Gwen's Odyssey
Chapter 1: Beginnings

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Black Female, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Beginnings - Follow pretty Gwen through her trials and tribulations, incest problems, being the plaything of her nephews, giving in to her submissive side and finally finding some hope for her life.

She realized that she had gone into one of her periodic moody silences, as she sat with a cup of coffee. She had the day off and fully didn't want to waste it brooding about Elmer again.

"Elmer," she thought to herself, "What ever possessed her to marry a man named Elmer in the first place?" That did bring a smile to break up her mood but the smile was not enough. She decided that she needed to get out, get out somewhere and get beyond herself, so to speak. And certainly she needed to get beyond fucking Elmer.

At times like this Gwen Warren's thoughts normally found their way back to Uncle Billy. But she didn't know if he was the cause of the problem or the real alternative to the problem, leaving poor, dumpy Elmer to take the blame, or at least most of it.

She grew up with Uncle Billy as her baby sitter, and it was growing up in the strangest way possible. She recalled those times, those occasions all too well, when her mom and dad would be off on one of their field trips and she'd go to live with Uncle Billy, who was relatively nearby.

She remembered that she was not at first very nice or polite to Uncle Billy. But she had never, ever expected his reaction. It was that first time that set the stage for everything else, and very possible set the stage for her own development too.

"Fine, girly," he'd said, "Just fine, you act bad around here and you'll be treated bad around here."

She had looked at him defiantly and, with her eyes, dared him to do anything. He did. He had taken her by the arm and almost dragged her to her room. She simply stared at him in defiance, trying to pin him back with the kind of scornful look that only a teen aged girl can manage.

What he did was a complete surprise, and Gwen's education began. He grabbed her tee shirt at its base and simply pulled it off of her, leaving her standing in her bra and shorts with a surprised open mouth.

"What... ?" she started to say but his growled "Shut up, girly!" was so vehement that she lapsed into quiet and simply stared.

Then he unbuttoned the waist band of her shorts and let them fall to the ground. He snatched up the shorts with a hand and threw them aside. She was too astonished to say or try to do anything, as he whipped her around and unhooked and took off her bra, leaving her wearing only a pair of yellow cotton panties, and those had a rip at her hip, where the elastic was ripped from the yellow cotton material.

"If you're going to act like 'Little Miss Badass'," he'd said to her, "Then you damn well can dress like her."

She looked down at the rip, and then she looked up at him and she began to cry. This was the last thing that he had expected.

And she knew, she simply knew why she was crying. It had nothing to do with what he said to her or even what he did to her. She cried because the yellow cotton panties were so ugly.

He had looked at her, the anger melting from his face and simply asked her: "What?"

She looked up at him and was no longer the teenaged rebel but a young woman with a suffering look on her face. Through her tears she said:

"They're so ugly! Why do you have to see me wear them, when they're so ugly?"

Billy was taken aback by her out burst; he went to her and put his arms around her. In a softening tone he said:

"You're right, girly; that they are. But you wear them for this day; it's part of what you get for being so badassed with me, and tomorrow we shop for new, nice ones."

Her face brightened a bit at that, and she shook her head 'yes' amid her tears.

Gwen secretly realized, as she moved around that day, that she loved what he'd done to her. She always felt not noticed, overlooked, most of the time, not even there. Here she was the very center of Uncle Billy's attention. It was such a strange thing for her because, as she thought about it, and reflected on it even later, the heart of her attachment for Uncle Billy, which began then, was the fact that he always told her what to do. She loved that; she didn't know why, nor could she explain it beyond the fact that she just loved to be told what to do by him.

The shopping for panties was a success. She loved the new colors and fabrics and designs. She made a point, the next day, of bringing her ugly cotton panties to where Uncle Billy was and throwing them away in front of him. Then she said a kind of shy 'thank you.'

The scene was a strange one; she was feeling shy in front of him, after yesterday's incident and she was hoping that he would say something, do something. Once she got rid of the panties, he went back to the book he was reading.

He looked up and stared at her for a bit, and finally got an exasperated look on his face, and said:

"Good then, show me." His manner was gruff but it brought a smile to Gwen's face. "Can I, Uncle Billy?" she said quietly.

"I just told you to, girly, so do what you're told."

"How?" she wanted to know and he understood.

Exasperated again, he said to her: "The way I taught you before."

"Yes, sir," she said, and pulled her tee shirt off, dropping it on the floor.

"Don't be so messy, girly," he said to her, "Fold your clothes."

"Yes, sir," she said to him, and picked up the tee shirt to fold it.

This was then followed by her bra, which too was carefully folded and added to the pile that began with her tee shirt. Next went her shorts; they too were nicely folded. She stood there then, grinning at him; she wore only a new pair of pink bikini panties with lace trim at the waist. She put her arms out and spun around for him.

Billy laughed and clapped his hands for her.

Gwen was swept up in this; she loved what was happening. It didn't have to be dwelt upon or explained. He was in charge of her, from the moment of the punishment of two days ago and that was enough for her. After her impromptu fashion show, they settled down to watch tv. She felt at ease with it, mainly because she believed he wanted her to be this way. They sat companionably on the couch and watched tv. He causally dressed; she just in her panties.

Billy became a kind of iconic figure for Gwen. Things had to be run past Billy, asked of Billy; his approval secured. She was a bit of a late bloomer but was very pleased, when she was 16 going on 17, with the development of her breasts. She grew to a lovely and firm 38c. On one of her trips to visit with Billy, when it was evening and they were going to watch tv, she looked at him speculatively and said:

"Uncle Billy, I ... uh ... want to show you something."

"Yes, girly," he said to her, "Go ahead show me."

"You won't be mad at me, if I do ... if I kind of ... uh take my top off?" she asked in a tiny voice, awash with nervousness.

"Just do it, girly and don't hem and haw so."

That's all she needed to hear. She hauled her tee shirt off and then her bra, with her back to him and then with a loud 'ta da', she spun around, with her arms spread wide to show him how much her breasts had grown.

Billy laughed. Then he said to her: "Make it a real show, girly; show this old man how beautiful his girly is; take off the shorts also."

"K," Gwen said with obvious pleasure at doing what he was telling her to do. The shorts were unbuttoned, and down and off they went. She now presented herself to him, breasts naked and only wearing red panties.

"My girly's gorgeous!" he enthused and she melted into his arms.

But she wasn't quite finished. She moved closer to him and with both hands pulled on the elastic waist band of the panties, pulling them out for him to peer down.

"See my hair!" she said without a trace of shame.

Billy laughed even harder and said to her: "My girly has a very pretty pussy too."

Gwen dropped a curtsey to him and then snuggled with him on the couch to watch tv.

This was the way that Gwen and Uncle Billy were; they way they got along; the way they acted. His gruffness on that first occasion, when he made her strip to those cotton panties, set the relationship for the way it would be, for what it would become. It was always that way. It was the kind of thing that Gwen only could return to, when she had been plunged into sorrow that made her doubt herself, her worth, her attractiveness, all of it. Before she got there, got to the good part, she had to suffer Elmer.

Elmer was Gwen's disaster. He was a momma's boy. Gwen had mistook his quietness for quiet devotion for her that included all the physical possibilities that she had only wished for and skirted around with Uncle Billy. But Elmer turned out to be not physical at all. The bedroom always was dark, when Gwen didn't have her clothes on. He was stern about that. On their very wedding night he expressed a profound distaste for physical love and said that he hoped they didn't have to sink to those kind of acts to make their marriage a success.

With Gwen he wasn't demonstrative at all. Elmer was in his own world. He was in constant touch with his parents, talking to his mother on the phone daily.

The true turning point for them was a time, when Gwen decided that she needed to be more forth coming in their physical relationship. She slipped into bed one night with nothing on. She rubbed her hip against Elmer's side. He reacted:

"What are you wearing?" he demanded to know.

"Nothing, dear," she said softly.

Then, while Elmer was still in a state of shock, she moved and grabbed his soft penis with her hand and took the head of it into her mouth. She'd heard enough about giving blow jobs, and secretly loved the very words 'blow job' but had never tried it.

