Children of the Gods Part 1
Chapter 1: There were Giants...

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Mark stared hard at the monitor in front of him. "Yes!" he exclaimed. "I told you this could be translated." He grinned at the text on the screen.

Melissa smiled at his excitement. To Melissa, whether a language was written a thousand years ago or fifty thousand years ago meant little except it made Mark happy. "That's nice, Mark." She bent over and licked his earlobe.

"Don't," he told her in a growly voice, "or I'll hurt you."

"As if," she whispered and ruffled his hair.

Mark stared hard at his monitor and exclaimed, "Uh oh!"

"What?" she stared at her childhood sweetheart and asked again, "What?" Sensitive to Mark's every mood, she sensed a feeling of dismay come over him."

"I believe the French cave drawings are even older than estimated," He paused and took a deep breath before he continued, "Or they are fakes, a damned hoax."

Melissa's patience acceptance of Mark's single mindedness came to an abrupt end. "Oh for god's sake Mark, get real. Who cares if some geeky old professor cheated to get his name up there in lights? You better worry more about whether your Standard Oil stocks are going to tank or not. And speaking of tank, you forgot to gas up your mom's van again, didn't you?"

"I already told Mom to divest our portfolio of all petroleum stocks and invest in wind, hybrid autos and a new bicycle company that has developed a light weight motor driven trike that gets a hundred fifty miles to the gallon. I guarantee there'll be a thirty percent return minimum on the investment."

He looked up from his computer long enough to ask her, "Honey, would you please go talk to Mom? I need to concentrate here." He turned back to his computer. Melissa Puffin tensed, stared at the back of Mark's head, opened her mouth and closed it again.

She stormed into the kitchen and began to vent her anger, "I give up. Your son is the most aggravating person in the whole universe." Melissa dropped her body into a kitchen chair and watched Mark's mother prepare a small pork roast for dinner.

Rachel Stone laughed at the young woman. "I remember you said almost the same thing about ten years ago. You told me a week after your family moved next door, 'He is the most exasperating man I have ever met.' You were both seven years old and you were so indignant that Mark refused to go bicycling with you." They both laughed at the memory.

Melissa frowned. "It's worse than ever, now that he's found what he calls an anomaly in a series of hieroglyphics, early Indian texts and the cave drawings in France and Spain. He says that Modern man either originated in the Swiss Alps or somewhere in the Mediterranean area. He's about to drive me..." She shook her head and sighed.

"I was incorrect," Mark's voice came from the open door to his bedroom. "There were three simultaneous places where supposedly non-evolved Man began to evolve independent of the others, the hominids currently accepted as the proto men."

"Damn it, Mark!" Melissa jumped up and knocked her chair back away from her. "I don't care about any of that stuff. When are you going to come back down to Earth and pay some attention to your mother and me?"

"Oh man, how I hate these senseless confrontations," Mark told the ceiling and went back inside his room. He closed the door behind him. Rachel stared at the closed door and felt a new level of frustration. Why couldn't Mark understand he was about to lose Melissa?

Mark closed the door and sat back down at his computer. In moments he was focused on the array of data that danced across the screen of his left hand monitor. The middle monitor showed the Spanish cave drawings and the right monitor displayed a drawing that was hopefully a rendition of "Lucy," the supposed oldest proto human, believed to be three and a half million years old.

"Lucy was an accident," Mark told the screen.

Mark was unaware of the conversation in the kitchen. "Tell your son I have decided to go to the wrestling meet at the U. I intend to get laid and party. I'm not waiting any longer for him to realize what he's losing. He just lost it." Melissa walked out the back door, through the gate that led to her house and into her back door.

"Oh dear, Mark's finally done it for certain this time." In Rachel's mind, Melissa was the perfect daughter in law and the ideal mate for Mark. Rachel wanted grandchildren. To be specific, she wanted grandchildren created by Mark and Melissa. Almost from the day the Puffins moved in next door, she became obsessed with the idea that Melissa was destined to have Mark's babies.

Angela Puffin met her daughter as she came into the living room. "Sweetheart, your father is upset. Please don't do or say anything to arouse him further."

"Huh," Melissa grunted, "The only thing that would arouse that pervert would be a naked ten year old girl child."

"I heard that." Carl Puffin came into the living room and grabbed Melissa's arm.

