I Made Him Pay
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Cream Pie,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After four years of being married Linda walked in on her husband having sex in her bed with another woman. Linda gets mad and then gets even. Linda learns how to dominate her husband and ends up loving the fact that she has become a cock hungry, cock loving slut. Linda loves making her husband pay the price for his cheating by cleaning her freshly fucked messy cunt.

Funny thing about being married for 4 years, you think you would know your husband, well at least I thought so. Then one day I forgot my reading glasses on my nightstand and I had to run home during lunch to get them. Danny was supose to be at work, (He sells real-estate) I wanted to be quick about getting my glasses so I just pulled up in front of the house and went in the front door.

If I had opened the garage I would have seen Dan's car parked inside, but I didn't. I just walked in and headed up the stairs to the bedroom. I walked in the bedroom door to see and hear Dan and Grace (a sales lady or should I say a sales cunt from his work.) fucking hard and fast on our bed. Grace was going at my husband, her legs were wrapped around Danny's ass, and she was holding him tight pulling him hard into herself, as he shoved forward. Dan was slamming into her I could see them moving up the bed. They were making so much noise I was surprised that I had not heard them as I came up the stairs.

I was in instant rage to say the least. I was caught in shock just for a moment. I walked over to the side of the bed expecting one of them to notice that I was there. I kept watching them and I saw they both had their eyes shut riding the lust highway. I reached down for my glasses and said, "Make sure you make the bed up before you leave" Dan and Grace froze their eyes flew open and I turned to walk out. Dan started to say something to me (I have no idea what) but I just kept walking down stairs and out to my car.

Getting in I just drove, I was not crying, I was mad as hell. How could he do this to me? I have never ever even looked at another man. My husband was fucking another woman in our bed. The more I thought of this, the madder I got. I called my office and told them I would not be back today, because I was sick. It was not a lie, I was sick, I was sick of the lie of being happily married. I thought that Dan and I had a good sex life; I thought I made him happy. I needed a drink, in fact I felt like getting drunk, real drunk.

I never went into any bar in my life alone, Oh I have been to nightclubs with Dan, but never any bar and here it was only 12:45 in the afternoon. I saw a bar called "The Hot House". Boy what a place to go, I needed to get drunk and forget all about what I saw real fast. I parked the car and walked inside, it was very dark inside and it smelled like beer. I walked up to the bar and the middle aged balding man asked me "What's your pleasure little lady?" I told him to I wanted Gin and tonic. He got it and I sat there looking at it remembering what I had seen just minutes ago. I downed it rather fast and he came back and asked me if I wanted another. I told him that I wanted several more.

While waiting for my drink, I looked around and I saw only one other person in the bar besides the bartender and myself, it was another middle-aged man with a big beer belly sitting alone at a table with a half empty beer mug in front of him. The bartender came back and said "Here you go little lady, I made this one strong so you can kill that there hurt of yours." I looked up at him and said, "What do you mean?" He replied, "Look here little lady, No good looking dame walks in here in the middle of the day, not even the liquid lunch crowd. I know you're no hooker. You're dressed like a sales lady or something. What's the matter honey, did you lose your job or something?"

I picked up my drink drank half of it and said, "No worse, I caught my husband fucking another woman in our bed." He looked at me and said "Tell you what honey, you do need a drink or two, your money isn't any good here, just relax and try and put it behind you. Any man wanting to fuck some other woman when he has such a great looking wife like you is nuts." I looked at him and said, "You're right, he is crazy, and that fucking bitch is going to pay." (The booze was kicking in)

He reached under the bar, pulled out a glass of something, and said "I'll toast to that my dear," and we did. He then said something that made me pay attention, he told me that maybe the one that should be taught the lesson was my husband, after all he did bring her to our house, it wasn't like she twisted his arm. Some where around my third or fourth glass we were talking about this when I decided I would teach good old Danny boy a lesson. I wanted him to feel the hurt I was feeling; I looked at Pete (the bartender) and asked him. "OK Pete, your right, I decided I am going to do it, I'm going to make him pay for fucking that bitch, now tell me how do I do it? I mean what do I do? You're a man, what would hurt you the most, come on tell me and be totally honest."

