Missy on the Prowl
Chapter 1: A Predator is Born!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Hermaphrodite, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, School, Prostitution, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Predator is Born! - On her eighteenth birthday, a young woman with a secret decides she has no need of her virginity. The beautiful redheaded hermaphrodite plans to alleviate this distressing condition and sets her mind to hunting down a suitable partner. Missy is sure of one thing. She doesn’t much care if her intended partner is actually willing to help her in this personal matter.

Missy Conrad made up her mind that very morning. On the dawn of her eighteenth birthday, she decided to make a major change in her personal life. In her humble opinion, eighteen was far too old to still be a virgin. She was determined to rectify that distressing condition just as soon as she possibly could. The five foot even redheaded beauty sighed. It wasn't going to be easy. One would think with a body like hers there would be no end of willing partners, but that wasn't the case.

Oh sure, guys stared at her all the time. With the crook of one finger, she knew she could bed any guy on campus. They all were drawn like bees to a field of flowers by her 34D bust and wide flaring hips. She actually heard a neighbor woman once comment on how her hourglass figure was the perfect body type for birthing babies, so men would always be attracted to her at an instinctual level as they sought to spread their seed. Her green eyes flashed emerald fire at that memory. "Not likely!" Missy hissed as she tossed her long red hair impatiently.

She had no interest in letting a male rut on her like some crazed animal in an attempt to put his baby in her belly! Missy was nobody's brood mare! There was no way she was going to be a baby factory! She took solace in what she thought of as her strength. There weren't all that many men that would want anything to do with her if they actually saw her naked!

Although she kept it a secret from the world, Missy wasn't ashamed. It was just a matter of practicality. She was such a rarity that people would probably be upset, maybe even frightened, if the knowledge of her superior physiology were widely known. She was in fact, sincerely proud of the penis that jutted out just above her well formed and rather pretty vagina.

Just after her eleventh birthday, Missy had accidentally discovered that her well guarded secret was fully functional. She had begun having these rather embarrassing interludes when her little bit extra would grow to almost alarming length and girth. It usually happened if she saw a pretty girl on TV, or if she happened to catch a glimpse of momma getting dressed or something. She kept this development to herself, wisely deciding not to bother her mother with it. Looking it up online, she learned it was called "Being Aroused" or "Having an Erection".

She would have looked up more about her condition, but the child safety software momma had installed on her computer would only let her access a very few medical and biology websites. If she could have reached any porn sites, she would have learned much more about having erections and what fun things you could do to relieve that achy edgy pressure feeling. Still, knowing it was just a normal part of living life while being part boy eased her mind greatly. Missy started to enjoy those times, at least when she could slip quietly into her room and gently massage her hand along the increasing length of her organ. It always felt so good, and eventually her penis would return to normal.

One such time found her absent mindedly playing with her startlingly hard cock while watching an episode of "Charmed" in her bedroom. Piper Halliwell looked especially pretty, and for some reason she felt so much harder then ever before! Before she knew it, her hand was stroking like crazy on her throbbing boy part. She just couldn't seem to stop herself from madly stroking. Feelings like she had never known were growing stronger and stronger as her fist flew. Then something scary and wonderful happened.

Missy's whole body began to tremble and she felt like something big was about to happen. It certainly had! The sudden joyous eruption had taken her completely by surprise and she made a serious yucky mess all over her brand new bedspread when white gooey slop just came flying out in seemingly endless spurts!

The next morning she successfully repeated the very pleasurable experience (Except for the big mess on the bed!) and had smuggled the resulting ejaculate to school in an empty spice bottle she had swiped from the trash just for that purpose.

Even in at that tender age, her second ever ejaculation managed to fill the 2.37 ounce McCormick Whole Black Peppercorn bottle a little past the halfway point with thick hot white gunk. While everyone else was on the playground at recess, Missy snuck back inside and spent the whole time looking in awe at her sperm wriggling away on the slide under the classroom's microscope. There were so many of them!

It would be several years before Missy learned that she out produced normal men by several hundred percent! She had an absurdly high motive sperm count! Back then though, she just knew that they looked very eager and energetic as they thrashed around. She was very good in science and biology, and was pretty sure she knew exactly what would happen if even one of those little wiggly guys managed to find its way up inside a girl! Even then the thought of her making a baby in someone left her breathless, not to mention throbbing and fully erect!

When she was finished looking, and had "calmed" herself down by filling the bottle the rest of the way up to the brim with another extraordinary series of satisfying spurts, Missy didn't know what to do with all her musty smelly fluid. She only had a few moments left before everyone trooped back in. She couldn't just throw it in the trash. Someone might find it and start asking questions. Missy was darn sure she shouldn't just keep it. She didn't dare get caught while holding a bottle full of sperms! Besides, it was starting to get a little stinky.

