Controlling Dawn
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Blackmail, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Slut Wife,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dawn is happily married but she suddenly finds out that normal sex with her husband is very different than lust.

Brenda had been reading erotic stories for a few years. During a recent tour of her favorite story website, she stumbled across a writer who instantly hit a nerve. Dawn1958 posted stories about normal, everyday women who were blackmailed or humiliated into becoming a slave to some dominant master or mistress. Brenda was 31, single and a submissive woman exactly like many of the heroines in Dawn's stories.

The initial story to catch her attention was titled, 'Susan's Request.' From the first moment she read the story, Brenda was hooked. Susan's Request was about a college teacher who was deviously seduced by one of her foreign, exchange students named Kaz. The poor teacher quickly fell under her student's control when he covertly gained incriminating evidence, which he used to blackmail her. Then Susan had no choice, but to do everything the cunning college student demanded.

Brenda read chapter one and masturbated like a madwoman when the student took his teacher into a secluded picnic shelter and made her suck his cock. Before reading the stimulating story, Brenda was not the biggest fan of sucking cock, but suddenly she relished the idea. Her boyfriend, Ray, must have wondered what suddenly possessed her when she gave him a fantastic blowjob without his asking for the first time in their relationship.

What probably made the story so realistic to Brenda was how much the sexy teacher resembled herself. Brenda was 5'8", which was only a couple of inches taller than Susan. Her boobs were 34b and her nipples stood out like pegs whenever she was aroused, just like the teacher's. Brenda considered herself very timid and passive when it came to sex, identical to Susan. She didn't like to admit being submissive, to the point of wanting Ray to humiliate her, but Brenda knew it was true.

When she finished reading chapter one with a furious masturbation session, Brenda found the next chapter even more stimulating. The innocent teacher was forced to visit her student's apartment where she got the fucking of her life from the student plus two of his friends. Brenda felt all of Susan's desperation and her deep humiliation when one of the students christened her virgin ass. Everything that happened to Susan made Brenda shudder, as she empathized about how the women would explain things to her husband.

The horrors of all horrors happened to Susan in chapter three. Brenda found it impossible to control her fiery emotions when she read about the unscrupulous student taking Susan to a tattoo parlor. The student had the tattoo artist engrave symbols into the teacher's flesh and then he let the man fuck her brains out. Susan experienced the orgasm of her life on the tattoo table and so did Brenda when she fingered herself. Brenda actually felt both the physical pain and the mental anguish of the tattoos and the intercourse, as she read the story.

What made Brenda the most shocked was the fact she relished such a thing happening to her. She dreamed of her boyfriend forcing her to get tattoos and then having the tattoo artist strip her naked before treating her like a real slut. Somehow the humiliation of someone forcing her to act like a whore was profound and Brenda hesitated telling anyone about her dreams.

In the next chapter Kaz took Susan to a porno movie theater where she received the humiliation of her life. Brenda couldn't imagine being forced to suck a stranger's cock and have him blast a load of cum down her throat. When she read about a married couple joining the fray and forcing their sexual will on Susan, Brenda masturbated again. Her head filled with visualizations so powerful her belly felt every degrading caress, every demanding kiss and every filthy cock.

Brenda read the complete story and lost track of the number of times she masturbated. It seemed like every time the heroine had an orgasm, so did Brenda. Then she searched the website for other Dawn1958 stories and to her immense elation, she found many. She went from being the sweet, innocent Susan to being another teacher in 'A Teacher's Past.' This time Brenda was Kerri, a gorgeous physic's professor being blackmailed by a secret, student admirer.

Brenda explored another fantasy world and her obsession grew stronger with every chapter. It seemed like every waking hour Brenda was either reading a story or fantasizing about it. That was probably the reason her boyfriend realized that something was amiss. Ray noticed how Brenda seemed preoccupied with something on the Internet, as soon as she came home from work, so he decided to find out more. He easily found out about the story site when he searched the history on her computer.

When Ray read the Dawn1958 stories, he got the biggest boner. Not only did reading the overly dramatic eroticism make him horny, so did knowing his girlfriend had gotten aroused by the same stories. Filled with immense lust and desire, he quickly decided to push the issue. Ray waited for the right opportunity and then he hinted at the possibility of them reading erotic literature to spice up the sex in their relationship.

He confessed to an obsession with erotic stories and especially online sex stories. When Ray mentioned that he often used the same favorite site of Brenda's, she almost fainted at the sudden shocking revelation. Ray begged her forgiveness and he was so apologetic that she instantly forgave him. "I know exactly how it is," she whispered. "I have been on that site ... found some of the stories extremely arousing."

Brenda decided to be honest with Ray in hopes it would lead to fulfilling some of her erotic fantasies. She couldn't believe Ray also read sex stories and never realized that she was being duped. Brenda had always felt guilty for using sex story sites, but suddenly it was a big relief, knowing her boyfriend did the same thing.

Ray pressed forward hoping Brenda wouldn't suspect his ruse. "I found this one author ... a woman who writes the most sensual erotica," he said. "I got the biggest hard-on when I read one of Dawn1958's stories."

It was the most unbelievable coincidence, yet Brenda never suspected a thing. She fell hook, line and sinker when Ray continued the charade. He knew Brenda was naïve and would do almost anything he coaxed her to do. "You know how Dawn puts in her story that she likes receiving feedback? Send her feedback and see if you can become her fav reader. Maybe she'll write back and then you can find out more about her."

Ray even outlined the initial email, making it suggestive and promising as possible. Brenda sent Dawn the feedback and to her profound amazement, she received the friendliest reply. Dawn mentioned how she always appreciated feedback and that she was one author who responded to every email. She believed it was her obligation, as a writer, to acknowledge the comments about her stories, whether the feedback was good or bad.

When Ray saw the email, he instantly knew Dawn was just as gullible as his girlfriend. He let the new friendship build and flourish while giving Brenda subtle suggestions on what to tell the erotic author. Soon the two women were conversing on a daily basis and what they told each other was intimate and extremely personal. Weeks passed and Ray was overjoyed by how friendly the two became.

Brenda told Dawn all about herself including her past affairs with men and her relationship with her current boyfriend. Ray made sure she constantly reminded Dawn just how trusting she was and how much she appreciated the woman's honesty. Dawn appeared openly truthful about herself and even told Brenda about her family. She included details of her husband, Harvey, and their two daughters. Dawn also mentioned how she came up with the Dawn1958 penname and the email address of dawnharvey1958. She used her first name, her husband's first name and his year of birth.

Dawn was ten years younger than her husband and she had turned 40 a year ago. She told Brenda how she started writing erotic stories on a whim. One of her girlfriends used sex-stories sites and mentioned to Dawn that it was hard to find good, believable stories. The woman convinced Dawn to read some of the stories and the rest was history. Dawn read many stories and she found out that men who seemed to have very little grasp on what got a woman sexually aroused wrote most. Also many of the stories were poorly written with many spelling and grammar mistakes, which made them very difficult to read.

Ray's curiosity and desire to find out more about Dawn grew with each email. After the friendship between Dawn and Brenda grew into something special, Ray convinced his girlfriend to send the woman some pictures. He easily persuaded Brenda to let him take photos of her in many compromising poses so she could send them to Dawn. His ultimate plan was to establish an even greater trusting relationship between the two. Ray reasoned Brenda would gain Dawn's complete trust by sending intimate photos of herself and her boyfriend.

Ray tried to keep the first few pictures less explicit, but he couldn't resist temptation for long. He took a complete series of pictures of Brenda in every situation imaginable and very quickly persuaded Brenda to send nude ones to Dawn. Ray also managed to sneak a few of himself into the emails, which added greatly to his fervor. His favorite ones were of Brenda holding his pecker in her dainty hands and he made sure the photos did his manhood justice.

Both Ray and Brenda realized their sex life had been dramatically changed for the better. She no longer found blowjobs repulsive and even relished fondling Ray's cock before and after they had intercourse. Ray concluded his heightened enjoyment of sex was the result of Dawn's influence and his goal was to eventually meet the woman.

Over time, Dawn had sent a detailed description of herself, but it didn't prepare Ray for the first picture of the sexy goddess. Immediately after Brenda sent pictures, Dawn reciprocated. Ray was sitting at the computer with Brenda when they opened the attachments. The screen lit up with the first picture of what both deemed as one of the sexiest women anywhere. It showed a beautiful woman in a summer dress and it was very apparent that all of the seductive curves were in the right places.

Their hearts pounded when a series of picture flashed onto the screen. It showed a tall, dark-haired woman posing while on vacation and Ray marveled at the woman's incredible beauty. He couldn't take his eyes of Dawn's significant cleavage and he yearned to see more of the woman. He was utterly amazed at his good fortune of receiving photos of one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. After that, Ray couldn't stop taking pictures of Brenda. He begged his girlfriend to keep sending pictures to Dawn and he shrewdly kept ones of himself to a minimum, not wanting to be overly imposing on the woman.

