Daughters of Orion
Chapter 1

"Mr. President, the alien ambassador is on its way."

"Charlie. Right, um..." President Shore looked up from his desk in the Oval Office.

He glanced at the half-dozen Secret Service agents arrayed around him. One of them whispered into a microphone at his cuff and they all held weapons. Small black Uzi machine guns, the President thought, but he was no expert on such things.

" ... Let's get George in here, and the Admiral," Shore told his chief of staff, wondering why he had to be President at that particular moment in history. "Call Henry too."

"I've got them waiting outside," Charlie replied and he'd turned out to be a good man in a storm. He raised his arm, gesturing through the open door.

"Mr. President," George, the austere National Security Advisor, offered his boss the usual thin, polite smile. He always carried a thin briefcase too, but Shore had never seen the man open it.

"Good morning, Mr. President," Admiral Hatt nodded as he strode into the office. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs wore no medals, but only a few campaign ribbons, his prized submariner's dolphins, and the badge of his office.

"Shit, Bob..." The Secretary of the Treasury ignored custom and grinned at the most powerful man in the world.

"Henry," Shore grinned back at his old childhood friend, but there was little humor in it. "I guess we're gonna get our answers, huh?"

Every resource available to the United States government had been working around the clock to uncover any information about the aliens. Hell, the President thought, the entire world had been trying to figure out who and what the aliens were, and more importantly, what they wanted with Earth. Never mind the hysteria and riots, the near collapse of the global economy and its unimaginable rebound three days later when a single word had been broadcast to the planet.

"Peace." The hopeful message received simultaneously in every country in every language, had been the aliens' only communication ... Until now.

"We're ready to hit them with everything we've got," the Admiral reminded everyone in the room as they took their customary seats. "You give the order, sir, and..."

"And what?" Shore frowned from behind his mahogany desk. "We nuke Disney World off the map?"

"I wonder why they landed there." Henry rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Central Intelligence thinks the aliens were confused," George said. "Some of their analysts suggest the aliens might have mistaken Disney World for the capital."

"And Mickey Mouse is the President?" Henry gave the man a doubtful look.

"They don't have a lot to go on at Langley," the National Security Advisor replied weakly and his usually pale face had flushed at the rebuke.

"None of us do, George," the President sighed, knowing he couldn't blame anyone for the confusion of the past week. Nothing could have prepared them for such an unexpected event.

"The ambassador has arrived at the West Entrance, sir," one of the Secret Service agents reported.

"What's it look like?" Henry wondered, voicing the curiosity of everyone in the room.

"Does it have a name?" Charlie asked no one in particular and there had been much debate over the protocol.

President Shore had wanted to greet the ambassador on the lawn, with all the pomp usually accorded a foreign dignitary. The Secret Service hadn't cared for that idea, however, and neither had his advisors; there would be time enough for ceremony later. For the moment, as soon as the alien craft had landed near the rose garden, the code name for the Oval Office had changed to The Alamo, which wasn't something the President needed to know.

He did know that the Vice-President was safely aloft in a modified 747 and ready to take over the government if he had to. The military stood at DefCon-2, one short step away from war. The National Guard had been called up and martial law declared in a number of cities where rioting had broken out. Television and radio were now operated under direct control of the FCC in accordance with various laws, just as control of all telecommunications capability had been assumed by the Air Force. These and a million other details were only precautionary measures, however, and impacted the average citizen very little.

Most people were content to watch CNN and pray that their government knew what it was doing, a sentiment not lost on the former car dealer from the great state of Arizona. Robert Shore had been doing a lot of praying himself lately.

Several minutes later, after passing through the most rigorous and well camouflaged security systems devised by man, the door to the Oval Office opened. The President rose slowly from his chair while Judy Hoskins, the unflappable Secretary of State, walked briskly into the room. Everyone held their breath, staring as the alien paused in the open doorway for one long heartbeat.

Humanity was not alone.

"Mr. President..." Judy began making formal introductions as the man moved slowly around his desk. From the sofa and over-stuffed chairs, his aides turned their heads and stared with open astonishment.

"President Shore?" The ambassador smiled brightly and the creature's blue eyes sparkled with something like amusement. "Hi! I'm Molly. What a marvelous place!"

"Molly?" Henry blinked and he really shouldn't have said anything just then, but the President barely noticed.

"Madam Ambassador," Shore managed to say, licking his lips as he took in the alien's lithe form beneath its stylish business suit. "Welcome to the White House."

"Thank you!" it replied with a pleasant giggle, tossing a thick mane of blonde hair from one slender shoulder to the other. "Just call me Molly, please."

The alien seemed to strut across the room on long, tanned legs. Stiletto heels sank into the plush carpet and the President noticed his visitor's toenails were painted red like its fingernails. A hint of white lace could be seen as the creature's thighs tugged at the skirt, opening and closing twin slits in the dark material, front and back. The alien's blazer was held closed by two small buttons and the white blouse beneath strained to hold a pair of firm, generous breasts as they moved hypnotically in concert with its deftly rounded hips.

"W-Would you care for some coffee or, um ... tea?" Shore asked, dragging his eyes upward to see an extraterrestrial face that would have been quite comfortable on the cover of Vogue.

"Or me?" the creature asked with another delightful giggle, extending an empty, delicate hand in friendship. "You're cute!"

The Secret Service agents jumped at the gesture and their normally superb reflexes had been dulled, their well-honed instincts slowed by the overwhelming presence of the alien. A sexual presence that none of the men seemed immune to, nor even Ms. Hoskins, for that matter. The distinguished diplomat had turned pink all over and Shore might have noticed had he not been transfixed by his otherworldly guest.

His manhood strained for release, aching the way it hadn't since he'd been a teenage boy back home in Winslow. Shore felt feverish as tiny beads of sweat appeared on his smooth brow. A wonderful knot had formed deep in the man's belly and his knees had grown weak and rubbery. Visions of what he might do with the gorgeous being standing before him filled the President's mind. The smell of female desire fell upon his senses and Shore imagined he could taste the alien's arousal on his tongue, sweet and sultry like the juicy pulp of rare, tropical fruit.

"Oh!" the man gasped as his fingers touched the alien's skin and a flood of hot semen erupted inside his Presidential boxers.


A half-dozen nine millimeter slugs tore into the alien before anyone realized what had happened. The nervous agent who'd pulled the trigger dropped his smoking weapon, horrified by what he'd done. Molly's smile faltered and died with her that fateful day, six silent minutes before the aliens declared war on Earth and ended finally and forever what might have been a promising union between two great peoples.

"They wouldn't even talk to her," a tall young woman said quietly. Her recently tanned skin gleamed with cocoa-butter and she fingered the small ruby and onyx crown which pierced her belly-button, feeling the weight of it deep within her empty womb.

"Maybe they were all gay," Captain Heather shrugged, shaking her head sadly at the new asteroid belt slowly trying to form around a rather unexceptional star on the edge of the galaxy. It would take many millions of years, she thought.

