A Very Easy Lay
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Bored House wife (yes I was that housewife) decided to get a job and make some money. Peter was overseas. To be honest I took what I did and made it into a story, I do hope you enjoy it, and that it gets you nice and hard (or wet)

I have no idea if you know how bored a service wife can get when her husband is gone over seas. Staying at home is one thing, but to stay at home when her family and friends are 6 States away with nothing to do but wait is another. Oh I was bored all right. I would wake up then toss and turn not wanting to get out of bed. I think it was one maybe two days after Peter had shipped out that I began masturbating steadily to take my mind off of how bored I was.

Now I am a healthy girl, as you know I always have been when it came to sex. It had been three and a half weeks now that Peter has been gone; I decided to see if I could find a job to help me pass the time. Peter's pay was enough for us to live on, so it was not about money, it was all about my boredom being at home with nothing to do but wait and masturbate to take my mind off of being bored which only would work those 15 to 20 minutes two and sometimes three or four times a day.

I got the morning paper and as I sipped my coffee I looked through the ads. I saw a number of ads that I figured I could check out and if nothing else it would help the next day or two pass keeping me busy doing something. The one ad that caught my eye was different that the others it said, "Looking for a gal Friday, good money, easy work. Must be sexy and attractive, all others need not apply, if interested call 908-762-1432 to set up interview." I picked up the phone and a man answered.

"City Motors, can I help you?"

'Yes, my name is Linda, I saw your ad and I wonder if the position has been filled yet?"

"No honey, I ain't found the right gal yet, I take it you are interested in applying?"

"Yes I am interested in it what does a Gal Friday do?"

"First of all lady, did you read the ad? I mean are you sexy and attractive, cuz if you ain't there is no need for you to come down here. I ain't gonna to hire a stuck up fucking bitch. I pay good money and I want what I want. So are you sexy and are you pretty?"

I was sort of shocked at this man's frankness, I mean he was crude and from the way he talked he may not be the kind of person I could work for. I said,

"I can be sexy and I have been told that I am very attractive, what does that have to do with the job anyway?"

"Look doll, I own a car lot, I need window dressing, I want a gal that will bring in the men to buy cars, so the bitch I hire has to be willing to show some skin and look pretty, I want a little bitch that can tease a guy and assist me in selling cars, can you do something like that honey?"

I thought a moment and said,

"I would like to know what the job pays and what the hours are."

"Far enough, I pay 12 bucks an hour and a free car to drive, we work 9 to 6 including Sundays, you get one day off a week during the week on Tuesday because it is our slowest day."

"I can do that, I think I should tell you that I am married, I'm not sure my husband would approve of me teasing other men."

"That's up to you Hon, hell if I hire you, I ain't hiring your fucking husband, what you do with your old man is between you and him, look I ain't got time for this shit, if your interested in the job be down here at 2 PM. and dress real sexy I want to see skin, the more skin I see the better chance you got in getting the job. I'm on the corner of Main and 7th, be here at 2 sharp."

He hung up the phone before I could say I was or was not going to show up. I sat there looking at the phone as I pondered this very strange conversation I had just had with this man. He made me angry and excited. He wanted a woman for her looks, for her body to help him sell cars. It was only 9:45 so I decided I should start doing something, maybe clean the kitchen, I didn't need any job like that, I did the morning dishes, I could not get that man out of my brain. The more I thought about him and what he wanted it sort of interested me to find out exactly what he wanted out of his girl Friday working there.

I took a shower, while in the shower I could not help but wonder if I could dress up real sexy, sexy enough to land a job of being window dressing as he put it. I washed my hair then blew it dry, and teased it until it was full of bounce.

I have 4 different push up bras, I choose my black one that lifted me from underneath and still did not cover my areola's I choose my red and white checker country blouse that Peter loves me to wear, I tied it right under my chest allowing my tummy to show. Looking in the mirror I could see both of my areolas through the blouse material, and with the feel of the couth against the fabric caused them to push back against it and that made them try to poke out thru the cloth. I smiled as I watch them harden the way they did.

