The Agency
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Idea is around a 'wife fucking agency' that caters for introducing black men to upmarket, white women.

It was the height of another Summer and a cloud of thick, wilting smog hung over the city. In the third storey of an otherwise deserted office block Linda and Simon Anders awaited their appointment. The mood in the room was tense, made worse by the only partially open window and sticky flow of air from the heavy traffic below. Simon impatiently checked his watch over and over. They had seen no-one since arriving some two hours earlier and the thirty eight year old had a meeting at three which he would now have to miss. Why was there nobody to greet them? Was it all a hoax, an elaborate scheme? Yet why did Simon feel sure someone was watching from time to time. Their instructions, including directions to the venue had been delivered that very morning in the form of a typed welcome letter, the contents of which suggested attending promptly at the specified time and that a good impression was expected. Coffee had been left on the table as well as several magazines. It felt like a trial, a test of their commitment and willingness to join the Agency.

Beside her jittery husband Linda Anders leisurely thumbed through one of the magazines. Simon's awkwardness was a sweet if not attractive trait. They had been together nine years and with plenty of ups and down she knew him better than he knew himself. This was going to be more difficult for him even though it had been Simon's initial suggestion to write to the Agency. She would hold him to it, even if being there was a far cry from how she had envisaged her married life ending up. In the beginning Simon had been faithful but he was good looking and successful. Linda had to put up with much and now it was her turn. She saw the remorse on her husbands face now he realised what he had put her through. Maybe his instigating such a dramatic move as the Agency was based on a need to make it all right. Though as she looked over at her husband she saw the dark lust in his eyes and knew it wasn't just about appeasement. This was something Simon wanted to satisfy in himself and deep down, maybe she felt the same way.

Linda looked as stylish as ever and had, after reading the introductory letter for herself, spent a good few hours preparing for the meeting. It all felt exciting, new and even daring. The thirty-one year olds dark hair was swept up and down onto her slender shoulders, her designer, light blue dress clinging tightly around her full, bare thighs and leading up to a tight, trim waist. Linda had lovely breasts but was well brought up enough to know not to flaunt her assets liberally. Still, today was all about making an impression and her choice of outfit gave a excellent taster of her full, firm 34dd cleavage. She always made sure Simon kept her in the very best clothes, shoes and accessories. Matching duck-egg blue and equally expensive six inch heels went well with the dress. She looked up at him with inquisitive, penetrating eyes, the corner of her mouth curling into a smile upon realisation of how on edge her husband was. Enjoying his obvious discomfort.

A few more minutes past. Then the door opened and an elderly, grey haired, black gentleman came out. He was of medium height and remarkably well dressed in a non expensive but smart two-piece suit. A pair of gold rimmed spectacles balanced on his flat nose and a gold watch chain hung from his pocket. He was certainly not what Linda or Simon were expecting and they looked at each other, slightly confused.

'The Anders?', he said in a confident, well spoken manner that was more deep south than East coast.

'Yes', replied Simon, his voice a disparaging, hoarse quiver. 'We had an appointment at two o'clock'. The man, easily in his early seventies, squinted at his watch and nodded with amusement.

'Yes ... yes, you are right', he said. 'I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope you'll understand. We like our potential members to show a certain ... tenacity before we take matters further. Come into my office and take a seat'.

The office was small but neat with several certificates and pictures hanging on the wall. One, directly above the large, wooden desk showed five Negro men with pickaxes and shovels. Below was marked '1958 - New York City'. One of them, Simon thought, bore an uncanny teenage resemblance to the old man seated before them. There were no windows but a small air conditioning unit, bookcase and file cabinet all of which appeared new. Most notable of all was a striking blonde woman, hair pinned back and wearing dark glasses who sat cross-legged beside the desk. The woman was writing intently upon a notepad as the Anders entered and looked up only briefly, her welcoming smile switching from Simon to Linda as if summarising them both in an instant. It was an act which Linda felt slightly disconcerting. She was a handsome woman sure enough, appearing to be in her mid-40's, well dressed in a smart but short grey suit, the skirt fitting well above the knee and showing off her stocking legs. Simon noted a wedding ring on her finger and how her shirt was unbutton low enough to reveal a black support bra. She certainly did not seem like a typical secretary.

The old man motioned towards two leather chairs with his hand. Linda and Simon had been to marriage counselling some years earlier and so far, the meeting had a similar, if perverse feel to it. The Agency operated, as far as Simon knew, through referral and word of mouth but had been around a long time. He'd heard they had representatives in several major cities. Crossing her legs Linda felt her dress rise up neatly around her full thighs, an act which somewhat surprisingly given his age, drew the old man's eye. It was shorter than she liked to wear but Simon had insisted. Besides, she was confident in her figure. Walking up to the cabinet the man took a file then handed it to his assistant. As she opened it Simon recognised the introductory letter he had written some weeks previously and waited while the two of them read through it quietly, glancing up intermittently while the Anders patiently waited. The open file contained several, respectable photographs of Linda, all of which were soon laid on the table before them, a copy of their marriage certificate, bank details and passports. The details had been requested before the meeting and with some encouragement from his wife, Simon had dutifully replied. It had been made clear beforehand that participation was subject to complying fully with the demands of the Agency.