"Why would they build temples to their children if they didn't like sex?" Major Allison wondered as she adjusted her thong and that was a good question none of the women could answer.

"Perhaps we should have sent someone more attractive," Colonel Jenny offered and her sublime beauty couldn't mask the woman's disappointment. "I know Molly had brains, but sometimes beauty..."

" ... is what the situation calls for," Princess Wendy nodded, accepting the blame for her decision to send a rather plain looking diplomat on such an important mission.

She would have to change out of her royal blue bikini and wear the black corset and stockings of mourning. Already she'd ordered the imperial flags be flown at half mast for a week. And not just for Molly; it had been such a pretty planet and so many children! The men must have been extremely virile, the scientists had thought, and Wendy couldn't understand why they'd reject peace so carelessly. Hadn't they known how precious life really was in the cold vastness of space?

"Maybe their excess spoiled them," she said. "They had too much life and knew nothing else."

"And we have too little, I fear." Heather drew a deep breath, threatening to free her upturned breasts completely.

"We have to continue the mission." Admiral Lisa combed back her thick, raven hair with one delicate hand. "A million women are counting on us. What's the next planet?"

"Not all the probes have returned, but this one looks promising..." Lieutenant Carol pushed a button and the holographic display changed.

The Princess and her staff had gathered on the flag bridge, huddled around a large chart table as it had been known in antiquity. All the star charts were computerized, of course, and the old sextants and slide rules were decorative rather than practical. The admiral enjoyed such things and traditions were important to a race which had known nothing but the metal of its ships and an endless voyage across a sea of stars.

"Neanderthals?" Wendy flicked at her crown with one long, anxious fingernail.

"Homo sapiens," Carol said quickly, plucking at a tuft of golden hair above her low-cut bikini. It was a nervous habit she actually enjoyed and so the young officer didn't like to trim her pubic hair, despite regulations.

"Bronze age," Lisa noted with a lick of her pouting red lips. "At least they'll be fit."

"Hmmm..." The women shared a smile at the hard working aesthetics to be found in many primitive cultures. A warm bath, a little soap and some scented oils, and...

"We need to breed," Heather said and they all nodded their heads at that. It had been the unofficial slogan for a long time.

"I'll set a course for the fleet," Lisa told her ruler and the Princess lifted a hand in silent assent. The decision had been an easy one to make after recent events.

"It's not your fault," Heather whispered in Wendy's ear.

"I've failed our people," the woman replied softly, searching the beautiful eyes of her closest friend and aide. "Dine with me tonight?"

"Of course," the petite redhead bowed gracefully.

"And bring that new dildo of yours," Wendy allowed herself a smile. "The purple one."

"Oh!" Heather giggled lightly, understanding that her Mistress, guilty or not, required some small punishment to ease her pain.

"Excuse me, Admiral..."

The Princess waited patiently as one of the flagship's many junior officers spoke in hushed, urgent tones. The other women exchanged glances, wondering what this might be about, and Captain Heather took the momentary pause as an opportunity to request a pitcher of iced tea from the wardroom.

"What?" Lisa's smoky eyes widened with surprise as the shapely commander looked past the nervous blonde ensign. "Bring them here. Immediately!"

"What's happened?" Wendy asked and all eyes were on Lisa as she visibly composed herself.

"Princess, it seems we have a ... stowaway," the admiral reported slowly.

"A stowaway?" Carol smiled, looking between Lisa and Wendy. "A stowaway ... What?"

"Man!" Heather gasped, staring at a rather confused, but smiling human male.

Two leather clad security officers escorted him, guiding the man forward gently as they held his biceps. Behind them a pink-faced and freckled crewman looked somewhat less happy as the ensign pushed her onto the flag bridge. The girl, for she couldn't have been very old at all, Wendy thought, wore the pink halter top and matching shorts of a maintenance technician. Around her slim waist, a wide tool belt rode low and heavy with the various implements of her trade.

"Princess Wendy!" The child blinked and immediately lowered her head, but all eyes were on the boy who seemed barely out of childhood himself now that he stood closer.

"Uh ... Hey. What's up?" He smiled nervously and licked his lips, letting his eyes drift from Heather to Lisa to Carol to Jenny to Allison and finally to Wendy. "Wow!"

"Wow?" Captain Heather looked at Colonel Jenny and the woman shrugged. They'd met males before, but never an earthling and every culture had its own unique vernacular.

"You guys are really, uh ... Hot!" he exclaimed. "Jeeze!"

"What's your name, Crewman?" Admiral Lisa demanded without taking her eyes off the young man.

"Me?" he asked.

"Janey..." the strawberry blonde replied softly. She had elfin features and sea green eyes, boyish hips and small, plump breasts that were plainly still trying to grow. Smallish nipples offered a tantalizing treat for the imagination and one couldn't help but notice the way her shorts were pulled tightly between Janey's immature labia.

"Oh." The boy smiled sheepishly from beneath his unkempt black hair. He had nice eyes, Wendy thought, soft and brown and curious, and she liked the way they lingered on her gleaming, well-tanned breasts.

" ... Hull technician third class, Ma'am," Janey continued with a hard swallow. "I didn't mean to do it!"

"What did you do?" Princess Wendy wondered.

"Is that like a window?" the boy asked, staring at the view screen dominating the forward bulkhead. "Holy crap! Are we in space?"

No one bothered to answer him as the crewman kept talking. "I was outside, working on the port wave guide, and I saw Matt watching me and, um..."

"Matt?" Lisa tugged at her necklace. The sapphire pendant shone brilliantly with the star of her rank and it had an annoying tendancy to wedge itself between the admiral's proud breasts.

"Me?" The earthling smiled at the woman, but his eyes were drawn downward as the precious stone caught his attention. At least, that would be Matt's excuse if he happened to need one.

" ... He smiled at me," Janey said with an apologetic smile. "I just wanted to talk to him."

"Contact with another species is prohibited until after we've negotiated with them," Lieutenant Carol said. "You know that."

"Yes Ma'am," she bowed her head. "But he looked so cute and he told me..."

"What did he tell you?" Lisa asked, glancing at Matt and resisting the urge to pinch her suddenly tender nipples. It had been too long since she'd felt a man's eyes on her body and she'd nearly forgotten the subtle pleasure of being desirable.

"He said I'm beautiful," Janey sighed, turning her warm doe eyes on Matt as the boy offered the girl a sincere smile.

"Beautiful?" Jenny smiled and didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings, but only a blind man would have called the crewman that!

"Yeah! You're totally beautiful, Janey," Matt agreed, surprising everyone, and then pointed at the viewer. "Can you get Earth on that thing? I'd really like to check it out."

"You could have jeopardized the entire mission," Major Allison said with a shake of her head and looked at Jenny. "Do you think he had anything to do with Molly?"

"Hmmm..." the Colonel bit her bottom lip pensively. "It's possible they might have thought we were stealing the male, but..."

