The Gold Rush Days of Guinevere "Goldie" Jones
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Goldie is little miss prim and proper and she decides to find a husband to solve her need for male companionship. Her skills in playing golf make her a winner on the competition circuit. Her new secret husband is her Caddy in the tournaments. He is quite rich and has not need to work other than helping his wife succeed in her selected sport. A trip to America turns tragic and Goldie may find solace with a new friend Alain Dupree, heir to the Givinchy fortune.

Guinevere "Goldie" Jones hated the name Guinevere because all her so-called school-chums teased her unremorsefully about "getting it on" with her lover Lancelot. Goldie was not quite sure what "getting it on" actually meant but she was certain it was not something a lady would do.

Goldie's mum was a very religious woman and she raised her only daughter to be very circumspect in her both her studies and in her play. Although Goldie was probably the prettiest girl in her graduating class, she was yet to be kissed in a romantic way by any of boys in the graduating class.

When she went to University, Goldie thought that everything would change.

She was surprised that everything was just the same except she got very interested in playing golf on the varsity team for females that had just been started as part of a gender equality program.

Soon, Goldie was the foremost player on the entire team and most of the instructors felt she was better qualified than most of the male players as well. Her success tended to put off most of the males attracted by her stunning good looks and sparkling personality. Her sense of shyness came across as a "you are not good enough for me" attitude that turned the male students off almost immediately.

So at the tender age of 22, accomplished golf amateur Goldie Jones joined the circuit that traveled the British Isles during the season for certified play. She had only a 2 handicap and excelled on the putting green. Goldie was easily the prettiest girl on the circuit and her handsome posterior was featured on "Women's Golf Digest" sparking interested looks from every male particularly interested in that part of the female anatomy.

Goldie's secret was that she was still a virgin.

It was something that she wanted to remedy in the quickest way possible. Since she had been brought up as a "good girl" by her doting mum, she needed to get the ring on an eligible bachelor as soon as she could.

Fate brought her Simon.

Simon was not a professional golfer.

He was only a lowly "bag boy". He loved everything about golf but was never good enough to get onto the roster for the men's circuit. So he used his extensive knowledge about the game to assist the actual players. It was not really necessary for Simon to work for a living as his income from his inherited investments was large enough to preclude him from ever having to work anywhere.

It was a whirlwind courtship.

Simon was astonished when the beautiful professional golfer Goldie came over to his table in the 19th hole lounge and asked him to help her with her backswing. Simon had a reputation for assisting any interested party with various aspects of the game even though he tended to freeze mentally in a real competition.

They agreed to meet early the next morning before play began to hone up her skills. The very first time Simon found his long muscular arms around the beautiful girl, he found his manhood rising quickly to press against her lusciously curved flanks. It was a situation that needed no words, no promises, and no questions to be answered.

Goldie looked back over her shoulder at the handsome young man and lifted her lips for his tender kiss. A little spark of electricity seemed to jump between them and she felt for the very first time a tingle in her female core that signaled her desire to cleave into his manly flesh.

That kiss lasted almost forever in both of their minds.

The touch of his excited member on her soft bottom made Goldie tremble with desire and she wanted to give him every part of her body for his exploration and pleasure. Deep inside, she knew that was not really on her "good girl" agenda, but her female flesh was weak and her desire strong. Goldie was fortunate that Simon was not like the other males that roamed the courses looking for easy conquests.

Simon was a gentleman in the true sense of the word.

He had been looking for a partner for a long time and he knew instinctively that this beautiful but shy girl was just perfect for him. He lost no time in presenting her with a beautiful diamond of some 3 full carats.

"Simon, I can't accept this. This is much too expensive. Let's go and get a small one. That is all I need. You know you can't afford this."

Simon laughed at Goldie.

"We can certainly afford this, darling. I make the cost of this bauble in one day on the stock exchange."

