On Any Given Saturday Night
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What do college chicks do on any given Saturday night? Time for fun, of course!

"How do you feel, baby?"

Sonia barely heard the question, so enthralled by the waves of colors spinning in her mind, fed by the intense erotic energies coming from deep inside her sex. Perhaps the drugs had something to do with the intensity but she didn't want this to stop, ever.

"mmmmmmaaaahhhh" is the only sound she could muster. This is so fucking good! she thought to herself, her hands pressed against the strong hairy chest of her handsome stallion, straddling on top of him, his extraordinarily big cock deep inside her.

"You do look like you're enjoying this" Toro smiled, himself barely able to focus. "That little pussy is hot" he murmurs as much to himself as for her to hear. "I didn't think you could get all of me inside you!" he says, while admiring her perfectly shaped full, soft and firm breast he is holding, cupping them in his hands like a bra, gently squeezing them while his thumbs are gently rubbing circles around her fully erect nipples.

The night had a fairly uneventful start. Pam and Sonia, college roommates, were figuring out what to do this Friday night. There were a couple fraternity parties they could go to but neither were in the mood for hanging out with frat boys who needed to get drunk in a group to find the courage to talk to them. They were both attractive freshman and it didn't take them long to understand they were simply trophies for older college guys to brag about. Not that they didn't enjoy to sex. Some of these guys were hot and fun to fool around with if they would only keep it to themselves. Nothing like a reputation as an easy lay to ruin chances of starting something serious with a nice guy.

Sitting on Pam's bed in their dorm room, the two girls even contemplated just going to the movies when Pam's phone rang.

"Pam? Hi Pam, this is Steve; Steve Scanwell from Abbott & Scanwell ... Do you remember me, we met a couple of weeks ago at lunch?" It took Pam a few seconds to think about it. Yes, of course ... Since he hadn't called sooner, Pam had sadly put him in the back of her mind, labeling him as a missed opportunity.

An attractive older guy in a grey flannel suit with a soft pink tie, too cute to be straight, she thought when they crossed path each with a lunch tray in their hands. Minutes later she was sitting at a table, her mind wandering about an assignment when she heard a voice:

"Do you mind if I sit here? There aren't any seats left in the room".

Pam looked up to piercing blue eyes. She must have blushed because the man in front of her was now smiling.

"I didn't mean to startle you" he apologized, still standing.

"Sure" she managed to reply while pulling her tray closer to her. " I was caught up in my homework!" she continued, recovering her self-confidence.

"You're in college, then?" he asks while sitting across the table.

"Yes, I study biology" she replies.

"A scientist? Wow! And I thought attractive scientists could only be seen on television." he quipped, with a broad smile showing perfect white teeth.

Pam smiled back, noting the compliment. Definitely not gay, she thought, correcting her earlier assessment. "Thank you. I'm not a scientist yet. But if I fail I guess I could always try for a part as a scientist on tv..." she answered looking straight in his eyes, with a hint of irony.

"My name is Steve, Steve Canwell. I work across the street" the man replied.

"Pam, Pam Fisher" she answered, "What do you do Mr. Canwell?"

"Way too formal. Call me Steve, please. I'm a lawyer."

Good looking lawyer ... ok, I can do with this she tells herself. "Do you fight for the good guys or the bad guys, Mr. Canwell?" she asked, imperceptibly checking his finger for a wedding ring.

Smiling again, Steve replied "I'm a patent attorney. I'm afraid there aren't many good or bad guys in my world. Mostly technical documents to analyze. And please call me Steve, you make me feel old. And no, I'm not married". These last words startled Pam who blushed again, this time her heart beating noticeably faster. This guy is sharp, she thought to herself. Forty something, single, good looking lawyer ... what's his story, she wondered.

Sensing the question, Steve acknowledged that he was once married, too young. His wife had had enough of waiting for him to get home during the early days of his career and left him for another life. Over the years he had built up his trade and became a partner in the firm, happy with his work and happy in general with his life.

