The Face - Painter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A well-hung young man with a talent for shooting lots of cum tries his hand at being a male escort; while on the home-front, interesting encounters with his mother and two sisters develop.

"Oh fuck, yeah ... that's it," I said with a groan as I looked down at the gorgeous blonde kneeling in front of me, her full wet lips sliding luxuriously up and down the shaft of my stiff cock. "Just suck it a little bit more, sweetheart, and I'll give you that nice big load you want."

As I ran my hands through her silky blonde hair while I worked my thick cock back and forth between her stretched lips, my eyes closed with pleasure and a soft smile came to my face as I thought about how I had got to this point...

Well, first of all, my name's Connor Young. At 28, I was just a few years out of graduating from UNLV with a double major in English and Journalism. Las Vegas is still home, born and raised here. My father had come from New York a few years before I was born and had been a successful executive in a company that provided security for many of the major hotels and casinos in town. He was a great guy and provided a nice life for my mother, Victoria, and his three kids; me being the oldest, and my two sisters, Emma, 23, and Zoey, the baby at 18. Unfortunately, leukemia struck my dad a few years ago, just shortly after I had graduated from college. His estate allowed my mother to keep the nice house I had been raised in and what I received allowed me to make a decent down-payment on a nice little house of my own in a condo complex, and still have a little nest egg left over.

After my dad died, I stayed at home with my mom and younger sisters as Mom slowly got over the grieving process. I took a job with a small local rag and got my feet wet in the newspaper business; although doing articles on things like "Schools for Casino Dealers" was not really what I had in mind when I studied English literature in college. After a few months, my mom convinced me that I should invest some of my inheritance in real estate and thus, she helped me find a house in a new condo development that I now call home. I told her I would stay with her as long as she wanted, but she insisted that it was time I was out on my own; she would be fine.

"You're not far away if I need a big man," she said as she gave me a kiss and sent me on my way into the big bad world.

After a couple of years at the paper, I took a job as a free-lance journalist with an entertainment magazine. The money was good when I got work, and the inheritance my dad left me allowed me to be able to pick and choose jobs as I wished. Being able to pick the jobs I wanted and when I chose to work on them allowed me the freedom to do what I really liked to do, which was to do some writing of my own, maybe a novel; and also, to take advantage of what my parent's genes had created in me; a pretty good-looking guy that enjoyed all aspects of sex.

At 6'-3" and a solid 215 pounds, I'd never had trouble attracting sexual partners. I had dark wavy hair and what some people call "chiseled" features. Although I guess you could say I was clean-shaven, I usually sported a couple days growth of a scruffy beard that usually garnered me my fair share of approving looks on the street. I worked out regularly and still swam laps whenever I could, allowing me to keep in good shape; well-toned and definitely muscular, without being grotesquely over the top. I keep my chest and pubic area shaven and smooth, showing off a nice six-pack and sculpted abs.

Probably my main attribute was something I continually was thankful to my parents for; my cock. I have been blessed with a cock slightly over 10" in length and so thick that the fingers of my own big mitt couldn't touch the base of my hand when wrapped around it. The big mushroom head stood out even more from the thick shaft as the thick rope-like corona projected in bold relief about 2 ½" from the very tip. It was dead straight, with a tracing of gnarled veins looking like a road map of China as they fed my pecker with the pulsing blood necessary to fill such a monster. All in all, I was proud of the big powerful cock my parents had provided me with.

Another thing you should know about me is that I love to cum ... a lot. And by a lot, I mean both ways; both how often I cum and the amount of semen I generate when I do cum. I prefer to cum more than one time per session, and I have the ability to recover from an orgasm in fairly short order. I am no superman whose cock never goes down, but I'm not one of those "one and done" guys either.

One of the most intriguing things that my sexual partners find about me is the amount of both pre-cum and cum I am able to produce. Most of them would say that "prodigious" would actually be an understatement. I usually have a continuous silky flow of pre-cum and then during each orgasm, I usually shoot anywhere between 12 and 20 good-sized shots of cum. I'd seen a lot of porno movies in my limited years, but I'd never seen anybody in any of those movies that could shoot as much cum as me. The only guy who I ever saw produce more was a German guy I'd seen who posted his own cum-shot videos on a website. Man, that guy was something, usually getting off around 25 good-sized shots before fading. I had no complaints about my own prowess, though. Whenever I came, the delicious orgasmic contractions just seemed to continue time and time again as I shoot wad after milky wad of warm pearly semen. And I guess it's the big heavy balls I have that produce all that precious cream as each successive time I cum, there is never really a decrease in the amount I shoot. Which brings me back to my story...

A few days ago, I'd bedded a pretty young co-ed I'd met in a bar that evening. She'd sucked the first load out of me fairly quickly after we'd gone back to her apartment. With strands of the copious amount of cum I'd shot into her mouth leaking from the corners of her mouth, she continued to suck until I was ready with my second load. She asked me to shoot it on her face and as I did so, her body shook and quivered through an orgasm, simply by my massive load covering her pretty young face.

"Oh wow," she purred lustfully, my silvery seed shimmering on her smooth skin. "The amount of cum you shoot is incredible. You should patent that. You'd make shitload of money."

"Yeah, right," I replied with a shake of my head as I looked at the wads of cum in her hair, covering most of her face, dripping off her chin.

"No seriously," she said as she took a long slow lick at the final drops of cum oozing from the tip of my cock, "you'd be surprised at how many people love to have somebody paint their face like that, especially with loads the size of yours."

"Hmmmm, interesting," I thought to myself as she once again started to suck at my semi-hard cock.

The next morning, I headed home; four more loads of my cum on her face and some intriguing thoughts running through my brain. I tried to get some sleep, but I kept thinking about what she had said. Was she right? Were there really people out there who'd be willing to pay to let me cum on their face? The more I thought about it, the more the idea gripped me. I tossed and turned as I tried to sleep but couldn't get my mind off the idea. I finally got up and took a long shower, but my own soapy hands running over my body only made the concept of cumming on people's faces for money all that more appealing. I was between writing contracts right now and I hated dipping into my inheritance. I knew I could use a little extra money right now, and if that was the way I could make some, I couldn't think of a better way!

I got out of the shower and sat at my computer, a towel wrapped around my waist. Using a secondary e-mail address I'd created for such purposes, I logged onto a website I'd frequently browsed through before. It was a site featuring personal ads of a very sexual nature, even stating the cost of services rendered. Man, I love Vegas, the only place in the country where you can get away with that sort of thing. After hitting the tab marked "POST NEW AD", I started writing. I decided to keep it short and sweet. If people were interested, I was putting down what they would need to see. If not, they could quickly move on to something else. After playing with the wording a few times, I finally settled on a draft I was happy with.

