The Adventures of the British Ambassador's Secretary
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is an assortment of stories about Lady Patricia Prendergast. She is the British Ambassador's Secretary and had been well groomed by her Father to be a source of pleasure to the male gender. Her oral skills are beyond reproach and she has developed impressive anal talents rarely found in Western females. These stories will continue with new episodes starting in the Spring of 2012.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Deep in the twisting mountains of that part of the Balkans, where many have thought of as the entrance to the "Locks of the Danube River"; runs a fairly good road of unknown title.

A small blue auto of suspect origin, perhaps German, labored up the steep incline, emitting vaporous swirls of white smoke. Proficient mechanics would, no doubt, shake their collective heads in unison at the scene.

Two occupants were trying their best to ignore the situation. As if their disregard would make it all go away.

Harry Lime was the uneasy, middle-aged male at the wheel of this unimpressive, borrowed rust-bucket. Seated beside him sat Patricia, who was the current secretary of the British Ambassador.

Harry's bar in Belgrade was where these two unlikely companions had first met each other. Harry looked nervously over to the beautiful young girl. Her skirt had inched up dangerously close to revealing her chubby ass cheeks. Not that she was overweight. She was just a girl with a lot of meat on her bones in all the right places. Harry had already fully explored all of her hidden assets on a boozy night she certainly did not remember. No, they had not done the dirty deed as yet, but Harry had great plans for tonight.

His trousers scarcely hid the outline of his own demanding erection pushing to be free for action.


Patricia's face was scrunched up in a perfectly divine pout of helplessness. What red-blooded could resist an innocent maiden in a risky situation. Attractive girls were tasty bait for many of sex-starved men roaming these hills with little fear of punishment.

"Harry, should we stop at the next town?"

"I think you are right, Patricia. I am certain it is only a loose oil line. We can still be there quite early tomorrow morning."

Harry licked his dirty old man lips as he realized how perfectly this was turning out. He just hoped the bed would be large, but not too large. The mattress should be soft, but not too soft. Enough light to see all of the soft, silky skin and wet tight openings of heated passion. Enough time to thoroughly break in the pussy, ass and mouth of the haughty British girl. It was time to subject her to unbridled passion and a night of pure animalistic sex.

The garage was a good one. The mechanic promised completion no later than 8AM the next morning. Across the street nestled a comfortable and clean B&B. Patricia was agreeable to one room as she was first and foremost a thrifty girl. Raised in the upper class tradition, she knew it would be wasteful to have two rooms. After all, her Harry was a gentleman and would not take advantage of her.


Does anyone believe Miss prim and proper Patricia didn't have some fantasies of her own?

Harry was under the covers. He was dressed for the night in only his boxer briefs. They scarcely hid the immense erection lurking beneath the thin cotton.

Patricia entered from the bathroom. A flimsy silk shift barely covered her pussy and ass. Her superb titties were sporting stiff nipples. Harry did not know if it was from the cold air or, hopefully, hidden desire.

"Oh, Harry ... Don't look at me. I am such a frightful mess. I am going to slide in on this side. If it is all right, I like to sleep on my side, so don't be rude to my bum, if I should press it up against you."

Patricia quickly moved onto the bed. Her heart-shaped ass pressed softly against Harry's rock-hard cock.

Her giggle spoke volumes.

"Don't poke me back there ... Daddy"

Harry knew he definitely was not this beautiful young girl's Daddy, but perhaps in her mind, he would play her erotic role.

"Are you going to make me do it? Make me do it ... please, Daddy ... Make me do it!"

Patricia's classically shaped ass was beginning to quiver and hump back against Harry's cock in a sex-starved quest for anal penetration.

"Unh ... unh ... unh ... There! Right there! ... Yes, push hard ... harder ... Ooow ... Ooow. You're in!"

Harry had never quite felt the sensation of his penis being clutched so tightly, so desperately. The rounded ass cheeks pounded in a perfect fit back into his hungry body. He could feel her juices begin to flow as she began the descent into a shuddering climax.

How could this picture perfect upper class girl be so wanton ... so lewd ... so very sensuous?

Harry sensed his release and could not stop it. It built and it built ... ever greater the pressure. He knew he was not able to stop it. Right now, it did not matter. All that mattered was the spurts of cum shooting through his constricted penis. The cum rose boiling from his sensitive balls, through the full eight inches buried in Patricia's succulent anus, out the fire-hose head. The streams of creamy cum splashed in torrents deep in proud British girl's gut. The liquid fire caused another violent orgasm to convulse the young girl pressing back into his fully satisfied groin. Harry stayed inside for what seemed like an eternity. Patricia began to fall into a deep sleep with Harry's cock still buried deep inside.

They were both content to stay that way forever.


Lady Patricia gets her revenge.

My name is Patricia ... Patricia Prendergast, to be more exact. I do so like to be open whenever possible. You may remember me from "The British Ambassador's Secretary. That Harry Lime can be a very naughty fellow. I warn all you girls to keep your eyes open when around him. He does have a perfectly divine cock and I must admit I find it irresistible when aroused. Those escapades in the Balkans are better left unmentioned at home. Home for me is in Westminster. Yes, I am addressed as Lady Patricia in that part of the world. I know all my relatives and friends at home see me as a Prig. Attractive and well-dressed to be sure, but a prig just the same. In my outside life in the diplomatic service, the real Patricia is sexually uninhibited and a bit of a slut.