Inspiration struck. Mrs. Andrews had left her coffee Thermos on her desk. Something clicked in Missy's mind. Unscrewing the cup, and then the stopper, she giggled as she poured her goop into the steaming brew. She capped it back up tightly, and shook the Thermos vigorously to mix her stuff in with the hot beverage. That would teach the teacher for giving her essay an A- when it should have been an A+! Timing it just right, Missy threw the empty bottle out of the classroom window during the brief period when the playground was empty, but nobody had reached the classroom yet. It only then dawned on her that she could have done that while it was still full. Oh well!

Later during history, the pretty teacher looked puzzled after a taking a sip of her augmented brew. She paused for a moment, and then with a sort of sly smile, continued to drink her coffee. When the bell rang to end the school day, Missy overheard the blushing woman using her cellphone. For some reason Mrs. Andrews was thanking Principal Brown for thinking of her during lunch, and said that her husband would be working late. She then assured that she would be sure to see him at their special weekly after school meeting.

Yes, Missy enjoyed having a penis. Over the last seven years she had spent probably hundreds of satisfying hours happily stroking and playing with it. She must have squirted thousands of warm gooey loads into tissues, down the toilet, all over the shower walls, and lately, into her own mouth. "Mine's probably bigger then anyone's in this whole dump." She muttered a bit too loudly in the quiet of the library.

"What was that, miss?" the guy sitting next to her at the library asked hopefully.

Damn! She hated that. Whenever someone called her "miss" it always made her feel that they somehow knew her name. "Hard drive." She said in a sweet voice. "I picked this model laptop because it has a bigger hard drive then most. The processor speed is a little lagging, but I need a lot of storage for my, uh, research."

The young man smiled, and pulled his chair a little closer. "I have enough storage for what I need." He said with a grin. "I'd go for more speed any day though for gaming."

"That's nice." She said, doing her best to stay in character as the sweet and innocent co-ed. "I really must be going now. Nice meeting you."

He hastened to his feet as she stood. "Wait! I'm Brock, Captain of the football team." He announced as if that would mean something to her. "We're having a big blow-out at the frat house tonight. Why don't you stop by?"

"That sound like fun, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass." Missy hid her disgust, and smiled sweetly. "I have a lot of studying to do this weekend."

"Well, have fun hitting those books!" He pulled something out of his pocket. "Here, take this." He actually handed her a business card, with all his contact information. "What's your name, sexy?" he asked eagerly. "How about a number I can reach you?"

"I'm Lindsay Lohan, no relation." She smiled and batted her eyes. She grabbed a scrap of paper from the table, and jotted down one of her throw away email addresses. "I check my inbox all day."

"I'd like to check your box." He said with what he probably thought was a knowing and sexy look. Missy almost wanted to gag. "Call me any time, and I'll be sure to drop you a line, Lindsay."

"Sure!" she said in her best vapid co-ed voice. "Nice to have met you, Brock!"

The hulking Neanderthal left the table, pausing to point at her and then give two thumbs up. "Ass-hole!" she hissed as he walked away. "Wait for it, Mister Stud Jock!" Missy carefully slipped his card into her satchel bag. Later on she was going send him an email. When he answered she'd have his IP address. After that it would be child's play to hack his laptop.

"Nothing too vindictive, Brock honey." She whispered as she closed her machine, careful to leave it running and headed back for the dorm. She wouldn't spike his computer with anything like KP, to get him arrested. That wasn't her style. She'd just send him a porn-bomb that would eradicate all his own files, and replace them with about twenty gigabits of super gonzo gay porn. With enough finesse, she could override all his control on the machine, and have something really raunchy blast out while he was in some public place.

No, she had no interest in Brock or any creeps of his ilk. Her mood greatly improved once she was outside in the bright sunshine. Being on campus was great. If she ignored all the jocks and posers that were always sniffing after her, Missy could really enjoy observing the student body, the female student body, to be more precise.

Missy walked along in a much better frame of mind, casually glancing at the young women around her. She was an old pro at never lingering too long, to arouse any notice in her girl watching. She didn't need to. The somewhat nerdy looking heavy frames of her glasses concealed a rather sophisticated HD digital video camera that was linked via Bluetooth to her computer. If she saw something she liked, she could watch it over and over again at her leisure. The one drawback of her precious glasses was that they inspired far too much "Nerd-Girl" interest in her from the guys, but that was well worth the price! Hell, the two grand she spent on them was well worth it!

