The Archer
Chapter 1: Robin Hood

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Robin Hood - A bow hunter and his girlfriend are camping- they enjoy more than hunting.-----since they are hunting there is a bit in the story about hunting, but only to create a story---

Jay had grown up watching movies about Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. He had loved the idea of living a life of freedom in the woods, living off of the land and setting to right what others had done wrong. Was it being a hero? Was it freedom from school and chores? Or was it something else that drew him into another world, another time? No matter, he convinced himself, whatever happens, if he had his bow, he could hunt, kill and defend; self-sufficient.

Now that he was an adult, Jay never bothered to wonder why. He only took his escape where and when he could. He spent his weekends camping deep in the woods away from people. Vacations were to far off lands where the environment was still claimed by forests.

That was, in fact, how he met Lee. He was on such a vacation tracking a squirrel for dinner through the woods. As he was about to loosen the arrow, Lee stepped out onto the deer path. Jay narrowly missed piercing her through the stomach. Only years of quick reflexes, on Jay's part, had stopped her from being injured. As it was, her light jacket had been pinned to the tree the squirrel had used to scamper behind.

Six months later they still enjoyed telling their friends how he hunted her down and captured her. Some joked that it was she that had ensnared him and was clever enough to let him think it was his doing all along.

"I'm glad we both could get away from work. I can't tell you how badly I needed this." Lee smiled at Jay as he continued loading the Jeep.

"I want to get away as soon as I come back. If I had my choice, I'd never come back."

Jay was busy making sure things fit in the Jeep. Since time was limited this weekend, they wouldn't be hunting from the land any more than fishing in a stream. He'd brought his bow out of habit and desire to keep his shooting skills sharp. Perhaps he'd have time to help Lee improve her aim this trip.

On the highway for 4 hours they'd finally left the hustle and noise of the traffic behind. Both had their windows down and were enjoying the fresh air and smell of pines. Higher and higher they drove into the mountains. By nightfall they'd be sitting in front of a fire watching the stars twinkle. She couldn't wait. For now her memories would do.

Lee had thought she'd been struck dumb six months ago in the woods. She'd been hiking for some time and had gotten sidetracked. When she found the deer path, she figured she'd follow it south till she knew where she was. At least that way she wasn't walking in a circle. Little did she know how much her life was about to change. Before she could so much as gasp, her jacket was jerked backwards and with a thud she was pegged to the tree by an arrow! She'd stared at the arrow stupidly for a few seconds. Sure, she knew what an arrow was. She just couldn't fathom how it was there in her jacket.

That was, until Jay had come bounding at her, talking so fast and asking so many questions she wasn't at first sure if she indeed had been struck dumb. There hadn't been much he could do for the hole in her jacket. But she was very happy it was just her jacket and not her gut. Before she was quite herself she found herself sitting in his camp chatting like they were old friends.

Lee smiled at the memory. She remembered thinking that he was a most unusual man. Long hair pulled back, tall and quick to smile. He moved with an economy of motion, as if he feared to waste it. Later she realized he moved with a oneness of the wood. Jay was used to being in the trees and being quiet to avoid disturbing the area around him.

"Penny for your thoughts," Jay smiled in her general direction.

"You," Lee answered back, reaching over to pet the nape of his neck.

"Ah sure you're right," he jested back.

"Oh ye of little faith. I was recalling how we met," Lee informed him.

"Ouch." He replied with a mock wince. "We're almost there. Ready to get to work?"

There were still hours of work to do. Jay just always made his fire pit and fire first. He said once that was going, you could survive anything. At long last they were done. And too tired to enjoy it. Both simply crawled into their bags and fell asleep

Morning dawned bright and early. Sunshine filtered down between the branches, dappling their encampment in golden beams of light.

Lee could hear Jay already up and about. Not one to be left out, she was up and in her boots in no time.

"What's on the agenda for this morning?" Lee asked, bouncing on her toes.

Never one for mornings, Jay mumbled something about breakfast as he worked on the fire. She knew he hated mornings but hated being hungry even more. That, at least, would wake him up in the mornings. Lee smiled and dove into the cooler for something to fry up for breakfast.

Later, full and content, Jay was finally ready to plan the day.

"Your aim needs improving. You've come a long way in six months, but there is still a very long way to go. I figured we'd start off with some simple target shots."

"Yup. Sounds good." Lee knew it was a question even if it was said as a statement. She smiled. She'd fallen in love with her very own Robin Hood. Lee crawled back inside the tent to dig out her equipment. Strapping on her quiver and loading it with the blunt-ended arrows, she thought that he may not rob from the rich, but the man loved the woods.