This is one of the real Patricia's adventures.

They say you never forget your first trip to Venice.

The city of Love.

We came up out of the troubled Balkans, crossing into exotic Italy at Trieste.

Trieste, Junction of 3 worlds. The old Yugoslavia (now Croatia), Austria (once a desired jewel in Hitler's Reich), and Italy itself comprised the meeting of 3 worlds. There were 3 languages, 3 cultures, and, most recently, a new hidden gateway to the new European Union at the confluence of old Europe and the New Europe. It was a new reality.

There were 8 of us in the roomy van. Harry was driving, of course. It was his van and he had paid for the hotel rooms. No one suspected Harry and I had a lurid past. Most of our friends thought there was a mutual dislike between us. Lynette and her two young children had come without Terry, Lynette's hunky hubby.

Our group was rounded out by 3 strapping young lads, Mike, Andy, and Hugh. They all were employed by Harry. If you asked me what they did for him, I would have to admit, I didn't have a clue. Their enthusiasm and raw energy had me quite on the edge of orgasm from the very beginning. I could see that Harry didn't mind my flirting. He had his own fish to fry with the very pregnant Lynette.

One look into Lynette's eyes told me she was panting to get Harry alone, preferably, with his pants down. I was squeezed into the back between Mike and Hugh. Andy was playing with Lynette's kids. Harry was telling a very dirty joke. Lynette giggled like a silly schoolgirl.

"How could anyone put up with that laugh?"

The nasty thought flitted across my mind in a mean schoolgirl pique of jealousy.

Lynette's laugh was admittedly a cross between a swine's snort and a jackass braying.

I was sitting in a puddle of my own juices. The bouncing of the van and the constant rubbing of strong muscular legs on both her hips caused her to seep her love juices into her cotton granny panties. She was also aware that Andy from his position on the floor could see right up between her legs and easily view all her goodies.

"Oh, God! I hope he doesn't see what a nasty girl I really am."

They moved across the classic Italian countryside, thrown together like ships on random lanes, bumping against each other in a search for a safe port.

Lynette looked into the back to check on her children. They were both safely asleep already tired from the excitement of the trip. A knowing smirk betrayed her quick read of Patricia's state of heightened arousal. Lynette let her hand accidentally rest on Harry's leg. Her fingers were just high enough to feel the hard outline of his throbbing erection.

Harry smiled into the mirror at Patricia.

"Don't think I am not aware of that hanky panky, you horny old goat!"

I glared back at him, vowing to make him regret his gross inattention this very evening. After all, I have three young sturdy lads to attend to my every whim and most unladylike needs.

Our arrival at the Hotel Casanova was uneventful. It was easy to find. The charming little hotel was tucked away on a narrow street with a canal running along the rear of the building. It was an old Hotel. The building groaned its age with creaks and pops at every turn. Most importantly, it was inexpensive, away from tour groups, and discrete beyond belief. Harry had booked 4 rooms, but not given any thought as to who slept where.

We decided that Lynette would have a room with her children, The 3 young men; Mike, Andy and Hugh would bunk together, and that Harry and I would have a room to ourselves. This seemed to satisfy everyone and we settled in happily.

After a late dinner at a wonderful little restaurant, we returned to our hotel sated with food and filled to the brim with delicious red Italian Vino. Even the children had a taste of the wine. It was the accepted way of life here in Italy.

I took a glorious bath and relaxed as the night air filled with stars. A sliver of moon peeked into my window just as I stood naked in the moonlight.

She heard the sounds from Lynette's room, right on the other side of the thin wall.

"Oh, Harry. Don't be doing that now!"


Then, I could hear the unmistakable sound of bed springs being pounded by the weight of two bodies in locked embrace.

Squeak ... Squeak ... Squeak..."Oh, Harry. It's so big! Go easy. Terry is a bit smaller, Love."

I knew this to be an outright lie.

I had already had Terry's huge rod deep inside my hungry pussy last Halloween. He pushed up my witch's costume after consuming an inordinate amount of free beer and impaled me standing in the ladies room at Harry's bar.

I heard more sounds of lovemaking from the other room.

"That's it ... right there ... unh ... unh ... unh ... I got to go right now ... right now ... shove it in hard, Harry, Yes ... yes ... yes I can't hold it back, Harry. Got to go. Oh ... Oh ... Oh."

This entire litany was followed by a very high pitched squeal and then deafening silence.

"That bloody cow!"

I hissed out the words in a fit of outraged distress. I just couldn't help myself.

I was incensed that silly, stupid, and totally married Lynette had received Harry's creamy load, before I had a chance to have my fun in Venice.

A quiet rap at the door, more of a scratching noise, caught my attention. Moving to the door, I opened it quietly.

It was Mike, Andy, and Hugh wearing only their briefs and carrying a bottle of Chianti.

"Come in, gentlemen. But do be ever so quiet. I just heard the entire erotic chorus of a pregnant woman getting off. She had a right good squirt, but it wasn't with her husband.