After the barrier was broken, pictures traveled in both directions and it wasn't long before the pictures got more intimate. Ray encouraged Brenda to send ones of herself, which were revealing and with her wearing only bra and panties. When Dawn sent ones with herself scantily clad, Ray was stunned. "Sweet Jesus, honey, look at those tits ... and those legs," he said, staring at Dawn's reflection brazenly displayed in a big mirror. "I love women dressed in black lingerie."

It wasn't long before all restrictions were eliminated. Brenda was the first to open an email one day, as Ray wasn't home yet, and she was flabbergasted by the woman's beauty. It gave her the best feeling, knowing that a person she had just gotten to know trusted her enough to send such intimate photos. Brenda never imagined the pictures would become incriminating, but that was because she didn't recognize Ray's evil nature. When Ray saw the naked pictures, he vowed to fuck the erotic author if it was the last thing he would ever do.

Ray secretly compiled a vast array of Dawn's pictures and he dreamed of using them someday. At the time he never envisioned that day would come so fast. Ray would forever remember March 31st as the most glorious day. That was the day Dawn's daily email arrived and he realized the woman lived nearby. Not only did Dawn live in the same state, but she lived less than one hour away, along interstate 5 in a city he visited frequently.

He had difficulty keeping his emotions in check, as his devious mind schemed for a way to get control over the erotic author. It took about a day for him to come up with the ideal plan. Ray envisioned the perfect screenplay, which was a seduction that could have been written by the author herself. The script had two submissive women and at first there was no clear indication which one was going to assume control.

When Ray scripted his plan to Brenda and explained exactly how he wanted her to act, she hesitated. She didn't relish the idea of tricking her friend and helping her boyfriend gain the upper hand over Dawn. Reluctantly she agreed to go along with Ray's plan after he reassured her that nothing bad would happen to the woman. Ray wanted his girlfriend to become Dawn's mistress and he was confident the woman would readily fall under Brenda's power.

Ray reiterated to Brenda that the one thing she mustn't do was show any weakness. His devious plan would have Dawn being the initial aggressor, but that would quickly change. Brenda actually found her boyfriend's scheme very arousing, as it allowed her to shed the customary submissive role for one that was extremely powerful. Ray dearly wanted to take control of the sex goddess himself, but he needed just a little more incriminating evidence against Dawn. His plan would be foolproof once he added a movie of the author being seduced by her devoted reader.

Dawn never suspected in a million years that such a coincidence would occur. When she found out that the woman she had corresponded with for the past few months actually lived less than one hour away, she felt a mixture of emotions. At first Dawn was afraid and scared that her safe, secure life would be compromised. Then after thinking about it more, she reasoned that Brenda was indeed a dear friend who she trusted.

It took about a day before the startling news set-in so that her various emotions settled down. The fears of her family finding out about her secret life disappeared and it was replaced with the great anticipation of actually meeting her devoted reader. When Brenda's email arrived with an invitation to meet, Dawn had already accepted the fact it would happen. She immediately replied to Brenda saying that she was very happy to get together and all of her reluctance was gone.

Ray ingeniously planned the rendezvous in a very public location, which he knew would alleviate most of Dawn's fears. When he drafted the email to advise the woman of the details, Ray planned for the relationship between the two women to escalate very rapidly. He wanted to gain Dawn's trust; therefore he didn't plan anything overly compromising or intimate for the first part of the date, which might scare the woman. Ray's ultimate goal was attaining enough incriminating evidence against Dawn so that he could blackmail her into becoming his obedient servant.

Ray found his scheme very stimulating and he constantly dreamed of getting the writer under his control. The meeting happened at the Top of the Hilton, which was a popular restaurant in downtown Seattle. The view was fantastic and sort of mesmerizing and Ray wanted the women to be awestruck, not only with each other, but also with the surroundings. Ray had Brenda sitting at a table looking out over the city when Dawn entered. It was the most memorable rendezvous, as they looked at each other, and then smiles instantly lit up their faces.

Brenda stood up immediately with her hand outstretched, as an invitation to her dear friend. Dawn noticed how the woman stopped breathing and held her breath the whole time it took her to walk over to the table. The greeting seemed slightly awkward at first, but that changed very quickly. Brenda's pretty face lit up with a warm smile and it seemed entirely natural to fall into each other's arms, as they hugged like long-lost girlfriends. The embrace was only broken because they didn't want anyone to think they were lovers and then they sat down across from each other.

The next two hours seemed to go by in mere seconds and the two women chatted like they had been friends for years. The meeting and also the conversation transpired with Dawn setting the tempo. She sort of suggested the topics and rambled on and on, most likely because of intense nervousness, which in the end put both women at ease. When the meal ended and it was time to leave, Ray was amazed at how abruptly things changed.

Brenda spoke up and her tone was not in the least bit suggestive. It was as if she stated a fact and Dawn immediately felt intimidated by the woman's strong demeanor. "I took the liberty of booking a room ... so we can continue getting to know each other," Brenda stammered before regaining her confidence. "Now that I've met you ... I want to get to know you better."

Dawn noticed Brenda's warm, inviting smile and instantly agreed. "Yes. I'd love that."

"I already have the key ... lets go."

Dawn let Brenda take her hand and it seemed the most natural thing to follow the woman. She wasn't stupid and realized what would happen once they were alone, yet Dawn let her newfound friend lead the way. Any other time, she would have worried about being seen holding another woman's hand, but something was different this time. The younger woman seemed confident and happy to lead the way and Dawn never hesitated. She watched Brenda's seductive hips sway back and forth, as she walked, and it seemed to take forever to get into the elevator.

Dawn could not recall ever looking at another woman and imagining her naked. She stood beside Brenda in the elevator, as it slowly moved down to the proper floor, and all she envisioned was the nude pictures the woman sent her via email. She had to shake her head to clear the naughty photos floating through her mind and realized the woman was talking to her.

"You're a beautiful woman. Much more beautiful in person ... than your pictures," Brenda whispered.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. In a hotel and going to a room ... to be with another woman," Dawn responded.

Ray educated her well and Brenda knew when to take charge. Without warning, she twisted around and put her arms around Dawn. Pulling the woman tightly into her already fervent body, Brenda kissed her. The thought of the elevator stopping and someone seeing them made the kiss even more enthralling. Dawn felt the woman's tongue go into her mouth and she willingly let the kiss heat up. They felt the elevator jerk in preparation of stopping and that broke the close embrace. Both women were breathless when the door opened, but luckily there was nobody in the hotel hallway.

Dawn never suspected anything was wrong. She followed the young woman down the hallway and into Brenda's hotel room. Brenda proceeded across the room until she reached the bed and then she turned around. Dawn sensed the woman's unspoken desire for her to be nearby, so she slowly walked over to Brenda. They abruptly fell into each other's arms and once again Dawn could not resist the strong temptation to embrace her newfound friend.

If Brenda knew about the cameras positioned in the room, she never let on. Ray mentioned he was going to record the affair, but Brenda never considered what that meant. All she knew was that he rented the adjourning room and that he would stay in it during the probable seduction. Ray placed three small cameras around the room and hid them so well a person couldn't tell where they were. All three were focused on the bed, as Ray knew that was where all of the action would be. It was easy for him to feed the camera signals into the adjourning room so he could record everything on his laptop.

Ray watched his naïve girlfriend follow his directions to a 'T'. She embraced her new friend and the heat radiating from Dawn's body instantly caused Brenda's temperature to soar. They kissed taking turns fondling and caressing each other's face and head with shaking hands. All of her life Dawn established and built a relationship before allowing anything intimate or sexual to occur. She never jumped into bed with anyone and it even took Harvey weeks to get into her pants.

Suddenly at the age of 40, things were different. The kiss heated up and soon an intense passion was emanating from each woman. When Dawn felt Brenda's hand on her chest, instead of pulling away, she moved in an effort to push her boob into the woman's groping hand. Brenda pulled back slightly and she started slowly unbuttoning the front of Dawn's dress, without any protest from the woman. Then she pulled the straps of the dress off Dawn's shoulders and let the fabric drift to the floor.

Dawn never dreamed that she would be half naked, standing in a hotel room with another woman. Her head spun out of control, but everything happened in slow motion. Brenda's fingers searched for the hidden clasp of the lacy bra and hurriedly the flimsy garment vanished. When Dawn agreed to meet her online friend, she did so with the understanding she was in-charge. Dawn fully intended on controlling what happened, as Brenda had given every indication that she was totally submissive, but all of a sudden she became unclear.

Dawn stood in front of Brenda, seemingly succumbing to the woman's mysterious control. She saw the smile of approval written on Brenda's pretty face and merely stood motionless, letting things happen. Dawn never moved as the woman stripped her panties, rolling them off her flared hips and down her shapely legs. Then they embraced again and Brenda's arms moved in a frantic attempt to remove her own clothes. In a matter of a few seconds, Brenda was in bra and panties, as the women fell against each other.

When Dawn felt a hand on her tummy, she arched her back to give Brenda more room. The woman's fingers caress her pelvis with loving tenderness before swooping into her crotch. Nothing as severe or as shocking had ever happened to her. Dawn couldn't prevent her legs from spreading and then she felt it. Fingers touched her in places that only her husband was allowed to touch. She held her breath when her puffy labia were separated and she didn't know if her legs could hold her upright, as the fingers got bolder. Her entire body trembled, as her spirit floated out of her body, and flew across to the charming woman who was somehow seducing her.

