Night Interlude
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion, Blackmail, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Connie had a problem. Her penis awoke the day after her 14th birthday! Now she popped a boner every time she even thought about a pretty girl! While caught up in her newly discovered feelings towards girls, the adorable blonde started blackmailing her sister. Sara came through and gave Connie the very first blowjob she ever experienced! It had been such a wonderful feeling, that Connie increased her blackmailing! She was eager to see how far she could go with her beautiful 16 year old sister!

(While not a Kim Possible story per say, it does take place in the Kim Possible universe!)

Fourteen year old Connie McCoy couldn't help herself. She peered between the slats of her blinds and watched the car parked out in the street. The windows were all fogged up, and the automobile was gently swaying and bouncing on its springs. "Oh my Gosh!" she whispered. "Is she doing it? Is Sara getting fucked? She's only sixteen! Mom will kill her if she finds out!"

The beautiful blond took a deep breath. The swell of her pert breasts rose to strain against her pajama top. That wasn't the only straining going on. Connie whimpered as she tried to make herself more comfortable in her pajama bottoms. "Not another boner!" she breathed. "It shouldn't get an erection from thinking about my sister! That's just way wrong! What am I gonna do now?"

She knew what she was going to do, but that didn't mean it didn't embarrass her! In the week since her birthday, Connie had launched upon a brand new hobby. It seemed like every time she even thought about a pretty girl; her stupid boy part would stand up and take notice! She would end up stroking it until her whole body would shake and quiver while unbelievable good feelings raced through her. Sometimes she had to rush to her room five times in one day, to make the silly thing relax and get soft again!

Pulling down her bottoms, she touched the hard smooth flesh of her penis and shuddered. She traced her finger lightly over its length. The thing seemed like it was nearly a half inch longer then it was just the other day! Then, she let that curious finger delve lower, and sighed while stroking the silky lips of her little hairless pussy. Thank goodness she had that, instead of being stuck with a set of balls dangling beneath her cock! Medically her condition was known as being a hermaphrodite. Connie thought of herself as a regular girl, with an added bit. "I think I'm going crazy!" she breathed, as once again she started to 'fiddle' with her hard penis. "It's nasty, but I want to be in that car with Sara!"

Suddenly, a movement caught her eye. Sara had jumped from the car. When the forty-two year old guy she thought nobody knew she was seeing stepped out, she slapped him in the face! This looked promising! Connie opened the window a crack and leaned closer. Faintly, she heard her sister snap "No means no, asshole! I told you nothing below the waist tonight! Blowjobs and titty fucking only! I'm probably ovulating tomorrow! Now go home before I tell your pregnant wife you've been fucking a High School girl every chance you get, because you think her belly is too damn big!" He said something Connie couldn't hear, while cringing in apparent fear. "Oh, all right, I'll see you next Friday. I'll let you fuck me then." She held up a hand in warning. "Do not forget the condoms!"

Connie yanked up her pants and crept out of her room and into the hall. She just had to know if mom had heard that outburst! The front door opened, and then closed. Nobody said anything. "Rats!" the girl quietly hissed. "Mom must already be in bed! She sleeps too soundly to have heard all that! It would have been exciting if she knew Sara was having sex with married guys and doing blowjobs on 'em!" Just the thought made her penis give an eager little throb! "That's what I want!" the young girl breathed. "I want someone pretty like Sara to suck on me! I bet it feels awesome!"

An idea dawned. Did she want a girl like Sara, or Sara herself? A plan suddenly formed in the girl's mind. She didn't have much time! Quick as a bunny, Connie charged into her big sister's room and pulled open the big old air vent in the wall. She grabbed the insulated locking file box she found there, and lugged it back to her own room.

Frantically, she tried to find a hiding place. Throwing open her closet door, she pried open the panel that covered the plumbing access point. She paused just long enough to consider what she should grab as proof. She punched buttons on the pad of the electronic lock and opened it up. She knew from previous snooping that her big sister had stupidly used her own birthday as the combination! The intricate designs on the metal and glass pot pipe were kinda cool looking, but it was too big to hide in her closed hand. She wanted nothing to do with the big Ziploc bag of 'weed', the single pill she thought was a Valium, or the nearly full half pint bottle of Vodka her sister also kept in the box. Connie settled for a couple rolling papers and locked the box back shut.

It fit right in among the pipes, and she shoved the panel back in place. "That should be good for now! I don't think mom even knows that board comes out!" the girl giggled as she piled her suitcase and sleeping bag in front of the small panel to completely hide it. "Now I just have to wait a minute. Stoner Sara always lights up a doobie before bed!"

It wasn't even a minute before there was a gentle tap at her door. It opened, and her beautiful raven haired sister slipped into the bedroom. "Connie, have you been messing around in my room?" she asked in an obvious attempt to sound friendly and unworried. "Are you playing some kind of prank on me?"

"What's wrong Sara?" Connie asked with a smile. "Lose something?"

The nice act vanished. "Give it back, squirt! That box has, um, some very sentimental value!"

Connie smiled sweetly. "I'm going to show it to mom tomorrow morning and ask her if she knows what's in it."

Sara gasped. "You wouldn't dare, runt! Besides, mom knows I just keep my diary and birth certificate in it! It's nothing really important, but it was wrong of you to take it!"

"Two, fifteen, ninety-eight." She recited as she opened her hand to display the rolling papers.

Her big sister went pale. "You, you opened it?"

"Yup, I sure did!" Connie giggled. "I wonder what mom will say. After all, she was the driving force to get the school board to ratify the zero tolerance drug and alcohol rule! Mom might turn you in just to make an example! When you're expelled, you'll be the talk of the town!"

"What do you want? I only have about sixty bucks!"

The lovely blonde smiled. "I don't want to steal your money!" she said softly. "I just have a question."

"What is it?"

Gathering her courage, Connie stood up and pulled down her pajama bottoms. The erect six inch penis popped up and pointed right at her sister. "Is it true you'll give just about anyone who asks a blowjob?"

"What? Oh shit! You get erections now?" Sara shouted, before clapping a hand over her mouth. "I don't care if you have a dick, you're my sister! It's wrong! It's incest! I couldn't possibly do anything like that with you! Why are you even hard? The doctors said if it worked at all, it wouldn't be until you were like eighteen!"

Connie ignored that. After all, it embarrassed her when the stupid thing got hard for the first time last week. It was an unexpected and embarrassing gift to receive the day after her fourteenth birthday! She had been watching Adrena Lynn's latest stunt on TV when it happened. The way the extreme stuntwoman's tight pants showed off the wiggle of her butt had caught Connie's eye. Next thing the startled girl knew, she had a tent pole sticking up in her sweatpants! Her penis had stayed all stiff and hard for over an hour before it finally returned to normal. After that first time, her cock seemed to have developed a mind of its own. If she even thought about a pretty girl, up it popped!

