The Pain Alternative
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, Incest, BDSM, Spanking, Humiliation, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman on holiday with her family is caught shoplifting. She is told the penalty is either prison or a public caning. She reluctantly accepts the caning. This story describes her interview with the Man from the Ministry as he explains what will happen in the morning.

"Darling they can't really do this to me can they? There must be a way out of this?" Sophie clung to her husband, ignoring the worried stares of her three children sitting opposite. She was terrified and was sure she wouldn't be able to cope with what she was facing. "Can't you see someone, sort it out?" "Honey, I've got you off at home for shoplifting, just by paying a few officials and using my influence. But the rules in this country are very different to ours back home. These people don't even call it shoplifting, they call it stealing, and the penalties are severe. Here they put people in prison for long terms even for quite trivial offences. And I have been told very clearly that attempting to bribe anyone is considered very serious indeed. I just daren't try that, we could both find ourselves in prison. I think you just have to be glad you were offered that alternative." "Some alternative! It's going to hurt! What do you think I should do?" Michael squeezed his wife's hand, trying to give her strength to face the ordeal ahead. The man from the Justice department was due very soon and Sophie would have to give him her decision. Michael knew what he wanted her to say, but wasn't sure she would be brave enough. He knew a little about jails in this country and hated the thought of Sophie locked up in one for a year. He wasn't sure he would want her back after a year of what those places did to a woman. He had spent the last couple of hours trying to make her see that the alternative the justice department had offered was better, but Sophie was frightened of the pain and dreaded the expected humiliation. "Baby I think you have to accept what they have offered, a public caning! At least it will all be over by tomorrow evening and we can all go home." Sophie looked at her kids, sitting open mouthed, very distressed by what was being said, although her son Tim was looking unpleasantly interested! "Mom, are they going to cane you?" "Be quiet Tim, your mom isn't in the mood to talk about it," Michael admonished him.

Sophie buried her face in his chest. "How many strokes will I receive?" "They haven't said. I get the impression it's not even decided yet. I guess it sort of depends on how we behave during the interview. You must be careful not to insult them! Be apologetic and make it clear you understand and accept your punishment. Don't try to pretend you don't deserve it or anything like that. Say you are very sorry you stole and that you are extremely grateful they have offered you this option." Sophie shuddered, wondering if she could cope with acting submissively with some black official from the ministry. "I will try darling," she mumbled. "But do you think it will be six strokes? More?" "Baby there's just no way I can guess right now! I'm sure this guy will tell us in a few minutes, just try and be patient." Sophie sat back, emotionally drained. It was nearly seven hours since she had been caught trying to smuggle that bracelet out of the shop. Lisa, her youngest daughter, chipped in with, "Mommy are you really going to be caned?" She sounded more excited than alarmed, and Sophie glared at her. Michael told Lisa to try and be a bit more sympathetic.

Lisa's brother Tim dug her in the ribs, he obviously loved the thought of his mom touching her toes and having her panties taken down! Then he asked, "Did mom say it's going to be a public caning? Can we watch, dad?" "SHUT UP," howled Sophie just as the doorbell rang.

Michael told the kids to be silent, while Sophie went reluctantly to admit the man from the Justice Department. She was surprised that it was the same man who had come to the shop to arrest her that morning! He was black, and tall, perhaps forty years old. And beside him was the shop owner, in his fifties! Both men were looking stern!

She remembered the horror of that morning, when she had been stopped trying to leave the man's jewelry store with a bracelet she hadn't paid for. The shopkeeper had forced her to go with him to a back office, and had locked her in there while he went off to summon the police. The policeman had arrived soon after and had interrogated her at humiliating length while the shopkeeper sat listening avidly. Then the policeman used his phone to report to his superiors, going into great length to tell the person on the other end of the line what had happened. He even described Sophie, in excruciating detail, as though that was relevant!

Then he listened for a few minutes, and finally said, "Yes, alright, if that's your decision." Putting the phone down, he seemed to be surprised by what he had been told. He had turned to her and said, "Normally you would go to prison for a year or more for stealing such a valuable bracelet. However in view of you being a tourist, they have decided to offer you an alternative punishment. The choice is yours, a year in prison or a public caning." She had been too shocked by that to respond, and had sat helplessly while he continued. He had instructed her to be in her hotel room at six o'clock that evening, waiting with her family present, ready to give her decision. If she opted for prison she should have her bag packed ready to go. "Just take some underwear, everything else will be provided." He had told her that, if she decided to take the caning, she would be caned next morning some time after ten o'clock. The man in her hotel room would tell her more about what was involved, where she had to go for it, and what she was to wear.