Pete looked at me and his words burned my ears as he spoke. He said, "Well Linda, what would really hurt me most would be to know that my wife went out and fucked a man. No what would really hurt would be to know that she fucked a lot of men and then bragged about how those men where better than I was in bed. It would hurt me if she told me how many times she came with strangers and that I, as her husband, could not give her the pleasure that she had to have. Now that is what would hurt me real bad." I looked at him and I watched his lips move as he spoke. I kept asking myself if I would want to hurt Danny like that. I mean could I do something like that? I guess Pete had an idea of my thinking and then he said. "How many times has he fucked that bitch and you have not caught them? Was this the first time or was the first time they got caught? For all you know your husband could have been fucking that bitch for months or years."

I looked at him and said, "Your right, I am going to hurt him back, talk to me and tell me what to do exactly. I mean you seem to know what I need to do. Could I pay you for your time to help me out? I have never done anything like this in my life." Pete smiled and said, "OK, I'll help you out, I have a plan. First of all just your telling him you were out fucking strangers will not do, he needs to see you getting fucked and he needs to see how much you love fucking strangers. We will need to tape it on Video so you can take it home and he finds it playing when he comes home from work." I looked at him and said, "I'm game, where and how?" Pete said that he had an apartment up stairs and he gave me the key. He told me to go upstairs and when his bar back (his helper) got in around 2, that he would come up and set everything up.

I took the keys and went up stairs, his place was small it consisted of a big bed, a big TV and Video player, and a small kitchen with a bathroom off to the side. I walked over and looked at his stack of videotapes they were all porn. I kept sipping my drink and I turned on the TV and put in a porn tape. (I had never seen one in my life, I heard of them, but I never watched one.) I sat on the bed with my eyes glued to the TV. I saw things that I have never even heard about. I watched this one girl first masturbate then she used a cucumber in her pussy and she used it in her ass hole. She was wild and her lover walked in the house with two other men catching her in the living room doing herself. Well all three men got undressed and she sucked all three of them. They all had big fat dicks (well a lot bigger than Danny's anyway) they all ended up fucking her. When Pete walked in I was watching as one man was on his back, the girl was kneeling on top of him the guy on the bottom had his dick in her pussy, one man got up behind her and stuck his dick in her asshole. Then her husband stood and she grabbed his cock while she was bouncing on both dicks and pulled his dick into her mouth and began to suck him.

Pete said breaking my concentration "Now that's what I'm talking about, we want to get your husband to see you doing something like that, it will drive him crazy knowing that you love cock from strangers as this girl does in this movie. Can you do that baby?" I looked at him and said "I don't know, I never, I mean I don't know, maybe one man but I don't think I could do two or even three men. Are you really sure doing something like this will hurt him? I mean why can't I just fuck you and we tape it, I'll take it home and I'll to show him?" (I was really turned on sexually, I mean first of all I was a little turned on down stairs when Pete was talking to me about doing this. Now I just watched a girl that enjoyed sex much more than I ever had in my whole life. If she was acting she sure fooled me, I watched her doing those things and I pictured it was me doing them.) I looked at Pete and I heard him say "Oh sure we can do that. I'll get everything set up, I don't have a lot of time, I need to get back down stairs so we have to be real quick." He was talking to me as he set up everything. "I know you may not really enjoy this, so just remember this is acting, sort of pretend, and make believe. We want your husband to think that it is real and that you are a nasty slut that can't get enough cock. We want him to think that you love to be fucked by strangers. Do you think you can pretend like that for the video tape?"

I was hot and getting hotter the more Pete talked I found myself wanting to fuck. I did not want Pete to think or know just how turned on that I was. I wanted him to think that I was only going along with his plan to hurt Danny. I watched him set everything up real fast. He told me what his plan was, he set up the camera so it could see the whole room, it could see me watching the TV sitting on the bed, and the door coming into the room. He told me I was to walk into the room, turn on the TV put in a porn video, and get undressed as I started to watch it. I was to lay on the bed watching it, and masturbate as I watched it, making it look as if I was losing myself in what I was watching.

He told me he would give me some time for this because he needed to check the bar. He would give me a few minutes and after a while he would come back up. He would walk in, catch me, and act as if he caught a stranger in his room. At first I was to freeze with embarrassment then I was to give him some lame excuse. He would then come over pull my hands and fingers away from my pussy kneel down in front of me and eat me while I finished watching the video. I was to act like I loved it and that I would beg him to let me suck his cock. Once he climaxed in my mouth and I swallowed his sperm (this was to be faked.) I was to tell him how much I loved sucking and fucking complete strangers. I was to beg him to fuck me and make me come. I was to tell him how much bigger his cock was compared to my husband's dick. Then when he fucked me I was to act like I had three or four climaxes with him and to tell him how much better he was at fucking me than my husband was.