Connie grinned at her flustered sister. "I'm hard because I was thinking about how you let guys stuff their dicks in your mouth, Sara." She giggled. "If you won't help me, maybe I should just bring the box to school and tell my teacher tomorrow." She pretended to cry. "Mrs. Andrews, I'm so worried about my big sister. She does drugs, and even drinks! What should I do?"

"Don't do that!" Sara begged. "I'll give you sixty-four dollars! That's all I have!"

Connie pretended to consider it. "Nah, I don't want money! I want to see what a blowjob feels like! You go and think it over. You'll know where to find me if you change your mind!"

"I'll never change my mind, you little pervert!" Sara whispered as she slipped out of the room.

The petite blonde ran to her desk and booted up her laptop. She set the power saving controls to shut off the screen after she centered the webcam on her bed. She instinctively knew that holding her sister's pot was temporary. The first time she had to leave the house for school, Sara would rip her room to pieces to find her stash. Connie needed something more powerful to hold over her big sister. A recording of Sara gobbling her dick would be priceless! Connie would never have to do the dishes again. Even better, OTHER fun things could be arranged if she got that recording!

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard a gentle knocking on her door. "Come in." she called out softly.

Sara slipped in, looking rather flushed and sheepish. "You won't tell mom about my stash?" she asked in a whisper. "Y-You'll give me all my stuff back, the weed, and even the Vodka?"

Connie raised her right hand as if she were being sworn in at court. "I swear on my life that I won't tell mom about your stuff!" she took a deep breath. "If you do a blowjob on me, I swear I'll hand over the box and never ever mention it again!" She wouldn't have to, once she had the recording!

The older girl nervously came closer. "This is a once in a lifetime thing, understand?" she asked quietly. "When we're done, neither of us will ever mention it again for the rest of our lives, okay?"

Connie nodded, grateful that her sister didn't make her swear. If she swore to it, she'd never be able to get another blowjob or anything from Sara! She was a very truthful girl, and never ever went back on a swear! "What should I do?" she asked softly, trying to word things so it sounded like Sara's idea. She'd edit off the beginning about the box and the weed and stuff, but needed Sara to incriminate herself verbally! "I, I don't know about this stuff!"

She almost cheered when her sister smiled. "Just relax, Connie. I'm the blowjob queen of Middleton High! Ask anyone on the football team! In certain circles I'm a bigger hero then Kim Possible because of it! I'll hook you up real good!"

Connie sighed and her penis gave a happy little twitch at the mention of her idol's name. All this week after school, she had stayed late just to watch the cheer squad practice. Cheer Captain Kim Possible was HOT! Connie loved the teen's long full bodied red hair. Her small but perky breasts were simply adorable! Connie even loved how most days Kim dressed to show off her cute little belly button even when she wasn't in her cheerleader uniform!

She had lucked out one Saturday and saw her beat the snot out of the pony tailed blue skinned Dr. Drakken as he was trying to take over the Middleton Space Center! She sighed again. Dr, Drakken's right-hand woman, Shego, looked super hot and sexy when she shot green energy out of her hands! She thought it was so cute how the beautiful villain had called Kim "Princess" while they were fighting. Watching from her vantage point behind a Shego blasted tour bus, Connie wondered if the gorgeous villain was more interested in taking Kim to bed, rather then defeating her in battle. While no expert on fighting, it looked to her like Shego could have destroyed Kim at any time, if she really wanted to!

The young hermaphrodite kicked her pajama bottoms completely off, and sat on her bed, positioned just right so the recording web cam would get a perfect shot! "I, I'm ready." She said softly. "Are you sure about this?"

"Kiddo, trust me. I know what I'm doing." She smiled almost as if she knew she was being recorded. "Are you ready, baby sister?"

"Baby sister! Would you cut that out! I'm fourteen for Pete's sake! You're only two years older then me!"

"Look in the mirror sometime, squirt." Sara grinned down at her sister. "You're only four foot tall, baby-doll! Would you rather I just call you runt?"

"Okay, I'll accept baby, just please don't call me dumb names like that at school!" she shook her head. "Besides, I'm four foot three and three quarter inches!"

"Those three inches sure make the difference!" the willowy six foot teen laughed. "Now are you ready, dear little sister? I'm about to rock your world!"

Connie sighed. "If you say so!" she said in what she hoped sounded like a nervous voice. Connie tried to hide her smile while spreading her legs wide so Sara could knee between them. As long as Sara didn't say something stupid from here on, the video would look like Sara had to talk her into this!

Connie shuddered when for the very first time, a hand other then her own touched her excited hard penis. Sara nodded her approval. "It's this big on a shrimp little as you? You are going to make some lucky woman very happy!"

That was one thing she could say about her sister. Sara treated her as if having a sister who had a penis as well as a vagina was a normal everyday thing. "Y-You think so?" she asked shyly, as gentle fingers traced over her hardness.

"I'm certain of it, squirt!" her lovely big sister winked. "Do you have any friend you think about in THOSE ways?"

Yikes! The video was rolling! Still, nobody would ever see it but Sara and her. "Amy!" she gasped. "Amy is simply gorgeous! I, I think I'd like to be more then friends with her, if I could figure out how to let her know about my difference without shocking her!"

Sara laughed, not unkindly. "Well kiddo, if she can give head half as well as I do, you'll live happily ever after!" With that, she leaned forward and accepted the flaring head of the penis between her plump and pouty lips.

Connie clapped a hand over her mouth to try and muffle her squeal. The warmth of a moist tongue against the underside of your prick must be what heaven feels like! "Oh wow!" she moaned as the tongue moved. "Oh wow-wee!"

Sara giggled and released the penis from her mouth. "You like that, don't you?"

"Uh-huh!" was Connie's quick and witty reply.

"Hold onto your hat, it only gets better!" Sara leaned forward again and carefully licked all over the penis, treating it like a sweet and yummy lollypop!

The pretty blonde hermaphrodite braced her hands against the bed, gripping the sheets tightly in delicate fists. "D-Do you like having a penis in your mouth?" she asked huskily, aiming for more damaging dialog for the video.

"Oh hell yes!" Sara paused in her ministrations to laugh. "It's such a feeling of power! Guys, and you too" she giggled "Just go crazy knowing a pretty girl is willing to take a cock into her mouth!" she gave Connie's hardness a couple of strokes with her gently grasping fist. "This is just between you and me, right? You'll never say anything, will you?"

"Never!" she swore, actually telling the truth. She wouldn't say a word. Why should she when all she had to do was show someone a movie?

"Remember when Father Flannigan left town so abruptly a couple years ago?" Connie just nodded. "That was only two days after I gave him a blowjob in the confessional! It took me only ten minutes to talk him into shoving his cock through when I tore off the screen in the partition. I almost drowned when the old guy splooged like Ol' Faithful right down my throat ten seconds later! I think it was the first time anyone ever touched his cock. I never saw anyone cum that much before or since! One little suck, and suddenly I had cum literally shooting out of my nose! It was a shame he requested to be reassigned to another parish. The old coot was hung like a horse! I would have loved to ride him like a cowgirl!"