'I'm Mr Randall', the man said at last, 'this is Mrs Lisa Andrews. She works with us from time to time'. The old man folded his hands across his waist and keenly eyed the well presented white couple in front of him. They obviously had money, the husband having worked in real estate for six years, while the wife had been born in England with an American father. Linda Anders had modelled somewhat in her teens was certainly quite a catch. She was extremely attractive with crisp, defined features. As she smiled amusingly back at him, confident and sure of herself, she reminded him of Lisa when they had first met. The beautiful woman studied him back across the desk. Certainly a different pose from her uncomfortable husband. Randall was used to that initial observation. It was obvious already to him that she was an upmarket and stylish woman. Her neat figure and trim waist led to splendid, shapely legs and a lovely cleavage that filled the front of her dress wonderfully. She had excellent initial potential but Randall liked to take his time with new clients, get to know them. It meant for more satisfaction with what came later.

Lisa looked up and smiled properly at the couple for the first time. Her blue eyes were remarkably piercing and particularly knowing, in a way that made Linda look coyly away as they locked onto her. Having another woman present was not what she had expected. Simon too, looked down, his mouth dry, hands clammy. He wondered if Lisa had once sat in the same chair his wife now resided.

'How can we help you today?', Randall said at last. Both husband and wife shifted and glanced at each other, the first time that Linda had looked truly apprehensive since stepping into the office.

'Well ... your letter mentioned total privacy... ', Simon stammered, clasping his hands. It was always hard for husbands to admit but Randall made sure they did. It was good to have it out in the open from the start.

'Discretion is part of our service Mr Anders' he replied assuredly. 'Everything you say here will be kept in the strictest confidence'.

'It's just that', Simon swallowed, 'It's absolutely imperative that nothing we say here... '.

'Stop it honey'. Linda put her hand on her husbands arm. 'Don't be rude. We're have to trust Mr Randall and Lisa. We have come to them after all'. Simon took a deep breath and sat forward in his chair.

'I'm sorry', he began. 'You're right honey'.

'It's quite all right Mr Anders', said Lisa, smiling. 'This can be a big step for many couples. Please go ahead'. The older woman seemed to ooze confidence and her manner impressed Linda. 'My own husband was exactly the same', she went on. 'But ... let's just say it worked out quite well for us in the end'.

'We're interested in... ', began Simon, 'black men ... for my wife'. Linda smiled and looked away as the old man grinned at her. He obviously enjoyed hearing the words out loud just as she did.

'I'm very glad to hear it', replied Randall. 'Your first time Mrs Anders?'. There was the same twisted smile on the old man's face, almost as if he enjoyed tormenting husbands. Linda pushed back her hair and nodded. She didn't feel intimidated, in fact, talking about it so openly at last was quite the thrill. She had no inhibitions about why she was here, beyond her family or friends finding out.

'Yes', she answered curtly, 'we've heard that black fucking is the best'.

'Oh it is I assure you', the senior added in all seriousness, 'and there's no need to be embarrassed Mr Anders. Lots of modern white men are offering their wives to Negro men'.

Simon played with his watch again. 'It feels like a big step ... but she seems so sure'.

'I am honey ... I feel like I need something new'. Linda re-crossed her legs. Just admitting her desires so openly was making her knickers wet. She enjoyed sex and had, with Simon's consent fucked several of his so-called friends. Unlike him, it didn't hurt her to be unfaithful. In fact, from the very first time she'd enjoyed every delicious, wicked second. She had dated other men too, men Simon had found through the net. Hotel rooms, bars, text messages from her horny Hubby. He loved to be cuckolded and she revelled in the desire and power if gave her. Over the last year Linda had spent the night with four other men at Simon's request, often in their bed at home. Never black men, at least not yet, although the inevitability had been building. So when Simon finally told her about the Agency there was only one answer she could give. New and daring was right and Linda Anders wanted to experience it all.

'About your men?', Simon asked. It was quite something to admit to himself that he wanted his wife black fucked, and looking over at her, his desire was matched only by a need to have her used hard like the married slut she was. That said, he needed to know who by and that, his fantasies aside, Linda would be in a safe environment.

'Also highly discreet I assure you', nodded Randall. 'Every one a true black bull, tested of course and very experienced in such matters'. Linda wondered what that actually meant and just how long Randall and Lisa had been running this 'wife fucking agency'. Just how many couples had sat in those two chairs. 'I must say' continued Randall proudly, 'that all the gentlemen on our books have a strong preference for white, married pussy Mr Anders'. The old mans eyes lingered on Linda's smooth, waxed thighs. Her big, firm tits. 'We would certainly be very interested in a couple like yourselves joining us. You need only ask Lisa here'.

Lisa smiled, folding her arms and re-crossing her legs. Her own cunt had been well used and stretched by black cock over the years.

'It's true. I came here with my husband Joseph eight years ago. I haven't looked back since. This agency was set up so that black men from all walks of life could have access to upmarket, white women. Women like you Linda'.

'It of course, works both ways', added Randall with a smile. The old man put out a hand and slid it down the blonde woman's thigh. She barely batted an eye as he touched her but such an open gesture of confidence made Linda's heart pound.

'Yes', smiled Lisa, 'I think you'll both make an excellent addition to our little club. We have bureau's all over the country. LA, New York, Miami. We even have a new, solid base down in Alabama'.

The Anders filled out the forms and Simon made the necessary payments. The contract was simple enough, like the many property exchanges that passed his desk each month. Except now, it wasn't land rights he was signing ownership too, it was his wife. All the forms he knew were a token, not legally binding but more a statement of intent and message. Signing Linda over to black cock was a sobering act and as he looked at her he knew she felt the same way. Initialling the base of the page he passed it to Linda and watched as she followed suit, signing her name neatly at the bottom. Finally, Randall took the contract and marked it too, closing the deal.

'For all extent and purposed your marriage, in fact your relationship belongs to the Agency. Congratulations', he said.

