A Discovery for Carin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, FemaleDom,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carin is unsure about her sexuality but then one day she meets a woman in her neighborhood who teachers her something. Carin quickly falls in love with her new feelings.

Carin was a beautiful young woman who was puzzled by her inner feelings. She was 19 and desperately wanted to understand her most intimate emotions. All through her teenage years, Carin faithfully followed the conventional methods set down by society and her parents, but she found something uncomfortable about being a typical teenager. Following graduation and entering the workforce, she decided once and for all to discover her path in life.

Although Carin wasn't fond of using nicknames or shortened names, she preferred it when people called her Cari. She had strawberry blonde hair and often got kidded about being spacey, but she wasn't anything like a typical dumb-blonde. When a person met her, they could tell her mind worked a mile-a-minute trying to figure out everything, right down to the smallest detail.

Cari was quite slim with measurements of 33a-22-33 and she was average height at 5'5". Her dress size was a two, which was very small, but men found her body very attractive and sexy. She had such a small waist yet her hips were well rounded giving her a very sexy figure, which was the envy of most women. Her boobs may have been fairly small, but they were definitely supple enough to draw many stares and her nipples belied any notion that they weren't overly developed.

Although a popular girl in high school, Cari really didn't date anyone seriously. Her first sexual experience was very early when she fooled around with one of the older boys in her school. Most of the girls in her class found the thought of dating older boys very mature and exciting, but it was Cari who got a big reality check. She foolishly lost her cheery to a crude boy who only wanted to add her name to his long list of sexual accomplishments. He only fingered her, but it was enough, as Cari found out for the first time that boys weren't sensitive when it came to a girl's sexual needs.

After the first experience, Cari found it easier the next time. The one very apparent detail she gained from heavy petting and groping with boys was that it was not something pleasant or something she coveted. Cari secretly found other girls appealing to the extent that she fantasized about having relationships with some of her close friends. She steadfastly refused to believe that she might be different because her parents and friends always criticized people who were classified as gay.

Through high school and even now Cari babysat in the neighborhood. She had two neighbors, Sandra and Dawn, who used her a lot and they would prove significant in her life. Sandra lived down the block and she was a young married woman with a two-year-old child. She was not much older than Cari and the two quickly developed a close friendship after the couple moved into the area. Cari considered Dawn a goddess and she had been in love with the woman since she started babysitting for her two daughters at the age of twelve or thirteen. Dawn was in her late twenties and Cari idolized her because the woman was so refined and ladylike.

Carin's life changed very innocently on one stormy night in April. She babysat for Sandra who came home early because her husband got called into work due to the storm. Since it was early, the two chatted and before long Sandra poured drinks. She handed Cari a glass and raised hers to give a toast. "To Carin! My beautiful neighbor who is about to discover her sexuality."

The toast set Cari back on her heals. "What? My what?"

"I'm bisexual and I find you very attractive," Sandra whispered. "Tonight we are going to discover your sexuality."

"But, but I'm not."

"My love! I've always known that I'm a lesbian, more than anything else. I can recognize one in an instant," Sandra said. "You know the saying? It takes one to know one."

The profound news was shocking and Cari was totally speechless. Suddenly it all made sense. She was different and the emotions and intimate feelings over the years were indeed real and not imagined. Cari thought back to all of the times she forced herself to endure the crude and crass fondling and groping from unloving boys. Her head started to spin and it wasn't due to any alcohol. "Oh God, are you sure?"

That night was the first indication of Sandra's dominate nature and Cari quickly found out that she was easily dominated. Her hand shook so bad that she spilled some of her drink and her feet were glued to the floor when the woman approached her. Sandra boldly walked right up to her and gently took the glass, setting both drinks on a table. "You just let me show you ... awaken your true inner being, my love."

Cari glanced down and watched in total amazement, as the young woman unbuttoned her blouse. Then Sandra rolled the garment off her shoulders and blatantly tossed it across the room. Suddenly the gears in Cari's mind started churning like mad. 'Did I purposely not wear a bra? Did I unwittingly know that Sandra was going to take advantage of my innocence?'

"OMG girl, you have the nicest titties. I imaged them being pert and quite small ... but they're luscious and much bigger than I ever expected," Sandra whispered. "And the nipples ... my gawd girl, they're so erect and hard that I can hardly wait to taste them."

Cari listened to the sweetest words and wondered if it all wasn't a dream. Her eyes opened wider when Sandra's knowing fingers swooped downward and swiftly unfastened the snap and zipper of her jeans. All of a sudden Cari was aware of Sandra's rapid breathing and that the woman's breathing was merely gasps and moans. When her jeans were slowly rolled off her shapely hips and all the way down her long, slender legs, she found it impossible to breathe.

Cari couldn't remember feeling so sexy or so alluring. She stood motionless, wondering if she was the luckiest girl in the world because she had worn the sexiest thong underwear. Cari tilted her head upward and fixed her eyes on the young woman who was smiling at her. "Oh God, I didn't know it would feel like this."

"Of course not, honey, but you let Sandy be your first," Sandra whispered. "I'll show you what love is all about." Then she quickly stripped while keeping her guiding eyes glued on the girl in front of her.

Cari felt her heart beat twice as fast and her face got overly hot and flushed. She stared at Sandra's seductive body and marveled at the womanly charms, which made her features look like a little girl's. Sandra was slightly taller than Cari at 5'7"; she had blonde, streaked hair and a figure that was overly sexy by any standard. Her boobs were a ripe 36C and they developed just a little sag after the baby, which made them sway and bob whenever she walked or moved. Sandra often flaunted her overly defined nipples by wearing very thin bras and she chuckled every time she caught Cari staring at them.

Cari felt embarrassed whenever she got caught ogling the woman's luscious boobs, but she couldn't resist imagining what they actually looked like or felt like. Probably Sandra's best features were her midsection and hips. She had a very slim waistline and her hips had a flare that most men found seductive yet women envied. Cari tried to take all of Sandra's naked beauty in with a glance and she shuddered when the woman stepped closer.

Sandra's warm breath washed across her face making Cari even hotter. Cari stood frozen when Sandra's lips met hers and a most passionate kiss ensued. She eagerly pressed her lithe body into the voluptuous woman in front of her.

