The Reluctant Master
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Harem, Interracial, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of a young man’s life being thrown into unexpected turmoil note. Don’t bother reading this if non-American English turns you off. Though violence and torture are mentioned, they are background to the events and can be missed - that is not my forté. See both the title and the codes for more info.


He idly watched the unusual sight of the helicopter coming to land at Santa Cruz airport on the Atlantic island of Madeira. It was not five minutes later that he was aware of a jet airliner approaching.

Even before it had started to disgorge its passengers a second smaller dot emerged on the northern horizon over the sea.

From his vantage point the photographer managed to click off a few spectacular shots as the Gulfstream III swept down in front of the background of the high mountains and touched the airstrip of what was once named Funchal Airport. After landing, it bounced to the end of the runway, swept slowly around and taxied back down, turning precisely under the instructions of the yellow jacketed man. Following his exaggerated hand signals, it came to a rest near the idling helicopter.

The sound of the jets dropped to a loud unpleasant hum which was heard even over the sea. From the flying bridge of his vessel the photographer, with nothing better to do, idly watched as luggage was taken from the jet and wheeled across on a trolley to the helicopter, under the lazy supervision of a uniformed official.

Only now did the passenger door lower into a set of steps and a smartly attired attendant stepped down. In her hands were a couple of briefcases or laptops. She marched swiftly over to the helicopter and dropped them inside, returning to the official to whom she handed some documents.

A minute later, at the bottom of the unfolded steps of the aircraft she waited as a tall young woman of indeterminate age, dressed smartly in loose clothing, identified as most probably silk, athletically reached the tarmac.

From the glassy sea, the observer first considered that she must be one of the wives or girlfriends of the businessmen as she carried nothing in her hands. This was not the case however, for she studiously looked around and her focus fixed on each of the nearby workers in turn. There must've been a signalled quick exchange for a few moments later the observer's attention was again directed at the top of the steps. He was surprised to discover, not in man in his forties or fifties as expected, but a casually attired slim European who easily stepped down and with a final thank you to the hostess strode swiftly over towards the helicopter.

Once on board, the rotors started spinning. Only at a given sign did the lithe young woman, with head automatically bowed to avoid the spinning machinery, skip forward into the still open door before it was slid shut.

Immediately, the machine began to rise into the air and tipped forward pulling out over the sea into an accelerating retreat.

Even as the helicopter was whizzing along, on a slowly ascending course, the jet's engines had throttled up and it was taxiing to the take-off site. The shortage of space on the tiny airport meant that for the duration of the owner's visit, the jet would be located four hundred miles south at the larger airport of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where it would be based until next needed.

From touchdown to take off, no more than ten minutes must have elapsed.

Inside the helicopter, the owner, facing a short journey, began to have his doubts.

Beside him, his assistant and bodyguard grinned smugly. It was worse that she knew him so well, she knew just what he was feeling and she had no sympathy for him. He worked too hard and needed a break.

She looked at him with a mixture of adoration and respect and not least of all, love. He was a man for whom she would willingly give up her life.

On his part, the man was confused. Everything that had occurred over the last two years or so had been so sudden. Not least was the attitude of others to a man of wealth. He did not quite understand the awe in which he was held by the few people who were aware of his true financial circumstances.

Men tried to be dragged along on to his apron strings, wanting to share in his riches by working for him, joining in partnerships or simply by trying to sell him something.

Most of them he ignored.

Females too had that cave-man urge to seek a strong partner to provide for them. Powerful men were an aphrodisiac, you only have to see the number of stupid women who had affairs with even the most unpleasant and unattractive men of government to see this.

With great strength of mind, he had so far ignored such blandishments despite the light-hearted encouragement of the woman sitting next to him. Her attitude to him too was swayed by these primeval pressures but she also owed him a debt of gratitude that could not be surpassed. Furthermore, her relationship was founded with him before she was aware of the resources under his control. And he was aware that money had nothing to do with initiation of the rapport.

