The Grocery Store
Chapter 1: Our family

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Our family - Sometimes you do what you have to do.

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My name is Marci and this story is mostly about my Dad and the things our family has gone through. My Dad is a big man. He stands at six foot five and weighs just under three hundred pounds. He's fifty years old.

He's not and has never been an overweight flabby fat person. He is a solid as a rock. I remember while we were growing up he would tell us to hit him in the stomach and he would laugh when we hit him. By we, I mean me and my brother Robert. He was named after our dad.

Dad was named William Robert Smith. As he was growing up people would call him Bill, for William and Bob for Robert, so his nick name was Billy Bob Smith. People are so original, aren't they? I'm mentioning this because it is important later in the story.

So he named my brother Robert William Smith instead of Junior. Dad never cared for the name Junior. Robert is a pretty big guy also, but nowhere near as big as Dad.

My Mom, Marsha, and Dad met in high school. Mom was the cheerleader and Dad the defensive and offensive lineman. They began dating their junior year. Mom always thought that Dad would become famous and make it as a pro football player, but he decided he didn't want to go to college.

Mom was mad at him for not even trying. He explained to her that he was happy with what he wanted to do in life. My grandfather owned a large independent grocery store. Dad was a meat cutter at the store. He also knew that someday the business would be turned over to him.

Mom stayed with dad and they got married shortly after graduation. Less than a year later I appeared and another year later they had Robert. Mom thought two kids were enough and had her tubes tied. Dad loved kids but he said it was his wife's choice.

A lot of people were a bit scared of Dad until they got to know him. To us kids and our friends, we all considered him a big Teddy Bear. He really was a gentle giant.

We had a good life. Mom worked at the store as a cashier part-time after Bob and I started school. I do believe she always had the dreams of becoming famous or at least meeting famous people.

Dad loved her and gave her everything she ever asked for. I never heard him raise his voice to her but she would get mad at him. It was always about something he didn't do or somewhere he wouldn't take her. He usually gave in eventually.

The store was open seven days a week and Dad worked most of them. But if we ever had a game or something going on at school, Mom and Dad would always be there for us.

Holidays were great. On Christmas morning we would all gather around our tree and take turns opening presents. There were very few things we did without. Most every year Dad would buy Mom a couple of tickets to a big time play or show she said she just had to see.

Most of them were in the large city fifty miles away and Mom would often go with her friends since Dad would probably be working. She did go to a couple of football games and even a hockey game with Dad but she preferred the bright lights of musical and Broadway type shows. They weren't Dad's thing.

Christmas dinner was always held at Grandma's and usually Thanksgiving as well. Grandma sure could cook. Mom would help and bring some side dishes. My dad's two sisters and their families would usually be there.

Mom's family lived in the next town over and we would visit them often. They wished Mom would have married some other man. For some reason they weren't fond of Dad even though he always treated them respectfully. I guess they wanted more for their daughter. They didn't understand that we had a wonderful family and enjoyed our life.

When we were old enough, Grandpa would give us jobs to do in the store and pay us. It made us feel important. When we told Mom we wanted to own our own store when we got older she about hit the roof. She said she wanted so much more for us and we should go to college.

We told her we planned on going to college to learn bookkeeping and get a degree in Business Administration. It would help us run our own businesses. Dad kept quiet about it and said whatever we wanted to do, he would be behind us.

I had just started college and Bob would be going the following year. Dad already had the money set aside for us to go. It was than that our lives changed forever.

Mom was getting mad all the time and said she was tired of working at the store and was going to start going out with her girlfriends. She told Dad that since he bowled every Friday, she was going out with her girlfriends. She wasn't going to stay home alone. Dad never denied her anything and she had gone out often with her friends.

We owned and lived in a four-unit apartment right next door to the store. Dad rented out two units and we lived in the other two. Bob and I lived together in one unit. It was rent-free as long as we took care of it. We each had our own bedroom but Dad said we had to keep the place clean or he wouldn't let us live there.

We felt so independent even with our parents just thirty feet away. We were allowed friends over but Dad let us know that if we brought in booze or drugs that he would not be Mr. Nice Guy. We had a few friends who thought they would by-pass Dad's rules. Big mistake! Dad grabbed them bodily and threw them out in the front yard.