FACE-PAINTER, Well-hung white male willing to provide face-painting services. 6'-2", 215 lbs. Clean and safe. Over 10" of thick cut cock. If you are interested in having 12-20 shots of cum covering your face, respond to the e-mail address below. Serious replies only. Discretion expected and ensured. PRICE: $200/load.

I listed the e-mail address I'd set up and used my credit card to pay for the ad. I re-read it a number of times and finally took a deep breath before hitting the "POST AD" button. With my ad now posted, I shut down my computer, got dressed and went out to do a little grocery shopping. Being springtime, it was actually tolerable to be outside in Las Vegas; not like those scorching temperatures in the middle of July. It was warm enough that I could put the top down on my old Mustang, that I called "Sally." I know, "Mustang Sally", pretty lame, eh? But it had been a gift from my dad when I graduated and I loved that car.

I picked up my groceries at the local supermarket; constantly wondering if my ad was being read as I debated over which type of pasta to buy. I found it kind of ironic that I was checking the price of coffee cream when somebody might be considering whether to pay two-hundred bucks for a load of my cream! With a smile on my face, I grabbed a Starbucks on my way home, anxious to see if I had any responses to my ad.

"Hey Connor, how are you?" I heard as I reached into my backseat and grabbed the bags of groceries. I'd pulled into my driveway and hadn't noticed my neighbor working in her yard.

"Margaret, I'm doin' great. How about you?" I looked around to see my next door neighbor, Margaret, stepping away from some shrubbery in the landscaped area between our two houses, a pair of pruning shears in her hands.

"I'm good, but there's always stuff that needs my attention around here," she said with a quirky little smile as she motioned towards the bushes she'd been attending to. Margaret was about the same age as my mother, probably somewhere between 45 and 50; but she still looked damn good. She used to be a nurse at one point and gave it up to be the wife of a doctor. They'd met at the hospital they'd both worked in and then one day he decided to trade her in on a younger model. She never saw it coming, but was lucky enough to have a good lawyer that took the rotten bastard to the cleaners in the divorce. That was about four years ago now and she had bought her place in the complex just a few months before I'd bought mine.

As I stepped over to the edge of my driveway to talk to her, I wondered again what that crazy doctor must have been thinking. Not only was Margaret a sweet woman, she had a smoldering sensuality that made her incredibly sexy. She was what you would call a "buxom" woman; standing probably around 5'-10" with a big curvy body to match. She wasn't overweight, just a big woman that seemed to be built for sex. She had a pretty face with a full wide mouth, and like I said earlier, a quirky little smile that was just plain endearing.

Moving towards her, I watched as she took the back of her hand and wiped some sweat from her brow, her fingers pushing back a lock of wavy auburn hair; a deep natural red that fell in soft looping curls about her shoulders. The motion of lifting her arm caused her large heavy breasts to swell beneath the white sleeveless turtleneck she was wearing. Man, what a set of tits. I could make out the silhouette of a lacy white bra beneath the stretched ribbing of her top. My eyes drifted down past her nipped in waist to her wide flared hips; nicely framed in a pair of yellow shorts that ended high on her muscular thighs. He long legs were tanned and beautifully sculpted. I had always had a thing for older women, ever since the start of puberty; and Margaret was no exception. She been the subject of numerous jack-off sessions since I'd moved in next door to her.

"So what are you doing?" I asked; nodding towards the shrubbery she'd been attacking while trying to keep my grocery bags from falling out of my arms.

"Oh, just trimming this bush," she replied, pointing to the offending greenery.

"I like a nice trimmed bush," I said with a distinct suggestive tone to my voice. Margaret and I regularly flirted with each other. She could give it as good as she could take it, and we both enjoyed the playful repartee. Nothing had ever come of it, of course, but we both seemed to relish the subtly intimate nature of that teasing relationship we had.

My words kind of stopped her in her tracks and she looked at me with that quirky sexy smile of hers. Her head tilted provocatively to one side as she spoke, "Yes, I do too. Trimming a bush lets you see what you've got to work with, don't you think?"

"Exactly." My eyes couldn't help but drift down to soft cleft her tight shorts were making as they gently cupped her womanhood.

"Do you think I'm doing a good job of it?" I'm sure she had noticed me checking out her crotch but her eyes flicked momentarily to the row of bushes she'd emerged from.

"Well, I don't know," I said as I looked at a few stray edges that didn't look too good. "You'd have to trim it right down for it to be to my liking." I wondered how she'd respond to that comment.

"If you didn't have your hands full of groceries, I'd ask you to trim my bush for me right now," she said haughtily as she motioned towards the shrub she'd been working on. Even though she put on airs of being offended, her suggestive intention seemed clear. "Yes, it's always nicer to be able to just sit back, relax and let someone else do the trimming for you." As usual, she seemed to relish in teasing me.

"I'd really like to, Margaret, but hey, what can I say?" I said with a shrug and a smile as I showed her the bags of groceries I was holding. She smiled wickedly and then looked further down the lawn.

"I feel the same way about these big trees." She pointed to one of the large leafy trees on her lawn. We both looked at the tree and then our eyes met in a playful gaze. "I think if you keep that area under the tree trimmed right down, it seems to make the tree look all that much more majestic, don't you think?"

"I'd have to agree with that," I replied, my mouth turned up in a naughty smile.

"Yeah, it just makes it look big and powerful, just the way a real tree should look." I watched her eyes drift down to survey my package before returning to my face. "Yeah, a good strong root, a long thick trunk, and then a nice flared canopy on top." She had turned and I watched her eyes look from the base of the tree, slowly up the trunk until she shielded her eyes from the sun as she gazed up at the spreading leaves above. She was turned sideways to me now and that tight white top of hers looked fantastic in profile; those massive heavy tits of hers thrusting well out before her. She turned back towards me and I felt myself starting to get hard under her provocative gaze. "I love ones like that, and maybe next time your hands aren't full of groceries, we'll see if you can do a better job than I can of trimming my bush for me." She gave me a wink and smile before turning on her heel. "See you later, Connor. Gotta go."

"Later, Margaret," I replied as I watched that beautiful wide round ass of hers disappear around the corner of her open garage door. Man, she was something alright. A guy could do with neighbors like that for sure. Every time I looked at her, I was reminded of a line I remembered from an old Bruce Lee movie; where John Saxon said about a gorgeous woman: "A woman like that can teach you a lot about yourself."

With lurid thoughts of Margaret's buxom body stirring in my loins, I quickly put my groceries away and booted up my computer. Before logging onto my regular e-mail account, I hurriedly accessed the second e-mail account I'd set up for my ad. There was the notification from the ad company with a listing of my paid receipt, and one other response from a sender named "Callie". I clicked on it:

"Face-painter, if you are as you describe yourself to be, I am VERY interested. I know you have to pay to post these ads, so I am assuming you will be the person you say you are if you choose to show up. Please do not waste your time or mine if your ad is false. I am an attractive woman 36 years old in town on business until tomorrow, staying at the Bellagio. If you can make it at 8:00pm this evening, please reply to let me know you are serious. I will respond with my room number once I hear from you. Looking forward to a nice face-bath ... Callie."