She paused for a moment, and watched as a couple girls tossed a Frisbee. The blonde was a just a touch "fluffy" but the generous curves that resulted were gorgeous! Good God, the way her titties bounced was breathtaking! The petite little Asian was a bit flat chested and probably never needed a bra, but add that to her lovely smile and glistening long black hair and you had the stuff of Lolicon dreams!

Missy felt an all too familiar stirring in her loins and sighed. "I may use this clip tonight." She whispered, as her penis strained mightily against the cleverly arranged straps holding it down. Missy had quite a large porn and Hentai collection, but sometimes it was just such a nice change of pace to stroke her cock and finger her pussy while enjoying candid recordings of pretty girls working and playing in the sunshine!

She returned to her dorm room, and was quite a bit annoyed to see her dorm mate was still there. Shit! She really needed to rub one off now, and Betsy Coates, the Holy Roller was still hanging around! "Hi Betsy!" she said brightly, expertly hiding her emotions. "I thought you were heading out for the night."

The tall athletically build strawberry blonde smiled. "I will be in a little while. I'm just waiting for my friends." She giggled. "Come on Missy, its Friday night. It's also your birthday. Come with us. I can fix you up with a fake ID so you can hang out with us."

"No thanks, Betsy." Missy had nothing against others drinking, but she had no wish to muddle her mind with any form of drugs or alcohol. "I'd be too scared someone would card me, and find out it was a fake. I only just turned eighteen today, you know."

"Well duh! I only turned eighteen last month. Don't be such a little goodie two-shoes." She giggled again, "Everybody's doin' it. Come on! You gotta loosen up!"

Missy raised an eyebrow. It was easy to see that Betsy Coates was a scholarship girl. The good looking but vapid girl latched onto a free-ride ticket on the strength of her abilities on the soccer field. It was an open secret that Betsy had ringers taking all her tests, and writing all her papers. The school looked the other way when it came to their star player. After all, who could blame them? Everyone was so proud of the lovable dimwit for being picked to captain the woman's team for the 2012 Summer Olympics. In just eight short months she would have a damn good shot at Olympic gold!

"Thanks Betsy, but I think I'll pass." Missy set her satchel-bag on her desk. "I have some files I need to, uh, study. You go have a good time though. You deserve it!"

Betsy accepted the mild praise as only proper. "Well, okay. It's your loss, Missy!"

The door burst open. "You ready to go, captain?" Patricia Utley called cheerfully when she poked her head in. "The team is downstairs waiting for you!"

Missy watched as Betsy paused only to kiss the crucifix hanging on the headboard of her bed, just like she did every time she left the room. For her own unique reasons, it gave Missy a secret thrill to see her dorm mate's love and devotion to her faith. "I am so ready! Happy birthday Missy, and have a Blessed night!" she said with all sincerity as she rushed from the room.

Missy wondered about how such a strict Catholic could justify drinking with a fake ID. It was probably because they all drank wine in the bible. The bar hopping ninny also proudly wore a Purity Ring to signify her untouched temple of a body, and openly bragged about her virginity as if it were a good thing. "Isn't bragging and boasting committing the sin of pride?" she laughed. The school really did benefit from Betsy's ultra conservative religious image, and the girl only went out drinking with a group of like minded puritanical friends to help ward off the evils of having some boy tempt her off of the straight and virtuous narrow.

"Alone at last!" Missy sighed as she locked the door, and jammed a chair under the knob just to be sure. She should be grateful she had drawn Betsy as her dorm mate. It was very trying to live in such close quarters with that dimwitted but lovely girl, but it could be far worse. At least the budding soccer star never wore anything of an overtly sexy or revealing nature. A devote Catholic like her would never do that! For reasons of their own, both girls favored flannel nightdresses and nice warm bed robes. Missy didn't even have to worry about getting dressed or undressed in front of her dorm mate either. The prudish bible thumping girl only changed her clothes while locked in the bathroom. Because of that, she never questioned that Missy did the exact same thing.

Mornings were the only real danger. Thank goodness Betsy went to early mass every morning before soccer practice! Missy usually awoke with a serious case of Morning Wood. It hadn't been too difficult to hide that awkward condition until Betsy left in such a hurry every morning. It gave Missy plenty of time to pop off three or four loads before her first class. It wasn't enough, but Missy usually found plenty of opportunities during the day to jack-off in bathroom stalls, or unused classrooms if she knew Betsy would be in for the evening. Otherwise she would never be able to take the strain of keeping her hands off of her cock while Betsy was there reading and rereading her beloved bible!

Missy unbuttoned her dress and slipped out of it. Even with straps, it was just easier to hide her not so little addition under a dress. She always showed too much of a "Package" if she ever wore slacks or jeans! Tossing the dress onto her bed, she almost frantically yanked down her panties and began to fumble at the straps holding her penis at bay.