The muscular trio smiled because Lynette's shrill voice could be heard even down the hall.

"Break out the vino! I am ready for a party."

The bottle was drained with no wasted effort. Andy returned with another bottle. I decided to play a little tipsy and see if my removal from the pedestal would energize one, if not all, of the lads into action.

It was Mike who broke the ice. The muscular, square jawed 20 year old was the senior of the trio. His erection was ready to pop out and he loosened it in front of my face. I giggled and reached out like a little child stealing candy. No, I assure you I was not acting at all. It was bloody beautiful.

"Mike, this must keep your girlfriend very happy."

"No, Ma-am. Don't have a girl friend."

I leaned forward and took Mike's penis between my lips. It was absolutely delicious to me. The little droplets of pre-cum moistened my mouth. There was absolutely no way I could possibly stuff the entire length into my fully stretched mouth. Both Andy and Hugh watched intently as I slowly took it in. I swallowed inch after glorious inch, until I could feel his rounded bulb touching the back of my throat. The stiff rod was leaking profusely now, but Mike had yet to cum. My own saliva flowed uncontrolled out my mouth and dribbled down off my aristocratic chin.

"Ma-am, if you keep doing that, I'm going to have to shoot a load into your pretty little mouth."

I paused, looked up at Mike with innocent eyes, and said, with my most arrogant and haughty voice;

"As long as you are a gentleman, young man; I will take everything you want to give me."

I looked up at Andy and Hugh, they were both touching themselves in obvious passion and I added,

"The same goes for both of you too. Just give me a minute between each of you to freshen up my mouth and face."

During the next couple of hours, I learned all the different triggers on each young man's willing cock. I knew which one liked his balls fondled and stroked, which one preferred my finger gently inserted into his anus, and which one had to grab my hair and pull me from side to side, as if driving a car on a racetrack.

The four of us sat on the floor and rested from our exertions. I pretended to be faint and fell across the pillows with my ass up high in the air. I hoped that they might be venturesome enough to either spank me or even poke my tight little anus with youthful vigor.

I could feel my ass cheeks being spread wide. A cock of large proportion pushed against my tight little muscle. I was certain it was Mike. My sphincter loosened and the exploring cock impaled me hard against the pillows. Unable to contain my desire, I humped back against the rock hard penis and soon was covered with my own juices and then those of my unknown lover. A quick peek confirmed it was Mike to take my ass cherry at this wonderful secret party. Andy and, finally, Hugh were quick to follow in banging my asshole deep and hard. It was Hugh, the quiet one, who finished up by spanking my completely aroused ass cheeks. He spanked me quickly and very hard. Each stroke was an agony of sheer pleasure. My follow up orgasm racked me in full body convulsions. They were all concerned that they had gone too far, but I reassured them with a satisfied smile.

The next morning, Harry was surprised to find himself escorting Lynette and her children around the various tourist traps.

I spent the entire day shopping, eating, and drinking Italian vino with 3 gorgeous young men hanging on my every word and ready to answer my every whim.

My revenge on Harry was sweeter than a piece of Godiva's chocolate.


"An absolutely ghastly Monday morning", was Lady Patricia Prendergast's studied opinion sipping down her morning coffee with the fixated attention of a devoted caffeine addict.

The Ambassador stuck his well-groomed head in her outer office and addressed her somewhat hesitantly,

"I say, Tricia, I need you to do something for me in Cairo. Just take an overnight. Very hush-hush, I'm afraid."

This was intolerable. Harry was taking her to the Opera tonight. It had taken her weeks to get him to accede to her request. What could she ever do in an overnight trip to Cairo? Not enough time for the Pyramids ... Not even enough time to savor the technique of a skilled Egyptian lover. Then again, perhaps a little side trip was just what she needed to shake off the guilt pangs of her slutty behavior.

"Of course I will, Mr. Ambassador. What are my orders?"

"Tricia, this is your courier briefcase. It will be handcuffed to your wrist at all times. Hold out your arm."

The portly white-haired man gently affixed the case to her arm. He had experience putting handcuffs on Patricia but for an all-together different purpose. Her beautiful bum was often over his knee for well-deserved discipline reserved for slutty secretaries. She looked up at him standing over her and knew he wanted a quick cock suck before dispatching her on her journey.

He was still limp and flaccid to her touch.

Her expert fingers soon had him in a reasonable state of semi-rigidity and ready to pop-in her waiting mouth. She liked sucking her boss very much. He was ever so appreciative of her efforts. She also liked the forceful streams of cum that he always loosed in her wet and ready mouth. For an older man, he certainly had copious reserves of cum cream to reward her busy tongue.

"Yes, dear ... take me in deeper ... oh, yes ... now, the tongue, please ... yes, right there ... Look up at me, Tricia dear ... Let me see your lips ... good ... so wet ... so very wet ... I have to cum, my dear ... let me see your eyes when I come ... yes, just like that ... unnn ... unnn ... unnnn. Oh ... you lovely slut!"