Mr Randall gave a long pause for it to sink in. He had a satisfied look on his face by this time, his gaze trained on Linda and no longer concealing the fact that he was eyeing her tits and legs. Despite the age difference he was a man of incredible stature and both the Anders initial opinion of him had changed dramatically over the course of the consultation. Reaching below his desk Randall took three glasses and poured them each a drink.

'You'll be making a base payment to the agency each month Simon', Lisa said. 'This is so we can operate and continue to recruit the most suitable men in the city. Our fees from the men are means tested on their income'.

'One may pay a single dollar, the next five or six hundred', added Randall. 'That way no promising men are excluded'.

'Oh, I'd wondered about that', Linda said. To her, the thought that some thug, or poor black man may not be able to fuck her was a serious disappointment. In fact she found the thought of being fucked by what would be considered lower class blacks to be the most arousing.

'What's this Mr Randall?'. Simon held up second blank contract, the paper and colour different from the rest.

'Oh, that's one of our popular extras'. The old man smiled and sipped his drink.

'Extras?'. The old man twisted in his chair.

'For if one of our ladies agrees to bare, unprotected fucking. The way nature intended', Lisa added with a wry smile.

'Goodness!'. Linda covered her mouth in surprise and astonishment. It was the first time she'd really been caught off guard. Somehow it was amazing to think there were women out there who could go 'all the way' like that. From the start, this had been about thrills and that was certainly a big one.

'Speaking of which', began Randall, 'now you are both members, we need to discuss your lovely wife's first... '.

'Black fucking', smiled Simon, grinning at his bride, his confidence returning, now that he had signed his wife away to the agency.

'Yes indeed'. The husband and wife held each others hand as the old man dictated terms.

'I think we need it sooner rather than later', Simon added seductively with a smile.

'Of course, and I understand that completely Mr Anders. I assure you new wives always attract the biggest interest but I'll need at least a week to circulate her details'.

Randall took the bareback contract and seeing the obvious interest on Linda's face laid it keenly in front of her. 'I'd like to add, that if your wife stops all her birth control today, and signs this form, our fees from future events will be less 50%'. Linda looked at her husband and the form, though in truth she had already decided. Fucking another man in front of Simon was going to be so satisfying, but this.

'A lot of couples like the added risk', Lisa added. Picking up the pen, Linda signed her name neatly on the contract, before an open-mouthed, shocked Simon could even utter a word to stop her.

'I can't believe I'm doing this', she smiled.

'Good ... good. Now you must make sure she keeps to her agreement Mr Anders. We are reliant upon your good sense of sport'.

'You don't need to worry about that', Simon said winking at his wife. 'I most certainly will'. He had accepted that his wife intended to experience this to its fullest, and made up his mind not to object in anyway.

'Very good. As of this moment you, Mrs. Anders are the property of the Agency'.

Eight days later Randall called the Anders home to tell them their first meet was scheduled for the primary Saturday in August and that it, as expected, would be attended by a healthy turn-out of black men for Linda's introduction. Simon had asked for men from poorer class backgrounds to be the first to screw his wife and was pleased to hear this would not be a problem. Linda's obvious class had been well mentioned in the Agencies advertisement and had drawn men to whom the appeal was greatest.

The old gentleman spoke to Linda personally on the phone, asking if she had kept to her agreement on contraceptives. She told him assuredly that Simon had, as a token gesture, been through the house and thrown away all her birth control and that she fully intended to comply. They had also not had sex since signing the contract. Cool and composed as Linda was, she was beginning to feel apprehensive about what lay ahead, particularly the intense and descriptive nature of events Randall foretold.

'I wonder if you would wear that same blue dress for the meet', Randall had suggested. 'It was ... very appropriate'.

The morning of the meet soon arrived. Linda and Simon Anders woke early and looked across the bed at each other in a mixture of excitement and foreboding. The lovely wife had been thinking about her black fucking a lot that week and what it would mean for her marriage and how she viewed herself. Not being able to tell anyone was also difficult but absolutely necessary. A lot of her friends would never entertain the idea of sleeping with a black or asian man and she was used to being in such closed minded circles. The majority, as per Simon request were from low, working class backgrounds. A bus driver and school janitor among them but Randall had told Simon of an 'unprecedented level of interest'. While not the sensitive type she knew what she was in for and despite her cravings had the odd bout of regret. Maybe she was too-good for black cock? Happily these doubts only lasted short periods and Linda was going to get fully what was coming to her.

She showered and drove with Simon to have her hair and nails done at a prize Salon in town. It was one of her usual haunts and the young stylist Katie chatted away nonsensically, just as if it was any other day. Linda remained mostly silent, letting the tension within her body build. There was no backing out and she wanted it to happen in a way that made her feel nasty and sexy at the same time. She had, it had to be said, limited contact with black men outside her imagination. Afterwards they had lunch, just like any loving couple. Simon admired how good his wife looked, how poised and upmarket she seemed. All the while holding her obvious nerves down. Checking his watch he noted the time. In three hours the white woman opposite him would be a cum dump for a group of overly horny black men. It seemed incredible and maybe even unbelievable. All it had taken was the will to make it happen.

The Anders headed home for Linda to get ready. She dressed herself in the blue designer label that Mr Randall had liked. It showed the tops of her full, waxed thighs, clinging tightly between them in a way that felt so sexy and risqué. For a while she contemplated whether to wear any knickers then opted for a lacy pair that felt damp against her pussy as soon as she put them on. Linda needed to be fucked badly. She checked her face in the bedroom mirror, applying a little mascara and dark red lipstick before putting on some silver earrings, an ankle chain and slim locket that had been Simon's anniversary present to her the previous weekend. Smiling wickedly and admiring the full result she stepped into the 6", blue high heels, put a few things in her favourite handbag and went out to where Simon was already waiting in the car.

