The Heart Believes
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Four years have past. Four years of hiding Ai from the world. Four years of growing, learning, changing... are they ready for the change in Ai?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Paranormal   Pregnancy  

Pooh Bear lay on the patch of grass, resting.

It had been a tiring day for the golden furred half retriever. There had been the ball chasing earlier, the cat chasing, puppy playing, and that marathon petting session. Now, all the dog wanted was to lay here ... and watch the Blue Mistress.

She was his favorite of the four humans who lived down there with him and his family. The others were often away, as they were now, but she was always with them. More than that, the Blue Mistress never napped. She was always there, to pet him, his wife and puppies, to play with and take care of them. Oh, she also played with and fed the cats, but nobody was perfect. She did keep the cats from eating food meant for dogs, though. That made up for the whole keeping the cats alive part. The Blue Mistress was good.

Right then, she was doing one of the many tasks that confused Pooh Bear. The Blue Mistress was on her hands and knees in the dirt, doing something with the flowers. She may have been putting more in the ground: the cart with lots of flowers in it certainly fit in with that theory. Pooh Bear put his head down on the grassy soil, eyes still on her. There were too many flowers, and not enough grass in his opinion. He remembered what it was like when he and his family were taken up the long steps: endless grass, under a wide open sky of either blue or black. Here, there was just this one patch of grass under the hard sky. Oh, sure, the patch was bigger than one dog, or even all of them, needed for a good rest or roll, and the sky was painted a nice blue, but still he remembered the freedom of the big grassy room.

But, the Blue Mistress was down here. So, here was where he wanted to be.

Ai raised herself up on her knees, looking down at her handiwork. Bill had built her a new flower bed, and a fountain in the center of it, to fill in this part of the garden. She loved tending to the hydroponic food plants, the tomatoes, corn, beans, and the small fruit trees. They all were wonderful, and Ai especially relished the feeling that she was feeding her family the same way that they fed her. But ... the flowers. The flowers were so beautiful! So many colors, so many shapes ... And it wasn't the same if they weren't in dirt. The dirt, the soil, the life poking up from the ground, spoke to Ai in some way she couldn't define. Life, coming into its own...

Ai loved life.

She glanced at the red wagon next to the bed. The wagon had been a toy of Bill's, from when he was little. He had told her that when Mom had been tending her flower beds, his job was to use his wagon to carry flowers to her and cart off weeds and such. Lips twitching up into a smile, Ai gently caressed the rusting metal while her other hand touched her golden locket around her neck. Anything that was Bill's made her happy.

As happy as the blue flowers Julie had found for her. Ai reached in and picked up the next plastic container with its six plants. They were so pretty, five light blue petals surrounding a yellow circle. She tilted and turned them, this way and that way, large black eyes taking in the delicate shapes and colors. Turning, she contemplated the pattern she was creating. Dark blue ringed the white fountain, itself ringed by another circle of purple. She was half way done creating a third circle with these light blue ones. There was no meaning to the pattern, not that she knew of, but something about it pleased her. That was enough.

Ai was not one for deep thought.

There was a tickle on the bottom of her bare left foot. Looking, Ai smiled. It was one of the puppies ... Bilbo, she thought. The other four were still napping with their mother, but this one was up and ready to play. Well, she was busy. Ai looked over at Pooh Bear. The father looked back, waiting to see if his Mistress was going to reprimand his son. She was debating this herself, when ... the weakness came again.

Ai quickly put down the flowers, before she dropped the precious creatures, and brought both hands to her stomach. Something ... was happening.

And she didn't know what.

For the past few days, Ai hadn't been herself. She had felt ... off. Not since that first time, four years ago, when they had first discovered that Ai needed to feed from her lovers, had she felt anything like this. And, yet, this was different. It wasn't a lack of food. Bill and Julie fed her as often as she wanted to, and in any way. It wasn't hunger. Well ... in a way, it WAS, but Ai had no idea what she was hungering for. Her body was telling her something ... what?

She should tell Bill. Ai knew this. Tell Bill, tell Mom ... even tell Doctor. But, what could Doctor do? He had only examined her once so far, so knew far less then Bill or Julie or even Gretchen his wife. She had to...