Without warning, the woman's hand closed directly on top of her scantily covered mound. Cari felt embarrassed when Sandra's skilled fingers searched under the soaked material and she couldn't remember being so wet in such a hurry. The miniscule band of cloth was ripped to one side and then a finger entered her most intimate domain. She hoped the woman didn't find the dampness offensive and suddenly Sandra's fingers found the secret key. Her throbbing clitoris was yanked out of the swollen hood and swirled around wildly in the vast wetness.

"I love it when my lover gets wet ... leaks all over."

"I've ... Oh God, I've never felt my thingie ... my clitty throb so madly."

Sandra glared into the teary eyes knowing she was fully in control. "I've always wanted a lover ... someone who was faithful and devoted to being my sex-slave."

"Dear God, yes."

"I won't ask you to wait. I can feel it already!"

It happened so fast and furious that Cari surrendered, not caring that she had lost control. No boy had ever made her orgasm or cum. Cari felt strong, experienced fingers surround her entire clitoris and she was thankful for the support of Sandra's body, as it held her upright. If it wasn't the fastest orgasm in history, Cari was positive she set some kind of record. She didn't know how the woman accomplished the amazing feat without much foreplay, but Sandra made her climax like a wanton slut.

A long, skinny finger thrust into her precious vagina and then something strange took over her body. Cari sensed the woman's dominating control and didn't hold back fearing that she might miss something extraordinary. Her hips jerked sporadically seemingly controlled by the skilled fingers and the intense orgasm was the only thing that mattered.

The final spasms continued shooting through her inner being, as Sandra shuffled and guided her across the floor. They reached a sofa and both women collapsed with Sandra landing on top of her submissive love-slave. "This time you're going to take it slow and enjoy the most wonderful feeling," Sandra whispered. "I'm going to make you my little sex-toy."

"Again? Another one right away?"

"My love, I can tell that you're a nonstop sex-addict. You radiate sex and I'm sure the boys drool over you," Sandra whispered. "I bet you don't wear a bra because you love showing off these lovely titties."

"Oh God, it feels so good when my boobs are not covered."

Sandra shifted to the side and glared at the girl's heaving chest. "Yes, I can tell by the hard nipples that you like showing them off."

Cari giggled at the apparent taunt. "I love watching the boys stare. They are so bloody obvious."

"You can't blame them. I remember the last time you babysat for me. You wore that beige low-neck blouse, which barely covered your tits. When you bent over in front of my husband, I thought he'd blow a gasket at the sight of your bare boobs," Sandra said.

"If you must know, I wore it for you," Cari whispered, not sure if she was doing the right thing.

"I know you did, my love. When we looked at each other, I could tell that you were trying to please me."

"Oh no, was it that obvious?"

"I knew long ago that you liked girls. I asked around the neighborhood about you. Seems you don't date much ... haven't dated a boy for any length of time."

"Wow, the neighbors noticed?"

"When I talked to Dawn, the other family you seem to do a lot of babysitting for, she raved at how nice a girl you are. Dawn highly recommended you as a babysitter when I first moved into the neighborhood. She told me that you haven't had a steady boyfriend and wished you would find the boy of your dreams."

"Dawn is a nice woman ... a truly special person."

"Ooooh, you little devil. You have the hots for her, don't you?"

"No! Well, she is such a nice lady and I like being with her."

"It's okay, really. I don't mind if you have other girlfriends," Sandra said, with a knowing smile on her pretty face. "In fact, I just might help you someday with Dawn. I've thought of going after her myself, but the right opportunity hasn't presented itself. You've certainly set your sights on the sexiest woman around."

"I've known Dawn forever ... babysat for her for years."

"Tell me, how do you get sexual satisfaction. Do you masturbate?"

"Aaahhh, yes," Cari replied, wanting to be truthful with her friend.

"How often?"

Cari didn't want to say, but Sandra's eyes conveyed an overpowering demand. "Often, well daily ... everyday I do it."

"You're about to find out that masturbation doesn't replace the real thing, my sweetie."

Cari's heart beat rapidly wondering at the marvelous possibility of being intimate with a sexy, mature woman. She didn't have time to relish the moment, as Sandra's mouth closed over one of her throbbing nipples. The talking stopped and Cari's next sexual encounter began with her extended nipple fully engulfed inside of Sandra's volcanic mouth.

Sandra caressed and kissed the nipples and turned each into hard, throbbing pebbles with her skilled tonguing and nibbling. Then she seized the nipples with both hands and squeezed the erect buds, holding them pointed high in the air. Her mouth remained between the two mounds, kissing and licking the burning flesh. Sandra used her teeth to bite the insides of both breasts and even put marks on the pinkish boobies, which would prove to be a reminder for the lust-filled girl.

The lovemaking progressed with the determined mistress extracting the spirit from her submissive girlfriend. Sandra moved her fingertips across Cari's shivering stomach and lower to the neatly trimmed forest. She felt the girl's tummy heave with each caress, as she worked her way to the Promised Land. When she touched the reddish hairline, Sandra intertwined her fingers into the sparse, curly hair. She pulled hard enough to bring a cry out of her innocent slave and then toyed with the hair using her fingers in a teasing fashion.

Cari was filled with an unfamiliar lust that seemed to control every move. Suddenly there were fingertips between her legs and they were prodding her to open her milky thighs. The prior impulsive orgasm merely made her body more alive and sensitive. The fingers traced a scorching path across her skin leaving a trail everywhere. Then they carved a path through her exposed crotch and Cari willingly obeyed an urgent command to spread her legs wider.

Cari arched her back and forced her head backwards into the soft cushions. She couldn't bear looking and felt the determined mistress slip her torso between her splayed legs. Cari held her breath, expecting the most wonderful sensations to continue. All of a sudden fingertips pressed on her soaked labia and they easily pulled them apart. She squeezed her eyes closed tighter and watched the dark eyelids for the true picture.

Suddenly her exposed gem was flicked back and forth. Cari visualized Sandra's tongue darting all over her fragile clitoris and turning it into a throbbing morsel. She was just getting used to the skilled caresses when sharp teeth closed around the protruding clitty. Swiftly the woman switched to jabbing her tongue in and out of the honey-hole pretending it was a tiny penis. Cari felt her tummy churning wildly and marveled at the newfound lust, which seemed to grow with each lewd caress and embrace.