Well, this certainly looked interesting. I re-read her message three times before sending off my response:

"Callie, thanks very much for replying to my ad. Rest assured; I am the person I have described. I can make it this evening at 8:00pm and I too look forward to an interesting encounter. As I mention, discretion is ensured. If you provide me with your room number, it is safe with me and I will be there at the expected time ... Face-Painter."

I hit the "SEND" button and checked the clock; it was just past 4:30. I made myself something to eat and decided to check for a response. Her reply was fairly short:

"Face-Painter, Bellagio, room 814. I've been told my mouth is quite good ... Callie."

As I read her message, I felt my cock throb in anticipation of the evening to come. I was both incredibly excited and tremendously nervous at what I was about to do. On one hand, I felt like I was about to rent myself out like some common street whore. On the other hand, the idea of being a specialized "Face-Painter" made me feel like the equivalent of a high-priced call girl. What the fuck, I thought, "Callie" sounded like an interesting woman; what was the harm in going along and see how it went. If it was a disaster, I could always pull my ad and go back to my usual way of life. It wasn't so bad, but yeah, I could use a few extra bucks.

With all these thoughts swirling through my head, I took a long hot shower and got myself looking good. I pulled on a pair of jeans (with no underwear as usual); then pulled on a classic white button-down Oxford-cloth shirt and navy blazer. I looked at my 6'-3" frame in the mirror and gave myself a wry smile.

"You crazy bastard," I said to myself, "what the fuck are you getting yourself into?" With a final shake of my head, I switched off the bathroom light and headed out.

With the roof down on the Mustang, the cool desert air of the evening seemed to caress my body like a soothing wave. Yes, this was my town; I loved Vegas and all its good and bad points. Just driving through town seemed to give me the confidence I'd been questioning earlier. As eight o'clock approached, I made my way down to the strip and found a parking garage near the Bellagio. I pulled the top up on the car and told the valet to "take care of my baby". The young kid gave me a knowing smile and nodded as he pulled the car into the deep dark recesses of the parking structure.

I strolled through the Bellagio's noisy casino area, the strike-it-rich schemes of visiting tourists being sucked up by the dealer's rake like whispery smoke into the ventilation system. I checked my watch as the elevator took me quickly to the eighth floor; 7:56pm. I took a few deep breaths to settle my nerves as I walked down the hallway, and with a certain degree of apprehension, I steeled myself and knocked at the door of room 814.

"Well, hello," came a soft voice as the door swung partway open. A beautiful blonde woman with sparkling blue eyes looked up at me, her shoulder leaning against the edge of the door. She appeared to be just as she had described; an attractive ... and I'd say incredibly attractive... 36-year old ... a very beautiful sexy cock-hardening 36-year old. Her face was gorgeous, beautiful features framed exquisitely by shimmering blonde hair. Her hair fell to her shoulders in a style fitting a successful business woman. She had full soft pouty-looking lips that had a sexy red coating of glistening lipstick. It looked like a mouth just made for cock-sucking. She was tall, probably about 5'-8" and had a gorgeous figure; full round breasts, a trim waist flowing into womanly hips and long slim legs. She had on a black high-collared sleeveless dress that was nicely form-fitting to show off every delicious curve of her sensual body. The dress hugged her wide hips nicely before ending high on her thighs. Her legs looked incredibly sexy, clad in shimmering black nylons and ending with classy pointy-toed pumps with about a 4" stiletto heel. My feasting eyes took in this delicious view in the matter of a split second as we both kind of looked each other up and down.

"Hi ... uh ... Callie?" I said somewhat nervously.

"You can call me Callie if you like," she said as she turned and walked into the hotel room, leaving the door open and the alluring trail of expensive perfume for me to follow. I quickly entered and shut the door behind me. Callie-- I guess she, like nearly everybody else on the internet, used a fake name when they were going to be involved in nefarious encounters like this. "Lock the door, will you?"

"Sure." I threw the lock and turned to face her. I could see that the room was more like a small suite; with a little kitchenette and living room area where we now stood. I could see an open door leading to what I assumed was the bedroom. I watched as she picked up her purse from a side table by the couch.

"I guess we better take care of business first thing, right?" she said as she took out a small roll of bills from her purse. "That's the way you people do things, isn't it? Money first before anything else?"

"Uh, yeah, that's right," I replied flippantly. Following this gorgeous woman into the room, I had almost totally forgotten about the arrangement and what I was doing. Man, she was so good-looking, I felt like I would have eagerly paid $200 to her instead!

"Here you go." She had unrolled the bills and I could see four $50 bills as she extended her arm and handed them to me. I noticed a good-sized rock and the accompanying wedding band on her left hand that she held towards me. My arm seemed to hesitate of its own accord as I reached towards the money. "It's now or never", I said to myself as I paused for just a second before taking the offering and stuffing it into my inside jacket pocket.

"Thanks. My name's..."

"Sssshhhh," she hissed, stopping me in mid-sentence and putting one delicate finger on my lips. "That's not necessary. You don't need to tell me your name. I just want to think of you as The Face-Painter." She drew her finger slowly across my lips and then beckoned for me to follow her into the bedroom. As I followed her into the room, I noticed that a light from one of the bedside tables cast a warm intimate glow over the room; the centerpiece of which was a huge king-size bed. She walked around to the side of the bed where the light was and turned to face me.

"Over here, please. I want to undress you." I stepped past the edge of the bed to the side she was standing on and my peripheral vision quickly drew my eyes to the area of the floor beside the bed. On the carpet she had placed a rectangular piece of clear plastic, probably about 12" long by about 8" by ¼" thick. The most interesting thing though was the upright dildo centered in the middle of the plastic pad. It was totally clear as well with a flat base to keep it situated in place. It was about 8" long and was very lifelike with a big mushroom head, a tracing of veins on the shaft and a pair of balls as part of the base. It was about average thickness, still quite a big smaller in both length and girth than my own cock.

"What's this?" I asked, nodding towards the rubber dick as she slid my jacket off my shoulders and threw it around one of those wooden dressing valets.

"That's just a little something I like to use while I'm sucking cock," she replied as she quickly undid the buttons of my shirt. I felt a surge go through my pecker as I looked at her blood-red fingernails working on the front of my shirt.

"Man, I could really get used to this," I thought to myself as she pulled the tails of my shirt out of my waistband and it quickly followed my jacket onto the clothes rack. Yeah, no having to take someone out to dinner, go to a movie, or play all those useless mind-games. Yeah, this was going to be good; just getting right down to getting my cock sucked ... and I was getting paid for it!

"Yes, very nice," she said with a kittenish purr as she traced her delicate fingers over my muscular chest. She stood right in front of me and slid her warm smooth hands all over my upper body; starting with my shoulders and arms, then my chest, and then down over the muscled contours of my stomach. I could see the smoldering lust in her eyes as she moved closer and lowered her face to my chest.