Elmer reacted as though he were burnt. He sat up immediately and shouted at Gwen:

"Why you damn slut! What are you doing with your whore mouth?"

Gwen had two reactions. She was jolted positively jolted by his language. The words, the names that he was calling her went through her and made her wetting between her legs in a way that she had almost never been before. And she was devastated by the hatred that he evinced toward her.

Elmer never calmed down. In private he would, when angry, refer to her as 'the slut.'. He never knew that the word, the name turned her on so. And finally, after two years of agony, Elmer went back to his mother.

In a meeting with their lawyers, Elmer tried to demonstrate for Gwen's lawyer that she was too depraved to live with; he mentioned her taking his 'penis', was the word he used, into her mouth once. His lawyer was embarrassed, and an amicable settlement was made. Elmer went back to his mother.

By then Gwen was working for Uncle Billy's business. She was an accountant with the firm and very, very good at it. She took a temporary apartment, while looking for a place that she'd like but she was not a whole person. Elmer's scorn still was her scourge.

She had some time coming and took a vacation week. She made the only decision that she thought was reasonable. She went to visit Uncle Billy.

It was always Uncle Billy. From her earliest age her parents had always been in the field and were seldom around. When she got to his place, he folded her into his arms first thing and let her cry, until she was done. Then he spoke to her:

"Out to dinner, girly, me and my best gal; when you're all ready, we'll talk about this. But out to dinner first. You look fine, just let me change a bit."

They went to a small Italian place and had a nice table in a shadowy corner. Billy spoke first to Gwen:

"Business first, dear," he began, "You can talk to me about what's happening and why any time you're ready. It doesn't have to be today. You just take your time."

He paused and then began again: "But business: Cal Schwieler has given his notice; he intends to retire."

Cal was her immediate boss, and she said right away: "He'll be missed, Uncle Billy, he's so good at what he does."

"Well, he doesn't seem to think that he'll be missed all that much at all," Billy said. "You see, Cal, has told me and the Board that you are doing so well with the accounts that it's a natural time for him to step down. They already have approved Cal's recommendation that you replace him a CFO."

Gwen just stared at Billy: "You're kidding?" she said with unbelief in her voice.

"Not at all," Billy said. "Here's what we'll do: Cal will stay on for the next two months to make sure that you are easing into the position and know all the ropes. He doesn't think it will take that long but that time sequence gives some padding. We'll immediately increase your salary by $25,000 a year and let you move into Cal's salary, once you're on your own."

"I don't know whether to laugh or cry," she said.

"Girly," He said to her then, "It's not favoritism at all or anything like it. It's all been Cal's idea but one that I agreed with immediately, since it involved my favorite." He put his hand over hers, as he said this.

"Thank you so much," she said, simply. "I will not let you down."

"I know that," he said, "Cal knows that and the Board knows that."

Their dinner came at that point.

They ate in companionable silence and then went home. She still was not quite ready to talk about it, so they each went to their rooms preparing for bed.

Gwen was in bed, with a long tee shirt on, and was sinking farther and farther into the sorrow. She realized then that if anyone would tell her the truth about her, it would be Billy. Brushing away the tears, she got up and with resolution, removed the tee shirt, and her panties, leaving them on the chair by the bed. She put on a robe and went to Billy's room.

She knocked and said: "Uncle Billy, can I come in for a bit?"

"Sure, honey," was his immediately reply.

She stepped in as she opened the door. She stood there and there were tears running down her face. He made a motion to get up from bed but she held out a hand to stop him, saying:

"Uncle Billy, I have to ask you because you've never lied to me and never would."

She paused then as she removed the robe, beneath the robe she was naked. Billy's breath caught in his throat audibly.

She continued then, standing naked in the door way.

"Uncle Billy," she began quietly, "Am I pretty, am I attractive? Please don't lie to me!" As she said this, she turned around so that he could see all of her, presenting him with her back and her full rounded ass cheeks.

Billy sighed again. "Darlin' girl, girly mine," he began, staring at her, as she stood there hands clutched to her elbows at her waist, "You are a living, walking wet dream! You are so lovely that you need to be painted and set down for future generations."

Gwen started crying then: "Oh, Uncle Billy, she wailed, he didn't like me! He never looked at me! Never! The light was always out! Always! We only ever made love maybe once every two months, and it was always him flopping on top of me and making his rutting noises and then rolling over, making comments about 'his duty'."

He patted the bed next to him, and she went to lay down beside him. She cried in earnest then; she cried bitterly and for a long time.

Billy stroked her back, as she cried, careful to not stray his hands too far down toward her ass or too far over to where her large breasts were.

She looked up at him and through her tears she continued: "And you know what?"

"Tell me, darlin'," he said softly.

"Oh, you're the only one that I can, Uncle Billy," she wailed. Then she went on: "Once I tried to give him pleasure orally." She paused and blushed then. He said quickly and quietly:

"This is us, darlin' girly; you just say what you've got to say here."

"Well, I got his thing, you know, the head of his ... uh ... penis in my mouth and he jumped up from the bed like it was on fire; he was shouting at me and calling me a 'slut' and asking what did I think I was doing using my whore's mouth on him that way'."

Billy was livid: "The fucking prick!" he growled.

"I reacted so strangely," she continued. "I don't know why but I loved him calling me those dirty names. They sent a chill through me that made me all wet down below. And, Uncle Billy, it was too bad; I mean, when thinking about that, I was really sorry that I never got a chance to do that. You know, to use my mouth on him. It's a kind of pleasure, I think for me too, if I were doing it."

Here she buried her face in his shoulder, turning on her side to do so, and inadvertently pressing her large tit into his chest. Billy sighed.

Gwen continued, and giggled as she spoke now: "I have to admit that I even like the words, the name. I don't know why but saying 'blow job', 'giving a blow job' sounds so sexy to me. It makes me excited."

She sighed again and put her arm around his chest. "Uncle Billy, he never liked me; he never cared for what I might want, he just never did; he never looked at me. No matter what I wore or even if I wore nothing."

She clutched her fist then and said with vehemence: "Uncle Billy, I hate him and I'm glad he's gone."

He rubbed her shoulder with his right hand, having the other hand wrapped around her, holding her to him, and said:

"Good riddance to garbage!"

She looked up into his face then and said: "Uncle Billy, I have to ask you; I have to. Please, will you do those things with me? Will you show me how they're supposed to feel and be? Will you? I know that I'm asking a wrong thing from you but, Uncle Billy, there is no one else, there just isn't and I know that it's not supposed to feel this bad, I just know it."

He looked at her and said softly: "Girly girl, I'll tell you; tonight is your night. We're only going to do this tonight and tomorrow I'm your Uncle Billy again. But tonight we'll do anything that you want. Anything you'd like."

"But," she protested mildly, "That's the thing; I always think of, you know, doing things, of sex and all as me doing what someone wants; I want to please, to do things that feel good to the person I'm with and that feel good to me because of it. One of the strongest sexual memories that I have is you making me take my clothes off and sit around for the evening in my torn panties, when I was young. It felt grand, I realized because you told me to do it and I did it because of that. But he didn't want that. Will you do that for me, please, Uncle Billy? I just don't want to feel bad about things that excite me so."

He looked down and smiled at her, pulling her closer to him. He pulled her to him until his lips were able to press against hers. She met his lips with her open, and sighed, as his tongue invaded her mouth.

"Girly, girl," he said, "You're in for quite a night."

He got up from the bed and stood by the side of it, wearing a pair of green silk pajama bottoms. She gazed at him not moving from her position. Her voice was soft but earnest, when she spoke:

"Teach me, Uncle Billy; please."

"Sweet girl," he began, "first let me tell you that one of the most incredibly erotic things for a man, or many women also for that matter, is to have a beautiful, sexy woman like you kneeling in front of them totally naked."

She smiled, and scrambled from the bed, going to her knees in front of him and looking up at him in expectation.

"Now remember to not fight this, breath through your nose, and try to relax with it." As he was saying this, Billy released his already stiff cock from his pajamas.