"Oh crap!" Matt jumped away as something resembling a jagged lightning bolt ripped across the view screen.

The odd lack of thunder confused him even more and he would have lost his balance completely, but Matt's hands managed to find Carol's luscious breasts and squeeze. The boy held on for dear life as the entire ship shuddered and the lieutenant instinctively wrapped her arms around him. For one brief moment they looked into each other's eyes as the throbbing bulge in Matt's trousers rubbed the scantily clad sex nestled between Carol's creamy thighs.

"Security," Lisa said and the two female guards pulled Matt backwards as Carol reluctantly let him go.

"Was that lightning?" He looked around, panting the words as he rubbed his crotch. "In space?"

"Wormholes," Allison explained as she pulled her long hair into a tawny ponytail. "The gravity storm is beginning."

"Alert the fleet," Lisa told Carol. "We could be in for rough ride."

"Aye, Admiral," Carol cleared her throat and straightened her uniform, tugging her bikini back into place as she began issuing the proper orders.

"There's storms in space?" Matt asked no one in particular as he watched Allison's pert breasts jiggle. She seemed to be having difficulty with her hair clip, he thought, but that didn't didn't explain the sexy smile she was giving him.

"You're quite safe," Heather assured the boy, stealing his attention with a promising smile of her own. "The shields will protect us from everything but the turbulence."

"So you guys are used to this stuff," Matt nodded. "That's cool."

"We've seen it before," Heather shrugged, toying with the belly bracelet she wore as a sign of her rank. She collected small fertility charms and trinkets from some of the more primitive cultures and they jingled pleasantly with every move the captain made.

The Princess caught Heather's eye and Matt drew a deep breath as the woman turned away. Her ass looked amazing, he thought, just like the rest of her. The thong Heather wore, a red one, disappeared between her round cheeks and she must have had hips made out of Jell-O! They were all over the place, but in a seriously nice way. Matt wondered if he could ask to use the bathroom just so he could jerk off before he spilled in his pants.

"The solar system is realigning itself," Jenny explained, largely because they had nothing else to talk about.

Admiral Lisa and Lieutenant Carol were busy preparing the fleet for the storm; Princess Wendy and her two aides, Captain Heather and Major Allison, were conferring about the stowaway earthling and what to do with him. That left Colonel Jenny to keep young Matt entertained and the truth was, she liked a good fight and a good fuck, but in between she'd never been very comfortable making small talk with a male.

"Uh, right," Matt nodded slowly. "Why?"

"Because your planet is no longer affecting the orbits of the others," the Colonel shrugged. "You know about the other planets, right?"

"Of course!" Matt said as indignantly as he could in face of what was almost certainly the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen anywhere. They were all gorgeous, but Jenny's beauty was just insane and he wondered why she wasn't in charge.

"Just checking," the colonel sighed; one could never assume anything about another culture.

"But ... Wait!" he blinked at her. "What do you mean my planet's not doing ... whatever ... What does that mean?"

Jenny had turned away for the moment, however, and the earthling's answer would have to wait.

"Admiral's Mast," Lisa decided, turning her dark eyes on Janey and stealing Matt's attention for the moment.

"Yes Ma'am," Janey nodded quickly. She'd been waiting patiently for her Admiral the way a humble crewman should.

"Report to my quarters at 2100 tonight for your punishment," Lisa continued. "Dismissed."

"Thank you, Ma'am!" Janey said, bowing to Princess Wendy and giving Matt a wistful smile before fleeing the flag bridge.

"Bye," Matt sighed, giving her a small wave as he felt a warm, comforting fist grip his heart.

He wasn't exactly sure what that meant though, but he liked the feeling and he liked looking at Janey as she scampered away. The boy hoped she wasn't going to be in trouble for sneaking him aboard the spaceship. The girl couldn't have known it would be taking off so suddenly like it had and she'd only been trying to be friendly.

"Nothing too harsh, Lisa," Wendy suggested with a smile, watching the crewman's cute butt wiggle in her pink shorts.

"I have to run tight ship," the admiral shrugged. "Perhaps I'll give her a good tongue lashing."

Everyone smiled at that and Lieutenant Carol blushed sweetly, knowing from recent experience just how effective being chewed out by the curvaceous commanding officer could be. Of course, not everyone got the joke and the young earthman's smile was one born of confusion.

"Where's my planet?" Matt asked, looking from one lovely face to the next in search of an answer. "What were you guys talking about before?"

"We were attacked by your world," Heather said slowly, glancing at Wendy for approval. "Our ambassador was murdered by your President and..."

"Huh?" Matt almost laughed, but his gut felt hollow as the woman continued.

" ... we retaliated in the interest of self-preservation."

"You mean, you guys..."

"Destroyed your planet," Wendy said, her beauty tarnished with unmistakable grief. "You're the only earthling left in the universe. I'm very sorry, Matt."

Another wormhole streaked across the view screen and the ship groaned a split-second later. The inertial dampeners struggled to right the vessel against enormous space-time disruptions. Everyone rocked on their heels and grabbed at each other or held onto the chart table in an effort to keep their balance until the gravitational tidal wave had passed.

"Aw that sucks!" Matt stared at her. "What did you do that for?"

"I just told you," the Princess sighed. "Our ambassador was killed..."

"The President doesn't kill people!" Matt yelled. "He makes speeches! He goes to France! He ... He ... He goes fishing! He doesn't kill anybody!"

"We have a record of Molly's sensory data," Major Allison said quietly. "You can see it if you want, but..."

" ... it isn't pretty," Colonel Jenny finished with a sweep of her auburn hair and the woman's hazel eyes briefly blazed with instinctual fury.

The emotion passed quickly however and she couldn't blame the boy for what a foolish man had done. Matt was as much a victim as anyone, even more so perhaps. Jenny looked away from him and caught the lively eyes of a brunette cabin girl balancing a pitcher of tea and several glasses on a tray. She couldn't have been more than a dozen years old and undeniably cute with rouged nipples and a short, ruffled skirt that barely covered her pert little butt.

"I don't believe this!" Matt held his head with both hands and the women looked at each other nervously.

"Just put it on the table," Jenny said and the girl nodded, blinking at the first boy she'd ever seen in her life and wondering what the creature might be.

"Are you alright?" Allison asked, reaching for Matt with a cautious hand.

She honestly didn't know if the earthling might be dangerous or not, but typical of her race, Allison felt an intense maternal instinct that could often overwhelm common sense. They all felt it, every woman there, and they knew they were most responsible for the teenage boy's suffering. It had been their decision to send Molly, after all.

"Call a doctor," Admiral Lisa ordered.

"Petra," Wendy agreed. "My personal physician. Tell her it's an emergency."

"Yes Ma'am!" Lieutenant Carol said at once.

"What is that?" the cabin girl, Stacy, whispered and Jenny smiled at her.

"When did you ripen?"

"Three days ago, Mother ... I mean, Ma'am," she corrected herself with a sweet blush. "Sorry."