His soothing, self assured voice and bright smile had Pam mesmerized. She was trying hard to keep a poker face, but this guy was hot and her accelerated heart rate made her lightheaded. This guy is probably getting laid all the time, she thought, but I'd gladly give him a piece of my ass! She snapped back to reality, blushing for a third time, not fully certain if she had said out loud what she had thought to herself. She could also feel that familiar heat in her stomach, a precursor to the world's most wanted treasure, the sexual orgasm. She could feel the wetness between her legs and pressed her thighs together in spontaneous modesty which, instead, accentuated her excitement.

"I have to leave now. I have a class in a few minutes" Pam managed to say while tidying her tray.

"Maybe we can continue our conversation another time?" Steve suggested.

"I'd like that" Pam replied assuredly.

Steve pulled a card from his wallet and handed it to Pam. "Can I have your number?" he asked matter of fact.

"Hi Steve. Of course I remember you." Pam answered, crossing a finger over her lips in response to Sonia's questioning face. "How have you been?"

"I'm sorry I haven't had time to call you sooner" he apologized. "I've been very busy with work and..." Pam interrupted him "No apologies necessary. I've been quite busy myself" she answered in a friendly voice.

"A friend of mine is having a big party at his place and I was wondering if you would like to join me? I'm really sorry to call at the last minute..."

Pam, held the phone down to speak with Sonia, "Do you want to go to a real party?" she asked with a wink. Puzzled, Sonia nodded her head "Who is that?" she asked. "A really hot guy" Pam replied. Before waiting for Sonia's confirmation, Pam picked the phone back up, "It's going to be difficult tonight. I'm with a girlfriend..."

"Bring her along! If she is anything like you I'll have the admiration of everyone at the party!" he said jokingly.

"Don't worry, Sonia is a bomb!" Pam laughed back.

"Fantastic! We'll have lots of fun tonight" Steve replied. "Put on your sexy clothes. I'll pick you up in an hour. Is that alright?"

"Sounds great! We'll be ready. See you soon." Pam replied excitedly before hanging up the phone.

"Who is that?" Sonia asked puzzled.

"His name is Steve Canwell. He's a lawyer I met a couple of weeks ago at The Cafe on Broad street. He is in his 40's, really good looking and owns his law firm. I didn't expect him to call me, but there you go, I guess he did like me after all!"

"Wow! So what's the catch?" wondered Sonia.

"Not sure ... I guess we'll find out if he is an ax murderer!" Pam laughed out loud. They both laughed, jumping off the bed to get ready for the unexpected turn of event!

When the intercom rang, both Sonia and Pam looked really sexy, ready to flaunt their assets like any confident college girls ready to have fun would. Sonia opted for a low cut, white with small intricate motifs short cotton summer dress contrasting with her naturally brown skin, picking a revealing lime green matching bra and Brazilian cut pantie visible through the dress. With her long dark hair, her green eyes and gently curves she could match the beauty of any of the Latina stars seen on television and she knew it. Pam on the other hand simply couldn't hide her Irish descent. Curly fire red hair, pale creamy skin with a thousand tinny freckles on her cheeks, her curves were more accentuated than Sonia's despite her many hours at the gym. She had a body made in heaven for sex and all her efforts over the years to attenuate the obvious proved pointless. She could see it in men's eyes. Watching Sonia looking so sexy, she worried for a second that Steve might turn his eyes on her roommate So she decided to pull out the one little red dress she knew could keep Steve focused on her. Her high heels gave her half a head over Sonia and would complement Steve's stature. The women looked at each other admiringly, smiled and winked at each other before closing the front door.

The party was more than anything Sonia and Pam had ever seen. The house was gigantic, with multiple levels overlooking a big curving swimming pool and the valley below. The event was entirely catered, with a live band, white clad service poring quality champagne all night. There must have been at least a hundred people there, men mostly in their 50's and the women mostly in their early to mid 30's looking ravishing. While Sonia and Pam's youth and clothes made them stand out somewhat, the jewelery around many of the women's neck and fingers clearly showed a level of achievement that neither had reached and made them feel more like girls than women.