She was still too shocked to ask questions, and was left pale and shaking as the man walked out.

The shopkeeper had grinned at her and asked if she would like a drink, and she nodded, and he handed her a glass of wine. She sipped it, then turned to him. "Please, what did he mean, a public caning?" "Just that, you will be caned on your bare bottom. It hurts, but it's better than the alternative. You are very lucky. Not everyone is given that option. But our prisons are awful even by our nation's living standards, and very overcrowded, so anybody allowed to take the caning normally is grateful to do so, and the state benefits by not having the cost of keeping you in prison. You really should take the cane, and be ready to say that when he comes to see you tonight. Believe me honey, you really wouldn't want a year in one of our jails." He took her hand and squeezed it sympathetically. "Mrs Russell, I am sorry that you will be suffering tomorrow but you must admit it was your fault." She nodded reluctantly, and thanked him for his concern and left the shop.

At home she had told her husband Michael what had happened, and he had been quite unsympathetic. Once before, back in America, Sophie had shop-lifted something, more for the excitement than because she wanted it, and Michael had managed to pay off the shopkeeper, and got her off. She had assumed Michael could, and would, do the same here, and gave him the phone number that the policeman had left with her. He phoned the number and talked for some time, then came back to her and said that there was nothing he could do.

"They made it clear that if I attempt to bribe the man when he attends tonight then I will go to jail, after you and I both take a caning. Sorry Sophie I'm not prepared to risk it. You deserve punishment and a caning seems to be appropriate." And now that awful policeman and the man from the shop were in the front door of her hotel room, waiting to be taken through to meet her family and hear her decision.

"Good evening Mrs Russell." the policeman said, his voice deep, gravelly. Sophie tried to reply courteously but her mouth was so dry she could hardly speak. "Hello sir," she croaked.

The policeman gestured to the other man, the shop owner who had apprehended her. "I have invited Mr Odinga to be present this evening. If you opt to accept the caning then he will need to arrange for someone to manage his shop tomorrow so that he can attend." Sophie looked at Mr Odinga's grinning face and flushed scarlet at the realization that he was looking forward to watching her being caned! She nodded a reluctant acceptance of his presence. "Hello Mr Odinga," she muttered.

The policeman continued. "You were instructed to have your family present for this meeting. Are they here?" "Yes, through there," she groaned, gesturing to the lounge room. The men walked ahead of her.

Michael was standing when they entered, looking very worried. Mr Odinga stopped with his back against the wall beside the living room door, while the policeman walked confidently into the middle of the room, looking at the three children on one sofa before turning to Sophie's husband. "Mr Russell?" "Yes," Michael responded.

"I am Sergeant Jacoob. I presume you know that I had cause to arrest your wife this morning for theft. Rather surprisingly the authorities have offered her the option of a public caning instead of jail, and I am here now to learn her decision." He waited for those awful words to sink in, then turned to Sophie. "Have you decided?" She nodded and whispered, "I don't want to go to prison." "That is not sufficient, Mrs Russell, I need you to say, clearly and precisely, that you have decided to take the public caning." Sophie took several deep breaths, cleared her throat, glanced at her three children, then turned back to the man. "I wish to have the public caning rather than going to prison," she whispered.

"Please say clearly that you wish to be caned." She looked at him, flushing, and said clearly, "Sir I wish to be caned." The man took a form from his jacket pocket and handed it to Sophie. She read 'I' (and here someone had filled in her name and address) 'have chosen to receive a public caning / a year in prison (circle the chosen option and delete the other option)'. Below that was a place for her to sign beside which someone had again written her name, and further down there were places for other signatures, Justice Department official, witnesses, and 'husband / parent / guardian', against which someone had written 'Mr Michael Russell'.