Cari would never know the reasoning for Sandra's next onslaught. The woman demanded obedience and swiftly rolled Cari over and onto her stomach. Sandra jerked Cari's hips upwards until she was in a kneeling position and then pried the knees apart, giving Cari better balance. "I like my girls to be bitches. You can be my little schoolgirl bitch on your hands and knees while I finger your horny pussy."

Sandra shoved her flushed face into the waiting crack and attacked the sacred hole. She tongued Cari's virgin asshole and used her fingers with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. Sandra inserted two fingers of her right hand into the girl's small glory-hole and used her left hand to ravage the defenseless clit. She pinched the pink mass between her fingers and relished the yelp from her slave, as she rolled the clitty around vigorously.

There was no respite. Sandra had one goal and there was no woman alive who could withstand such a treacherous assault. She sucked Cari's ass and used her tongue to punish the puckered entrance in a lewd, threatening manner. No one had ever touched her there and Cari found the molestation extremely irresistible.

Cari's clitoris felt like it had doubled in size and Sandra had no trouble keeping it firmly clasped between her fingers. Crouched behind the shuddering hips with the girl's crotch aimed perfectly back at her, enabled Sandra to administer a finger-fucking to remember. She made sure her fingertips dragged along the already used G-spot, which Cari realized directly affected her stamina. "Relax, my love. We won't use a real cock, yet, but someday we will."

At the time Sandra's declaration meant nothing to her. Cari knew the woman suggested she have sex with a man or at least a dildo, but she never considered any significance to the statement. All was lost when her belly started going through devastating convulsions and heaved in and out just before emitting a volcanic eruption. The molten lava flowed freely when her clitty got twirled around so robustly that Cari was positive it would be permanently damaged.

Sandra had a gutter mouth when she got overly aroused and the fact quickly became evident. "I need your slutty mouth," she moaned. "Now! I need a royal fucking." She pulled backwards, just as the orgasm ended, and shoved the still shaking hips off to one side.

Cari felt the determined push from her lover and she found it hard to move her legs because there were still a few dramatic internal spasms. She watched Sandra frantically roll around her body until she was spread out on the sofa cushions. There was nothing vague or ambiguous about what the woman wanted or demanded. One hand gestured towards her wanton crotch and the other reached for Cari's head.

Sandra wound her fingers into the strawberry blonde hair. "I'm too horny to wait. Fuck me now, bitch." She yanked Cari's head towards her passion pit and shoved the girl's face directly at her dripping pussy. "Eat me bitch, eat me out and show me how much you like being my little slave."

Cari stared at the baby-like pelvis and marveled at the shaven appearance. The pussy-lips looked so delicate and seemed to part just enough to disclose some of the valuable gem. Cari spotted the very tip of Sandra's clitoris and knew the woman's body would react when she touched the tiny morsel. She slowly dropped her head and stuck her tongue directly on top of the exposed clitty.

"Heavenly Jesus, suck the fucking thing ... all of it into your slutty mouth."

Cari obeyed instantly. She gobbled the pink bud and used her teeth to hold it steady inside of her mouth. Then her tongue battered the clitty back and forth while biting a little harder, or until she heard a soft cry for mercy. Cari was in control. She sensed the woman's urgency and knew Sandra was fully aroused. It was time to show her mistress that she was the best sub who would do anything to satisfy her sexual needs.

Cari moved her teeth back and forth in a grinding fashion and listened to Sandra's pleas. Inspiration was easy to come by and she rammed her long, middle finger to the hilt. Cari was smart enough to curl her finger and rake it across the delicate G-spot, which resulted in more cries and moans of ecstasy. "Dear gawd, that's good. Finger-fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!"

She released the swollen clitty and began nibbling on the puffy labia. Her finger never stopped pumping in and out of the heated honey-hole and Cari ensured the sensitive spot got raked each time. She managed an upward glance and noticed the woman had a tit in each hand. Sandra cupped her own boobs and used her fingers to caress the erect nipples, brazenly showing the big knobs to the world.

Cari sensed the woman was overdue so she returned her mouth to the engorged clitoris. There was a few seconds of begging and pleading from her lover and then something thick and creamy filled her mouth. Cari swallowed the cum and added another finger when she rammed her hand to the hilt. The woman's hips thrust upward and jerked frantically, as her ass bounced all over the sofa cushion. It was her first womanly experience and Cari was bringing joy to one of the women of her dreams.

Sandra begged her for more so Cari complied. No experience was necessary, as Cari thrust her dainty forefinger of her other hand into the neglected hole. When the tip of her finger brushed across the puckered entrance, Sandra screamed loud enough to wake the baby. It was incredible how the woman's orgasm flourished with the dual finger-fucking. Luckily Cari's forefinger was lubricated from the vast amount of juices and it easily went into Sandra's asshole.

The encounter ended with both women covered in sweat. They virtually collapsed on the sofa, totally exhausted. Cari put her arms around Sandra's shapely hips in a loving embrace and she relished being submissive to such a strong mistress. "I don't want to chase you away, but my husband might be home soon. These storms can be unpredictable," Sandra whispered. "You should go before he gets home, or you'll experience another first."

Cari knew what the woman meant and she certainly wasn't ready for a man. She was very content with what she had discovered about herself. All of the doubts and lingering suspicions about her sexuality had been replaced with profound certainties.

A weekend to remember ... or forget?

Carin left the house that night a new person. She no longer feared being true to herself, as she understood the deep, intense emotions that controlled her subconscious mind. It had been drummed into her by her parents that bisexual or gay were sinful and extremely immoral. Suddenly she understood the intimate emotions that had been troubling through her teenage years and willingly accepted them.

Sandra called later in the week and asked Cari to spend the weekend with her. It sounded like a simple request, but to a submissive girl it was a stern order. "Love, my husband is away all weekend on a business conference and I'd love to have you spend the weekend with me. Please come over Saturday morning and you won't need to bring anything. Everything you need is here."

The week seemed to drag and Friday night was exceptionally agonizing, as the time seemed to last forever. Cari rushed out of the house bright and early Saturday morning, informing her parents that she was staying over at Sandra's because the woman needed a babysitter for the weekend. When she got to her neighbor's, it sounded funny, but Sandra actually arranged for a babysitter. "You're about to find out that my fav thing in the world is shopping. A person just never knows what can happen in a mall or in some boutique," she said. "We are going to spend the day in some of my fav stores."