Ai was suddenly lightheaded ... then it was gone. The discomfort was gone. And, yet ... something was different. Ai's mind cast around for what it was, what she now knew that she didn't know she knew. Something ... something was changing. She was changing. Or would change, if she...

The tinkle of bells interrupted her confused thoughts. Ai looked up at the source of the sound, as did Pooh Bear, and the waking Tippy and her puppies.

Bill was entering the stairwell.

Ai pushed herself to her feet, brushing off her dirty bare knees. The dogs also got to their feet, or maybe it was paws, quickly running to the far end of the large room and out the oval shaped doorway. Ai took her time. It would take a few minutes for Bill to make his way down all those stairs, then reseal the entrance and come into the living quarters. There was no need to hurry. Walking over to a bench, put there so they could sit and look at the flowers (or, as was more likely the case, kiss in a more romantic setting), she picked her dress up off it and slipped it over her head. Ai preferred to garden nude. It made her feel one with the plants. But, despite all Cynthia had said she didn't mind, Ai knew it was best if she had at least this token outfit on while others were here. Ai had learned over the years of watching her friends that what they said, and what they really felt, were sometimes different. Never in hurtful ways, no, but more in attempts not to hurt her. She wished they wouldn't: Ai was four, after all!

Stooping a bit to walk through the doorway, resembling something from a submarine (there was a submarine down at the Buffalo Naval Park, but despite asking they hadn't taken her to see it), Ai walked down the hallway past the bedroom doors. So many bedrooms, complete with beds, and only two were used. Such a waste ... Ai wanted more people down here. More family. Family to keep her company, family she could make happy...

The seven dogs were already lined up by the door, tails wagging, when Ai reached the main living area. She smiled as she walked past the pool tables, ping pong table, and finally the couches and chairs set up around the large TV and video games. The puppy that had been licking her foot came up to her as she stopped on the soft carpet, whining for attention. Ai bent down and lifted the small creature up in her cold hands. This batch of puppies, the second, had been born a few months earlier. Their older siblings had found homes with friends, and sometimes came for visits. Ai missed them, but knew they couldn't keep them all. Plus, she now had new little friends to play with and fuss over. Giving Bilbo a squeeze, she kissed him on the nose then put him back down. Bill would be here soon...

Fuck stairs.

Bill hated them. Hated stairs with a passion that possibly eclipsed the most intense sexual passion he had ever felt. Mind you, they had given him reason: every day, he had to climb up and down four flights of stairs. Four flights twice as long as any he had seen ... well, that wasn't quite true. There were steps next to the escalator leading down to the UB subway station that were probably as long, but obviously they were for when the moving stairs were broken. Hmm, maybe they could turn these into escalators ... yeah, that wouldn't drain their batteries even further!

Where was he? Ah, yes. Fuck stairs.

There was an old Bill Cosby bit about driving a stick shift, and how Cosby hated 1st gear. Hated it so much, that once the car was in 3rd, he wasn't downshifting for anybody. He'd run you over rather than go back down to 1st. That's how this Bill felt about the shelter: once he was down here again at the end of school, he wasn't leaving again for anything. Not until the following morning when the ritual started over...

With a clang, Cynthia closed the oval door at the top of the final staircase, sealing it. Bill and Julie were already at the bottom, always seeming to go faster than their red headed companion. Bill raised his head up to her, getting a good long look at long legs under her full length black dress.

"I see London, I see France!"

Julie gave a mock growl and whacked him in the arm, but Cynthia only chuckled as she started walking down.

"Given what I'm not wearing, that rhyme shows you're not seeing much!"

Bill shook his head, laughing at their friend. She was so ... well, grown up now. They all were. Cynthia was all legs and breasts, tall and confident, long flowing curly red hair framing a face full of life. Of the three, she had blossomed the most. Maybe because she had been pushed into the shadows for so long...

A tug on his arm drew his gaze down to his second love. Julie looked back with playful anger, eyes dancing. Everything about Julie danced, in some way. She had barely grown since middle school, but her compact four foot one inch frame had become if anything more athletic and graceful. Other cheerleaders might have bigger breasts, or a sexier twitch to their walk, but for the total package? No woman was better than his little long haired Julie.