Goldie was quite surprised. She had no idea Simon was rich. She wanted to marry him just because of the way he made her feel deep inside. They sat on the bench far away from prying eyes and spent the better part of an hour learning all of the secrets of each other's bodies without any attempt to consummate their love for each other. They had mutually agreed to save that treat for their wedding night. It was to be two short weeks from now when the circuit was on a one month break and they could have an exciting holiday on the Riviera in a villa owned by Simon's family.

The wedding was all hush-hush. They did not tell any of their friends or the people on the tour. They both knew the other golfers and the tour followers would make fun of their love for each other because of Simon's lowly position. The pair of them went immediately from the tiny church and the harried minister straight to the villa just outside Nice.

Goldie was very nervous as she waited on the edge of the bed in her white satin nightgown. She was sparkling clean everywhere. She had brushed her teeth three times and gave her bum a last glance to make sure her undies were not bunched up.

When Simon came out of the bathroom, he coughed apologetically,

"Darling, do you want me to use a thing?"

Goldie laughed and replied,

"No, dearest. I want to feel your seeds shoot into me and if we are so fortunate to have a little one, I hope it will look just like you."

Simon seemed totally relieved and without another word, he rushed to Goldie's side and began to cover her body with tender kisses. Goldie opened her mouth to his probing tongue and felt her own juices begin to churn inside her body. She opened her new husband's shirt buttons and removed his shirt to reveal his muscular chest with a light sprinkling of blond hair. The tent in his bottoms was so intriguing to her that she hastened to pull down his pants to expose his rampant member pulsing with heated anticipation to enter her body and relieve her of her virginity.

Goldie was as ready as she would ever be.

Simon put her down on the bed on her back and guided her legs wide apart. He removed her white silk panties but left her silk nighty bunched at her hips. His finger delicately traced loving patterns over her womanhood and even pushed tenderly into her dripping vaginal lips. Lips that had never been penetrated by a male organ or even an imitation of the real thing.

Goldie shut her eyes and vibrated in passionate response to her husband's preparations. She wanted him to put it in her now. She had waited so long and her insides were quivering with anticipation for the touch of Simon's beautiful long shaft. She knew the first time would hurt her and she was ready to take the pain and become at long last a complete woman.

She opened her eyes when she felt Simon's long lean body slide between her legs. She reached out and wrapped her arms around his muscular back. She could feel the muscles rippling as he placed the tip of his long shaft right on her opening. The touch was so delightful; she let out a gasp of intense pleasure.

"Is it in yet, darling?"

"No, silly little muffin. We have a long way to go. I only have the very tip going into your opening as yet."

Goldie felt the shaft start to spread her virgin vagina apart and could feel her tiny tight little anus open and tighten as her husband's long shaft began to disappear inside her. She looked down at the miracle and just then she felt her hymen split open for Simon's entrance. There was a momentary jolt of pain, but it went quickly away and she felt filled in a way she had never felt before.

She looked up into her husband's eyes. They were so blue just like the sky. She was very lucky to have a husband with blue, blue eyes. He was still sliding inside, deeper, deeper, until he was pressing against her untouched cervix. It was sheer heaven. They were as one. They were motionless, she fully penetrated, he, fully inserted, then, Simon began to move in and out in a way that made Goldie want to give more and more of herself. She wanted to give every part of her body to Simon and keep him inside her forever.

The marvelous tool inside her began to get larger and she felt Simon start to move faster inside her. Her own insides were like a volcano ready to erupt. She started to say something but then Simon cried out and she felt the flood of cream fill her newly opened vagina right to the very brim.

She shuddered and then the orgasm overtook her body and she was unable to stop her own writhing convulsions under the full weight of her husband's drained body.

It was a nice start to a 14 day honeymoon that saw her repeat that performance daily, quite often, more than once each and every day. Simon and Goldie were two peas in a pod for the entire honeymoon.

When they returned to the circuit, Simon was Goldie's "Caddy" drawing snickers from the onlookers unaware they were husband and wife. Each night they found a way to be together and Goldie's level of play soared out of sight. She was now the number 3 player on the circuit and a player manager had approached her about the possibility of playing on the American circuit where the prize money was significantly larger.

Simon was very supportive of his wife's prospective move up in the competition arena.