I have many skirts, nice short skirts, my husband loves to see me in short skirts. I chose my Levi mini skirt (one of my shortest skirts that I have) going thru my panty drawer was not as easy as I first had thought. I had no intention to go there with out any on, even though I love being bare under my skirts for Peter. I wanted to make sure that just in case I did show too much by accident that my bottom was covered. My problem was just which pair to wear in case that happens? If they are my plain white cotton that would not look "sexy" and if I wear one of my thongs, well then I might come across like a whore or something. Peter bought me so many crotchless panties that I love wearing, but if I wear one of those and he sees them what would he think? Would he think me to be sexy or a whore?

I picked my poison and slipped them on, after putting on my skirt all that was left was my shoes. I decided that since I was going for the country look that my beige cowgirl boots would work with my old straw hat. Looking in the mirror I looked hot. I stood there looking and decided to top it off with a white bandanna around my neck. I said to myself in the mirror, "Oh yea, your sexy all right, if you went down there he would hire you just for your looks, too bad your such a chicken, too bad you don't have the guts to go through with it."

I shut up and looked at myself, I began this with no intention of going down there, I just wanted to see how hot and sexy I could look if I wanted to go down there and try and get the job. I reached for my tied bandanna and just as I was about to un-tie it and get out of these clothes I stopped, I looked at the clock and it was a little after One, I decided "what the hell" it will kill time for me today and give me something to do, I may as well go ahead and do it. Hell I had nothing but time on my hands, so why not do something today to break up my boring day.

I grabbed my purse and took off down there. I arrived out in front of "City Motors" around 10 minutes before 2. I sat in my car trying to get up the nerve to get out and go inside. I was watching the front door as a woman came out looking very hot herself. She was not as daring as I had been; I waited a few more minutes and got out to go inside.

I walked up the stairs and inside the door, I looked around, the room was empty, I said out loud "hello, anyone here?" I heard a voice come from an office to my right "Over here, come in doll, you here for the job?" I said as I walked "Yes, I have a 2 o'clock appointment, are you the man I spoke with on the phone?"

Just as I walked in through the doorway he said, "Yea Doll, you must be Jane something." I said "no, I am Linda Jean" He got up from behind his desk and with a big smile on his face he walked around taking my hand and said as he brought it up to his lips to kiss it. "Now that is what I am looking for."

Letting go of my hand he pointed to his brown leather couch and said "here, come sit down, lets talk a bit" I sat down and when I did I sunk down into it, it was a good thing that I had my knees together or he easily would have seen between my legs as I sank down. He sat down across from me in a straight back chair matching the Sofa. He said,

"I have to tell you doll, if I went strictly on looks you would have the job, trouble is honey, looking sexy and hot as you do is just not enough, I need to know how you think, I mean I don't want a Bitch around me that gets offended or turned off with the way that I talk, I am what I am, and it's that fucking simple."

"Oh I'm not turned off by your vulgarity, remember I told you I'm married to a military man, I'm am use to you men and the way you guys talk, so shall we start the interview then?"

I watched as he leaned back in his chair putting his legs out straight, I could see his crotch with a rather nice bulge beginning to show. He said,

"How long have you been married, honey?"

"Almost a year and a half now. My husband is overseas right now, I figured I could find a job to sort of keep my busy"

"Oh, so how long has your hubby been gone honey?"

"He's been gone almost four weeks, it will be four weeks next Friday."

"Have you watched Porno movies before?"

Giving him a puzzled look I said,

"If you are asking me if my husband and I watch them the answer is yes, our sex life is our business."

"OK, I'll let that go for right now, lets get more into it shall we, what age were you when you started masturbating honey?"

I looked at him and I knew he was bating me or maybe he was seeing if I could be shocked or something. I looked at him and said,

"I don't see why my sex life has anything to do with this job, however if you must know, I started rather young, way too young in fact"

I saw a smirk (or maybe it was a smile) come on his face. I also noticed that his little bulge was not so little anymore.