It all made sense to my drunken mind and I could not wait to get started. He started the camera and we both walked out, he turned me around kissed me real hot and said. "Remember this is just acting; make him believe what he is watching make him think you are a cock hungry cunt that needs sex all the time. We are going to fix that husband of yours from ever fucking around you ever again. Now go in there, and take a good 15- 20 minutes to masturbate I'll be back up and we will finish this real quick, remember think nasty, make him believe you are a real nasty slut, can you do that baby?" I looked at him and said, "I sure as hell can, and when we finish he'll think I am in love with your cock." "Good." Pete said, and with one more hot kiss he went back down stairs.

I walked in the room, turned the TV and Video machine on. I got naked and started in watching that lovely woman this time with four different guys, she was going nuts and I was hotter than I had ever been in my life. I maturated and climaxed twice before Pete got back. I was ready to climax a third time when the door opened and Pete walked in. I almost yelled and said "Oh God, who are you?" Pete said "what do you mean who am I, this is my place, this is my room and that is my bed." I acted scared and I said, "I'm sorry I asked the bartender if I could lay down some place and he told me I could use this room, I'm sorry." Pete walked in and said "That's all right baby, looks like you're a little turned on, do you need some help?" I watched him as he walked over knelt down and went for my pussy.

He said "My God baby, your fucking soaked, I haven't seen a woman this hot in my whole life." He started in eating me, licking my clit, and sucking my Labia, pulling and playing. He licked and licked. I was going wild with pleasure. I held his hair and held him to me. I came and came again. I wanted to suck him. I pulled him up by his hair and looking at him I said, "God baby, you eat my pussy better that anyone ever has in my whole life. No body ever has made me feel that good with their mouth. Let me do you, let me suck you off please, I need to suck your cock." Pete said "Oh baby, so you like to suck cocks do you? You like sucking cock so much that you'll suck off a complete stranger?" I looked at him in his eyes and I said to him, "Honey I love sucking and fucking complete strangers. I get a kick out of making a stranger come, now come on baby. Come up here with me. Let me suck your cock, let me have your seed in my mouth, let me get you off, please baby I need your cock in my mouth."

Pete stood up and dropped his pants and his shorts. I looked at his stiff dick and I was amazed at what I saw. It was twice as fat as my husbands and maybe 3-4 inches longer. He started stroking it as he got up on the bed and he asked me. What's the matter baby is something wrong?" I could not take my eyes off of his cock, I just said, "Oh nothing, I just never have seen a cock so lovely, you're much bigger than my husband, I just hope I can take it all." Pete said as he moved to my head, "Don't' worry baby, you're going to take ever inch of it and beg for more." With his cock close enough to my lips I reached up for him and took him in my mouth. I grabbed his fat dick and started stroking it as I sucked. I wanted this man to come in my mouth.

I forgot all about what we had planned, I wanted to make him feel the pleasure the he gave me. I worked his cock hard and fast; I made love to his cock wanting to make him come. With my free hand I started working my own clit and hole. The more I worked Pete, the more he let me know what a great cocksucker I was. The more he got into it, the more I did. I felt his cock swell up and I worked his cock harder and faster as I worked my clit. He shot his seed in my mouth and all I could do was swallow and gulp for it as I had my own orgasm. Some how we both just stopped for the moment and he finally pulled out from my clutching hand and mouth. He said, "Good God lady, you are the best cock-sucker I have ever had. Give me a minute to get hard again, I want to fuck you."

I looked over at him and said, "I need your cock. I need it so fucking bad, do you hear me. Your cock is the best cock I have ever seen, your sperm is so sweet and yet still salty, I love it, you got to fuck me." Pete laid on his back and I got up to lay beside him. I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth again. It was flaccid and still it was big bigger than Dan's I remembered part of the plan and I said "What's your name, I'm Linda?" He said "Hi, I'm Henry, I clean up the bar here. Are you married?" I said "Yep, I'm married, but my husband can't hold a candle to you, the way you eat pussy and this cock, look at this cock. You're twice the size that he is and I bet you can fuck me a long time. You're not going to just put it in me climax and pull out, will you?"

Pete said, "Baby, I'm going to make you come so fucking hard you will be begging me to stop." I kept working his cock as we talked and I had him hard again. I said "Well it looks like your ready for seconds." I turned onto my back and Pete got between my legs. I waited for him and the pain; I just knew that he would split me since he was so big. I felt his cock slide right inside with out any trouble. He said "God baby, your so fucking wet, you really like to fuck don't you honey?" I said "Oh you bet your sweet ass I love to fuck, but I need big fucking cocks like yours to really make me come. My fucking husband is just too damn small. Fucking him is like fucking my middle finger." You know the sad thing of what I just told Pete? Right then when I said that I was not acting, up until this day the only penis I had ever seen was Danny's and I am not kidding his dick was very skinny and not long at all (well maybe not as small as my finger but close.)