She twisted away from his grip, spun once and kicked him in the forehead. "Don't you ever touch me again, you filthy slime. Next time I'll put you in the hospital."

Then they heard two shotgun blasts and a yell from next door...

After Melissa stormed out of the Stone house, Rachel stared at the back door when Melissa closed it behind her. She thought a moment, got a determined look on her face and walked into the living room. She opened the gun cabinet that had remained unopened for the past seven years, removed an antique twelve gage double barreled shotgun and opened the breech to load it with double ought shells. She slipped on a pair of shooters' mouse ears.

"This is for your own good, Mark," she whispered. Rachel snapped the gun closed and walked toward Mark's bedroom door.

She slammed his door open, grabbed the back of his office chair and rolled him to one side. "Look out!" she yelled, brought the shotgun to bear on the computer tower, and let fly with the left barrel. She turned just a little and blew her son's three-screen sixty-six inch monitor away.

"What's the matter, have you gone crazy?" Mark yelled. His ears rang. He was partly deafened from the concussion created by the two blasts.

Rachel slipped the mouse ears off, gave her horrified son an angry grin and told him, "No, I am not, definitely not crazy. You're crazy, if you think I'm going to let you shut the most wonderful girl in the world out of your life while you explore outer space or wherever your mind goes when you zone out.

Melissa ran into the smoke filled room. "What happened?"

Mark shoved his way past and answered her, "Ask my crazy mother." He stormed out of the house.

"I killed his computer," Angela told Melissa. I refused to stand by and watch that idiot son of mine ruin what you two have just so he could chase some crazy theory of his about the origins of the species. I want the two of you to have babies and to hell with all that other foolishness."

Three days later Mark returned home. "Oh my god honey, where have you been?" Rachel stared hard at her somehow changed son. She could not define what had changed in him, only that he had changed.

"Thinking," he replied. "I intend to move out and find a place of my own. I need space to do my research. What you can't seem to appreciate is that what I discovered in Dad's stuff when I was twelve has grown to something I can't yet understand. I intend to move up to Coalville." He walked past her to his room. He noted the damaged computer and monitors had been replaced. He saw both of the old hard drives in front of the monitor.

Mark took a suitcase from his closet and began to place pants, shirts and underwear inside. He sandwiched the two hard drives between the pants and shirts, added his collection of flash disks and closed the suitcase. He lifted it off the bed and started to leave.

"Please honey," Rachel pled with fear in her eyes. "Please don't go. You're all I have left in the world."

Mark sat the suitcase down and stood straight. "I need my time to further research my discovery. I can't do that in a house where two needy females constantly hound me and give me no peace. Why can't anyone understand the simple fact that I need my space to do my research?"

Rachel stared hard at her son. "Mark, please tell me what you have found that is so earth shattering that you have completely alienated Melissa and kept me at arm's length for weeks on end?"

She looked up into his eyes and added, "Honey, you are seventeen years old. You are a teenager, not a department head at the U. What can a teenager discover on a home computer that the universities had overlooked?"

"Actually Dad discovered the first artifact on one of our treks up in the Uintas. Remember that small metal globe with the scratchings on it?" Rachel nodded slowly.

"That was our last camping trip before he was killed. I was ten and I still remember it like it happened just hours ago."

Rachel nodded, "Yes, I remember. Your father joked that it was impossible that a stainless steel ball could have gotten stuck in the strata where he found it. He labeled it one of life's anomalies and brought it home with us.

"You have used it as a decoration for years."

"Not so," he told her. "I have studied it all these years. When I was twelve I deciphered the scratchings after I used Dad's notes as a starting point. They're not scratches but etched markings that show the Earth as it was at a time before the continental drift. When properly interpreted the scratches become a map and show a table of mathematics based on prime thirteen. It also expresses pi as a complete coefficient instead of a long string of numbers to the right of the decimal point."

Mark returned to his room and came back with a twenty gig flash drive. "Here, take this to work and try to get a better understanding of what you've tried to belittle. Also consider the fact that I did this work before I was fourteen."

All at once Rachel did not feel so certain of herself. "What is it Mark?"

"This disk holds a whole new system of mathematics far beyond anything you have ever seen or imagined." He smiled and added, "There is also included a spectrographic analysis of the minute sample I was able to gouge off the surface of the globe at the cost of a half dozen carbide mill bits. Pay attention to the copy of the attached letter from the testing lab."

