Christmas Gift
Chapter 1: Oh the Weather Outside

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, First, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Oh the Weather Outside - A husband brings home a man for his Wife to enjoy. 3 some time!

After a long walk in the snowy woods, Joe and Susan stopped to rest. Looking about them, it truly was a winter wonderland. The tree tops were sparkling with ice and early morning sunlight. The land's hills and valleys were all covered in white. All was silence, minus the drip of the ice and their own breath. Loathe to intrude on this silence; they both simply stared, amazed, for no human would ever be able to create such a wonder. It wasn't even something you could photograph. The magic of the trees, each tiny branch encased in ice, each pine needled wrapped in its own glass-like crystal, was simply too magical to reproduce.

"Come, let's make it to the stream," Joe whispered.

Onward they walked. Joe and Susan both enjoyed winter. The night before there had been a storm, bringing rain before the temps fell. The rain coated everything in ice as the temperature dropped before, at last, the snow came. The day's morning had dawned bright and sunny with high blue skies. It wasn't frigid, but pleasantly cold. The perfect winter's day.

Susan followed Joe, trusting him to find the stream. She didn't care overmuch where they went. The company was grand, the day fine. What more could a girl ask for? The light-paced hike kept her body temp up so that the coat she wore was actually too warm.

Susan walked smack into the back she'd been following!

"Oh!" She'd been so caught up in her own thoughts that she hadn't noticed that Joe had stopped. He just chuckled, well used to her antics by now.

"We're here," Joe whispered, inches from Susan's ear.

And so they were. The stream was moving rapidly for as narrow as it was. Only the very edges, near land, were thinly frozen. All around them the snow-covered hills rose upwards towards the sky. The woods seemed thin and sparse with the coverage of white. Susan had always loved trees in the winter. Without their leaves they showed their true form. Nothing was hidden.

Susan smiled at Joe and leaned her head against his shoulder. There was no need to talk. It felt great just to be. Unknown minutes passed in silence. Joe slid his hand under her jacket and rubbed circles over her back.

"This place is beautiful, isn't it?" She whispered.

"Yes. You cold?"

Susan shook her head no. She was actually a bit hot, yet knew better than to take her coat off. She unzipped it and let it hang open. Joe nodded and unzipped his. He, however, draped his over a young sapling tree.

"Far too few of these kinda days around here," Joe began, "makes me wonder how many snow days we'll get this winter."

Susan turned her head to look up at him, smiling. Their eyes met and locked.

"You're grinning again," he accused.

"Who, me?" Susan asked pretending innocence.

"Yeah you, out with it, what are you thinking?" Joe persisted.

"Just wondering if you'd ever made love in the woods in the snow," Susan continued to grin.

Joe knew better than to answer that one. It was one of those questions men knew instinctively not to answer. If he answered yes, she'd prod for more information until she was good and jealous. If he said no, then she'd tease him about being too tame and never wanting adventure.

Susan arched up and kissed his chin. She wrapped her arms around his waist and stared up at him.

Didn't his little vixen ever get enough? Joe thought as he felt his erection grow. Ah well, such are the hardships of life, he joked to himself, enjoying his own pun.

Joe lowered his head and gently kissed Susan. Her tongue snaked out to lightly brush against his lips. His own lips moved down her neck and burrowed under the collar of her coat. She was warm against him. His cool hands found their way under her sweater and to her breasts. There was no hiding his grin when he discovered she hadn't bothered with her bra. Her nipples tightened at his cold touch; she shivered.

"Isn't it too cold for this?" Joe protested.

"We'll just have to keep active to stay warm," was Susan's reply.

Bending, Joe lifted her sweater and sucked her erect nipple into his mouth. His mouth felt so hot after his cold fingers. The sensation made Susan suck in and hold her breath. With a light popping noise Joe left one nipple to go to work on the other. That one, he lightly drew ever shrinking circles around yet never touching the nipple itself. Susan arched her back and groaned. The cold air rushing over her wet nipple felt so erotic. The other nipple begged to be touched again. Her breasts swelled as she dug her fingers in his hair, trying to direct his kiss to her nipple.

"Please Joe," Susan's whisper seemed to echo in the quiet wood.

"What? Do you want this?" he teased and closed his teeth over her waiting nipple.

"God, Yes!" She hissed with her head back towards the blue heavens.

Joe placed one hand at the apex of her jeans. Pressing his hand none too gently against the seam, he rubbed her clit with the denim. Susan's nipple was still being held between his teeth. The very tip he teased with his tongue through the bite of his teeth. Rolling his tongue over the captured prize, he was delighted to hear her groans. Releasing her nipple, he moved to the underside of her breast, kissing and licking, leaving a warm wet trail that the winter air soon cooled.

