Family Play
The Beginning

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, BBW,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Beginning - Shit and piss play between my sister/wife, our daughter, ali and myself.

Sis & I

There was a time when Sis was the most beautiful girl in town. She was about fourteen or fifteen. Her figure was well shaped and very feminine and a turn-on too many boys, and I assume, also some of the local girls.

But, I am going ahead of history. According to Sis I was born when she was just four years old. The guy that made mother pregnant, he is not the father of my sister, was her senior by fifteen years and was married too another woman at the time. He married my mother after he found out that she was having his baby, but the folks in town and my mother's parents did not like what he did. So, the law came shortly after I was born and picked him up.

Our family had four members, my father Joe, my mother Lynn, my sister Judy and I, Bill.

Of course he was convicted and received a ten year sentence. I don't know for what. During his stay at the penitentiary he got into a fight with a prison guard. According to the court and trial records, the guard was making sexual advances at my father. I guess, dad did not like that idea and went after the security person. Dad ended up death with a bullet in has head.

Mother and Sis sued the state and collected enough money to live for the rest of our life without ever working. The three of as moved too a mountain state and purchase a nice house and some land close to the Rockies. Our home was so secluded, that no one ever came there. We had a well for water, a generator for electricity and a septic tank. The cell phone worked but it was not the very best way to communicate. Even the mail was not delivered that far out. We had to go to the postal office in town to pick it up.

Mom did the trip to town once or twice a week. She purchased the groceries for us, did all the other shopping and got the mail. One day she did not return home, she lost control of the new pickup and hit a large tree. The truck was a total and mother well we will never see her again.

Both, my sister and I are very private people. We like it just fine the way it is, just the two of us. In the summer we might see two or three wanderers coming by in the distance, the some goes for the skiers in late fall and winter.

Over the years Judy and I grow older and both of us gained weight. By the time I was fourteen years old I carried 185 pounds on a 5'2"frame. Sis, well she was nineteen and weight a little over 260. She never was very tall, just about my height.

We have a pool in the yard and I like going swimming, it makes me feel good. I don't have to carry all that extra bulk. It also stops my ass from itching. Because of my size my arms are too short to reach in-between my legs to clean properly.

My trunks always slipped down because of my large belly, so, I go into the pool without them. Sis does not mind, she says she likes watching me.

It was one late afternoon, I was in the water for a long time that I came back into the house and just flopped down on Sis's queen size bed. My head is facing the foot of the bed. Sis is taking a shower. She likes taking a shower, she always says it is too hard for her to get out of the bathtub and she is afraid the she will slip in the Jacuzzi. She feels she can clean herself better in the shower. But I know the shower stall is way too small for her, even with the double entrance doors, she cannot bend down. The shower doors will come open when she pushes with her head or butt against them. I will need to do something about that. I also need to work on the toilet. It is too small for Judy. The water tank prevents her from sliding back far enough so she can pee into the bowl. I think she pees when she takes a shower. I don't know, but I would like to find out.

When Sis was finished with her personal hygiene she came and stretched out on the bed beside me. We are in the 69er position.

Judy and I are very close we have to be, there is nobody else out here to talk with. As I grow older, I have more and more questions about things she does and clothes she wears and also about her sexual feelings or the lack of them. I figured this would be a good time to talk with her about the many thoughts and questions I have. So, here we go!

At first I am embarrassed, well maybe not embarrassed, I just don't know how to start. But sis knows me quite well. She asked me what I have on my mind. So I ask why she has those beach towels between her legs and the other ends tied around her waist like a soma wrestler. At first she did not answer, then I feel her body shaking and I hear her cry. Very silently, but never the less she is crying. I feel so sorry for her and unconsciously I am caressing her big upper thigh.

She slowly starts to talk. She tells me, "I am so overweight that nothing fits anymore. My bra is too small, my breasts are squeezed into it and that hurts so much so now I am using a cut-up bed sheet to hold them in place and prevent them from moving and hanging all over". She is sitting up and putting her hands under her wrapped boobs to show me. After that she reclined back down. I am still stroking her soft upper leg, but since she showed me her bandaged boobs she is laying on her back, not on her side. I am stroking the top of her beautiful sexy leg.

Then I ask her again, "why are you wearing those beach towels between your legs". Again, her sobbing increased some but she commented, "I can't find panties that are large enough to fit right and they slid down all the time". Also she said "I like too..." ... She stopped talking. "What is the matter, why do you stop talking? She answers, "I cannot tell you, because I'm feeling embarrassed". "What is it Sis, please tell me". "Well since I don't fit on the toilet seat the right way and it is so hard for me to bent down and clean up the pee of the floor, I have started to piss in my towels. I like it, it feels good, it is so nice and warm, the beach towels hold three or four pees and it gives me a light turn-on". Sis, I ask "do you also shit in your towels"? She turns red and answers, "yes I sometimes do, when you are out in the woods or in the pool, but I'm afraid that you will be annoyed with the smell". I tell her, "I love you and you can't do anything that would annoy me". My hand was moving closed to her pussy.

Because of her extra large overhanging belly I am not able to see her pussy. I can just see a valley where her legs get closer and closer together and the thick patting is in between. She says, "That pretty soon she has to go and pee". It had been at least two and one half hours since she has taken her shower. I ask her, "Would you let me feel the outside of your towels when you have to go". She said, "No that would not be right between sister and brother". "Sis you and I are the only persons in this family and ever so often I have a great need to be close to you". She was surprised about my thinking but said, "I feel like that also at times". I ask her, "When are those feeling the strongest?" and she says, "When my pee runs out of my hole and the inside of the towels are nice and warm".

We did not talk for a time and than Sis ask, "Do you get an erection?" I say," Yes but I can hardly reach my penis, so I can't masturbate very well. At times it is painful because my semen has no way out". Sis has turned on her side, facing me. When she turned, the bed sheet moved with her because of her weight, and maybe she was sweating a little because she had to pee, but it moved me even closer to her body. I ask, "Do you played with yourself," and she said, "No I can't reach my pussy, but I do rub my pussy on the armrest of the home office chair or I use the high water pressure of the showerhead to massage my horny lust hole". While she is talking I could feel her hand touching my chest and she was kneading my oversized breasts very slowly and tenderly.