That's not to say their high school years had been without ... drama. There had been temptations for both of them, given into by Julie. If it hadn't of been for Ai, would they still be together? No. Junior year had been ... difficult. But, now, with school almost over, it looked like both were in this for the long haul. Not that Bill could call being with her a "haul".

"Come away from that temptress, you pervert." Julie pulled him towards the shelter controls, fingernails digging into his hand a bit more than needed. Bill responded as years of experience had taught him, pulling her back and up off the ground for a kiss. There was a moment's struggle, some comment on how she had to turn off the lights and such, but they quickly faded as his lips did their work. Her arms and legs wrapped around his six foot two inch frame, hands sliding over lean muscle. She liked what the stairs had done to him.

"God, you two are such breeders." Cynthia shook her head as she descended the stairs. Julie broke the kiss, gazing at the Witch over Bill's shoulder.

"Thank god some of us hot girls still go for guys, or sexiness would be bred out of the species!" With another quick peck on Bill's lips, she released her grip on him and fell back to the floor. Landing feet first, she struck a gymnastic pose. "And she nails the dismount!" Cynthia, book bag still in hand, walked past and gently patted her on the head.

"It was very nice dear."


"Your singing has improved, too." Cynthia worked the entrance shutdown controls as the laughing Bill ignored his co-mate and moved to the shelter door. Julie stood and growled.

"Just ignore her, my love. Some people just can't deal with a delicate flower like yourself."

"Oh, I'll flower her!"

Bill spun the door handle. It was good to be home.

The dogs attacked first, naturally. Tippy and Pooh Bear both jumped on Bill as he struggled through the oval door, hampered both by them and his backpack. With practiced ease, he playfully pushed them away, almost dancing with Pooh Bear as the golden dog stayed on its hind legs, finally managing to disengage so he could start to unload his school books. It was then Ai's turn to jump into the fray, pressing her cold form against his chest as his backpack fell onto the desk located next to the entrance for just such occasions. Dogs and puppies made similar assaults on the two girls, who with much giggling and cooing gave proper greeting to their housemates. After a minute, though, almost as if on command, they formed a group in front of Cynthia. Eyes focused above the redhead's right shoulder, they gave a soft whine as Cynthia raised a hand to pet something invisible.

"You can play if you want, Ro." Canine heads whipped towards the kitchen, and with a happy yelp the pack as one jumped to give chase to the unseen creature.

"Don't they ever get tired of that?" Julie asked, hanging up her light jacket. She probably hadn't needed it, but better safe than cold.

"So long as it keeps both sides happy, I'm for it." Cynthia stretched, a slight crack coming from her back, then cast a glance over at Ai and Bill. She stayed silent, but Julie nodded to her at the unspoken continuation of that thought.

"Violet coming tonight?"

"After class. Maybe." The two watched as Ai finally released Bill and stepped back. The creature's eyes looked ... unsettled. One hand's fingers still brushing his bare arm, she turned to Julie.

"Need you. Need both..." It came out as almost a whimper. Bill brought her against him again, raising her face to his.

"Are you OK?"

She shuddered.

"Just ... love me."


Ai didn't understand what she was feeling. As she led her two lovers into their bedroom, her mind was a confused muddle of unfocused thoughts. It was as if she KNEW what she had to do, but honestly didn't know what she was going to do next. Almost as if her body had a goal, but wasn't bothering to let her in on the secret.

Not knowing what else to do ... Ai just let the impulses take over.

Bill stood before her, at the end of the king sized bed, waiting, as Julie closed the door and moved behind Ai. Four years had created traditions, set patterns. Much of the time the three did whatever felt good, playing, teasing, loving. When Ai's needs came to the fore, however ... both teens deferred to the creature. What came next was sometimes unusual, but always exquisitely pleasurable ... and life sustaining. Out of their love, came her life. No bond could be stronger.