"Huuummm, I love shopping."

"We've discovered your sexual appetite and I must admit that you do have a tremendous hunger for sex."

"Is that so bad?" Cari looked at her dear friend willing to do anything to please her.

"No, my love. That's what I love about you."

"Huuummm, I like that."

"Well now we're going to broaden Carin's horizons. You're going to find out what lust can do to your sensible reasoning."

Cari didn't know what Sandra was up to, but nothing the woman said was frightening. "When I'm with you, I feel submissive ... willing to do anything you demand."

"I know, my love. Today and tomorrow we'll spend together ... you'll meet a few of my closest friends."

"Huuummm, I like that." Cari assumed the day would consist of many shopping experiences, but that was only part of what Sandra planned.

When the woman told Cari about the day, the evil grin on her face was hard to miss. "First we're going to the mall where I'll introduce you to Joan, my dearest friend."

"Good, I'm looking forward to it."

"Have you ever had sex in public?"

Sandra's question shocked her. "Holy crap, no," Cari blurted out.

"Well, my love, you'll find out that it gives you the biggest rush and it is something you'll never forget."

Sandra grabbed her hand and the two ran out to the car acting like young girls. Cari's heart beat fast and her excitement level was sky-high during the ride to the shopping mall. When they arrived, Cari found the anticipation of what might lay ahead very overwhelming, but she didn't have time to dwell on it, as Sandra ushered her into the first store.

They came face to face with a young proprietor who Sandra introduced as Joan. The woman was three or four inches taller than Cari and she wore a dress suit even though it was warm in the store. Her face was pierced in more places than normal and she had an obvious tattoo on the side of her neck. Joan stood rock-solid with her hands on her hips and her feet apart. She stared intently at Cari leaving little doubt about her dominating personality. "Oh goodie, I love my bitches gorgeous and very slim. She's ideal," the woman said. "When Sandy said you were beautiful, she wasn't kidding."

Sandra felt her young protégé tremble, as the two women stared at each other. "Love, this is Cari, the young lady I told you about," she said. "Cari has expressed a desire to be dominated and I thought who better to show her than the absolute best mistress in the entire city."

Cari listened to her mentor and before she could utter one protest, Joan took control. "Take her to the back and get her ready. I'll bring something that will fit her perfectly. I have just what the little angel needs."

"God, I remember that first time ... the time I came in for a new dress," Sandra whispered, almost in a dreamlike state. "You took me to the change-room and, oh my God, I received the fitting of my life."

Cari felt like she ran through the store. Sandra held her hand the whole way and didn't let go until they were in a small change-room. "Take your clothes off," she whispered. When she noticed the confused look on Cari's face, she elaborated. "When Joan comes in, she wants you naked ... or else!"

Cari looked into the demanding eyes and did what was ordered. Each item she took off, she handed to Sandra who bundled them together. Cari's mouth hung open wide, as she watched in amazement when Sandra wheeled and left the room with all of her clothes. She huddled in one corner expecting Joan to join her in the small room, which was deathly quiet. Cari looked at her reflection in the big mirror covering one wall and noticed her skin was flushed and certainly redder than normal.

She was admiring her nudity when the door burst open. "Oh my, aren't we beautiful. When Sandra told me that you were radiant, I was skeptic, but I see she was correct," Joan said. "You're absolutely beautiful and sexier than I imagined."

Cari didn't have enough hands to cover everything so she simply covered her breasts in a pathetic show of modesty. Joan seemed to fill the whole doorway, which Cari found daunting because it dashed any hopes of escape. The woman had jet-black hair with twinges of red on the top, which seemed to give her the look of a vampire. She had removed her jacket and appeared not only authoritarian, but also very sexy dressed in black and white. Joan wore a transparent white blouse, which readily showed off the lack of any undergarments, and a formfitting black skirt that hugged every shapely curve.

Joan wore a black tie that was big enough to hide some of her abundant cleavage, but it did not cover the large, protruding nipples, which were brilliantly displayed in the flimsy fabric. Cari would never forget the drastic consequences of acting in a manner that made Joan angry. The woman only had to take one step to reach her and she immediately slapped Cari's hands away. Too shocked to retaliate, Cari merely stood motionless waiting for the woman to say something. "Sandra tells me that you are submissive ... totally willing to please Mistress Joan."

Cari's mouth hung open, but she was still too stunned to talk. Her eyes followed Joan's roaming fingers, as they deliberately, yet carefully, flicked the already erect nipples back and forth. Then to her utter horror, Cari watched the woman strip her skirt, revealing the most menacing strap-on dildo. The cock must have been hidden between her thighs and it sprang straight out from her hips once the skirt was removed. "Dear God, you can't!"

Sandra knew her friend had locked the front door of the store so they wouldn't be interrupted. She chuckled at the sign on the window stating the store was undergoing an inventory count and that they would reopen again at noon. Sandra didn't have to be in the change-room to know what Joan was doing to Cari. She knew the ensuing struggle would be swift and extremely decisive, as Joan would prove her dominance. Joan was a bitch on wheels and loved humiliating and forcing young women to succumb to her every whim.

Sandra felt a tremor shoot up her spine when she pictured the huge strap-on dildo that Joan always strapped to her lithe hips. She imagined Cari standing upright with her hands on the mirrored wall so that her arms were outstretched supporting her weight, as she leaned forward towards the mirror. Joan preferred taking a woman from behind because it enforced her belief that the slave had no alternative, but surrender. She thoroughly enjoyed forcing the sub to watch everything in the big mirror and relished hearing them beg for mercy. At each sign of weakness, Joan would intensify her assault until she extorted every ounce of will and determination out of the slave.

The noise coming out of the change room was deafening. There were loud bangs against the walls and clanging of the door echoed throughout the quiet store. Sandra put her ear to the wall. Every sound filled her stomach with fluttering butterflies and she listened carefully to both voices. "No, please no, Joan don't."

"Spread those long, skinny legs ... NOW!"