"Just how young honey, I want to know how old you were the first time you put your fingers down there and got off real good."

I was shocked, but I did not want him to know that he had shocked me, my throat was dry (real dry) and this kind of talk was having a sexual effect on me, I took a breath I said,

"Look, I was 10 years old if that really maters."

"Good, good, now just how old were you when you first had a boy or something inside of you. When did you first have sex?"

I could not believe that I was sitting here discussing my most personnel intimate details of my sexual past. I looked at him and said,

"I do not understand why my sex life has anything to do with getting this job or not, I can dress sexy as you can see, and I am sure that I can help you sell cars, so why is my sex life so damn important to you?"

"You see Linda, like I told you earlier, looks are not everything, I want a woman that has a dirty mind, no, that is wrong I want a woman that has a filthy mind working for me. With all the sexual law suits going on, and with the guys working here all talking about sex all the time, then add to that, when we are not busy around here we watch porn tapes here in the office."

Pointing to the coffee table between the two of us, he continued,

"Hell just look at all these dirty magazines and dirty books laying around here so I sure as hell ain't going to hire some fucking prude or some woman that is offended by our using terms like bitch or cunt or talking about cock and pussy. So you see why I want a bitch working here that thinks as we do. I want a woman that works here to think of sex all the time like we do, this way I know I have a bitch, I mean woman, see what I mean? Here I go correcting myself just because you're a woman, I don't want to have to feel that I have to do that when I refer to a woman like that. You see honey I don't want anyone working here feeling uncomfortable, I don't want my sales staff or my secretary uncomfortable."

"Look if you don't want to do this, fine, I'll keep looking for that right girl and she may or she may-not be out there, to be honest with you, you're the first girl to answer the first question with out jumping up and running out of here, I think you could be the one, but in order for me to know this, I have to ask you these questions and then I'll decide, so how old were you the first time you had a boy fuck you honey?"

I looked down at the coffee table and for the first time I saw the filthy magazines and pocket sex books. He was right they were as hard porn as I had seen and I have seen more porn than most army men ever see. I looked up at him; I looked at his face and then back at his crotch. I like the fact that he explained himself the way that he did. I also realized that talking like this was stimulating me even more not to mention the pictures facing up from the coffee table, I realized that all of this was going to make it a little easier for me to answer his nasty questions. I said,

"10, I was 10 years old the first time that I had a boy fuck me, now is that all or do you have some more nasty questions?"

"Now how old were you the next time you did it?"

"I did it the next day and it was with the same boy."

"How long did you do it with him before you stopped?"

I could picture my youth and those many days with Bill, learning about sex, going for a week with him doing me in my ass before we found out we had the wrong hole. I remembered how we did it every day, year after year, how when I started my period we just did it anal until I finished my period. I wanted him to fuck my pussy, but he could not get past the blood. Looking up at this man I said,

"Look I started fucking at age 10, I have been fucking ever since, I think that is all you need to know, next question."

"OK, ok, so tell me Linda when did you last have sex?"

It was my turn to smile I gave him my wicked smile and said,

"What do you mean by sex? If you want to know that last time I got off, it was this morning if you want to know the last time a man fucked me it was yesterday ... I mean I ahhh"

I could not believe that I had just said that, how could I had been so fucking stupid, I just admitted to a stranger that I had sex while my husband was overseas.

"You answered the question, I was asking when you last fucked a man so it was yesterday, OK now I have a question that should make you think or maybe remember, how old were you the first time you saw a porn movie?

I felt relieved that he was letting my answer go, I said,

"Oh that's easy, I was 10, I think when it comes to sex everything started at that age for me."

"Do you remember what the movie was about? Was it just normal sex or something more?"

"It was just straight sex with a man and woman, but I have to admit my favorite is gang-bang movies, it belonged to our parents and they had lots of them."

