled flaring with each burst of cum. I saw it drip out of her, falling into the tub, to be washed down the drain. And there was so much.

He slid her off his cock, and I expected it to be soft now, hanging down, but if anything it was harder and bigger. I watched Kat drop to her knees and wrap her hand half way around the base as she began to suck his huge cock. Her beautiful eyes looking up into his as she easily took half his cock, then licked down, sucking on his big, heavy balls. His scrotum was tight, holding them close as she pulled with her lips. His balls filling with cum again, ready to shoot into her. She licked back up the long length, flicking her tongue against the slit. His body shivered, I could see the goose bumps break out on his skin as she did this. Then he grabbed her hair, a handful in each hand and began to pull her down his cock. Her hand went to his ass, holding, nails digging in to the firm flesh as every inch oh his cock disappeared. I could even see her throat swell, as the head must be there.

Then he pulled her back up his cock, pushing her against the wall, bent at the knees, her perfect round ass in the air and began to fuck her from behind. The moment his cock entered her, Kat was moaning, deep long lusting moans. Jack's hand slapped down on her ass. A loud crack that filled the room. The perfectly round ass, jiggling, turning red where his hand hit it. I looked up, her tits were bouncing, high on her chest with each stroke, and she was pushing back, wanting that big cock even deeper. Kat's eyes were closed, she was biting her lip. It was red and full, swollen with lust. I was sure she was about to cum again when Jack shut the shower curtain. I stood there dazed for what seemed like an eternity, my little cock between my finger and thumb, a small drop of cum dripping down the inside of the closet door. Then I realized, this was my escape. Kat was screaming about Jack's big cock filling her better than anything else ever could, I ran, ran fast to my room, not even realizing I still had Kat's panties in my mouth.

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