Ray stared at his computer in disbelief. The sexy woman didn't try to move away, but she voluntarily opened her legs wider. Ray watched when his girlfriend pulled the tiny bud out of the immense wetness and he marveled as Brenda twirled it around vigorously to make the woman's hips thrash wildly. The cameras didn't miss a thing and he was positive Dawn was getting overly aroused. If Ray thought it was going to be a short 15-minute love affair, he was joyously mistaken.

Ray could tell Brenda had a firm hold of Dawn's clitoris and she was squeezing it in a loving fashion. He noticed Dawn go up high on her toes and how she wrapped her arms around Brenda's neck, holding on for dear life. Ray heard loud moaning and he wasn't sure who was uttering the desperate sounds of lust, but that didn't matter. It had to be the quickest orgasm in history. Ray was flabbergasted when the dark-haired beauty rose higher on her tiptoes and it was obvious something was happening inside her guts.

He watched in awe when his girlfriend's fingers caressed the pink pearl until the mature woman climaxed. Dawn's back arched and her head rolled backwards, as the earth-shuddering orgasm burst from her belly. Her dreams of being a mistress or an aggressor in the secret relationship were suddenly shattered. Dawn desperately wanted to close her legs and stop the intense molestation, but that was impossible. It was Brenda who was in-charge and Dawn realized for the first time in her life that she had a mistress.

Ray watched the magic show, making sure every animated scene was recorded. He wondered what had gotten into Brenda. She was never the aggressor. Suddenly his girlfriend took control of the beautiful woman and they both slithered slowly onto the bed. Brenda never released the tiny clitty and her molestation turned Dawn into her sex slave. The two women rolled on the bed with Brenda keeping her thigh between Dawn's legs so the shapely limbs remained apart. Just as Dawn thought it was over, the sneaky woman squeezed the jewel with all of her might. Then Brenda pulled hard on the clit and Dawn thought she had lost the valuable gem.

Her crotch was on fire; her hips jerked and then thrust madly at the woman's hand, as more spasms rocketed through her loins. Every time Dawn put up an arm or hand to protect herself, Brenda sternly slapped it away. "Oh gawd, it hurts. You're hurting me."

The woman's hopeless cries made Ray hornier. His girlfriend was in control. "Your body ... your tits ... your cunt ... I love them all," Brenda whispered. "From the first email I knew you were different."

"Oh please, don't hurt me ... please not so rough."

Brenda knew they were pleas, which were meant to arouse, not gain sympathy. She shoved one of Dawn's luscious tits into her mouth and then used her teeth to demonstrate her brutal power. Her sharp teeth would most likely leave marks, but Brenda bit Dawn's succulent boob anyway. She felt the woman's arms thrashing around, but realized it was merely for show. For the first time in her life, Brenda was the strongest; she was the mightiest, never thinking that would happen in a million years.

She held the engulfed titty between her teeth and rolled the throbbing nipple with her tongue. The urge to fuck her slave was too strong to resist and Brenda rammed her long, middle finger into Dawn's precious opening. Brenda banged the woman's clitty with the palm of her hand and she finger-fucked her with a lost abandonment. "Please, you're hurting me, please, not so hard."

"You don't want me to stop ... do you?"

The request took Dawn by surprise. 'No, ' she thought, 'I don't want her to stop.' Although Brenda was rough and abusing her, Dawn realized that detail was not disturbing her; it was the fact she craved the abuse and yearned to be taken by a powerful mistress. Any mistress, even one she had just met.

Before she could react, Brenda kissed her hard on the lips. The kiss instantly turned bestial and Dawn felt her belly going into severe convulsions. A second orgasm within such a short time seemed unthinkable, but Dawn questioned her resolve. Her legs stiffened and shot out to the sides when the woman buried not one, but two fingers deep inside her burning inferno. Dawn lost control much to the delight of Brenda and also Ray who was glued to his monitor, but there was no mistaking the onrush of an untimely climax.

Brenda yanked hard on Dawn's upraised pelvis and ravaged the helpless woman with her fingers. Dawn thrust her hips at the woman. Her entire body shuddered in a purely random fashion, without any real rhythm, and Dawn realized that she belonged to someone else, someone other than her husband! Suddenly Brenda stopped the finger-fucking. She seized the delicate clitoris with her fingers and pushed the bud into the bony pelvis, until she heard a cry of protest.

Abruptly nothing else mattered to Dawn. All of her erotic writing and all of the times she masturbated while telling a story couldn't prepare her for the dramatic climax. The mountain of lust was high and she teetered a long time at the top before succumbing. Many of her stories included moments of animal passion, but Dawn never imagined it happening to her.

Brenda felt the telltale sporadic jerks and she swiftly shifted gears. She released the throbbing clitty and inserted her finger into the defenseless opening again. Brenda rammed her finger to the hilt, banging the palm of her hand into the open slit at the same time. Brenda began a finger-fucking that Dawn would remember the rest of her life. The woman pounded her finger in and out and ensured it was curled enough to rake across the most sensitive G-spot. Each slap of the already raw clitoris brought renewed energy to Dawn's hips and the woman thrust wildly at her mistress.

Dawn never imagined that an orgasm could last so long or be so incredible. There were mistresses in many of her stories, but none seemed as strong or as determined as Brenda.

Ray watched probably the most illustrious ending to any sexual conquest. His eyes opened in admiration when the random jerks of Dawn's hips indicated the last few spasms shooting through her body. Then his girlfriend's body went into convulsions. Brenda merely wrapped her muscular thighs around one of Dawn's and she humped the leg like a horny dog. Her hips started moving up and down, as she pulled the woman's thigh deeper into her crotch. Brenda felt her wet labia separate and then the velvety thigh pressed against her tender clitty.

Ray refused to blink for fear of missing something. He witnessed another fantastic climax, as Brenda used Dawn's leg to ravage her pussy until her reservoir was drained. Ray noticed how Dawn managed to lift her leg slightly, enough to bring joy to her friend, as the two women remained locked in each other's arms. He watched the final scenes of lesbian lust and cleverly finished recording the love session before popping the disk out of the computer.

With the incriminating DVD in his fingers, Ray was filled with confidence. His face was etched with the biggest grin, as he waved the disk in the air. "The final piece! Now my little sweetheart ... you're mine," he whispered. "Dawn, sweetheart! This disk ... all of your emails ... all of your pictures, and all of your erotic stories make you my sex-slave."

When Ray first planned the devious seduction of the erotic writer, he thought it would take months, even years to get enough evidence to blackmail the woman. In fact, he wasn't sure of any victory. Then everything fell into his lap so easily that he wondered if it wasn't a dream. When he stumbled across the reality his girlfriend read erotic stories, at the time it made him very aroused and stimulated.

Ray never dreamed it would lead to such an overwhelming success when he begged Brenda to write Dawn. Now his plan was simple. First he would sample the sexual rewards by screwing Dawn in every way imaginable. He reasoned that all of the incriminating material against Dawn made it too daunting for the woman to resist his blackmail demands. Then he would force the woman to become the heroine in each and every one of her erotic stories. Ray got thoroughly aroused, fantasizing about watching Dawn act out the intense humiliation, and seduction in every one of her erotic adventures.

Knowing Dawn was a respected, middleclass mother of two who was happily married made the whole affair extremely exhilarating for Ray. He realized the blackmail would most likely jeopardize his relationship with Brenda, but Ray deemed the reward was worth any price. The truth he was only with the woman because she was a steady fuck made him chuckle. Ray loved that Brenda was overly submissive, but he would gladly sacrifice that to have sex with Dawn.

The fact Dawn wrote stories about blackmail and humiliation made it even sweeter for Ray. There wasn't a thing she could do to stop him or her secure middleclass life would be ruined. Dawn would succumb to the devastating blackmail just like the women she wrote about and Ray knew it. He didn't have to do much coaxing to get Brenda into setting up another date with her memorable author. At first Dawn refused to meet in any place that was not public, but after much persuading, Brenda eventually talked her into coming to her home.

The timing couldn't have been better. Dawn's husband was on a two-day business conference, which meant she had plenty of free time. She wouldn't have to explain to Harvey that she would be out Friday evening, very possibly until quite late. The emails between the two women continued to be very intimate and suggestive to the point of bringing the topic of a threesome into the relationship.

Dawn was surprised when Brenda told her about her boyfriend's fantasy of being with her and another woman. The proposal quickly filled her with exciting expectations and she wasn't sure how to handle the sexual innuendo. She included such vicarious experiences in many of her stories, but never imagined them happening to her.

Dawn never said yes to the woman's proposal, but she also didn't say no. Ray made sure that every email from his girlfriend included a mention of a threesome, so it was constantly on her mind. The pretext of Brenda's invitation was so the two women could enjoy a friendly dinner, yet both knew it would not stop there. When Dawn dressed for the evening, she did so anticipating the night out would progress to include sexual activities.