I was so fucking turned on I was trying to move my hips around a little hoping to get the panties that was wearing to touch me clit that I knew was swollen. I was working my hips slowly as to not draw attention to myself.

"Is that the kind of movies that you enjoy watching now, I mean with your husband?"

I could feel my nipples trying to push through my shirt, I knew that I was wet as hell, I looked at his bulge in the front of his pants and I could see that he was hard, I also could see that he was big, real big. I knew that I was to a point that I needed to go to the bathroom and gain control over myself before I totally lost it during this interview for this job.

"Is there a bathroom that I could use?"

I saw his teeth show as he smiled, he said,

"I just have a couple more questions if that's OK, I have others coming in to be interviewed you know"

"OK, but lets finish this quickly please."

"Sure, now tell me Linda how many times a week do you enjoy making love with a man?"

With out thinking about the question I said,

"I try to do it every day sometimes I can't."

I saw him bring up his hand and he rested it on his groin, I saw him gently squeeze himself as he said,

"So if you are telling me the truth which I feel that you are, then you made love to a man three days ago and the day before that right Linda?"

"Yes, but not Friday."

I saw him grab himself and he was not trying to hide it, I could not keep my eyes from watching him squeezing his cock thru his pants.

"So then Linda, your husband has been gone now almost four weeks and since the day he left you have been having sex right, (he did not wait for an answer) my question to you is, do you have a boy friend, or have you been fucking different men since he has been gone honey?"

I was on fire, I wanted to see what his dick looked like, I mean he was so fat and big, I was so fucking hot, I needed to get out of his office and get off before I jumped up and raped him.

"I don't have a boy friend, I do have a friend to help me out some times."

"Did you fuck your friend yesterday then dear?"

"No, I had a flat tire yesterday and the man that changed my tire was so nice we went into the park and we did it."

"So you like doing it in the open in places that you can get caught at then, does it make the sex more exciting for you honey?"

"Yes, I sort of get off on doing it in places that I shouldn't do it, I think it is true for most people isn't it?"

"I don't know about others but I have to admit it gives me a thrill at times, so who was it the day before the tire changer anyway honey?"

"I had a two repairmen over to install a new washer and dryer, I sort of gave them a bonus for doing the installation so good."

"I have a feeling that you would have given them some ass just for being there wouldn't you honey, I think that you are a natural born slut, I think that you will spread those lovely legs for any guy, I think you love sex so much that you probably dream about it at night and day dream about it during the daytime. Am I right honey?"

I knew that I had to get up off that couch and get to the bathroom before I admitted to him that he was right. I felt myself loosing myself to my lust. I said,

"I really have to pee, please show me where the bathroom is and I could use a little help getting out of this sofa if you don't mind, please."

He did not move so I began to struggle to get up, he quickly jumped up and took my hand helping me up out of the soft cushion. He pointed to a door and said, "Right there, take your time, I have a few more questions then we will be finished."

I grabbed my little purse and walked to the bathroom just before going inside I heard two other voices walk in the front room talking. I stepped inside the door and locked it. I set my purse on the sink along side of me and grabbed my little Pocket Rocket. I lifted up what little skirt I had in front of me and reached to pull the strings of my red crotch less panties that I had worn aside to put them out of my way. It was then that I discovered why I could not feel them touching me, they had ridden to the inside of my thighs between my swollen lips and the thighs. My pussy was swollen and full, my lips were open and as I already knew my clit was full, hard and sticking out. I brought my rocket to it and I shuddered as I climaxed and climaxed. I closed my eyes and rode out my pleasure as I came over and over. Around the fourth climax I knew I wanted more, I needed something inside of me to help me get rid of this need between my legs. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. I saw a bowel brush and knew from experience with them that it would feel good but it would not kill the fire that I had. It would have to be something big, something fat like this man's cock who was interviewing me for this fucking job.