Susan reached her hand for him. She had to touch him. Joe's erection was straining against his own jeans. She pressed the palm of her hand against him, delighting in how he overfilled her hand.

"Joe, please" Susan whispered. New lovers they were not. It didn't matter. She wanted him as much right now as she did the first time.

"Want me?" Joe teased.

"Yesss..." Susan sighed.

Joe smiled as he fed on the skin of her neck. She was already breathing harder. He pulled her sweater down over her breasts to keep her warm before his hand loosened the button on her jeans and dragged the zipper south. With one hand, he rubbed the coarse sweater over her nipple. The other hand dove into her panties and found her wet and waiting for him. There was a sense of power in simply knowing she was wet just for him, that he made her that way.

Abandoning his erection to merely cling to him, it was all Susan could do to remain standing. His finger separated her nether lips and entered her in one smooth move. In and out he thrust his finger, working her till both of them were panting in the cool air.

Every time he thought she was close, he'd hold his hand deathly still, to postpone her climax. Every time he stopped, Susan would thrust her hips towards him, working herself against him.

"Stop it. I've got to have you, now," Susan commanded.

"It's too cold."

"Like hell it's cold. I'm on fire," came Susan's rough reply. She didn't hesitate a second. With determination she freed his cock from his jeans and caressed it with her hands.

Joe decided she was right. It was too hot for them not to continue.

"Here, turn around," Joe smiled at the confused look on Susan's face.

Without a word, Susan turned and faced the sapling where Joe's coat was hanging. She felt Joe slip her jeans and thong down over her hips. He ran his hands over the silken mounds of her ass, almost as pale in color as the snow. Susan, feeling wanton and so hot, rocked her hips back and forth towards him, feeling his cock slide over her ass.

Joe took aim at her dripping pussy and with one push buried himself deep within her. "Agh!" It wasn't a growl, but not far from it. She felt so hot compared to the cold air.

Susan felt him fill her so completely, felt him throb deep inside of her. She could feel her own vaginal muscles gripping him.

After a moment of stillness, where they both simply enjoyed the oneness of being linked together, Joe began to move. Pulling out of her was exquisite torture, the cold air a shock. He pulled back until just the bulbous head of his cock remained inside.

"Hold on," Joe managed to get out.

Having given her that much of a warning, he plunged his cock deep within her once more. Susan staggered forward a step and held on to the small tree. Every thrust sent her breasts swinging until they were all but free of their sweater. Each sway caused the tips to rub against the knitted fabric. Joe held on to either side of her hips and just fucked her for all he was worth. Her hips slammed back into his as she followed his lead.

"Susan ... trust me," he whispered and waited for her nod.

Reaching down, he took his fingers and coated them with her wetness. He rubbed the cream all over her ass, slipping a finger inside of her asshole, sending a wild howl out of her lips. Susan was growling in passion. Again he coated her with her own wetness and to ready her, he slid two of his fingers inside of her ass. Susan let out an inhuman moan and thrust against his hand. His cock was buried in her pussy and his fingers were in her ass and her nipples were feeling raw and she loved every bit of it.

"Ready?" Joe managed to get out of his tight throat.

Susan could only groan in response, fear and desire raging inside.

Joe withdrew from her hot pussy and moved his hard cock to her ass. He pressed against her asshole and Susan groaned. She could feel her own wetness run down her thighs.

Joe pressed against her harder, barely a quarter of an inch in. "Relax Honey."

Susan moaned, "Do it!"

And he did. Taking a deep breath, he pressed harder and the head of his cock popped inside of her ass in one hard shove; the muscles finally giving way and allowing him entrance.

Susan cried out loudly, all but screaming. They both held as still as statues, Susan struggling to relax and breathe. In every porn movie she'd seen they made this look much easier than it was. Susan tried to count to ten, relaxing her ass.

"Ok?" Joe asked.

"I ... I think so ... Yeah, ok," Susan finally managed.

"If I hurt you, let me know..." Joe tried to calm himself as much as Susan.

Her ass was so tight around him. Pulling back only the tiniest bit, he began to fuck her. Susan was beyond caring now. She thrust back onto him, crying out loudly in the throes of a passion she hadn't felt before. In and out of her ass he went. It was so different, but so good. It hurt, but it didn't. It was very strange. It didn't compare to being in her vagina. This was its own pleasure center. He reached over her and around and touched her clit. That was all it took. With a howl a wolf would be proud of, she climaxed, spasming and jerking her body. The poor sapling sent small clods of snow around them.