I ask "Sis what are you doing" and she said, "That she had not caressed me all over since I was a baby and young boy". I didn't know what to say, but after a short while of saying nothing I ask her real quietly, "Can I caress you at other places also besides your leg. "She didn't say anything, but moved her hand up to my belly. I am wearing a pair of underpants. They do not fit very well, so they only cover my private parts, I think, because I can't see down there.

"Give me your hand," she said. When I lifted my hand she took it and put it close to the edge of the towel between her legs. She said, "Well, don't you want to explore what is hiding past the entrance?" Slowly and timidly I pushed my fingers closer to the center of my dear Sister's legs, I thought that I was hearing a suppressed moan. But, I could not get close to her longing pussy. There is too much flesh and the towels are too tight". Sis I cannot get in, the towels are too tight, help me Sis please help me". Sis says, "Oh I have to go pee-pee so badly, but I want you to feel me first so I can go and piss and rub my pussy with a towel while the good feeling of your caresses of my fat wanting pussy hole is still fresh". She is fumbling with the closure of the towels on the side of her body and all of a sudden the whole thing came apart and is spread-out on the bed right in front of her pussy and my face. I was too ashamed to look between my Sister's legs, at least at this point, but I smelled the inner towel. It has two kinds of odors. One was a very light scent of urine the other odor, I never smelled before. It is a wonderful, wanting and sexual smell. This unique odor made my dick stand-up straight.

Sister is moving restlessly back and forth. She is asking, "Why are you not playing with what you have in front of you". Slowly I turn my head to look at her pussy, but I could not see much, just a bunch of pussy hair hidden between more soft sexy folds of meat. I started to dig, first with one hand and then I used my second hand to assist. As I slowly spread her legs apart, Sis makes more noise and her ass is moving in a circular and up and down motion. Finally I am at the entrance of her love canal. Her outer lips are swollen and red and her clit is sticking out about an inch. I put my finger on it and Sis gets wild. She hallows -- "Please, please kiss my pussy, rub my clit, oh honey don't press so hard on my pussy mount".

I did not quite know what she meant about her mount, so I did not take my hand off right a way because that hand gave me support so I could look closer at Sis's nice pussy. Sis put out a long grown, her lower body lifted up some and a stream of golden rain came out, right into my face. At this instance I didn't know what to do so I started to put my mouth in between her inner legs and on top of her pussy and I started to drink her golden pee juice. It was coming more and more, I could not swallow fast enough and some of it ran on the towels below. As the flow slowly stopped I started to kiss her deep inside her love hole. I'm sucking her clitoris I'm licking the remaining urine and pussy juice. Oh, it is so good. Sis finally turns around facing me. She has taken the sheet off her breasts and she puts one of her large boobs in my mouth. She says, "come my sexy, horny lover have your sister's pacifier". As all the tension is slowly going out of her body she lets out a loud and big fart, it smells some. Oh what a turn-on.

Sis comments that she is very happy right now. She wants to know if I will love her like that again. "Can you help me take a bath later on, I would like to take a bath so very much, but you need to help me in and out of the bathtub". Judy said. I agreed with her, but I said, "you can't pee in the tub".

I could feel her playing with my balls too, and I never experienced such a wonderful feeling. Sis is licking the underside of my nuts and she is getting closer and closer too my anus. I like that feeling too. My erection is increasing more and more. Her tongue is trying to reach my ass hole, but my ass cheeks are too large, too much flesh. She takes both hands and spreads them apart. "Oh honey, your hole looks so beautiful and it has some of the brown stuff around it. May I lick it, kiss it and push my tongue into it". "Judy please, that feels so good, I am going to come in a second if you don't stop.

Does it test good my perverse sexy Sister, can you clean all that old shit up for me you know you and I cannot reach that asshole so easily".

Come my sweet little bumblebee lets go in the kitchen and eat, I'm so horny and hungry. So, two fat little piglets are marching to the kitchen, all naked and quite turned-on. My Sister likes corn flakes. She can eat corn flakes all day long. After mother went to heaven, Judy started eating more and more and I would say she could easily finish a 16 oz. box of flakes a day. I know she ate corn flakes for dinner last night. "Sis what did you have for breakfast". She answers, "don't you know, corn flakes, I love cereal".

Judy said she would like to go for a walk which in itself was very unusual because she normally does not like to walk. The constant movement of her butt-cheeks going back and forth makes her and also mine sore between our legs. She said that she wants to go to the little creek at the end of our property. I mentioned to her that that walk will take about 25 minutes each way. She just nodded and had that beautiful smile on her face, the smile I love so much on her. As I said before, nobody come out our way, so we just started off the way we were dressed, I in my underpants and Judy with her sheet around her boobs and the padding between her legs. An very odd looking couple. We walked about a good three quarters of the way and my wife began to slow down. I ask her "what's the matter sis and she says that she needs to poop very badly". I know Judy ate a lot for dinner last night, breakfast, so the load should be large. I said "would you like to turn around and go back?" She said "yes, otherwise I will go into my diapers and I don't think you will like that very much". But then she changed her mind. "Let's continue all the way to the creek. If I have to go, I have to go and we will use the creek water to clean me up. I can wash the diaper in the water and carry them home. As we went on our way the pressure increased and my little shit-girl needed to go more and more. "No Judy honey, you need to hold your poop at least ten more minutes. I know you want to let it all out and the pressure is increasing by the second. My little well nourished pidgin do you think your light brown stuff is hard or nice and soft but not too thin?" She moans, "Honey it will be coming out real soon, I can't hold it much longer, and yes, my shit eating baby it feels like it is soft and creamy, do you like what sis has to offer". Yes sis, yes but you need to hold it longer, I want your shit to come out of your ass like a cannonball, with a lot of air behind it so the pressure is great and the sound so ordinary". We walk a little longer and then sis turns around facing me, she puts her hands on my forearms and holds me real close. She says "I am so ashamed but I can't hold it any longer". I try to put both my hands under her butt as well as I could to hold up her cloth diapers. And then it happens, first one big load and then one more and a third. Sis is making groaning sounds and she is shaking some. She is holding on to me for dear life. I can feel the warmth and weight of her shit and I know based on the amount of poop she did expel it will come out at the legs when she starts walking again. And sure enough it did. We arrived at the creek and I helped her clean up. Of course the diapers are all wet and she could not put them back on, she walked home with just the sheet around her breasts. It looks so cute and I love it and her so very much.