"You, you were only fourteen then?" Connie stammered thrilled excitement sounding like uneasy disbelief.

"Hey, I may have been young, but even then I had plenty of experience under my belt. Remember when mom was dating that guy Harry, the baker from Upperton? He's the one who taught me how to falatio. I was an expert by the time I almost started my own church scandal!" She grinned smugly. "Harry said I give much better head then mom does because she's a spitter and I'm a swallower! I think he only dated her so long, because he liked my oral skills." She giggled. "To be honest, that wasn't really true. Harry loved that mom would let him shove it up her hiney as a form of birth control on those fertile days in her cycle. He only dumped her when she started dropping hints about wanting a wedding ring." She sighed happily. "I still hook up with him sometimes."

Connie's heart raced. The video was solid gold! She could practically own Sara now! She pushed that out of her mind for the moment. Her sister had started to suck again! It felt so much better then the frantic stroking and tugging of her own hand! Sara's head started to bob up and down on her hardness, long shimmering black hair tickling the hermaphrodite's thighs. Connie whimpered from the frustration and delight. It felt really good, no doubt about it, but as usual; she felt like she had reached a bridge she could not cross!

"Touch me!" she sobbed as she fell back prone on the bed. She needed what she privately thought of as her booster rocket. "Please Sara, touch my girl parts too! Nothing will happen unless you play with my kitty too!"

For a few moments Sara just continued her skillful oral work. Connie gripped the sheets in both hands, and bounced her butt on the bed as she was left hanging at pleasure, but just could not cross over into ecstasy! Then, a gentle finger began to stroke along her pouting labia. "Please, oh please!" the hermaphrodite begged, unable to fully articulate her needs. Words were not needed.

Sara was rather surprised that Connie's penis didn't seem to want to unleash the creamy warmth she secretly craved. It dawned on her that maybe her sister's male reproductive organs just weren't quite mature enough yet. When Connie started to beg, Sara knew just what to do. It was strange to be able to play with a pretty pussy while actually sucking the same person's dick, but Sara did love change. There were many girls at school, and even a few women in town that loved her gentle touch! After stroking her sister's lips for a moment, she slipped her index finger deep into warm wetness. Connie sort of gurgled at that, and her trembling and bouncing increased.

Connie thought she was losing her mind! Spanking and diddling never felt like this before! She almost wailed when Sara brought her other hand into play. A finger wiggled playfully deep inside her, while another began to eagerly strum over the firm nub of her not so little clit. All the while, Sara's mouth kept right on bobbing and sucking!

The blonde crammed the fingers of one hand into her mouth as powerful waves of pleasure consumed her convulsing body. The scream that tried to escape came out as muffled wails and moans as she shook through one orgasmic peak to the next. Still, throughout it all, she was left with a sense that she had come within a heartbeat of something truly wonderful, only to once again slowly back away again.

Sara released the now slightly wilted penis from her mouth, and gracefully rose to her feet. She couldn't help smiling as she stared down at her bratty little sister. The rise and fall of the petite blonde's adorable B cup breasts, and the delicate features of her almost pixy like beauty gave no doubt to her femininity. The rather pretty penis she was packing was sure to be a bonus when her sister found just the right girl. Who knows? Maybe she would find a very curious boy who would want to safely explore a secret homosexual urge! "Hey kiddo" she called cheerfully while giving the panting girl a little shake. That was the cleanest blowjob I ever gave. No squirts from you mean no semen breath for me!" she laughed.

Connie pouted. "Don't tease! It may take a couple more years, but I'll be able to squirt! The doctors all agree that my penis is just developing slowly, because I'm so damn small!" she cupped her modest breasts. "See, my tits are finally growing! Besides, I only just started popping boners last week! Gimmie a chance! By the time I'm eighteen I bet I'll be able to shoot buckets!"

"Kiddo, uh, Connie, I didn't mean anything by it." Sara smiled. "I didn't realize that you actually wanted to be able to fire off a load."

"Oh course I do! If you had a stupid cock, you'd want it to actually work, and not just dangle between your legs!" Connie sat up and staggered to her feet. Grabbing up her pajama bottoms, she nearly fell on her butt as she struggled back into them. Her anger was only half pretend. It would look so good on the video though! "Anyway, I, I got that box you wanted me to hide for you!" she called out for the recording as she rushed to the closet. She made room and then pulled open the panel "Any time you think mom might find your pot stash you can keep it right here!"

Sara was impressed with the hiding place, and inadvertently played right into her sister's scheme. "That's actually a great place to stash it. I tell you what. I'll provide you with a blowjob and some kitty petting every night before you go to bed, and you can be the guardian of my stash." She held up a finger in warning. "Rule one, you can never tell anyone about the stash, or me sucking your prick. Rule two, its blowjobs and fingers only. Don't even think about anything else. If we did something besides a blowjob, it would be incest! Do you agree to follow the rules?"

"Hell, yes!" Connie breathed. "That sounds great! You're not such a bad big sister after all!"

Sara punched in the combination. Taking out the half pint bottle, she took a sip of Vodka. "Good, then we have a deal!" She then removed the bag of 'oregano' and expertly rolled a nice fatty. "Remember though, hands off my stuff. Besides, smoking will stunt your growth!"

"Oh shut up! I won't touch anything! I swear it!" Connie said solemnly. She honestly meant every word. She didn't want to mess around with that crap! "I'll keep it nice and safe for you. Have no fear!"

"Goodnight, kiddo." Sara said softly as she bent to kiss her sister's cheek. "I think tonight worked out just fine for both of us."

"Hell yeah!" Connie breathed as her bedroom door closed. "I think it did too!"

The next morning was Saturday. Connie got up early and headed out. She had to make an emergency run to Smarty-Mart! She pedaled along on her bike, thankful for the fact that girl's bikes originally had the dropped bar at the top to accommodate long skirts. Hers wasn't very long, but it worked out well. As long as she was careful to actually sit on the fabric, and not let the hem flap behind her. She tended to end up at the head of a parade as guys fell in behind her to enjoy the view before she realized what they were up to! She was getting used to it though. As soon as she had started 'poppin' boners' she had pretty much abandoned wearing pants. It was just easier to hide things under the loose fabric of a skirt!

She heard a familiar call when she was passing the park. "Hicka-bicka-boo?" Tim Possible called as she slowed.

"Hoo-sha!" his brother Jim answered.

Connie giggled. The special tone and the more drawn out way then they usually said it conveyed a simple message. Her unlikely young friends seemed to really approve of her switch to skirts and dresses over jeans. "Hi clones!" she called affectionately, bike gliding to a stop.

Jim put down the complex control device he was holding. "We saw you in the stands"

"At cheerleader practice yesterday." Tim finished. Connie was used to this. She had grown to think of them as one person, in two different places.

"Can you blame me? Your sister is awesome!" Connie said dreamily.

"You don't have a chance"

"With her. Kim doesn't realize it yet, but she's madly in love with Ron."