Joe felt her release and knew he wasn't far behind. One more thrust and he too shot off, filling her ass with his seed.

"Hon, I fear we have a mess..." Joe began, looking around as if he wanted a bathroom to suddenly appear.

"First rule of being a female, be prepared."

With that, Susan pulled out a wad of tissues and peeled some off for him. The others she used for herself.

"That was, ah." Susan pondered her words while she zipped up her jeans. "Different."

"Yeah?" Joe watched her face. He wasn't yet sure just how much she enjoyed it.

"Yeah," Susan pulled her coat closed, her body cooling rapidly now.

"Is different a good thing?" Joe fished.

"Not sure yet." Susan stood on tiptoe and kissed him softly once. Twice. And the third time turned into a deep kiss full of meaning and contentment.

The walk back to the house was completed rather quickly. As their bodies had cooled, they realized hot chocolate sounded too good to wait.

"Joe, I'm going to hit the shower and change into something warm and cozy. I won't be long." Susan let him know as she headed for the stairs shivering.

"Sure, relax while I tote the firewood and labor away for your comfort," Joe shouted back, joking.

"Thank you, dear!" she sing-songed back to him from the bathroom.

Dumping only one armload of wood by the hearth Joe decided he needed a shower as well. As he ran upstairs, he left a trail of his coat and clothes. He could hear her singing in her off-key voice as he opened the bathroom door. Joe slowly moved the shower curtain back and was just about to step into the tub when she suddenly screamed.

"Damn it Joe, you scared the piss out of me!" Susan complained and aimed the shower head for his head.

Susan had shampoo in a thick lather, her hair trailing down to her backside.

Joe looked down at the clear water on the shower floor. "Nope, still clear." Meaning the water hadn't turned yellow with urine.

"No and No. You've been lewd enough for one day."

Susan swatted him and then proceeded to ignore him while she rinsed her hair and applied the thick conditioner. Joe was cleaning his body with the bar of soap, all lathered up to a frothy white.

"Let me at least do your back." Joe volunteered.

"You already did."

Joe rolled his eyes and started at her shoulders. "Bend over just a bit, hey? Are you sore?"

Susan leaned forward resting her palms on the wall of the shower. "A bit, yes."

Her body tensed when she felt his hands washing the globes of her ass. His fingers spread them and washed her anus as well.

"Joe." Susan warned.

"Just relax. Just getting you clean."

Joe inserted his soapy finger just a bit inter her sphincter and retreated, allowing the water to rinse her before repeating it again. He felt her relax as his hands moved down over her legs.

"How's that?" Joe turned her carefully so she was once again under the water and able to fully rinse.

Both clean now, Joe wrapped his arms around her and held her under the spray.

"If you didn't like it..." Joe began, only to be cut off by her.

"It wasn't that. It's very different, and in its own way it felt wonderful."

Susan smiled at him, wet hair hanging down over her cheek. At the wonderful sight of her fully nude and wet, Joe's penis had come to attention, hardening between them.

Susan shrugged and went on. "It just feels like something was ... I dunno. Not finished. Or ... I..."

She wasn't sure how to say it because she wasn't sure what she meant herself. Joe was frowning, waiting.

"You can tell me anything, you know. I thought you peaked."

"I did." Susan was turning pink. "And I know I can. I just think I..." Susan lowered her hand and wrapped it around his penis, stroking it softly, slowly.

Joe waited, fighting to keep his mind off of his cock and on the topic, both of which were getting harder by the second.

"I think I would rather have you finish inside of me, I mean my..."

"I can't, you know that. Once I'm in the back door I can't go in the front." Joe smiled, trying to put things in more simple terms so maybe she could get them off of her mind more easily. "There is too much chance of infections and..."

"Oh. No. I know that. It's just I kinda feel cheated." Susan looked up at him and shrugged again. "Funny, huh?"

"No." Joe kissed her and said, "And yes. But that's what makes you a woman." Joe leaned around behind her and shut off the water.

"I've got an idea." Joe grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Susan. "Trust me, give me a few days and say, by Christmas Eve, if it all works out, I'll have a surprise. A most unusual surprise. And if you don't want it, tell me."

"Oh, just tell me." Susan stepped from the tub.

"No. First I have to decide if I want it." He smiled at her. "Then do a bit of work. And if everything comes together, you'll have a nice Christmas gift. Ok? Trust me?"

"Ok." Susan shrugged. She didn't have a choice really. It was Christmas time.

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