A week or so later it happened again. Judy is standing in front of the kitchen sink and I noticed that she is moving from one leg to the other and also pressing her legs together. I am sitting on the kitchen floor with a pillow under my butt. I ask sis, "please come toward me". She is moving very slow with her fat legs tightly pressed together. A kitchen bench, we use to sit down because it gives us more seating area, is standing behind me and I put my head on it with my face looking up. Judy got the message, she is coming closer and she is spreading her short little fleshy legs and moves up right over my face. Of course I can see her pussy and her asshole. As she puts both of her hands on the kitchen table for support, I can hear a deep groaning in her voice. Her asshole is beginning to widen and all of a sudden a load of creamy light brown shit is coming out. Shit, air and shit and air. It does not stop. Sis is hollowing that it feels so good and still she is shitting all over my face, hair, chest and it is running down on my body. I eat and eat, it tastes so much like corn flakes and when sister dear finally pushes out her last bit, I lick her all clean. I know she likes it, because she is trying to push out a little more, so I go back and clean again. Then sis does the strangest thing, she slowly lowers her pussy and ass over my face and moves her butt back and forth and up and down to spread out all the good shit on my face. She comments that the stuff is getting dry and with that she let her golden rain soak my face covered with shit. I am going crazy underneath her. I wanted to eat and drink all she had to offer, but I could not, no room, no air just shit, piss and more shit and piss. I love you sis.

It took us a long time to clean up the mess in the kitchen, except myself, we did not clean me up yet. For us overweight people this is very uncomfortable and we need to take constant breaks in-between to catch our breath. But, we both agreed that it is worth all the extra work. I wonder thought, will Judy let me shit on her. I would like to poop on her big boobs then play with them in my shit and suckle on them after. Judy wants me to lay down by the pool so she can lick me clean.

But, we changed our minds we went outside, took a shower and cleaned each other up. After that we just relaxed around the pool and talked until late into the cool beautiful evening and night.

That night and any night thereafter I go over to Judy's room and we sleep together.

Sis & I, a year or so later.

After my last -- Sis and I - story a lot has happened. We both went on a diet and lost a lot of weight. Judy is down to 180 and I made it to 175. Judy did much better in her exercises, but I am getting older and by the nature of things I should put on pounds, so 175 pounds is not bad. We feel much healthier physically and our energy level is way up. Our love and physical attraction for each other has blossomed. We feel comfortable as lovers. We still live way out in the country and have very few visitors, and that is just fine with us.

Judy is not wearing her sheets and towels as diapers anymore or to support her large boobs. She is now able to use regular underwear and bras and uses adult pull-up diapers off and on. She still has to purchase the extra large sizes, but that is fine. Her figure is so sexy. Her ass is still a little bit big, but the shape is well rounded. Her boobs are a full size and are quite firm and her nipples are always sticking out. I sure enjoy sucking on them. Since she lost the pounds, one can now see her pussy and it is much easier for her to keep herself clean and for me to get at that delicate spot. Sis likes it when I massage her body and take care of her.

As I said my weight is down too. My belly has just about disappeared and I can now see my toes without bending too much forward. I do not get a rush anymore between my buttocks because I can do better personal hygiene. I can now reach my dick and play with it if I want too, but I prefer to let sis take care of that. Wearing clothes all day does not bother me anymore. Matter of fact, I feel good in them but I also like to walk around naked or clothed only in diapers.

Sis still likes eating corn flakes and the after effect is still the same or even better and ever so often I like to knead the contents of her adult diaper undergarments. Because of her upper legs being a bit on the large side, the leg-bands of the diaper are very snug. She enjoys pooping into her diapers and all the poop and pee stays in. That way she can play with the contents whenever she feels like it and as mentioned before, so can I. Judy has decided to make the diapers for us using thick layers of cloth and Velcro around the waist and legs and she says that that way we safe money by washing and reusing them. She tailored them in a way that there is a deeper pocket just below asshole so more shit can accumulate at one time. This way one size fits her and also me. When we walk it looks like a baby walking because the diapers are really large and thick. Although I am not a cereal fan, sis has thought me how to add sugar and other stuff to it. I now like the taste and the power it has a day or so later.

I still do a lot of work around the house and the place looks real good. We are very happy in our adobe. We enjoy spending much time by the swimming pool.

She is wearing nothing and is turned onto her stomach on a blanket by the pool reading. A lot of insects, snakes, deer, elk, fox and a variety of other animals are out here were we live, and most of the time we have a mutual agreement of live and let live.

"Honey I would like you to do me a big, big favor. Since we are quite active in the pee and scatology playing game, I would feel better and cleaner if I had no hair around my pussy and between my ass cheeks. Would you shave me down there and if you like, I will take care of you after you shaved me". Of course I like the idea very much. I got everything arranged, warm water, a cloth, scissors, shaver, skin cream and a band-aid if needed. She says "don't push so hard on my stomach, I need to go pee-pee". "Okay "I said," but I need to press a little". Judy complaints "don't ". Just as I finish shaving her and put on some skin cream, I see a little bit wet on her so beautiful pussy lips, then more golden rain comes out and at last a fountain shoots straight up.

This makes me very horny and I have a huge erection. I put my mouth over her pussy and I start drinking, it tastes so good. Sis smiles as she watches me drink her nectar. I like drinking piss and the best part comes after she is finished, then I can lick her all clean. My tongue is the best tool for that purpose. I lick her belly, her upper or lower legs, her pussy and her ass. Wherever there is nectar, I clean it up with my mouth and my lips. I especially enjoy when I clean her around her asshole. Entering the groove and going along it, picking up the remaining droplets, that is pure heaven for me. Judy hangs on to my hard-on.