Connie sighed. Talk like that from anyone else would cause her to panic. It was actually a relief to be able to share her secret outside of the family. She had become friends with her idol's twin little brothers one day while walking through the park on the way home from the library. Due to a mishap involving the misfiring of their experimental invisibility ray and a brick wall not providing the shielding expected from it, Connie had become the not so proud owner of a pair of invisible jeans with matching invisible panties.

Scrambling over the wall after her scream, Jim and Tim had discovered she was a hermaphrodite with both penis and vagina. In seconds they had wrapped their jackets around her waist, and to her undying gratitude, they both had sworn to the crying young woman that they would never reveal her secret. Being the same height as the younger boys made it easy to become fast friends with them. Although rather weird sometimes, Connie knew her secret was safe with them. Heck, she even still had the invisible jeans. She just didn't know what to do with them!

"We have a new one." Tim smiled

"Only ten bucks!" Jim continued, holding out a thumb drive.

"Deal!" Connie rummaged through her bag and handed over a crumpled ten dollar bill. Tim and Jim were true friends! Most people had to pay a hundred bucks a month to join their "Watching Kimmie" website. They had told her about it shortly after her birthday last week, to give her something to hold over them so she would never have to fear her secret being spilled. The boys were more then a little afraid of their big sister's wrath if she were to find out about their growing bank account!

For just ten dollars and a blank thumb drive, she'd get all the raw images and footage. That included all the things they didn't dare put on the web. It would be bad enough if their sister found the site. If it contained actual pornographic images of her, she would kill them!

Connie treasured the first movie they had given her just the other day as a late birthday present. It was a custom recording just for her! The boys had somehow successfully hidden a pinhole webcam in Kim's shower, and she had done so much more then just wash her perfect body! Kim sure did seem to love her hand held shower massager! Connie must have watched it a hundred times in just the three days she owned it. She almost melted every time she heard the cute way the sixteen year old cheerleader moaned "Oh Ron!" right at the end of the recording! "Thanks guys!" she pointed a finger. "Um, should that thing be smoking?"

As one, the guys turned to face their latest invention. "Hit the deck!" they cried in unison.

The three friends dove for the ground. With a high pitched whine, the smoking UFO shaped device wobbled its way into the air, to promptly crash down onto a parked car. There was a huge explosion, and a flaming tire rolled past them to end up in the duck pond. Connie thought fast. "Did you see that?" she cried. "Duff Killigan used a nine iron and put a wicked slice on the golf ball that just blew up that car!"

In seconds, people were actually claiming they had seen the arch villain too. "Thanks Connie!" Tim whispered.

Jim handed back the ten bucks. "You're fantastic!"

"I know." She said cheerfully as she mounted her bike. "See ya later, clones!" she called as she continued on her way.

At Smarty-Mart, she found Ron Stoppable busy using a feather duster to tidy up a display of family size fifty gallon drums of toothpaste. "Hey Stoppable, she called out cheerfully. "Could you tell me where the blank CDs and DVDs are?"

The cute and lanky blonde guy stood tall and thrust both hands into his vest pockets. "Sure thing Con-Con. Electronics is right down this aisle. When you reach the pet department, turn right at the display of Gorilla Chow, on sale, by the way. You can't miss it!"

"Thanks Ronald!" she called, as she hurried on her way.

"See Rufus?" he said happily to the small naked mole-rat squinting up at him from his pants pocket. "That's the first time Con-Con has called me by my first name! It's the vest. People always respect a man wearing the proud and fashionable Smarty-Mart vest!"

Connie didn't mind spending the money at all as she purchased the package of mini-DVDs. She raced back home, and spend the rest of the afternoon burning a certain movie onto all twenty disks. Of course she remembered to trim the first few moments off the file first!

The rest of the day went by so slowly. Connie forced herself to refrain from any personal, um, stimulation. She even avoided looking at whatever the guys had put on the latest drive for her! While mom was getting ready for her date, Connie started to make the occasional fake yawn.

"Honey, why don't you go off to bed now?" Lizzie McCoy said with a kind smile as she tussled her daughter's golden corn silk hair. "You look beat."

"Yeah, I am a little tired." The scheming girl agreed. She stood on tippy-toes and gave her mother a kiss. "Have a nice time tonight, mom!"

"I sure will, honey!"

As she walked softly upstairs, she heard her mom excitedly talking to Sara about her date. "Don't worry when I don't come home." Mom giggled like a school girl. "Steven doesn't know it yet, but this is going to be a sleepover date. It's so sweet that he's always so shy and the perfect gentleman, but tonight I'm going to show him that sometimes a lady wants to be taken advantage of! I'll see you tomorrow after breakfast!" She paused. "I gave you Mr. Barkin's number, didn't I?"

"Good for you mom!" Connie whispered. Even better for her plans! They'd have the house to themselves all night long! She pulled out the stash box and keyed in the numbers. Good, Sara hadn't changed the combination! She slipped in one of the DVDs that she had written 'Play Me' on with a fine line sharpie marker, and even included the now empty twenty disk packaging. The other nineteen disks were very well hidden.

Working carefully with a screwdriver, Connie had taken off the lightswitch plate and wall socket covers in her room and suspended most of the disks on strings hanging inside her bedroom walls. Once the plates were back in place, there was no way to tell they were tampered with. In a burst of pure inspiration, she had even hidden the rest, except for one hold out, within the walls of Sara's bedroom! It was flat out impossible that her sister would be able to find them all! More importantly, it was a certainty that mom wouldn't accidentally stumble upon any of them.

Proud of a good day's work. Connie slipped into her pajamas and climbed into bed. She was actually dozing off when she heard her bedroom door open. Sara slipped in and went right to her locked box. "Great, she's still trying to get me to watch "My Little Pony"!" Sara mumbled as she rolled a couple joints to take back to her room. "Oh well, it'll probably be a scream to watch while stoned!" Connie smiled sleepily, knowing her sister might very well scream when she saw the video!

Heart pounding, Connie snapped awake to her sister's yelling. "Get up you little bitch!" Something flopped onto the pillow right next to her nose. Focusing bleary eyes, the sleepy girl saw it was a mini-DVD, crazed with cracks, and still smoking from what had to have been a trip through the microwave. "Ew!" she gasped, pushing off the bed and onto the floor. "That stinks! Don't put it on my bed!"

"You little creep!" Sara's eyes were wide in panic. "Was that the only one?"

"No, it was a twenty pack. There are nineteen more all snug and safe where you'll never find them!"

"I, I don't believe you!"

"Oh yeah? Watch this!" Connie calmly pulled the one hold out disk from under her throw rug, and inserted it in the drive of her laptop.

Sara slumped onto the desk chair as the video began to play. "What should I do? I, I don't know about this stuff!" Connie's voice spoke from the computer.

Connie giggled when Sara's voice continued. "Just relax, Connie. I'm the blowjob queen of Middleton High! Ask anyone on the football team! In certain circles I'm a bigger hero the Kim Possible because of it! I'll hook you up real good!"