Stacy had only recently left the crèche for the fleet, and such an ironic fate, Jenny sighed. It was considered great good fortune to reach puberty during planetfall, but not this time.

"It's alright," the colonel wrinkled her nose playfully. "That's what a man looks like. Off with you now. Take your gossip back to the wardroom and make sure you get a fair price for it."

"Yes, Ma'am!" the cabin girl nodded quickly, giving Matt one last look over her shoulder. Stacy was ripe for breeding and knew it, feeling the emptiness in her barely pubescent womb like a deep thirst. It would be a lifelong sensation unique to her race and something she'd eventually learn to appreciate as well as endure. The quenching of that thirst, if only briefly, defined her place in the universe.

On the opposite side of the chart table, Princess Wendy conferred quietly with her captain, frowning with worry over the earthling who'd at least seemed to calm slightly after his outburst.

"He probably had parents," Heather whispered and Wendy nodded. "Maybe brothers ... sisters..."

"I know," Wendy replied softly, watching as Major Allison helped the boy into one of the plush chairs mounted to the deck.

There were only two, one chair for the admiral and one for the Princess, and rarely put to use. Naval tradition didn't allow for much sitting down on the job. Matt needed to rest though, that was obvious. He looked pale and sweaty, and his eyes had grown dull with shock. Carol punched buttons on one of the computers, locating Dr. Petra, while Jenny poured a glass of iced tea for the boy.

"How old are you?" Jenny asked softly, holding the glass to his lips.

"Fifteen," Matt replied mechanically after taking a small sip.

"I'm sorry about your family," she said. "We didn't want it to be like this, but..."

"I don't have any family," Matt sighed. "I'm an orphan."

"I understand." Jenny kissed his forehead. "That's good. You're dealing with it."

"No, I mean ... I was an orphan before," he told her. "I never had anybody."

"You didn't?" She frowned and looked towards Wendy.

"What's an orphan?" the Princess asked.

"You don't know what an orphan is?" Matt stared at her.

"I understand the word, but..." Wendy didn't know how to explain that the concept made no sense to her. "Are there a lot of orphans?"

"Not anymore!" The boy smiled crazily and then stopped abruptly, slumping even further in the chair.

"This is bad," Allison sighed. "What should we do?"

"Let me show you something," Heather said, manipulating the holograph controls until one large ship came into focus above the table.

It looked much like a gothic cathedral, one might suppose, but turned on its side. The spires, a great many of them, thrust forward of the craft's generous bulk so that it seemed to have not a single bow, but a dozen or more. It shone with a radiant, golden hue, tinged with red perhaps, as if the metallic skin were a window through which an endless dawn waited patiently to break free.

"What's that?" Matt asked without much interest.

"The crèche," Heather told him proudly. "There are a quarter of a million children on that one ship."

"It's the most precious thing in the universe," Princess Wendy added, smiling at the image and reminding herself to schedule another visit to the vessel soon.

"We have no orphans here," Jenny said. "Our daughters have a million mothers."

"And no fathers," Carol added, but not unhappily. There had never been any fathers, not since Before, which is a word loosely comparable to the biblical phrase 'In the beginning... '

"What's that mean?" Matt looked around at the women. "Daughters? Mothers? Where's all the boys? I haven't seen any boys."

"We can't have male children," Major Allison explained. "We are all the daughters of daughters."

"It's why we came to Earth," Wendy said. "We require a species like yours to impregnate us."

"You guys wanna get pregnant?" Matt smiled as his mind was mercifully distracted, at least for the moment.

"All of us," Heather said with a smile. "We were going to negotiate a trade, technology for the opportunity to breed with your males."

"Really?" Matt grinned at her. "You guys wanna trade stuff for sex?"

"Medical technology mostly," the doctor answered the question as she squeezed between Jenny and her patient. "I'm Dr. Petra."

"You're a doctor?" Matt licked his lips as the platinum blonde knelt gracefully on the deck in front of him. All she'd need were some wings, the boy thought, and she'd be a perfect angel.

She wore a white one-piece bathing suit, a very sheer one that looked painted on, and Petra had dark brown nipples and no pubic hair at all. Matt could tell because the shape and details of the woman's vulva were plain through the skintight material, and with her legs spread like they were, very little remained to burden his adolescent imagination.

"Uh..." Matt groaned and squirmed in his chair as he tried to adjust his suddenly uncomfortable erection.

"What's wrong with him?" Admiral Lisa asked and all of the women had stepped closer, their beautiful faces filled with concern.

"I'm not sure," Petra replied slowly, reaching for Matt's trousers. "Let me take a look. Just relax."

"Nonononono ... Nooooo..." Matt laughed and shook his head, covering his crotch with both hands. "I'm, uh ... Fine."

"Are you positive?" Petra asked softly, blinking her cobalt eyes at the boy as a seductive smile played at her lips.

"Yeah," he breathed and the last thing fifteen-year-old Matt wanted was some hot chick looking at his dick in front of a dozen other hot chicks. If she so much as touched him, he thought, it would be real embarrassing ... and messy too!

"When's the last time you mated with a female?" Dr. Petra wondered, holding Matt's wrist as she checked his pulse and found it racing.

"Um ... I never, uh ... You know..." he cleared his throat.

"You're gay?" She narrowed her eyes at the boy.

"What? No! Uh-uh!" Matt shook his head quickly. "I'm just..."

"A virgin?" Dr. Petra let go of his arm with a giggle. "I don't have a pill for that, but I can give you a ... hey!"

"Watch the tea!" Heather shouted as the view-screen seemed to shatter with a blinding flash, but it hadn't been damaged at all.

The tea survived as well. Thankfully, the cabin girl had possessed the good sense to lock the tray down and only a small portion of the liquid sloshed over the rim. Everyone else aboard the ship held on tightly, bracing themselves against the momentary tempest of the storm outside. The lights flickered, but remained on and other than pained annoyance, none of the crew seemed overly worried to Matt, but he was hardly in a state of mind to notice such things.

"Well?" Allison held up her hands a moment later. "What's he got, Doc?"

"A penis-ache," Petra sighed, pushing herself up from the deck where she'd landed sprawled out on her butt.

Matt blinked at her, feeling his face burn. He couldn't believe she'd just said that! A penis-ache? If anyone at school ever heard about this, he'd never live it down.

"Hmmm..." All the women looked at each other and nodded, which didn't help the boy very much at all either.

"What's his sperm count?" Lieutenant Carol wondered, not that she knew anything about medicine, but it sounded important.

"High," Petra reported, holding something that looked like a hollow spoon in her hand except it hummed. "If we don't drain his testes soon..."

"W-What?" Matt swallowed hard.

"I'll do it," Captain Heather volunteered immediately, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her red thong.

"That's nice," Petra smiled sarcastically. "But I'm the doctor, so..."

"That's not fair!" Major Allison frowned.

"I'm the head of security and under the circumstances..." Jenny said slowly, sliding a long, delicate finger along the obvious cleft of her sex. She liked to wear her thong nice and tight in case of emergency.