"Please circle the option you have chosen then sign against your name." Sophie's hand was shaking so badly she could barely manage even those simple tasks. The man signed as the official, then turned to Mr Odinga. "Would you please sign as witness?" Mr Odinga did so, and the form was given to Sophie's husband. "Please also sign, to verify that you agree to your wife receiving the prescribed punishment." Michael asked, "Can you tell me how many strokes she will receive?" "No. Please sign where I have indicated." When Michael had done this, the man flipped the form over and said, "Since your wife has opted for the caning I am required to prepare her for the punishment that has been determined for her. I will also have to examine your wife and ensure she is fit to receive the cane. Please sign here to give your consent for this to be done." Michael looked at his wife before signing the form, wondering exactly what this meant. But rather than question the man's authority he just signed the form, giving his consent for whatever process the authorities decreed his wife must undergo.

When the completed form was back in his pocket, the man said, "Very well, please be seated, Mr Russell, on the sofa. Mrs Russell, please stand beside me." As they took the positions allocated, the man turned to the three children. "You are all the children of Mr and Mrs Russell?" They all nodded. "Your names and ages please." He nodded at the girl on the left, whom he correctly judged to be the oldest.

"I'm Jessica, 19," the pretty blonde child whispered. He had his notebook out, and as Jessica replied he made a note, obviously checking her response against the details Sophie had supplied that morning.

"Thank you Jessica. You?" "I'm Tim, I'm 17," the boy replied, trying to sound nonchalant but looking flushed.

"And you, young lady?" The youngest child tried to smile as she nervously replied, "I'm Lisa, 16." "Good, that means you are all old enough to be present for your mother's caning." Sophie went pale! "Surely not!" "I distinctly remember telling you that it would be a public flogging. Surely you realized that would mean your family would be present?" "I thought you just meant that Michael would be there!" "No, we believe that all members of the family should be present when punishment is applied. So we will reserve four seats right at the front for your family." "How many others will be there?" "We normally use a room in the Justice Department, and always have a full house for canings. But for a white woman's punishment there will be much more interest, and it has been decided that your punishment tomorrow morning will be administered in a public park in the city, to avoid problems with crowd control. I am sure there will be a good turnout." Sophie thought she would die! But the man continued as though unaware of the effect his words were having.

"Allow me to confirm some details from this morning's questioning. How old are you Mrs Russell?" "Thirty eight, Sir," Sophie whispered.

"Please speak up. You will be asked questions as part of your discipline tomorrow and I expect good clear loud answers that are audible to everyone in the audience, is that clear? It is quite a large park, and there are no microphones. So, how old are you Mrs Russell?" "Thirty eight sir," Sophie said, trying to speak clearly despite the tremors running through her whole body. He took her through the other questions he had asked that morning, and she flushed as she answered, with her name, age, address, marital status, and some much more personal things that seemed unrelated to the offence. Why did he, and apparently the audience, need to know her bust, waist and hip sizes? Would she really have to tell the audience such things?

Finally he asked, "Have you ever been caned before, Mrs Russell?" "No sir," Sophie panted, face pale, sweat on her brow.

"What about your family? Have any of you been caned?" He looked first at Michael, who shook his head quickly, then swung his gaze around the room and the three children all shook their heads vehemently. "I gather that corporal punishment is no longer used in your country. That explains why Mrs Russell is here now awaiting the discipline she should have received many years ago. Perhaps this will be a lesson for all of you, and that is why the State expects you all to attend." "How many strokes will I receive sir?" Sophie whispered.

"That will be my decision, Mrs Russell. The normal absolute minimum is twelve. But based on your performance this evening I may increase that, and could even reduce it. Remission for good behaviour, as it were." That left Sophie gasping, wondering exactly what performance he meant, and what would constitute good behaviour.

"First, I need to check you physically, to determine your ability to accept the caning that you are due to receive. Are you wearing panty hose, Mrs Russell?" Sophie flushed but muttered that, no, she was wearing stay-up stockings.

"Very nice. Please wear them tomorrow. I presume that you are wearing panties, and if so please push them down to your knees." Sophie stood looking at him, open mouthed, for a few moments then lifted her skirt and reached up under it, thumbing the panties down, her son looking in awe at the bare thighs above her stocking tops as she did so, and not quite managing to get a glimpse of her crotch. After the panties were at her knees, Sergeant Jacoob gave Tim what he wanted!