The couple drove to the meeting place; a sleazy motel close to the cities most sizeable Ghetto. Mr Randall has assured them that most of the men came from the surrounding area and that this was the twelfth time the Agency had used the motel for wife fucking. The owner, Dylan, would in fact be one of the days participants and the first to sign up after seeing Linda's photograph. Randall was already waiting for the Anders as they pulled off the freeway right into the parking lot. As before, he was well dressed in a smart suit, shirt and tie, trying his best to stay out of the hot sun. His gold reamed glasses glinting, hiding a big, patent grin.

'Well this is it honey', smiled Simon as the old man watched them. The air felt sticky with the nearby traffic and Linda's heart was pounding through her chest. Her husband got out, walked around and opened the door for her, legs already heavy as he escorted her across the lot and towards the elderly gentleman.

'Oh yes, Mrs Anders. You look just the part', Randall said, remembering fondly the perfect figure and outfit.

'You mean a married whore?', Simon added with a smile, feeling a little nervous and trying to use humour to lighten the situation.

'Honey, don't be crude', Linda teased. Randall nodded overly to himself, eyeing the white woman like some sort of trophy.

'Everything is arranged as you wanted. If you are ready, we should begin'.

'That's right', Linda retorted with a cruel wink towards Simon. 'I don't want to keep those black boys waiting'.

The sun was still beating down and it was nice to get into the shade, the noise of the traffic growing as rush hour approached. Mr Randall gently took Linda's arm and escorted the younger woman around the barrier and along the line of battered motels doors. In her heels, which tapped quickly on the floor, she was five inches taller than the old man.

'Here we are Mrs Anders', Randall said stopping at a room marked '36'. There was one solitary window and Linda noticed the curtain move and the shape of multiple, dark figures inside. There was the sound of a television together with other, unruly noises from within. Linda stopped and checked herself nervously in a pocket mirror one last time. She noticed her hands were trembling.

'Eager to make an impression my dear?', Randall asked noticing her shaking.

'Yes ... yes ... I'm ready', she replied with a deep breath. The old man checked his watch and drummed hard on the door.

Knock ... knock...

A brief moment passed and then the door was opened by a bare-chested man in his 40's. He had dark brown skin, deep wrinkles upon his face and lazy eyes. A pair of grey trousers with the braces turned down hung around his toneless mid-rift, several days stubble on the mans chin, slightly greying like his hair. Linda stiffened as he confronted her, thick cigarette smoke flowing from the room behind him.

'Good afternoon Dylan', said Randall.

'Afternoon Mr Randall'. With a smile Dylan rested a heavy arm on the doorframe, took a drag from his cigarette and set his gaze on Linda. Slowly over her from top to toe, lingering on her chest. 'Hey there baby', he said. 'You worth the wait n' no mistake'.

'Hello ... and thank-you', Linda replied feeling rigid all over as this man looked at her like a piece of meat, the warm smile on her face uncontrollable. She was used to the initial attraction she got from men she'd just met but this already felt different. He knew why she was here and what she wanted.

'Well Dylan', Randall coughed. 'Maybe we should introduce the lady to the others?'.

'OH sure thing Mr Randall Sir. These boys been made to wait a lil longer than they'd like'. Linda's legs felt increasingly heavy with each step as Dylan stood back to let them in. The room was quite small and showed the wear and tear of many years use. By one wall was a large double bed, already turned down, a worn sofa and hall leading back to what was likely a bathroom and kitchen. Sitting and standing about the room where eight black men of varying ages. Linda felt Randall's hand on her hip and the old man nodding around the group in familiar recognition. It was fair to say that all other sets of eyes were set very intently upon her.

'Holy shit... ', said one wide eyed young man.

'Awww yeah ... dats what ah'm talking about'.

'Damn that's one hot fuckin' whi', woman right there'.

The motel room was clouded in cigarette smoke, one table full of beer cans and next to the bed, a TV showing hardcore pornography, the sound turned low but still audible. Linda had a rough idea beforehand of what was expected but actually being confronted with a room full of men left her more than just a little apprehensive. She felt her spine tingle as she stood before the huge group, completely overwhelmed. Suddenly the door shut behind her with a bang giving her a start. Dylan appeared from behind licking his lips and leaning his frame back on the wall. This was his place and he understandably, appeared the most forward. As each dark face studied her, Linda's hand grew tighter on the strap of her handbag. They ranged from early twenties to an older, grey haired man in his early sixties. A couple were smartly dressed, some casual and two wearing overalls from what must have been a day job. Several were already stripped from the waist up and showing extremely well muscled torsos.

'Gentlemen', Randall's voice boomed from behind, 'may I present Mrs Linda Anders. Our agencies newest member. I trust you'll look after her'. Quiet coos of excitement continued to ripple among the group.

'No problem Mr Randall', said one of the men, nodding impatiently to himself as if promising a long overdue treat.

Simon watched from the parking lot as his wife was led into a small motel room. A large, black man had opened the door and let them in. When, minutes later, Randall reappeared the husband was feeling all kinds of new emotions. Most notably jealousy and protection towards his unseen wife. Then he calmed himself and remembered why they were there.

'I must say', said Randall tapping his brow with a handkerchief, 'I think they are very taken with your lovely wife'.

'Will she be ... all right?', Simon asked, his voice breaking.

'Oh yes Mr Anders', the old man replied. 'She is in very safe hands'. He led Simon to the adjoining room '35'. It felt empty inside and cold from the air conditioning. Already the white husband could hear the noise through the wall as the men toyed with Linda. Their voices were easily transferable through the thin, cheap wall.