"Mark honey, will you stay over the weekend, please? I have a feeling I may owe you a big apology." Rachel felt ill as she went to her bedroom and closed the door.

"Okay. I'll wait until you get home from work Monday evening," Mark told the closed door. He returned to his room and began to place his clothing back in his dresser drawers.

Mark removed the side panels on the computer his mother had purchased to replace the one she "killed." He nodded his head in approval as he noted the retro installations that brought it up to almost his demanding specifications. He smiled to himself; Leave it to my mother to go top ticket where computers are concerned. He nodded his approval and installed the two hard drives from his old computer.

Melissa entered his room unannounced and shook her head in resignation that nothing had changed. "Well I see you're over your temper tantrum. Where did you go?" She knew this was the wrong approach to take with Mark, but felt driven to push him, to try to make him understand she wanted to be a part of his life and not the casual acquaintance she had become in the past few months.

"To answer your question first, I stayed at the University Library and read. I also sat in the faculty lounge and thought."

Mark drew a breath and continued, "In response to your remark, go home." He turned back to his task at hand and ignored her.

Melissa felt a sick pang deep in her belly. "Oh Mark, I'm so stupid..."

He heard her but didn't respond...

Melissa sat beside Rachel in the back yard. Rachel was stretched out on an air pad. She wore a micro bikini that gave her body the most exposure to the sun's rays. "That pervert is watching you from the upper hall window."

Rachel laughed aloud at the disgust in Melissa's voice. "Maybe he'll choke on his own drool." She rolled over from her back to lay face down.

"How can you be so nonchalant about the way he keeps staring at you with those disgusting beady eyes? God, I want to break his scrawny neck when he stares at me like that." Melissa openly stared hard up at her father with an expression of pure disgust on her face.

"Dear, do you care even a little bit about the thoughts of a cinch bug?" Rachel laughed at Melissa.

Melissa sputtered, "What? What are you talking about?"

"Your father and an errant cinch bug have about the same importance in my life. So long as he doesn't act on his disgusting little fantasies, why should I care what he thinks or wishes? However, if he does try to act out any of his perversions, I would do him grievous harm."

"Good, I hope he gropes you just once so I can watch the action." Melissa stared hard once again up at the fluttering curtains on the second floor window where Carl Puffin peeked down at Rachel and Melissa.

The anger in the younger woman's voice gave Rachel pause. "Has he ever done anything to you?" she asked.

"Yes. Lately he has started to rub against me and has tried to feel me up. I told Mother I'm going to call the police Monday and complain. I think she told him what I said."

"Be careful. He might try to take matters into his own hands. Remember, you're still a minor. In the eyes of the law you won't be legally an adult for almost another six months yet." Rachel looked on Melissa as a daughter than as her son's girlfriend.

"Mom, what can we do about Mark? He's shut us out of his life so completely that I can't even talk to him. If I try to joke with him he shuts me out of his life. All he cares about is that damned computer and his great science fiction fantasy."

Rachel rolled over on her side and sat up. Her face changed and showed her concern. "Dear, I have a hunch that whatever it is Mark is pursuing is not fantasy. You know how he becomes involved in some project or other and seems to withdraw into his own little universe?"

Melissa gave a reluctant nod. "Yes. Even when we were small, he always seemed to think on three levels at once."

"Daniel, Mark's father was even worse." Melissa could hear the sadness in Rachel's voice as she remembered her husband. She continued, "Daniel was almost driven out of the scientific community when he made one of his discoveries public knowledge. The only reason his enemies failed was because he went to the press and showed them not only what he found but also invited reporters along to his dig. He excavated the remains of a small stone building while the cameras recorded every shovel of dirt and debris he removed."

She gave a sad little laugh and continued, "The whole archaeological community was up in arms and tried to debunk his discoveries. A human skull lodged in the earth at a level that corresponded with the late Cetaceous Era was debunked as a hoax. Then as the whole controversy was about to come to a head Dan was killed in a traffic accident and I was left alone with my ten year old son."

"What does all that have to do with the way Mark treats us?" Melissa was impatient for quick answers.

"My son wheedled newer and newer and ever bigger computers out of me. He devoured books on archaeology, anthropology, electronics, cosmology and whatever his little grasshopper mind landed on next. I always knew he was quite intelligent and saw no reason to not give him what he asked for; we could afford it."