Jay stood in the classic archer's stance, legs spread about shoulder length apart, back straight and left shoulder pointed at his target. Bow was raised and leveled at his target. Slowly he pulled back on the bowstring and froze. Waiting for that unexplainable moment when the archer knows it's time to release. Lee stood quietly as she watched him. This was her favorite time. He had no idea that she studied him. She was free to take in her fill of him. Every inch of him was still and focused on his target. His shoulder muscles tensed and stood in relief against his thin t-shirt. Never quite brave enough to touch him at this point, Lee's always imagined how he'd feel right now. Her palms itched to stroke him from his right elbow to this right hip. The lean long line of this body held still in concentration.

Lee felt her own body twitch at the release of his arrow.

"See, just watch your mark, relax, when it's right you'll know when to release the tension," Jay turned and caught her staring at him. "Lee, are you daydreaming again?"

Hell with it, Lee thought, she was on a mini-vacation. She laid her bow down and took the final two steps to Jay. He stood still and watched her. Closing her eyes, she was within two inches of him.

"Hush. I just want to touch you."

Jay felt another kind of tension surge through his veins. One that clearly had nothing to do with archery. "Lee." He wasn't sure if he wanted to discourage her, or what.

Lee's breathing slowed and deepened. Her head tilted upwards, lips parted and aimed at his face. Her body, she kept from touching his. She simply stood that way for a lover's moment. Finally touching the hem of his t-shirt and gently pushing it up and aside, her fingers smoothed the dark hairs on his stomach. She was in no hurry. Around his waist and over his back, her hands roamed, only to return to his stomach. He had started to get just the barest hint of a tummy, her cooking no doubt; Lee smothered her smile. Sexual tension vibrated through the air like an electric current. How aroused could two people get from mere touch? Lee traced the elastic of his shorts around to his hips. Over his thighs only to return again to his stomach, on purpose avoiding touching his stiffening tool. He was waiting for that touch. She could feel his skin beneath her fingers.

The tummy discovery fascinated her. It somehow made him less perfect, less the conquering hero and simply more male.

Lee nudged and pushed his shorts till they began to descend lower, around his hips. Only then did she slip her fingers in. Jay arched his back a fraction and in response Lee stilled. When he relaxed again, she resumed her exploration. Her arms reached behind him, allowing her hands the freedom to cup and hold both cheeks of his ass. So firm and round, the hairs on his skin felt both soft and coarse at the same time to her palms. Those palms were beginning to make their retreat as they felt him tighten his buttock's muscles and release. A very satisfied smile played on her lips when she felt that. Keeping her eyes closed, her palms found their own path back for more.

There was little doubt that he was rock hard and awaiting her touch in other areas. Sly thing that she was, she was taking her time about it.

Once again she toyed with the elastic band of his shorts, only this time it was with the clear intent to release him fully. Needing to open her eyes for the task, Lee looked down to see his tall mast bounce free of those confines. Ah. Was there ever a more glorious sight? Still, she didn't touch him, but sank to her knees. Impossible as it seemed, the tension increased still more.

Watching what she was doing very intently, Lee's tongue licked him from pubic hair to tip in one long smooth stroke. Jay made a sound that wasn't a sigh and wasn't a groan but a small quiet combination of both. He stood rock steady. He didn't want to change whatever it was she had in mind. He feared so much as shifting his weight, least it cause him to lose his balance. He was in her complete power. And she knew it!

Deciding to end his torture, in one quick move she engulfed him, plunging him into her warm wet mouth. Powerless to avoid what centuries of instinct has taught man, his hips, of their own accord, began to thrust into her mouth. Lee was only too happy to receive him; yet she kept her hands on his hips, controlling his speed, guiding him.

Lee smiled, her mind's eye seeing how they must look just then. The small clearing in the woods, Jay with his shorts down around his knees and her latched onto his cock like a milking calf to its mother. She wondered if his white ass reflected the sunshine.

"What?" Jay was looking down at her, noticing her smile.

Lee shook her head and fought her grin, putting her mind back on task. She again licked him from root to tip with a flat long tongue. She enclosed her lips over the swollen head, taking just that into her mouth; before pulling him out again. She wet her lips and placed his head back inside of her mouth. Each time she allowed him just another inch or so inside, forcing his hips to hold still this time. Over and over she'd pull him out and return until at last she held as much of him as she could inside of her mouth. Lee let go of his hips and allowed him to move again. In contrast to how slow she'd moved up till then, now she finished him off with a speed that left him reeling.

He came, spurting into her mouth. She could feel every contraction of his cock as it emptied into her throat. His taste was on her tongue, her lips, as she licked them, the feel of him still semi-erect as he recovered against her cheek and she could only look up at him silently, watching him.

"How I'll ever manage to walk is beyond me," Jay teased at last as he helped her up with his one free hand. The other still held tight on his bow. Their day was far from over. Jay had a few ideas of his own. Back to camp they went as soon as he was able to pull his shorts up.

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