'Oh shit, guess this our lucky day'.

'Look at dis fucking married ho' man, shit ah'm gonna fuck her first'.

'Naw man, ah'm first at dat white pussy'.

'Likin those big fuckin' tits man'.

'Damn dis bitch the hottest yet fo' sure!'.

'There's a hole in the wall here you can watch through', Randall grinned. Simon lowered his eye, his breath taken away. The peephole was discreet and unnoticeable from the other side, while providing an excellent view of the room. His wife was sitting cross-legged on the double bed, clutching her handbag and surrounded by nine Negro men. Her dress had risen wonderfully over her full, bare thighs giving an idyllic view of her white legs. At least one of the men, a younger man of perhaps twenty five had a hand down his trousers and was discreetly jerking himself. He wondered what his wife was thinking as she was confronted with this? How their foreplay and fantasies had grown over the last year in the lead up to the Agency.

Linda looked positively staggered, hardly able to speak yet the feeling she had was of total submission. The men were not upon her yet but it was only a matter of time. Whatever happened she was getting black fucked today, by all of them once it started.

'What your first name again baby?', one of them asked. He had thick, new tattoos down both arms and wore a basketball top. She had met relatively few black men in her time but he met the typical 'thug' stereotype.

'Linda ... my name's Linda', she replied, her voice dry.

'You got a white hubby?', another asked. From the next room Randall's smile broadened.

'Stay here if you will Mr Anders', he said, 'and enjoy the show'.

'Fuck, you hot Lady. You come to the right place fo' big nigga dick'.

'You gonna give us some of dat white pussy?'. Linda didn't reply to it all, trying to remain composed but with their broad, roaming eyes it was difficult to keep her cool. They could see what she was. An out-of-place upmarket white woman and they're eagerness and sense of arousal was obvious. This could easily get out of hand. Then two of the men, Dylan and one of the younger members came and sat boldly next to her on the bed. Dylan put out his cigarette and grinned, almost as if baiting her.

'You lookin' real fine lady. You bought dat dress special?'.

'Thank-you ... yes ... yes I did ... I wanted to make a real effort to impress you all', Linda said, her eyes flickering around the group. The atmosphere was like a powder keg.

'Mmm ... you sure did baby. You makin' nigga's horny fo' your married pussy'. Linda smiled as a agreeing ripple went around the room. Even the way they talked was different. Looking down she could see the shape of Dylan's hard, fat cock forcing up against the fabric of his trousers. He was obviously well endowed and she covered her mouth in as ladylike a fashion as she could.

'You ever had big, nigga dick inside you baby?', he asked slowly unzipping his pants and following her gaze with a low voice.

'No', added Linda, looking up and into every dark face. 'This is my very first time with black men'.

Without another sound Simon unfastened his pants too. There were urgent murmurs coming from around the room after Linda's last comment. He had planned to watch and wank and knew if he started he would finish too soon. Determined to stay himself he planted both hands on the wall, his eye glued to the hole. He'd cheated on his wife in the past and now it was her turn, again. Wishing he hadn't wouldn't change how he felt or how erotic the situation in front of him was becoming. Linda's gaze was trained solely, suggestively on Dylan so she stiffened visibly as the second mans hands came up and cupped her heavy breasts through her dress. His intimate touch was alien and she immediately bristled defensively.

'Those are some big titties lady', Dylan said, sliding his erect cock out into his hand. 'They real pretty'. It was even more impressive standing tall in his lap and Linda smiled and reached out, putting her fist around his girth and exposing him properly. The whole shaft felt extremely hard and meaty. It was true what she'd heard about black men. They were as big as they were forward.

'You have a beautiful dick', Linda said stroking her hand up and down Dylan's erect length.

'Mmm shit yeah ... you know how to handle it too', he gasped reaching for her breasts.

Simon was hard already and watching two black men fondle his wife's tits and slide their fingers over her bare thighs was driving him crazy. Two of the other men came over, clutching their groins and reaching out to her. Then Dylan put a hand to Linda's chin and leaned in to kiss her. She didn't resist and their open mouths met twice in quick succession.

'Gonna fuck you baby', he groaned quietly, tasting her perfect lips.

'I know', Linda mouthed back at him. One of the others pulled out a huge black length that was over eight inches, the head cut. Then grinning he took Linda's free hand and put it to him, showing his white teeth as she began to slide her fist up and down it. In moments her other hand was busy on another cock and a third, younger man was kneeling behind her on the bed, unzipping the back of her dress.

'Yeeeeah ... Your fine married ass in real need of some nigga dick', he rasped.

'That's what my husband's been saying', Linda replied although her voice was trembling. 'He says I need to be fucked properly'.

'He right bitch. We going to see to that!'. Her panties were soaked and she was more turned on than she'd ever been.

'Well we all come here to fuck you good today slut!'.

Suddenly the door opened and there was Mr Randall.

'Come now Gentlemen', said the old man, his eyes ablaze. 'We're here to fuck this married whore not play with her'. The group of men already had Linda's dress down at her waist with another man fumbling angrily with her bra. With a grin the senior took off his jacket and walked slowly up to the bed, pulling open his trousers and finally letting over ten inches of experienced black, uncut cock out. His dick and old raggedy balls were enormous with huge veins running up the head to the tip. From the first moment he'd set eyes on Linda Anders he'd wanted her. Now his arching erection pulsed and her eyes were absorbing him with surprise and intrigue. She reminded him of Lisa Andrews.

'Oh my Mr Randall!', Linda teased, still jacking two huge dicks, her brown eyes glued to his old length. It was by far the biggest she'd ever seen and she was not overly surprised to see his intent towards her.