Pete raised my legs up and put my legs over his shoulders, he worked me hard, he was a machine, and I was a loony tune. I was going nuts with pleasure. I was not acting when I climaxed three more times. I was not acting when I told him how much that I loved his cock. I was not acting when I screamed how much I loved him fucking me. I said it all and I meant every word. I felt him slamming into me harder and faster. I knew he was close. I was close and I was yelling for him to come in me. It took him some time but when he did climax I let go myself. When we finished he rolled over off of me onto his back. I don't know why I did it, but as his back hit the bed, I was up on my knees going after his cock, I tasted our love juice mixed together on his cock and I licked and sucked every lovely drop off of him.

I finally stopped and laid back myself. I felt Pete get up and check the camera; he took out the tape and brought it over to the VCR. He asked me if I wanted another drink and I told him yes. He got it and as I started to drink it we put in the tape, pushed play and all we saw was snow. "Damn, Fuck, Damn" Pete swore, "I must have hit the wrong button it did not get any of it. Damn, Fuck." I looked at him and said "Oh don't worry, we can do it again." Pete said, "Maybe you can but I can't, look we both know it was all an act, and I have to tell you honey you are one great actress. Tell you what; let me set everything back up, we'll do exactly the same thing and this time we'll get it right, are you game?" I took another good gulp of my drink and said, "Sure, we'll just call that one our little dress rehearsal"

I got up to pee and when I did Pete put his pants on and went back down stairs after setting up the camera again. I went back to the VCR and picked out another nasty Video it was another girl fucking 5 men. This time, it was called "the Gang-Bang Girl." I have to tell you this was one hot little girl, she really loved sucking different men, and just could not get enough sex what so ever. I was really turned on watching this and as I laid back, I masturbated and lost myself in the Video. I fantasized that I was her and I was making this Video for Danny. I wanted him to see his nasty wife being fucked by 5 strangers.

My pussy was wet and I was so fucking hot. I heard the door open and a voice said; "The bartender told me that if I wanted a hot piece of ass I was to come up here." I froze, I expected Pete, I looked at this man standing there and he was maybe 20 years old, I watched him as he shut the door and I just watched him as he moved in front of me. I had closed my legs and he knelt down at my knees. He put his hands on my knees and I felt him pull my legs open. I looked over at the camera and decided I would put on a good act for good old Danny. I felt his mouth on my cunt and I started working my breast with my own hands and fingers, I worked my nipples and I lost myself to the pleasure of his mouth. I climaxed and was ready for a second one when he stopped. He pulled back and dropped his pants. He was also hung like Pete was, well maybe not as long as Pete, but every bit as big. He moved up between my legs and I pulled them back, I opened myself up for him and I said "Fuck me baby. Make me come, make me come." I felt him enter me and he felt so wonderful. I felt full again and I loved it. I started another wonderful climax. This kid was fucking me hard and fast; I loved his strength and his thrusting. I fucked him back just as hard. I felt his cock swell up and I knew he was about to give me what I craved right then. I felt him shoot his seed deep into me. I shook with pleasure and climaxed with him. My mind felt like I had skyrockets exploding inside of it. I heard the door open again I looked over expecting to see Pete but it was another man.

The man walked in the room just as the kid was pumping his last drop of soerm into me and just as I was clinging to this wonderful climax I just had. The new man said "Hurry up Bill, I'm next. I want some of this bitch." Bill pulled his big cock out of me and I said to him "Come here baby I want to clean you." Bill moved up to my head as the new man took his place. I never did see the man's cock that was entering me, I felt it though and it felt like a log. He fucked me hard and deep I loved every inch of it, the feeling was mind-boggling, I did not climax this time but he sure as hell did. By the time he finished Bill had left and this man just moved up to my face. It was then that I saw what had just been inside of my cunt. It was a log; it was a good 2-3 inches longer than Peters and a little fatter. I started cleaning his cock when I heard the door open again. This time I just kept my eyes closed as I made love to this huge cock that just fucked me. I felt another man get between my legs. I felt him slide his cock in my sperm filled cunt and I could hear my cunt sloshing with each inward thrust.