Ray planned everything right down to the point in the evening when he'd join the two women. He stayed out of sight while Brenda was the gracious hostess and dreamed of experiencing his first threesome. It took all of his patience to remain hidden when the women ate and chatted during the meal, as if they were the best of friends. Brenda was well aware of her boyfriend's plans and she was apprehensive, knowing she was deceiving her dearest friend.

Ray's devious plan was letter-perfect. When the two women left the dining room for the living room, he waited until they were seated together on the sofa. Then he entered and stood in front of them, acting very sure of himself. He immediately proceeded to explain his blackmail scheme and then outlined all of the damning evidence against Dawn. She listened to his tale and got sicker and sicker, as Ray told her about each piece of incrimination evidence.

Dawn would never forget how she was blackmailed. Ray's left hand was filled with papers and photos while he waved a DVD in the air with his right hand. Then the man began the most theatrical explanation. Ray dropped one story after another onto the coffee table, which was right in front of the women. First it was At The Movies, Susan's Request, Controlling Sarah, A Teacher's Past, An Email to Jennifer and a copy of every story Dawn had written.

Ray had something witty to say about each story and every comment seemed to turn Dawn into a paler shade. She almost fainted when the first naked photos floated onto the coffee table. Picture after picture was tossed on the table and Dawn suddenly couldn't remain still any longer. "I trusted you. How could you?" She looked into Brenda's teary eyes feeling even more desperate.

"I'm so sorry. He made me ... forced me to do it," Brenda whispered.

"But ... but," Dawn said. Then she realized her friend was like her and easily controlled by such a cunning man as Ray. She glared at Ray trying to put on the bravest face. "So! So you have stories and pictures. I'll deny I wrote the stories and say that the pictures were taken by some greedy, dirty bastard without my permission."

"I thought you might try something so I have this," Ray said. He waved the DVD at her and then promptly popped it into the player, which was within reach.

Even before anything came on the screen, Dawn dearly wanted to escape and run out of the house, but something about the man's confident manner kept her seated on the sofa. The first scene came on and she immediately recognized the hotel room where her infidelity began. She heard Brenda sobbing beside her and the sofa actually shook, as the woman broke down. "I'm sorry ... so sorry. I didn't know he would go this far."

It was purely a motherly reflex action when Dawn reached her arm around the crying woman. Why she tried to comfort someone who had betrayed her was a mystery, but Dawn did feel sorry for Brenda. She also felt like crying, as the scenes flashed before her eyes. Ray cleverly started the movie at the most incrimination section and Dawn's eyes opened wide when she watched herself in the throes of a shocking climax.

There would be no lying or no excuses for this. She was in the arms of another woman and going through what looked like the worlds biggest orgasm. Her life was ruined if anyone saw the movie and she merely sat motionless on the sofa. Suddenly Brenda's arms were comforting her and Dawn felt a little better knowing she still had one friend. The only sound in the room was loud moaning coming from the television and they simply added to her sick feeling.

Dawn listened, as her world seemed to crumple right in front of her. "Sweetheart. What do you want," Ray asked? "Something that will give you lust ... desire ... pleasure ... satisfaction, or something that could destroy everything you have?"

Dawn stared into the man's strong, demoralizing eyes. There was no compassion, merely a determined desire to win. It seemed like the world was closing in fast and her heart started to race out of control. When Dawn's face flushed and her temperature rose, she felt devastated by the man's overly confident demeanor. She tried to open her mouth and respond to Ray, yet she couldn't.

Ray took a step closer, but kept his eyes burning into Dawn. "You know what I think," he whispered. "I think you'll choose lust!"

The absolute worst nightmare of her life was overwhelming. She huddled beside the woman who she considered a good friend, but it didn't help. Then Ray reached out and started running his fingers up and down her bare arm, causing her to tremble with great anxiety. "If it's money you want ... I'll pay you," Dawn whispered. "Anything ... I'll pay you any amount."

"Oh, you'll pay ... but it won't be money."

"Please, don't do this. My life will be ruined."

"Don't worry, honey. No one has to know. No one has to know you were fucked by another woman ... or another man."

"But ... but I can't cheat on my husband."

"Honey! You already have. You got fucked ... finger-fucked by my lovely girlfriend. Remember, I have it all recorded."

The man was right and Dawn shivered in expectation. "Dear gawd, you can't do this to me. Please, you just can't."

"Honey, it's every man's dream to watch two sexy women together. That was nice ... what happened in the hotel, but now I want to watch it firsthand." To make matters worse, Ray pointed at the movie, which was still playing.

Dawn glanced towards the screen and noticed the scene was presently at the stage where she got royally finger-fucked. The damning movie sent shivers up her spine, as she witnessed animal lust. The camera angle was perfectly set to catch the entire front of her body and Dawn wondered if Brenda might not have purposely left the view unobstructed for the camera. Then Dawn realized Ray had more than enough incriminating evidence against her.

The feeling in the room was eerie, as everyone was affected in a different way. Dawn continued staring at the screen and she wondered if there was an easy solution to her dilemma. Ray promptly poured everyone a drink and then he turned off the lights, trying to improve the mood. He left the two women sitting on the sofa and the television emitted the only light, which left a very serene affect in the room.

Ray had outlined his plan to Brenda in great detail and now it was her queue to act. He left what happened entirely up to his girlfriend and his only demand was that the two women have sex so he could watch. When Ray shoved the drinks into their hands, Dawn and Brenda immediately drained the glasses. It was sort of a mutual feeling that they needed to relax and a nice, stiff drink seemed like the perfect remedy for their nervousness. Ray refilled the glasses and then he drifted off the side in an effort to remove any stress or pressure on the women.

Dawn felt a warm sensation float through her stomach, causing her arms and legs to become a little tingly. The alcohol seemed to put her more at ease, but the movie was still playing audaciously on the screen. It was a mixture of erotic images and animal sounds over the speakers that attracted her attention, which allowed Brenda to gain the upper hand. Dawn stared in disbelief when the scene progressed to where she thrust her leg between Brenda's legs and used her thigh to bring satisfaction to another woman.

Dawn sat on the sofa feeling more helpless by the minute. It was impossible to change the past and the future seemed overwhelming to her now. Although she felt Brenda's dainty hand slip under her blouse, she kept staring at the movie. Dawn didn't move when the woman's fingers lightly caressed her heated flesh until they reached the lacy bra. She held her breath, but her eyes remained riveted on the screen, as Brenda's fingers lifted the bra and cupped her right boob. The woman didn't waste time fondling or teasing and her fingers surrounded a hardened nipple.

Dawn merely sighed when she realized there was no alternative, but yield to the cunning seduction. All of a sudden she felt a determined nudge and signal that she should raise her arms. Dawn acted more like a zombie, as her arms came up, and in a heartbeat her blouse and bra were yanked up and over her head. Left shivering and almost naked, Dawn opened her mouth, as if to protest, but suddenly she was kissed. She lost sight of the humiliating movie and fell back against the leather sofa from a stern shove by Brenda.

Maybe it was the booze; maybe it was the blackmail, or merely the fulfillment of an erotic fantasy, but Dawn didn't struggle or protest. She lay back on the sofa allowing Brenda's head to swoop down to her chest. Dawn felt her inflamed nipple go into the burning mouth and then the skillful tongue went to work. Brenda's tongue rolled the enlarged bud back and forth and then her teeth clamped down on the erect nipple. Dawn almost screamed when Brenda bit hard, but it was stifled when the woman's hand swiftly slipped into the waistband of her skirt.

At the time it was a reflex action when Dawn sucked in her tummy, which gave plenty of room to Brenda. The woman thrust her hand deep into the panties until her fingers hit the immense wetness. Dawn's legs were together but there was still room for Brenda's fingers, as they carefully slipped between the soaked labia. Dawn's heartbeat quickened, yet she was a long way from racing out of control.

The journey was one to remember. Dawn felt like the end was a long way off, yet her tummy couldn't stop swirling around madly. Then the woman forced Dawn onto her back and quickly stripped the rest of her clothes. Brenda quickly returned to the passion pit and she used two fingers to pry the labia apart. When she tenderly slipped the upstanding clitoris between her fingers, Brenda squeezed the captured clitty until Dawn's entire focus was on her crotch. Suddenly betrayal and being unfaithful didn't seem so bad to Dawn.

The woman was on a mission. It took Brenda approximately 30 seconds of vigorous twisting of the clit to get Dawn where she wanted her. Brenda slammed the quivering legs apart and she dove for the heart of Dawn's soul. Her mouth immediately closed over the honey-hole and Brenda used her tongue like a small penis.

Dawn arched her back so she could reach the woman's head, which she gingerly put between her hands. She had a fleeting moment where she held Brenda's head trying to display her resistance, but suddenly all seemed hopeless. The woman merely raked the tender clitoris with her sharp teeth and then gobbled the entire pussy-hood into her hot mouth.