Gwen grinned, as she looked up at him, and just opened her mouth.

"When you get the head in your mouth, stop for a bit and swirl your tongue around the head, and suck on the underside of the head," he instructed.

She followed his instructions and began to suck on the head of his cock. "Oh, yes," he groaned.

"Keep your lips on it tight, pulling on the skin with your lips, and keep your tongue active with your teeth well away from it. Every now and then, very gently you can scrape your teeth along the surface of it."

She took more and more of his cock into her mouth, following his words. "Mmmmmmm," he rumbled, as she sucked on his cock.

"Take it as far down your throat as you can, until it gags you; then release it to until just the tip is in your mouth again, and then repeat the process. If you can, and not all can do it, try to take a little more of it into the back of your mouth every time you do that. Keep your tongue active always and grasp it with your lips."

After that she really needed little or no teaching; she took to it rapidly. She didn't gag all that much and in just a little time had his cock all the way in the back of her mouth and the entrance of her throat. She breathed through her nose and released the length of his cock to the head and sucked on the head again.

"How about that," he exulted, "My girly girl's a cock sucker and a good one too!"

She grinned up at him from her kneeling position, and, taking his cock out of her mouth kissed the underside of the head, holding the wet prick in her hand.

She softly said to him: "Thank you, Uncle Billy, for teaching me to give blow jobs; am I doing okay?"

"You're doing wonderful," he said, "But it's time for the next part of the lesson."

He grabbed her by the shoulders and helped raise her to her feet, pushing her until her upper body was on the bed but her feet still on the floor. Then he knelt between her splayed thighs and began to kiss her pussy hair.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she said in almost total surprise, when she first felt his tongue begin to pierce its way through her pussy hair to run along the length of her pussy lips.

"OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh, OOOOOhhhhhhhhh!" came out of her mouth, opened now in wonder and absolute joy, as his tongue went into her pussy and found the tip of her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Uncle Billy!" she cried, as he continued, to lick both sides of her vagina and push his tongue deeper into her. Her hands went to his head and held the back of his head in wonder.

Then her cries increased, as he eased his hands up, cupping her ass cheeks, as he went, and pushed a long finger into her asshole.

It didn't last very long either. She came in a rush of loud groaning and leg thrashing. Billy held onto her with one of her ass cheeks in each hand, as she thrashed on the bed. Before her trembling even stopped from the orgasm, he moved with her onto the bed and pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

"Wrap your legs around me and enjoy the ride," he ordered. She complied immediately and moved her hips to match the thrust of his own.

He pushed her toward another orgasm, as he built to his own.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned out loud, with her words punctuated by loud groans that accompanied each of the thrusts of his hips, "Fuck me, Billy, fuck me!"

They slumped together, both of them now sweating. He put his lips to her ear and said:

"Now, when you've come down a bit from your high, scoot down and take my cock in your mouth to clean it."

"Oh, what a lovely idea," she giggled and moved to do as he asked her.

When she was back up with him, kissing the side of his face, she whispered to him:

"Sorry, I made such noise."

"A man just loves a moaner!" he said with a grin at her.

"Your finger in my ass was one of the most surprising things that I can imagine," she confided.

"Girly girl," he said to her, "You are the whole package. Beautiful, built like the proverbial brick out house, and as sensual as a cat in heat."

She giggled, as he said this, and kissed him saying: "Uncle Billy, I love you; you make me feel so good."

"You feel like a woman, is what is the thing," he said to her, as he snuggled her to him.

They slept for a while.

Gwen woke in the morning, when the shining of the sunlight hit her. She stretched and opened her eyes. Then she remembered the previous night and grinned opening her eyes to see Billy but his side of the bed was empty. She looked around and found him looking down at her, drinking a cup of coffee.

Gwen smiled a shy smile. Billy, returning her smile, suddenly lashed out a quick hand and slapped her naked ass. She reacted with a loud yip and a sigh and buried her head in the pillow, and wiggled her ass at Billy.

Billy laughed and said with a loud sigh: "Girly girl, you are a wonder, and I'll tell this, you're too much for your old Uncle Billy."

He grinned at her, as he finished and slapped her ass again.

"I'm awake now," she said, adding, "And that feels so good."

"Good!" he mocked her, "Why you should have steam coming from you. You get yourself up and shower, then coffee. I need to call someone."

"Yes, master!" she said with mock vehemence, saluting him but realizing inside that she was only half mocking and much more serious than she thought.

At the word 'master, ' he slapped her ass again with a resounding 'crack' that sounded throughout the house. This time Gwen 'yipped' and jumped up running to the shower, as Billy stalked off laughing.

Her shower was luxurious. Gwen felt so good this morning. The contrast with last evening's feeling of woe and defeat was almost total. She got out of the shower, fixed her hair and walked into the kitchen for coffee, purposefully trying to make her walk as sexy as possible.

Once she arrived in the kitchen, she was socked to find Billy talking with a very attractive older woman. Gwen squealed and jumped back, covering herself with her hands.

It was the woman who spoke up now and not Billy:

"Don't you cover yourself child; beauty such as yours needs to be seen not covered."

Gwen was struck by the penetrating gaze of the woman's almost violet colored eyes. With no other thought in her mind, she dropped her hands and walked toward the woman.

Billy spoke up then: "This is Darla; Darla, this is Gwen, my niece."

Darla held out a hand to Gwen, who took it, and without any hesitation kissed it.

"She is certainly properly polite, Billy," Darla said, smiling at him. "Come, have some coffee, child," she said, turning in Gwen's direction.

Gwen accepted her invitation to coffee, and walked into the kitchen to get herself some, waiting for someone to talk to her.

Billy spoke up: "Darla is a consultant; I've used her on many occasions with personnel problems, Gwen. With all that has happened, I thought that turning you over to her for some guidance might be a very good idea. She's very, very good at what she does."

"It's a pleasure, Darla," Gwen said then, staring at and getting fairly lost in Darla's deep violet eyes. She held Darla's offered hand until Dalra smiled and let the hand drop.

"Billy has already talked to ma about what's happening with you, my lovely child," she began, "But I want you to talk to me to tell me also. Sit now and talk to me."

With no thought for the fact that she was sitting naked, Gwen began to speak to Darla about her situation; she quickly got into all of the same kind of miseries and complaints about Elmer that she had voiced to Billy the previous evening, and found herself weeping almost uncontrollably.

Gwen sunk to her knees and buried her face in Darla's lap, clutching the older woman around the waist as she wept. Darla stroked her hair and whispered soothing words to the lovely kneeling woman.

"I'll leave you to it," Billy said, "She can help you for sure, girly girl; you just make sure that you do what she tells you to do."

"Yes, Billy," Gwen said, as he left.

Gwen turned back to Darla, saying:

"Shall I get dressed, uh, ma'am?" (The name seemed appropriate to use right then.)

"Of course not, love," Dala answered, "Seeing someone as beautiful and sensual as you is a rare treat and one that I'm not just finished with yet."

Gwen blushed.

"Oh, I love that," Darla said, "You are as lovely and sensual s the morning itself and still have the good sense to blush at compliments." Darla stroked Gwen's hair as she said this. Gwen was still kneeling in front of Darla with her hands in Darla's lap, resting on Darla's thighs.

Without another thought, Gwen put her head in Darla's lap and simply rested it there, while Darla stroked Gwen's hair.

"Now tell me about last night and Billy," Darla said to her. Gwen told her the story about last night with Billy.

"I've never felt anything as strong and lovely as that," Gwen said. It was so wonderful.

"And this morning?" Darla prompted.

Gwen blushed again. "He, uh, spanked me, you know, slapping my, uh, ass; forgive my language, ma'am,"

"Language is no barrier to us," Dala prompted her. Then she continued: "But tell me, how did it feel?"

"Like someone turned on a switch inside of me;" she said, "It gave me such a jolt; a kind of jolt of electricity. I don't know if I can explain it well," she almost wailed.

"You're doing fine," Darla said. "Just be simple about it."

"It really turned me on!" Gwen said finally.