"What have you done?" Sara wailed as she nearly broke the computer ejecting the disk. She risked seriously cutting herself by wedging the disk in a desk drawer, and then snapping it in half. "You blackmailed me into sucking your dick, but you made it look like I molested you! Why are you doing this to me?"

The beautiful blonde smiled sweetly. "You believe I have eighteen more copies safely hidden from you?"

"Yes!" her big sister cried. "Please, you can't show that to mom! She'll know I was fucking and sucking her boyfriend behind her back! Oh shit, she'll hate me for the rest of my life if she hears what I said!" Her eyes opened wide in panic. "Oh my God, you can't let anyone at all see it! I'll never be allowed in church again if people find out what I did with Father Flannigan!" she tried to calm her voice. "W-What do you want?"

"Oh, just a few things." She looked her sister up and down. "First though, I want you to go in the bathroom and stand in the tub."

Looking puzzled, Sara was still quick to respond and ran down the hall. "It's just a prank, right?" she asked hopefully as she kicked off her shoes and climbed into the tub. "You want to teach me a lesson. You're going to turn on the water and soak me, right?"

Connie giggled. In the very short time since she had started having erections, the internet had given her a few rather odd tastes in pornographic videos. This would be a perfect test of just what kind of hold the recording gave her over Sara. "Nope, but you're close. You're going to soak yourself!" She giggled again, and adjusted the hard cock in her pajamas. "Now put the plug in the drain. I want to watch you pee your pants!"

Sara automatically grabbed the stopper and stuck it in the tub's drain, before all of her sister's words sank in. "What? Are you kidding? Why the hell would I do that?"

Connie absentmindedly scratched her cute little butt as she thought. "How about I'll hack into the Board of Education database if you don't?" She didn't have a clue how to do that, but the twins could figure that out for her! "I can access the snow alert email and text list and send a copy to all the parents of each and every student in town, the students themselves, the teachers, and even the janitors! You'll be the most popular girl in Middleton!"

"Oh shit, don't even say that!" Sara gasped. "I'd never be able to show my face in public again! Please Connie, think about this!"

"I have thought about it! Why do you think I did it?"

Silence stretched for several minutes. "Okay! Okay, I'll do it!" Eyes opened wide, Sara sort of shifted her weight from leg to leg.

"I thought you said you were going to do it?" her sister quietly asked nearly five minutes later.

"I'm trying!" Sara clasped her hands together over her ample breasts as if she were praying. "It's just not happening!"

Connie turned to the sink and twisted the knob on the facet. A thin stream of water trickled out. "Does that help?" she asked hopefully. "Look at that water. It looks just like someone going piddle in the sink. Doesn't it make you want to go too?"

Sara sobbed. "I can't! It's just too nasty! Please don't make me, Oh, OH! Oh no!"

"Oh wow!" Connie whispered as she watched a dark spot appear in the crotch of Sara's tight faded jeans. It rapidly grew and slowly spread down both shapely thighs. "That looks so hot!" The spreading dampness slowly reached her sister's bare feet, and a yellow puddle formed around them and ran down to accumulate over the plugged drain. "Wow, you really must have needed to go! Look at it all, and lots of it is still soaked into your pants!"

Sara wiggled her toes in the warm liquid, and whimpered softly. "This is so disgusting!" she whined. "Are you happy? Are you satisfied?"

"Oh nuts!" the blonde exclaimed. I should have recorded that! Oh well. I guess one video is enough!" she giggled. "You look really hot, but super uncomfortable, too." Blue eyes sparkling, she smiled brightly. "I think it's time for you to undress now, sister dear!"

Her heart pounded as she tried not to look at the obvious lump in her sister's pajamas. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she hissed, trying to gain some control of the situation. "Go jerk off and dream about the cheer squad!" she forced a laugh. "My friend Bonnie says you've been to every practice this week, practically drooling down yourself every time Kim does a split. They all think its cute having you as their lezzy mascot!"

It didn't have the effect she was hoping for. "They noticed me?" Connie asked with a dreamy smile. "Oh wow! They even think I'm cute?" she practically jumped up and down. "What else did they say? Did Kim notice too? Does Kim like blondes? Does she like" her voice dropped to a whisper "Girls?"

"How should I know? She always hangs out with that blonde dweeb Ron, so I think she's straight!"

"Hey, Ronald isn't a dweeb! He's kinda cute and really funny when he starts doing his Mad Dog routine and shakes foam everywhere!" Connie sighed. "I hope the twins are right. I think he'd be a really nice guy for Kim, don't you?"

Sara looked puzzled. "Wait a minute, you like boys too?"

Connie blushed. "Of course I do!" she giggled. "The doctors agree that my girl parts all work perfectly, but the tests show that when I start making sperm, I won't be able to use it to knock myself up. That's why when I marry a woman we'll need to find a nice guy so I can have babies too!" she sighed. "I want to pop my boy cherry before that though. My penis really needs to know what being inside a girl feels like!"

Sara took a deep breath. "If you keep that video secret, I'll see about hooking you up with someone. How about my friend Bonnie? She's on the Cheer Squad too, and she fucks just about anyone!" Sara was sure she could get Bonnie to screw her sister. The round-heeled bitch owed her big time!

Just last month a panicked Bonnie had confided that Senor Senior Junior had refused to stop when the condom not only tore, it had practically disintegrated! She had sniffed the ruined rubber after fishing it out of the Champagne bucket where he had tossed it. The smell told her he had sabotaged it with mineral oil in order to make it fail! The rich asshole then wouldn't even answer her phone calls, emails, or Tweets after she tearfully told him that she was carrying his baby. Bonnie had learned a hard lesson. Never fuck a Super Villain, unless you're on the pill! That's why Sara had ended up posing as Bonnie's mother.

Wearing frumpy clothes a frazzled wig, and big oversize glasses, Sara was the spitting image of Mrs. Rockwaller's 'borrowed' driver's license photo! She had no trouble playing the disappointed but loving mother giving consent for her underage daughter to get an abortion at a clinic in Lowerton.

Connie shook her head. "No way! I know who Bonnie is! She's always mean to Kim! She yells at her all the time and tries to make the rest of the squad make her captain! Bonnie is too much of a cunt for my tastes!" A startling image of Bonnie tied up helplessly on a bed invaded Connie's mind. Maybe having a go with the school's champion bitch would be kind of fun at that! She shook her head and smiled sweetly. "Now are you gonna get undressed, or do you want me to show you how good a hacker I am?"

"This is crazy!" Sara moaned as she pulled off her blouse. "I'll get even with you for this, you undersized runt!" She shouted after accidentally dropping the garment in the yellow water rapidly chilling around her feet. "You're doing the laundry tonight too! I'm not handling pissy clothes!"

The petite blonde didn't care! Laundry was such a tiny price to pay for this! Her cock surged and her nipples grew almost painfully hard as she watched her sister shrug out of her bra. "Wow! Oh my gosh!" was all she could say as she gazed in wonder at the DD delights all the guys in Middleton high would give their left, um, big toe to see in their naked glory like this. "You're hot, Sara!"

