Living With My Aunt
Episode 1

Copyright© 2011 by Cor

Coming of Age Sex Story: Episode 1 - Joe, a college freshman is living with his aunt after his parents were killed in a car accident. While looking for a pen, he comes across a photo album he had not seen before. Opening it idly, he has the shock of his life... inside was photo after photo of his aunt, totally nude.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Interracial   Slow   Nudism  

My name is Joe and I am a freshman at a local college. Last summer my parents were killed in an auto accident and after I came out of the hospital, I was fortunate enough that my maternal aunt could take me into her home. Aunt Jane was almost eight years younger than my Mom. Before moving in last September, I barely knew her; she had no children and, because of her job, she travelled a lot. She was widowed a few years ago when her husband was in the service. It has now been six months that we have been living together and we were starting to get used to each other; some things were routine but I could not say that we knew each other very well yet. I still greatly missed my parents, which did not help us getting close.

Anyway, I was sitting in my room working on a report when my pen gave up the ghost. After searching the kitchen, the living room and everywhere else I could think of without success, I gave into the temptation of going into my Aunt's bedroom. I was looking through her bookcase and saw a photo album.

"Funny," I thought, "over winter, she has shown me a lot of pictures but I don't remember her ever showing me this album." In spite of myself, I picked it up and started looking at some of the pictures. What the... ! From the hairstyles, I guessed that these were recent pictures of Aunt Jane but what threw me was that she was totally nude. I continued to flip through the album ... page after page of pictures of Aunt Jane naked, some by herself, some with other people, both men and women, all just as nude as Aunt Jane. "What the Hell... ?" I thought.

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