Rachel's voice turned serious, "What I didn't realize was that Mark is brilliant on the same level as his father. He had taken his father's old notes and expanded on them and, and..." She shook her head.

"I just sent an email to the head of the geology department at the University Of Wyoming in Laramie." Mark's voice shattered the intimacy the two women shared.

As an aside, Mark told Melissa, "You ought to get a swim suit like Mom's." He turned around and returned to the house.

Melissa made a loud screeching noise, jumped up and ran toward the back door Rachel followed close behind. "Damn you, Mark Stone," Melissa raged as soon as she was inside the house, "first you ignore me, then you insult me and now you think you're going to ignore me some more?

"The hell you are. I am going to beat the shit out of you if you don't come down to Earth and pay attention to me and to your mother. Don't you ever think I can't do just that."

Mark stared at her in surprise. "What in the world is the matter with you?

Rachel tried to defuse Melissa's volatile anger. "Mark dearest, you have shut both Melissa and I out of your life for the past six months. No matter how important your research is to you, you must decide whether or not there is room for us in your life or not."

Melissa cut in, "Yes, I'm tired of living by myself. Even when you're near me, I'm alone because your mind is a hundred miles away."

Mark looked surprised. "Actually my mind was almost two hundred million years away, in the past. Do you realize that modern man, little different than we are today walked through these hills during the Jurassic Period? My father discovered that fact and was probably murdered for his trouble."

Rachel got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. She remembered the statements Daniel made just before his death. "Do you have any proof of this?"

"There's nothing I could take before a jury. However, I have found indications that some petro-mineral consortium threatened Dad's life. They tried bribery first and then threatened his life."

"Mark!" Melissa exclaimed, "Get real. I mean, if he came up with a cheap super computer or something like that, I can see where he might have problems with special interest groups. I can't see where there is any need for alarm when people argue about whether Alley Oop rode a dinosaur or not."

"How about a machine that needs no lubrication and never wears out? Or, how about practical cold fusion? Then there is the storage battery I sold a manufacturer when I was fourteen that has yet to come on the market."

"What are you talking about?" Melissa stared at him in disbelief.

"Well, how about a computer that has zero heat problems and no moving parts? Does that interest you?"

In an instant all past irritation was forgotten. "Tell me about the computer," Melissa demanded.

Mark smiled at her sudden change of heart. Mark and computers comprised ninety percent of what Melissa considered important in her life. "According to Dad's notes, there is a cavern or a cave up somewhere in the Uintas, in the area around Porcupine Peak or Elizabeth Mountain. The notes also mention a possibility of something east a short distance away, almost on the Wyoming border. Dad theorized it was probably located somewhere in that area up there where it's impossible to get any ground readings."

Melissa gestured her impatience with her hands. Yes, that's nice. Now what about the computer?"

"A working model of that computer is located up there, according to Dad's notes. It's up in the area where we went camping a few times. I've begun to have a strong hunch I know the general area I should search."

He looked embarrassed when he admitted, "It's just a hunch. For some reason though I feel that we need to go up there as soon as possible. I feel you should go with me."

"Fat chance of that happening. The pervert goes into a rage when I come over here. He'd go ballistic if I announced I intended to go camping over the weekend, just you and I in the mountains where it gets cold at night. God, he acts like a jealous lover sometimes."

"And that is his main problem," Rachel told them. "I believe he sees you as his future lover."

"It makes me shudder to even think such thoughts." Melissa looked as if she has sucked on a lemon.

Mark laughed at her. "Does incest truly disgust you all that much," he asked in a teasing voice.

"Good grief no. If you remember, when that missionary asked us if we were brother and sister, I told her it didn't matter one way or the other. We were going to have your babies no matter what." She smiled at the memory of the half shocked, half titillated young female missionary who had nothing more to say.

Melissa frowned and added, "I hate the thought that he would ever touch me that way. He is pure filth."

"With or without you I intend to spend next weekend up in the Uintas. For some reason I feel you ought to be along. Melissa, lately I've had some strange dreams. I..." Mark shook his head in frustration. "Something is missing."

"I've had some dreams lately about power and a great light and it scared me." Melissa looked at Mark and asked in a timid voice, "Did you have those kinds of dreams?"

