My New Job
Chapter 1: Sherry's Coming Out

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sherry's Coming Out - Due to the economy, Sherry's husband becomes disfunctional and no longer able to deal with life becomes severly depressed, causing Sherry to take a different job. To be able to pay the bills, Sherry becomes a traveling secretary for her boss, she finds out, what her new job requirements are.

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I'll start by telling you my name is Sherry Benson I'm forty three years old married to Clifford Benson for nineteen years. I'm 5-8-- 135pounds, 36c-26w 37h with medium length dark auburn hair dark brown eyes. Cliff, is fifty four years old 5-11- and close to two hundred and fifty pounds and gaining. His hair has turned almost totally gray in the last nine months. He has two children from his first marriage, both girls, the oldest Jean is twenty five lives in Salt Lake City. The younger one is twenty three and lives in Las Vegas. I've heard rumors she's an exotic dancer, but have no idea if it's true or not. I wouldn't doubt it from the little bit I've been around her, but who am I to talk, she could be worse.

For over eighteen years I was a devoted wife to Cliff. But lately due to the economic down turn, my whole life has changed. As a matter of fact I've changed, and not for the better. I saw a shrink for awhile but decided it was money being wasted, money we didn't have to waste as we once had, during much better times. My husband had worked as senior loan officer in one of the largest banks in Los Angeles. We all know what happened to those jobs, loan managers were the first to be blamed for this mess were all in now. You don't hear much about the board members who sit and okay those mortgages, unless times are good, then they take the credit for making all the right deals.

Cliff was laid off almost as soon as the stuff started hitting the fan, he found a job as a financial adviser but that lasted less than a year. Since then he hasn't even been able to find a bank tellers job. That's what started me on my spiral downward. I became very frustrated. It wasn't just because of Cliff not being able to find a job. I started to become stressed, when I realized I wasn't going to be able to pay for our lifestyle on my salary.

I tried discussing our situation with Cliff several times. At first he would offer up solutions to our problems but as time went on and the solutions weren't working, he started to become depressed. It didn't take long, of Cliff not being able to find employment that he became depressed to the point of refusing to even wanting to discuss our problems. He once told me not to worry they would take care of themselves and that's when I knew there was something really bad going on with Cliff, That answer just wasn't Cliff.

Then If that wasn't bad enough, Cliff started suffering from ED. my shrink told me he was suffering from what sounded to her like deep depression, and he should start seeing her for consultation, or at least see our family doctor, to seek some sort of medical help as this condition would most likely keep getting worse. That pretty much tells the story of how things got to where my story begins.

I work as a personnel secretary to our company president Mr, Mullins. Our office's are located in Los Angles. The company is involved in several phases of the entertainment business, such as radio broadcasting, TV advertising, web designing, things like that. I've worked for Mr. Mullins as his private secretary for going on six years now.

I used to come in to work ahead of almost everyone else in the building but do to the slow down as we like to refer to it as, I come in when most of the other employees in the building come in. Being a few minutes later means you wait for a chance to get an elevator to the top where I work, so I always try my best to get there ahead of the pack but even then I'm sometimes pushed to the back of the elevator by the hordes of people wanting to get to work, or at least to their offices.

It started about seven months ago on a Friday morning. I'd gotten in a little early so I could get off to go see my counselor. Mr Mullins was already in his office and as soon as I walked in he summoned me into his office and closed the door. I thought oh hell I'm going to be laid off for sure and were already living off our meager savings and my salary. If I lose my job we will be out on the street in a very short time.

He walked me from the door to his desk then said, please have a seat Sherry. I sat down in front of him. He started out by saying, "how are things going at home Sherry? Are you able to keep up with the bill's?"

I took a deep breath still anticipating being laid off or my hours being cut back. I said, "well, so far were doing okay, but it won't last much longer, once our savings are gone, my salary won't cover our expenses and once that happens I guess we'll have to start looking for a different place to live, one we can afford."

Mr Mullins sat there listening to me then said, "Sherry, how is Cliff holding up in all of this?"

"Not very well I'm afraid, he's very depressed all the time, he's gained a lot of weight since you saw him over a year ago at the club party. He just sits and doesn't hardly even talk to me anymore and he hasn't been a husband to me in almost six months. My counselor says its do to what is known as deep depression is the reason he is unable to perform." I felt embarrassed talking to Mr Mullins about my private life, but also felt relieved to be able to talk to someone about my problems.

He sat back in his chair and I could tell he was thinking pretty hard about something. I said, "Mr Mullins please tell me if I'm being laid off or whats going on, We have worked together long enough for me to know there's something on your mind.

"Sherry, what I'm going to say never happened, is that understood?"

I nodded, then said,"yes sir, I understand."

He seemed to be trying to make sure he said just the right words. Sherry You know I lost my wife a year and a half ago, and in all the time you've worked for me when she was alive, I never once came on to you, isn't that right?"

I nodded my head saying,"Yes sir, you have always treated me with the utmost respect."

Sherry, what I'm trying to say is, a man nearly sixty years old does not have a problem with women standing in line to get him. If you do see them standing in line, it's probably the line to his ATM machine, in other words, there most likely after his money.

What I'm about to say to you next may shock you after all these years. I need someone to be my traveling companion. Many times on business trips I'm invited out to dinner, or what have you, as a guest by people in high places. I don't know why, but there are times when they seem to have a problem with a single man joining them and there wive, s. Don't ask me why that is, maybe they feel threatened by him being single and it will somehow tempt his wife." Chuckle.

What I'm trying to say Sherry, is your a very lovely woman, one any man of any age would love to be seen with and I'm offering this position to you. you will be well compensated for your time away from home, as well as travel expenses. I don't expect you to give me your answer today, take your time think it over. Try to let me know sometime this coming week. Will you do that Sherry?" I promise, you won't be sorry."