Steve had warned that they were going to meet the city's cream of the crop but shouldn't be intimidated by what they would see. "Most of these guys are bored workaholics who spend fortunes on trophy wives who can't help but age regardless of what the cosmetic industry tells them. Everyone cheats on everyone but all keep appearances as part of the social game."

"So how do we fit in there?" Pam had ventured

"You're the spice of life!" Steve had replied laughing over the roar of his speeding convertible luxury sports car.

As they were ready to step out of the car, Steve had pulled out a little metal box and opened it to a dozen little blue pills. "Anyone wants to make this evening even more fun?" he says as he picks up a pill and puts it in his mouth.

Pam and Sonia looked at each other. "Why not?" they say almost simultaneously, prompting general laughter.

Upon entering the house, the three heard a loud "Steve!" to their side and all turned at the same time. Their host looked awe struck. "My goodness! I spend millions on jewelry for my wife and you just walk in with treasures in your arms! What kind of pirate are you?" he says loudly with a Gregorian laugh.

"Eduardo, it's good to see you" Steve says as he turns to Pam and Sonia.

"Pam, Sonia, this is Eduardo our host tonight. Eduardo is one of the valley's largest investor in new technologies and one of my best client".

"Now, now ... You must be talking about my girth!" Eduardo replied, putting his hands around his sizable stomach. "Welcome to my home and please let me know if there is anything, anything at all I can do for you tonight" Eduardo says leaning forward, kissing the hands that Pam and Sonia had extended to him.

"Thank you kindly" Pam replied with an enchanted smile.

"It's very kind of you" Sonia added. "You have a beautiful home".

"Thank you, thank you, young ladies" replied Eduardo. Turning to Sonia "I would be happy to show you the rest of the house later this evening if you'd like" winked Eduardo in a flirtatious voice which makes them all laugh.

An hour into the party, the drug and the several coupes of champagne have the young ladies pretty buzzed and giggly, observing the crowd around them from one of the balconies while Steve is mingling with his co-workers and clients. People below are dancing and laughing, Sonia is slowly moving to the rhythm of the loud and sensuous music coming through massive speakers with her eyes closed, in a trance. Pam is watching her, admiring her sensuality, a little surprised to feel turned on by her roommate's slow erotic moves, herself spellbound by the music's charged rhythms.

Moving close to Sonia, Pam brings her lips to her ear, hoping to be heard "I'm feeling pretty horny right now" she confides with a smile.

Sonia slowly turns around, drops her hands to feel Pam's hips undulate with the rhythm while looking straight into her eyes, "I'm on fire!" she answers with a exculpatory laugh that gets Pam laughing with her. "That pill is pretty freaking awesome!" she lets out. "I want to get laid so bad" she continues feeling released of all constraints.

"Nice to know I'm not alone feeling that way!" Pam replies, lifting her hand onto Sonia's shoulders and slowly bringing her body against hers. Without a word, the two started a heated sensuous exchange fuelled by the music's low, deep brass and bass.

The playful exchange did not go unnoticed. Pam had observed Steve below talking with a couple of well dressed guys at the bar, at one point pointing his finger in the girls' direction. They had all looked up and, from above, Pam had determined that the conversation was probably not of a professional nature. "We're being checked out" Pam whispered in Sonia's ear, bringing her hands to her hips on top of Sonia's hands, accentuating her swing. Pam was a bit of an exhibitionist and the whole scene was clearly to her liking.

"Let's give them something to talk about" she continued, her body pressing against Sonia's, their pelvis now rubbing, sending waves of erotic energy every time they made contact with each other. Sonia lifted her arms in the air, slowly turning within Pam's hands on her waist, alternatively offering her pelvis and her ass.