One might consider it strange that she did not expect her wholehearted affection to be returned by him in the same way. She was not only content to take a subordinated role in their liaison but preferred it that way. No, she was not just content to be the junior, but she revelled in deferring to the man sitting next to her both in matters of the working partnership and more delicate matters.

Yet, if he analysed the relationship carefully, he may have been forced to the conclusion that it was she who determined the form of their relationship.

To understand this and to comprehend why the young businessman was so nervous, one had to go back some two or three years into the past.

The helicopter passenger's mind was affixed on sex, that was not unusual but what was strange was that, despite his wealth he did not partake of the foremost opportunities of physical sex that had been thrust his way. There had been many opportunities. As with any wealthy man, women were attracted to his riches as moths to fluttering candle flame, but he had availed himself of none.

There had been a number of meetings with senior executives of various firms and financiers. It was not unknown to be dined by a couple of businessmen who turned up with very attractive companions and another lady would be present to accompany him for the meal.

On the first two occasions he was quite naïve and ignored the delicate offers made by these escorts. Thereafter, despite the fact that their fees were fully paid by his hosts, he made it very clear that their social intercourse finished outside the bedroom door of whichever hotel they resided.

The young businessman couldn't say why, it was probably some half-forgotten memory in his childhood, but the idea of paying for sex, even if he was not the one footing the bill, just wasn't on.

Over the previous year, since he had been getting to grips with the family trusts and his personal funds, he had started to exercise own management over some of his finances. These pressing responsibilities that had been thrust upon him distracted his mind from concentrating on matters relating his own pleasure.

Charlie, who, from the first, was the closest to him was much more aware of how he thought than her age would lead one to suppose.

Was the reason he turned down these offers the fact that he did not want Charlie to think that he used the services of what were, in fact, nothing less than prostitutes?

He thought a lot of Charlie.

He was deterred from paying to use prostitutes, he had no intention of being swayed by the money grabbers and he despised many of his fellow multi-millionaires in their treatment of the dolly birds. They exploited these impressionable young bikini clad starlets and hopefuls, mercilessly violating them, inviting them to parties that were little better than orgies, throwing drugs at them to reduce them to perform like animals and then discarding them like unwanted trash.

That was not like Scott. He saw no pleasure in such behaviour.

So what about his sex life? He very quickly discovered that there was some secret bushfire that had announced that he was far more wealthy than his youthful appearance and ostensible naïvety led people to believe.

It was halfway through the year 2007 that the effects of this raging conflagration became obvious. He would arrive at a hotel swimming pool and within moments women from the age of eighteen to forty would 'accidentally' drop items just in front of him and use various other ruses to open up conversation.

It only took two 'chance meetings' for him to discover that his wealth was far more important to the females than his character. For the most part he went without!

He had heeded, perhaps too conscientiously, advice offered by his lawyers. His was a precarious existence. The life of a millionaire was not easy once it was explained to him the incidence of claims for sexual harassment and, what was worse, paternity suits were but costs of his existence. He took matters more seriously.

Furthermore, marriage made him run scared. After studying Paul McCartney's acrimonious divorce settlement of $48.7 million on gold-digging Heather Mills (she did seek $250m) he was frightened of getting so close to a woman that he might ever want to live with her and marry. You might well ask why he did not consider the armour of a pre-nuptial agreement much beloved of the dollar millionaire. Unfortunately, UK courts look with askance at such legal instruments, regarding a marriage as a partnership of equals.

Scott then, was loath to even speak to a pretty female. It was not that he disliked the opposite sex, quite the contrary. He was not oversexed but certainly aspired to having a close and intimate relationship and one where his partner was not interested in the dollars, Swiss francs, euros and Krugerrands in his various pockets.

So what did he do about finding an outlet for his natural urges? Very little. He made a conscious effort to avoid any possible meetings with females. Was this the reason he went so far as to purchase the remote island to which they were now headed?