Sandra imagined timid Cari obeying even though she hated the suffering. She pictured Joan's hands around the girl's slender hips and tilting them backwards to the proper angle. The next protest took the affair to another level. "No, dear lord, no! I'm a virgin."

"I know. That's why I've been dying to meet you. Don't fret, my love. It'll only hurt for a brief moment, then you'll be my devoted slave."

Sandra knew Joan too well. When she told her dear friend that Cari was a virgin, the woman went into the biggest fit of happiness. "Sweet mother, nineteen and still a virgin. I'll forever be grateful if you let me be first." Sandra kept her head against the wall and cupped her hands around her ear so she could hear better. She knew Joan had a strong hold of the hair on the back of Cari's head and was holding the young woman's face pointed straight at the mirror. "No, no, please don't."

"Watch! Watch it go in. Watch the big cock go into your slutty cunt."

"Dear God, it hurts."

"Watch! I said watch it go in. Open your eyes, slut, and watch it happen."

Sandra was overtaken by the concealed affair. She crept to the door and opened it a crack, just enough to see the torrid fucking. She put her hand over her mouth so as not to utter any distracting sounds and watched Joan yank on Cari's hair. Joan held the young woman immobile, as she slowly inserted the impressive, rubber cock, and then Joan let go of the hair. She propelled Cari's naked body into the mirrored wall and the distinct sound of sweaty flesh slamming into the mirrored wall sent shivers through Sandra.

Cari was pressed flat against the mirror and her arms and legs were fully outstretched. She seemed to hang in midair, but in reality Sandra realized the young woman balanced on top of her first cock. What made the scene totally compelling and spellbinding was Sandra's intimate knowledge of the dildo. She was well aware that it measured a good eight or nine inches and most of it was embedded in the whimpering young woman.

The resulting dramatization would be etched in her head forever. Joan wrapped her arm around the smaller woman's neck and seemed to almost choke Cari. "It's time. You're now a slut and need one more humiliation."

The statement sort of hung in the air with Cari wondering what would happen. Suddenly Joan demonstrated her control. "Bend over. Put your hands on the bench and bend over. Keep that beautiful ass up in the air so I can keep my big cock in your belly."

Being bigger and stronger than Cari, Joan quickly forced the smaller woman to grab the bench, which was on one side of the room. Now sideways to the mirror, the reflection was profound, as Sandra watched Joan pound the dildo in and out of the distraught young woman. Cari seemed to be crying, but that didn't bother the two other women. "You're not leaving this room without experiencing an orgasm."

"Oh God, I can't ... just can't."

"Use your dirty fingers. Grab that clitty and show Mistress Joan how you want to cum for her. Do it!"

Joan held the young woman pinned between her and the wall. She reached forward, grabbing Cari's right arm, and directed it to the desired spot. Joan looked into the mirror and watched Cari's fingers slip into her own waiting crotch. Joan's eyes were ablaze when she watched the brazen masturbation, as Cari no longer cared if others were watching.

Sandra also witnessed the great dishonor when Cari swiftly slipped her fingers into the soaked slit. Sadly she was too focused on the images in the mirror to notice Joan's reaction to the devious spying. 'You couldn't resist, my dearest. Just wait, as soon as your little lover has creamed all over my cock, you're next.'

It was only Joan's lips moving so Sandra couldn't be faulted for not hearing the warning. Her eyes opened in awe watching Cari reach the sexual climax and nothing else mattered to any of them for a long time. Sandra crouched at the door keeping as still as possible. All of a sudden the door burst open and Joan grabbed her. Even though she was almost the same size as Joan, she wasn't nearly as strong, or as determined. Sandra found herself inside the room with the door closed before she could utter any form of protest. Three women in one small room left no space for any fancy maneuvering. "So you like spying?"

"No ... no."

"Okay slut, get on your knees and clean my cock. Lick all of your lover's juices off my cock ... then you're going to eat me. Show Joanie how much you like eating her pussy."

"But I ... I didn't..."

Cari merely cowered against the wall and watched a sight she would never forget. The strong, overpowering woman she had grown fond of, even loved, was suddenly fearful and overwhelmed. Sandra's clothes came off, whether she wanted them to or not, and she stood shaking before her dominating friend. The black-haired beauty stood up straight and on her toes so that she looked down on her timid slave. "You know what to do. Make Mistress happy."

The gorgeous blonde uttered what sounded like a whimper when Joan grabbed a big handful of her hair. Sandra wasn't keen on being humiliated in front of Cari, but she didn't have the guts to refuse Joan. The woman had enough incriminating evidence to destroy not only her reputation, but also her marriage, and Sandra didn't want to lose everything. Joan showed no mercy when she forced Sandra to her knees. "Show your little lover that you worship Mistress and love being my slave. Clean off my cock before I get very mad."

Cari found it unbelievable when Sandra willingly reached for the dildo. The women obediently put the big cock into her mouth and cleaned the entire shaft with her mouth. Sandra used her tongue to lick and clean the thick cock while glancing upwards, as if looking for signs of approval. "You'll always be my favorite ... my most obedient slave. I can certainly see what your husband sees in you."

Joan glared straight at Cari. "You just be a good little girl. Watch faithful Sandra when she performs the best cunnilingus, but you already know that," she whispered, letting out a big laugh as she stripped the strap-on. "It's Showtime!"

Cari stared at the most amazing scene. Joan had colorful tattoos, which had been hidden by the strap-on, and they were all over her hips and even on her shaved pelvis. The woman abruptly shoved Cari off of the small bench and sat on it herself. She lewdly spread her legs, as wide as possible, and Cari couldn't take her eyes off of the shinny, golden trinket dangling from the woman's pussy.

"Now! You know what to do. Get down and eat me," Joan said to Sandra.

If there was one thing Joan demanded it was complete loyalty. That required a slave to say and do everything in their power to display their devotion to her. Sandra slithered the short distance to reach Joan and she put her face between the woman's splayed thighs. "Yes, Mistress. I will make you happy ... bring you great elation."

Without warning Joan grabbed Sandra's head and forced it into her crotch. When her face hit the wetness, Sandra closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. There was no necessity to see the puffy labia or the numerous tattoos all over the woman's body. She searched for the gold ring with her tongue and toyed with it, which brought Joan immediate ecstasy.