Before Pam had a chance to verify that their audience was still watching, she felt a set of strong hands firmly holding her hips. Before she had time to identify whose hands they belonged to, she felt the body of a man pressing against her back and the unmistakable hardness of his excitement against her ass. She turned her head halfway to confirm this was indeed the man she had hoped to be there, unsure of what she would have done if it hadn't.

"You are amazing" Steve's familiar voice whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes and lifted her head up, arching her back gently, pressing her ass a little more against his cock as a sign of approval. Instead of backing off, Sonia pressed herself against Pam who was now sandwiched between Steve and her. Pam turned her head to her side again, this time looking for Steve's lips. He swiftly leaned his head forward and pressed his lips against hers, their tongues madly twirling, while Sonia began kissing and licking Pam's offered neck and ear.

When the music finally segued to a upbeat tempo, the three quickly unglued themselves, Steve still holding on to Pam' waist while all three observed the dancing below.

"You should meet my friend Toro" Steve shouted to Sonia in order to be heard over the loud music. "I think you guys would hit it off!"

Pam interjected, "Toro? What kind of name is that?"

"It's Spanish for bull" replied Steve. Ever since we met in college he was known as Toro."

"Why is that?" Pam asked quizzically

"I think it has something to do with his manhood! His real name is Tony. We studied law together". Suddenly Steve turned to the dance floor and whistled down to get Tony's attention. Sitting at the bar with a couple other guys, he looked up and smiled when he saw Steve gesturing him to come up the stairs. Minutes later Toro was being introduced to Pam and Sonia.

Tony was the only son of a wealthy Mexican family who had sent him across the border to study at the finest Universities the US had to offer. A tall, slim muscular man with light green eyes, short dark curly hair and a smooth bronze skin, it hadn't taken long for him to earn his nickname. He could pick just about any woman he wanted but he never had to. "American women are sex freaks!" he would say. "They come right up to you for sex! In my country you would never find a proper girl to make the first move. Men have to court them for a long time before they would let anything happened at all." Sex had gone from discovery to pastime to nearly failing him out of college. Toro was "the" man any horny girl had to experience before graduating from college and he indulged everyone of them as best he could. It isn't until his parents threatened to send him home that he began his slow recovery towards a near sexless life. In the process he had managed to graduate from college and law school where he had met Steve.

"Would you like a drink?" Toro had offered Sonia.

"That would be nice" she replied, "We could tour the house as well" she continued, winking in Pam and Steve's direction. They left Pam and Steve to themselves, on their way to the rest of the house, Toro grabbing a bottle of champagne with 2 empty coupes from the tray of a passing waiter.

As they walked deeper into the house, they encountered fewer guests, mostly lovers seeking a minimum level of privacy to steal a few kisses and caresses away from respective husbands or wives expected to be on the dance floor or themselves hiding somewhere else in the house. Every door they opened was occupied with two or more people trading drugs or sex until they finally found an empty bedroom at the end of a long corridor. They snuck in, turned the light on and quickly inspected the room for any other sign of life.

"Looks like we're clear" Toro had declared after peeking through a closet door. He had barely closed the door and turned to face Sonia that she had stepped forward and pressed herself against him, arms around his neck, her lips against his. Sonia was in no mood for small talk.

Without flinching, he thrust his tongue in her mouth while grabbing her ass with his hands wide open. Only minutes ago he had fantasized doing just that, grabbing that beautiful, full round and firm ass he wanted to play with.

Their tongues were madly dancing with each other and their bodies twirling until both fell on the bed, Sonia straddling on top of him. Suddenly she stopped cold, scrutinized his face, his eyes and lips, his ears and hair ... Not bad, she thought to herself, not bad at all. She stared at him with a naughty, inviting little smile and just as suddenly tore his shirt open, buttons flying around. Surprised but transfixed by her animal energy, Toro pulled her dress over her head and began to admire her perfect breasts held by a sexy little lime green bra.