Scott was not wholly inexperienced in dealing with the female of the species. Throughout his years at university, he had had little time for girlfriends. Being short of money and knowing that he had no family to fall back upon, he strove to gain as high grades as possible and that necessitated devoting most of his free time to study. Any 'leisure' hours were spent at the service station clocking up the hours to pay for everyday expenses and luxuries such as food!

After he broke up from Josie when she graduated one year before he did, the increased pressure of studies left little free time in his final year to chase after females.

And then, after the maelstrom of events surrounding the arrival of the funds, he was swept away on new learning projects, discovering not only what assets he controlled but how to manage them. There was no time left to lazily search for a partner by taking a vacation or two.

Charlie and he were thrown together so often that when they were both out of their depth it was no surprise that she ended up in his bed quite frequently. But he regretted that the relationship between them was never one of equals.

Don't get me wrong, Charlie, though portraying externally a very positive and strong character, deferred to him to the point of submissiveness when together.

He would willingly have welcomed her as an equal in the bedroom if it were not for the fact that she felt more comfortable to concede his supremacy to her between the sheets. At first, he had found this hard to manage and he would never have continued their intimate relationship if it were not the fact that she thrived on maintaining an inferior role in their very personal rapport, "I respect you and feel more comfortable knowing you are looking after me," she would say in a girlish tone, emphasising a childish attitude.

He understood the unspoken need she had to feel warm, needed and comforted by someone she looked up to. Yes, he, more than anybody else, was well aware of the lack of affection and love that her parents had shown. Scott knew why she had absconded from home before reaching the age of sixteen. Not only that, but he could commiserate with, her having, himself, experienced being unloved during his formative teen years.

Musing over such matters, he jolted himself to the present as the vibrating aircraft skipped over the waves. Scott questioned why he was on this flight to the island where Ghazallah was ensconced in the new residence. Although he had spent much of the previous year designing the secluded house, he had delayed visiting it once Ghazallah had been had been located there.

"You're scared of going," Charlie accused him, a smile on her face, as he listened through the earphoned mufflers.

In reality he was more than embarrassed, he felt guilty. Who, which human being, who had been brought up in a civilised Western society would not feel embarrassed at having a woman installed in their secret residence, a female whose one purpose was to offer him sexual relief or pleasure?

Ghazallah was not just a mistress though. H supposed he could deal with that, given, the time, if had been the case, she was more than that.

It was to visit this woman of his for the first time that racked him with guilt. How should he conduct himself? Could he, even now, avoid meeting her? This situation was worse than meeting an escort. At least an escort had chosen her occupation. Had Ghazallah had much choice in adopting the role in which she had found herself?

He was ruminating over this and considering his options as the helicopter approached the volcanic remains that formed the remote island. He recognised the outcrop as the edifice appeared in front of them, rising up out of the sea like a misplaced skyscraper.

The isle of Nejcarta had, for some reason, been left off the maps of both Spain and Portugal and even missed by the French and English colonists as its steep rocky coastline had proved inaccessible to the sailors of yesteryear.

Towards the end of the Eighteenth Century a Swedish sea captain had finally annexed the outcrop, not in the name of his king, Gustav Adolf, but as his own property. His family sold the useless piece of territory to a merchant of Venice and later it changed hands and was owned by a series of wealthy men who took the title to the twenty acres. None had been able to use it as a habitation though the last owner had expended tens of thousands of pounds of ill-gotten gold in trying. On his demise, his estate being divided, the heirs had taken the confidential offer from an obscure Swiss financial institution to realise the funds that were due to them.

And now Scott was here. He had originally designated it simply as a refuge from business and a place that he could relax without being pressured by those seeking his company purely because of his riches and his powerful contacts.

Unfortunately for Scott, his life was spinning out of control. How come it was the home of a woman acquired for sexual purposes? What was more, it had been suggested that this 'concubine' would need a companion or companions. Scott thinking of her interests had thoughtlessly agreed, not wanting her to feel alone in her island refuge. Only now was he beginning to realise that they meant he should acquire MORE concubines!

It was wrong. How come he had ended up in this situation?

In the brief time left for the journey he considered the events that had led to this. They had started in 2006.

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