"Strip..." Ai trembled as she whispered the command, letting her own dress fall to the floor. Bill and Julie exchanged a worried glance, but quickly worked to remove their springtime attire. Bill's blue button down dress shirt was soon on the floor, followed by jeans and underwear. Julie's blouse and knee length skirt soon followed. Ai's eyes flittered between the two, blue hands clenching and unclenching at her side. Time was running out. Now. It had to happen now...

Shoes and socks finally off, Bill started to make a motion towards her. Ai stopped him with a sharp hand gesture, instead stepping forward and firmly, if gently, pushing him back prone on the bed, feet still on the floor. Kneeling, Ai reached out and touched Bill's slowly growing cock. Her touch ... was different, this time. Bill felt that immediately. Somehow, it was as if he had never felt her hand before. A gasp escaped his lips as in an instant he hardened. Ai ran her fingers lightly over the head and shaft, moving down to his balls. All ten fingers caressed the lightly haired sacks, and Bill could swear he felt them swell ... as if she was causing them to fill as they never had before. He wanted to speak, to ask Ai what was going on, but already pleasure was coursing through his body and he knew, instinctively, that coherent speech was out of the question. Rolling his head to gaze at Julie, he saw her face full of the same questions.

Almost on cue, Ai turned and motioned Julie to come stand before the still kneeling creature. Two steps brought her to her friend, and once again her unearthly beauty brought a lump to Julie's throat. The scales on her belly seemed to glisten, framed by blue skin darker than ever. Looking up and holding her eyes, Ai raised her hands to Julie's small round breasts. Julie gasped, nipples hardening almost before she could comprehend it. The pleasure was ... god, she almost came just from that touch! What was going on?! Slowly, Ai's fingers lightly explored both white breasts, then trailed down the muscular form before her. When they came to the triangle of brown hair, they traced their way around it, leaving trails of icy fire on the way down to their final destination. Julie could feel herself become soaking wet, yet her lips and inner thighs were still dry. At Ai's touch she spread her legs, eyes closed at the intensity of the feelings. She knew Bill was staring at her, and also knew he had not moved from where Ai had positioned him. Cold fingers began to probe Julie's sex, began to move into her ... GOD!

One blue hand positioned palm up under Julie, fingers cupped between those smooth white thighs, Ai moved three fingers of her other hand into the girl, looking for the three points she knew were there. Knew, somehow, as if all their lovemaking had been leading up to this. Had been exploration and training. She felt along the hot, wet inner walls, until...


Julie's head fell back as she screamed. Knees buckling, but somehow held up just by those three fingers, Julie came as she never had in her short life. Between her legs flowed, not the geyser like squirting of online porn, but a steady stream of hot liquid as from a faucet. It fell into Ai's waiting hand, slowly filling the cupped fingers. Sound stopped coming from Julie, mouth still open as pleasure continued to shoot through her in one continuous orgasm. It was going to kill her! Bill watched helplessly, unable to will his limbs to move.

Finally, hand full, Ai pulled herself out of her lover and brought the precious liquid up to her lips. Julie collapsed to her knees, almost to the floor; exhausted, but with enough energy to open her eyes. She saw Ai slowly tilt her hand up, drinking...


Lights were traveling under her skin! Down her blue throat, between those dark, perfect breasts ... settling in the middle of her oval of scales, shining from behind them like ... like sun through crystal.

Ai's hand was empty. She had drunk all of Julie's love. She felt ... she FELT! Ai jumped to her feet, then in almost one motion onto the bed. With the grace of one on pure instinct, Ai found herself positioned over Bill. She saw his face, one of confusion, wonder, maybe fear. No time!


She dropped onto Bill.

He came instantly, screaming.

Cynthia watched the three walk past the pool tables towards the bedrooms, otherwise known as orgy central. She wasn't jealous. Not much. After all, she COULD be there with them. Could be part of Ai's harem. Could be having countless orgasms every night...

No she couldn't.

Cynthia wasn't a prude. God forbid, no. But ... some things were off limits. Sharing, for one. Or, worse, being shared. She didn't think she could live with being only PART of a lover's focus, just one of many lights in their life. You would think, having spent so long in the dark, Cynthia would be happy with any light of love. No ... if anything, having been without, she now needed all to make life worth living.