Darla shifted grounds then and said to Gwen: "Now tell me about things like clothes, where you live, your car, those kinds of things."

Darla got up then and, from the other side of the room, fetched a stool so that Gwen could kind of sit at her feet, while filling her in on the items that she mentioned.

What came from Gwen's further description of the items that Darla was wondering about was that Elmer, though not particularly wanting Gwen, had indeed dominated her in the choice of items like clothes, personal appearance--notably the horrible page boy style hair cut that Gwen had, which Elmer had liked, and which made Gwen look ridiculous--her car etc. Gwen also mentioned that since, Elmer had left, she was living in an efficiency apartment with a month to month lease.

"Fine, honey," Darla said, "Would you take me to the bedroom and show me what you wore here?"

It was much more a command that a request and Gwen obediently got up and walked in front of Darla to the bedroom.

"Love," Darla remarked, "You do have one of the nicest asses that I've ever seen."

Gwen stopped and, blushing, said a simple: "Thank you, ma'am."

Darla took the opportunity to smile and run her hands over the slopes of Gwen's naked ass cheeks.

"Fine, really fine!" Darla said. "Bend over for a moment," Darla said on the spur of the moment.

Gwen, realized that there was probably no wish or order from Darla that she'd refuse. She didn't fully understand it but she was completely taken over by this older woman. She, of course did what she was told, bending over from the waist. Her breath caught in her throat in an audible noise, as Darla, taking advantage of Gwen's naked ass in front of her, bent and planted a kiss on Gwen's ass.

Gwen turned crimson down to her toes, and said a quick and sincere: "Thank you, ma'am, you make me feel so good."

Gwen was instantly overwhelmed by this treatment, on top of how well Uncle Billy had treated her and simply broke down and cried. Darla opened her arms and gathered the sobbing young woman to herself.

Nestling against Darla, Gwen felt more at peace immediately. Forgetting herself, she planted simple kisses against the side of Darla's neck. Then she drew away, almost in horror, and said:

"Oh, ma'am; I'm so sorry; I shouldn't have been so bold."

Darla smiled down at Gwen saying: "My love, you will never go wrong giving me kisses. But your clothes please."

Gwen took Darla into the bedroom and showed her the sensible skirt and plain blouse that she'd worn. Darla came back with a question:

"Panties? Bra?"

Gwen showed these also.

"Disgusting!" Darla sighed, "What possibly could that man get out of making you look so dowdy? I really am beginning to think that he made you look frumpy on purpose so that no one else would look at you."

"Really?" Gwen asked, wide eyed.

"Yes, I think so," was Darla's reply.

"But this will never do," Darla continued. "Here you are one of the potentially sexiest women I've seen and you're wearing potato sacks and looking like a refuge from a 1930's era movie. By the end of the day you will look like a walking wet dream. That I promise you."

Gwen squealed and gave Darla a big hug.

"Come," Darla said, picking up Gwen's discarded cotton panties, as she spoke, "It's time to talk to Billy about all of this, and throw these ugly things in the trash. I'll have you go out with me with no panties on at all before I see you wearing the likes of these again."

Gwen took the panties and threw them into the trash, giving Darla a hug again. This time, Darla's hand ran down the length of Gwen's back and settled on her ass cheeks. Gwen shivered and said:

"Oh that feels so good, ma'am."

"Gwen, you are such a treat," Darla said with a grin, not moving her hand from Gwen's naked ass. "Let's go talk to Billy. Look behind the bathroom door and if there's a robe there, put it on. Billy's had enough temptation and dalliance with you."

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen said, doing as she was told.

They went into the living room and Darla called Billy from the kitchen.

"Sit with us, Billy," she said, "I'm ready with my assessment."

They sat, with Gwen on the stool again near Darla's feet. Darla began:

"First of all, Billy," she said, "If we were to make an assessment based on physical qualifications alone, here's what we have." She nodded to Gwen at that point telling her to stand up. Gwen stood and Darla said to her: "Take the robe off, dear and give it to me."

Gwen blushed as she took off the robe, her passion with Billy of last night forgotten in her new infatuation with Darla. She stood between Darla and Billy naked.

"Don't you just love the way she bushes," Darla said, running a hand down Gwen's hip and onto her ass cheek.

"Lovely," Billy said.

"Exactly," was Darla's answer. "Even if physical characteristics were the only measure that we were making here, Gwen is beautiful from every possible angle. And the troll that she was married to has kept her dressed like an old maid school teacher, has kept her hair like an antiquated Betty Boop look alike, and has made sure that she wears underwear that wouldn't even give a 15 year old dirty thoughts. That man was almost committing a crime against nature," she continued.

Billy nodded.

"So, that's my first point for you. I will take her and get her hair done to make her look shockingly sexy; I'll get her some new clothes to give her some direction about what looks good on her for her own future shopping; I will go with her to her hovel and trash the ridiculous panties and bras that she's been almost forced to wear, and I will deliver her to you as an accomplished young woman, one whose looks will match her value to your company."

Gwen was looking at Darla wide eyed; Billy was smiling.

"And speaking of the hovel," Darla continued, "She and I need to do some home shopping. I'll want you to be good for a down payment on anything that we find."

Billy nodded. Gwen's hands flew to her face and she covered the lower part of her face, hiding her intense emotions, and only letting her staring eyes view these two, who seemed as much like angels to her as anything else.

"Transportation," Darla said, "Her car matches her dowdy panties, and we need to do something about that also. Do you propose that the company will provide her with a car that she chooses, as you do with your other executives?"

"Yes, of course," Billy said, winking at Gwen, who was now on the verge of tears again.

"I'm going to take care of her now," Darla said, "We might not get all of this done in one day but we'll work at it. Can the company afford to give her some time this week, with pay?"

"Yes," Billy said, "That's fine."

"No more of her efficiency either," Darla said, "She'll move in with me until we can get the house buying settled. Questions, Billy?"

"No, Darla," he said, satisfied, "I knew that if anyone could do the kind of turn around that we're interested in here, you could. I thank you for that."

"Billy, it's going to be my pleasure," Darla said. She turned then to Gwen and said:

"Questions, pet?"

"I don't know what to ask," Gwen said, and breaking down into tears again, she went on:

"I haven't felt this wonderful for so many years, and only then, only ever then with you, Uncle Billy. I want to thank you for last night especially and for taking so much care of me this way."

She went to him then clung to him. He held her a little awkwardly but hugged her nevertheless.

"You go with Darla," he said, "And do what she tells you; she's really wise about these things. We're ... uh ... we're ... last night was necessary but we're not going to be lovers. I do want you to know that I'll always be there for you."

"I know, Billy," she said, kissing him.

Then she went to Darla's side.

"So, Billy, we're good to go?" Darla wanted to know.

"We certainly are; I have to go now; I have a 10 AM appointment. If you girls get a chance, come around today and give a progress report."

"Will do, Billy," Darla said.

Billy left and Darla turned to Gwen. She said: "Sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

"Sounds out of this world," Gwen said, moving over to Darla and throwing her arms around her, putting her head against Darla's shoulder.

As she clung to Darla, the belt of the robe loosened and the robe sagged. Darla simply pushed it from Gwen's shoulders saying:

"Billy's gone; you can tempt me with your nakedness."

Gwen blushed but said what was on her mind:

"I'd do ... you know ... I'd do anything that you told me to do."

Darla looked down into Gwen's eyes and said, with a smile: "Yes, I know."

"I feel so strange," Gwen continued, "I mean here I am 27 years old, having been married and with almost no outstanding sexual experiences at all except for one wild night with my Uncle last night."

"Yes," Darla said, "And part of our experiences will be to provide you with a taste of some of those kinds of experiences. I didn't tell Billy because he doesn't need to know those details but I am telling you."

Gwen lifted her head and said softly: "That sounds so wonderfully exciting. Can I please ask you something?"

"Of course, pet," Darla said.

"Would you mind if I were to kiss you?" Gwen asked in a tiny voice.

"I'd mind if you didn't," Darla said, as she lowered her lips to Gwen's.