I sat there trying to digest what I had just heard Mr Mullins say. He wanted me to be his traveling companion. Did that mean we would share the same room? Did he expect me to share my bed with him? I sat there wondering what all the position I had just been offered, consisted of. It sounded like he was asking me to become his mistress. I couldn't help wondering if at his age he could still perform, or if he had the same problem Cliff had? It didn't seem likely he would be looking for a bed partner if he did.

I looked at Mr Mullins then said, "Mr Mullins."

He stopped me. "Sherry, if you decide to take this position, the first thing that has to change is once we leave for places unknown, you are to call me Sid. not Mr Mullins is that clear? Unless of course we are together in a business setting, then I should be referred to as Mr. Mullins

"Yes sir."

Smiling now, he said, "you'll learn in time, think about it from every angle, then let me know, it will be like getting payed for being on vacation."

I stood up straightening my hip huger skirt. I've always dressed a little suggestive on Fridays in case some of us decided to stop for a drink, I didn't want to be outdone by the younger women in the office. I said, "I want to thank you for even considering me for the position and I'll get back to you as soon as I decide.

As I turned to leave I said, "thank you Sid." I saw him smile as I left his office.

After my talk with Mr Mullins, I could just as well have left for the day. I was unable to think of anything else from that time on. My head was swimming with everything from seeing exotic places, to meeting important people, to being in bed with Mr Mullins. In all the years I'd been his personnel secretary, I had never even contemplated going to bed with him, but now as I thought about what he had said in his office, I realized there was a real possibility it would happen.

It was something I would have to consider being a part of this position, if I were to take it. Would I be able to accept this as part of my job?

By the time I got off work I really needed to unwind, so I stopped off after work with some of the girls for a drink or two before going home. I knew I would have to somehow talk to Cliff about my new job and how it would enable us to hang on to our house. I hated to think about trying to talk to him about anything, let alone traveling out of town, sometimes for days at a time with MR Mullins. He had become so withdrawn he wouldn't hardly talk to me anymore. When I got home that evening around seven- O- clock the first thing he said somewhat sarcastically, "traffic heavy or are you putting in more hours these days?"

"No Cliff, I stopped and had a drink with the girls, is there a problem with that?"

"Well, your the one who's always harping about were not going to make it on your salary and drinks aren't cheap."

"Well Cliff, once our savings run out in a very few months, a couple of drinks are not going to make a hell of a lot of difference. I may have to try to find another job."

"You might try hooking, your dressed for it"

"By god Cliff I may just end up having to do that, but before I do, let me tell you about the new job I was offered today. I was given first chance on a new position just opening up in our company. It means quite a lot more money at least enough so I'm sure we will be able to hang onto our home. I haven't really thought it all out yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it. I'll be traveling some, but that pays extra and that will help a lot.

"Oh so what your telling me is your going to give up being Mullins private secretary?"

"No, actually it was Mr Mullins who asked me if I would be interested in taking it. He knows were in trouble financially and gave me first shot at it. I will be traveling most of the time with him."

"Oh and what all will you be doing for old mister Mullins?"

"About the same thing as I do now, except he needs me to be there to take care of the paper work immediately instead of having to wait until he gets back to have it done. The company is attempting to branch out and hopefully enlarge the company."

"I see, and does this also mean sleeping with him?" You do remember the rumors around the club house a few years ago, don't you Sherry?" when you first took the job as his secretary."

"Yes Cliff, I remember the rumors but also remember nothing ever came of it, and he has never so much as made a pass at me in all the years I've been his secretary. So please Cliff, don't start with that club house crap again."

"Ya well, one of the guy's I used to golf with, knew for a fact he had gotten his little newly wed secretary pregnant and her husband divorced her. It was common knowledge amongst all of us guy's who golfed with him, that he was a real womanizer, hell most of the guy's didn't dare let there wives get out of site when he was around. Then you became his private secretary and I became the butt of many of my friends jokes. I would imagine he's getting pretty hard up by now since his wife passed away. Unless of course, his secretary has already been taking care of that for him."

"You know damn well I have never been in his bed, or anybody else, s for that matter. As for the rest of it, it's all hear say as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care who he took to bed Cliff, for all I know, maybe all of you guy's were doing it. As far as him being hard up by now, I have no idea, he's never mentioned it if he is. You're a lot younger than he is and it doesn't seem to be bothering you. We haven't had sex for eight months now and you don't seem to be a damn bit horny Cliff. I've never had one damn thing to do with Mr Mullins outside of my job duties, maybe I should be been doing him on the side I probably wouldn't have to beg him for it, like I do you and still not get it."

I left the room and went into the bathroom where I started crying. I knew what I'd said had hurt him, but damn it, why did he have to be this way instead of being happy for me. Maybe if I took the new job we would have a chance at saving our home, but no he had to accuse me of sleeping with Sid. It seemed as though he wanted me to wallow in self pity along with him, rather than do something about it.

I came out of the bathroom, fixed dinner, then showered and went to bed wondering what all I would be expected to do if I took this new job? Is Sid still able to perform in bed and would I be expected to sleep with him? Or would I be along as his secretary only, as I am now.

I finally went to sleep still undecided as to what to do. The next morning when I got up I found Cliff had slept on the sofa. I was in the kitchen making coffee when Cliff came in and sat down at the table, watching me. I tried talking to him again but he refused to talk to me. After I'd gotten the coffee maker loaded I left for work, leaving Cliff sitting there sulking.

By late afternoon I'd made up my mind, I'd decided to take the position of being Sid's traveling secretary, even if it did mean sleeping with him, it would be better than what I had at home. I wasn't sure about anything right now and I didn't really care what was expected of me. I actually hoped Sid could still perform in bed.

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