"And I'm the Admiral," Lisa decided with a wet smack of her pouting lips. "I'll take responsibility for the draining of any testicles on my ship."

"Admiral," Wendy giggled softly. "If anyone's going to pull rank around here..."

"Forgive me, Princess," Lisa sighed, bowing her head as she and the other women tried to control their natural enthusiasm.

"This is why we don't bring males with us," Wendy chided her surprised subjects. "There's only one of him and a million of us."

"You're right, Mistress," Heather admitted and all of them shared guilty looks and silent nods.

"Men make us foolish," Allison decided to the general agreement of everyone. Horny too, she didn't have to add, for the two words mean much the same thing.

"Huh?" Matt frowned. For a second there he'd been worried about getting his balls drained, but then it hadn't sounded so bad maybe, but now..."You mean, we're not gonna have sex?"

"I'm sorry," Wendy told him seriously. "It just wouldn't be fair. You couldn't possibly have sex with everyone and none of us have a greater right to your sperm than anyone else."

"I could try!" Matt interrupted her. "I get like ten boners a day sometimes!"

"All women are equal before their feminine nature," Lisa quoted from the Book of Law.

"Boners?" The doctor narrowed her eyes and Petra would be the first to admit that she had only rudimentary knowledge of male physiology. "Is that contagious?"

"Uh ... I don't think so," Matt smiled sheepishly; he hadn't meant to say that and in reality he probably got ten boners an hour, but he didn't want to sound like he was bragging.

The ship rocked again as another wormhole flickered into brilliant existence and then vanished, leaving behind a brief tear in the time-space continuum. A second rent in space appeared a second later and the shock waves were stronger as they reinforced each other, pitching the vessel violently and drawing looks of consternation from some of the younger crewmembers.

"Are we ready to leave the system, Admiral?" Wendy asked and the brunette looked to Carol.

"We're transmitting the navigational data to the fleet right now, Princess," the lieutenant reported. "About seven more minutes; we don't want to lose anyone."

"Leave?" Matt jerked upright in the chair. "We can't leave! What about the earth?"

"Matt..." Jenny sighed.

"You can't just blow it up and leave!" he cried as the reality of the moment reasserted itself mercilessly.

"There's nothing else we can do," Allison said softly, wishing she had more to offer than mere banalities.

"You're just gonna go home like nothing happened?" Matt stared at her.

"We have to find a planet where we can breed," Carol explained. "We're the Daughters of Orion."

"This is our home, Matt," Jenny whispered. "These ships are where we live. We're nomads who wander the stars."

"You can't leave though!" he almost yelled. "You gotta do something. You gotta, um..."

"Do what?" Wendy asked him patiently, offering the boy a sad smile.

"I dunno," he admitted. "But something. Do the time warp thing!"

"What time warp thing?" Admiral Lisa narrowed her dark eyes.

"Go really fast around the sun and, um ... Go back in time and then you can tell yourselves not to blow up the earth!"

"What?" Allison giggled. "You just made that up!"

"No, I didn't!" Matt smiled at her, his excitement animating every gesture as he spoke quickly. "I saw it on Star Trek, the old one ... See? You just gotta go fast enough and then time goes backwards, and..."

"Time travel?" Wendy looked at Lisa and they both looked at Heather, and she looked at Allison and she looked at Carol, and they all looked at Dr. Petra.

"Don't look at me!" she said with a smile. "I'm a doctor not a fortune teller."

"Get Rachel up here," Princess Wendy commanded.

"Who's Rachel?" Matt wondered.

"The smartest woman in the universe," Captain Heather said with a sincere nod.

"Oh. Well, let's ask her then," Matt nodded. "Good idea."

The flagship heeled hard to port with another wormhole opening close aboard. The ship shook and shivered, the metal hull groaning with the effort of holding itself together.

"That was close," Carol frowned. "Four minutes until we can leave."

"We're going to start springing leaks if this keeps up," Major Allison predicted and the Admiral had already started calling for damage reports.

"So she's a princess and that chick's an admiral," Matt said, having found himself flung from the chair and onto the deck with a smiling Jenny lying on top of him.

"Uh-huh," the woman breathed, rocking her hips to give Matt's obvious bulge a delicious grind before pushing herself reluctantly off the boy.

"Ummm..." Matt grinned and took a deep breath of something sweet and tangy wafting in the air. "And Petra's a doctor, so ... What are you?"

"Me?" Jenny smiled, rolling onto her butt and sitting beside him. "I'm a colonel. I command the Imperial Marines, the security forces ... That sort of thing."

"Yeah?" he chuckled. "You look like a..."

"What?" Jenny cleared her throat and looked down to see her thong splitting her moist labia and she decided not to fix it.

"Like a cheerleader at my school," Matt shrugged. "Except way hotter, I mean."

"A cheerleader," Jenny smiled at that idea.

"How old are you?" he asked. "Like seventeen or something?"

"Seventeen?" Jenny didn't know if she should be amused or annoyed.

"She's old enough to be your mother," Carol said with a laugh.

"Grandmother more like," Lisa grinned and Jenny made a face.

"I'm fifty-nine," Jenny said. "In Earth years."

"No way!" Matt blinked at her. "You guys don't get old?"

"Closer to a thousand fifty-nine," a slight, golden brown girl with almond eyes and an infectious smile interrupted. "Relativity. Ever heard of it?"

"Whoa!" The boy swallowed hard. "Are you like Mexican or something?"

"No. I'm Rachel," she said, looking Matt up and down with her arms crossed over her mostly bare breasts.

They weren't overly large compared to most of the other women he'd seen, but Rachel's tits were perfect nonetheless, like teardrops made of honey. And the only thing she wore over them were a pair of white pasties with long, thin tassels. Her matching thong had tassels as well, but only in the back and as Rachel bowed before the Princess, Matt got a wonderful view of the girl's amazingly pert, caramel colored ass. He swallowed hard as the woman's rosy pink butthole winked at him from beneath the very thin string trying to hide it.

"You must be an illegal alien," Matt offered with a hopeful smile, but he stopped when Rachel frowned at him.

"You're the alien here," she said. "You might want to remember that."

"Sorry," the boy muttered, looking down at his hands and wondering why smart chicks always had to be so right all the time. The first time he'd ever tried to hit on a beautiful woman, and she'd shot him down in flames. That sucked. He wondered if she knew he was the last man on Earth ... sorta.

"Professor," Wendy smiled patiently. "We need your help."

"Time travel," Rachel sighed after listening for a moment. "Well, flying into the sun won't get us back to Earth."

"I didn't say go into the sun!" Matt protested, but Rachel waved him away.

"We've got a green board one!" Major Allison announced. "Engineering is staging main propulsion ... Seventy percent ... Seventy-five..."

"We're ready to leave the system, Admiral," Lieutenant Carol reported. "All ships confirm the nav-data and report ready for deep space operations on your order."