Bill, "Now I need to do number two, would you help me up please", sis says. "Why" I ask. "Because I can't go here, now can I?" She replies. "Every time you lick me clean down there I have to go real bad and it will come out if I don't take care of it. I can feel how it wants to exit and I am pressing it back, but each time I do that my muscles get a little bit weaker and my shit moves down further. It just wants to get out. Oh Bill what should I do?" She moans. I ask "do you have time to make it to the bathroom". She looks at me and shakes her head back and forth. "No Billy, no, it is coming right now. Oh Bill the pressure is building. I am trying to stop it but I can't. Here it goes Billy, it will be a lot, and I feel like it will be soft. Bill please lift-up my legs. It feels better you know because of my weight everything is so tight and pressed together. Can you see all the stuff that is coming out Bill? Would you like to have a closer look? I know you like what I am doing. Put my legs on your shoulders and go down to see Bill. It is still exiting and the farts are coming with the soft creamy tarts".

"Bill what are you doing? Are you playing with it? Please Bill let me see! Are your hands full of my shit? Do you like to play so much with my warm poop? Oh Bill what are you doing too my ass and pussy? It feels so warm around there. Are you spreading it all over? Bill please take a hand full and put it on my belly and in between my boobs. Yes Billy, oh yes that feels good get more please I like that. Bill you have my shit all over your face, what did you do, dive into it? Oh honey you are so sexy, you turn me on. I want you to lick my shitty pussy real deep and then make love to me. Would you do that for me Billy please would you?"

Bill is in seventh heaven by now. This is what he likes and what he longs for. He just smiles at Judy climbs on top of her and starts his job of caressing her pussy lips and love button. Over and over, up and down in and out around and across, just the way sis likes it. Of course his ass is right above Judy's face. Her tongue is shooting out to reach his hole but she cannot get up to it. She takes the pillow and puts it under her head, and now, yes she can enter the crack and the hole.

Bill's kissing of her pussy drives her closer and closer too a climax. All of a sudden she feels wetness on her belly. "Billy what are you doing? Are you peeing on me? Oh, that feels so nice and warm. My shit and your pee mixed together on my boobs and belly makes it so slippery and also under and around my butt. Wow, stop peeing Billy we will float away ". Judy is getting closer to her explosion and so is Billy. When Judy starts moving her hips back and forth and her ass starts jumping up and down, Billy lets go of a load of shit right in his sister's mouth and face. Judy goes crazy. She moans through her shit filled mouth, "Billy, Billy you horny son of a bitch, you sister fucker your shit tastes so good and is so warm. I am coming yaaaaaaaah, yaaaaaaah, Billy move your ass in my faaaaaace so your shit spreads all over it feels so good Billy it feels so good. You are the best ".

"Billy, I like to be fucked by you. You are the man that can give too me what I want and need ". Billy is playing with his shit. He is distributing it all around her face, her neck and her boobs and she helps him by scattering it all over his prick and balls. Then he gets some of her excrements from between her legs and mixes both shits together. Both of them enjoy that kind of kinky play and Judy likes to lick his prick and balls spotless. She ask, "Billy do you have to go pee again? I am so thirsty ". " Yes " he says. " How about you? Do you have to give an offering too me? ". Oh yes "she answers "a lot".

Billy begins to kneading and press the area just above Judy's mount. Billy knows when he does that Judy will not be able to hold her pee for long and sure enough after a few seconds the first drops are starting to come out. Billy is not bashful he goes right to the source and drinks the nectar that is offered to him. Sis has his dick in her mouth and laps up all the pee her brother is squirting into her mouth.

We sure like to be close too each other. Billy is so proud of his sister and so is his sister of him.

We shower together and clean each other up and a good hosing around the pool and the blanket take care of the cleanup.

After the cleanup we ate.

Sis, our Daughter Corry and I

Again some years have past since my last story about my sister Judy and I. Our love for each other has produced a beautiful daughter. Corry is now sixteen years old. Since both of her parents are short in stature, so is Corry. She is a little bit on the heavy side but has a well shaped body and her female assets are showing just fine. Corry enjoys living way a-way from town. She is a nature girl. She runs around in her bra and panties from morning until night, or sometimes she wears nothing when she is alone with her mother.

Corry likes to drive the old pick-up truck, but her legs are too short to reach the gas and break. We will need to extend the paddles when she gets her own car. So, since day-one she has been sitting on my lap. She does the steering and I do the operation. Lately she has been asking me to stop the truck just before we reach town so she can sit beside me.

We were on the way to town to purchase some stuff for the small tractor, and after that we wanted to go for a coke or a milkshake. It takes a good ninety-five minutes from our house to town by car and today is a very hot late summer morning.

We found what we were looking for, so after our purchase we headed for the ice cream parlor. At the store we met a friend and his daughter, the girls know each other from school, so we stayed longer than planed and the two girls must have consumed at least three 16 oz sodas and no food. Diet you know.

About ten minutes into the ride home Corry said "Daddy I want to sit on your lap and drive," and about a quarter of an hours after that, "I have to go pee real bad. Can you stop somewhere?" I said "No honey we can't stop around here, you need to hold it a little longer". She is real brave and did not complain for another 15 or so minutes. But than she said "Daddy I can not hold it anymore, I will pee in my underwear and all over your lap. Please stop". "I can't stop sweetie, but you know what, I have to go real bad also" I said. Corry is steering the car and I have my arm around her waist. She takes one hand off the wheel and puts it in-between her legs, like with that action she could hold back her pee. Of course both of us knew that that would not work. To distract her, I moved up my hand and started to massage her boobs. This was the first time I did that in all the years we been driving together. Corry's breasts are quite large for her age. As I fondle them I could feel her nibbles get hard. Corry looks up at me but does not say a word she just presses her body closer into my chest and moves her butt, like she wants to find a more comfortable place. Because of her movement in my lap I try to help her to adjust. With my other hand I press into her belly, just above her pussy mount. Corry says "oh no daddy don't push there, if you do I will let go of my pee, I will have no control". The thought of Corry not being able to control herself is giving me an enormous erection. Of course she can feel that and she lifts up her little ass so my dick can fit right up her ass crack. I can see a little smile on her face, but not a word out of her. After a short time of no words, she says, "Daddy, it feels so good when you play with my breasts. I like that very much, nobody ever played with them. Is that why you have an erection, or is it because you would like me to pee into your lap"? I answer, "Corry I don't really know what I want right now. I want to play with your boobs, I enjoy having you close to me, I like the turned-on feeling I have right this moment and I want to press you more down below your belly, just to see what will happen". She says. "But daddy you know very well what will happen. Do you want me to pee? Would you like that? Has Mom ever urinated on you?" And after a little while, "What does it feel like?"