Patricia took the heavy load of creamy cum in the back of her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could so not a drop of the offering fell from her lips. Daintily, she wiped her lips with a tissue and dabbed away a telltale speck of cream from the tip of the Ambassador's limp cock.

The right honorable Cyril St. Crampole and Lady Patricia went back a long way. They were well acquainted going all the way back to her school days. A frequent visitor at her Father's estate, the rotund Ambassador had been the first to introduce Patricia to the delicate art of cock sucking. She owed her expertise in this area to inspired tutelage under the stern and serious man. Thank God Daddy never suspected her attachment to the older man was based on her sexual appetite and not her academic goals.

The flight was a non-stop night flight with her arrival into her destination at 8AM Cairo time.

She draped her jacket over her arm to hide the handcuffs. Ever conscious of the need to blend in, Patricia realized the degree of difficulty for a stunningly beautiful girl of her breeding to ever blend into the background. The Taxi station only had the one taxi. She arrived at the same time as a young Egyptian man with a hurried air to his persona. Since they both were going to almost the exact same part of the City, she acquiesced to the suggestion they share the cab.

Thinking back now, Patricia realized it was perhaps her first mistake in Cairo.

The young man's rapid English left Patricia in a constant flux of doubt that she had understood the meaning. Akmed also had the annoying habit of touching her arm, her hand. And once, even her bare knee every few seconds to emphasize a point or draw her attention to some point of interest. Thank God her pussy, bum and perky titties were inaccessible during the ride. She was certain he would be all over them, peppering her with his machine-gun English at the same time.

Patricia did notice, however, that Akmed had the most interesting ass for a man. It was compact and muscular and set her sexual arousal vibes into high gear.

At the hotel, Akmed gave her his card and invited her to dinner at a...

"Real Egyptian restaurant, not one of these tourist trap disasters."

Patricia smiled and promised to call that afternoon. She was fairly certain it would not be happening.

She took breakfast at the Hotel veranda. She studied the passing hordes of people all absorbed by rushing to unknown destinations. A little man approached her just as she was cramming a delicious biscuit into her mouth.

"A thousand pardons, young Madame ... My master, Prince Hamadi bids me to inform you that he would be most appreciative of your lovely tongue on his aroused cock."

At first, Patricia thought it was a joke ... and a bad one, at that. Then, following the direction of the little man's finger, she saw a tall, robe draped man sitting several tables over. His haughty demeanor and disdainful manner marked him as true royalty. She was immediately intrigued. Not too often a royal blood British woman gets a chance to suck a royal cock in a foreign land.

"Tell the Prince I am in room 535. If he wishes, I will meet his demand within the hour. I must attend to other business after that time."

The little man scurried off and relayed her answer to the Prince. He acknowledged her response with a wave of his hand to signify he understood and would be agreeable.

The knock at the door startled Patricia, even though she was expecting it. Her heart was beating fast, too fast.

"Slow down! You are a little ninny"

The Prince entered with 2 bodyguards. They stood by the front door and did not appear to be interested in waiting outside.

"Oh, well, a command performance."

She fell to her knees in front of Hamadi and opened the fold of his robe to reveal an erection of the largest cock she had ever seen in her life. Patricia shuddered to think of this royal penis impaling her tender little bum. Thank God she would only be sucking and licking it until it showered her with creamy cum.

The Prince was slow at first, but then he began to push deeper into her wet mouth. Her gag reflex forced her to stop momentarily. Soon, she adapted to the size of the cock and took it deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Suddenly, she felt the entire shaft begin to throb and swell with the rising tide of the Prince's load of cum juice ready to spurt in jagged streams of cream into her willing mouth.

"aargh ... aargh ... aargh ... Take it all ... British girl ... open wide for my cum ... now ... now ... aaaga!"

The nutty flavored cum filled her mouth with sticky residue.

Patricia swallowed and swallowed some more. She was almost panting in her exertions. She noticed her dripping pussy had dampened her knickers and even run down one leg. This adventure made her even more certain that her slutty ways would never leave her.

She enjoyed them far too much.

Before the Prince left with his bodyguards, he gave her his email address and cell phone number. He told her he would send a jet for her any time she wanted to repeat her performance. Patricia was impressed because she could see the serious man was most sincere in the offer.

Her business at the Embassy completed, Patricia relaxed in a soothing bath later that afternoon.

The ring of the telephone broke into her daydream.

"Pretty lady ... Akmed here ... What time should I pick you up?"

Patricia had to smile at his enthusiasm and his aggressiveness. He obviously had his mind set on getting some British pussy tonight. If only he could keep his mouth shut.

"Eight is good for me, Akmed. I will meet you in the lobby."

She did not want him inside her room just yet.

"I will be there, Miss Patricia."

The dinner was a huge success. The food was excellent. The wine was delicious. The music was spirited and invigorating. The dancing was sensual and very exciting. By the time they returned to her room at the hotel, Patricia was in a heightened state of sexual arousal.

Her nipples were tingling.

Her pussy was dripping with desire.

Her sphincter muscle was opening and contracting in anticipation of entry.

Akmed wasted no time.

He undressed her with accomplished ease. Her clothes were off in a split second and she found herself face down on the bed with her ass raised high to receive his sweet cock between her ass cheeks.