"Hold on a minute," Wendy held up her hand. "Go on, Professor. Can we do it or not?"

"No," Rachel shook her head, muttering softly and pushing buttons on a small, hand-held device. "Not a ship this size. The energy required ... I never bothered to do the calculations before ... The square root of pi is forty-seven inside a wormhole? That makes sense..."

"Professor?" Wendy asked gently.

"Huh?" Rachel looked up with a frown and then caught herself. "Oh! Well, if we can use one of the wormholes that the gravity storm is creating, um..."

"Main engines at one hundred percent and holding, Admiral," Allison said over her shoulder. "Green Board Two ... Sector clear."

"Very good," Admiral Lisa nodded, looking at Wendy. "How long do you want to wait, Princess?"

" ... I don't see any real problems," Rachel continued. "Of course, the farther back you want to go, the less accurate my calculations will be, but..."

"Tell the fleet to stand-by, Admiral." Wendy held up her hand as she kept her attention on Rachel. "Well?"

"Sure." The professor had rechecked her calculations. "We can send one person."

"One person?" Heather narrowed her eyes.

"And what will she have to do?" Carol wondered. "This person who goes back?"

"That's a good question," Lisa stroked her tummy thoughtfully. "Tell Princess Wendy not to send Molly?"

"That might work," Wendy nodded. "I could write myself a note."

"That's too far," Rachel said. "I can barely work the numbers to get an accurate fix ten minutes before we blew up the planet."

"Ten minutes?" Major Allison frowned. "That's not enough time!"

"As soon as they kill Molly..." Colonel Jenny started saying.

"It's all automatic," Admiral Lisa finished. "The computers will fight the war and Earth will lose."

"We'll just have to tell the Princess to disengage the computers," Lieutenant Carol suggested. "We can bring the defense mainframes offline and..."

"And leave us completely vulnerable?" Jenny snorted. "I'd rather blow up the Earth, thank you very much."

"We can't leave our children defenseless," Allison said with a sharp look at Wendy and the Princess nodded.

"Technically, they won't be our children at all," Rachel offered to the blank stares of every other woman in the room, and after a moment she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," Princess Wendy finally said. "We won't risk our future, not even in another dimension."

"Another universe, actually." But the Professor had largely given up on trying to explain anything to anyone. People didn't want explanations, she'd long ago decided, only answers.

"Well, you guys have fun," Dr. Petra said with a smile and this talk wasn't the sort of thing she needed to hear. "I'll be down in the shuffle bay if you need me, Princess."

"Is the tournament today?" Allison frowned. She loved shuffleboard.

"Thank you, Doctor," Wendy said, but her thoughts were elsewhere.

"What do we do?" Carol wondered.

"We have to save Molly," Heather suggested. "Someone has to go to the White Place and..."

"White House," Matt said. He'd been observing the exchange largely unnoticed and Lisa merely waved her fingers at the boy.

" ... prevent Molly's assassination."

"I can get you pretty close," Professor Rachel promised. "I think."

"How close?" Major Allison asked just as another wormhole opened astern of the ship.

For a brief second it seemed as if everyone had decided to hop at the same moment. The aft portion of the ship rose and the bow dropped suddenly. Matt's eyes widened as Princess Wendy's immaculate breasts popped free of her bikini top. Her pink nipples looked like candy and she had no tan lines at all, he realized, only smooth bronzed skin glistening with oil.

"Whoops!" Wendy giggled as the ship righted itself and artificial gravity pulled everyone back down to land safely on their feet.

"That was fun!" Lieutenant Carol grinned and Matt swallowed hard as he saw her tits had spilled free as well.

"Hmph! Well, as I was saying," Rachel continued, "you wouldn't want to end up with your butt sticking out of a wall, would you?"

"I guess not," Captain Heather sighed, tugging the cups of her bikini into place. Her gravity defying breasts had only come mostly free.

"Yeah," Allison nodded. "Who knows what they'd do then!"

"So?" Princess Wendy wondered after fixing her top. "What do we do? Land on the roof?"

"They'll have a lot of security on the roof," Jenny thought aloud.

"Outside would be best," Rachel nodded. "They have a backyard, right?"

"They have trees too," Carol reminded the woman.

"There's always some risk," the scientist shrugged. "The hard part will be predicting the random appearance of a transient wormhole. We'll only get one shot at this."

"Can you actually predict wormholes in a gravity storm?" Major Allison asked doubtfully. She'd studied a little physics herself as a young girl in the crèche.

"Well..." Rachel smiled carelessly. "I said it'll be hard, not impossible; that's why I invented aleatoric calculus. What did you do today, little sister?"

"Don't be a show off," Allison pouted, but she wasn't really angry at the gentle rebuke.

"Like you?" Rachel giggled, staring pointedly at the Major's swollen nipples as they strained against her bikini. She took the left one between her fingers and gave Allison an apologetic pinch to get her to smile.

"What's it look like?" Captain Heather asked, ignoring the two women and their silly sibling rivalry.

"The place is a fortress," Jenny replied, calling up the security plans for the White House. "Armed guards; rudimentary, but effective surveillance systems; firewalls here and here; an armored elevator here, leading to an underground bunker it looks like."

"One person against ... What?" Heather frowned. "Call it fifty well-armed and well-trained men inside, and outside ... Who knows?"

"We won't have time for a search," Admiral Lisa sighed, tilting her head as she studied their target.

"They took Molly to a round room," Carol reminded everyone. They'd been able to see and hear everything Ambassador Molly had ... until the humans had killed her.

"The Oval Office," Matt said and everyone finally looked at him. "It's, uh ... Kinda famous."

"Oh." Wendy smiled at him, wondering if she shouldn't have left her tits loose. She'd rather enjoyed the look on the boy's face.

"She'll be here then," Allison said, pointing at an odd shaped room on the schematics.

"Can you do it, Colonel?" Lisa asked.

"I don't see much of a problem," Jenny said and looked at Rachel. "How much equipment can I bring?"

"Equipment?" The professor frowned and pushed some buttons. "How much do you weigh?"

"I don't know," the Colonel shrugged. "Maybe fifty-five kilos?"

"Hmmm ... Not very much," Rachel decided. "Another four or five kilos and my calculations go right out the window. You could end up anywhere."

"All I need is a stealth suit and a pulse rifle," Jenny said with a terse smile. "I save Molly, get her back to the ship, and come back home. Piece of cake."

"Uh..." Rachel smiled apologetically. "There is no coming home, I'm afraid."

"What?" Everyone blinked.

"Once you're in the other timeline, you won't be able to get back to this one," she shrugged. "One way trip. Sorry about that."

"Suicide mission?" Matt narrowed his eyes. This was like in the movies, hot chicks and all.

"But..." Jenny swallowed hard. "What about my daughters? I can't leave them forever!"

"There must be some way," Wendy said, frowning at the idea of losing one of her closest friends and advisors. "The fleet needs Jenny. She's the protector of our children."

"We have to send someone else," Heather suggested. "I can go. The fleet doesn't need me, my children are grown..."