The manager was surprised that Goldie wanted to take her own "Caddie" with her on the American tour but she knew Goldie would be a big hit both because of her level of play and her beautiful figure and breathtaking good looks.

Goldie was on her elbows and knees on the wide comfortable bed and Simon was covering her with his strong muscular body. The feel of his strong legs pushing against her soft rounded bottom made her feel deliciously submissive to his passionate strokes and she knew she was not far from another pleasant orgasm. The spurts of her husband's liquid present pushed her over the edge and she bucked like a wild pony trying to throw off a heavy rider. Simon just wrapped his arms and his legs around her body and held on tight until her frantic explosions subsided.

They both made plans about the upcoming trip to America.

Their first stop was to be in the Eldorado Hills Country Club. The beautiful foothills of the magnificent Sierra Madres Mountains. Gateway to Lake Tahoe, Reno, and the ultimate destination, Las Vegas at the end of the rainbow.


Decades later, Goldie would look back to this time in her life as being the most exciting and satisfying of her entire existence.

The American circuit was prodigious and financially rewarding. She earned more in one weekend than she did for an entire year in the British Isles tournaments. Her favorite of all was the "Gold Rush" open at El Dorado Hills in California. The lush greens and putting surfaces were tended with fastidious care by the country club groundskeepers.

Both she and her secret husband Simon enjoyed spirited love-making in the plushest of five-star hotels without the slightest hassle from any quarter. Even if she were to be discovered, it would seem to be just a romance between a player and her caddy. Not the stuff of expose magazines seeking more lurid scenarios.

An American player rated in the top rankings approached her in the dining room just before a practice round and told her in a steady and sultry voice,

"You are just delectable, my little muffin top. I could use a nice massage from your strong fingers to keep me nice and loose for the competition."

Goldie was so startled that she was at a loss for words.

The famous tanned and lean female seemed to take her silence as a form of assent and gave her a paper with her room number on it. She glided away to a bevy of chattering admirers seeking her valued autograph. No one asked Goldie for her autograph because as of yet she was still a virtual unknown on the circuit.

She was well aware of what the attractive older woman was alluding to. The thought of such goings-on did make her excited but strict up-bringing by her religious mum had served to drive the naughty thoughts from her head. Her marriage and relationship with Simon filled her physical needs far beyond her ever imagined expectations and she felt no need to expand her horizons.

Goldie was relieved Nancy was not in her foursome. It would have been just too embarrassing to be in close contact with her for most of the day. She revealed some of her unexpected conversation to her husband as they supposedly discussed the proper club to use for the next shot. Simon found the whole thing to be so amusing; he had difficulty in hiding his laughter from on-lookers.

The talented female golfer realized Simon was probably laughing more at her dismay than at the sexual proposition offered to her. She did her best to not be distracted but found her thoughts wandering to the attractive, long and lean legs of the well-known female golfer. She found herself wondering if the older golfer was serious in her offer or was trying to throw her "off her game" with the distraction.

The practice round went very well for Goldie. She had accumulated 4 "birdies" and even an "eagle" on the back nine for a surprising seven under par for the day. It was the best practice round scored at the club for the last 3 years.

When they got back to the room, she and Simon took a long relaxing shower together and planned a little celebration in the bedroom for achieving such a low score. Her husband told her she needed to be rewarded for listening to his advice on club selection and strategy.

Goldie was stretched out flat on her tummy on the huge bed and purred with contentment as her loving husband massaged every aching muscle of her beautiful body. She vibrated with passion whenever his fingers focused on her trim bottom and the insides of her slender, well-muscled legs.

These "special rewards" from Simon filled her with a desire to give him the deepest and secret places of her womanhood for his total pleasure. She loved her "special rewards" times just as she loved her "correction times" when she did something dumb or lacking in skill on the course. Simon would tell her what she did wrong and she promised to do her best to not repeat it in the future. Sometimes her bottom would sting for hours afterward, but she loved those sessions just as much as the reward sessions. She knew she was a better golfer because of her husband's attention to her training.