She knew it was a bad idea to give in like this, but what else could she do? Besides, she felt so dirty and nasty standing there with piss soaking her legs and feet! Sara struggled out of the clammy wet jeans, and pulled down her soaked panties. She just let them drop to soak up the rest of the fragrant golden water. "There, are you happy, you little bitch? I got naked, just for you!"

Insult and sarcasm just rolled right off Connie. "Hell yeah!" she whispered as she actually clapped her hands. "I'm really happy now!" Who wouldn't be? Connie was actually seeing her first real live naked girl, right up close and personal! Sara was so beautiful; she could easily be a cheerleader too! Connie's eyes locked between her sister's legs. The sexy little tuft of shining black hair was trimmed neatly into a 'landing strip'. That's just the way Connie liked to see it online. This was so much better then the internet though! It didn't matter that it was her sister. She didn't even care if Sara smelled quite a bit like piss! Well, maybe a little bit. "Now wash up! I like seeing girls shower!"

Kicking her clothes to the back of the tub, Sara pulled the drain plug and started the water running. She tugged shut the shower curtain, but received little comfort there. The stupid thing was covered with SpongeBob Square Pants characters, but for the most part it was transparent! She took a quick and nervous shower, trying to pretend her blackmailing sister wasn't openly staring and practically drooling! She just thanked God the horny bitch wasn't trying to go all out incest on her! Maybe after the shower scene and a good blow job, Connie would listen to reason and Sara could arrange to buy the stupid DVDs from her!

Connie had never felt quite like this before. Her heart was pounding, and her whole body was trembling almost like she was shivering with cold. She pulled at the waistband of her pajama pants and stole a quick peek at her penis. Damn! It actually looked nearly an inch bigger then it did yesterday!

Not knowing what else to do, Sara opened the curtain. "Um, could you hand me a towel?' she asked softly of the girl staring at her pussy, like someone lost in the desert staring at a glass of water.

"I'll help!" Connie grabbed a towel, and began to rub down her sister. Of course she rubbed very carefully, making sure her fingers slipped off the thick cotton towel, and accidentally touched all over her sister's wonderful body.

Sara snatched the towel away. "That's enough groping, you miniature pervert!" she growled, trying to sound firm and in control. "Now let me give you another blowjob. I'll suck you 'til you pass out, then you can give me all the rest of the DVDs!"

"Nuh-huh!" Connie breathed, eyes nearly glowing.

Sara felt like her heart was going to stop! "What, what the hell do you mean, Nuh-huh?" she shook her head as she hastily wrapped the towel around herself. "Its blowjobs only, remember? That's what we decided!"

"You decided!" the blonde shouted as she unbuttoned her pajama top and tossed it aside. "I want to fuck!" she pulled down the bottoms and stepped out of them. Her hard cock trembled as she yelled. "I need to see what sex is like! If you don't help me, I'll give mom a DVD when she comes home!"

"Shit, I, I can't! You're my sister! That's, that's incest!" she tried to slip past Connie to the bathroom door, but was blocked when her sister hastily moved to intercept. "Connie, no! I can't let you do that! You're my fucking sister!"

Connie laughed. "That's exactly what I want to be, Sara dear! Not just your sister, I want to be your FUCKING sister! It's just like the old saying. Incest is the best. Put your sister to the test!"

"Even if I wanted to, we can't today!" the sixteen year-old cried. "I'm ovulating! I even felt the little tug when my ovary expelled an egg this afternoon! I have an egg drifting down a fallopian tube right now! There's no way in Heaven or Hell I'd risk getting knocked up by being dumb enough to fuck during the most fertile hours of my most fertile day of the month!"

Connie's eyes opened wide. She honestly hadn't thought about that, but she had seen some truly beautiful pictures of naked pregnant women online. Sara would look simply lovely with a big round belly, and ponderous milk filled breasts! She was actually speechless at the wondrous thought! Too bad her stupid damn cock couldn't ejaculate yet to make that wonderful fantasy a reality!

Mistaking her sister's joy for hesitation, Sara took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "Let me try to explain. I always make my dates use condoms. I've never gone bareback in my life. It's just too risky. At this part of my cycle though, even if they have a condom, even if they beg, I don't let them stick it in me even for a second! I can't risk any semen in me on my fertile days. Even if I had any in the house, which I don't, condoms aren't perfect. What if one broke or leaked while we were doing it? You're smart enough to know how it works. Just one sperm from you would be enough to give me a big pregnant belly! I'll blow you again, and even let you titty fuck me. You'll like that. Then, in about a week, I'll by some condoms and we can do it safely."

"Dammit Sara!" Connie shouted. "I need this today! I can't wait a week! You saw it yesterday! It feels real good, but no matter how long I jerk and stroke it, I can't get the damn thing to squirt! I've tried 'til my arms are tired and my dick gets sore, but I just can't ejaculate yet! I only really get an organism if I finger my pussy, too! I read all the doctor's conclusions after all those tests I went through. I probably won't be able to squirt until I'm like seventeen or eighteen! How could I possibly get you pregnant if I can't pop a damn load yet?"

"It's orgasm, not organism." Sara muttered while thinking long and hard. Her sister did have a point. No ejaculation meant no big belly worries. Maybe she could make a deal. "Okay Connie. If, and I'm only saying if, mind you. If I let you fuck me, will you give me the DVDs?"

"I'll give you one disk." Connie grinned. "Every time you let me fuck you, I'll give you one more disk. That way I'll be able to do you eighteen times!"

"How do I know you won't just make more?"

"I swear it!" Connie grabbed the laptop and deleted the original file, and then emptied the wastebasket. "Sara, I swear on my life that I won't make more! There's only eighteen left! I'll use each one as a coupon for one free fuck. When they run out, it's over. I'll never tell mom anything you said or did when I recorded us, or even that you're a stoner! I swear it! I swear it on my life!"

The older girl sighed. She knew her sister well enough to see she was telling the truth. If Connie went as far as 'swearing on her life', she would sooner break her own arm then break her word! "There's one big condition though. You have to tell me the first time you ejaculate while spankin' the monkey, or even wake up with your panties full of pearly white goo. Once you start ejaculating or having wet dreams, you have to follow the same condom rules as any of the guys I date. We use condoms every single time without fail, and no fucking at all on my fertile days. Do you understand me?"

"I understand!" Connie blushed deeply. "I'll be sure to tell you if I ever wake up in a big wet spot! I swear on my life!"

"Then we have a deal!"

The sisters both spit in their right palms, and solemnly shook hands to seal the agreement. Connie couldn't help grinning. "Sara, um, can, can we do it right now?"

Despite herself, Sara smiled and took her sister by the hand. "Come on, you horn-dog. I think I better calm you down." She led the girl out of the bathroom and down the hall to her own bedroom. "We'll do it in here. Your room is a fucking pig sty!"

The naked hermaphrodite watched her beautiful nude sister pull the sheets back and climb onto her bed. "Come here you pretty little trouble maker. Let's get this party started!"