Dawn threw herself backwards, as her belly went into convulsions. She was vaguely conscious of Ray who whispered encouragement to his girlfriend, but then her full awareness was on the intense lust. Nothing else mattered, not the guilt, not the shame, only fulfillment. Brenda held the clitoris firmly with her teeth and used her tongue to caress the swollen morsel. She gave a new meaning to the term finger-fucking. Brenda had her long middle finger and forefingers buried and Dawn felt something threatening, which banged against her asshole.

Dawn had no idea how big her clitty was but it felt big enough to explode. The onrushing orgasm sapped all of her strength and seemed to last forever. She heard loud slurping noises, yet she didn't associate them with the expert cunnilingus. Her body was sweat covered causing it to slip and slide all over the leather sofa until her vast internal reservoir emptied.

When her body was completely drained, Dawn didn't resist or try to move away. Hands rolled her onto her side and then forced her off the sofa. She didn't fall on the floor but landed on top of Brenda who had her arms outstretched. The woman caught Dawn with her arms and cradled her in a most loving fashion. Both women were still emotional and aroused and it seemed like the most natural thing to kiss. As the kiss heated up and tongues intertwined, Dawn voluntarily fondled Brenda's breasts. First one boob and then the other until she was satisfied both nipples were extended and hard.

Dawn realized that she had blinders on at the time. She should have known what would happen when she was prone and lying between Brenda's splayed legs. Even without vast experience Dawn knew what to do. She had her fingers on either side of the swollen labia, spreading the pink lips apart. Dawn stared at the puffy clitoris for a second or two before moving forward to engulf the bud with her mouth. She sucked only the clitty into her mouth and rolled it around with the tip of her tongue.

Then she put her finger at the opening by her chin and felt the woman flinch in anticipation. When she inserted two fingers into the honey-hole, Dawn had to let go of the pussy lips and hang onto Brenda's thrashing hips. The woman was already riding a roller coaster before the cunnilingus and it didn't take long for her to reach the pinnacle of desire. An orgasm burst so fast that Dawn barely had time to drink the abundant juices flowing out of Brenda's belly.

Ray took her by surprise, which Dawn would never forget. She was on her stomach bringing ultimate joy to her dear friend and then her legs were spread apart. Suddenly her hips were jerked upward and her knees were positioned about one foot apart on the floor. "It's time, Honey. Time your belly was filled with my prick."

For the first time in her life, Dawn contemplated being unfaithful to her husband with another man. There was little consolation in the fact that she had control over Brenda because any power she had was gone in a heartbeat. The woman was obviously intimidated by her boyfriend, but Dawn realized that she was as well. Brenda had tricked her yet Dawn easily forgave the woman, blaming what happened on Ray.

On her knees with her head still in Brenda's crotch, Dawn didn't do anything in particular to Brenda, as the woman's lust had taken over. She had no way of seeing Ray's wild-eyed awe and the evil grin on his unruly face. Dawn would always remember thinking the man was going to rape her, yet she wondered what Ray looked like. Secretly she had imagined his manhood, but never seen his cock. Suddenly the man rubbed the head of his penis up and down her vulnerable soaked crevice and she couldn't stop him.

Dawn had a hard time breathing, first from the cunnilingus, and then because her heart was beating so rapidly. The anticipation of what she thought Ray would do to her had a drastic affect on her emotions. Then Ray paused with the tip of his cock directly at her opening. He held his cock at the entrance of her pussy for an eternity and seemed to trigger mini tremors erupting so deep inside that they rocked her whole body.

All of a sudden she felt the man's strong fingers digging into her rounded hips. Ray seemed to hold her absolutely still while he gingerly poked her with his hard cock. Dawn held her breath and waited, but he was far too shrewd. Ray was well prepared to prolong his stamina, as he had masturbated when the women ate, and then he swallowed a little blue pill. He wasn't going to miss out on the best night of sex of his life, so he wanted it to last a long time. Ray had only taken Viagra twice before and knew it would enable him to stay hard for hours, which was what he needed on this night.

One thing would haunt Dawn the rest of her life. She had the strongest desire to see it, to look at Ray's cock. Her head filled with visions of the most stellar manhood, which throbbed and pulsed like crazy with her dainty fingers wrapped around the thick shaft. Then she felt it. Dawn couldn't breath and she merely stiffened every muscle in her body. Slowly and almost daring her to retaliate, Ray thrust his hips forward an inch at a time. When he felt the hottest inferno surrounding the entire length of his rod, Ray paused for the briefest moment.

Dawn felt the strange cock inside her reserved being. She knew enough not to move or assist in any way, yet her hips seemed to be ruled by something foreign to her. Abruptly Ray squeezed her waist enabling him to gain the best hold of her flared hips. He jerked his hands back at his pelvis just as he rammed his hips forward. All the air came out of her lungs at once and she was powerless to stop what happened. Dawn felt Ray's random thrusts and pumps indicating his lose of control, yet she didn't hesitate when the initial spasm shot through her loins.

Never in her wildest dreams did Dawn imagine herself having sex with someone other than Harvey. Suddenly she realized her inner being was being filled with a stranger's cum and it proved the end of her willpower. Her hips jerked wildly; seconds later her hips jerked again and then they went out of control. Dawn experienced shame, but she pushed backwards anyway, and yearned for every inch of the male cock buried inside of her womanhood.

"Oh baby, oh baby. Keep shoving that cunt at me, baby. Like that ... just like that."

"Oh gawd, why?"

"Sweet Jesus. What a great fuck."

"No. No."

"I knew you were a slut when I read your stories. A slut who can't get enough cock."

"No. It can't be."

"Christ baby. You're cumming like a slut ... the biggest slut."

"Dear gawd, not like this." The convulsions rocked her body and ravaged her mind, as the orgasm soared to staggering heights.

"Baby. Oh, baby, you're the best fuck ... ever!"

The loud sound of her bare flesh slapping into Ray's was deafening and it seemed to add to her downfall. Her face was fully etched with joy yet it looked like pain to any onlooker. Dawn experienced sex like never before and she held nothing back. Her mouth gaped wide open in an effort to get more air and she emitted animal sounds, which were not very ladylike. Dawn was long past caring about acting morally and the ecstasy took control of her spirit.

Ray didn't care if he hurt his girlfriend's feelings. His only concern at that moment was to relieve the great pressure on his balls, which were very swollen. The earlier handjob when he jerked himself off had helped his stamina, but nothing lasted forever. Every time he thrust his cock to the hilt and pulled back on Dawn's hips, he jettisoned cum deep into the burning inferno. He continued pumping his hips wanting the intercourse to last an eternity and it seemed that it did to the battered woman.

Dawn's upper body was on the floor with her face turned sideways, so she could breathe. Ray used her knees, as a balance point, and he rocked her back and forth in tune with his pumping hips. It was the first time Dawn realized the doggie position allowed for such great penetration of a man's cock. She might have saved a little dignity if it wasn't for Brenda's cunning molestation. The woman lay on the floor beside Dawn and her hands kept up a constant assault.

Brenda not only fondled the hanging tits, she thrust one hand into Dawn's defenseless crotch. She coveted one tiny morsel, which was left exposed because of Dawn's precarious position. Brenda pinched the clitoris with her fingers and watched the woman's stomach heave frantically in and out, as the obvious lust flourished for the longest time.

In the end there were three totally exhausted bodies intertwined on the carpeted floor. Dawn had an inclination to clean herself or at least put some clothes on, but that never happened. She was too tired to do anything and merely closed her eyes, as if to shut out the rest of the world. Visions of what had transpired and of her infidelity flashed into her head, but her brain was too weary to keep them for long.

The most astonishing incident of the evening happened much later. The stimulants Ray had taken were still working and he shoved his rock-hard cock in Dawn's face. Ray demanded she give him a blowjob much to her trepidation. Dawn had on occasion given her husband one, but not regularly. She wasn't fond of having the sticky chizz all over her face and body so she didn't like sucking cock. Abruptly Ray rubbed his hard-on across her cheek and then he rolled onto his back in absolute readiness.

Not only was it the first time she sucked another man's cock, but also it was the first time that she joined another woman in such fornication. If such a thing had happened before this affair, Dawn would have been totally repulsed. Suddenly she had a thick, hard cock in her fist and held it up in the air as if presenting a proud prick for someone's approval. Dawn took turns with Brenda holding Ray's stellar cock and sucking it, as the foreplay drove Ray crazy.

Ray was in his glory with two sexy women paying homage to his illustrious manhood. He often received good blowjobs from his girlfriend, but he preferred the way Dawn did it. Her teeth seemed to get in the way and raked across the flared rim on the head of his prick, which drove him crazy. Ray would always remember the moment when he climaxed. Dawn's mouth was over his cock at the time and she was sucking it tenderly with two or three inches inside her steamy mouth. She proved a real trooper, as her cheeks puffed out, and then she heroically swallowed every ounce of the creamy cum.

Near the end Dawn was literally knocked away from his cock by Brenda who craved some for herself. His girlfriend managed to drink the last few spurts, as the terrific blowjob drained his tank. Even when she was younger and dating Harvey, Dawn never experienced an all-nighter. Certainly she couldn't phantom a sexual encounter lasting for so many hours. It was by mutual agreement that the night end when it did and Dawn got dressed in a hurry.