I looked all over the filthy bathroom and I saw an empty six-pack of long neck Budweiser beer bottles. It had been so long since I had last used a beer bottle or soda bottle. I was in my teens, I knew that it would stretch me the way I needed to be stretched right now, I moved over and picked one up, I turned on the warm water and cleaned it as well as warmed it up a little. I put the seat cover down, grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it up to my waist; I sat down, spread my legs and inserted the neck of that lovely bottle. I turned my rocket back on and held it to my clit as I kept pulling the bottle into myself.

I could feel myself opening up as that lovely bottle stretched me sliding in, God I love that feeling of being opened up like that. I wanted to scream out the pleasure that I was having but I did not want to make any noise so he would know that I was inside of his bathroom masturbating using one of his beer bottles to fuck myself with. By the time of my second climax I almost had the entire bottle up inside of me with only the bottom of the bottle left out enough so I could use my finger tips and push it in and out an inch or two.

I felt one more climax ready to come and I began to work that bottle in and out as fast as I could to increase my pleasure. I leaned back and lifted up my feet as I bit my lips climaxing hard, I came so hard I almost fell off of the toilet seat. I dropped my feet and began to ride out my after glow as I held my rocket to my clit. I just sat there pushing the bottle as far up inside of me as I could. I had it so far up inside that my lips had closed around my fingers as I held it up inside of me. I had my eyes closed as I sat there loving that feeling of being so full and after having such a wonderful climax as I just had.

I heard a tapping on the door. "Are you alright in there Linda?" I opened my eyes and looked at the door, I said, "I'm fine, I'm almost finished, I'll be right out in a moment."

He said, "Take your time, relax and come out when you're finished, no hurry, no hurry at all honey."

I relaxed my vagina and the bottle slid out easily, I brought the lovely bottle to my mouth where I began to lick it and clean it off, (I have always loved the way that I taste.) I kept holding my rocket to myself as I cleaned it off and when I knew I had all of myself from the bottle I set it down, turned off my rocket and then lifted the cover and finally let my bladder flow. I wiped myself and the paper was sopping wet, not from my little pee, but from my wetness. I flushed, stood and pulled down my tiny skirt then replaced the beer bottle back in the six-pack holder. I put my pocket rocket back into my purse and after checking myself in the mirror I opened the door and walked back into the office.

There were three men there, my interviewer said, "Linda, let me introduce Red and Jake, they are my two salesmen, this is Linda and she is applying for the secretary job." They both shook my hand and then the man said "You two go get back to work and shut the door on your way out." Turning to me he said "I don't think I told you my name, they call me Lucky, I haven't decided about hiring you, do you feel up to a few more questions doll?"

I walked back over to the sofa and just as I was about to sit down I saw that I had left a rather big wet spot where I had been sitting. I felt my face flush red, I knew that I was turned on by the interview however I did not realize just how wet I was. I turned hoping that Lucky had not seen the spot on the sofa. He said, " I must have spilled something there, you may want to sit here in the chair and I'll sit on the couch." I sat down and Lucky moved right across from me sitting right in the middle. As he sank down his head was a lot lower and I was positive that if I opened my legs just a little he would have a clear full view of me.

"Do you feel better now Linda?"

"Yes, thank you, now what more do you want to know, I'm sure there are others you would like to speak with today."

"I told the boys to have anyone calling to reschedule, I wanted to finish our interview first. You are special honey, after seeing you I feel you are the one I want working here. However I don't think I will be paying you that $12.00 bucks an hour, I'm thinking more like one maybe two bucks an hour, and since you have a car you don't need to use one of mine now do you.'

I was instantly pissed, this asshole was putting me thru all this and now he was telling me he wasn't going to pay me what he told me. I started to get up and he reached for a remote he turned on the TV and then the Video machine. I saw myself enter the bathroom and I realized that he had video taped me in his bathroom masturbating and fucking myself. I sat back down to watch it. I was rather surprised how I looked doing that to myself. I could see that I was lost to my own lust.