"I need you," the Princess frowned, dismissing that proposal immediately. She looked around the room. "I need all of you here. You're indispensable and there will be no more volunteering. Understand?"

"Yes Princess," Heather replied for all of them and the room fell silent for several long seconds.

"Then it has to be one of your marines." Allison looked at Jenny. "Or someone from the security force."

"We could send one of the Amazons," Lisa said. "They're trained for this sort of thing."

"Aye, any one of them could do it easily," the Colonel nodded. "But they're aboard the Nebula. It'll take some time to find a volunteer and bring her back here."

"We don't have time," Wendy sighed, looking at the professor. "Do we?"

"Not much," Rachel agreed. "Whoever's going needs to get ready now."

"I'll go."

"One of the security guards then," Heather said to Wendy. "They're well-trained..."

"I can do it," Matt repeated, earning a look from the Princess.


"Send me," he shrugged. "It's my planet anyway and..." he smiled at Jenny, " ... you all got kids, right?"

"You can't be serious!" Allison frowned.

"I know what it's like not having a mom," Matt told them. "It really sucks, so ... um ... What do I have to do?"

"He can't go!" The Major looked at the faces of her friends. "He's just a boy and he's the only earthman left. His seed's too valuable to risk."

"Allison..." Wendy sighed.

"She's right, Princess," Carol said slowly. "I think we have to keep him."

"We can't keep anyone," Captain Heather reminded them, taking Wendy's hand in hers to demonstrate her support.

She knew only too well what their ruler's opinion would be and Wendy didn't need dissension at a time like this. Heather personally thought Matt shouldn't go anywhere, but it wasn't up to her. It wasn't even up to the Princess, really. The Book of Law was quite clear on which rights were inviolable, even for a man.

"We don't kidnap people," the Princess stated. "We've never held any male against his will and we won't start now."

"Princess ... Wendy..." Admiral Lisa pursed her lips and spoke gently. "We don't even know if this boy can save Molly. Look at him..."

"What's wrong with me?" Matt frowned.

" ... If he was one of our children, we wouldn't dream of risking his life this way," the admiral continued. "If he fails, he'll only die along with his planet."

"I played a lot of Counterstrike, you know!" Matt rolled his eyes. "I can do it. I just, um ... I get a phaser or something, right?"

"It has to be his decision," Wendy said, staring at the young man and hoping she was making the right choice.

"Maybe we don't have a right to keep him," Lieutenant Carol spoke up, "but do we have a right to let him go?"

"He's barely out of the crèche," Allison sighed, smiling apologetically at the look on Matt's face. "A handsome, healthy, vigorous male ... but still ... He should be mating with every female he can get his hands on."

"We all navigate by the stars of fate," Wendy decided reluctantly. "I must ask myself, why is he here if not for this?"

"Are you sure?" Colonel Jenny asked and Matt nodded.

"It's my planet, right?" He tried to smile like Han Solo. "Maybe they'll rename my school after me."

"That's doubtful," Rachel told him. "Whether you save it or not, nobody will ever know."

"Really?" Matt narrowed his eyes at that. "That kinda sucks."

"Time's like that sometimes," the Professor stuck out her tongue with a giggle. "Speaking of which, we'll have to prepare a trans-light probe. I hope you're not claustrophobic."

"Is that like a photon torpedo?" Matt wondered.

"A what?" Rachel made a face. "Photons aren't dangerous. Who'd make a torpedo like that?"

"Never mind," Lisa said impatiently. "How long before it's ready?"

"We've got, uh ... half an hour before we lose the window," the woman replied. "So ... I'll need twenty-nine minutes."

"You've done this before?" Heather asked.


"Then ... How do you know?" the captain wondered with a confused smile.

"If it's not ready in twenty-nine minutes..." Rachel shrugged. "What difference will it make?"

"What do I have to do?" Matt asked. "I mean, to get ready or whatever?"

"I don't know," Rachel said, already hurrying off the flag bridge. "Just don't go anywhere! I'll be in the launch bay if anyone..."

The elevator doors closed with a soft whoosh and the professor was gone.

"Well, um..." Princess Wendy looked around and none of the women were happy about letting the only breedable male in the fleet get away.

"Perhaps Matt would like to, um ... relax before he has to leave?" Carol suggested.

"Good idea," Jenny smiled, taking the hint immediately as she licked her lips with a seductive smile.

"Relax?" Matt swallowed hard.

"Who gets to, uh ... help him?" Allison wondered and naturally all eyes turned to Wendy.

"That's another choice he gets to make, isn't it?" the Princess said with a deep sigh, drawing in her smooth tummy and pushing out her magnificent tits for the boy's unabashed admiration.

"Choose ... um ... What?" Matt asked, praying for the answer he wanted. All around him the women were posing for his pleasure, some less dicreetly than others.

"Which one of us you would like to relax with," Lisa answered, pushing her own glorious breasts outward and trying to pretend she wasn't.

"You mean sex?" He let his gaze wander across each of the women standing around him, each as beautiful and perfect in her own unique way as the next. Their smiles were ripe with promise, their sultry eyes shining with desire, and female pheromones filled the air with a secret scent only Matt could smell.

"One of us will give you daughter," Heather promised, sliding her hands down her flat, pale tummy towards the barely covered swell of her sex. The tinkling of her belly bracelet sounded like music to Matt's ears.

"We're always ovulating," Carol giggled softly, biting her bottom lip and batting her long, fine eyelashes at the boy.

"I, uh ... Ummm..." Matt suddenly wondered if he'd get in trouble for picking one of them over all the others. It didn't seem very fair and the other women were sure to get pissed. Like what's-his-name, the Greek guy with the golden apple, it hadn't worked out too well for him as Matt recalled, and he wished he'd paid more attention in class that day.

"We won't be angry," Jenny promised in breathless whisper as if she'd read his mind.

"We're not a jealous species by nature," Allison agreed, but Matt didn't believe that! He might have been a virgin and they might have come from another planet, but girls were still girls!

"Can I see Janey again?" he finally asked, dipping his head in case one of the women decided to slap him.

"The crewman?" Lisa blinked rapidly.

"But she's ugly!" Jenny gasped before she could stop herself and that earned the woman some unfavorable looks, but nobody disagreed with her either.

"Ugly?" Matt almost laughed. "Janey? Are you kidding? She's totally cute!"

"Cute?" Allison narrowed her eyes.

"I mean, you're all amazingly awesome super hot chicks, but..." Matt shrugged. "If it wasn't for Janey, I wouldn't even be here. Right?"

"Huh!" Princess Wendy smiled at the boy's answer. "Admiral, get that crewman up here."

"Yes, Ma'am," Lisa replied, punching a button on the nearest console.

"That's so sweet!" Carol sighed, rubbing her body against Matt's left side and trapping the boy between her and Allison.