It was a kiss like none that Gwen had ever experienced. It was both soft and exciting, an invitation and a demand at the same time. It left Gwen breathless, and in the middle of the kiss Gwen felt Darla's hands moving over the swell of her ass cheeks and pushing their way into the crevice of her ass.

Gwen shivered and willingly pushed her hips back against the invading hand, and, still maintaining the kiss, made an involuntary throat noise, when one of those cunning fingers found its way, pressed its way, pushed its way inside of the ring of Gwen's asshole.

The kiss broke off and Gwen clung to Darla, holding on for dear life, and planting kiss after kiss against the side of her neck.

"You are such a hot, hot young animal, girlfriend," Darla said.

"This is so new," Gwen said breathlessly; "So new, so wonderful; it makes my legs feel like jelly. I can't think of anything at all that you would ask me to do right now that I would refuse."

"That's lovely to know," Darla said. "I'll keep that in mind for later; for now we have a transformation to begin."

Darla pulled her finger from its position inside of Gwen's ass, and held the hand out in front of Gwen saying simply:

"Lick my finger, suck it clean," Darla demanded.

Gwen never took her eyes off of Darla as she did as she was told, tasting the acridness of her own ass on the finger, and discovering that she like what she was doing very much.

"Into your clothes now," Darla, "While we decide what's first, hair or clothes."

She thought a bit and said: "Let's make it hair. We'll want you transformed to do some serious shopping after that."

Gwen smiled a huge smile at Darla, and leaned in for one more kiss before going to dress. As she walked out of the room, with Darla behind her, she inquired: "Panties? Bra?"

"No and yes," Darla said.

"Yes, ma'am," was Gwen's reply, shaking her ass playfully at Darla, who, not missing an opportunity, quickly slapped the naked wiggling ass cheeks in front of her.

Gwen squealed and jumped but kept grinning at Darla all the while.

"Oh, this is going to be fun," Darla said, as Gwen dressed.

Their first stop off was a beauty salon. A hair dresser named Rico, who swished noticeably, was commandeered to take care of Darla's new client. They began by discussing the possibilities.

As they talked about what he might do, Rico broke in with: "Is she your dirty girl, Darla?"

"She's a client, Rico," Darla said.

"She looks like she'd make a good dirty girl," Rico said.

"Maybe you want her as a dirty girl, Rico?" Darla said teasing.

"Don't get that way," he said testily.

Gwen broke in then with the comment: "Rico, if you don't do what Darla wants, I'm going to take my clothes off."

Rico shouted in disgust and said: "Okay, okay, no need to be nasty; so really what shall we do here? Her hair is disgusting in its present shape."

"Exactly," Darla said, grinning at Gwen, "I want some pizzaz; I want it to crackle and I want her to be noticed; she's a corporate executive and I want her noticed."

"I know exactly what to do," Rico said. "Leave it to me."

"Good," Darla answered and sat to watch.

Then Rico said sotto voce to Darla: "I still think she looks like a dirty girl."

Gwen was up out of the chair and unbuttoning her blouse immediately. Darla was cackling and Rico was shouting out his disgust. Then they settled down and Rico went to work.

After washing and rinsing, he threw Darla out of the room to let him work. He turned his attention then to Gwen and said in a really kindly, almost loving voice:

"Honey, I'm going to make you fabulous; it'll match the structure of your face and will shout at people."

He had his hand by her hair, when he said it. She took his hand and kissed the palm of his hand. He smiled at her and went to work.

When he was finished, he brought the mirror for Gwen to see. She shrieked and grabbed Rico around the neck, kissing him. He had shortened the sides so that they were almost down to skin and the top of her hair was now an elaborate flat top, almost spike arrangement. It made, with the combination of her face, her really fairly exotic.

"O gawd, I love it!" she screamed at him, as he grinned.

It was then that Darla came into the room. She stopped and simply stared. She said:

"Son of a bitch, Rico, this is what you get paid so much for! Fucking fantastic. And, yes, Rico, she is my dirty girl. So, think of us tonight and where her lovely face, with the fantastic hair will be."

Gwen blushed, Rico grinned and laughing pointed at her blushing. As they were walking out, now arm in arm, Gwen leaned over to Darla's ear and said:

"I'm glad that I'm your dirty girl! Remember that I said the word 'anything'."

"Oh, girl friend," Darla said, "I would never forget a detail like that."

Next it was clothing. Darla told her that they had to do away with the clash of her dowdy clothes and the sexy new look of her hair do. Gwen too noticed that people were staring. The went to a shop called 'The Darling Shop'. Soon after entering the shop they were greeted by the owner, whose name was Doris. She was large woman, not fat but large with large tits and quite a large ass. She had red hair and grinned from ear to ear, when she saw Darla and Gwen.

Doris and Darla embraced warmly and Doris gushed: "Darla, darling, who is this enchanting creature with the wicked hairdo and the terrible clothes?" She leaned into Gwen and planted a kiss, not on her cheeks, as Gwen had anticipated, but rather directly on her mouth. Gwen blushed.

"Well, I like that," Doris said, "She blushes; what have you found, Darla?"

"We need to go someplace private where I will introduce you and you can give us the help that we need."

Doris preceded them into the back of the shop where she had her own office and a room for special clients. They sat for a few moments, and Darla proceeded to tell Doris about Gwen: that she was the niece of a client, and they were doing a remake. She filled Doris in on Elmer and his taste in clothes and hairdos for Gwen. Doris looked at Gwen sympathetically and said:

"Darling, aren't some men just shitheads?"

Gwen laughed and said that she agreed totally.

Then Doris clapped her hands and said: "Here comes the best part!" Darla was grinning at her immediately. "Now we get to tell you to take your clothes off so that I can see what we're working with."

"Oh, Doris honey," Darla drawled, "There's quite a bit here for you to work with."

"And I suppose, darling," Doris went on, "That you're going to take her home with you tonight? And leave nothing for poor Doris."

"Well, yes," Darla admitted, while Gwen blushed, "I am going to take her home tonight and no, there isn't anything for you just now. I don't want her marked up."

Doris pouted and said: "Spoil sport!' while winking at Gwen. "Besides," Doris continued, "I wouldn't mark her up that much." She grinned at Gwen as she said it.

"Well," Darla answered, "If you treat us good, we'll consider it."

"Well done and done," Doris said, "Now lets get this enchanting girl down to her underwear, and have us a show."

Gwen blushed again and looked at Darla, who said: "Do as she tells you, sweetie; she knows her business but she can be lethal."

"Not true, darling," Doris protested to Gwen, who was in the process of taking off her blouse.

"Yes, yes," Doris said, "Let's get you out of those horrible, horrible clothes."

"So, tell me, Darla," she continued, "What sort of look do we want?"

"I think that we want her noticed but also professional; she's beginning her training this week to be the company's CFO, and, according to her uncle, she really good at what she does. But we want her sexy too."

"I love that," Doris said, and then turning her gaze on Gwen, who was just then slipping her skirt down, revealing her nakedness underneath.

"No panties!" Doris squealed, "Darla, this keeps getting better and better."

"Hers were so ugly that I refused to let her wear them," Darla said. Gwen stood, looking a bit awkward, as the two older women looked her over.

"Well, we'll build her from the ground up," Doris said, running an appreciative hand over Gwen's hip and ass cheeks. "Very fine indeed," she mused, "Very fine indeed."

"I'm going to leave her to you now, Doris," Darla said, "I have some things to arrange; remember, no marks on her."

"Yes, yes," Doris said impatiently, "Of course."

Darla gave Gwen a kiss, a quick one on the lips and stalked out of the dressing room.

"Now, now, you and me, pussy," Doris said. "Don't listen to that old lesbian; she's so romantic that she gets hysterical."

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen answered."

"You're so polite; I love it," Doris said. "But first let's deal with some panties and bras."

She pullout a cell and called for Lauren to come in. In a few moments, a lovely young woman entered. She stood for just a second and looked at Gwen standing naked on the raised platform.

"Lovely, isn't she?" Doris asked with obvious pride.

"She surely is, ma'am," Lauren answered.