"Yes, very nice indeed," she said in a throaty whisper as her tongue slid out and circled one of my pecs. Her lips and tongue sought out the pebbly surface of my nipple and I felt a slight tickle as she softly pulled on it with her lips and tongue before moving briefly to the other one; a surge of blood flowing to my stiffening penis. She then moved back slightly as her hands and eyes dropped to my belt. She quickly undid my belt, followed but the button at the top of my jeans and then I watched as her blood-red painted fingertips grasped my zipper and slowly drew it down. I could feel my thickening prick aching for release as she peeled back the two front sides of my jeans. Her face was flushed with excitement as she dropped to her knees, never taking her eyes off the growing bulge extending down the inside of my thigh.

"Let's get theses jeans off now," she hissed breathlessly as she reached down and quickly pulled off my shoes before reaching up and grasping the waistband of my jeans. I looked down at her, this gorgeous mature woman kneeling before me, her red painted lips glistening like an attractive target. I could feel my heart beating faster as the pulsing blood coursed through my body, most of it headed for the 10" long cunt-splitter waiting to be released. She shimmied her hands from side to side as she pulled my jeans down. I watched as her eyes remained fixed on my midsection, her anticipation growing as more and more of the thick shaft of my cock came into view. The swelling head caught for a split-second on the fabric, and then with a good tug, my jeans fell to my ankles and my dick sprang up into view, bobbing heavily at about three-quarters full.

"Oh my God," she gasped as she just stared, transfixed by the spectacle of my cock seeming to unfurl from the confines of my jeans as it continued to swell before her startled eyes. "I ... I've never seen one that big." I stepped out of my jeans as she pulled them off my feet and tossed them over with my other clothes.

"You ... you definitely weren't lying about the size of it in your ad," she said as she continued to stare as my dong slowly climbed just past horizontal. "It ... it's just so beautiful." It was almost like she was talking unconsciously now as she seemed transfixed, totally mesmerized by my massive stiffening cock.

"It'll get even bigger once you start sucking on it," I said as I looked down at those big tits of her, swelling beneath her tight black dress as she breathed rapidly in excitement. My words seemed to snap her out of her trance as she looked up at me quickly before her eyes dropped back to my rising dick.

"Over here, please." She shuffled backward on her knees a couple of feet until she was poised right over the upright dildo on the plastic pad. Her dress was hiked up around her hips and I could see the lacy tops of sexy thigh-high pull-up stockings. There were a couple of inches of creamy white thigh coming into view as she positioned herself over the artificial cock. There are few things sexier than the smooth skin on the inside of a woman's thigh. I watched as she reached between her legs and steadied the rubber dick while she slowly lowered herself, until I could the mushroom-shaped head spreading the moist pink lips of her shaven pussy as she fit it into herself. She started to let herself settle down and it was incredibly arousing to watch the clear rubber cock start to disappear inside her.

"Aaaahhh ... yeah ... that's better," she moaned with a soft smile on her sultry full lips as she removed her hand from between her legs and beckoned for me to step closer. I was only too happy to comply. As I stepped closer and watched the exhilarating sensual display of this sexy woman lowering herself onto her 8" dildo, I felt my own cock pulsate as more blood continued to pump into it. As I moved right in front of her, I looked down and saw that my prick had achieved full hardness and was sticking up at an angle of about 45 degrees above vertical, which was about as good as it got based on the size and weight of it. The big mushroom head was totally engorged, a dark crimson helmet surrounded at its base by the pronounced rope-like corona; a thick speed-bump for Callie's waiting lips.

"It ... it's so big," she mumbled under her breath as we both watched my pulsing erection bob up and down with each beat of my heart. I watched her eyes intently studying the long thick stallion-like weapon before her; and as a glistening gob of precum oozed from the damp red eye and started to distend downwards, her tongue slid out and circled around her soft full lips in an alluring invitation.

"Unngghh," she groaned slightly as she started to rock up and down on the fake dick beneath her. Her soft hands slid up the front of my thighs until she cradled my balls in one hand while circling the thick base of my cock with the other. She wrapped her long delicate fingers as far around my dick as they could go and she still had a couple of inches between her fingertips and the base of her hand.

"Oh fuck," she gushed, "It's absolutely huge! And your balls ... they ... they're so heavy." She looked up at me anxiously, with almost a look of panic in her eyes. "You are ... you are going to cum on my face like you said, right? I ... I really like that."

"Of course I am," I said with a comforting nod of my head. "I'm gonna cover you with so much cum, you'll feel like you're taking a bath in it." A shudder of excitement went through her body and she started to bob up and down on the rubber prick between her legs in a smooth sensual rhythm. I stepped closer and reached my hand around to the back of her head, "Now, I think it's time you started sucking," I said, pulling her head towards me. I barely touched her and she eagerly leaned forwards, those glistening succulent lips of hers opening as she pulled my cock down until the wide flared head was pointed right at her waiting mouth. I watched her tongue slide out to caress her bottom lip as she moved forwards and let the smooth contours of my huge cockhead start to stretch her shiny red lips as it made its way further into her mouth. I saw her eyes open wide in a moment of panic as the broad engorged crown stretched her lips almost to the tearing point, just before they slid over the thick rope-like corona and locked down just behind the head.

"Mmmmmm," she purred softly as she paused to get accustomed to the plum-sized head, now filling her hot oral cavity. I let my hands run through her silky blonde hair as I felt her tongue swirl slowly over the spongy surface of my glans. Her tongue rolled enticingly over the sensitive surface before I felt the tip probing into the wet red eye and then felt her suck slightly. I watched the muscles in her throat contract as she swallowed a silky teaser of pre-cum.

"Mmmmmm," she mewed again and I watched her eyes close in pleasure as she savored the tasty morsel I had fed her. She slowly re-opened her eyes and quickly looked up at me with a lustful gaze before leaning forwards and starting to slide her pouty lips further down my prick. She got about halfway down before she started to retreat, her lips adhering wonderfully to my thick gnarled shaft as she pulled backwards. It was beautiful to see those soft red lips distended forwards; she would have looked like a fish out of water if my thick hard cock wasn't filling that hot wet mouth of hers.

"Oh fuck, yeah," I said as she started to bob her head up and down on my stiff cylinder of flesh, one hand pumping the loose sheath near the base of my cock back and forth towards her wet lips as the other gently cradled my sperm-filled balls. "That's the way; just keep working on that cock and we'll get a nice big load all ready to cover that sweet face of yours." My words seemed to inspire her as she slid her warm hands around me and gripped my firm bum cheeks as she pulled me closer towards her.