That night was a night of passionate carnal pleasure. Goldie pleased her husband with her varied performance. She wanted him to experience every male fantasy given to him by his wife in full submission. They both knew Simon would never want to have any other woman other than his loving and adoring wife. She knew her mother would not approve of some of her activities but she knew she needed Simon close to her forever.

A special party to "kickoff" the competition was celebrated in large tents furnished by many of the sponsors using the popularity of the sport to foster increased sales of their products.

Goldie found herself in a huge tent with other players and various business types of the communications industry. Her husband was in another tent specifically for the caddies and the tournament administrators. She felt strong hands grasp her bare shoulders and knead them with firm fingers. She looked up and saw her admirer, the famous Nancy with the gorgeous legs. Despite herself, Goldie felt her insides start to tumble and she felt rather nice "down there".

"So, Miss "Hard to get", are you still fooling around with that caddy of yours?"

Goldie knew her new-found friend could not possibly know that Simon was her husband. She figured the woman suspected she was having an affair with her caddy.

"He is convenient, I must say! Sorry I was so busy last night."

The famous female golfer moved away with a shadow of a smile on her face, already talking to another fan eager to talk to the talented pro.

A very tall and distinguished looking man with graying hair and gold handled cane sat in the chair opposite her carrying the special entre for the evening. It was a butter and herb baked dish of premium lobster chunks set inside a hollowed out loaf of freshly baked sour dough bread from a San Francisco bakery. Goldie had already eaten her portion with some degree of haste since she was starving. She had played 27 holes of golf and not eaten anything since early in the morning.

"You are going to enjoy that dish. I packed mine away in a hurry. There is a delicious little highlight mix in the red bowl in the center."

The handsome older man smiled charmingly at Goldie and remarked,

"This is my favorite. I heard it came straight from Fisherman's wharf in the city."

"That's what my caddy told me."

Goldie neglected to add her caddy was her husband but she didn't see the need to share secrets with a stranger.

"My name is Goldie Jones. I waiting to sample the key lime pie they promised would be forthcoming any minute."

The man stood up and bowed to Goldie. It was very European and unlike the American sense of informality.

"My name is Alain. Alain Dupree of the Givinchy organization in Paris. We are a platinum sponsor, whatever that means, no one has told me and it was my money."

The pleasant gentleman said this with an amused chuckle as if it was all a joke at his expense. Goldie found herself laughing with the good-looking man and had not the slightest hint why she did so.

The only other couple at their table was a Japanese female golfer and her chaperone making sure the barely legal girl did not imbibe the excellent free vintage champagne. Neither of them spoke a word of English so it was as if Alain and Goldie were by themselves. They conversed about the tournament and about the stats on the female participants. Alain was surprised that Goldie was in the top twenty in the international rankings and there was absolutely no hype about her in the media. Goldie told him she liked it that way because she liked to build the points and win money without all the hoopla of the notoriety. She had won only one sanctioned tournament in her freshman year. Her steady finish in the top ten of every tournament she played in helped keep her ranking near the top.

She noticed that Alain wore a wedding ring and asked if his wife had accompanied him on this trip.

He looked at her for moment and after a short pause, he replied,

"No, Cherie, my lovely Valentina was taken by a terrible storm in the Adriatic only last year. I wear my ring to remind me of my dear departed and devoted wife of 22 years."

Momentarily nonplussed, Goldie regretted her faux pas and tried to make amends by saying,

"Mr. Dupree, I am so sorry to remind you of what I am sure is a terrible loss. I can tell you were obviously devoted to your wife and I commend you on your romantic connection to the past."

She reached out her hand and placed it on the suave gentleman's arm and softly pressed her fingers into his firm muscles.

Alain covered her hand with his and he patted her with a reassuring gesture.

"Not to worry, my dear, I know a time will come soon when I have to put all that behind me for the sake of the Dupree lineage and find a suitable wife to help shoulder the burden of the family responsibilities. I have no children and my distant relatives are waiting like vultures for me to fall into the grave."

His pleasant laughter softened the harshness of his assessment of his relative's motives.

