Friends Come First
Chapter 1

"Hey girlfriends! What's shakin?" Jordan gushed as she approached her two twenty-something friends sitting at a dark-wooded booth in Dingo's Sports Bar.

Jordan and three of her friends/co-workers; Shelly, Pam and Emily met nearly every Friday after work to catch up on gossip, eat their fill of munchies and to see how many free drinks they could rack up from all the appreciative men who frequented this normally male haven.

Young, pretty, well proportioned girls were in short supply at Dingo's so the bartender was very attentive insuring the munchies were in constant supply but still only charged the girls for one or two orders. He knew he would more than make up for the loss through the drinks that men at the bar constantly sent over to the girls' table.

The girls had asked that the drinks be kept weak so they could drink more and still maintain some semblance of self-control. Since he had a vested interest in their repeat business he always complied with their requests. Keep the customer happy – especially when it was in the bar's best interest.

The girls were hit on pretty regularly but that was the general idea. If a guy showed his appreciation through free drinks and could hold his own in lively, interesting conversation he might ... just might, get rewarded by having one (or more) of the girls accompany him to his bed for a night of fun and pleasure. A fact that Phil, the bartender would readily point out to any male that showed interest.

Tonight the girls had other thoughts on their mind. "Did you hear about Vicky Summers?", Pam asked her two friends, starting the gossip part of the evening. "I heard from John in accounting that she was served with divorce papers today at the office."

"No shit, really?", said Shelly, her big brown eyes open wide with surprise. "OMG that sucks. Not only getting nailed with divorce papers but having it done in front of everyone at work. Damn, that's rude."

"Yeah, but speaking of getting nailed, the word is that her husband, Mike, caught her fucking Jake Preston in their house. In their bed!!"

"Ummmm, I did hear a rumor that Vicky and Jake were doing the nasty pretty regularly. No one actually witnessed it or anything but the rumor was pretty persistent." mused Pam shaking her head. "What the fuck did Vicky see in Jake? He's an arrogant, lying asshole as far as I can tell."

"Yeeeaah, he is a bona fide dick-head, but it's not whats in his head but in his pants that she was after.", snickered Jordan. "Have either of you fucked Jake?"

Pam shook her head scowling while Shelly stayed perfectly still and said nothing but her silence spoke loudly.

Jordan sort of grinned knowingly at Shelly and turned to Pam saying, "Well, as RUMOR has it, old Jakey packs a pretty sizable fuck stick and isn't too shy about sharing it. Not that WE would know ... Right Shelly?", teased Jordan.

Shelly just stuck her tongue out at Jordan and smiled a small sly smile.

Pam piped up, "Look, a casual fuck is one thing – if you're single. But looking for strange when you're married is a whole other beehive. Especially if your husband is anything like Mike Summers! What a catch!"

"I worked with him for a while and he's a real great, sweet guy. He's funny, smart, a real hunk and he has a great job. What more could a gal want!"

"I would let him fuck me in the middle of Main Street during rush hour if I thought that would make him interested in me. He's a real stud muffin in my book.", Pam continued, on a roll now.

"What in the fuck was Vicky thinking. The stupid slut deserves to lose him. What a dumb-assed bitch!!", Pam spat forcefully, nearly hyper-ventilating.

Jordan quipped, "Yup, that's a fact. Stupid bitch fucked up her life for a quick romp in the sack with a brainless loser."

"As soon as she got the papers she was sobbing hysterically and asked to leave, saying she had to go to see her parents. She ran off like a kid to her Mommy and Daddy. Spoiled brat that she is.", Jordan sighed and looked off dreamily, "Mmmmm. Mike IS a hottie. I'd marry him in a heartbeat."

Shelly suddenly gasped, "You know what this means, girls?! Mike Summers will soon be back on the market, so to speak. Vicky's loss can be my ... errr, our gain."

Pam and Jordan smiled slightly wicked smiles and said almost simultaneously, "Ohhhh, yeah! Let the games begin.". They all raised their glasses in salute.

They all laughed a little at this interplay as three new drinks were presented by the bartender announcing that the drinks came from the big guy in the blue suit at the bar. The girls raised the drinks in acknowledgment of their newest benefactor and giggled whether the guy really thought he could handle all three of them. They went back to their discussion.

Soon, Pam looked a bit thoughtful and asked, "Does Emily know about Vicky and the divorce? You know how close she is to Vicky. Like sisters ... Where is she anyway? Wasn't she coming tonight?"

Jordan nodded a little and said, "As far as I knew she was coming but she has been stuck in board meetings for three days taking dictation and she then has to transcribe the notes to prepare some documents."

"She probably won't be here for another half hour. She's got a good job but when she has to do the board meeting transcripts she has to work her ass off. I guess every silver lining has it's cloud."

"Guys, we need to be careful about what we say about Vicky in front of Emily. Vicky may be a scum sucking ... or cock sucking, cheating slut but she really is a nice person.", Shelly quipped, grinning widely.

They all laughed at Shelly's joke but Shelly broke in saying, "No, seriously guys we don't want to offend Emily by making fun of her friend."

They all nodded in agreement. Jordan said softly, "I think we should tell her what we know in case she hasn't heard. Since she's been tied up the past three days she probably hasn't talked to Vicky. I worked the board meetings with her one time and I thought it was going to kill me. It's fucking grueling work."

" ... Shhhhh heads up. Emily just came in. Be cool ladies."