Girl, you sure ask a lot of questions. "Yes, I want you to pee in my lap. It will be a wonderful feeling, and yes, Mom has peed and made number two on me a lot of times. It feels so good Corry, at least to me it does. The feeling is very unique. Of course there is the warmth and pressure of your pee and the feeling of how the wetness spreads out all over, but most of all, it is something that comes from you, liquid only you are able to offer".

"Daddy", "Yes honey". "What will Mom say when we come home all wet?" "Well Corry the way I know your Mother, she will look at both of us and smile. She properly will ask us to take off our pants, skirt and underwear. I think, but I'm not sure, she will take your panties first and suck the pee out of it, then she will take mine and keep them in her mouth. She will put them around her neck or over her head with the crotch part in her mouth. She likes the way I smell and she savors the test of my briefs".

Corry took my hand away from her left breast and put it on the wheel. She put both of her arms around my neck backwards she kissed me on the lips, and lifted her little butt some and she pulls up her skirt from under her ass. I hear a long moan coming from deep inside her and I can feel my own daughters pee all over my lab. Her stream is warm, strong and wet.

I said, "Corry, Corry can you stop I want to feel your pee better". "I will try Daddy". She can not quite stop all the flow, but she slowed down. I lift her up some to open my fly and open up my underpants some. I want to feel her pee stream on my penis and my balls. I let her down slowly and started to massage and press just above her pussy hill. Corry let loose, and boy can she pee. It must be all 48 ounces of soda coming out. "Oh daddy it feels so good, do you like what I am doing too you?" While Corry is peeing she is playing with her pussy thru her wet underpants and ever so often she touches my rock hard staff. She feels free, unrestricted and without any shame. Her words, "Daddy I love you and I need you so very much". I reassured her that I need her too.

"How come I have never seen Mom with your underpants around her neck, and why does she do that? Is it the taste, the smell or does it make her feel sexy? Daddy, do you put Mom's panties in your mouth? And, Daddy have you ever taken my panties in your mouth or smelled them?" " Well Corry, Mom is properly embarrassed to let you see her run around the house with my pants over her nose and mouth, she does not mind if I see her, but she prefers to do it when you are at school. I think it is kind of a turn-on to both her and me. What does it really do to her, I don't truly know, you will have to ask her. Oh yes, I do put Mom's into my mouth. There are three unique tastes and aromas to it. One can taste a little bit of urine, when Mom wants me to have her panties she does not wipe her pussy after she pees, or just below the urine taste you can smell her shit, Mom always leaves some for me. I can also smell and taste her virginal flow. You see Corry, for a man the taste and smell of a woman is wonderful and extremely sexy. No sweetheart, I have not used your panties yet, but maybe today or some other time I will. When you feel comfortable with the idea, you let me know. Okay? Just leave them on my pillow".

"Well Corry we are just about home. Do you need to pee some more. If so, please let it all out right now so I will feel wet and warm when we meet Mom". Corry has much more stored up, and before she pees this time she pulled her pants aside with her hand. She made sure that my dick and balls got the full enjoyment. That little bitch, she knows quite well what she is doing. But I countered and gave her some of my nectar also. It went right up in between her legs and pussy.

My wife/sister is happy to see as come up the driveway. She has the most beautiful smile I love her so very much.

Corry says, "Daddy you better get out of the truck first, I am scared that Mom will be very mad at us". Of course I answer, "I don't think so dear, but I will exit first and after me you come out, okay". My

wife, Judy looks at me and smiles, she says, "Bill did you pee in your pants? Bad boy, you know I have to take those off of you so I can suck your piss out of them!" I tell her to see what her daughter did on the way home. Oh my my, "Corry are you a bad girl too, did you pee on your Dad. When did it happen are your panties still wet honey. Please take off your clothes. Corry, I want to put your panties in my mouth, I would like to suck your pee out of them, would that be okay with you. Oh please Corry let me". I just stand there and smile as Corry's eyes get larger and bigger. She just can not believe her good fortune, because way back in her mind, this was what she wanted to happen. Corry answers, "Yes Mom you can have my panties but first let me put some more pee in them, I still have some of that soda left. Okay Mom this is it I will take them off now". She is undressing right on the front porch right in front of Mom and Dad. Seeing Corry taking off her clothes, I do the same. Judy is just standing there waiting. She has both hands between her legs and I am sure she is massaging her clit. She wants some pee-pants and at this moment she does not care who gives her their panties first.

Corry has her pants down and off first. She gives them to her Mom. Judy smiles from ear to ear and sys, "Oh how wonderful, my sweetie is using a thick large panty-liner. It is full of pee and has a little bit of scat on them". Corry turns all red and is extremely embarrassed. "Mother, don't say things like that in front of Dad. Mom how does my pee taste? Will you tell me some day?" Her Mother answers, "Yes, yes I will tell you later, after I take care of your Daddy's pants.

Dad is standing right beside us on the porch holding his shirt, jeans and jockey's. He is naked and his dick is standing up like a general on parade. I ask him, "Dad why do you have an erection?" and he answers, "For two reasons. One you look so sexy all bare assed and your Mother sucking your wet panties and holding your panty-liner in her cheek. Secondly, I have not peed in a long time since earlier this morning. So, I am full and my bladder is ready to burst. Corry comes over to me and sits beside me on the porch floor. She begins to massage my upper leg softly. Slowly she moves higher and higher up my big strong leg until she caresses the spot between my balls and asshole. This is the first time in her whole life that she has touched her Dad or even her Mother on their private areas. She looks up between both of them and she can see that Mom and Dad are in agreement that it is time for her to be a part of the family's other activities.

Dad says, "Honey do you remember what you told me when I pressed on that spot just above your pussy mount". "Yes Dad I remember, I told you if you press there, I have to pee". "Right, that is what you said. Now, I have the same problem, since I have to piss so bad and my little girl is hanging on to my leg, I have to ask you not to press on that area or pull on my hair, otherwise you will get your evening shower right now". Corry smiled up at me, "You would not do that would you Dad". "Oh, yes I would sweetheart I have to go badly". I look down at her and I could see her wheels turning in her brain. She is in the process of making a very big decision. "Daddy, I want you to piss on Mom's dress first, so I can suck your pee from it and if I like it, you can pee on me". "Well Corry as you can see Mom is kind of busy right now sucking and enjoying your underpants and I need to go. I tell you something, normally a man has a hard time starting to pee when he has a hard-on. So at the beginning only one or two drops will come out. You can see, taste and feel them, and if you like the taste, we will go from there. How does that sound to you?"