It was his turn. With both hands, he tore the thinnest part of the bra, between her breasts. The fine silky cotton had no chance. Gently he opened the bra to gorgeous natural full breasts, with quarter sized aureoles and nipples staring at the sky. Sonia stood straight, pulled her shoulders back to show their firmness. He was impressed, she could see. She then felt his hands grabbing the sides of her panties and they too couldn't resist his determined fingers. The cotton snapped twice. She lifted herself slightly while he pulled the little bikini from under her. He started at her perfectly trimmed pussy, a little triangle of tight curly hair crowning a fine slit. The sight made Toro moan with envy. The animal in him was coming out; he wanted her to feel his manhood now.

Sonia was so wet she didn't want to sit back on Toro's clothes. Slowly she moved back while her hands expertly unbuckled his pants and she started lowering his zipper. On the way down she felt the bulge that startled her. She was anxious to discover if this cock merited his name. Seconds later she uncovered the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Everything about this sex was over-sized: his shaved balls were were big and heavy, his penis had to be nearly a foot long with a slight upwards curve, its base so thick her fingers tips couldn't touch one another when wrapped around it. She observed it with eyes and mouth wide open. Only the head of this giant cock looked a proper size, almost aerodynamically shaped to enter small cavities.

Sonia slid down further between his legs, her knees on the floor, her face at level with his giant pole. Toro sat up, his cock now looking slightly above the horizon. With her hands on his thighs, Sonia, moved her face forward, her lips reaching the head of Toro's cock. There was no way she'd be able to suck him very deep but she was going to do her best to please him. Her mouth was now covering his head, her tongue twirling around, tasting his pre-cum.

Toro had both hands on her head, playing with her hair as she was sucking him, taking time to adjust to his size. The excitement was making him shake and moan. Clinching his jaws he pressed himself a little deeper inside her hot, watery mouth.

"Fuck this feels good!" he finally uttered, breaking the silence. "Come up. I don't want you to choke on it just yet" he said with a smile, lifting her with his hands under her arms. Sonia felt herself lifted up, straddling him again. "Come closer" he said, this time grabbing her ass and sliding her towards his face "I want to taste your pussy". These words sent an electrical sock through her body. She loved and craved the feeling of a tongue playing with her swollen clitoris. Yet she'd met few guys willing to fulfill that intimate pleasure and she had sworn that whoever she'd marry would have to be a tongue expert!

And an expert she had right now between her open legs. Holding her ass firmly close to his face, Toro was indulging in his own fantasy of fucking her perfect little pussy with his tongue, sliding from penetration to titillating her clit, sending intense vibrations through her body, feeling her shaking uncontrollably, moaning, her eyes closed, head staring at the sky. Several minutes later, he heard a long moan that seemed to come deep from her inner most self while a warm flow of her juices were dripping down his face and neck. Sonia was having the orgasm of a lifetime, shaking like a leaf, tears streaming down her face in erotic ecstasy, her finger nails cutting into her own thighs that she was hanging onto.

Toro gently lifted his shoulders which made Sonia slide towards his chest, rubbing her dripping pussy against his body, sending additional orgasmic jolts through her body. He stopped a few minutes to give her a chance to recover. He knew the drug she was on and the intensity of everything she was feeling at that point. When Sonia finally opened her eyes, she looked at him with a large smile and dropped down to kiss him as voluptuously as she knew. She was sucking and gently biting his upper and lower lips, sucking on his tongue, licking her juices off his face and neck like a child licking a plate clean.

Electricity was still running through her body and her orgasm, instead of a calming effect seemed to spark more energy from within. She wanted eagerly to watch her lover explode the way she just had and she was only a foot or so from what was the biggest toy she had ever imagined sliding inside of her. She wanted it as much for her own pleasure as for giving him the greatest orgasm she possibly could.