They both drank a little too much of the fine champagne and were laughing like old long-lost buddies thrown back together by lucky circumstance.

When Alain asked her to dance, Goldie accepted immediately, even though she felt a little guilty about her husband in the other tent.

Alain was a suburb dancer. He led her into several intricate steps that she had never done before and yet in his hands, she was graceful and skilled. When the music slowed and they rested body against body, Goldie could feel Alain's hard muscled body and she became excitedly aware of the growing package tucked safely between his legs. She gave up to her sudden urge for closeness with this delightful man and allowed him to explore the well-covered recesses of her womanhood with his manly equipment. It was a moment that stood still in time and she pulled away only when she remembered she was a married woman. Secretly married, but married none the less.

She apologized to the gentleman who had shown her a wonderful evening and explained she had to conference with her caddy about the next morning's strategy.

When Simon entered her bedroom, he was surprised to find his wife waiting for him on the bed dressed only in her nylons, heels and garter belt. She had a look on her face that said very simply,

"I am ready, I want you, and please don't waste a precious second."

Their love-making was sweet, it was impassioned, and it lasted till almost midnight. Simon convinced Goldie she needed to get her sleep to be ready for the first round of play in the morning. Goldie wanted to tell Simon about her dinner with Alain but she knew it would probably hurt his feelings so she remained silent.

The next two days went very well, and Goldie found herself high up on the list of female golfers that made the cut for the remainder of the tournament. A couple of times she saw Alain in the crowds but she did not say anything to him and he did not approach her out of a sense of not wanting to distract her from her business at hand.

The fourth and final round of play was very tense. Goldie was in fifth place, only 4 strokes behind the leader. If she just held onto her position, she would earn almost $35,000 and an assured berth at the next tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. That last night before the final play, Goldie and her husband just cuddled together and nestled against each other's bodies. Goldie felt safe and happy. She was a little confused about her yearnings for Alain but she attributed it to too much champagne.

On the 18th hole, Goldie was about 30 feet from the cup. She was not nervous but realized if she made this birdie putt, she would win the whole shooting match. The eagle on the par 5 16th hole set up her rise from third place to second place and this birdie would win everything if Nancy only made par on the final hole. She looked up and saw Alain smiling at her. He looked so confident in her success that she addressed the ball with utter concentration and firm resolve. She watched the ball roll slowly in a circular line from above the hole. It was just as Simon warned her. The ball had to come in from the left and slope down to the tiny hole following the slope of the North-South tilt.

There was complete silence as the ball rolled slowly to the hole. The clink of the ball falling into the hole was like a release button and the stands erupted with shouting, yelling fans astonished at the making of the difficult putt.

She waved to Alain and joined Simon as they were swept to the scoring tent to register the results. It was so important to do it correctly so she was not disqualified.

The winning check was for $450,000. It was more than she had made her entire golfing career.

She and Simon left later that night in an attempt to make it over the Sierra Madres before the anticipated snowstorm arrived to preclude ground travel.

They stopped in an "Old West" town up in the mountains for a quick snack before going over the summit.

Goldie figured it was either that delay or it could have just been bad luck that saw them on the downhill stretch with no snow chains and a blizzard so thick it covered the windshield faster than the wipers could remove the snow. She remembered that she was dozing in the back seat when the 18 wheel truck skidded into their Town Car in a sickening grind of twisted metal.

The nurse in the Reno hospital emergency room told Goldie that "her driver" did not survive.

She didn't really receive much sympathy because everyone figured she could always find another caddy. She left the tour before the Las Vegas competition and returned to her little town in the North of England. Only the solicitor knew of her actual loss as he set up a trust fund for Goldie from Simon's Estate. It was an unbelievable 20 million pounds. She had not need for any of it as she had a hefty bank account from her golf winnings that totaled almost a half million pounds.

Later that week, Goldie left for an extended vacation at the Villa outside Nice. She had received a nice letter from Alain asking her to visit him in Paris. She thought it might be a nice trip to get her mind off the loss of her loving husband.

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