Corry looks at me with her eyes full of thanks and anticipation. She is playing with her pussy hair and the moons around her nibbles are swollen. Her nibbles are sticking out about an inch. Just like her mothers usually do, it looks like both women are turned-on in their own wonderful ways. One of her hands comes up my leg again and she takes my dick and guides it toward her mouth. The tip of her tongue comes out and she licks the pre-ejaculation. The taste must agree with her because she goes back for more, but in the meantime I started to let out the first few pee drops. Corry licks and wrinkles her nose, but she wants more. I press harder and the first stream of piss comes out. She catches it all. She just moans and takes my half-hard penis in her mouth. She looks up to me, as to say -- I want more --, and more she gets. Now my piss is really coming out and Corry can't swallow it all. It runs down in-between her boobs and down to her pussy. Corry is reclining and she is massaging her clitoris like crazy and her eyes are shut, she moans and moves her hips around and around and up and down. She begs, "Daddy please do not stop please, please piss on me I need your pee so much. Yes, that is good, right on my boobs, oh Daddy, Daddy you are hitting my face. I like it, I like it. Oh, dad I am getting close to coming, don't stop now, why Dad, why do you slow down, I am so clooooose, not now Dad. Oh yeah Mom, what are you doing? Why are you standing over me like that? Your pussy and ass look so sexy and I feel so horny. Pee over my boobs, my face and belly and on my sex Mother". My wife has straddled Corry and is urinating all over her. Corry is getting closer and closer to her climax. Our girl needs more for her to reach heights she properly has never climbed. Jody gives me her hands so I can hold her up, about ten inches above our just about to climaxing daughter. Jody lets out a long fart and then comes about three meals worth of stored up corn flaks mash, right between Corry full breasts and her belly. Corry goes crazy. Judy and I bent down on each side of her and start playing with the mash. We spread it all over her, I push some into the "V" were her legs meet and all over her mount. Judy takes some of her shit and scatters it over her own body and over me. She puts her head between Corry's breasts and starts to suck Corry's nipples and eats her own corn flake shit. Corry has by now reached the pinnacle of her pussy play and has her climax. She cries out very loud and moves wildly up and down until she just gets stiff like a board. She has aftershock after aftershock and she is enjoying what we are doing to her body.

Corry opens her eyes and sees her parents and herself all covered in her mothers shit and their combined piss all over her and the floor. Corry smiles and reaches for her Mom's shit covered tit. She put it in her mouth and nurses on it. This is what she has been dreaming about for many years. Corry always enjoys playing with her pee and sometimes with her shit when she is in the bathroom all alone by herself. She stands or sits in the bathtub and pees and catches it with her hands or in a cup. She drinks some, but most of it she spreads all over her pretty body. Not knowing that in the bathroom or bedroom just next to hers her parents are doing the same thing.

Corry kisses her parents and all three of them piss some more so they can enjoy the wet creamy shit play for a long time that evening. They are now a whole family, no more hidden taboos.

Quite late that night the three of us clean ourselves up and the porch and go to the pool for a long relaxing swim. Just before retiring Father, Mother and Daughter finish a large box of corn flakes with plenty of milk. Of course that will be for tomorrow's playtime.

Before we went to bed I ask Corry why she has no boyfriends, and she answers. "The boys I like have no car so they can't pick me up way out here, but that is not really the whole truth. I kind of enjoy living with you and Mom and the way we live. You know, no restrictions in dress code around the house, how we express our love for each other and most of all, since tonight, how intimately we share our wants, desires and inner longings".

"Dad, I usually do not wear underpants at night, but tonight I will, you may have them in the morning and if you like, you can put them in your mouth or any place else you wish".

"I love you and Mom. And Dad, I like the taste of your pee very much! Good night Daddy". The next morning, it is a beautiful Sunday morning, all of us stayed in bed longer then normal. I was playing with my wife's pussy hair and she had both hands around my enormous hard-on. The entrance of Judy's vagina was so wet and hot and the smell is so sexy I wanted to make love to her. But Judy said no, she had to go and pee real bad.

We heard a very careful knock on our bedroom door. Judy and I looked at each other and smiled. This was the first time in many years that Corry wanted to enter our room while we still were in bed. Both of us at the same time said for Corry to come on in. Slowly the door opened and Corry stuck her head in. "Is it okay if I come in and talk with you", Corry ask. I said, "Sure honey come on in, Mom and I were awake and enjoying each others bodies and company. Would you like to slip under the covers on Dads side Corry's mother ask?" Corry did not answer her mother she just lifted up the bedcovers and went right under them.

When Corry entered she was wearing a three-quarter length nightgown and she was holding something in both of her hands. When she was all settled on her side of the bed she took out her left hand and put her worn panties over my face. She said, "I wore those all night Dad, just for you". My wife let out a sound of surprise because my dick must have doubled in size. Even when Corry came into our bed, Judy had never let go of it. Then she took out her other hand from under the covers and gave another pair of her soiled underpants to her mother. "I peed in those a little just for you Mom. I could not put any more pee into them because if I did, all of last night stored-up pee would come out. I did not want that, this I would like to share with both of you". she said and smiled.

I went just about crazy. Her panties had such a wonderful smell, no, smells, and the taste, oh so unique. At first you could smell her urine and of course one could taste the flavor. Next, with my teeth I scraped off some of her dried pussy discharge and let it play with my taste buds. My nose is in heaven. Corry did not poop into her panties for me but she did into the ones for her mother.

Mom sucked and sucked until there was no pee left to extract from Corry's underwear. Then Judy went to the crotch of Corry's pants and started to lick and taste the scat part. Corry has left quite a bit of shit in it for her Mom. I ask if I could have some, but I received no answer.