Angela Puffin came in the back door and told Melissa, "Honey, would you please come home? Your father is very upset with you right now."

Melissa looked at her mother and answered in a hard voice, "He can get mad from a jail cell. I'm still a minor and daddies are not suppose to feel up their minor daughters."

"Please come home right now. We need to discuss this. He didn't really mean to do anything improper." Angela was near tears. Melissa nodded and headed toward the back door. Angela followed with tears in her eyes. She looked to Mark and then Rachel for understanding. All she got were pitying looks back at her.

After they left, Mark turned to his mother and said, "Next Saturday I intend to go camping up off of State road 150. I'll leave early and probably walk the whole distance due west to Pineview. The answers I seek are up there in the mountains somewhere. I just need..." He exhaled in frustration.

"You will be careful, won't you dear? I become worried whenever you go off by yourself." Rachel was well aware her fears were groundless. Mark was the most methodical person she knew.

"Don't worry, Mom, everything by the numbers, always step at a time and always consider whatever else comes next." Mark smiled at her worry.

Melissa came back in through the kitchen and greeted them, "Mother begged me not to call the CPS on the pervert. He claims it was all innocent fun and she says she believes him. I wish that damned Mormon Church would burn down or explode. The bishop told her it was a terrible thing to rend a family apart, whatever that means."

"Dear, your mother was raised from birth to be a dutiful member of the LDS Church." Rachel had held this conversation with Melissa before.

"Oh, before I forget it, I told her I wanted to go camping with Mark next weekend." Melissa laughed, "She's afraid you'll take my virginity, Mark dearest one. Please, you wouldn't do that, would you?"

"In a Yankee second, if the time was right." Mark laughed and Rachel moaned and shook her head. They had both made it clear to her they would refrain from sex until they felt it was the proper time, whatever that meant. She felt relieved that, at least for now, her son Mark was back.

Rachel changed the subject, "Remember how she got the shock of her life when you beat up on those two Mexican gang members who tried to beat up on Mark and take his bicycle."

"Yeah, you were supposed to say 'eek' and faint like a good little Molly Mormon. Nice LDS girls don't fight." Mark tried to keep a straight face and failed.

"Yeah, as if," Melissa answered. "Mark, I wouldn't have to watch your back if you'd learn how to fight."

"Well, you tried to teach me. I went through all the tai chi forms with you for six months and only managed to hurt myself and no one else. I don't have your coordination or reflexes."

Mark thought a moment and added, "You're not dumb, not by a long shot. You're almost at my level on computer technology."

"Mark, I'm light years ahead of you when it comes to practical electronics. You're just better than me where computer languages and symbology are concerned."

"Well, there is that. I want to show you what I've started on my new computer." He grabbed her hand and led her into his bedroom. They shut the door behind them.

Rachel smiled and wondered if they would ever find time to turn the new computer on. She recognized the symptoms. Perhaps this was the "proper moment."

Monday morning brought a whole new set of problems for Rachel to solve. "What do you mean bringing personal programs to work?" The head of plant security shoved his face close to Rachel's face in an attempt to intimidate her.

"Get your fat, ugly face back away from me, your breath stinks." Rachel refused to be intimidated.

"Answer my question," he demanded.

"I want to know what you're doing snooping in my personal files. I have the authority to do a limited amount of personal research on my company owned computer. Now leave my office and stay out. Your problem is that you can't get past the encryption program my son Mark gave me for a Mother's Day present last year." Rachel sat behind her desk and began to review the contents of the flash drive.

CE Sharkey stormed out and left Rachel alone. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed after she read the analysis of the spectrogram taken of a small sample Mark had removed from the metal globe. The "metal alloy" was not metallic at all. It appeared to be a ceramic of some unknown composition. The testing labs wanted a bigger sample for further study.

Rachel clicked on the next file and learned she didn't know anything about her specialty, mathematics. What Mark termed "Base Thirteen" hinted at a whole new world of mathematical thought. "Oh my god," she whispered. She floated through the rest of the day.

Melissa was with Mark when Rachel came home from work. She greeted them with, "Hi Melissa, Mark dear, we have to talk. Wait until I've showered and changed. Then we need to have a heart to heart." She turned and left.

"Wow, what got into her?" Melissa stared at the door Rachel had closed behind her.