This exploitation wouldn't take long, but Joan wanted to delay it somewhat. "Did you like watching Cari? Watching her get fucked ... watching her masturbate?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I knew you couldn't resist. You're the horniest bitch and just love doing it in public, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Open your eyes. Look at me when you lick my cunt."

"Yes, Mistress." Sandra obediently rolled her eyes up at Joan and used her tongue to perfection. Each lick brought a gasp of pleasure from the woman plus it made her wetter. The scene was astonishing, as Cari noticed how Sandra deliberately played with the golden ring in woman's clitoris, which added to the drama.

"You love licking pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, oh yes."

"That's good because when you finish drinking my cum, you'll get to drink some from our lovely Cari."

Suddenly Cari's stomach not only quivered wildly from witnessing raw, intimidating lust, but also from the anticipation of having it done to her. She was next. The enthralling events happened in 3D, which enable everyone to be in the illustrious scene and be part of the intense animal passion. Joan sheepishly pushed the blonde hair out of the way and plainly displayed everything that happened between her legs. Then her knowing hands surrounded Sandra's bobbing head and held the woman's face tightly entrenched in her crotch until the last body-rattling tremor rocked her body.

Sandra was completely out of breath when the switch was made. Joan quickly got up and Cari took her place on the bench. Sandra stared up at the flushed teenager and noticed the girl's heightened excitement. Before she had time to dwell or think about what lay ahead, Joan whispered in her ear. "That has to be the prettiest pussy. She looks like a little girl, so small ... so skinny, and those freckles!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I know you are her mistress; that the sweet, young bitch will do anything for you. But today, we're going to let Cari be in-charge."

"Yes, Mistress."

Cari acted overzealously and used far too much force. With her fingers tightly wrapped in Sandra's hair, she jerked the woman's head back and forth. Cari planted Sandra's nose and mouth into her crotch and flinched wildly when her labia spread. Sandra brought her arms up to protect her face, which was banged into the wetness, but Joan shrewdly grabbed her hands.

Joan forced Sandra's arms behind her back and allowed the teenager full control. "She's all yours. Cari, my love, Sandy likes her sex hard and extremely rough."

It was the first time in her life that Sandra made another woman climax with her face. Her head was a rag doll. Cari maintained a viselike grip on her slave's hair and easily rammed Sandra's face into her gaping slit. Soon the blushing cheeks were covered with womanly juices and the girl's hips thrashed up and down in a shear random fashion, as the river of cum ran into the waiting mouth. "Yes, oh yes, Sandra, I love you."

Three inflamed women in a change-room designed for one created an overheated situation. Sweat coated the nakedness and each panted heavily from being overly aroused.

In store activities

All three were in a heap; one naked woman sprawled on the bench and two draped around arms and legs. The rattling sound of the front door shaking brought them to their senses in a split second. They dressed in a hurry and thankfully the mirror allowed them to appear somewhat presentable when they exited the change room. Joan came out first and she went straight to the door to let in customers who had been patiently waiting for the inventory check to end.

It took Joan about fifteen minutes to get rid of the panic and then she concentrated on the last remaining customer. Just the implied naughtiness of staying in the store with the dominating saleswoman sent shivers through Cari. Joan presumably took care of the customer while Cari and Sandra chatted for many minutes and neither suspected the devious saleswoman was plotting.

All of a sudden Joan and the customer stood beside Cari. "This young lady wants to try on some lingerie. Cari, you can help her?"

"But ... but I don't know how..."

"Vicki is one of our best customers," Joan whispered, as she turned and faced Cari. "Don't disappoint me. Please go with Vicki to the change room."

It sounded more like an order than a request, but Cari decided to object. She stood up and looked at Joan who hovered over her. Her mouth opened and then she noticed the woman's face. The grin and the explicate body language were enough to dissuade her from actually saying anything. Cari shifted her attention to the customer and instantly her heart stopped.

The customer had the most confident grin on her face, which Cari found demoralizing. The woman was the same height as Cari, but definitely not the same size. She was considerable heavier, almost fat in Cari's mind, and dressed in a manner to indicate total rebellion. Her skirt was made of black leather and so was the tight vest, which tried unsuccessfully to contain the overly abundant set of boobs. There was more cleavage shown than was appropriate, but it didn't seem to bother the woman.

Cari noticed the woman wore big, bulky shoes. She also had chains hanging from her waist and vest and large metallic armbands, which gave her a tough, sloppy appearance. The woman's face was even more daunting, as she had numerous piercings, and ones in her mouth and lips were totally scary. There was a big tattoo on the left side of woman's neck and Cari didn't dare look at it to see what was pictured. Her hair was jet-black and framed her white face perfectly.

Joan slyly shoved a few items at Cari and insisted she take them. Cari didn't know what to expect, but looking at the extremely skimpy undergarments sent shivers up and down her backbone. The overbearing saleswoman tightly clenched her hand and led the way back to the familiar change room. Vicki was right behind them and Cari almost fainted when the two women basically shoved her into the small room.

Cari stumbled into the room and by the time she regained her balance, Vicki was behind her. The woman slowly closed the door and Cari felt her world come to an abrupt end. Vicki took one step and she was right behind Cari when she started stripping. "Let's get rid of these awful clothes."

Cari stared into the mirror, which was directly in front of her, and watched the woman virtually perform a dreaded striptease. "No, please Vicki, don't," Cari pleaded, as the naked woman reached for the skimpy lingerie. Vicki quickly donned a black bra and panties and then turned her attention to Cari.

"Now it's your turn. I just love skinny bitches who shiver and shake because they know I'm going to make them do terrible things," Vicki said. "Let's see what you've got."

It was useless trying to keep her clothes on, as Vicki merely ripped them off. "Please don't," Cari whispered.

"Oh my, those are lovely little titties. I can hardly wait to taste those hard nipples," Vicki said, easily overcoming all of Cari's struggles to remain dressed.

"Vicki, please don't."

The woman was a lot stronger than Cari imagined and Vicki had her completely naked in a scant minute or two. "Holy shit, Joanie wasn't kidding. You have the sweetest little ass. I just adore that girlie-pussy. But first ... you're going to show Vicki how you love eating pussy!"

Sandra stood beside Joan, too petrified to move a muscle. The sounds out of the change room were both very loud and very specific. Sandra listened knowing the woman would befriend her young friend and there was nothing Cari could do to stop Vicki. "Get down ... on your knees."