Connie eagerly hopped into bed. "Uh, what should I do now?" she asked in a small voice. "I am a virgin, you know."

Looking into the lovely face, Sara sighed. She never could stay mad at her beautiful sister! "Would you like to kiss me first?"

"Oh yes! Yes please Sara!"

Sitting side by side on the bed, Sara put her arm around Connie and pulled her closer. She almost laughed when her sister kept her eyes wide open. She didn't want to miss anything! When their lips met, at first the younger girl was a little nervous. Then, with a gentle sigh, she relaxed to it. The sisters gently explored each other's mouths with eagerly darting tongues. Connie tasted cool and sweet with a hint of toothpaste. Sara had an almost spicy woodsy taste from smoking her joints and sipping Vodka. The sisters moaned into each other's mouths before their lips finally parted.

"Sara?" Connie whispered softly. "Um, can I, uh, I mean you won't think its nasty if, um" she took a deep breath. "Can I go down on you?"

It took everything she had for Sara not to laugh at her eager and blushing sister. "So, you want to be a rug muncher too?"

"Oh God yeah, can I give it a try?" She giggled. "I've seen lots of pictures and movies online. I bet I can do a good job! I really, really want to try!"

Smiling brightly, Sara laid back and spread her legs. "Kiddo, I thought you'd never ask!"

Things might have turned out differently if Connie had tried to take a sixty-nine position over her sister. She didn't. The petite hermaphrodite laid on her tummy between her sister's legs, feet up in the air, legs gently swinging, while her face poised right above the pretty pouty lips of Sara's labia. "Oh wow!" she breathed, hardly daring to move. She did though, and gingerly touched the tip of her tongue to her sister's vagina. It tasted even better then when she licked off her fingers after playing with her own! Connie started to lap away like a kitty cat, thrilling at the salty tang of her sister's essence.

Trapped between her tummy and the mattress, Connie felt her penis give an extra strong jerk. She thought nothing of it. It was undoubtedly because it was just so exciting to taste a real live pussy! The happy girl thought of herself as an Official Rug Muncher now! Neither sister was in a position to see the dollop of clear slippery fluid suddenly ooze from the little pee-slit topping the flaring crown of Connie's cock. This was the very first time something other then urine was expelled from the organ! The urgent warning of things to come soaked unnoticed and unheeded into the sheets.

Sara gently stroked silky corn silk hair as Connie went to town on her. Damn, her sister was a natural! She wasn't anything near as timid as Bonnie was the first time Sara had talked her into a little trip 'down south'! She moaned softly. Her sister's tongue was longer too! Nobody had ever tongue fucked her THAT deep before! Oh God, when Connie started lavishing attention on her clit, it was almost inhuman how fast her sister's tongue fluttered over it!

Connie looked up, lips, chin and cheeks glistening and wet from her sister's honey. "Am I doing alright?" she asked hopefully. "Do you like it?"

"Yes, it's right!" Sara cried. "Connie, don't you dare stop! Keep it up! You have to keep going!"

Heart racing, Connie went back to her work. She kept right on doing what she thought would feel good on her own pussy, and it seemed to be working! Sara was panting now like a bitch in heat, and her hips just wouldn't stay still! What really told her she was on the right track though was when her sister began trying to wedge her face even tighter between those trembling thighs!

Connie attacked the pretty pink nub of her sister's clit with even more gusto, and was rewarded with Sara's wail. "Oh God, yeah, like that! Fuck! Don't stop! Please don't stop now!"

It was sort of cool the way Sara was now tugging on her hair. It hurt a bit, but it showed how much her sister was enjoying herself! Connie kept right on lashing her tongue on that cute little button; all the while feeling like Sara was trying to buck her right off of the bed! It was really wet all along, but when Sara suddenly screamed, Connie's face was absolutely soaked with warm fluid! If she hadn't read about "Squirts" online, she would have thought her big sister had just pissed in her face!

"I made you cum!" she said proudly when she finally eased up a few minutes later. "That was fantastic!" She made a show of licking her damp lips. "Sara, you're delicious, too!"

"Shit Connie!" Sara panted "You made me cum twice! Your tongue is simply amazing!" She grinned. "Now it's time for your reward, runt." She held up a hand and waggled a finger. "Remember, this is worth one disk! As soon as we're done, you have to hand it over!"

"I swore on my life!" Connie said eagerly as she started crawling up over her sister. "When I strike a deal, nothing will keep me from sticking to it!"

Staring at her sister's pretty but shiny wet face, Sara missed seeing the long syrupy string of shimmering fluid drip from her sister's cock onto the sheet below. "That's what I like to hear, squirt!"

The flushed hermaphrodite grabbed her cock and fumbled with rubbing the head over her sister's soaked vagina. "Look how wet you're getting me!" she said happily, as her sister's moisture blended with and masked the fluid still oozing out of her rock hard cock.

Sara placed her hand over that of her sister. "Take it easy, kiddo. I'll help you." She placed the head right at her opening. "Now just push forward with your hips and all your dreams will come true!"

Baby blue eyes opened wide as Connie did as she was told. She whimpered as the most exquisite feeling of slippery tightness enveloped her engorged penis. Deeper and deeper she went, until she felt Sara's silky soft pubic hair against her own fevered skin. "I'm all inside!" she breathed. "Oh Sara, you're so hot in there! You're so tight around me! It's, it's the most wonderful feeling I ever felt in my life!"

Grinning up at her sister, Sara stole a kiss. "I got your boy cherry, you little bitch." She giggled. "You can start moving now, if you want."

"Oh yes! I want to!" Connie cried. The petite girl felt ten feet tall as she started to move her hips. "Oh, it's so good!" she gasped, as she started fucking her sister.

This wasn't the biggest penis Sara had ever taken on, but Connie sure knew what to do with it. She instinctually gave just the right roll to her hips as she thrust forward, maximizing her sister's pleasure. "You are doing so good, kiddo!" she praised, as her own hips moved in perfect harmony.

Connie couldn't help herself. After all, the lovely orbs were right there in her face! As her hips thrust in a good strong rhythm, she captured a nice plump nipple between her lips! Almost like a stroke of lightening, a long hidden memory emerged. Connie remembered suckling at her mother's breast! As her pace increased, she began greedily trying to draw milk from her sister!

"Take it easy." Sara moaned as she stroked her sister's hair. Connie was sucking like crazy! It was a little weird, but rather soothing and nice! "Are you my baby?" she teased. "Is baby trying to get her milk?"

The hermaphrodite only mewled softly around Sara's breast. How could she explain that having a nipple in her mouth was exactly what unconditional love felt like? She slipped her arms under Sara, and started thrusting even harder.

She never expected it, but Sara was quite pleased that Connie was edging her closer to orgasm again! "Good girl!" she cooed, while stroking her sister's hair and back. "That's so good. Fuck me until you're too tired to go on."