The rest of the men gathered around Linda, pulling out their dicks and pushing them at her. The hot wife felt their eagerness and the warmth of their skin against hers, firm hands groping her breasts and hard cock pressing against her perfectly presented face and hair. They were big, very big, just like she'd heard.

'Ah want my dick sucked', said one with an arching, cut erection.

'Yeah me too, come on baby. Suck some of dat nigga dick'. Linda closed her eyes, jerking gently with both hands. She opened her mouth willingly, holding back an excited laugh as the first inevitable length caught her lip and slid eagerly over her tongue towards the back of her throat.

'Rawwrrr! ... shit yeah!', came a delighted groan. Linda felt her lips stretch around the base as the cock stuffed deep. She reaching quickly to resist but gagged hard, almost bringing up her lunch. After a few thrusts he pulled out and the big figure of Dylan took his place, a fat, powerful hand atop her head.

Linda pressed her hands against his thighs and used her tongue to restrain him as he expertly fucked her mouth with short strokes.

'Uhh ... uhh ... uhh ... yeah ... uh ... suck that fucking dick ... yeah'. She'd given plenty of head before but this was different. It felt like they were taking turns using her. Looking him up in the eye Linda tried to control the depth, every third or forth stroke catching in her throat and making her wretch. If anything it made the skin of his cock even more slippery from the blow-job. Already her eyes were watering.

A third then forth dick took a turn and by then Linda was kneeling on the floor with the men stood around her. She tried to use her mouth and hand on each, warm dribble leaking down her chin and onto the blue dress that was now gathered in a band around her waist. She could already taste salty pre-cum, privately relishing the desperate groans of satisfaction her work was achieving.

'Ohh ... yeah ... yeah ... suck dat dick ... suck it baby'.

'Your hubby lovin this ... show him how you please a black man'.

'Look at dis fuckin white slut man'. Linda thought of Simon in the room next door and put her hand between her legs. Her panties were soaked, her clit hard and needy. Gently she started to stroke herself as the next cock met her face and hands groped her chest.

Gulp ... gulp ... slurp...

'Suck it bitch, take that fucking dick in yo mouth'. Hands were upon her breasts, molesting the round flat nipples and sliding onto her ass and under the hem of her dress. Feeling her wet, needy pussy. This was just what she'd wanted.

'C'mon baby ova here'.

'Damn this bitch's pussy wet man'. Linda gagged again and gasped hard for air, small bubbles of saliva rolling down the underside of the latest cock.

'Oh my God yes!', she moaned defiantly, 'I love big, black fucking cock'. Her own words surprised her and she laughed lightly to herself.

'That's good Mrs Anders. Learning to service the black dick is what we expect in our organisation'. Linda found herself sucking deep on Mr Randall's huge cock, her eyes welling. He was so big, particularly in girth and stood hands on hips, nodding agreeably.

Gag ... gag ... wretch ... choke ... Linda squeezed her head down on him, moving her lips millimetre by millimetre to take all she could. With a defiant gasp she brought him back, gasping heavily and smiling in what had been an impressive effort.

'Have you honoured our contract my dear? I trust you've stopped all your birth control?'. The troupe of horny men grinned fanatically.

'You didn't tell us that Randall', said Dylan.

'You mean we're gonna get to bareback her pussy?', added another.

'Yes... ' Linda said, her eyes on the old man. 'Yes, just as you asked'.

'Excellent Mrs Anders. You won't have any issues then if we all take turns fucking you now?'.

The men dispensed with Linda's dress completely, pulling down her knickers but leaving the designer high heels in place at Randall's command. As she lay back on the bed, spreading her legs and looking up at the dirty ceiling one of the men slid her head down onto her pussy. She held him close as his tongue entered, her breathing already erratic and cumbersome. It all felt like a dream.

'Oohhh ... ohhhh that's it ... that's it... ', she moaned as Randall's voice echoed in the small room.

'So much like Mrs Andrews isn't she, and what a beautiful pussy. Lisa was a perfect whore her first time too'. All the men were clustered, looking between her legs. A second man took over the oral, rougher this time, his cock hard and arching beneath him. Linda's cunt had never been so wet and now the man had a finger inside her, fucking knuckle deep while flicking her hard clit. She felt her orgasm build in her belly, deep down and slowly flood through her thighs and up into her chest. In moments her heart was pounding, head turned to one side where Dylan was gently fucking her mouth with short strokes. Every dick was suddenly in her hands, on her tits or pushing at her face.

'Now', said Randall, commanding the scene and clapping his hands together, 'who did we agree would be the first to fuck Mrs Anders?'.

'That's me Mr Randall', said a voice. He was around twenty with a toned, slim figure which was exaggerated all the more for his huge dick. Eight inches and not yet fully hard the young man stepped forward, his brown skin already sweaty in the hot room.

'Ahh yes, young Luther' grinned Randall, 'one of our Agency's newest talents'.

'I need to fuck this bitch', Luther stated climbing onto the bed and roughly pinning Linda's legs apart so abruptly she felt her heart pound through her chest. His skin felt oily and moist against hers.

'Oh yes ... yes ... fuck me you black bastard... ', Linda heard herself gasp. Looking down the blood had quickly swelled into his cock forming a long, hard arch.

'Gonna pound you good slut', the man replied with a knowing tone.

The cut tip of his cock was slightly lighter than the rest and nudged up against Linda's pink pussy, stretching and penetrating. She felt him enter her body, the strength behind his thrust, her hands tightening on his back, erection proud and so very hard.

'Oh yeah baby ... take it ... yeah... '. Inch ... by ... inch he sank in, pushing up as her married cunny ruefully accepted his dick. Behind him the other men watched with smiles and nods.