I kept my eyes closed and relished every stroke, it was pure heaven. The man pulled out grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs high in the air. I held onto the cock I was cleaning with my mouth when I felt the man begin to insert his dick into my asshole. I tried to move my hips down to get his cock into the right hole. I couldn't get the head of his cock away from my asshole. I took my mouth off the dick that I was cleaning and said "Wrong hole, wrong hole, put it in my pussy." I heard him say "Shut the fuck up bitch, I got the right hole and your going to take it." I felt him shove forward and I felt the most extreme pain that I had ever felt in my life. I screamed out 'NO, NO STOP, STOP PLEASE, NO NOT THERE, NOT THERE" It did nothing to stop him. He did not slam into me. But he just as well could have because of the pain. He said, "OK, baby, the pain will go away soon and when it does, you will love this." I kept begging him to pull it out but he would not listen.

He held me and started to work his cock slowly in and out. I guess all the sperm from the other three men must have lubricated my butt hole because there was no dryness there. The man I had been sucking clean left and another man came in. I looked at him and said, "Please help me, he's fucking my butt hole, it hurts, help me please." He looked at me and smiled then he said "I'll help you all right honey, just as soon as he finishes fucking you in your ass, I get sloppy seconds. Listen cunt when you leave here your going to crave ass fucking as much as you crave being fucking in your nasty slut pussy."

The pain started going away and for a few minutes there was no feeling what so ever. Then there was something, it was building hard and fast, I experienced a very fast and very hard orgasm as I was shouting out very loud that I was coming the man fucking me shot his seed in me. I ground my ass hard against him to get every drop. He pulled out of me and the next man slid his cock into my ass. This time there was no pain and it was almost instant pleasure as he pumped hard and fast into me. I don't know what happen to me but all of a sudden I was the woman in the sex movies that I had just watched. I began to crave this nasty sex with these strangers coming into the room.

The fucking was going to my brain and to my pussy. I don't know if it was the different men or the size of their cocks. I don't know if it was some sort of pent up lust within me, or if it was from what I thought was normal sex between husband and wife. All I know is I kept looking over to the door hoping another man would walk through it in to the room ready to fuck me as soon as the man fucking me pulled his cock out. Every time another man walked in, my insides jumped for joy. I was crazy with this hunger for making these men come in me and I had to have more of this wonderful feeling. Oh don't get me wrong; I did not come with every man that was fucking me. In fact the more this went on it just became this wonderful nasty feeling. I kept waiting to see if my pussy would get sore or something. The men would seem to run in pairs if one person did my ass, the next would fuck it also. Then the next two or three would do my pussy.

I would suck them after they fucked me, and several times some men just came in the room and they just wanted me suck them off. Before today I would only suck Danny to get him hard, but now I wanted to suck these men for their sperm. I just loved it when they came in my mouth. I relished the feeling of milking them dry and listening to them talking to me as I was their personnel cock hungry slut. I was beginning to tire and I noticed it was now dark out side and the men seem to have slowed down. I was no longer feeling anything except the joy of being nasty. I felt as if I was swimming in a pool of men's sperm under my butt. The air smelled of men's sperm. I could not get enough of that smell, I loved it, and I just relished that smell.

I seemed to fall asleep while a person was fucking me. The next thing I remember was Pete waking me up with some hot food sitting next to the bed. He on the other hand was on his knees down between my legs licking me and sucking my pussy, I noticed he was jacking off. God what an instant turn on for me this man was licking up my sperm filled, well-fucked pussy. I was getting turned on hot as hell watching his hand jacking his cock off. Then knowing that this man was cleaning up my sperm filled pussy made me even hotter.

It was a turn on because I knew that I had had over 10 men sperm in my pussy. This was just way too hot. It was mind boggling that a person would do this kind of thing for me. Here was some guy that would do something this nasty, this sick. I LOVED IT, AND I LOVED HIM FOR DOING IT. I watched him climax and sit back on his feet. I waited for a few minutes, rolled over onto my side, propped myself up on one arm to look at him and I said "Today was wild and has to be the best fucking day of my whole life. I never knew how great sex could be when it is all nasty and wild like today was." Pete got up looked at me and said "I got a confession to tell you Linda, The first tape we made came out perfect, I just had a feeling that you would go further if I gave you the chance. So I put in the second tape and I turned out to be right." I looked at him, I didn't know if I was mad, or happy. I just looked at him and said, "Then I have two tapes to show my husband then?" Pete smiled and said, "Yes, but there is a little more I need to tell you." I laid there on my side watching him and waiting.