"Raise your skirt right up in front please Mrs Russell, I wish to know whether you are neatly shaved." The poor woman stood holding her skirt up while Mr Jacoob and her son studied her thick bush of pubic hair.

"I am surprised. I thought all white women shaved nowadays." Sophie shook her head helplessly, embarrassed beyond her worst imaginings. Michael and some of her girlfriends had several times suggested she could shave her pubic hair but she had never done so. "Well, I don't wish to disabuse the audience of their expectations. You will present yourself fully shaved when you attend for your punishment tomorrow." Sophie gasped in horror, wondering if her ladyshave leg and armpit shaving equipment would be up to the challenge of total removal of her bush. As she was contemplating shaving in the bathroom before going to bed with her husband, Sergeant Yacoob asked Michael whether he shaved with an electric razor or wet-shaved. When he replied that he wet shaved, he was sent off to bring the equipment.

While he was out of the room, the man asked, "Tim, how do you shave?" Tim muttered that he used an electric razor, and was sent off to fetch that. While the men were out of the room, Lisa and Jessica were told to bring the coffee table from the side of the room and place it in the middle of the room right in front of the sofa where the kids had been sitting. The man sat where Tim had been sitting, in the middle of the sofa, and had the two girls adjust the table to his satisfaction, right in front of him. Then he told Jessica and Lisa to come back and sit down either side of him.

The sofa had been ample for the three kids, but was a tight squeeze with the large policeman sitting in between the two girls, their thighs and their bodies forcibly pressed against him.

"Please sit on the table, Mrs Russell, on the edge at this end, facing me. Feet as far apart as your panties allow. Raise your skirt again." By now her panties had slid almost to her ankles, so with her feet well apart she was free to move her knees very wide, and the man sat blatantly observing the full frontal view of her bush. She realized that when she next stood up, she would be bald down there. "Lie back on the table, Mrs Russell. Keep your feet on the floor and your knees wide apart." As their mother settled back on the coffee table, staring up at the ceiling, the officer calmly tugged the girls' skirts up and placed his hands on their bare thighs. Both girls looked shaken by this but neither dared to protest.

"What size bra cup do you wear, Mrs Russell?" "36 C, sir," Sophie groaned, past protesting further and just glad that Tim wasn't in the room to hear.

"Don't wear a bra for your caning tomorrow, Mrs Russell." Sophie didn't reply to that, but knew it was a command that she would have to obey.

When Michael reappeared with his shaving gear, he found his wife lying on her back with her bushy pussy pointing straight at the visiting official, who had his hands up under his daughters' skirts. He wondered if Sophie would be required to shave, or if he would be ordered to do it for her.

Before the policeman spoke, Tom came in and stood beside his mother, holding the electric razor and looking down at his mother's pubic hair and parted thighs.

"Mr Russell, go and sit back down on the sofa. Then explain to Tim how to shave his mother's pussy. You are not to touch your wife yourself, let Tim do all the work." It took some time, during which Sergeant Jacoob sat with his fingers caressing the panty crotches of the two girls, both of whom were looking flushed and soon were squirming their thighs and jerking their hips. When the job was done, the Sergeant tugged the girls' skirts back down before sliding forward to inspect the work, kneeling between Sophie's feet and running his fingers over the newly-bared flesh. He gently prized her labia apart and ran a finger lightly around the exposed clitoris, making Sophie twitch and gasp.

"Nice work, Tim, but you will need to do it again in the morning before your mother leaves for her punishment." Sophie looked up at him in dismay! But the Sergeant wasn't finished with the topic of shaving. He turned to the two girls, and calmly told them to pull their panties down to their ankles and lift their skirts. This revealed to all that Jessica was trimmed with a neat strip of pubic hair running up her belly, while Lisa was au naturel.

"Mr Russell, after Tim shaves his mother tomorrow, you will shave both your daughters. The department prefers to display all white girls as being without pubic hair, confirming what our people expect." The two girls went pale, but it wasn't obvious which distressed them most, the thought of their dad shaving them, or the implication that they would be displayed naked to the audience tomorrow. None of the Russell females would sleep well that night!