Her first orgasm was with his cock buried in her vagina.

Her second orgasm was with his cock sliding deep into her beautiful, tight bum.

After that, Patricia lost count ... it was all a blur of creamy cum and hard cock being driven into every opening. Again and again ... She woke up with Akmed's cock buried deep in her sore and battered ass. Despite her sheer exhaustion, she only knew she wanted it to stay there, just a little longer...

The drive to the Airport was quiet. Alone in her thoughts, Patricia relived her "Overnight to Cairo" and knew she would keep these two days to herself.

It was, after all, just doing her job.


Lady Patricia Prendergast had a nasty cold.

She told everyone around her, "Allergies, such a bore!"

Now, she was laid up, in her bed at Daddy's estate, nursing her neglected bout with a suspected flu bug of unknown origin. Thank goodness the servants were there to tend to her needs. She did so enjoy the pampering she received at the Prendergast mansion. The staff was most attentive and it did not bother her at all to see them wearing their silly facemasks, whenever coming close to her side. They were quite used to her subterfuges and quite skeptical of her claim of allergies.

Daddy was coming down for the weekend with some of his spook-type cronies. Patricia hoped she was recovered enough by then to attend to her Father's special needs. He was such a dear man. It had been such a very long time since she had acceded to his little fetishes. Ever since she had celebrated her sweet sixteen birthday party, she had been carefully trained by the elder Prendergast in all things anal and oral. Most of her men friends were astonished that such an innocent looking young lady of genteel breeding could behave so wantonly in bed.

Patricia decided to take a steamy bath in the sauna-like bath adjoining her super-sized bedroom. Her suite at the mansion was larger than her entire apartment in London. She drifted off a bit lazing about in the tub with a glass of chilled wine within reach. She was startled back into consciousness by the clearing of a throat right next to the tub. It was Roger, the new butler trainee with a refill for her Zinfandel. Patricia noticed that the suds had all but disappeared and her naked body was on display for Roger's viewing pleasure. She wondered how long he had stood there soaking in her exposed breasts and shaved pussy before revealing his presence.

"Would madam be needing a touch up on her beverage?"

Patricia looked up at the tall young man and could see his crotch bulging out from the sight of her naked body. She did so love to make men feel their members swell with desire to possess her nubile body.

"Roger, is it?"

"Yes, madam, Roger Merrypole, the butler assistant. Mrs. Snatchworthy, the staff manager, instructed me to attend to your needs."

"Roger, would you be a dear and get me that rather large white towel from the stand."

The handsome butler held the white towel up as Patricia emerged from the still steamy tub. She did not object as he dried her off with the plush material. She even spread her legs so he could get down on his knees and rub her softly up between her legs and all over her deliciously curved ass cheeks. Patricia fought off the impulse to put her hands on the back of the good-looking lad's curly-haired head and push his face into her throbbing pussy.

"Would madam like a back rub to loosen up those neck muscles?"

Patricia felt her pussy lips moisten at the thought of those big, strong hands on her skin.

"That would be adorable, Roger. Please use the blue scented oil next to my bed."

Patricia laid face down on the bed and pulled the towel down to her hips. Other than the towel, she was still stark naked.

"Madam has a degree of tightness to her shoulders. Lift your arm up high. Good! Now let me stretch your shoulder as I circulate the blood flow in your chest."

Patricia found the circular motion involved a kneading and pulling of her breast and nipples that made her pussy begin to flow with juices beyond her control. She started to pant like a bitch in heat as Roger worked her upper body in an erotic and relaxing manner. Soon his hands were down to the top of the towel at her hips.

"Does madam wish me to continue lower?"

Patricia, who was breathing hard at this point, looked up at the handsome Roger standing above her and croaked out in a trembling voice,

"Please do, Roger, do not hesitate to go up into my private areas, if you feel I should have attention there as well. I will leave it all up to you. Madam is entirely in your capable hands."

Roger dipped his hand in the scented oil, after pulling the towel down below Patricia's full and firm bum cheeks.

When he started on her bottom, Roger knew she was ready for his attentions. The first touch of his fingers threw Patricia into an instant orgasm. She yelled out a decidedly unladylike word and humped her nubile body hard into the soft bedspread. After she calmed a bit, Roger continued his ministrations. His fingers dug into her bum crack and played with her pretty little pucker hole. It opened and closed in anticipation of penetration, giving Roger the telltale signal, that Lady Patricia was certainly no lady, when it came to anal sex.

When he explored deeper into her dripping cunt and even to her pulsating clitoris, Patricia started to whine and beg like a street whore. She told Roger not to stop and get up deep into her pussy with his strong, skilled hands. Roger could tell Patricia was getting close to her second orgasm by the way her whines changed to moans and groans. At the very finish, she was humping her bed hard with her whole body and grunting each time his long fingers touched her cervix. Roger timed his hard slaps on her bum cheeks to coincide with her release. The indignity was enough to push Lady Patricia into an orgasm of such magnitude that her screams could be heard by the kitchen staff going about their duties. No one said a word but they each wore a big smile on their faces as they continued to work at their tasks.