After several minutes of eager panting and thrusting, Connie was starting to feel weird. She released the firmly erect nipple and pulled her face from the saliva coated breast. "It, uh, it feels, um, different!" she gasped, as her movements took on a more erratic urgency.

The older girl was trembling, breasts heaving as her orgasm drew near. "Different?' she asked, playfully kneading the smooth firm flesh of her sister's hiney in order to urge her into fucking harder. "What do you mean?"

"I, I feel, I feel like somethin's going to happen!" Connie shouted as she began to wildly plunge her cock into Sara's body. "It's better! It's gonna be so much better if it happens! I just know it! I, I think, I think I'm gonna finally do it!"

Just a few strokes more! Sara was a heartbeat away from climax, when her eyes opened wide. "Do it?" Panic filled her, even as her orgasm approached. What Connie was going to "do" could only be one thing! Her sister was about to ejaculate for the first time! "Connie, no!" she cried, body poised right at the brink of release. "Don't squirt! Oh God no! You can't cum! Not inside me! Not today!" she screamed, unable to control her body enough to push the rutting girl away as she teetered at the very edge! Sara tried to hold it back. "Please God no! Connie, you gotta get it out! You can't get any sperm in me! Quick, my tits!" she gasped almost unintelligibly. "Please Connie; pop your load on my tits!" Sara wailed. Her climax struck with frightening force as she prayed her sister would withdraw her cock in time!

Pull out? Never! The tight sheath rippling along her hardness gave her a feeling of completeness she had never found on her own. There was no way in Heaven or Hell that Connie would pull out now! To do so would be to risk possibly not being able to make it by using her hand to jerk off on Sara's tits! Instinct took over. Arching her back, Connie thrust her cock just as far as she could into her screaming and writhing sister's body. Deep within, she felt a wonderful feeling of power she had never known before! It raced up from the core of her being in mighty pulses, until it made her penis jerk and dance inside Sara's tightness.

The ecstatic young woman gave a very un-ladylike grunt as she released her very first load! Playing with her penis until she was too tired to stroke any more had never prepared her for this! Her hips jerked with each muscular convulsion within her. Each time her body jerked it signaled yet another gooey streamer of sperm laden semen spurting and bursting powerfully from her gaping pee-slit. The head of her cock nestled snugly against her sister's cervix. She bathed its permeable mucus plug with wave after wave of potent virile ejaculate, propelling billons of life bringing spermatozoa against the gateway to her sister's womb.

Sara could only whimper. She felt the penis jerking and moving within her. Experience told her all too well what that meant! Connie was cumming inside her! There would be no careful holding of the condom while pulling out, so Sara could suck the semen from the rubber that had trapped it! Connie had gone in bareback! She was spewing semen unhindered right into her fertile belly! Despite the fear in her heart, Sara cried out as she launched into another series of orgasms when she felt the backwash of the massive load flowing out of her to ooze warmly down her inner thighs!

When it was finally over, Connie tried to calm her shuddering breathing. She felt complete! That was the way it was supposed to feel! She sighed as she rolled off of Sara's panting body. "That was so good!" she said dreamily. "Sara, thank you!" She flopped onto her back and playfully grasped her slimy wet and still hard cock. Giving it a friendly squeeze in gratitude, she nearly went cross-eyed as a big shimmering pearly white droplet of gooey liquid oozed out. It looked just like it did in all the pornographic websites! She had actually made semen! "Damn!" she whispered. She had popped her first nut right inside her sister, even though Sara had warned her of how fertile she was today! "Oops, sorry about that, Sara!"

Sara managed to prop herself up on her elbows. "Oops, sorry about that? Are you fucking insane?" she yelled. She had a creamy-pie! She had never dared to go bareback before, and now she had the mother of all creamy-pies on her most fertile time of the month! "Oh shit!" she gasped. It was a creamy-pie given to her by her own sister! "Dammit Connie, you ejaculated! Oh fuckin' hell! You shot me full of sperm on the most fertile day of my cycle!"

Connie stared between her sister's legs for a long moment. Did she really shoot that much? It was just oozing out all over the sheets! "I'll fix it!" she cried, unable to keep the laughter from her voice. "We have to get you back in the shower! I can use the hand held shower massager to flush it all out!"

"That won't work! It'll just make me orgasm again!" Sara cried, staring dumbly at the growing mess. "Your sperm are swimming in me! You knocked me up!" she didn't notice how her sister's eyes lit up at those words, or the smile slowly spreading over her flushed face. "Sperm are probably already zeroing in on my egg! Oh my God, you shot me down! I'm gonna have my sister's baby!"

"Oh wow!" Connie breathed. "I really made you pregnant? I, I'm gonna be a fourteen year old daddy, or, um, something! Oh wow! We could get a gig on Doctor Phil!"

"Oh wow?" Sara glared at her sister. "This isn't good news! How will we ever explain it to mom?"

The smile left Connie's face. "Oh shit! I'm so sorry! Don't hate me! I swear on my life I didn't know it would happen today! I never jizzed before in my life! How was I supposed to know it would happen the very first time I ever got to fuck a pussy?" she thought for a moment. "I know! I'll give you all the disks now, just to make up for causing you, um, a little problem."

"Little? How can you call me having a big belly a little problem?" she gingerly touched the warm musky fluid flowing out of her. She licked her finger. It tasted exactly like semen! It WAS semen! She knew she had sperm wriggling on her tongue now. So much was flowing out of her. The whole volume of her insides had been filled to overflowing with it! There's no way a condom would have held all that back! If they had used one, it would have exploded! "Oh God, there's no way I can't be pregnant with all this cum in me! I look like I was gang-banged by the football team or something!" she moaned. "You shot enough to impregnate every damn woman in Middleton!"

The smile came back to the excited hermaphrodite's lovely face. "Oh Sara, your breasts are going to get even bigger when they fill all up with milk!" she absent mindedly started stroking her wet and slippery cock. "Please, you gotta let me drink some when they do! How big do you think your belly will get?" Her eyes opened wide. "Maybe it'll be twins! Oh, I hope so! Your belly will get huge!"

"Hey, knock it off!" Sara stared at her sister's still erect organ. "Stop that! You can't get turned on over knocking up your own sister! It's nasty!"

Connie giggled sheepishly. "Um, sorry. I think I have a mild fetish for baby bumps." Her smile lit up the room. "Sara, since you're so sure. Um, you did say you're probably already pregnant, right? Just look at all my gunk. I bet you're right, and it's too late! I bet you're really officially pregnant right now! I, I gotta know if I can do that again!" she stopped talking, and just looked hopeful as her hand stroked her hardness.

The Sara sighed. She was simply flooded with sperm at about the most absolute exact perfect time to insure pregnancy! She could feel it in her soul. Somehow she already knew deep in her heart that Connie had indeed slipped a bun in her oven. Another shot of baby-batter wouldn't make a hell of a lot of difference either way. "Oh okay! Come here, you horny little trouble maker!" Sara spread her legs wide and welcomed Connie back into her body for sloppy seconds. It would be sloppy thirds fourths and fifths before the sun rose on a new day.

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