"Now bring us a good variety of matching panties and bra sets, colors and designs. Make them," here she looked at Gwen for some confirmation: "7's and 38c's."

Gwen shook her head 'yes', and Lauren went out. Next Doris called and asked Jason to come in.

Gwen was taken aback a little when a young man entered and simply stood and stared.

"You like, Jason?" Doris wanted to know.

"Oh, yes," Jason croaked, never taking his eyes off of Gwen's naked body.

"No cell phone photos," Doris warned, "Or I'll crucify you, understand?"

"Yes, Doris" he said.

"But come here," she continued.

He went to where she was, and Doris took him by the hand. She led him forward and placed his hand on Gwen's ass cheek. He rubbed the hand around and sighed.

"Go and fetch the new rack of clothes that came today," she said. Then she added: "Now, Jason."

He grinned and left.

Doris went up to Gwen then and whispered in her ear: "Honey, never let Darla talk you into stop enjoying cock."

Gwen grinned at Doris and put her arms around the older woman and smiled at her. Just then Lauren came back with the underwear. They made selections, 9 matching pairs of bras and panties, as a beginning of Gwen's new wardrobe. Deftly helping her, Doris had Gwen put on a pair of peach colored bikinis and a matching underwire bra. She gave hastily scrawled note to Lauren and said: "Bring me these in a bag."

When Lauren was gone, Doris stood in front of Gwen and said in a low voice:

"I'll give you some clothing to wear tonight to warm up Darla's old heart. She's a romantic; so remember that she'll be moving on to her next project soon. She loses interest very quickly, our Darla does. It's the way she is. I just don't want you getting hurt. Accept her help and you go on from there."

"Thank you for telling me that," Gwen said.

"But when you're ready for some excitement," Doris continued, "Come in here and tell me that you're looking for some plain white nylon bikini panties."

As she was saying this, Doris reached down and grasped Gwen's pussy lips in her fingers. She did it sin such a way that she pinched her extended clit at the same time.

Gwen sucked in a great deal of breath, as she felt Doris' hold on her. "I won't mark you," she continued, now licking Gwen's ear, as she talked, "No matter what that old frump says; at least I won't mark you much."

She kept pinching Gwen and Gwen was now shaking, coming close to an orgasm.

"You might like what I do for you," Doris whispered. "Do you like what I'm doing now?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am," Gwen whispered, getting lost in Doris's treatment.

Then Gwen was shaking and cumming; she cried out in a long sigh, as Doris held on to her. It was then that Jason entered.

Doris helped to outfit Gwen with a number of basic outfits, which had interchangeable parts. When she was ready to leave, she wore a pleated pearl colored mini with a dark gray silk over blouse, and four inch heels. Darla was back and was positively elated by the transformation that they had worked on Gwen.

Before they left, Gwen gave Doris a huge hug, whispering into her ear, as she did:

"Some day soon, plain white nylon bikini panties."

"Some day soon," Doris said in return. "I'll send the special package for tonight to you at work this afternoon," she added. Gwen gave her a kiss of thanks.

Darla gathered her up and said: "Now you look like a sexy young exec. But before we dazzle the office, we need to go to a car dealer.

"Ohhhhh,"Gwen said with enthusiasm. "Which one; I mean where?"

"Well, what do you want?" Darla asked, "The company pays for the cars of its executives, and you now qualify."

"Oh dear," Gwen almost moaned, "I've always wanted a Mustang."

"Then a Mustang it will be," Darla said.

They went to a Ford dealer that Darla said worked with the company and came away with a new red Mustang that almost made Gwen cry for its beauty.

They sat in the new car and Darla said: "It's time now for your big entrance. I'm going to take your purchases to my place. Call me, when you're ready to leave work. You'll be a smash."

Gwen put her arms around Darla and pressed her forehead against hers.

"I can never say 'thank you' adequately," she whispered.

Darla beamed at her. Then Gwen went on: "But I'm going to try tonight."

Darla laughed: "I'm looking forward to that," she managed.

Gwen felt like a totally new person, as she drove to work in her new car. The sensations were almost overwhelming. She'd never before felt such a deep urge to acquiesce to the wishes and demands of other persons. Even her doing that with old Elmer was kind of unconscious. Now both with Darla and then with Doris, it was a choice that she was making and that she felt good about making.

These thoughts swirled through her mind, as she went into the parking garage at work. The attendant came out to tell her that she couldn't park there that it was only for company members, and was non plussed, when he discovered that it was actually Gwen. She was tickled.

Gwen caused quite a stir going into work that day. People were staring and exclaiming about how great she looked. When she got to her office, she sent a note to Billy immediately to tell him that she was there. He told her to come right over.

Billy sprang to his feet, when she entered. "That's my girl!" he said with enthusiasm. "Come here and let me look at you."

"Oh, Billy," she said shyly, "This is all so wonderful; I just don't know how to say 'thank you' at all."

"You have, honey, when you came to me to let me help you," he answered.

They sat so that she could tell him all that she and Darla had done that day. Then there was a meeting with Cal about Gwen's training. She had prepared for the meeting and brought a list of suggestions and their implications that she wanted to go over with Billy and Cal. Both men were pleased and impressed with Gwen's thinking and her plans for the financial operation of the company.

Just before she left work, she had a call from Darla to remind her that they'd have dinner that night and Gwen could stay with her, and that tomorrow they'd do some home shopping. Gwen was pleased and told Darla that she looked forward to it. Gwen also had a call from her lawyer indicating that they could meet the next day to finalize the divorce and sign the papers. It would be her last needed contact with Elmer. For the very first time, with the new purchases and the help that she'd gotten from Billy, Darla and Doris, she thought that she might be ready for the meeting.

She spoke to Darla over dinner about that meeting the following day. It was at 10 AM, and Darla promised to go with her. Gwen felt better about it, almost excited, when Darla told her that they'd make sure that she looked drop dead sexy for the meeting and they'd go out house shopping to celebrate.

Dinner went very well for them, and they made a separate trip to Gwen's small apartment to fetch her bags with the few things that she wanted. Most of the things she'd keep would be some sweatshirts and casual clothes that might still be serviceable. They were home at Darla's condo by 11 PM, and by then Gwen was somewhere between excited by anticipation and down right tired. She had her briefcase with her, in which she had stored the bag of goodies that Doris had prepared for her to spring on Darla that night.

As Darla showed her through the condo, a lovely two floored unit, she indicated to Gwen which of the bedrooms was hers and told Gwen that she could have the other bedroom. Gwen hesitated, unsure of what to do next; this wasn't what she expected. But then Darla continued:

"Unless, of course, you want to bunk in with me; we could share the master suite and bathroom."

Gwen smiled at the attractive older woman and said simply: "Oh, could we? I'd like that." She smiled as she said it. It also brought a smile to Darla's face.

They went to the kitchen and Darla got Gwen a late night glass of wine, which she was glad to have. She then excused herself and came back a short time later wearing a kind of white Kaftan. It had sleeves that were wide and flowing and was split almost to the waist at the sides. When she moved about, Gwen could see that Darla was wearing only a pair of panties under the caftan.

They settled down at the breakfast bar and Gwen, holding back her smile said to Darla:

"Do you mind terribly if I go and have a shower? I could use one before turning in."

"Go ahead, and help yourself," Darla said, "I put out some purple towels for you in the bathroom."

Gwen went upstairs and once again, as she went into the shower, looked into Doris' bag of 'goodies'. She'd included a pair of dark stockings that were lacy at the top and had a seam running down the back. To accompany these there was a black lacy garter belt. The heels were a full 5" and fit Gwen perfectly. Topping all of this off was a black lace underwired bra that had half cups which ended just below Gwen's large, dark brown nipples. Doris had also included a tube of real red lipstick with a note: "Lipstick on your nipples and lips for Darla. Simple white nylon panties for me."

Gwen put the note into her briefcase with her papers and took her shower. Her new hairdo was really very easy to take care of. She got a giggle out of that, as she prepared herself for going back to Darla.

When she left the bedroom, with one last look into the mirror, she was tingling with anticipation. "Here comes more sex that Elmer would be furious about," she said to herself with a smile and a wink.