Corry was playing with her pussy when all the licking and tasting was going on. When she heard me ask Judy if I could have some of Corry's panty shit she turned a little to her side and put her middle finger way up her ass. Since she did not use the bathroom this morning, her finger came out full of shit. Corry put her shitty finger into my mouth and I sucked it clean as if my live depended on it. She ask, "Do you want more and I told her that I wanted all of it". At first she did not understand but then her faces enlightened to a big, big smile. I love her so much, and at that moment I loved her more than my own life.

My wife was so busy with her daughter's underwear she gave up her hold on my hard-on. Corry seized the moment and took possession of her father's penis. The way she was holding on to it, there was no way her Mom would get it back.

Judy took my hand and put on her pussy. I could feel that it was all wet. When I pulled back my hand and put it into my mouth I taste her pee. She was leaking and had to go real bad. I new that in about two or three Seconds the fountain would start. And it did. Mom lifted up the cover and pushed it aside and then she let go. Corry was so surprised at first she did not know what to do. Then she went over to her Mom's pussy and started to drink. I slipped between my daughter's legs and started to press just above her pussy mount, and the golden rain started to flow, more, more and more. Her Mother is still pissing and Corry is still drinking and at the some time I was nursing on my daughter's pee.

From the time both Judy and I where overweight we used a rubber liner under the cover sheet and between the liner and the sheets a thick blanket. That sucked up most of Corry's and her Mother's pee. After both of them stopped peeing I put my mouth into the crumpled-up sheets and started to suck their urines. Oh, was that good. Both women licked each other pussies clean and watched me. They looked so proud.

After playing around in bed for the early part of the morning, we got kind of hungry. First the ladies cleaned up the mess on the bed and themselves. I went to the kitchen and put on the coffee and after we had our flakes and coffee for breakfast we set around on the deck for a time and just talked. It was such a warm morning and the sun warmed our bodies. All three of us had not taken our morning shit at that time and our intestines were making rumbling noises. I was wearing shorts and no shirt, Judy had on a pair of bikini underwear and a tank top. Corry only wore panties, no top. After looking closer I noticed that the panties she is wearing are the same she offered to me this morning. Might they also be for tonight?

Judy asked me to stretch out on the veranda, and she says, "I have something special and warm for you". As I lay on my back my wife backs over me and her snatch is right over my face. She gives me a nice warm pee shower and because of the warmth and the wetness I could not hold back any longer. I let out a long loud fart and than started to piss. Both girls went after my prick and started to shower themselves all over. They drank, filled their mouths and kissed one another.

Judy took a full mouth, pulled down Corry's panties and then closed her mouth over Corry's asshole and pushed my piss up her daughter's ass. Corry cried, "No Mom not now please not now, if you do that I have to shit all over you & Dad. Don't do that Mom I will not be able to hold it in". Judy mumbled, "Don't worry sweetheart I just have a little bit left in my mouth. Does that feel good Corry?"

"Do you like it when Mommy takes care of you that way? Is my baby feeling real good right now? Would you like Mom to suck your Daddy's piss out of your sweet little asshole?" "No Mother, please, please don't suck I can not hold it any longer even without you playing with my butt hole. Oh Mom what are you doing to me. Mom don't, don't Mom". And than it happened, our little daughter stayed where she was, with her sweet sixteen year old butt in the air. She made a long loud groan her knees and arm started to shake droplets started to come out of her cant and she began to fart. Once, twice and two more times, loud watery farts!

Mom and I new what was coming, I positioned myself right behind Corry with my legs facing away from her, my wife put her head on my chest. Corry moaned once more and then she let go. It is a very large load. Not to thin but also not hard at all, just right. Most of it went onto her Mom's face and neck. Mom was mesmerized she just lay there with her mouth wide open. Corry was still pooping.

I started to play with the shit on Judy's face. I offered it to her one finger at the time and she started to eat her beloved daughters stool. Corry turns around and sees all her scat on me and Mom. I had shit on my chest of course, my face, arms and belly. Corry says, "Mom I want to lick your pussy and ass, would you please turn around and 69ner over me. Dad you can clean up my asshole and pussy with your mouth. Just put that air pillow under my butt so you can get at my cute little hole. She did not have to ask me twice, I was ready for that job.

But I also was ready for another excitement. Judy new very well what was going on inside me, she had years of prior experience.

So, here we are, "The famous threesome". Corry on the porch floor her mother over her facing her daughter's legs with her face about equal with Corry's pussy and of course Mom's pussy and ass over our daughters beautiful face. I face backward and move toward my wife's face with my ass sticking up in the air and Corry's legs between mine.

I needed to shit real badly and so did Mom, I just did not know when Judy would let go. I wanted it to be a very special treat for Corry. Corry started to play with her mother's pussy and experimented with Mom's asshole. All of a sudden Judy arched her back and started to shit into her daughters face. It came and came and our dear daughter is eating, made noise and peed. My wife supported herself on one hand and pulled my butt toward her face. Real quit she said now honey, please shit on us now. Let it come out with a lot of pressure so it will be all over my face and our daughter's body.

That was the invitation I was waiting for. Slowly I relaxed my self. And then I put force behind my shit load. It came out like spitfire, one load after the other all over Judy's face, hair, neck and chest. After I was finished I turned around and started to massage my shit all over my wife's face and into her hair.

This is my way of claiming her as my possession. Corry came next since she was made by both Judy and me we used both of our excrements to claim ownership. Corry just helps us with newly found shit from all around her. She is so exited, like a little dog, her pussy pees and pees, and ever so often mom adds to it.

Both girls are masturbating themselves and I have my head between their legs

interchangeable. This is a very good place to be.

Like always, after we have cleaned up the mess we take a swim in the pool or a shower. The pool chlorine takes away the odors from our skin.

This afternoon or evening I will make tender love and sex to my wife. Corry can watch if she wants to. She can play with her pussy and Mom and I will lick her clean after. Will I fuck her? Yes, some day I will but not right now, sometime in the future. I am the stud she will give us our grandchild.

Sis, Corry, Alicia (Ali) and I

After we cleaned up our selves and the porch, we had some work to do. I needed to do some painting on the window frames. Sis went into the kitchen and Corry started to pull weeds in our small vegetable plot. Shortly after I cleaned my self up I put on some cloth diapers. I do not know why, but I so very much like the feel of them. And of course I can pee into them any time I feel like it.