Patricia looked up at the newest member of the Prendergast staff. She could see his long staff struggling to get out of his uniform. Roger's fingers were dripping with her pussy juices and creamy oil released from her tiny anus. She had calmed a bit from her convulsive release and felt a need for something a little deeper and harder in her posterior. She so wanted it to be roughly put to her and not in the least bit gentle or with tender touches.

"That was very good of you, Roger."

"Thank you, Miss. Mrs. Snatchworthy advised me to be most flexible in attending to your needs."

Lady Patricia made a mental note to be a little kinder to Mrs. Snatchworthy in appreciation for her diligent personnel training.

"Roger, I have a favor to ask of you."

"Yes, Madam."

"First, I must inquire of you, are you, by any chance, married?"

"Oh, no, Miss. I don't plan to marry until I am 30 at least."

"Well, then, how about a fiancée or a close girl friend?"

"No, Miss. I just finished my four year duty with the Regiment and don't know any persons of the female persuasion in the Midlands. Except, my Sister and now, you, of course. No disrespect intended, Madam."

"Perfect, Roger! Would you by any chance have an umbrella, I mean, a condom, Roger? A rubber for protecting your thing."

"Good Lord, Miss! I never! I assure you I have been very circumspect with my social activities since arriving at the Estate."

"No, Roger, No! I mean to use on me, you silly boy. You will have to put it up my bum then. Can't take a risk on getting pregnant, I am being posted to Italy in a fortnight."

Lady Patricia rose up on all fours and looked over her shoulder at the stunned butler, Roger.

"My dear fellow! You simply must de-trouser and push your lovely cock up my bum right now. I really do need it desperately. I would be ever so grateful if you are a little strident with your treatment of my personage. I have been very naughty and need to be corrected by strong hands."

Without any further encouragement, Roger stripped off his uniform and mounted the almost royal hips of Lady Patricia Prendergast from behind and impaled her heart-shaped bum right down to the hilt of his oversized shaft. The unladylike Lady shook her bottom and rolled her hips like a Soho whore making her rent money.

Roger called her a number of names, none of which was either Lady or Patricia or Madam. Patricia quivered under the anal impalement, the verbal abuse, and the many slaps that the assistant butler rained down on her fully reddened buttocks. She shivered in erotic bliss in the session which lasted a full 30 minutes. Several times, her body shook with orgasmic tremors that made her beg for respite.

When Roger was finished with her, she laid in a heap on the bed. Her bum was still up high in the air and she was just now breathing at a normal pace. It had been a while since she had been used in such a degrading and absolutely beautiful manner. She felt a profound sense of gratitude to the young butler. He was dressing in silence, not quite sure what to say after the kinky sex session.

Patricia took control once more.

"Roger, kindly help me dress now. Those panties right there and my black bra on the dresser. Now my black dress. Please pull my panties from my bum crack, Roger. Good man. Zip me up. Excellent. Now go downstairs and tell cook, I will be dining in the rose garden this evening. I want to smell the fresh air to hasten my recovery."

The young trainee followed each instruction to the letter. Four years in the Regiment had provided quite adequate training to follow even the most complex of instructions. The fact that his fingers had lingered, perhaps, a little too long in adjusting Patricia's panties did not escape her Ladyship, but she didn't mind.

No, she didn't mind it at all.


Lady Patricia Prendergast was having tea on the patio.

The sound of the motor cars pulling up drifted all the way to the rear of the Prendergast Mansion. Patricia assumed it must be Daddy and his strange friends from the Foreign Office. She hoped that nice Alan Shaftsbury was in the entourage. It would be such a disappointment, if he was not down for the weekend. They had such fun in the foxhunt weekend only last month.

A shadow loomed over her in the waning daylight.

"Will madam be requiring any more cucumber sandwiches?"

"No, this is quite sufficient, my good man."

Patricia winked at Roger Merrypole, the Butler's assistant, who had just recently been rooting around inside her well satisfied little bum. She could see the twinkle in his eye as he cleared the table of crumbs. He reached down and removed one errant crumb which had somehow come to rest at the top of her closely shaven pussy. His gloved hand recovered the crumb and gently rubbed her pulsating pussy in a quick movement. Patricia gasped at the effrontery, but her pussy started to leak once again at the anticipation of more action. Her heart was beating rapidly and she looked around to make sure no hidden eyes saw her wanton interplay with the butler.

Good! All clear. That Naval chap would always say that at inappropriate moments, like just before her orgasm. Good Lord, she could not remember his name for the life of her. How embarrassing if he should pop up some time. She saw her Daddy striding out onto the patio.

"Hello, Hello, Hello! My dear darling daughter. Cucumber sandwiches on the patio, is it? How about joining your pater in the library for a drink with the boys. You are not allowed a cigar, little cheesecake!"

She remembered the last time she had dared to steal one of Daddy's cigars; she had become dreadfully ill and turned a ghastly shade of green.

Patricia's Father draped his arm around the bare shouldered Patricia and let his fingers play briefly with her almost exposed nipple. Patricia giggled and slapped at his hand as if he were a naughty boy. Well, there are still some naughty boys at sixty in certain quarters. Her Father had received her favors since her 16th birthday. He had trained her in all the sexual techniques employed by courtesans in India, Singapore and other exotic lands.