Her hands on his strong chest, staring straight into his eyes, Sonia slowly pushed herself down his stomach until she felt the unmistakable tip of his cock bumping against her pussy. She lowered her chest onto his to give herself room to lift her ass, then slowly pressed herself onto him, feeling the tip of his cock sliding through her wet lips. She was so wet that she had no difficulties sliding the first 4-5 inches inside her. Now assured that he was not going to slip out of her, she lifted herself again and pushed herself a little deeper, now feeling the erotic intensity of her stretching pussy absorbing his thick organ. Sonia could not believe how much pleasure she was feeling. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour, sensations she had never felt were taking over her body, her moans were in sync with her lifting and lowering body onto his cock all the while he could only stare in amazement at her face, her expressions, her sounds ... She was something else, he thought.

He felt so deep in her womb, so deep in her intimacy he had to be all way in she thought to herself while looking down to confirm. To her astonishment, she discovered that she was still inches short of being able to sit on him! Sensing that she was going to need some help, Toro brought his hands under her ass and gently spread her pussy open while lifting her slowly then lowering her while pressing his hips forward, gently thrusting his cock deeper inside her.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" she let out a long sigh like the one he had heard earlier as she was spinning towards her orgasm. "Fuck!" she managed to voice out. "This is so good! You are going to make me cum again!" He could feel her body opening up, liberating more lubricating juices, inviting him to plunge deeper, to places no one had ever been before.

His own head spinning out of control and testosterone kicking in, liberating his dominant animal instincts, Toro began to thrust his pelvic a little harder, a little deeper. He could feel he had Sonia nearly impaled on his manhood. He wanted her. He wanted her totally, unconditionally. While lowering her on his cock, Toro thrust his hips forward, determined to fill her completely. Simultaneously, Sonia let out a mixed cry of surprise, pain and erotic discharge as she felt her ass bouncing against his thrust while he let out a loud primitive instinctual cry of domination.

Both stood there, heads spinning, in total spiritual and physical symbiosis, waves of energy rushing through their body, absorbing the intensity of their shared orgasm. They sat there, unable, unwilling to move an inch for fear of breaking the spell that bound them together.

By the time Sonia and Toro made it back to the dance floor the party has definitely switched gears. The established older socialites had retreated, no longer able or willing to challenge the younger middle-aged crowd to frolickings they had dominated a few years back. Antacids, aspirins and a comfortable bed felt a better option than a night of dueling for the attention of evermore expensive creatures of pleasure, physical or synthetic. The dance floor was now dominated by 40 something alpha males, their diamond studded wife or their luscious looking dates.

Sonia was scanning the scene for Pam who would have to clearly stand out of the pack with her height and stunning little red dress. "Do you see my girlfriend?" she asks Toro.

"No, but I don't see Steve either. They're probably having a good time somewhere in the house" he laughs while gently squeezing her butt.

Sonia looks up at him with a smile, gives him a hug and kisses him passionately. "Can't be as good as our good time..." she whispers in his ear. Feeling his strong arms bringing her closer to him, she feels his unmistakable bulge against her stomach. "Wow, he sure recovers quickly", she smiles, rubbing herself slightly against his awakening cock.

"Sonia! ... Sonia!" It took a couple seconds for the lovers to snap out of their growing excitement.

"Pam! There you are! I was looking for you all over the dance floor!" Sonia called as her friend was racing towards them.

"Yeah, right ... Bet you were. You sure were gone a long time ... how's the house?" she winks at Sonia with a smile.

"Incredible!" Sonia winks back. "You should see how big it is..." she continues while discretely pinching Toro's butt. "I could really get used to this". Switching subject, "Where is Steve?" Sonia inquires.

"On his way over, picking up a bottle of champagne for all of us" she replies, pointing a finger in the direction of the bar. Minutes later Steve arrives with a bottle of champagne in one hand and four champagne flutes in the other.

"Welcome back you guys!" He shouts to be heard over the loud music. "Have you been having fun?" he asks rhetorically.

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