I sat there watching myself and as I did I recalled the feelings that I experienced in there and I was excited. I stared at the TV and I swear I could feel it all over again. Lucky mistook my staring at the TV for something else. I say that because he stopped the Video as I walked out the door and closed it, he said,

"I don't think you would want your husband to see that now would you honey?"

I looked at him and I smiled, what an ass, I said,

"I bet you never did this before have you Lucky? Look stud, what makes you think that I wouldn't want my husband to see that anyway? What have I done or said that would even make you think I would not want him to. Tell me Lucky, where would you send it? What is my last name? What is my husband's first name? What's his unit? If you want to blackmail someone, make sure you know how to do it and make sure that you have the right thing to do it with."

Lucky looked at me with a blank face, he said,

"Jean, your last name is Jean, I also have you telling me on tape that you have been fucking guys everyday since your husband left for overseas." I interrupted him and said, "Every day but last Friday"

"Yea, right, you have been fucking different men every day but last Friday, I have it all on tape and all I need to do is look in your purse and pull out your driver's license and I'll have all I need to send your husband the tape and video."

I laughed and I opened my legs so he could look right up what little skirt I had to see my pussy wrapped in my red crotch less panties. I said,

"Well if you are sending my husband a tape of your questions and my answers, we should fill in Friday, Friday I went to the NCO club and went back to a barracks where I fucked I think 15 to 20 boys So lets make sure we tell my hubby all the truth shall we Lucky?"

"Jesus, you're a fucking slut, and your husband knows it doesn't he? You would like him to know wouldn't you, what is he? Is he a Cuckold? Is he the kind of guy that gets off knowing his wife is out fucking all kinds of men all the time? Is that it, you have him pussy whipped and he likes it?"

I dropped my hand down and put it between my legs, I ran it up to my wet pussy and said,

"You boys are so easy, now I'll make you a proposition, you pay me $15.00 dollars an hour and let me drive that red Miata out there and I'll come work for you, I'll keep you and your boys happy and I want a $50.00 dollar commission on each sale that I help you and your sales staff make."

I began rubbing my clit and I closed my eyes as I moaned and said "Hmmm that feels so good, that feels real good"

I opened my eyes and Lucky was staring at my fingers as I worked myself. He had his hand on his cock and was squeezing it. I said,

"Well I guess not, Tell you what Lucky, maybe I'll call you in the morning to see if you would like to hire me under my terms or not. I need to get home I have a work out planned, all this sex talk has gotten me on fire, maybe I can find a nice young man to help me out tonight." I stood up and began walking to the door. Lucky jumped up, and ran to get in front of me, he put up his hand and said, "Wait, wait, you got the job, it's yours."

"Good, now I want to be paid one week in advance and I'll drive the Miata home tonight, but first let's see what you got here in these pants."

I knelt down as I undid his trousers and pulled them down releasing his lovely big fat cock. I grabbed hold of it and began to lick it as I held onto his sack. I moaned as I made love to his lovely hard cock. I knew that he was ready and I was not going to wait another minute. I stood up, turned around pulled the back of my short skirt up over my ass, then putting my hands on the door I said to him. "Stick it in, fuck me, give me that cock." I swear that my eyes rolled up inside of my head as I felt that lovely rod of his slide inside of me. "God I fucking love being fucked, give me all of it, Ohhhh yeah, ohhhh fuck yeah, all of it yeah deep, that's it fuck me Lucky, yeah, yeah!"

I was moving my ass around knowing I was giving him a ride. I was shoving myself back hard against him to make sure I got every inch of his cock as far as I could get it, I was far from being low keyed, I had forgotten about Larry and Moe or who ever it was that I met earlier on the other side of the door I was up against banging on with my fist because I loved that cock so much. I moved forward when Lucky must have pulled back, all I know is he came out. I dropped down and quickly turned. I love the way a cock tastes after it has been inside of me. I love feeling a fat cock like his push down inside of my throat. I love the way it feels as his cock is pushing in and out my throat and the hair of his groin is against my nose.