The only man that had ever bested her in bedroom sports was Harry Lime.

God only knew where that impossible man was now. She had paid him back for his cavalier ways by allowing the three Marines to gangbang her in Venice right next to his little sojourn with the cock-stealing Lynette. You just couldn't trust a married woman with three children when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Of course, she had a very enjoyable evening with Lynette's sexy husband Terri.

She saw right away in the library that Alan was not in attendance.

But, the honorable Cyril St. Crampole, the British Ambassador and Patricia's boss was sitting on the couch with a martini in his hand. It looked like the ever thirsty Cyril had been consuming a number of olives already this evening.

She walked in and gave the elderly dignitary a genteel kiss on his forehead. It was always a good idea to keep one's paramours a secret in mixed company.

The other 2 men were strangers to Patricia.

Her Father, Sir Richmond Prendergast introduced the two young men as Oswald Converse and Brigadier Matthew Starke. The Oswald fellow was obviously a spook type. Patricia spotted a rather large revolver under his waistcoat.

The Brigadier was a bit of a mystery.

"I say, Brigadier Starke, didn't I see you at the Metro Charity Auction a fortnight ago?"

It was an innocent question and a total fabrication. The tall young man stuffed his pipe with some of her Daddy's fine Turkish tobacco and looked over his glasses at her.

"Lady Patricia, is it? Well, I believe you have me mixed up with someone else. I was out of the country a fortnight ago. I heard you are headed to Liverno on Ministry business?"

"My, my, has my Daddy been bending your ear talking about his darling daughter? Or, was it Sir Cyril who spilled the beans, as the Americans would say."

The handsome military type smiled down at Patricia seated on the couch next to the Ambassador. Patricia realized that from his vantage point, he could see pretty much all of succulent young breasts unfettered by unneeded restraints.

"I assure you, Lady Patricia; my sources are always sacrosanct and will never leave my lips. I understand we are to dine in the Garden. May I escort you to the table?"

Patricia took his arm, noting the muscular ridges running in all directions. She wondered if the muscle were localized or were present all over the Brigadier's body. It would be so much fun to explore at her leisure.

The dinner was a huge success.

Cook was ecstatic at the praise heaped on her by the guests.

Out on the veranda, Patricia was watching the dark birds flying in the moonlight. Matthew was telling her a story about an elephant hunt in Africa. It was just this side of boring.

She leaned over the marble topped railing to look at the animal gliding in the shadows. Patricia hoped it was a fox, but it was just an old tabby cat out looking for his true love.

Matthews hand slowly slid down her back to rest comfortably on her ass cheeks.

It would have been unseemly to object as she had been flirting with the Brigadier all through dinner. She spread her legs a bit to allow his hand access to her already damp pussy. The touch of the strong hand pushing deep between her legs made her tremble with passion.

Patricia turned around and kissed Matthew hard on the lips.

He inserted his tongue into her mouth and she knew he wanted to fuck her badly. She was almost panting with the heat of the moment. It was not safe in her bedroom and there were too many servants about to do it in any room in the house.

She took Matthew's hand and led him to the little rose arbor that had been a favorite of her dear departed Mother. There was no place to sit down, so she simply leaned forward and figured Matthew would do the rest.

He was a bit rough with her panty hose, ripping them in his haste to get them down. He was so much in a rush to get his cock into her pussy that he just pulled her frilly thong to the side. The feel of Matthew's cock was enough to make Patricia gush prematurely all over his cock as he eased it into her dripping cunt.

Patricia heard a very nasty sounding grunting sound that reminded her of a rutting animal.

Then, she realized it was she doing the grunting, each time the Brigadier slammed his oversized cock up deep into her pussy.

When she heard Matthew begin to growl, she knew his ball sac was ready to explode and send streams of cum deep into her clutching cunt. She started to say something like, "Pull it out before, please", but the spurts of cum were already hitting her deep inside her pussy and all she could do was milk the Brigadier for every last creamy drop.

They smoothed each other's clothing and returned to the drawing room. The others were so deep in conversation, their absence went unnoticed. Patricia noticed that Roger was giving her a knowing look that said he knew exactly what she had just done in the garden.

When she had a moment alone with Roger in the hallway, she told him not to come to her room if the door was closed all the way.

She told him it had nothing at all to do with the Brigadier.

She explained her Father and the Ambassador wanted to give her some last minute instructions for her trip to Italy. She promised to leave the door cracked if the coast was clear. The touch of his palm on her bum made her giggle a bit as she went back into the drawing room. The gentlemen all thought she was just in a merry mood.

Patricia changed into her old school uniform up in her bedroom. She knew exactly what her Daddy and the Ambassador had planned for her. They had been doing this same little role play every time the three of them got together. She took her hair down and pulled it back into a pony tail that made her look at least ten years younger. To make it a little more interesting, she put on the crotch less panty hose, an oversexed admirer had sent her in the post. It made her feel very naughty to put the dirty thing on, but it did make her pussy quite wet and happy. The last touch was the glasses she used to wear at school because at 16, she was too young for contacts.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Even Roger would not recognize her now. She looked like an oversexed yet still innocent schoolgirl with no experience and a very virgin pussy.