"Yeah, that's a good girl," I praised her as she slowly slid those full pouty lips even further down my thick rod. Fuck, she was good alright; I looked down to see that she had about five thick inches deep into her mouth. I took her head in my hands and we both worked together as I slowly fucked her face; smoothly moving my cock all around inside her hot wet mouth as I moved it teasingly back and forth. That was just the way I liked it, nice and slow, no need to hurry a perfect blowjob like this. I could see her saliva glistening on the shaft of my boner as her head moved enthusiastically back and forth, little wet trickles of spit appearing at the corners of her stretched lips and covering her chin. She let me move her head exactly where I wanted it, the sensitive red helmet pressing against the hot wet tissues on the inside of her cheeks, all over her welcoming tongue, and rubbing over every square inch inside that gorgeous sucking mouth of hers.

"Emmhhhnn," she groaned in a slightly higher pitch against my throbbing member as she continued to suck at the same time as she rocked up and down on the rubber cock beneath her. I could see from her flushed face and her fingers gripping my taut bum tightly that her pleasure was escalating. She looked beautiful, her gorgeous mature face a mask of lust as she totally surrendering herself to the pleasure of sucking my cock.

"Here's a little sample for you," I said as I held her head still with one hand while quickly pulling my rock-hard prick from her vacuuming mouth; the dark crimson head making a wet sucking sound as I drew it clear of her glistening lips. I wrapped my other hand around the thick shaft and took a long firm stroke all the way from the base up to the engorged head, milking a big gob of pre-cum from the glistening tip that started to distend downwards. Her eyes were transfixed on the glistening wad of fluid as I pushed downwards on my pulsing dong and drew the shiny tip across her cheek. As I moved the hot skin of my wet cockhead across her face, her eyes closed in pleasure and she started to tremble.

"OH FUCK..." she groaned loudly as she started to cum. I saw her wriggle herself down harder on the rubber dick beneath her as I moved the dark red crown of my erection all around her pretty face, a snail-trail of pre-cum following in its wake.

"OH MY GOD," she moaned as she pressed her face firmly back against the tip of my pulsating dick. She shuddered and twitched through her orgasm for a good long time before she finally stopped shaking. I didn't wait for her to ask; I pushed the drizzling tip of my cock back between her lips and started working her mouth once more. She had no objection and resumed sucking voraciously, her hot wet cheeks forming a delicious gripping tunnel for my hard thrusting cock. She brought one hand back to the base of my erection, rolling her curled fingers in a smooth corkscrewing motion; while her other hand moved between her legs, her delicate fingers pleasuring herself there.

I didn't know if it was her job, her home life, or maybe she just had a small-dicked husband she couldn't stand; but I could just tell that she needed this bad. I felt like I could have cum any time, but I wanted to allow her the pleasure she was paying for. So I suppressed my desire to cum and worked my rock-hard cock back and forth within her beautiful sucking mouth; and then taking it out and rubbing it all over her face until she came twice more. Each time she'd finish moaning and twitching, I'd quickly force my cock back into her welcoming mouth, not allowing her a moment's respite; until her face was shining with both my pre-cum and her own glistening perspiration.

Which takes me back to the start of my story...

"Oh fuck, yeah ... that's it," I said with a groan as I looked down at the gorgeous blonde kneeling in front of me, her full wet lips sliding luxuriously up and down the shaft of my stiff cock. "You're doing great. Just suck it a little bit more, sweetheart, and I'll give you that nice big load you want."

"Mmmmmm," she moaned lustfully as her lips slid well down the length of my throbbing prick. It was incredibly sexy to watch her; still fully clothed in her tight black dress, the clinging material showing off every sweet curve of her voluptuous body. The dress hugged her ample tits, nipped-in waist and flaring womanly hips like an inviting present before ending where it bunched up above her steaming cunt. My eyes followed the smooth flow of her working arm muscles downward as I watched the fingers of her right hand, now busy between her legs while her left hand was wrapped around the bottom of my rigid dick. My own hands were buried deep in her shimmering tresses as I guided her mouth up and down, her hot slick saliva and silky lips creating an exquisite buttery channel for my invading cock.

Her eyes were half-closed with lust as she surrendered herself to her own cock-sucking desires, the rapture on her flushed face giving her a warm glow that I was about to add to by doing what she had paid me for; to cum on her face. I felt my swollen nuts draw up close to my body and knew I was close.

"Now, let me see that pretty face of yours," I said as I pulled my long thick cock from her sucking lips and tipped her head back so she was looking up at me. He beautiful face lay before me, her slick red lips puffy and swollen from the ardent cock-sucking she'd just given me, a web of saliva hanging from the corner of her mouth. Her smooth glistening skin was turned up towards me, an inviting canvas just waiting for my long hard brush. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as I pointed the engorged head at her and took long slow strokes along the full length of my powerful cock. As her eyes focused on the dripping mushroom head, I felt the delicious sensation of my semen starting to rush up the long shaft of my virile manhood.

"Oh yeah, here you go," I said as I held my stroking hand still for a second, the massive knob just inches away from her waiting face. As she panted eagerly, her eyes glued to the tip of my cock, I watched as the first thick white rope jettisoned forth to land in a milky strand that ran from her hairline, all the way down her face until it disappeared as it fell down her neck. I moved the tip of my pulsing dick slightly as the second shot burst forth onto the other side of her face, a shimmering silvery rope that landed across her nose and over the side of her cheek. The third shot hit her full in the cheek and filled her left eye socket.

"OH FUCK," she moaned loudly as I started stroking again as my mammoth prick continued to shoot. My hand pumped firmly back and forth as I milked out long ropey strands that crisscrossed her face in a bizarre mosaic. She was trembling and quivering like crazy now as another orgasm coursed through her body. I held her head in place as I directed my shooting cock all over that gorgeous face of hers. Eleven ... twelve ... thirteen ... I had become accustomed to counting the number of shots I made, even as the delicious orgasmic sensations ran through my own body.

"So much cum," she mumbled under her breath as her hand remained busy between her legs; the intoxicating scent of her warm cunt starting to fill the air. Another long pearly rope ran up along her forehead and into her hair as I moved my spitting erection from one glistening side of her face to the other. Sixteen ... seventeen ... eighteen ... As I milked out the eighteenth shot, I knew that was the final major one of this load. I held her head still as I forced out a couple more small drops that I dripped down right into her gasping mouth, those beautiful open lips of hers making an enticing target. When I was done, I let go of her head and took a step back, my chest heaving as I slowly regained my breath.