Her eyes went to the clocks on the various electronic devices by the TV. It was either 4:01 or 3:59 PM, depending. Probably two hours until Violet came. She had said she had a surprise, that it would be a special night.

Every moment was special with her.

And, every moment without Violet was an ordeal to be suffered through. With a sigh, Cynthia picked up a remote from the end stand and tossed herself onto the nearest couch. Something big, soft, and lumpy tried to keep her from her chosen destination. Reaching back, she pulled out a big green stuffed frog. Eyes narrowing, wishing she DID have witchy powers so she could turn it into a frog, Cynthia flung the offending creature away as she leaned back into the comfortable sofa. Instantly, a brown fur ball of a feline leapt onto her reclined form. The creature walked over her breasts, demanding affection of the girl, and with a laugh she complied with her free hand. The other turned on the TV and began searching for distractions.

"So, how's Kamichu today? Have fun playing with the dogs?" She could hear the puppies barking, probably in the dining room. How they could see Ro, she had no idea. They couldn't see the blue monkey that was always around Julie, or Mrs. Darrow, or anyone's creature but hers and Violet's. Probably had something to do with them having souls, but given Cynthia had vowed not to do that with any others of the creatures, there was only so much experimentation she could do. At least the dogs LIKED the monkeys. That was something.

"So, where's Totoro today, hmm? Where's the other fuzzball?" Keeping her hand on Kamichu as the cat used it as a rubbing post, she looked around for its companion. Not mate, though. That experiment ... hadn't worked well. The two cats, male and female, could stand each other well enough, but Kamichu just did NOT want the white Totoro to be her kitty-daddy. Probably just as well, as just puppies were probably more than enough to teach Ai about such things. Still, they were left to wonder at the reason. Cynthia figured Kamichu was a dyke.

There was white movement in the corner of her vision. Expecting the cat, Cynthia half turned her head towards the pool tables ... and froze.

Walking across the floor, passing through any object in its way ... was a white skinned child.

Blood drained from Cynthia's face. White. She had never seen white before. Shaking, but with no hesitation, she rose to her feet, Kamichu leaping to the floor yowling in protest. The thing wore a tunic as red as blood. Its hair was also red, short, almost in an afro. Its eyes were the deepest blue ... and it was walking towards the bedrooms.

Forcing herself, Cynthia began to follow, feet moving quickly to catch up with it. She had barely started when a muffled scream echoes through the shelter. Julie! It had been a scream of pleasure, yes, but god! Barely! What were they doing!?

The child thing was already at the hallway. She ran until she was just behind it. Please, don't go into...

They had reached the closed bedroom door, with its hand painted names of its occupants, when another scream, deep, male, burst from just beyond. The creature walked right through. With no hesitation, but dreading what she'd find, Cynthia turned the handle and slammed the door open.

Ai was glowing.

She was impaled on Bill's cock on the bed, back to Cynthia. One single, continuous pulse of light seemed to be shooting from where they were joined up into her body, under her skin, stopping in the middle of her back. The ridge down her spine seemed to be radiating blue light, and Ai's face was turned to the heavens, mouth open, eyes closed. Cynthia almost expected to see the beam of light shooting out of her mouth!

On the floor, nude, in shock, was Julie. Her eyes were on the bed, unfocused and uncomprehending. Cynthia found herself no better. What the HELL was this!

The white skinned boy now stood behind Ai, translucent feet and legs actually inside Bill's. With no expression on its face, it lifted two small hands up ... and put them into Ai's back.

There was one final flash of light from within her, then it stopped. Bill's cock softened instantly, aching from the abuse, and with a moan Ai collapsed onto him. Bill's mind, and body, found themselves free of whatever had bewitched them. He swiftly rolled Ai onto her back, sitting up, eyes taking in her still form. Whipping his head towards the door, he saw Cynthia for the first time.

"What happened?! Did you see something?!"

Julie struggled to her feet, Cynthia quickly grabbing the nude elf as she staggered. She looked up at Cynthia with fear in her eyes.

"What WAS it?"

Cynthia looked at both of her friends, the white boy vanishing through the wall, then the silent, still blue form of Ai.

"I ... THINK Ai just got knocked up."

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