He went on "You see there is another camera taking pictures and it is hooked up the TV down stairs, you see the guys down stairs were watching you. Hell we were all watching you. You should have seen me down there making sure that they only came up here one at a time." I just laid there looking at him; I was in, oh I don't know, maybe it was shock. I wanted to get mad, but then the thought of the entire bar watching me up here being a nasty cock hungry slut. It was like I was making my own dirty Gang-Bang movie. I asked, "Is it that one still on?" I pointed to the one he set up. Pete said "No I turned it off when I came up and ran out poor old Jake he's the one that was fucking you when you fell asleep. I checked the tape and it had stopped. But the one down stairs is still on, it has taped everything." I said, "You mean you recorded everything on another machine down stairs? I want that tape also, why did you tape it down there?" Pete said "well to be honest with you Linda, in the past I had used it to blackmail women into coming back here to have sex with me and my friends. But in your case I have a gut feeling that you are going to be coming back here with out blackmailing you, you will get the whole tape from down stairs that has us and all the guys on it." I looked at him and asked, "Did it get you eating me and jacking your self off? I mean are you recording us right now?"

Pete said, "Yep, it's on, it is on a switch down stairs at the bar, I haven't turned it off yet." I then asked, "Then the only time the people can see down stairs is when that one is on? (I pointed to the camera in the room)" he said "yes, but it is off right now." I then was amazed and had to ask, "If that one is turned then how is the one recording down stairs?" Pete walked over to the big TV and picked up the clock sitting on top he told me it had a tiny hidden camera, he changed the channel on the TV and I saw the whole room, the door, and of course myself on the bed. I smiled and waved at myself. I said "Oh so you have hidden cameras, I like that, you are one nasty little boy Peter, I sure am glad you have a nice big Peter" Pete looked at me and asked "Are you mad? I mean I have never told anyone about this, I mean, Ahhh, Gee Linda I never met any woman like you, I had a feeling you just wanted to get even with your husband. I never dreamed that you would be so fucking hot and nasty like I am, I mean I never thought."

I held my finger to my lips and shushed him. I then said, "Tell you what; I want the tape from down stairs and you keep the two from up here. I think I may want to use this room again to videotape something for myself. I'll tell you when and for what when the time comes. As for coming back here to fuck you and your friends, well let me just say if I can get you to help me out. I just may be back here to spend another afternoon." I moved to Pete, gave him a wild wicked kiss, and told him I was not mad and that I was very happy to have stopped by his bar today. I told him he that I thought that he was my savior today.

I got up off the bed and when I did, gravity pulled out a lot of the sperm from me that was up inside of me. Then as I started to walk I farted from both holes shoving out even more sperm. I grabbed a towel near by and wiped myself. It took me a bit to get dressed with out blowing out air from my holes. I got dressed and went down the stairs with Pete, we walked into the bar area that had a lot of men there, I saw a few women but as we walked out there were all kinds of remarks some nice and some not at all nice. One man said, "Hurry back baby, my dick can't wait to get back into your asshole." When he said that, there was a lot of laughter from his table. One guy yelled out "Hey honey you forgot to suck my cock after I pulled it out of your ass. Come over here and clean it up you fucking cunt."

Pete yelled back "Harry; if you're going to be an asshole, you can just leave." I know my face was red, I have to admit one thing though, I felt different. It was a little bit of embarrassment, but I also felt excited. Pete said "I should have taken you out the back, I'm sorry." I smiled and said "I'm not sorry one bit. They see a nasty slut, and what can I do or say to tell them different, they are just being nasty little boys, besides I think I did forget to suck some of them." Pete said "Baby, you are the hottest woman I have ever known, you seem to like being nasty don't' you." We had made it to my car by then and I turned to him, smiled and I gave him a very hot kiss, he handed me my tape and I said. "You woke up something inside of me, and I have a lot to think about. In the mean time I can't wait to go home and show good old Danny boy what I did this afternoon."

I drove back and as I drove home I realized that I was still seeping out sperm. I pulled into the driveway and saw Danny's' car. I walked in and he was sitting in the Den looking very sad. He started to speak and I put my finger up to his lips. I then said, "Just sit there and watch this little video I made just for you my sweet, you took advantage of my love and my bed, now watch what you have reaped. I'm going to go take a nice long bath and I'm going to bed. We will talk tomorrow or we can go get lawyers what ever you want, now watch the tape watch all of it I think it is six or eight hours long." I walked over to the VCR and popped it in then walked into my bedroom, I was going to take a shower.

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