Standing back, I was able to take a good look at my handiwork. Man, her face was a mess! There was cum everywhere; in her hair, covering her nose and forehead, one eye-socket completely full, and big gobs sticking to her cheeks and chin while thick strands were already starting to run down onto her neck and drip onto her dress. A few pearly ribbons had ended up on her shoulders and the upper swells of her clothed breasts; the milky cum standing out in bold silhouette against the black fabric. As I looked at her, she slowly stopped shaking, the last vestiges of her orgasm ebbing out of her flushed body. She had a look of pure rapture on her face as she brought both hands up and started slowly massaging my thick milky load all around her smooth shimmering skin. She scooped the huge wad out of her eye and I watched as she slid her dripping fingers into her mouth and noisily sucked the precious seed off them.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred salaciously as she opened her eyes halfway and as she looked up at me, I could see the lust still burning deep within them. "That ... that was incredible. I ... I've never seen so much cum." She continued to rub the silvery load all over her face and neck, her fingers occasionally pushing bigger gobs right into her mouth. "And it's so thick and creamy." I watched as the muscles in her neck rippled sensually as she swallowed another tasty gob of my semen.

"I'm glad I could be of service," I replied with a warm smile. "And you were right..." I paused as she looked at me questioningly, "your mouth is good; very good. Anytime I can be of help, just let me know." I could see the delight in her eyes at my words of praise. Her eyes dropped quickly to my tumescent cock, still semi-hard and bobbing teasingly before her.

"Your ... your cock," she said as she watched my heavy member pulsing right in front of her, "it ... it's hardly gone down at all." The questioning lustful look on her face spoke volumes.

"Yeah, it doesn't take me long before I'm ready to go again." Her eyes quickly darted to the door leading from the bedroom to the living area.

"I ... I've got more money," she said hurriedly, her hand pointing to where her purse was. "Could we ... I mean ... would you ... would you do it again for me?"

"Sure, I think I can help you out with that," I replied with a warm smile on my face. With a big happy grin, she rose up off the rubber cock between her legs with a wet sucking sound. It quivered on its base as she quickly stepped into the other room and came back, her hand reaching into her purse.

"Here you go," she said as she passed me various bills; mostly twenties and tens this time, even a couple of fives. Obviously she had not anticipated wanting to go for round two. I stuffed the wad of cash into my jeans pocket and stepped back towards her; her body quivering in anticipation as she stood next to the bed.

"What would you like now?" I asked softly as I brought my mouth down to hers. Her face was still glistening with a shimmering coating of my semen, but she had licked her lips enough times now as she'd cleaned up every drop within striking distance of her sweeping tongue. Her body folded perfectly into mine as my mouth settled on hers, her soft lips parting beneath mine. Her arms went around my neck as I pressed my lips to hers, my tongue slowly delving deep into the moist sweetness inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned softly as her tongue rolled sensually against mine. We had a slow deep searing kiss as our lips enjoyed the intense softness and intimacy that our mouths offered to each other. I felt another surge in my rejuvenating dick as she pressed her luscious body against mine. I finally pulled my face back from hers, her eyes glazed over with passion as she looked up at me.

"I ... I'd like you to fuck me," she said wantonly, "but I ... I've never had one that big before."

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. We'll just take it nice and slow until I've got every hard inch inside you." My words seemed to comfort her. "You'll love it, I promise." I slid my hands around her and reached for the zipper of her dress at the back of her neck. I felt her body instantly go tense against me.

"You okay?" I asked, genuine concern in my voice.

"Uh yeah, it's just ... it's just... ," she stammered, averting her eyes from mine.

"What is it?"

"I ... I've got a scar. I ... I don't like people to see it."

"That's okay," I said warmly, my lips touching hers in soft kiss. "I don't care about things like that."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely," I said with a confirming nod of my head as I reached behind her and slowly drew down her zipper. She looked up at me somewhat nervously as drew the dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground around her. She self-consciously stepped out of the rumpled dress and moved against me once more. In the brief moment it had taken her to do that, I hadn't seen anything. The only thing that drew my eyes like a magnet was the beautiful set of breasts facing me. They were proudly displayed in a black lace underwire bra that emphasized her sizable cleavage dramatically. The lacy black cups barely covered her nipples, the structured material pushing her ample tit-flesh up and out towards me. I was pretty good at guessing bra sizes, and I put her at a solid 36C. As mentioned, she had come prepared for what we had done earlier; she had no panties on and her smooth womanly flesh flowed nicely into the lacy tops of her black thigh-high stockings.

"Now, where is that scar you mentioned?" I asked after she'd raised her lips to mine for another thirsty kiss.

"It ... it's right here," she said hesitantly as she took a step back and pointed to the side of her right breast, just above the side of her bra. I leaned closer and saw a small pink scar about 2" long just where the swell of her breast met the tender flesh of her underarm. "I ... I had to have a cyst removed a couple of years ago." I leaned in close and put my lips right on the line of scar tissue and kissed it tenderly. I slid my tongue along the line of redness and gave it a second gentle kiss before lifting my head and looking into her troubled eyes.

"I think it's beautiful. It's distinctive; it makes you ... you." I said with a broad smile on my face.

"It doesn't bother you?"

"Hell no; now I could pick you out in a tit line-up anytime." She laughed heartily as she moved close to me again with her lips turned up to mine. I kissed her passionately, our tongues dancing against each other as her hand sought out my stiffening erection.

"Oh fuck," I said as I pulled my lips away from hers, "I need to get this inside you." I reached down to the bed and pulled the covers down over the bottom and then picked her up and set her down right in the middle of the bed, her head supported on the stacked pillows below the headboard. She looked incredibly sexy lying there, those perfectly shaped breasts enticingly embraced by her lacy black bra, her long lithe legs encased in sheer black stockings, and those sexy stiletto heels digging into the sheets. Her face still glistened with a sticky coating of my semen; but I thought it made her look even more beautiful, the slick cum on her shiny face glowing with a warm golden hue from the lamplight.

"You ... you're still going to cum on my face, aren't you?" she asked anxiously as I crawled onto the bed beside her.

"Absolutely, I know that's what you paid for. Now, I want you to suck on it a little more with that sweet mouth of yours before I slowly drive it all the way inside you." I swung my leg over her until I straddled her upper body, my hard-on poised like a muscled battering-ram aimed right at her face. "Now form those pretty lips into a nice "O" for me; I like a sexy target to aim for." She looked up at me rapturously as she formed those succulent pillowy lips of hers into an "O" just as I asked ... fuck ... she looked hot!

"That's the way," I said as I leaned forward and took the top of the wooden headboard in my hands. I looked down at her as I fed the broad tip of my erection right into her mouth, those gorgeous lips eagerly spreading over the spongy surface of my helmet. She worked up a good mouthful of saliva before her tongue softly swirled all over the sensitive membranes of the head.

"Oh fuck, that is so good ... yeah ... get it good and hard," I said with a groan as I started to flex my hips back and forth, my thrusting manhood stretching those beautiful lips of hers almost to the tearing point. She sucked and slobbered noisily as I moved my brick-hard rod back and forth ... yes ... she was a fantastic cocksucker who loved her work. Her hands had come back up to my backside; her slender fingers holding me firmly as she pulled my working hips further into her vacuuming mouth. I let her suck for about five minutes before pulling my dick out with an audible "POP".