Patricia sat straight up at the edge of the bed with her hands resting demurely in her lap. The pleated uniform skirt covered her indecent underwear and a pussy starting to leak more in earnest. Her Daddy and Sir Cecil came in the door. They both still had their nightcaps in their hands and were about three sheets to the wind.

"See, Cyril, I told you she was ready for us. Our little girl is waiting for her spanking and some other nice things."

"By Jove, Richmond, old chap, Lady Patricia is quite the tasty morsel, I must say!"

Patricia kept silent. She knew they liked her to be quiet unless they asked her to say something vile or dirty. Sometimes, they wanted her to beg and plead for respite, but it was all in good fun. It gave her a chance to test her acting skills. She knew she was going to get a really hard spanking tonight because of the naughty underwear she had decided to put on for the little bedroom playtime.

She was on her knees now sucking Cyril's semi flaccid cock. Patricia worked extra hard with her tongue to make the older man a bit stiffer. Her Daddy was lifting her skirt from behind and running his demanding fingers deep into her ass crack. She knew he wanted to slide it in her back there tonight. It had been almost a month since his lovely cock had taken up residence in her tight little pucker hole. His other hand worked her nipples hard in front keeping her on the edge of a beautiful orgasm.

The Ambassador began to whine off key. Patricia knew this was the signal his creamy deposit would soon arrive inside her widely stretched lips. The first spurt of cum caught her unaware because her Daddy's fingers were driving her crazy as they explored every little corner of her trembling posterior. The cum was in her throat and down her gullet before she could stop from swallowing. Cyril's cum did not taste as nice and sweet as her Father's and she often spit it out when he was not looking. She did not want to offend him by letting him think she did not enjoy every last drop of his old man's cum.

Daddy now had her skirt all the way up to her waist band. He shoved it inside the band to keep it up and out of the way.

"I say, Cyril, do come and see what this little doxie has in store for us."

"Bloody hell, Richmond! This schoolgirl is a bit of a slut, what?"

Patricia felt all four hands exploring the crotch-less pantyhose. Their fingers slid into her pussy easily because she was already so wet with anticipation. She lowered her head down and panted like a bitch in heat as they made free with her pussy and ass.

"Cyril, as the guest, you should mount her first."

"Oh, no, dear fellow, your daughter, you should have the first taste of that beautiful cunt."

Taking the hint of taste literally, Patricia's Father pushed his mustached lips against the exposed pussy lips and licked her with an enthusiastic tongue.

"Oh! Daddy. That's so good, Daddy. Go a little deeper. Ahh, yes, right there. You have my spot, Daddy. I got to cum right now."

Patricia felt herself squirt all her pussy juices right into her Father's face. She was so embarrassed. She had never done that before. It must have been the crotch-less pantyhose. They made into a dirty little slut. She watched her Father back away and he used the bed sheet to wipe his face clean.

"Mount her now, Cyril! She needs a good cock right now"

The Ambassador squatted over Patricia's wide open pussy sticking high into air. His now rock hard cock slipped into her cunt with no effort at all. It felt so good to Patricia that she started to sob in sheer delight. The two men, already familiar with Lady Patricia's moods, recognized her sobs to be from happiness. She had absolutely not any sense of shame to be so degraded and used like a common street whore.

Patricia was humping her ass back hard and rolling her hips to get the full effect of the ass pounding. It made poor Cyril shoot his load a lot sooner than he wanted. It was so nice to ride this beautiful girl's body and to hear her moans as he struck deep into her core with his experienced cock.

The senior Prendergast watched the performance in admiration.

His daughter was able to take it all and then some.

As soon as Cyril moved off schoolgirl Patricia, he covered her ass and slid his lubricated cock straight up into her pulsating anus. He heard her gasp at the entry and then moan as his huge cock bottomed out deep inside her rectum. They did not do this type of anal sex too often.

Usually, Patricia would rest on her side and he would slowly push his cock up into her ass.

They often would just stay like that without moving for a long time and then when he tapped Patricia's hip, she would milk his hard cock with her sensual ass. It was a trick from India that Patricia had perfected with diligent practice.

Now it was time for her spanking.

First, Cyril gave her fifty spanks and she had to count each one carefully. The pantyhose had been pulled down, but her schoolgirl uniform remained. Sometimes, he would slide his fingers into her cunt and her tiny ass hole to make her feel it stronger.

Patricia kissed his hands all over and thanked him for his attention to her discipline.

Now, it was her Daddy's turn.

She could see he had his belt ready for her.

This was to be a very hard lesson indeed. 25 strokes of the leather belt would mean she would have difficulty sitting for at least 24 hours. The very first stroke brought a flash of light into her brain and she cried out like a little schoolgirl. It was not an act. Patricia lost count after 15 but her Father finished her off without further punishment.

Her ass was on fire.

Her tears were streaming down her cheeks.

But she kissed the leather strap and thanked her father with heartfelt contrition for her slutty ways.

Lady Patricia decided not to leave the door cracked for Roger this night.

It was time for some healing salve and a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow was another day.

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