She spread her long legs slightly, thrusting with her pelvis to caress his hip and thigh with her humid sex. To Matt's left, the tawny haired Allison had turned her back to him, sliding her heart-shaped butt up and down the earthling's leg while she massaged her breasts and offered him a seductive smile over her shoulder.

"Are all the men on Earth like you?" the major wondered in a husky voice, rolling her hips and grinding her ass against him.

"Uhhh ... Mostly," Matt barely whispered as he'd forgotten how to breathe just then. "Sorta."

"Look me up after you save Molly," Heather giggled, reaching down to find the lump in Matt's trousers and giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Oh! Okay!" the boy gasped, standing on his tip-toes for a second. "D-Don't do that ... Please."

"I want to have your daughter," she sighed, pulling the tip of her pink tongue slowly upward across his parted lips.

"Excuse me ... Ladies..." Wendy scrunched her pert nose as the three women reluctantly made room. "I want you to take this..." the Princess said, looking down as she removed the crown from her belly button.

"Ummm ... Alright," Matt nodded, thinking maybe he should have picked Wendy because losing his virginity to an alien Princess, well ... That would have been really cool too! Especially a hot one smothered in cocoa-butter. Jeeze! She smelled good!

"After you save the Earth," Wendy told him, staring into Matt's soft brown eyes, "come see me, alright? Give me this and tell me your story."

"I can do that."

"I'll want to breed with the brave man who saved his planet," she told him with a deliciously sexy smile. "In fact..."

Wendy had nearly made up her mind to unzip the boy's silly trousers and take him right there on the flag bridge. A woman must be true to her nature, after all, and her burning sex yearned to be filled with male seed...

"Oh!" Crewman Janey blinked as she stepped onto the flag bridge.

"It's your lucky day," Colonel Jenny told the girl with a wistful sigh.

"It is? Ma'am?" The strawberry blonde swallowed hard as everyone stared at her.

She still wore her pink uniform, the tight short-shorts and stretchy halter top that hugged her small, luscious breasts, but her tool belt had been lost and Janey's hands fidgeted nervously. She'd never been called before the Princess before, and now twice in one day? The girl, who had just turned fourteen by Earth's reckoning, wondered what she might have done this time.

"You're the most beautiful girl in the fleet," Jenny said with a sincere smile. "Enjoy it for the rest of us, Crewman."

"Uh ... Yes ma'am," Janey nodded, but clearly had no idea what was going on.

"What are you waiting for?" Wendy giggled in Matt's ear, surrendering her desire in the face of responsibility. "Janey's waiting for you to make a real woman of her."

"You can use my quarters," Admiral Lisa suggested, pointing towards a door with a polished brass plaque attached to it. "Don't worry about making a mess either, we have an appointment tonight. Remember?"

"Y-Yes Ma'am!" Janey replied quickly and she hadn't forgotten that! But why would she use the Admiral's stateroom?

"What should I say to her?" Matt wondered nervously, glancing at the girl and feeling his heart stutter. Maybe she wasn't quite as perfect as the others, but something about Janey made him feel like Christmas.

"Do I have to order you to breed with the earthman?" Captain Heather asked the nervous crewman with mock sternness, much to the giggling delight of the other women.

"You don't have much time," Major Allison said, pushing Matt towards the door. "In you go, earthling!"

"Breed? Uh ... No, Ma'am!" Janey answered Heather slowly. "But ... I never, um ... Is it okay?"

"My sweet little girl," Lisa smiled and shook her head before looking at Jenny. "Put our daughter to bed, Colonel, before she makes a puddle on my deck."

"Aye, aye!" Jenny laughed, pulling Janey towards the now open door and the bunk where Matt waited with a quality mixture of excitement and fear. He was gonna be so pissed if someone woke him up!

"Two virgins," Princess Wendy sighed, fingering her empty belly button and trying to remember what that had felt like so many long years before.

"How do feel?" Dr. Petra asked.

"Oh man! I feel great!" Matt grinned at her. "That was amazing! We did it like three times really fast!"

"We know!" Carol nodded with a happy giggle.

"You do?" He narrowed his eyes.

"We were watching on the holograph," Allison told him without even a hint of a blush.

"It was broadcast to the fleet," Lisa added, much to the boy's embarrassment.

"How's that stealth suit feel?" Jenny wondered. "Is it too tight?"

"No it feels good," Matt replied, trying not to think about a million hot chicks watching him have sex for the first time in his life. Janey's too and he wished he'd told the girl he loved her, but maybe she already knew.

"Good," Wendy smiled. "Remember, you have to get to the round room and save Molly before they can kill her."

"I know," he nodded. "And then I gotta come find you, right?"

"Exactly!" the Princess giggled. "Don't lose my crown either. It's the only proof you'll have."

"Uh ... Where's my ray gun?" Matt asked, looking around the launch bay.

"We can't give you one," Lisa said. "Sorry, but if it falls into the wrong hands..."

"We shouldn't even be giving you a stealth suit," Carol said, trying to ease the disappointment on the boy's face.

"Try and keep it a secret," Allison said.

"Until it self-destructs," Jenny agreed.

"Self-destructs?" Matt blinked at her.

"Don't be wearing it when that happens!" Rachel giggled. "When you land, push the green button on the sleeve."

"What's it do?" he asked.

"Turns you invisible," Rachel said. "Hurry up ... Do earthmen always talk so much? We only have a few minutes."

"This is gonna work ... Right?" The boy took a deep breath before climbing into the oblong probe that had been gutted to make room for him. It was kind of a tight fit, but surprisingly comfortable as the interior seemed to be padded with something like Styrofoam.

"How does he get out?" Wendy asked.

"Explosive bolts," Rachel replied. "They'll fire automatically."

"Explosives?" Matt was getting tired of blinking at her.

"Small ones," she reassured him with a smile. "You'll be fine!"

"Where's the crown?" Heather wondered and the boy opened his fist.

"No pockets."

"Hmmm..." Lisa frowned at that. "Take this..."

"Your necklace?"

"For good luck!" The admiral smiled as she attached the crown to the chain already burdened with the large sapphire. She kissed the boy lightly on the lips and put it around his neck.

"Yeah," he smiled at her. "I, uh ... feel lucky now."

"Goodbye, Earthman." Princess Wendy kissed him as well, teasing Matt's lips with tip of her tongue. "Go save your world."

"Ummm..." He couldn't think of anything important to say just then, so Matt merely smiled.

"Sweet dreams," Rachel said as she began closing the hatch like the lid of a coffin.

"Hey! Hey ... Uh, wait a second!"


"If, um ... I see myself back there, uh ... We're not gonna like break the universe or something ... Are we?"

"You mean if you and your other self shook hands or something?" Rachel said. "Would the opposing timelines rip a hole in space-time and result in a cataclysmic implosion ending all life as we know it?"


"I doubt it," Rachel shrugged and closed the lid with soft whump!

"Cool," Matt breathed a sigh of relief in the darkness.

A moment later the last human being in the galaxy was accelerated to trans-light speed through a wormhole and never seen again.

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