"I started to give you a flip answer and changed my mind. I believe Mom just found out I have more between my ears than the average teenager"

"No way. Your mother always knew you're intelligent."

"Sweetheart, my mother always knew I had a high IQ. She even saw the numbers. However she always compartmentalized me the son in one little box and me the genius in another."

He gave Melissa a wry grin and added, "Babe, so far as they can measure it, our combined IQs, yours and mine together, total over four hundred. All Mom ever saw was us as a cute pair who would grow up, get married and give her three or so perfect grandchildren. In her own way, my mother is as blind as your mother."

Melissa laughed at the comparison of the two mothers. "Yes, Mother always prayed I'd outgrow my IQ and be more normal like you." She became serious, "I worry what my mother's reaction will be when she finds out the intelligence virus has worsened with age."

"Speaking of growing, I'm afraid I have some more news that will not make her happy if you decide to tell her." Mark smiled and told her, "We're related and our direct ancestors were close to eight feet tall."

"What?" Melissa stared hard at him, "What are you talking about?"

"You and I share almost the same genome. And we are the runts of the litter. I sent a sample of your pubic hair and mine away to a testing lab in New Jersey. The results came back last week and I never got a chance to tell you because of all the other problems that cropped up."

"You sent..." She swallowed and stared hard at him, "What ever inspired you to send samples of our pubic hairs? What possessed you to even consider such a test in the first place? How did you get my pubic hairs? You're as bad a Daddy Dearest. How did you ever come to the conclusion we might be related?"

"Here, let me show you." He cleared away the screen saver and called up a file titled, "Tight Genes." Melissa snorted when she read the title.

Then Mark added another bombshell, "You are not related to Pervenstein, not even a little. I pulled a couple of the hairs off the back rest of his car one Sunday morning." He looked at the expression on Melissa's face and added, "There's no way I'd try for a sample of his pubic hairs."

"What about Mother? Did you get a sample of her pubic hairs?" Melissa looked almost ready to retreat.

"Her sample was the easiest of them all to obtain. I patted her on the shoulder and plucked a couple of loose strands off her back."

"Machiavelli, move over," Melissa murmured and shook her head at Mark's sneaky behavior.

Rachel asked from the door where she had stood and listened to Mark's revelations, "What about me? Did you try to pluck my pubes as well?"

"Please, most virtuous mother of them all, I beg you not to shame me with your shamelessly shameful speech. I already knew who you, Dad and I are. However, I did send samples of your hair and a few strands from Dad I got from his old backpack. Your and Dad's results were the same as those for Melissa and I. However I already knew you were secret first cousins. You told me."

"What about my mother?" Melissa asked. "You haven't said a thing about her."

"Your mother barely falls within the grouping as the rest of us. However, whoever your sperm donor was, there is no doubt he was definitely one of us. There are only a very few of us in the world, from what I have been able to determine."

"I have so much to learn yet," Mark said aloud, but to himself. "Every time I glean a new fact it seems to come with a new hundred or so new unanswered questions."

Rachel stared hard at her son. "Mark, just what are you trying to learn or achieve? You keep mumbling about races and origins of man, yet never say anything concrete."

"Well, like it says in the book of Genesis and all through the Old Testament, 'There were Giants on the Earth in those days.' Yes, there was a race of man that were as giants to the rest of humanity. That race lived and almost died out some two hundred million years ago. Alley Oop did ride on the backs of dinosaurs. The Aztecs worshipped a feathered serpent. Fossilized remains of that serpent were discovered up here in southern Utah not too long ago."

"You have more data than that, to sound so certain." Melissa knew Mark's mind as well as he did at times.

"For a beginning, read 'Forbidden Archaeology.' Research the Leakey discoveries of fossilized footprints, identical with modern man's feet, in strata at a level two hundred millions of years ago.

"Modern archaeology is on a level with the Roman Catholic Church, or the Mormons. If the facts don't agree with current belief, bury the facts and keep on keepin' on, no matter what. Remember that Mormon idiot Elder Neal Maxwell and his talk on faith and what he called greater truths? That was after real scientists deciphered the Egyptian papyri Joseph Smith supposedly divinely deciphered."

"Is that what your trip up in the mountains is about?" asked Melissa.

"In part," he answered. "However I believe my dad's notes might lead me to a millions of years old computer. I wish you were going with me.

"Yeah, I wish there was a way I could come along," Melissa said.

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