The Queen of the Nile
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story will be a total of 12 chapters. They will be in 4 sections of 3 chapters each. The story is over three time periods. Present day, 2011 B.C. and Summer, 1912. The story is of Neferuptah the uncrowned ruler of Egypt cheated of her birthright by her devious sister Neferusobek. She is granted eternal life by the mummification masters and will come again to rule her newfound kingdom. The story is all fiction but then again it could have happened.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Transformation  

THE TIME: 2011 A.D. THE PLACE: Port Security Warehouse, NYC (A New Beginning)

The oblong crate stood in silent witness of the scurrying humans attempting to flee the weighty hammer of the Customs and Immigration minions staunchly raising the net of post-911 port security measures.

No one gave it a second glance.

It was obviously too big to hiding precious artifacts. It was too overt to be hiding illegal drugs and there were no air holes to be housing unwelcome visitors.

Rhonda Murphy looked at the inventory list in her hand.

There were 125 items listed on the declaration sheet and she had crossed off 125 corresponding items in the shipment. This box was not supposed to be here.

The three items they had gotten a tip on were all accounted for. Three more crates filled with coke that would not hit the streets of the big apple.

The attractive redhead moved around the crate in slow and thoughtful puzzlement. How could a nine foot tall crate weighing at least a ton manage to escape scrutiny all the way to the port authority quarantine dock?

Several of the male dock workers and her mostly male cohorts kept their eyes focused on her swaying ass cheeks as she sauntered oblivious to the agitation her tight skirt aroused in any male in sight.

Rhonda did not consider herself a beauty. Sure, she knew she had a nice figure and her face was prettier than most; but she saw herself as somewhat ungainly and possessed of too much lean muscle to be particularly feminine or sexy.

With years of martial arts training under her belt, the luscious redhead was more of a workaholic and much less of a party girl. Very much to the displeasure of her scheming mother desirous of her instantaneous marriage and motherhood. Rhonda's partner, Gregg Sampson tore his eyes away from the glorious ass cheeks struggling to get out of the tight skirt and drew Rhonda's attention to the stamp burned into the crate's wooden surface. The stamp said quite simply,

"Property of excavation survey team 8 (Neferuptah) Removed to Harawa July 1913 CAUTION=DO NOT OPEN (Probable lethal gas)"

With unintentional crudeness, the attractive redhead exclaimed,

"What the feck we got here, Gregg?"

She slapped the side of the crate and licked her suddenly dry lips with a pink pointed tongue that made Gregg ooze a couple of drops of pre-cum inside his uniform trousers. Shortly after they started working together, he had attempted to suck her pretty mouth with serious intent to initiate a physical relationship. The budding romance had ended abruptly when Rhonda flipped him off his feet and planted her foot in his tailbone in a painful manner. After that incident, he kept contact to a handshake or a wave of the hand from a safe distance.

Rhonda got on the horn to the division and they told them to hang on until they could get an "Expert" over to sort things out. It was a lot better than rushing back to the unit and doing the boring paperwork. Maybe it would all be done by the time they got back.

Her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she was straining at the leash to get the crate ripped open to see what was inside. She figured the gas thing was a gag of some kind to keep thieves out of the container.

The "Expert" that showed up was one "Doctor Michael Gallagher PHD, Artifact Investigator, Museum of Natural History, NYC, NY."

Doctor Mike was not an impressive man.

He was short. In fact, he was shorter than Rhonda by about 3 inches. Then again, Rhonda was 6 foot tall without heels. He wore glasses that made him look both studious and geeky. Rhonda noticed he had an irritating habit of pushing his glasses up whenever he was asked a question to give himself time to think before answering. She wanted to rip his glasses off and kiss him so hard he couldn't breathe.

Wait a minute!

Rhonda knew she couldn't have possibly meant "kiss". She must have meant "hit". Yes, that was it he needed a good shot to the chops to wipe that stupid smirk off his luscious lips. No, she didn't mean luscious, she meant "silly".

The beautiful redhead knew she was not thinking properly with this man around her.

For some unknown reason, he made her all confused in her thinking. She wanted to slam him to the ground and make him do very erotic things to her. Rhonda had not felt that way ever since the terrible prom dance date with Todd Williams that ended in some torn panties for her and a black eye for young Mr. Todd.

Even now all she could think about was what brand cologne Doctor Mike was using. Maybe it had some potent ingredient that had ensnared her under his spell. All she knew was that her panties were getting wet in a hurry and that was very unusual for her. She had been so busy lately, the thought of dating or actual sex was nowhere on her radar screen.

Rhonda peered over Dr. Mike's shoulder as he scanned the huge crate with a complicated looking device that sent curvy lines and various pitched sounds onto a small hand-held screen. She could sense his excitement as he entered some data into his laptop next to him. He put a small sliver from the wooden crate into another contraption that whirred and spun like a washing machine out of control.

She shivered a little bit as her soft breast rubbed innocently on his muscular shoulder.

Mike was so intent on the crate and its unknown contents that he didn't even notice Rhonda's fever pitch of excitement at standing so physically close to him. Rhonda's partner noticed and he was so filled with jealousy he could almost spit.

"What could she possibly see in this little nerd?"

The unspoken question flew from Gregg's mind when the Doctor declared in a somewhat shaky voice,

"I think we have us a real live royal Egyptian mummy. Well, maybe not alive, but a mummy none the less."

Gregg was not in the least bit mollified.

"You sure we ain't got no drugs in there, Doc.?"

Mike laughed and replied,

"Not unless they are the 4,000 year old variety, Inspector."

He studied the inscription intently. He entered data into his laptop and shook his head in agreement the results it gave back to him.

"The timeframe is perfect. 1913 was the year of the Nile flood and when a large number of artifacts went missing. The team that built this crate were never heard of again. In fact, their disappearance was the reason behind the rumor of the "Black Pyramid" curse that has existed for almost a hundred years."

Rhonda didn't understand what he was saying but she didn't care. She just loved to watch his gorgeous lips move in that sensual slow way that made her insides a mishmash of jelly.

Within an hour, an entire excavation team arrived from the Museum with strange looking tools and an entire video and audio recording section to document each and every move to open the mysterious crate.

Rhonda was tired of the Doctor's lack of attention and got down on all fours in a seductively teasing position directly in front of Mike to "check under the crate" and looked up with her mouth partially open and with a lip licking preface, she asked him in a husky voice,

"Is there anything I can do to help you, Doctor?"

Gregg almost lost it all right inside his pants at this display of sheer raw sexual power, but Mike just absentmindedly said,

"A cup of tea would hit the spot right now, Detective. I am particularly fond of Earl Grey, but Lipton will suffice."

A red-faced Rhonda crawled out from under the Crate and brushed the warehouse dust from her knees. She had all these pictures in her mind of Doctor Mike and herself intertwined in various positions from the Kama Sutra but thus far the clueless man had not given her the slightest tumble.

When Gregg asked him about the mention of "lethal gas", the forensic anthropologist just laughed and said,

"All the teams used that as a ploy to keep out thieves from stealing items of value. Besides, no chemical would last 4,000 years and retain any degree of potency."

Soon, all of the corners were loosened for removal of the heavy lid which must have weighted at least 200 lbs. and needed four workers to budge it up from the crate.

The warehouse was silent except for the grunts of the workmen as they lifted the heavy top.

Rhonda stood as close as she could get and peered inside.

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