Dawn glanced at her watch, as she dressed, and saw it was almost six in the morning. The good thing with her husband out of town was that she didn't have to answer to anyone for getting home so late. The drive home was somber and one that seemed to take forever, as Dawn couldn't get something out of her head. It was a vision of not only being unfaithful but of her actually experiencing numerous orgasms with a man and a woman. To make matters worse, she felt the residue draining out of her precious womanhood and knew it was male semen staining her panties.

At the movies - The First Hour!

Dawn felt sick. She could still hear what Ray said at the end of the worst night of her life. "You'll hear from me. I'll email you during the week and outline my blackmail demands." Ray had no qualms about using the term blackmail, as he wanted Dawn to know she was powerless, and that he controlled her destiny. "Let me warn you. I don't like being disobeyed. The only way to keep everything a secret is to follow my demands."

Now Dawn stared at the computer screen and at the message boldly stated in the email. Ray's note was long but Dawn tried to get through it without crying.

'Friday night was beautiful and I'm sure by the way you reacted that you had a fantastic time. I can still see you quivering during your orgasm when my cock was buried inside your belly. Can you remember that climax???'

Dawn paused for a brief moment trying to recompose herself. Her head filled with visions of how she actually experienced an earth-shaking orgasm with a stranger. A man who was not her husband! She vividly remembered being on her hands and knees in spectacular doggie fashion and acting like an animal. It took numerous head shakes to get the images out of her mind so she could continue with Ray's email.

'I've given it a lot of thought and my blackmail demands will have you acting as the heroine in all of your stories. Don't worry about Brenda. She'll do anything I ask and in fact she will even help out if need be. Hell, she loves your pussy just as much as I do.'

Again Dawn paused hoping it was all just a bad dream. 'I think the first time should be a reenactment of your first story. So, Diane! This is what I want you to do and what I want you to wear.'

Dawn could see the man's evil grin when he called her Diane, the heroine from her very first erotic story. She felt sick to her stomach and couldn't imagine doing something so immoral. Diane was a married woman who went to an Adult Movie theater and had sex with strangers. Then Dawn read the rest of the email in shocked dismay, as she learned all of what Ray demanded. The closing line would haunt her forever. 'We'll go out on a date. You, me and Brenda!'

When it came time to get ready for the dreaded rendezvous, Dawn had a hard time getting dressed. Not only did she have to wear only a blouse, skirt and shoes, but also she had to dress is such a manner without raising her husband's suspicions. Ray selected a Friday evening, which gave her over a week to prepare so that part was good. The hardest part was telling Harvey a boldfaced lie. Dawn wound up telling him that one of the girls from work was getting married and all the girls were going out to celebrate.

Dawn left the house that night feeling very guilty. It was the first time she had done such a thing that might jeopardize her marriage, but she met the couple at their home as ordered. She knew it was futile to argue with her blackmailer so she turned to Brenda, hoping for a miracle. "Dear gawd, help me," she pleaded. "Don't let him do this to me ... to us!"

At the time, Brenda couldn't look at Dawn. She had betrayed her dear friend and she was well aware of being too intimidated by Ray to fight against his control. "He has so much ... pictures, stories and movies," Brenda whispered. "But he's promised not to let anyone see them if we do what he says."

Ray grinned at the two women and listened to the wasted comments. "C'mon. Let's go to the movies. Did you know 'At The Movies' is one of my favorite stories? 'At the Movies' ... staring Dawn and Brenda."

Dawn glanced back and forth, from Brenda to Ray, before she reluctantly followed the couple out to their car. The drive to the movie was quiet with everyone thinking ahead to what possibilities there were in a darkened, secluded theater. When they parked, Dawn's heart started beating a mile a minute, which caused her to feel weak-kneed. She prayed for some kind of salvation knowing the chances were high that she would be forced into something dreadful.

Dawn wasn't sure why Ray did what he did, but she assumed it was to humiliate his girlfriend while showing her that he was in complete control. When they entered the theater, he immediately selected seats at the rear. Ray sat between the women and seemed to delay things until they were filled with intense anxiety. Then he grabbed Brenda's hand. "You wait here," he whispered to Dawn. "We'll get to watch my little sweetheart give some guy a blowjob."

"But I thought," Brenda whispered.

"Thought what? That you weren't going to suck some cock," Ray replied. "I want both of you to be porno stars."

"But ... but." This time it was Brenda's turn to look at Dawn for some kind of intervention. Both women knew they were powerless to stop Ray, yet it gave them solace knowing they continued to fight. Dawn watched the couple make their way down three rows and then sit beside a male patron. She noticed how Ray whispered in the man's ear and seemed to assure the man that his dreams had come true.

Dawn shivered feeling Brenda's despair. Ray left his girlfriend sitting beside the man and he returned to his seat beside Dawn with the biggest grin on his face. "His name's Rod and the guy already had his cock out," Ray whispered, shocking her out of dreamland. "Guess some guys don't give a shit whose watching. He swears to make sweet Brenda swallow a big load of chizz."

Dawn merely glanced at Ray knowing there was nothing she could do. Then she turned and watched the stranger go to work. Much to her dismay, the man lifted Brenda's blouse and exposed her boobs. Then he slobbered all over the illustrious 34b's making enough noise to draw attention. Dawn glanced around to see many of he moviegoers were now watching the private exhibition instead of the porno movie.

"I thought you'd like to watch first. Before becoming Diane ... the movie slut," Ray whispered. "Look! Two more guys are joining Rod."

Dawn watched in shock and awe, as Brenda became a pawn for three, sex-starved strangers. Although she wrote about a married woman ravaged against her will in the same type of environment, Dawn didn't think actual indiscretions were possible. All of a sudden she watched as Brenda was forced to suck cock. The woman didn't have time to secure her blouse and one of the men groped her exposed tits much to the delight of the rest.

It was easy for the men to shift Brenda off the chair and between the rows of seats. She was forced to kneel between Rod's splayed legs and the man crudely shoved his prick into her face. Rod banged his cock against Brenda's lips hard enough to make them open and then he shoved the entire head into her hot mouth. Dawn noticed Brenda's head bobbing up and down on the man's cock and it was very evident that a blowjob was underway.

Probably the worst part of the gross experience for Dawn was watching the two other men openly fisting their hard cocks in anticipation of getting them sucked by a sexy woman. The two men sat beside the pair and there was no effort to hide the fact they were masturbating. Suddenly Brenda coughed and sputtered and Dawn realized what was happening. Rod's hands were around Brenda's head and he held it firmly positioned on top of his throbbing cock, which spewed molten cum.

There was no respite for Brenda. Once she finished drinking Rod's filthy cum, she was quickly rolled between a second man's legs. Even in the dim lighting, Dawn noticed Brenda's face had tearstains and there were other stains around her mouth. She thought there was a hint of compassion in Brenda's eyes when they stared at each other for a brief second, but then Brenda was forced to suck another cock.

Dawn had never witnessed such brazen molestation. Brenda would most likely be black and blue after being roughly bounced all over the confined area. The man receiving the blowjob gasped and moaned with great elation and it didn't take him long to reach the end of his stamina. Meanwhile the remaining man fisted his prick, as if there was no tomorrow, and he impatiently waited his turn.

Dawn thought Brenda's turmoil couldn't get more degrading, but she was wrong. The woman was red-faced when the last man shoved his erection in her face. He grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled hard enough to indicate he wanted her to suck his cock. In a flash his cock was inside Brenda's mouth and it appeared to go down her throat. There were choking sounds, but they disappeared quickly when the man yanked his pulsating erection out of her mouth.

The man curled his fingers through Brenda's hair and jerked her head backwards. Then he blasted cum all over Brenda's pretty face without any regard for others that may be watching. Ray found the scene thoroughly alluring, but Dawn merely stared straight at the dramatic masturbation, wishing she was somewhere else.

While his girlfriend was satisfying three horny moviegoers, Ray waved his hand in a beckoning motion at a nearby man. In a flash, the stranger was beside Dawn and she felt trapped sitting between two rugged men. What transpired would remain with Dawn for the rest of her life. Ray reached forward and introduced himself and offered his sweetheart to the man. "My wife's sister is the woman sucking that man's cock over there," Ray whispered, pointing towards Brenda. "Now my wife wants some cock of her own."

The man showed more eagerness than patience. "I've heard of this fucking happening ... but never thought it would happen to me."

"Honey! Show the man," Ray whispered. "Undo his pants ... take his cock out and show the man."

"Gawd, not here, please."

"C'mon honey, don't disappoint the man. You know we agreed." Then Ray gave the man permission. "She likes her tits felt. Go ahead ... feel the best tits in the city."

The man didn't need a second invitation. His hands were all over Dawn's chest before she could ward them off and Ray even assisted. Dawn struggled in vain, as her arms were quickly pinned at her sides, and then Ray unbuttoned her blouse. The stranger must have thought he was in heaven. "Sweet mother! What a set of knockers. Man! You're wife's got the biggest ... juiciest tits."