She was pleased to note that Darla was playing some soft music, it was Sinatra, she realized. She approached the top of the stairs, which led down into the large living room. She saw Darla before Darla saw her. She stood at the top of the stairs and said to Darla: "All clean!" Then she stopped where she was, and simply stood there. Darla looked and gasped.

"O gawed, O gawd, O gawwwwwdddddddd!" Darla croaked as she looked up and saw the sexy, gorgeous woman at the top of the stairs. "Look at you! Just look at you, look at you. You are a gift straight from the gods."

Gwen was descending the stairs at that point, smiling at Darla.

"Thank you, Darla," she began, "I owe you so much for this day; you are a kind of savior."

With no hesitation at all, Gwen was folded into Darla's arms, as they swayed together off to the music of Sinatra. Gwen laid her head on Darla's shoulder and said very softly:

"Ma'am, I really don't know what to do; I'm sorry but I don't. Please believe me that there is no thing at all that I won't do, if you tell me to. No thing at all."

"Just be here right now and do what I say, sweet one," Darla said, "We'll take the 'no thing I won't do' item out for a spin in a day or two.

The two of the swayed together to the sensuous music of Sinatra. During the dance, Gwen snaked her hands back up under the folds of Darla's kaftan and inserted them down the back of the waist band of Darla's panties.

"Oh," Gwen murmured into Darla's ear. "This feels so incestuous; it's like putting my hands down the back of my mother's panties."

Darla laughed, and Gwen hastened to say: "I only mean that you've been like that kind of figure for me in all of this."

"Does the incest feel nice?" Darla whispered.

"Oh, yes, it does, momma," Gwen whispered back, licking Darla's ear.

"You wait here a moment," Darla said, going back to the bedroom for something.

When she came back there was, if you were looking for it, a noticeable bulge in the front of her kaftan. Gwen felt it as soon as the two of them melted together again to the music.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Gwen kind of squealed, when she realized that what was pressing against her was the hardness of a long prick that Darla was wearing. "Ohhhh," Gwen squealed again, realizing exactly what it was.

"Is that ... is that a... ?"

"Yes, it is," Darla said, "Mommie has something for her Gwen."

"That feels so nice," Gwen said.

"You like that, honey?" Darla wanted to know.

"Yes, ma'am, it feels wonderful," was Gwen's reply.

"How about if I put it in your pussy?" Darla asked.

"Wonderful!" Gwen said.

"How about if I put it in your ass?" was Darla's next question.

"Really?" Gwen said.

"Ahhh," Darla whispered as she licked at Gwen's neck, "I think that I know what we'll do next here."

"Ohhhhhhhhh dear!" Gwen said in a tiny voice.

"Come with me, little one," Darla said, taking Gwen by the hand and leading her to the bedroom, and Darla took over bending the submissive lovely young woman to her needs.

Gwen began to breath hard and was moaning as Darla pushed her down so that she was leaning over the bed. Then Darla became, right then, all teeth and tongue. Gwen felt her teeth and tongue at the back of her thighs and then the tongue was rasping its way into the cleft of Gwen's ass.

"Ooooooooooooo," Gwen moaned, as the tongue found its goal and pushed against the roundness of her asshole.

"Like that, little Gwen?" Darla wanted to know breathing hard herself.

"Yes, yes, yes," Gwen managed, holding on to the covers of the bed for dear life.

"I'm going to do this first," Darla said, "I'm going to do it because no one else has. It'll hurt at first but then it'll settle down into pleasure; work through the hurt and stay with me."

"Yes, mommie," Gwen said, lost in the sensations. Then she lowered her head and shouted into the bedspread as the greased cock that Darla was wielding penetrated her asshole.

Gwen breathed in short, shallow breaths to compensate for the immediate pain, while Darla slowly removed a bit of the stiff, black cock and then pushed it in a little farther.

"Ohhhhhhh," Gwen wailed, "No one, never ... just never, oh never!"

"Yes," Darla shouted into Gwen's naked back now, "Me, just me."

As she spoke, and pushed on the cock in Gwen's ass, which was by then turning Gwen into almost a madwoman with pleasure, she reached around and grabbed Gwen's nipples, getting another shriek of pleasure from her and simply leaned forward and bit Gwen's neck.

Gwen came with a roar with her mouth still pressed into the bed spread, and Darla tumbled after her with one last thrust of the prick up Gwen's ass.

Darla collapsed against Gwen and breathed into her ear.

"Oh my gawd," Gwen said to the bedspread and to Darla, "that makes me feel so alive. I never even knew that kind of pleasure was possible."

Darla pulled the cock out with a loud plop and told Gwen to stay where she was. She was back soon with a wash cloth and towel to clean Gwen up, rising the sweat from her and making her feel cool in the process. Gwen turned over then and looked at Darla with a huge grin on her face.

She scooted up on the bed, when Darla told her to do so and Darla took the towel and wash cloth back to the bathroom. But when she came back, she was wearing a white cock in the harness. It bounced as she approached.

Darla stood at the foot of the bed and said: "Speak to me, Gwen; what's on your mind?"

"Anything," Gwen said, "I'll do anything you tell me to do with anyone at all.

"I know that," Darla said with a grin. "I have a task for you."

"Yes?" Gwen said.

"I want you to seduce Elmer's lawyer. I know her, her name is Jennie and all you will have to do, looking as hot as you do, is smile at her as much as possible. Make it subtle, not lewd and she'll come on to you, when you're finished."

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen said, giggling at the thought of seducing Elmer's lawyer.

"If it works, when it works," Darla said, "then go into the ladies' room, once you get out of the meeting room. She'll follow you."

"What do I do then?" Gwen whispered.

"Eat her in one of the bathroom stalls; do it quietly though," Darla instructed.

"Oh, I like that," Gwen said.

Then Darla continued: "I want you to begin to feel your submissive nature; it's the way you are; how you're made. Not many men will know that but those who do will come on to you. I want you to not resist. Clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen said. Then she whispered in a soft voice:

"Can I have that now?" motioning to the cock that was dangling between Darla's legs.

She held her arms open and Darla crept up the bed to where she was. She lay down on top of Gwen this time, kissing her as she inserted the cock into Gwen's vagina. Gwen sighed deeply to receive her and held onto Darla, as Darla fucked her again.

Later, it was dark and they were looking at each other, each with a head on her pillow.

"I have to sit with my three nephews on Saturday," she said.

"That's fine," Darla said, "I will get for us a list of possible properties, lofts or condos for you to look at. Billy will be providing the down payment. We'll look them over, when you get back."

The meeting with Elmer and his lawyer was the next day. Gwen's lawyer was there but they knew it was only a formality. The divorce had been granted and this was to do a final settlement of property. In effect, Gwen was there to receive a check from Elmer for her part ownership of house and property.

They sat and made a moment of small talk. Elmer was watching Gwen with wonder in his eyes. She'd worn a white silk over blouse, and a short, white pleated mini, heeled sandals. She, for her part, didn't look at Elmer, who was forced then to not stare at her. She caught Elmer's lawyer, who was a bit masculine and blocky but attractive none the less, looking at her. Gwen's lawyer was talking and Elmer was paying attention to him. Gwen flashed a huge smile at the woman lawyer on the other side of the table, and was pleased to get a wink in reply from her.

They went into the proceedings and Gwen continued her periodic smiles, which were warmly received. The essence of the proceedings was that Gwen received a check for $50,000 for her part of the property, and they were done.

As they were easing out of the room, Gwen's lawyer shook her hand and said that he had really to go. Gwen thanked him, kissed him on the cheek and he was gone. Then Elmer presented himself.

"You look good, Gwen," he said tentatively.

"Thank you," she replied.

"I, uh, was wondering if we could have coffee; I don't know maybe we've been too hasty."

Gwen flared at that: "You louse," she said with controlled emotion, "You ignored me, when I was your wife, you made me dress like a waif, and now you see me cleaned up and new and you want me back. No! Never! No! Never!"

