The Lottery Winner's Challenge

I have known Angelina, or sexy_girl, for several years since I was thirteen but have never actually met her! She was a couple of years older than me, but had been one of my best friends on the Internet. I first met her on the Truth or Dare chat channels and we had maintained good contact, partaking in a number of games with other members.

Just after I had finished my final exams at University I got an unexpected but not unwelcome e-mail from her addressed to myself and a few other members of our forums. We hadn't participated in any games for a number of months with my studies taking precedence over any leisure activities I enjoyed doing.

Dear All,

Sorry I haven't been online recently but have good news! Two months ago I won the big rollover jackpot on the lottery and am going to give one of you a cool million.

The winner of a giant game of challenges, set by me, over one week beginning on the first Monday of August. It will be in and around my new estate in Sussex.

Let me know if you are in. There are eight places - first come first served.

Lots of love,


P.S. Only play if you want to accept my limits ;-)

I replied almost instantly that I would definitely want to be counted in and went back to the business of celebrating my end of year exams with sexy_girl's offer still in the back of my mind.

Angelina had been in touch the week before and sent us details of what I would need to pack, arranged train tickets for me and the details of the accommodation provided. I can't deny I was excited but slightly apprehensive. It is very different playing a game of Truth or Dare with people hundreds of miles away to those in the same room, but I had "won" my fair share of games and by and large was quite looking forward to it.

I was nearly fourteen stone, so a few pounds overweight for someone who was six foot tall but other than that was in fairly good shape. I had seen photos and webcam footage of most of the other contestants but would not recognise them by sight. In fact, I knew six of the seven other contestants - the forums had been buzzing with the rumours that someone was feeding them and six of my fellow gamers had 'fessed up that they were going. bigboy19, tord_phreak, flashergirl, londonjames82, big_boned_lucy and icum4u were being joined by myself, southernmark and one other mystery member. I guessed that sexy_girl had set up the game so that there were equal numbers of boys and girls which meant that the missing person was definitely female. I did toy with the idea that it was sexy_girl herself, but then dismissed it.

The train journey took less than two hours on the Sunday afternoon I was given the ticket for. The rural train station was a fifteen minute walk to the little village and hostel where I was to be staying. To say that it wasn't even a one-star outfit wouldn't be unkind, but certainly was geared for hikers and walkers who would not be entering the establishment clean. An outdoor toilet and shower was provided along with rubber mats to the sparse bedroom for those who were muddy and dirty.

Lying on the bed was an envelope addressed to "southernmark" containing Angelina's spidery handwriting. I had only seen it once before when she had to write out "I must swallow after sucking cock" 100 times and leave it in a University library book after admitting she didn't allow her boyfriends to come in her mouth. Photographic proof was provided!

"I hope you enjoyed your journey and you can have tonight to rest. In the morning, be at the remains of Sizewell Abbey by 9am. Lots of love, sexy_girl"

It was gone 5.30 when I had finished and ordered a takeaway from a local outfit that had left a leaflet in my room. I ventured out to see if I could meet anyone else here that would be playing but wasn't sure who was who in the bar and made an early night for it.

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