"Now Mrs Russell, I need to examine your buttocks to see whether they are fit to accept the cane tomorrow. Please go over and stand facing your husband. Bend forward, and place your hands on his shoulders. I want you to keep looking into your husband's eyes. Mr Russell, please lift your wife's skirts right up under her armpits." When Michael had done so, the family watched as Sergeant Jacoob squatted and placed his hands on Sophie's exposed bottom cheeks. He spent some time stroking, squeezing, and massaging them while Sophie looked into her husband's eyes.

The man ran a finger down the crack of her buttocks. "When a bottom is caned with the cheeks close together like this, the impact causes significant bruising here." She felt his finger running slowly up and down between her bum cheeks. "A severe caning therefore should always be given with the bum cheeks well separated." His fingers left her bottom and went down to the skimpy nylon knickers at her ankles. To her horror she felt him kneel and take hold of them. "Step out of them please, Mrs Russell." She lifted one foot and felt the man slip her panties off that foot, then lifted her other foot, and the man removed her panties and put them in his pocket. She knew that the man's face was very close to her naked bottom as she did this. She saw her husband looking at her newly shaved crotch. She was thinking that she had never been so embarrassed in her life. "Now open your legs as wide as you can." She shyly moved her feet apart, and the man again ran his fingers down between the cheeks of her bottom. "Can you feel how this has already opened the gap between your hinds? When the cane impacts, there will be less bruising here. However your legs are not as wide apart as they will be for your caning." Again his hands cupped her bum cheeks, this time with his thumbs sliding down in between them, and resting lightly on her anus. "When I place you on the rack for your caning, I will open your legs even wider than they are now, and will secure them firmly with leather straps. I do not wish to cause any more bruising than is absolutely necessary." She knew the man was looking right at her ass hole as he spoke! "Tim, there is some hair here. Please come over here with your electric razor." Sophie instinctively clenched her ass in horror at this awful exhibition he was making of her. He sensed the clenching, and lightly smacked her bum. "It is important not to clench your ass muscles, Mrs Russell, that also causes unnecessary bruising. If you clench, then I will not cane you until your bottom is relaxed." She wondered how she could possibly relax during this awful process. "If you please, Tim." The room was deathly silent except for the buzzing of the razor as Tim removed the offending hairs. "Make sure you do that again tomorrow morning. Now go sit down please Tim." "Are you aware, Mrs Russell, that in Africa many females have their clitorises removed when they are little girls?" She moaned that she did know of this. "I take it that you still have your clitoris?" As he asked, his finger came through between her legs and went with great accuracy straight to the tender bud, for the first time she could remember no longer protected by a pad of pubic hair. She gasped. She didn't think her husband could have found her clitoris so easily, even now her cunt was shaved! His finger stroked it, and she thought her knees would buckle.

"Such a cruel thing to do to a girl. Fortunately it is now a prohibited practice." The man looked around at Jessica and Lisa. "I presume, young ladies, that you both have your clitorises intact?" Both girls shyly nodded, and Tim giggled.

Sophie just wanted him to stop caressing her clit before she had an orgasm. She couldn't believe how, suddenly, her body was awash with lust! Suddenly a thick finger pushed into her cunt and her whole body shuddered! She could feel her cunt muscles spasming around his finger, as she looked into her husband's astonished face. She groaned as the man pulled his finger out and stood up behind her.

There was a short silent pause before he spoke again, while he again ran his hands over Sophie's bum cheeks. "Your wife is very ahh responsive, Mr Russell." Another long pause, in which a finger gently penetrated her anus. "You realize, I am sure, that the punishment she will receive tomorrow is entirely at my discretion. I could, should I so choose, let her off with just the minimum, which is a dozen strokes." Another even longer pause. Sophie cringed, hoping that none of her family could see what his finger was now doing! She was also aware that the man was telling her that if they didn't do something she would be getting more than twelve! She held her breath, wondering what she was expected to do.

At last Michael spoke. "That would be very kind of you sir." His voice was strained.

"Are you saying that you would like me to be lenient tomorrow?" "Yes please sir." "Mrs Russell, would you also like me to be lenient tomorrow?" As he said this he pushed his finger deep inside her anus.