Emily saw her friends and waved acknowledgment striding confidently towards their booth with a friendly smile. She took in the fact that most eyes in the place were on her so she straightened up a bit taller and pushed her sizable chest out a bit for effect. Her red hair flowed slightly behind her and only served to heighten the effect. Emily looked a bit tired but her little strut did wonders to enliven her and brighten the bar's atmosphere as she approached the booth.

"Hey, there Emily. Looking hot, girl. Damn, you do know how to make an entrance.", Pam said admiringly.

"Hi, girlfriends. Sorry I'm so late. Ya'll been waiting long?", Emily said in her soft Southern drawl.

Shelly piped up with a warm smile,"We don't wait, girl, we started without you."

"Good, that means I've got some catching up to do and I'm in need of some liquid comfort after the week I've had.", Emily sighed loudly and visibly relaxed as she took her seat in the booth.

The four friends caught up on how each was doing and continued a pleasant banter for a while talking about nothing important as at least three rounds of drinks and new finger foods were delivered to the table.

The bartender hung around for a while ostensibly to insure all was well and they were taken care of but it was very obvious that he was really there to be as close as possible to the stunning vision that had just walked in.

Emily IS beautiful. Long, strawberry blond hair with soft curls that played around her face. Her vivid green eyes held you captive if you made eye contact. Her body was tight, toned curves on top of softly muscled long legs. She was femininity personified and to top it off she was a sweet, caring person as well. Her soft voice with that gentle Southern accent could melt the telephone in your hand if she was on the other end. Emily was special and everyone knew it but her.

The bartender was a puppy dog at her beckon call and she endeared herself to him even more by touching his hand and saying, "Thank you, Phil. You are always so good to us. You're a sweetie."

Phil beamed and said, "Anything you ladies need you just let me know." He trotted back to the bar with a lot of spring in his step.

"Damn, girl. How do you do that. You could have asked him for his car and he would have handed over the keys and title without even asking why. You should teach classes.", Pam gushed. "I love to watch men melt at your feet."

"Oh, stop Pammy. I just like to show people I appreciate what they do for lil ol' me is all.", Emily said playfully.

"Think I should ask him what kind of car he drives?", Emily said, eyes twinkling.

They all giggled a bit at that and went on catching up.

Jordan was the one to finally broach the subject of Vicky and Mike. "Have you talked to Vicky lately?"

Emily looked at her friends quizzically as they all waited for her answer.

"Not since Monday. I've been too busy to talk to anyone.", Emily said guardedly. " ... Why? What's going on? What's happened?", Emily asked nervously because of the way they were all looking at her.

Jordan paused and then stated matter-of-factly, "Vicky was served with divorce papers today at the office."

"Oh, God, no!", Emily gasped. "She must be devastated ... Mike must have found out about her ... her ... indiscretions. How will she survive this. Oh, God. What is she going to do."

Emily shook her head, mumbled softly and tried to get a grasp of the enormity of this news and the effect on her friend. She sat quietly deep in thought for a time and continued to shake her head sadly.

The others watched her intently for a bit and then each decided to allow Emily some time to her thoughts and began a soft conversation among the three of them.

Abruptly, Emily pulled out her cell phone and punched some keys.

"Hi ... yes, it's me. I just heard what happened ... You OK sweetie? ... No, of course you're not. I'm so very sorry. What can I do? ... Want me to come over? ... No, you should not be alone right now, this is too big, too painful ... Oh, sweetie ... You go right ahead and cry ... I'm coming over. I can be there in 15 maybe 20 minutes ... No, that's what friends are for. I'm coming over and I won't take no for an answer ... Oh, you poor dear ... I'm leaving now. Hang on sweetie, I'm on my way. Bye bye."

Emily closed her phone and sighed heavily. She began immediately to gather her things.

"I'm so sorry girls, but I have to go, I have a friend in desperate need of a shoulder. How much do I owe?", Emily panted as she pulled out her wallet.

"Don't be silly, Emily. We got this. You didn't eat anything anyway. You just go take care of Vicky. Give her our love and ask her if there is anything we can do.", Shelly waved her hands in a gesture of sweeping her out and stood up to give Emily a hug.

"Vicky is very lucky to have a friend like you. You're a doll, babe. Now get out of here and do what you can."

Emily hugged her friends and rushed out of the bar blowing a kiss and a wave to Phil. All eyes in the place followed her out.

The three girls settled down and began discussing general topics but the conversation tended to drift back to Mike and Vicky.

Half an hour passed quickly under the haze of more drinks. The girls were starting to feel the effects by now. The conversation waxed and waned but always seemed to come back to Vicky and Mike. Mostly about how unworthy Vicky was of Mike and how they would all go after Mike once Vicky was history.

Pam suddenly sat upright. "Did you say something about Vicky going to her parents today?"

"Yes, I heard her say she was going to her parents as she was leaving the office. She was pretty broken up.", Jordan stated quizzically, wondering what Pam was thinking.

"I happen to know that Vicky's parents live in Tampa, Florida which is what ... five or six hours away? Unless Vicky didn't go to see her parents, Emily couldn't be going to see her.", Pam mulled.

There was silence in the group for a bit as their alcohol soaked brains took in and processed this new information.

"Shit! She's not going to help Vicky! She's going to see Mike!!", Shelly suddenly blurted out.

"Shit!", the other two spat out.

"Phil, can we get the check please, we need to go!!"

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