"That's good," I said as I swung my leg back so I was kneeling beside her, my long thick erection bobbing menacingly over her prone body. "Let's see that pretty pussy of yours." I watched as she drew her legs up, the shimmering black nylons glistening in the warm lamplight. She dug the 4" heels of her sexy shoes into the bed as she let her knees slowly roll open to each side. I moved between her open thighs and looked closely at her spread pussy; it was beautiful. Totally clean-shaven, she had long outer lips that alluringly framed her puffy pink inner lips ... which were shining with her flowing juices. I looked up at the juncture at the top of her moist petals and saw a large clitoris peeking out at me. It was a deep dark red and looked swollen and in need of attention. Her intoxicating womanly scent filled my nostrils as I leaned closer; she smelled of pure desire and want. And I wanted her as badly as she wanted me. I lowered my face and took a long slow lick from the base of her slit slowly to the top, her flowing nectar finding a happy home in my mouth. She lurched slightly as I rolled my tongue over the sensitive nodule of her clit before wrapping my lips around it and giving it a loving kiss.

"Mmmmmmm ... that's so nice," she moaned softly from above me. I gave the engorged red bud one more good tug and lick before lifting my face and moving up over her, my rigid erection in need of her hot slick hole. I moved forward and positioned my hips between her wide-open thighs, my stallion-like cock thrusting into the air between us. "You steer." Her hand reached down between us and our eyes locked on each other's as she moved the tip of my cock down until I felt her slide it around her hot wet opening before she had it situated just right. As she paused with it just where she wanted it, I slowly started to flex forward.

"Uuunnnngghhh," she groaned as my rigid dick started to make headway; the massive head stretching those puffy inner lips to each side as I made my way into her. Oh Jesus, but she felt good; intensely hot and already she was incredibly wet. I could feel the slick folds of flesh lining her vagina gripping me deliciously as I forced inch after thick hard inch further into her.

"Oh God," she groaned as she threw her head back slightly as my throbbing girth forcibly stretched her insides. "It's so thick."

I stopped with my cock about halfway into her and looked deeply into her lust-filled eyes. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked teasingly as I flexed my cock inside her, the massive head pressing upwards against the sensitive folds on the roof of her cunt.

"Unnnghh," she groaned as I rolled my hips slightly, "Oh God no ... don't stop." She smiled up at me wickedly and then as her arms went up to circle my neck, I felt her bring her legs up and wrap them around my back; keeping me firmly locked in her saddle. I smiled back at her and we again kept our eyes locked on each other's as I slowly but firmly pressed forwards.

"Aaaaahhh ... aaaaahhh ... aaaaaahhh..." She was moaning continuously now as I fed inch after inch deep into her weeping little box. Those tight moist walls were gripping me like buttery velvet glove as they totally enveloped my probing erection. I paused and we both looked down between us to see about 3" more left to go.

"Do you want the rest of that?" I asked her as I once again slowly rolled my hips teasingly, my buried pecker rubbing passionately against every square inch inside her. I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure; her gorgeous perfect breasts, still beautifully encased in that sexy black bra, heaving with excitement as her heart raced.

"Y ... yes!" she burst out as she pulled down with her legs wrapped around me, the desire inside her taking control. "I want to feel all of it inside me. It ... it feels unbelievable." With a small flex of my hips, I slowly but insistently plowed the final few inches into her. I could feel her insides stretching and stretching and I was afraid I was either gonna tear her open or tear the skin off the head of my cock, she was so tight this deep inside. Finally, I felt my shaven groin press flush up against her smooth pink labia and knew I was all the way home.

"OH MY GOD!" she moaned loudly as she dropped both her arms and legs from around my body; her hands gripping the sheets on each side of her tightly and her stiletto heels digging into the mattress as she fought against the terribly exquisite feeling of my massive cock stretching and filling her womanly channel.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck," she gasped in short rapid breaths, "it's so big ... it's so fucking big." As she got accustomed to that blood-engorged lance stuffing her hot slick cunt, I held it still inside her but rested on my elbows as I brought my hands up and felt those gorgeous tits of hers. They were exquisitely shaped, and a beautiful size that fit perfectly with the rest of her body. They felt both firm and incredibly soft at the same time; the ample tit-flesh swelling over the top edge of the bra cups as I gently squeezed them.

"If it's too big, I could take it out, you know?" I said as I lowered my lips and gave her little scar a soft kiss before dragging my tongue slowly over the upper swell of her breast.

"Not a chance," she replied, as now slightly recovered, she brought her both her arms and legs back up and wrapped them around me, keeping me firmly in place, our thirsting loins deliciously meshed together. I flexed my rigid erection inside her once again as I pushed upwards on the underside of her bra, forcing her gorgeous tits so slip over the top of the confining cups. Her bright pink nipples popped into view, stiff and protruding towards me, just aching for my mouth. I slipped my lips over one and rolled my wet tongue around it, the pebbly bud seeming to come alive in mouth.

"Oh fuck ... are you ever good," she groaned softly as I drew gently on the stiffening flesh. As I did, I started to draw my hips backwards, my long thick cock moving backwards within her clutching sheath. I could feel those gripping hot folds of flesh seeming reluctant to let me go ... but I wasn't going anywhere. I pulled back until just the tip of my swollen dong remained inside her, and then drove it into her once more; this time a little faster.

"OH GOD..." she groaned loudly again, her head rolling from side to side on the pillow beneath her. Once I touched bottom again, my groin pressed right up against hers, I withdrew once more as I moved from one breast to the other. I started a smooth in and out motion, my hips flexing rhythmically as I fucked her deep and slow. I slipped my lips off her breasts and looked at her, her face now a mask of lust as she surrendered herself to the pleasure I was able to bring her. With her legs wrapped around my back and her hands behind my neck, she was bucking and writhing against me as I thrust it deep into her time and again. Her body was totally covered in a fine sheen of perspiration as the nerve endings in her body had her tingling all over as she escalated towards release.

"OH FUCK ... I ... I ... I'M GONNA CUM," she moaned just before her body started shaking and twitching uncontrollably. I held on and continued to fuck her mercilessly with long hard strokes as she quivered and moaned through a toe-curling orgasm. She came for a long time and like I said before, I could tell she needed it badly; but I wasn't done with her yet. When she started to recover, I switched my angle slightly so that I was concentrating on rubbing the massive head of my dick along those sensitive folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina, her clit just on the other side of those separating tissues.

"OH GOD ... WHA ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?" she asked breathlessly as she started cum once more. Again, like previously, she dropped her hands to the sheets and grasped them in a death grip as she relinquished herself to another ferocious orgasm. She was thrashing about like a wildcat and I enjoyed thrusting into her rattling torso, her gripping cunt pulling at my driving cock as I sunk it balls-deep every time. Her shaking bucking body felt incredible as she dug her pointy heels hard into the bed and drove herself up to meet each of my downward thrusts; my long thick cock trying to pinion her to the mattress like I was trying to stake her to the cross.