His head was on her chest and all she could do was sit still. Dawn almost squealed out in agony when the man's sharp teeth raked one of her precious nipples. She looked towards Ray, but it was obvious he was not going to help her out. "My sweet Diane has the wettest cunt. Man, I'm not pulling your pisser. Go ahead! Reach under her skirt ... my wife won't mind."

Dawn stared straight ahead trying hard to not display her apparent discomfort. Then she glanced around to see if anyone was looking and much to her horror, Brenda and the three strangers were switching seats. In a flash they moved to the row in front of her and all four ignored the movie. They turned in their seats and watched what was happening to her, which heightened her anxiety.

The stranger didn't need another offer. His hand shot down and under her skirt. "Open your legs for the man," Ray whispered, as he put his face next to hers. He spoke soft and so low that only Dawn could hear. "I said open your legs!"

"Please, no."

"Do it! Spread those beautiful legs, or else. Do you know what will happen if you disobey me?" Ray paused, but kept his lips pressed against her ear so his conversation was very private. "I'll fucking leave you here with these horny bastards."

"Ray, dear gawd, no!"

"I'll tell them my dearest wife wants an orgy," he whispered. "I'll say you're living out a gangbang fantasy and all you want is to get fucked by strangers."

It took Dawn a split second to react. She pondered Ray's demands and quickly decided she was far better off if he stayed with her. Dawn reluctantly obeyed. She reasoned Ray was serious and besides the stranger surely assumed she was a willing participant since he had just molested her boobs and freely groped her crotch. Her legs spread and all of a sudden the stranger's hand cupped her precious pussy. Without any foreplay, the man shoved his finger inside her opening and Dawn felt the ultimate humiliation.

Dawn desperately wanted to close her legs, but she resisted the temptation. Ray continued whispering in her ear and he used threats to ensure she was well aware of his control. She was the perfect puppet. Only she heard the disparaging orders and any disobedience meant the blackmailer would ruin her life. Then she noticed the four leering faces in the next row and the animal lust sent shivers of despair up her backbone.

Suddenly her ordeal worsened. "My sweet wife gives the best blowjob, ever," Ray said to the stranger. "Go ahead. Whip out your cock. Whip it out, man, and my wife will show you what a great cocksucker she is."

Dawn stiffened with the urge to get violently sick. Then she thought about what was happening and quickly decided that this was her best option. She reasoned that two, or maybe three blowjobs and her nightmare might be over. Dawn almost came out of her chair when the stranger embedded his finger to the hilt, as he envisioned Ray's revelation. Then he took his cock out.

That was the moment Dawn realized Ray was the most unscrupulous man she had ever met. He displayed power over his supposed wife by pushing Dawn towards the stranger, as the man waved his cock in the air. "Suck it baby. Show him what a great cocksucker you are."

Her movement was not voluntary, as Ray grabbed her by the head. He guided her head into the man's lap and it was impossible to stop the disgusting sex act. Ray smashed the flared head of the stranger's cock against her lips, which forced her mouth open. In an instant the man's cock was inside Dawn's hot mouth and she either sucked or suffocated, much to the delight of the onlookers.

The only thing going through her disillusioned mind was the possibility of getting caught. What would Harvey or any of her family think of her? Dawn frantically grabbed a firm hold of the prick to prevent it being rammed down her throat and then she tried to suck the man off as fast as possible. She could only imagine what it looked like when she pumped her fist up and down the stranger's thick shaft and kept the head buried deep inside her mouth.

Luckily the man's stamina was sapped by the previous events and in no time she felt his stomach heaving in and out in anticipation of blowing his load. Dawn involuntarily squeezed the throbbing cock for whatever reason and that added to her swift disgrace. Her chokehold prevented ejaculation for a brief moment, but then the burning lava exploded out of the cock. The flood gushed down her throat and she coughed and sputtered trying frantically to catch her breath.

The onlookers stared in awe at the marvelous spectacle. Suddenly Ray twisted her lower torso and then he lifted her skirt. Everyone's focus shifted from the illustrious blowjob to Dawn's brazenly exposed bare ass, which was totally irresistible. Dawn was powerless to stop Ray, as he openly caressed her ass-cheeks. She almost swallowed the stranger's cock when Ray thrust his hand between her legs from behind and instantly groped her defenseless crotch.

Dawn only imagined what it must have looked like to the onlookers. Her blouse still gapped open and her boobs swayed around like crazy, as the stranger filled her mouth with hot cum. Her skirt was up around her waist and her entire backside was exposed to the crowd. What made it ever worse was Ray's overzealous molestation, which rocked her torso around like mad.

She lost track of time. Like any bad incident or horrible nightmare, glimpses of what happened would always be locked in her memory. Even though Dawn tried to forget the sordid incident, some details still made her shudder. She never knew which man fondled her breasts. The man was rough and on a mission to accomplish his dreams in a matter of seconds. He felt her up with both hands on her tits and then seized both nipples with his overbearing fingers. Her precious buds responded by getting extremely hard and erect even though she didn't feel any stimulation from the crude groping.

When Dawn finished with the stranger, she was forced to suck another cock. Ray directed another stranger to take the first man's seat and then he demanded action. There was no hesitation or anything vague about Ray's demands. "Suck it, baby. Show the man how much you love sucking cock." Her head was shoved into the man's lap and in one swift motion his cock was inside her mouth.

Dawn would not easily forget any of the raunchy particulars that happened during the theater affair. She complied with Ray's wishes and gave the stranger a blowjob. Then the man switched positions with another man who demanded equal satisfaction and he too received the most memorable lip service. When Dawn sucked the man's cock, she tried to make herself presentable or at least less seductive, but it didn't work. While she was captive and busy satisfying a man's desires, another stranger took liberties.

"Spread'm!" The comment still sent tremors through her body, as the man ordered her to spread her legs. Dawn remembered having a man's face between her legs and although she was preoccupied, she imagined what others must have thought. Even in the restrictive environment, the man managed to get his tongue between her labia and he let everyone within miles know he was licking a whore's cunt. She would never forget the most degrading time of her life and it was the happiest moment when Ray said it was the end of the chapter.

At the Movies - The Second Hour!

They departed the main theater with Ray walking between the two women. When Ray told Dawn and Brenda that the evening wasn't over, they merely shivered in great disbelief. "They have a small theater ... for private showings," he explained. "Now it's time for my lovely girls to perform for an audience."

It was Brenda who spoke up. "Ray! For the love of God, you can't be serious. We've done enough. Please don't do this."

Ray completely ignored his girlfriend's pleas, as he shoved her towards a door. "Dawn's story has more, much more. Now it's time for another chapter," he said with a snicker. "Sweetheart, this cost me a lot of money, but I'm sure to get it back once these perverts see some pussy."

Both women were stunned and they simply stood beside the blackmailer, as their feet seemed nailed to the floor. Ray opened the door and he used defining gestures to get them into a small room. Brenda and Dawn took the room in with concerned glances and there seemed to be an aura that sent panic through both women. Bright spotlights were directed at a raised platform, which was made up like a big, messy bed. The covers were strewn around and it was obvious that Ray expected them to perform on a stage.

"Ray, you said just the theater ... not this," Brenda pleaded. "I've ... we've done everything and more. Please not this." She was afraid to say more for fear of Dawn finding out that she was in on Ray's initial blackmailing scheme.

Again Ray ignored her pleas. "Don't worry about the cops. I've paid for a private showing and only the four guys who sat with us are invited," he whispered. Ray had a big grin on his face and his confident manner made Dawn weak in the knees, as he motioned towards the bed.

Brenda was as shocked as Dawn. One complete wall consisted of a mirror, which was obviously made of two-way glass. At the moment, the light was on in an outer room and there were silhouettes of three or four men moving around behind the glass. Dawn could hear them talking and loud comments about being able to watch two sexy lesbians made her shudder.

Dawn was more interested in the outer room and failed to recognize Ray plotting her downfall. He whispered instructions to Brenda who was overly concerned for her own safety and willing to do whatever Ray demanded, as long as it was in her best interests. Before Dawn had time to react, Brenda along with Ray's assistance guided her across the room to the bed. Any struggle seemed hopeless to Dawn, as the couple each grabbed one of her arms, and quickly removed her blouse. Then to her despair, Ray held both of her arms while his girlfriend stripped Dawn's skirt.

If being stripped and left shivering wasn't bad enough, Ray punctuated her humiliation in a hurry. "I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. Show the guys a porno show they won't forget," he whispered. "If it's good ... and I mean really good, then I won't turn the horny bastards loose."

"I can't. I just can't do anymore," Dawn whispered.

"Look honey. You either perform and put on a show the guys, love, or I'll give hubby a movie he won't soon forget."

"No. Please don't do this. I'll pay you."

"Save your money, honey. I promised the guys they could watch two of the sexiest lesbian sisters."

"But I'm not."

"I don't give a shit. You're sexy ... you're naked ... and you're the horniest bitch I know. So do it, or you'll regret ever meeting me!"

"No, please no."

"The guys are waiting and you've pissed me off with your silly-ass delay. Now you have to climax. Orgasm when my darling girlfriend eats you out, or else I'll let everyone of these bastards fuck your ass."