I reached down and worked my clit as I fucked his cock with my mouth and throat. I felt him put his hands on the top of my head and he began to pick up speed. I know men, and I knew that he was close. I brought up my hands and placing them against his groin I shoved him away. He popped out and I lay down on the floor, raised my legs and he was on his knees and in me. We slammed back against each other grunting I raised my legs up as high as I could allowing him as much and as deep access into me that was humanly possible I loved the way he fucked me, it was forceful, hard and deep. I felt him start to come and feeling his cock up inside of me throbbing took me exactly where I wanted to be, I was flying high on the clouds of love. I loved that feeling when a man that I just met takes me to, and lets me leave this earth all because of his lovely wonderful cock.

He came and fell on me. He began kissing me as he was trying to catch his breath, he managed to say between his kiss's "You are the hottest woman I have ever been with, Jesus Linda, you make love as if God made you for it. You may be a slut but you have got to be the best fuck on this earth."

Between his kiss's I managed to say "Thank you, your not to bad your self, I plan on riding this roller-coaster again and again." Some where between all the after talk, I was slowly coming back down to earth. Lucky got up off of me and was standing between my legs fixing his pants as I laid there looking up at him, my shirt had come untied and my tits were hanging out because he held onto them as he was fucking me. I could feel his lovely sperm running out of me down the crack of my ass and I know onto the floor. He stuck out his hand offering to assist me in getting up from the floor. I took it and once on my feet I pulled my skirt down from up around my waist, I walked to the bath room with my shirt open and my tits swinging as I walked. Looking into the mirror I fixed my shirt, my hair and straighten everything else out. I smiled at myself as I realized that I fucked him with my boots on. And my red crotchless panties had finally been used to fuck a man the way I wanted to use them.

I walked back out and Lucky was at his desk, the other two men were in there talking to him in whispers. I walked in and the room got quiet, I smiled and I knew that they had to have been talking about what we just did. I could see the lust in their eyes. I said,

"I take it you boys heard it all, don't worry you'll get your turns, but I need to get home right now, where are the keys to the Miata?" Lucky said "Jake, get her the keys." The man he spoke to walked out of the office and Lucky pulled out a checkbook. He did some figures on his adding machine than wrote out a check then handed it to me, he said,

"I want you in here no later than 9 sharp and I expect you to be here all day until closing time, I want you to dress like you did today and I drink my coffee black. Make a fresh pot when you get in tomorrow."

I took the check looked at it then while I put it in my purse I said "Don't forget about the commissions" As I turned to walk out I also said "I take my coffee with cream and sugar, I sure hope one of you boys make the coffee cuz I don't do coffee, see you in the morning boys."

I got into my new little red sports car leaving mine parked along side the office. I knew right then that I had the world by the balls. Men are so fucking easy as long as you give them what they want. I bluffed my way into stopping Lucky from blowing it with Peter, I knew exactly what he wanted to hear from me, he was so fucking transparent, I told him about all that screwing around and he bought every word. He would have shit if he knew the fucking truth. I had not been with a man since Peter had left, Oh I had been having sex every day and some times it was three times a day but that was with my imaginary lovers and my very real rubber cocks and other things that I loved using to fuck myself with.

Lucky wanted a sex machine and he was going to have his little sex machine. Now I'll write Peter and let him know that I am working part time to just keep me busy. As I drove I remembered how much I had changed over the last three months before Peter left for over seas. Remembering Mary, Victor, Tom and Bill, I wondered if I still had her phone number that she gave me...

Lately I have been dreaming that I was easy, and I had been dreaming of having good old nasty sex in strange places again as I had when I was younger. Ever since that day in the park where I saw that couple and I met Bill, Tom, Mary and then they took me to fuck Victor, for months I have craved this, with Peter now overseas, Lucky was going to be my way of getting what I wanted, money and cock, lots and lots of good old hard cock. Who knows maybe a couple will want to come in some day to buy a car and I'll get to play with a girl again...

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