"Oh fuck ... that's so fucking good," she mumbled under her breath. She was almost drooling now, her body totally overtaken with pleasure, one tingling orgasm seeming to follow right on the heels of another. As my balls slapped again and again against her wet cunt-lips, I felt my balls starting to draw up in their sack, signaling my impending release. I took one more long deep slow stroke and then quickly withdrew my throbbing rock-hard cock from her gripping cunt and climbed up over her until I was kneeling slightly above her, my dripping engorged cockhead looming menacingly over that beautiful face of hers. She looked up at me in wonder, her eyes glued to the dark crimson crown as I wrapped my hand around the shaft of my cock as I pointed it downwards and started jacking it towards her. I could feel the boiling semen rush up the shaft of my throbbing erection and we both watched as a white gob poised for just a split-second at the very tip before it jettisoned forward in a long milky rope.

"Yessssss," she hissed as the first pearly strand ran in a glistening line from her hairline over her forehead, and then down over her whole face and onto her neck. A second long rope shot forth as I moved the tip of my cock over towards the other side of her face, the silvery wad of semen plastering itself against her cheek. It was great to shoot at her from this angle as every time I slightly overshot, the drops of cum were landing on those gorgeous tits of hers. Nine ... ten ... eleven ... I counted as I continued to pump out gob after pearly gob of warm thick cum onto her upturned face. I looked down to see she had one hand between her legs, her fingers rubbing her puffy red clit. Her other hand cupped one of her full breasts, her thumb and forefinger rolling the stiff nipple between them.

"Oh fuck," she groaned again as she started to twitch and shake once more. Fourteen ... fifteen ... sixteen ... My eyes were half-closed in pleasure as the exquisite contractions going through my midsection continued. My whole body was tingling luxuriously as I pumped out more thick ropes of semen onto her. Nineteen ... twenty ... twenty-one ... Oh man, I thought as I shook the final drops of precious seed right down onto her; that was a massive load, even for me.

I sat back and looked down at her as I took in a deep breath of cool fresh air, my chest heaving as I started to recover. Her beautiful face was covered with even more cum than last time; there was hardly one square inch that didn't have a glistening strand or gob on it somewhere. And there were a number of shimmering silver streaks and milky wads on her tits and upper chest as well, a kind of collateral damage as I'd shot off.

"Oh my God," she whispered softly as she brought both hands up to her face and ran her fingers through the warm gobs of thick creamy cum, "that was amazing. I ... I've never been fucked like that in my life. I thought I was never going to stop cumming. And then when you came on my face; there ... there's even more than last time." I watched with a knowing smile on my face as she naughtily massaged the thick rich cum into her skin; occasionally pushing the bigger gobs right into her welcoming mouth.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I said as I leaned forward and scooped up a pearly wad from her chest. I brought my hand over her face and she opened her mouth eagerly. I watched as the heavy thick cream started to dangle from my fingertips before it finally broke away and dropped onto her waiting tongue.

"Mmmmmm," she purred like a kitten with a saucer of warm milk as she closed her lips and swallowed sinfully. I lowered my hand to her mouth and she enthusiastically let her tongue run out and lick the remaining traces of sticky semen from my fingers. I deftly inserted my fingers right into her hot moist mouth as she slavishly licked them clean of every tasty morsel.

"I did more than just enjoy it," she said softly as I withdrew my fingers from her mouth, "this has been the most incredible experience of my life." She looked up at me, her smooth skin glistening with cum, a look of sheer pleasure emanating from her face.

"I'm really glad you liked it," I said as I looked at her thoughtfully. As I looked down at her, her gorgeous body and cum-covered face before me, I realized that in this business, I probably shouldn't do what I was about to do. "How would you like a couple more?"

"But I ... I don't have enough money to pay you again," she said with an anxious yet excited tone to her voice.

"No," I said with a wave of my hand and a shake of my head, "that's not what I meant. These would be "on the house", so to speak."

"You ... you'd do that for me?" she asked questioningly, her eyes gleaming with excitement. I could tell she'd love nothing more than to go a couple more rounds.

"Sure I'd love to do that for you," I said as I started to move down the bed. "I saw how good your mouth was earlier, now I think it's time you find out how good my mouth is."

"Oh my God, that feels so good," she purred; my lips and tongue starting to work on her slippery little twat as her nylon-clad legs came up and rolled open to each side.

A few hours later, as I was pulling on my shirt and jeans, I looked over at her. She lay in the bed on her back, totally inert and thoroughly exhausted. Since the time we'd finished our "official business" until now, I'd had my cock either in her voracious mouth or succulent cunt almost the entire time. During that time, I'd eaten her through a couple of orgasms, fucked her through I don't know how many more, and cum on her face three more times. There was cum everywhere; silvery wads matted in her hair, glistening on those beautiful tits of hers, gobs of the stuff clinging to the sheets, white shiny drops on her nylons and black bra which was now lying beside her; absolutely everywhere. As she lay on her back with one arm over her head, I looked over at her gorgeous body. Her legs were apart, one out straight, the other bent at the knee, as if to give her battered pussy the fresh air it needed. The glistening pink lips of her recently-fucked cunt looked swollen and puffy from the abuse I'd been giving them for the past few hours. I looked up at her face, her eyes closed in serene pleasure. She was breathing softly and contently now after the last load I'd just plastered all over her a few moment ago. I took a good long look at the calm sincere expression on her face; a look of total bliss. I'd never seen a woman look so happy in my entire life.

Thinking she had drifted off to sleep, after tucking in my shirt and buttoning up my jeans, I quietly picked up my jacket and shoes and tip-toed to the door.

"You ... you're going now?" her voice came softly from behind.

"Yes," I replied as I turned to look at her. She knew this time had to come, she was a grown woman; there were no tears or misplaced longing.

"Thank you for everything. Could I ... could I contact you next time I'm in town?"

"Yes, of course you can. You've got my e-mail address." She simply nodded and I turned to be on my way.

"My... ," her voice stopped me in my tracks and I turned to her once more, wondering what she had to say. "My name's Tanya." She looked at with a warm contented smile on her face; I knew it had taken a lot of courage for her to tell me her real name.

"Tanya, I like that. It's a beautiful name." She smiled sincerely under my kind words. "Tanya, it's been a pleasure to meet you; I'm Connor." We shared a contented smile with each and then, with a final nod, I turned on my heel and left.

I pulled on the rest of my clothes before leaving the hotel room and made my way back through the casino the way I'd come in. The nighthawks were still trying their luck with the clanging machines as I left the building. I tipped the valet a little heavier than usual as they brought old Sally out for me; bringing a smile to the face of more than one person tonight.

The cool desert air was like a refreshing balm as it bathed my face and ran through my hair on the way home. I needed some well-deserved rest ... yet ... I still wondered if I'd had any more responses to my ad...

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