'Nnnnnnnnnmm ... uurrrghh... ', she gasped louder than she intended.

'Are you alright Mrs Anders', an amused Randall grinned.

'He's big ... so big', Linda spluttered.


Deeper. Swallowing it up and filling her in a way she'd never experienced.

Linda's eyes turned upward. Her cunt felt full and stretched already. She was going to come and the big, black dick slowly working her pussy back and forth was sending her lower body into convulsions. He shifted weight thrusting again then again. Grunting on each stroke and driving the head of his dick deep into her.

'Urrrhhhhh ... Urrrhhh ... O God!', Linda wailed, her eyes wet and mouth wide open as Luther confidently rode her. Her heels where above her, pointing to the ceiling as he fucked, completely in control and giving the rickety bed a hard time. The head took the brunt thudding against the neighbouring wall where her husband waited. Thump ... thump ... thump ... Almost as if it was sending a message to Simon.

'Oh ... oh your dick feels so good', Linda wailed as it thrust in and out of her.

'Damn ... damn yeah shit. Fuck Mr Randall, this bitch is tight'.

'That's right Luther. Didn't I tell you married white pussy is the best?'.

'You sure did'.

'Urrrghhhhh ... oh god! ... oh God!', Linda wailed as Luther's balls smacked against her. She couldn't believe she'd taken all of him but he felt so deep and hard inside her sodden pussy. She'd come once and was about to again.

'This the best dick you ever had isn't it slut', he eagerly grunted in her ear, stuffing her full.

'Oh yes ... oh yes... '. Thwack ... thwack ... thump ... thump ... thump went the bed against the soft wall.

'That's it Luther. Fuck that whore', Randall demanded. 'Remember her husbands right next door'. There were supportive murmurs from the others.

'Fuck yeah gimme that white pussy'. Linda slid her arms around Luther's neck, holding him close. Some of his friends were stood at the foot of the bed, watching them couple and jacking, waiting.

'Uhh ... uhhh ... uhhh ... uhhh ... your black dick feels so good inside me... '.

'Feels like ah'm stretchin you good. Ma dick feels so deep'.

'You are darling. Don't stop'.

'Oh Simon ... Simon! He's got such a big cock ... arrrggghh!'. Slap ... slap ... slap. The stud's heavy balls landed hard with each stroke as she called to him. 'Use ... your white ... whore... '. Linda's mouth hung open, her eyes watering. Luther's breathing was growing faster and more impatient.

'So fucking good ... I'm cummin ... I'm cummin'. His balls flattened against Linda and in a moment his sperm was flooding out into her unprotected cunt with long, vicious squirts. ' ... Ahhhh ... YEAH!'. Arrrgghhhh ... ahhh ... damn!'. Gently he rocked against her, Linda grinning from the wonderful sex and the warm feeling of sperm the black stud had put into her. It was a long time since she'd been fucked like that. With one last deep breath Luther let down her legs and gently drew back, his brown cock wet and softening as he retreated.

'Nutted your pussy hard Lady!', he smiled and looked down in a way that suggested his semen was already welling out of her. 'You pregnant now!'.

'That was incredible', Linda thought, 'and he was only the first!'. As the next man climbed onto the bed she wondered briefly how her husband was feeling next door. He was late twenties with a solid, thick figure and darker skin to Luther. Linda noticed a wedding ring on his finger yet as he jacked his erect dick it was obvious he was very eager.

'Gonna fuck you next baby', he said. 'Send you home to your hubby fucked'.

'That sounds good', she smiled keeping her eyes upon him, 'use me like a white whore'.

'Damn slut', he grinned, 'you gonna get it'. Linda's legs were already apart and the man stuffed himself inside with minimal resistance. He mounted her, feeling her breasts briefly before the familiar rocking motion began. Linda shut her eyes, the sound of her voice filling the room, the shaft of his dick sliding up inside her fully. Luther had indeed come hard and she was well lubed. After minutes she came again, unable to know if her orgasm was squirting onto the bed-sheet though she could already feel the damp beneath her ass that suggested she was.

'Uhhh! ... Uhhh! yeah ... shit yeah!', he grunted loudly in her ear, his whole body tight against hers as his hips drove away.

'Hear that Mr Anders' said Randall to a round of laughter. 'That's the sound of a black man cumming in your wife'.

From the next room Simon watched and listened keenly as the black men train fucked Linda. They had drawn lots for the order and each went up to take a turn. By the fifth the husband had already come, unable to resist and sat for a short while sat on the bed, head in his hands. This was not what he had expected. Yet in truth the sensation was a mixture of complete eroticism and total meltdown. The familiar sound of his wife's voice was ringing in his ears. He began thinking of all the times they'd had together as she encouraged them into her.

'Yeah your pussy's good baby ... so fucking good'.

'C'mon man I want ma turn'.

'OH fuck me ... fuck me... '. The bed head thumped steadily through the wall, pausing as each of the men dumped their heavy sperm loads in Linda's belly.

'Urrhhhhhh coming ... yeah ... Yeeeaaah!'.

'Shit yeah I cummed that pussy. Dis what your husband want eh?'

'Ma turn bitch. Gonna breed you black!'.

When, finally Simon returned to the hole in the wall the older man Dylan was roughly taking Linda from behind. She was on her knees and elbows, ass in the air, her face contorted as he stuffed her from behind.

'Uh-huh ... yeah ... yeah ... that's right... ', he grunted over and over to himself, his skin wet with sweat. Half the men had backed away and were smoking and drinking from cans, their dicks wet and satisfied for the moment, with the promise of more white pussy if they wanted it. One of them had Linda's discarded panties in his hand and was inhaling on them regularly as he watched. These men were in no rush.