Joan moved closer to Sandra. "Your little sweetheart is about to realize another side of being a lesbian. She's definitely never met anyone like Vicki."

The two women were close to the change room and it was easy to hear everything. Sandra heard plenty of whimpers coming from Cari and many cries of joy coming from her conqueror. "Yes, that's it. Suck! Right there and use your fingers." There were more whimpers, but Cari must have obeyed. "Yes, fuck me with your fingers ... harder!"

Sandra and Joan imagined the powerful Vicki sprawled out on the bench. They pictured the platform bra pushing the woman's abundant boobs upwards and the tits swaying wildly, as her ass bounced across the wooden bench. Vicki most likely held the bobbing head between her legs and forced the obedient young woman to eat her out. Each whimper, moan and protest sent shivers through Sandra, as she imagined Cari acting like Vicki's servant.

All of a sudden sounds of great ecstasy emanated from the room. Vicki yelled out her immense ecstasy and let the world know she had climaxed. "That was fantastic. You're very good at eating pussy. Now it's time to find out that Vicki is a master," sounded from inside the change room.

There was more banging and the sounds of a struggle, as the molestation continued. "No, dear God, not like this."

The temperature inside the room increased dramatically. This time it was Cari sitting on the bench and the She-Devil was between her legs. Vicki held the long, slim legs apart and she stared at the gorgeous pink wetness. "I love skinny bitches. They can't fight and it's so easy to make them do anything. When I suck their cunt, they act like a whore."

Tears filled her eyes, as Cari stared down at the horrifying sight. She tried to take it all in without getting sick. Vicki had her skillful fingers on the puffy labia and there was no doubt about the woman's intentions, as she pried the lips apart. Cari noticed how Vicki was on her knees with her fat ass in the air, but she didn't get a chance to loathe the sight.

Her labia were spread to their farthest reaches and then the woman was right in her face. "Get ready, my little cupcake. You're going to cream like a lesbian slut." Vicki taunted her and stared into her bewildered eyes. She gingerly held the pussy-lips apart with one hand and used the other to molest the valuable pink jewel. Then Vicki swooped down and devoured a nipple.

Cari glanced to her left and noticed the appalling reflection in the big mirror. She watched Vicki take turns at each tit and even witnessed the woman nibbling both nipples with her teeth. Then the head dropped to her crotch and Cari simply shivered in fear, as she lost sight of what Vicki was doing. Something flicked her tiny morsel around and around and then the bitch used her teeth.

Cari screamed out loud when her clitty was chewed and it felt like the precious bud had been severely damaged. She grabbed Vicki's head in desperation, but nothing stopped the determined woman. Her clitoris was on fire and throbbed madly because of the bite. Suddenly the bud was sucked and caressed by a skillful tongue, which circled it many times while slapping it back and forth after every pass. The clitty seemed excessively sensitive and then each tongue caress sent an unexpected spasm through her loins.

This time the whimpering had a totally different sound. Sandra knew immediately Cari was aroused and that she was trying hard not to comply with the devious woman's demands. Strangely the protests went from negative responses to extreme positive reactions. Cari seemed to plead with Vicki to stop and leave her alone; yet she appeared completely under Vicki's control. "Dear God, not like this. Please, stop. Oh no, what are you doing?"

Their eyes met and held. Cari glanced downward and Vicki tilted her head so she glared straight up at the young woman. The devilish woman made sure Cari couldn't miss her tongue lashing through the vulnerable slit. Vicki chuckled inside when she flicked the clitty up and down causing Cari's hips to thrash each time. Somehow she mumbled an ominous question. "Are you ready, my lesbian slut?"

Suddenly Vicki thrust her mouth directly on top of the throbbing clitoris. She gobbled the clitty into the back of her mouth and used her stubby middle finger with great expertise. Her first finger thrust grazed the most susceptible spot and then she went into vibration mode. Vicki curled her finger towards her mouth keeping constant pressure on the one spot that drove Cari crazy.

Sandra was fully focused on the distinct animal noises and jumped when a voice sounded in her ear. "Vicki has her. She's going to make your young lover cum. Listen!"

Just then arms and legs thrashed inside the small room sending more signals of lost control. The finger-fucking intensified and so did the cunnilingus. Thankfully it was a very swift orgasm and it didn't take long for Cari to collapse from exhaustion. Vicki virtually pushed Cari into a corner of the bench and she quickly retrieved her clothes. She dressed and left the room without a glance at the distraught young woman who felt more used than ever.

Sandra was next

Sandra sat beside the dominant saleswoman knowing full well Joan was capable of almost anything. When the door of the change room opened, Vicki emerged. The woman strutted confidently straight across the store to an office and merely stood in the doorway. "She's waiting," Joan whispered. "Vicki wants you. She knows you're married and wants to send you home to hubby with something memorable."

Sandra looked at her friend trying to comprehend what Joan meant. "What? You know I only come here to see you ... not some bimbo." As soon as she said it, Sandra was sorry. "I mean, not be with a stranger or someone I don't know."

A big smile crossed Joan's face and she simply glared at Sandra. "Get that pretty ass back there. Vicki has a big surprise for you," Joan whispered. "I know, she's nuts, but she won't leave here without making you her devoted slave."

"But Joanie, you know I... ," Sandra whispered, but she was abruptly cut off.

"You were okay with sending your newest lover in there with Vicki, now lets see how you like it."

Joan practically pushed and steered Sandra to the back of the store. Vicki's eyes never left her prey and her devilish grin got bigger and bigger, as Sandra got closer. "My, oh my, you look scared."

Sandra looked at Joan, pleading for mercy with a sorrowful expression. "Joan, not this, please, not today."

Funny how things happen and a person has no control over their destiny. Sandra reached the back of the store and ran right into Vicki who grabbed her arm. "Come, my beautiful lezzy, it's your turn," Vicki said, as she pushed Sandra into an office. "I dearly love the fact you're a married woman."

This time it was Cari who got front row seats. She listened intently when the door slammed shut and the action grew intense in the heated room. Her body shuddered at the command from the dominating woman. "Strip! I'm going to let your husband know his wife is a slut."

"Please, Vicki, I just want to go."