The door slammed shut when Ray departed, leaving Dawn totally desperate. Escape didn't appear possible and her only option seemed compliance. The lights had been turned off in the outer room and Dawn stared at her and Brenda's reflections in the darkened mirror. Then Ray's voice sounded very clearly from the other side. "Now you guys get ready for the biggest thrill of your life ... as my wife gets her sexy snatch eaten out by her sister."

Dawn heard Ray's disparaging comments, but it took her too long to respond. Her future lay in the hands of Brenda who abruptly stripped naked and turned into Ray's faithful puppet. When Brenda started fondling and trying to seduce her, Dawn merely stood beside the makeshift bed, glancing around as if looking for a way out. Then Dawn was hit by the harshest revelation. If she didn't react and take charge, Brenda would.

All of a sudden Brenda grabbed her from behind. The woman pointed Dawn's front directly at the mirror and then she cupped one of the luscious, bare boobs. Brenda squeezed the titty between her hands and aimed the end with the elongated nipple at the secret onlookers. In a flash, Brenda rotated around Dawn's shoulder and shrewdly turned so they were both sideways to the mirror.

Dawn was dumbfounded when her friend used her teeth to hold the proud nipple. Then Brenda bared her teeth and she must have looked like a rabid animal, as she stretched the erect bud out so far it brought loud cheers from the other room. It was the first time Dawn listened to the crowd and it didn't take long before their boisterous encouragement spurred Brenda to glorious heights. Every time the woman left a mark or a blemish on Dawn's velvety skin, the crowd yelled.

Brenda quickly ran out of patience. She twisted and shoved Dawn at the same time, which caused her to collapse. Dawn tripped on the edge of the bed and fell flat on her back with the young woman on top of her. She was mystified by how men got so enthused and overly aroused by not only lesbian sex but also forced sex. Every time she put a hand up to protect herself, Brenda slapped it away much to the delight of the cheering men. When the woman rammed her thigh between Dawn's, the crowd got even more enthusiastic.

Dawn was oblivious to how long it took. It might have been minutes or perhaps hours, but eventually she felt tiny spasms rocking her inner being. She would forever remember the dramatic theater sex and any flashback would prove demoralizing. The signs of eminent lust were frightening, yet she was powerless to stop what Brenda was doing to her. When the woman's scorching mouth sucked hard on her throbbing clitoris, Dawn felt her control fade away.

To the intense enjoyment of the crowd, Brenda's cunnilingus proved outstanding. Every man had a raging hardon watching the sexy young woman ravage the goddess who they all wanted to fuck. It was when Brenda used a slow and deliberate finger-fucking that the crowd grew silent. They watched breathlessly, as the crazed woman brought the goddess to the brink, and then finished her off.

The sight of the sharp teeth holding the delicate, pink morsel was priceless. Nobody moved or nobody breathed when Brenda pulled on the clitty and stretched it outward like a thick elastic band. When the goddess cried, the crowd cried out loud. They cheered, as the rapist used her fingers like a weapon, and fucked the helpless woman. It was an orgasm they would all remember, especially when their coveted friend joined the fray.

Ray couldn't miss a glorious opportunity to display his control. He was like a cat sneaking into the room, as he hovered next to the bed. He leaned close to Dawn and put his face next to hers. "Can you hear them? They all want the pretty slut to get fucked by her young mistress."

The intense convulsions caused Dawn great agony, but it was nothing compared to the discomfort of Ray's humiliation. Her body twisted and turned and the onlookers loved the way she seemed to fight her molester. "No, dear gawd, make it stop."

"I can see it. Everyone can see it. You're creaming all over Brenda's tongue and her puny cock," Ray whispered. "I love watching you climax. You did the right thing, honey. Now I won't tell your husband about your secret life."

Ray made Dawn think she was doing the right thing. All of a sudden he grabbed her arms and pinned them up and over her head. Probably the most amazing thing for Dawn was how she got treated like a cheap whore and it resulted in an orgasm she would never forget. Somehow her head turned to face the black mirror and although she couldn't see the onlookers, she heard them. The cheers were continuous, as they encouraged the young mistress whose cunnilingus and finger-fuck were almost animalistic.

Ray stared at the swaying tits, which looked overly seductive when Dawn's chest heaved like mad. He witnessed lust in the purest form, as his girlfriend molested the sensitive clitty and savagely fucked the sexy lady. Brenda used her hand like a battering ram and thrust her fingers to the hilt, which rammed Dawn's hips into the soft mattress. When Dawn's hips rebounded and bounced back hard, Brenda was merciless in her efforts to make Ray happy.

Even as the last moans and sighs of complete exhaustion sounded in the room, Ray plotted the next sly maneuver. He left the bed and opened the door as an invitation to the four men. Just as they entered the room, Ray put his hand in the center of the first man's chest. "My wife is off limits ... but not her sister. Help yourself. We'll stick around just to make sure you don't seriously harm her."

All of a sudden Ray grabbed the naked woman's hand. He sternly jerked Dawn's arm and brought her to her feet. Dawn had no idea what was happening, but she knew her fate rested entirely in Ray's hands. She was the most relieved woman in Seattle when her blackmailer intervened and saved her from the sex-starved strangers. Ray spoke very specific and bluntly to the four men. "My wife wants to watch ... watch from the other room. Her sister gives great head, as you already know, and she loves a good gangbang."

Brenda remained on the bed. She never dreamed that her boyfriend was so devious as to leave her all alone with strangers. Suddenly she faced the dire consequences of satisfying four men all by herself and couldn't believe Ray's drastic actions. Brenda pleaded with her eyes, as she looked at her boyfriend for sympathy when the men closed in around her. One of the men actually had his zipper down with his cock out already and he fisted the flaccid penis trying to turn it into an erection.

When the man moved closer and rubbed his cock against her flesh, Brenda shuddered. Her only option was to make a big scene, but that wasn't her nature so she cowered to one side of the makeshift bed. Then to her absolute horror, Ray left the room with Dawn and Brenda's world closed in around her.

Ray guided Dawn out of the room and into the outer room. It was the first time in her life that Dawn watched others having sex. She immediately noticed the smoky glass and stared through it at the already besieged Brenda. It was very apparent that Brenda was in the middle of a gangbang as all four men molested her. None of them took their clothes off, but merely acted like they were ravaging a cheap slut.

It was a sequence of events that made Dawn thankful she wasn't in the room with Brenda. She felt sorry for the woman yet there wasn't anything she could do to help her. One of the men shoved his cock in Brenda's face and forced her to open her mouth. In no time a blowjob commenced and the poor woman had no choice but suck the throbbing penis. Another man fisted his cock with one hand and he used the other to grope Brenda's boobs.

Dawn watched the gangbang with her heart pounding away in her chest. First it was a blowjob in which Brenda made a stranger's dreams come true and then she sucked a second cock. The man's face was contorted with great pleasure and his stamina was short-lived, as he blew his load into Brenda's mouth. That was when the gangbang got horribly out of control for Brenda. She was forced onto her back and a man was between her legs in a heartbeat.

The intercourse was bad enough but what made Dawn shrink with dismay was how the other three men acted. Each man held Brenda captive and Dawn witnessed a full-fledged screwing, as the man pounded his cock in and out of the enslaved woman. Brenda's arms were pinned on the bed and her legs were held far out to the sides allowing the man complete freedom. Dawn felt Brenda's utter helplessness and she was sure of dieing if she were gangbanged in a similar fashion.

Dawn was positive her eyes were very bloodshot from staring intently at the lewd affair. Suddenly her eyes bugged out when the last man did the unthinkable. He grabbed Brenda's slender hips and rolled her over. Then he spread her legs and it was obvious what he planned. The man used Brenda as his bitch and humped her from behind without any regard for her feelings. Although Dawn wrote about anal sex in some of he stories, she had to admit that she wasn't the biggest fan of someone fucking her ass. When the man shoved his erection at Brenda's ass, Dawn almost pleaded with Ray to stop the immoral and disgusting sexual intercourse.

Ray deviously let Brenda get ravaged by strangers, but he didn't allow any of them to screw his most cherished prize. He imagined Dawn being extremely grateful for not being fucked like Brenda and his warped mind thought she would be more receptive to his blackmail demands. Ray wanted Dawn to like him and even think of him as an intimate friend.

Thankfully rescuing Brenda was easy. Once the last man finished dumping his load inside his girlfriend, Ray rushed into the room. He already had Brenda's clothes, which he tossed to her. Then he ordered her to get dressed before hurriedly dragging her out of the room while telling the four strangers that the gangbang was over.

Dawn hoped she would never have to relive the story, 'At The Movies, ' again. The thought of enduring more of Ray's blackmail was frightening and she worried about further demands the man would make regarding her other stories. The ride back to the couple's home was nerve wracking, but nothing compared to the drive home. It was a one-hour drive and Dawn used the entire time to go over the story she planned telling her husband once she got home.

I plan for at least one more chapter reenacting more of my erotic stories. Brenda started me on this trail of erotic bliss and I thank her for giving me the inspiration.

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