'Urrrgh ... use me ... oh God!', came Linda's muffled, drawn out groan from the pillow. Her hands were tight fists, the knuckles white and her groans deep and desperate. The slap, slap of Dylan's thighs against her ass reverberated around the small motel room as she was used. Placing one hand on Linda's shoulder Dylan slowed and Simon knew from his expression the black stud was about to squirt his slippery seed up his wife's hole.

'Yeah ... gonna cum ... gonna cum ... shit ... yeahhhh!', the motel owner grunted, shafting forwards with his hips and rolling back his head in relief.

Linda rolled onto her back and looked up, legs apart at the collection of men. She had looked stylish and perfect when they had arrived. Now her mascara had run and her lips stick was slightly smudged from sucking cock. Simon could see semen up the side of her face and entangled in her dark hair. Yet as Dylan's fresh load welled in her hole, Simon was fascinated to see the look of pleasure on his wife's face.

'I should tell you boys that Mrs Anders Wedding Anniversary was last weekend', laughed Randall. So far the old gent had been watching and letting the younger men have their way. He seemed to take pleasure and a certain degree of pride in watching his event unfold.

'Quite a fucking special day baby', laughed one man, putting down his beer can and climbing onto the bed. Turning Linda onto her side he took position behind her hands on her hips. With minimal effort he slipped his dick fully up inside her. Linda's expression never changed as he fucked her powerfully, her hair trembling on each stroke.

'Shit Tyrone ... you fucking the bitch again!', another said drawing a ripple of laughter from the group.

'Your pussy's good baby', he said rolling his big hips back and forth. 'We sending you home well fucked tonight!'.

Linda smiled, almost drunkenly and reached out to stroke the latest dick to drop in her hand. Under her touch he was erect in moments and she rotated her neck to slide her lips down over his cock. While the first man fucked her she dutifully from behind she sucked the second, looking up into his eyes continually. As the speed of the thrusting grew he paused and turned Linda onto her back, gathering up her legs and powering into her with more controlled, deliberate strokes.

'Damn yeah ... damn yeah ... lovin dat pussy', he grunted. Quickly he pulled out and seconds later Linda felt the warm splatter of jizm across her face. A few of them had facialled her already, the wet feeling of his come on her skin. Another of the younger men had come quite heavily over her tits, his streaky, sticky mess still prevalent. Yet the seed leaking heavily from her pussy showed where most had nutted. It was making a thick puddle on the bed as it oozed slowly from her vagina, soaking through the sheet.

Simon took a drink of water from the bathroom, then heard the commencement of intercourse once more. Unable to resist the husbands eye was drawn back to the hole in the wall.

'Oh don't stop ... use me ... please don't stop'. Thump ... thump ... thump ... One of the older studs had his arms planted firmly behind her knees, pinning her legs apart as he pumped home. Unknown to the Anders he was a mid fifties bus driver with a rounded face, a little overweight but none the less keen. He had a wife and kids back home but this was where he chose to spend his day when The Agency was in town. Married sluts as high quality as this one did not come along every day and he was fucking her for the third time that afternoon. His balls felt full and wet against her as they slapped along, her tits jerking as he sped to a finish.

'Uhh ... Uhh ... UHHHH!', he grunted, face contorting and shunting firmly against her. Linda relaxed, sure she felt the warmth of his baby making come pump generously against the walls of her cunt. As he withdrew a portion flooded out onto the sheet, adding to the sizeable mess.

'Damn I gotta tell you Lady', the youngest of the group added, 'your pussy is sure full o' nigga come'.

'That's what she came for', smiled Randall. 'And I promise nothing will be the same for her afterwards'.

Two others hovered, awaiting a turn but now they backed away. The old man was going to take his due. Climbing onto the bed he rubbed his dick up and down her messy, used crack. A white, bubbly puddle of sticky come was leaking slowly and steadily from her hole. 'I always make a point of fucking all my clients Mrs Anders' said Randall. 'I'm happy to say you are no exception'.

'Yes ... oh yes I want your cock Mr Randall'. Linda reached down and took the old man in her hand, surprised at how erect and hard he felt.

'I know you do my dear'. Spreading her legs a further few inches she pushed him against herself, feeling the lips of her married pussy part once again. With one hand the elderly gent pressed easily up between her legs. He was big enough that she tensed and her body grew tight.

'Ohhhhh ... God ... oh God!', Linda Anders gasped heavily.

'Damn' laughed Dylan. 'Even old Randall getting himself some of this slut!'.

'I must say ... I enjoy fucking ... such a ... fine woman... ', gasped Randall breathlessly. The woman's cum filled pussy felt wet and warm inside, holding him tightly as he fucked his length in and out. Slap ... slap ... slap. He was confident he was very deep. 'Yes, you are very fine indeed Mrs Anders. You really are a lovely whore. I really want to thank you and your husband for letting us have your married pussy here today'. Linda put her arms lovingly around the man's neck. He was one of the biggest she'd had that day and even now, his dick felt a little deeper than the rest.

'Uh ... uh ... uh ... uh ... so deep ... Oooooooohhh!'. Her jaw dropped as she came again. Incredible.

'Here you go ... Mrs ... Anders ... uurrhhhhhh!'. The old man thrust hard, belching his old, thick spunk heavily into Linda's belly. Fucking a white marriage never felt so exciting to him. Sighing contentedly Randall drew back and pulled himself free.

'Put that load to use Mrs Anders', he said.

'I will Mr Randall' gasped Linda, tears of joy welling in her eyes. 'I will'.

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