I worked very hard for about two and a half hours. My work was on the sunny side of the house so I had a large gallon bottle of water hanging from the side of the ladder I was standing on. Corry came to the side of the house and saw that my water was all gone. She asked me if I wanted more and I answered her in the affirmative. I let the plastic bottle drop into her arms. A few minutes later Corry returned with a full bottle of water. She climbed up the ladder to where I was standing.

When she reached me, she looked up and of course she could she my soiled diaper. The diaper was hanging down because of the extra weight from my urine. Corry pulled down the diaper too about my knee level and then she inserted her head into it. Her mouth was right in the center and both sides of the diaper surrounded her face. I could hear a sucking sound. My daughter was drinking the pee out of the diaper. I was standing on the ladder at that moment naked from my knees upward. Just the sight of it gave me a hard on.

What are you two doing up there, came a voice from the bottom of the ladder. I looked down and there she was. A very young beautiful woman in her late twenties early thirties, her hair was blond and long, the eyes blue as the sea and her breasts about a size C or larger. Her figure was a little bit on the heavy side and her ass was quite large. I thought too myself that Sis would very much like that ass.

Incidentally, Corry never looked down she was so busy drinking my pee from the diaper.

Hello, my name is Ali. I am sorry to bother you but I am camped about twenty five miles up the hill and I was bitten by something. The swelling is getting worse and feel dizzy, I need your help.

Corry finally stopped sucking and pulled my diaper back up. We came down the ladder to see what was wrong with Ali. Ali looked at Corry, because Corry only had on a pair of panties, but Ali did not say a word. One could see she was in pain. We took Ali into the house and Sis, only in her birthday suite, took a look at Ali. Ali had a sting or bite on her right side close to her breast and one on her belly. Both entries were swollen and very painful. This looks like a snakebite Sis said! How long ago did this happen. Ali said it happened two days ago, but it took her a day to walk all the way to our house. She could only walk for a short distance and then stop because of the pain. Sis and I cleaned the wounds, took care of the infections and bandaged them.

Sis told Ali she could stay with us until she was healed. Ali said that she was very tired and she needed some sleep. We put her up in the spare room.

Because of all the excitement I forgot all about my diaper. Of course it was full again. Corry noticed my predicament and said she wanted some more of my pee, but Sis said that that diaper is hers and for Corry to stay away from it. I knew better, I took it off and gave the diaper to Sis. My Sis/wife put it over her head and started to suck. I put on a new diaper and went back to work. Before I did start, Sis called and said it is about noon, why don't we just have a light lunch and have a good long rest. That was fine with me.

Well, I never got to continue my paint job that day. It had to wait until the day after because Ali's condition had improved and the four of us spent some quality time together talking and getting too know each other. Sis, Corry and I also talked with Ali about our lifestyle and she said she was fine with that. She said that is why she goes camping by herself so she can do dirty things that other persons in a group might not appreciate. We ask her what she likes to do and she answered that she likes to fill up her large mans brief with her shit and then keep them on for a long time. When the shit gets hard she pisses into the pants to soften the excrement. At night after she has taken her shower and is all cleaned up she would take her dirty briefs and puts them on her pillow. She prefers to sleep with her head amid her shitty mess. We asked her if she has a partner and her answer was no, she has never found someone who was willing to share her odd desires with her. We did ask her if she is wearing her briefs now and she said yes. She also said that she had to go real bad but was ashamed of what we might think about her. Us three family members looked at each other and decided that it was time too give Ali a break.

Sis went to the microwave oven and after 30 seconds took out my diaper. She put her head thru the leg holes and started to suck the inside. Corry went to her room and picked up a large thick tampon. She came back into the dayroom, put the tampon in her panties and started to piss right into it. After she finished she took out the tampon and gave it to Ali. Corry said to Ali to go ahead and poop on it so we can play with it. Ali told us that for last two day she could not go to the bathroom for whatever reason. Maybe it was the infection from the bite or just nervousness. Mom was still sucking, Corry was still holding her full tampon and I was lightly playing with my on again off again hard on. Corry put her tampon into Ali's hand and asked her to insert it into her briefs. Ali tried, but her jeans are too tight. Corry went and opened up the zipper of the jeans all the way and pulled them down. Ali put the tampon onto her pants and started to press. At first nothing came out, but then Corry started to squeeze the tampon between Ali's legs and that did the trick. Ali came out with a loud moan and then a load of shit exited her body. It seemed to all of us like it never ended. Ali looked at us and then she put her hands into the brief and started to play with her shit. She took out the tampon and gave it to my sister/wife. Of course Sis was in heaven. Ali took Corry's hands and put them into her pants. They both played together enjoying every minute of it. Then Ali did something I thought would never happen to me. She opened the fly of the brief a little and told me to put my penis in there to fuck her shit. She instructed Corry to go to the back of her and enter her brief take hold of my dick and massage it with her poop. My wife came over inserted the tampon into Ali's knickers and then wiped the shit all over our faces and bodies. When she needed more poop she went and got another tampon full. By now I was ready to blow my load and I did; Right between Ali's legs. She got so excited she started to pee.

After that we all cleaned up. Ali asked if she could have a plastic pillow cover but Sis said not to worry we will put it in the washer tomorrow.

The next morning I got up early because I had to finish the painting on the widows. As I accented up the ladder I realized that the window was that of Ali's room. The window was open with the curtains pushed back to each side. Ali was resting on bed she had the dirty brief over her face. She looked so peaceful and rested. To my surprise the door opened slowly and silently and Corry entered the room. Corry had no clothes on and was massaging her lower belly, like she needed to go for a piss. Ali's bed had no headboard so it was easy for Corry to spread her legs wide and straddle Ali's beautiful face, still covered with the man's brief. I was fascinated by what was offered to my eyes. Corry let out a few drops of piss on Ali's face but there was no reaction from Ali. So, Corry offered some more of her golden rain. This time Ali moved and by doing so the blanket came off her body. I could see that she was sleeping in the nude. As Corry peed some more, Ali removed the panties from her face and started to wash her shit face with Corry's urine. All of a sudden a fountain sprang from Ali's pussy. The fountain was a good foot high and went straight up, I guess because she also shaved her pussy hairs, this was the signal for Corry to bent forward and taste that nectar. Both women remained in the 69 position and were enjoying a lesbian relationship. I was so proud of my daughter and her newly found lover.

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