"Strip, or else!"

There were plenty of rustling sounds and the sound of a struggle. Cari was very familiar with how strong Vicki was and how quickly she got her way. From her earlier experience, Cari knew Vicki would have Sandra stripped in no time and she wondered how scared it would make her dear friend. "Go watch. Vicki won't mind," Joan said. "Watch your gorgeous mistress become a sex-slave."

Cari couldn't resist. She was dead-set against violence, but somehow the struggle inside the office was something else. Cari held the door open just a crack and stood at the doorway with her legs trembling so hard they almost buckled. Her eyes widened, as she watched the dominant woman take complete control of her naked friend. "These succulent tits need to be sucked. I want to let hubby know his darling wife was with a butch, someone who made her a little sex-toy."

"Vicki, dear God, no marks," Sandra pleaded.

Cari took the room in with a concerned glance. She noticed how Sandra was pinned on top of a desk, which was still littered with papers. Two chairs sat in front of the desk and there was a small area off to one side, which Joan had setup for relaxing. It contained a small settee, a stuffed lounging chair plus a coffee table. Cari's gaze returned to the desk and Sandra who tried fending off the woman, but Vicki kept slapping her arms and hands away. "What gorgeous tits."

"Oh no, you've put a red mark ... a hickie on my boob."

Cari remained frozen, as she couldn't take her eyes off of the naughty molestation. Sandra sat on the desk with her legs handing over the edge. Vicki forced Sandra's knees apart, as she stood between them, and eagerly fondled the bare boobs. It was wrong, but Cari refused to react when her friend pleaded. "No, not on the other. Oh God, on both boobs."

"Christ, I bet hubby loves your knockers. They're fabulous."

"Please, no more."

Vicki glared at Sandra. She put her hands on Sandra's shoulders and pushed her down until she was lying on top of the desk. "What a nice belly. You must workout a lot."

Cari watched the woman kiss and fondle Sandra's tummy, paying particular attention to the bellybutton area. Vicki held a viselike grip on Sandra's hands and pinned them right beside her hips. Cari shivered when Vicki deftly jammed her tongue into the small indent and then pretended to fuck the hole.

"Oh Vicki, no more, please," Sandra pleaded.

"There, right next to that pretty bellybutton. A nice big, red mark."

"Dear God, please stop," Sandra begged, as Vicki locked her mouth on the velvety flesh. Within seconds the woman sucked another hickie onto her body, which filled Sandra with despair.

"Spread'm! Spread those beautiful legs wider and let me see what you've got, Sweetpea. Joanie says you're the best." Vicki held Sandra captive on top of the desk and pushed the shapely legs as far apart as possible.

"No, dear God, it can't be. Not like this ... on a desk."

"I bet hubby's going to love seeing a big mark on his wife's precious pussy."

"God, Vicki, not there ... not on my pelvis. Please don't, not right next to..." Her voice fell off and both women outside the change room visualized the drastic event. Cari flashed back to her time with the powerful woman and she remembered how Vicki simply ravaged her. The easiest way out of the dilemma was surrendering to the woman, but Cari knew Sandra would not succumb willingly.

"Get ready! Vicki's gonna make her squeal," Joan whispered.

"Ouch! You're fucking hurting me. Your teeth!"

Cari couldn't watch anymore. She shut the door and listened to the ongoing saga, which lasted forever. From what Cari heard, Vicki decided to use the more comfortable lounging area and forced Sandra over to the big easy chair. She imagined Sandra sprawled out on the chair with her legs spread and wrapped around an arm of the chair, as she exposed herself to the ravenous Vicki.

"See, I told you. Vicki is a pro. She'll make her cum."

The battle seemed to transform from extreme desperation to amazing gratification. Sandra pleaded for mercy at first and then she begged for Vicki to take her through the Promised Land. Cari cringed at the end when she listened to her dear friend succumb to the dominating woman. There was no doubt that Sandra climaxed and Vicki made sure the whole world knew about her devious achievement.

Cari quivered with fright when Vicki emerged from the office. The woman headed in her direction and Cari found it almost impossible to breathe let alone stand up. Luckily Vicki was finished for the day, walking right past her and out of the store. "You'll have to come shopping more often," Joan whispered, with a wide, confident grin on her face.

Cari and Sandra would never forget their day at the mall. They couldn't get out of the small boutique fast enough and practically ran through the vestibule on the way out of the mall. Sandra drove home and the drive was very quiet, as both women revisited the long ordeal.

Sandra breathed a big sigh of relief when they pulled into the driveway. "Wow, I didn't expect the day to be so eventful ... so dramatic. Joan is always a Drama Queen, but she's never taken charge like today. God, I may never be the same ... and how am I going to explain all those marks to my husband?"

Thankfully they had lots of time before Sandra's husband was due home. Saturday evening was for recuperation and nothing else was planned. They put the baby to bed and watched a movie before going to bed early. Both women observed the defining marks left on their bodies by the cunning Vicki and Cari marveled at how Sandra appeared sexier and more alluring with numerous hickies.

It seemed when the two were together; each woman was hot and horny. Sandra relished being back in control. She recalled the intense humiliation suffered during the shopping trip and it made her more determined to demonstrate her superiority. What happened at the mall seemed to add fuel to the lovemaking that night and the energy lasted well into Sunday.

During an interlude between sexual sessions on Sunday morning, Cari mentioned having an upcoming babysitting job for their mutual friend, Dawn. As soon as Sandra found out, she put all kinds of suggestions in Cari's head. "Just go for it," Sandra said. "You're strong ... very powerful once you set your mind to it. Go for it."

"I will. I've waited years and now you've given me confidence," Cari said. "I love you for showing me who I really am."

"I say if you want something really bad, just go for it," Sandra said. "I'm overly excited thinking about you with Dawn. Nothing makes me hotter than dreaming about you with her."

"Her husband is away and she is going out with her girlfriends from work. They're having a bachelorette party so it should be a late night."

"Great! You won't get a better chance. I am dying to hear all about how you seduced such a sexy woman."

"I'm nervous, but excited; especially after finding out about my feelings and emotions. Now I understand my dreams ... my fantasies about Dawn."

There will be another chapter and it will have Carin becoming intimate with Dawn, the woman of her dreams who she fantasized about for years.

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