Sophie's mouth was so dry she could hardly speak, but she knew what he meant. She also knew that her body was on fire and she knew she wanted what was about to happen, and would have asked for it even if it didn't reduce her sentence. "Yes please sir." The room was so quiet Sophie could hear the sound of the man's belt being undone, then the sound of his zip being drawn down. She glanced to the side and saw Mr Odinga quite openly taking photographs, maybe even a video, with his cell phone! She was about to protest when she realized he, and probably lots of others, would be filming her caning tomorrow, so did it really matter? Rather than upset Mr Jacoob and earn more strokes of the cane, she looked away and waited to be fucked.

The whole family watched as the policeman stepped out of his trousers and moved close behind Sophie. He put his hands around her, lifting her hips rather than bending his knees, holding her with her feet off the ground. She gasped as he slid his huge cock into her, into her pussy where she had half expected him to use her ass, and she moaned as he pulled her back against him until she was fully impaled on his monstrous organ. She managed to touch the floor with her toes, and took enough of her weight that he was able to push her forward and pull her back instead of thrusting with his hips. For some time she groaned each time he pulled her back then pushed her away again.

"Mrs Russell, please kiss your husband. Put your tongue in his mouth." She did, and moved her hands down onto his thighs for support. Her finger tips quickly revealed that her husband had a huge erection inside his pants.

The policeman spoke, his voice strained, and Sophie realized he was just trying to delay his orgasm. "Jessica, Tim, Lisa, you must not mention this to anyone, ever, is that quite clear?" Sophie's kids nodded, too awed to speak.

"I am sure you all realize that I cannot be seen to be lenient to your mother just because she is being responsive this evening." By now Sophie was moaning helplessly, away in a world of her own as that fabulous cock ravaged her insides.

"So long as you all say nothing about your mother's responsiveness tonight then I shall just give her twelve strokes, and none of those will be very hard, alright?" Sophie could tell from his voice that he was about to spunk. She didn't care, she was so close to orgasm herself she just didn't want him to cum before she did. And when she felt his cock surge she climaxed. As the cock in her pussy spasmed and pumped semen into her womb, Sophie's orgasm crashed over her.

After a few moments the man pulled out of her, and she broke off the kiss, and was about to straighten up, when the man said, "Stay still Mrs Russell, I think that Mr Odinga has earned some compensation for the inconvenience you have put him to, having to shut his shop tomorrow in order to witness your punishment." Mr Odinga came up behind her and Sophie was told to kiss her husband again, and did so while Mr Odinga used her, thrusting hard and for some time before spunking inside her, adding his semen to that of the policeman. At last he pulled out and went back to stand by the door, leaving Sophie shaking.

"Stand up, Mrs Russell." She did, very aware of the semen of these two men already starting to run from her and trickle down inside her thighs.

The policeman handed Michael a copy of a street map with a circle hand-drawn around a public park near the city centre. "Mr Russell, you are to be there with your family at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. All the females are to be wearing skirts with no panties. There is a stage at the north end of the park, on which the punishment will be administered. There are seats for the spectators. I am requiring you to be there early in order that your family can sit in the front row before the crowds assemble. Mr Russell, you and the children will go and take seats in the front row. Mrs Russell, you will go up on the stage, get undressed, and stand with hands on your head until the officials arrive." With that he and Mr Odinga left the hotel room, and went down for a drink together in a bar nearby. Mr Odinga clapped Mr Jacoob on the back. "Jake, that was just amazing." Mr Jacoob laughed, he was actually a close friend of Mr Odinga, and neither of them had any connection with the police or the Justice Ministry. They had worked out how to handle Mrs Russell while she had waited shivering in the back office of the shop After Mr Odinga had seen her pocket the bracelet. They had selected that particular public park because Mr Jacoob owned a flat overlooking it, and they both were looking forward to the morning when hopefully they would watch the family down below.

"You really think they will go to the park tomorrow? You think the woman will undress? What will they do when they find the stage and the seating are just there in preparation for a music concert tomorrow night? What will they do when they realize there is nobody there waiting to punish the poor lady? How long do you think she will wait before she gets dressed and they all go home?" Jake Jacoob laughed, he was well pleased with the day. He wondered how long it would be before the family worked out that the whole thing had been a scam. And Sophie knew his friend had filmed the whole thing, so there was no way they would complain. It served the silly bitch right for stealing.

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