Jennie, the lawyer, took Elmer by the hand and guided him to the door. "You'd best leave," she said, "I'll be in touch to finish this up."

Elmer left looking both disappointed, and shocked.

When the door closed, Gwen knew it was time. She thought of Darla and what she'd said. She was softly crying, when she felt Jennie's arms go around her.

"Stupid prick," Jennie whispered into Gwen's ear.

Gwen looked up into Jennie's face and then Jennie kissed her. Gwen sighed and opened her mouth to receive Jennie's tongue. Then Jennie went and locked the door and led Gwen to the bathroom, which was located off of the room on one side.

"Let me clean you up," Jennie said.

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen replied and Jennie's eyes got brighter.

Gwen whispered to her: "Please tell me what to do."

"Oh, yes," Jennie said, "I can do that; kneel."

Gwen went onto her knees and looked up at Jennie, who, knowing that time was short, undid the waist band of her slacks and pushed them and her panties down, grabbing Gwen's head and pulling her face into her pussy.

"Oh, can I?" Gwen sighed as she ran a tongue through the nest of Jennie's pussy hair. "Nice pussy hair," she said, licking her tongue through it again.

"Do it," Jennie ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Gwen whispered, and applied herself to eating Jennie's pussy.

She inserted her tongue into the pussy lips and ran the tongue up one side of the vagina walls and down the other.

Jennie was huffing soon and pumping her hips into Gwen's face. She came soon, and Gwen sank back on her heels and grinned at her.

"What was the fucking man's problem?" Jennie asked with wonder. Then she stroked Gwen's cheek and thanked her for the sex.

"I'm sorry there's no more time," she said simply. "Let's get you cleaned up here."

When Gwen was shiny and new, they left the bathroom and had one more lingering embrace before unlocking the door and exiting.

Jennie's last words to Gwen were: "Don't let that fool have anything to do with you. I hope we'll meet again."

Gwen smiled as they left. Almost immediately she called Darla and told her about it. Darla was pleased.

It was just at about that time that Billy, in a meeting in his office with Cal, who was finally really wrapping things up and very confident in Gwen's abilities to take over the CFO job, and Gwen that he told them about a new move for the company that he was planning.

"I'm going to hire a new COO," he said to the two of them. "Roger wants to do the same as Cal here and I've been able to raid the fashion industry and have a good lead on obtaining a gal named Renee Bottoms--no jokes please--. She's dynamite and I think will be exactly what we need."

It was a matter of received information that didn't effect Cal and Gwen at the time. It was only a few days later that Gwen was in the lunch area, when her attention was drawn, positively drawn to a tall afro-american woman who came striding into the room.

Gwen's immediate reaction was to actually drop her spoon. She positively gulped when she saw the woman look around the room and then give a hearty, white toothed laugh and look back at the door. It was Uncle Billy that she was talking to and laughing with.

Gwen stopped and took her in, saying to herself: "Oh, is this Renee the new COO?"

She didn't even remember having this strong a reaction to either Darla or Doris. Gwen stared; she tried to do it covertly but she stared. Renee was tall, a good 6 feet tall, she was thin but with fairly large breasts and, from what Gwen could tell, a well rounded, prominent ass. One of the features that really impressed Gwen was the fact that Renee was shaved bald.

Gwen realized, breaking off her stare, that she was getting wet between her thighs.

"Get a grip, girl!" she said to herself severely, and then there was no time because Billy and Renee were approaching her table.

"Here she is!" Billy said brightly, and Gwen got up, leaving her lunch aside.

"Renee, this is Gwen, she is my niece but she happens to be one of the better CFO's around anywhere."

Renee gave Gwen a huge smile and held out a hand. Gwen found herself almost struck dumb but took the hand and loved the soft strength of it.

Billy had turned away to talk with someone and Gwen never let go of Renee's hand.

With a tinkling laugh that only the two of them could hear, Renee said: "Girl, we can hold hands later if you like, maybe not here and now."

"Oh, sorry," Gwen said, coloring a bright red.

"Look at you blush!" Renee said, "That's delicious! I'm gonna like you!"

"Thank you," Gwen said, and finally got some of her composure back. "Can you join me for lunch?"

"Don't think so, hon," Renee said, "Big boss is giving the cook's tour. We need to meet this afternoon, your office or mine and get acquainted." She laughed her spectacular laugh then again and said; "Then you can hold my hand."

Gwen blushed again. Renee quickly kissed Gwen's cheek and said: "Sorry, girl friend, but I love to see you blush. You and I are gonna be special!"

Then she and Billy were gone, and Gwen sat down and sighed. She felt a temporary relief like the headlight animal that just was able to get away.

That afternoon Gwen went to Renee's office. The taller, black woman stood with a huge smile on her face and gathered Gwen in for a hug.

"Look like you needed that!" she said.

"Yes, I apologize for being so adolescent," Gwen said.

"No apology necessary!" Renee said.

They sat and decided, before talking about the business, to get acquainted.

For Gwen it was sparkling; it was as if she'd known this woman all her life. They exchanged stories, with Gwen admitting the stuff about Elmer, which made Renee snort. Then she spoke about Darla and even Doris.

"Don't know why I'm boring you with all this," Gwen said.

"Not boring first of all," Renee answered, "And because we're already fast friends and will continue."

"Oh, yes," Gwenn said.

Just then Renee had moved; they were sitting a bit apart in an area of the office that had regular chairs. Gwen's attention went to the hem of Renee's green, tight skirt almost involuntarily. She could see a stretch of dark, sleek thighs and a triangle of whitish material that she knew was Renee's panties.

"You lookin' up my skirt? Bad girl?" Renee said, and she had Gwen blushing again, 'And don't you go saying 'sorry'! You just admit it!"

Gwen giggled and said: "Yes, uh, Ma'am!"

"Well, well, listen to our Gwennie! For the 'Ma'am," Renee said with a burst of laughter, "You get this." Saying that, she stood and hiked her skirt up to her waist, showing a pair of stretch lace panties." She held her hand out then and said: "No, no more for the bad girl until we talk business!"

She straightened her skirt then and gave Gwen a hug. Their relationship was established, and Gwen was tingling.

They did shift gears then and talked about the business and Gwen quickly realized how good Renee was; her ideas were sound and even exciting. For her part Renee too was pleased with the way that Gwen seemed to have the company's finances in hand.

"Have to see Billy about some things," Gwen said at last, almost fumbling with the words, and walked toward the door.

She turned and, having made a decision, faced a grinning Renee, who somehow knew something was about to happen.

"You do it, girl!" Renee said, "It's on your mind, so you do it! You do it because Renee is telling you to."

"Oh, yes, that's why!" Gwen said, and unbuttoning the waist band of her slacks, let them fall to her ankles, showing a pair of soft peach colored panties, and a luxury of pubic hair.

"Gonna stay right here, bad girl," Renee said, "Or else no work is gonna be done this day."

Then she blew a kiss, as Gwen blew one back, hitched up her slacks and left. She went to her own office first. As soon as she was inside, she shut the door and leaned against the door, sighing.

"Why did you do that?" she asked herself, getting a mixed up answer about 'coming out', about Darl and Doris. She realized, however, that she wasn't upset, she was indeed turned on and only barely put off the thought of playing with herself.

Her phone buzzed. It woke her up and she answered it; it was Renee.

"Don't you go playing with yourself in there unless Renee says you can!" the silky voice said.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Gwen almost wailed.

"Got you, didn't I?" Renee laughed.

Gwen answered her laugh and said: "Yes, Ma'am, ' got me. But back to work now!"

"Yes, back to work. We need to take this out and think about it; let it grow, girlfriend," was Renee's answer.

"Can I ... will you let me say something outrageous, and no be angry?" Gwen asked in a tiny voice, almost being driven at this point.

"Say it, honey!" Renee said.

"Want to put my lips all over your bald head, for kisses and licks!" Gwen said in a tiny voice

She got a rich, full laugh in response: "Hold that thought, Gwen, my Gwen!" Renee said, and rang off, leaving Gwen panting.

Then she went to see Billy and it was back to work.

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