Back to Mom and her going out. Dad didn't notice but Mom was really dressing up to go out with her two friends Lucile and Betty. What bothered me is that they were both divorced. I didn't see the need for Mom to get all dolled up.

I mentioned it to Mom and she told me they were her friends and she enjoyed their company. I wasn't sure whether to mention it to Dad but he usually knew what was going on around him.

I was in college but it was in town, so I came home in the evenings and noticed Mom was pretty intoxicated when she came home from being with her friends. Dad was usually asleep when Mom got home. I mentioned it to him one day and he said he would watch out for her.

The following week Mom came home drunk again. When I told Dad he said he would take care of it. He never raised his voice to Mom but did tell her she should be drinking a little less. Mom told Dad that she was a big girl and could take care of herself.

Dad told me he wrote it up to her going through her change of life, but he would be watching her much closer. The following week he didn't go bowling but decided to follow Mom. He told me he had never done it before and didn't feel right doing it. He always trusted her.

Billy-Bob tells the story from here:

My friends have called me Billy-Bob ever since I was a kid. It stuck and I still used it among friends. Marsha just called me Bill. As Marci has told you Marsha and I were high school sweethearts and have been together since our junior year in high school.

I always wanted to walk in my Dad's footsteps and enjoyed the grocery business. I knew I was big and to stay in shape I lifted weights three times a week. I didn't want the muscle to turn to flab.

Marsha seemed to always want more out of life. I think she watched too many "real housewife" programs. That wasn't real life, what we had was real life. Family who did things together and good friends who we could trust. We worked and we played. Sex with Marsha was always good. She never complained, so I figured all was well.

I got a bit worried when Marci told me about her mother coming home drunk. I bowled on Fridays, had a few beers and came home and went to sleep. I was always up early Saturday morning to work at the store. I never bothered Marsha.

The following Friday I followed Marsha and her two girlfriends to a bar. It was a hangout for more of a mobster type crowd: I knew the area well. This shouldn't be the type of place my Marsha should be hanging out. I would have to talk to her about it later. This place would be nothing but trouble.

I paid the stupid twenty-dollar cover charge and went up on the second floor balcony to watch all the goings on. There were dancers and strippers performing on stage. I saw Marsha and her two girlfriends drinking it up. Eventually the women were greeted by three men in suits. I knew right off that they were mob people.

I could tell this wasn't the first time that they all had met. The women got up and started dancing with these men. I didn't care at all for the liberties this one asshole was taking with Marsha. When the music stopped I decided to go downstairs and put a stop to it.

As I was going to the staircase I saw Marsha and the asshole she was with getting up and heading out a back door. By the time I got downstairs they were already outside. I was told by the bouncer that the door was emergency exit only and that I had to use the front door.

I thought about throwing him aside and using it anyway but he was just doing his job. I guess the man Marsha left with had some special rights. By the time I got to my car in the lot I could see one car pulling out. It must be the one that Marsha was in.

I stayed back hoping that they didn't know I was following them. It was a Lexus and an easy car to follow. My worst thoughts came into my mind when I saw them pull into a motel. I drove on by and turned around and came back. I saw them entering room 107 on the first floor. It had an outside entrance. It was Marsha entering the room.

Why would she come here with this scum bag? I was getting madder by the minute trying to formulate a plan. After about fifteen minutes I stormed up to the door and with all my weight I kicked the door it.

There was Marsha with her legs spread wide and this cocksucker pounding his dick into her. Needless to say the door being busted open and me walking in pretty much stopped the fucking.

Marsha screamed out, "Oh my God! Bill!" The prick on top of her reached for his gun on the night stand.

I took a couple of quick steps and knocked the gun from the man's grasp. I picked him up by his neck with his cock coming out of my wife and threw him up against the wall. I didn't stop there as I picked the bastard up about three inches off the ground and put my hand around his throat.

He tried to swing and kick loose but I held him tight till he took his last breath. I let him drop to the floor. I looked over at Marsha who was in tears and told her to get dressed. The police would be here soon.

I picked up the phone and dialed 911.

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