She let out a deep breath when her penis sprang free and slapped against her flat tummy. "Ah, that's better!" she sighed, standing only in flats and her bra. Before she did anything, Missy performed a little ritual she did every day since Betsy became her dorm mate.

Crossing the small room, she went to Betsy's bed. She lifted the crucifix from the headboard, and looked at it for a long moment. With a slight grin, she took the icon and gently rubbed it face first up and down the length of her throbbing cock. She then carefully rubbed the figure's tiny toes against her pee slit, anointing them not with oil, but with the shimmering precum that was beginning to seep out. With a giggle, she hung the crucifix back on the headboard. She never quite had the nerve to just go all out and spurt a load on Him, but fuck a duck! It was so damn hot to see Betsy indirectly kiss her penis on a daily basis when she reverently kissed her savior's feet!

Missy sat at her desk and selected a video file. Looping it, she watched mesmerized as Miss Frisbee's titties bounced and jiggled over and over for about ten minutes. Then she froze on a frame featuring the girl's Asian friend. "Me fuckie suckie you long time." She whispered in a cheesy politically incorrect fake Chinese accent.

Her penis ached for attention, but Missy held off and watched a few more of her candid clips. This one was good. She loved watching the girls on the swim team when the climbed out of the pool. It always looked so dam sexy when they tugged at their racing suits, trying to alleviate wedgies and camel-toes! Lovely!

It was time. She could have watched some of wicked porn she had downloaded, but this was her birthday. Missy would watch THE file, the very special one she saved for when she needed just that much more visual stimulation. She had recorded it completely by accident, and it was like some kind of gift from Betsy's God! Somehow her timing had been absolutely wonderfully perfect!

One golden night, Missy had inadvertently left her Bluetooth glasses on the edge of the bathroom sink. At the time it had pissed her off. She had to wait a half hour for Betsy to finally get her butt out of the bathroom so she could retrieve them. Missy had planned all day on getting shots of the girl's basketball team getting showered and dressed after the big game. She couldn't miss that opportunity! Writing for the school paper gave her just the perfect excuse to hang out in the locker room and talk to all the lovely naked girls!

Her finger trembled as she clicked on the file she had named Nirvana. The screen lit up with a perfectly framed shot of Betsy sitting naked on the toilet. Missy would have just grabbed a still from that and been deliriously happy. She only liked pee videos if the girl still had her pants on, and was desperately trying not to wet herself while the dark stain spread down her legs. Thank goodness she had watched the whole thing first before just grabbing a frame and deleting it!

Betsy's face was flushed, and she looked around the bathroom as if somebody could be hiding in there with her. It took several moments, but before long you could see she was spreading her legs wider and wider. The view of that strawberry blonde bush was worth the entire two thousand she had spent on the glasses! After a couple more minutes, Betsy's right hand sort of timidly slipped between those perfect thighs.

Missy's eyes glowed as she watched. The first time she had played this clip, she had spontaneously shot off all over her printer and had to run out and buy a new one! Miss Purity Bible Thumper was petting the kitty! Holy Roller Betsy was masturbating while sitting on the pot! The soccer star whimpered as she rubbed a finger gently over her pouty labia. She snatched her hand away as if those fingers had been burnt, but soon they returned to gingerly touch again.

Missy wriggled on her desk chair and picked up her bottle of body lotion. "Oh yeah!" she moaned as she watched Betsy begin to rapidly strum her fingers against her clit. "That wasn't your first time!" she gasped, as squirted a big dollop of the cool slippery cream into her hand. "You little whore; you know exactly what you're doing!"

Missy whimpered right along with the recording of Betsy, when she slathered the lotion all over her straining cock. "Look at Miss Virtuous go! Yeah Betsy, abuse yourself! Play with that nasty cunt!"

Getting a little lotion on her computer, Missy turned up the sound. The best was about to start! "Sweet Jesus!" Betsy moaned softly. "Oh my sweet Lord in Heaven!"

Her lubed fist made sloppy slurping sounds as Missy tugged her engorged cock with eager abandon. "You're a Jesus whore!" she gasped, not making much sense, but hardly of a mind to care. "You're his little bitch! Go on; diddle that twat for Jesus!"

Betsy was panting, like she had just scored a goal. "My Jesus!" she cried. "Oh my precious Lord!" The girl's left hand went to her breasts. Betsy was surprisingly rough on them, pinching and tugging her nipples almost as if punishing herself. "It's coming!" she cried. "Oh my Lord, It's gonna happen again!"

Missy's hand was stroking so fast it was almost a blur. Right hand stroking her cock, her left hand sought out and began to loving fondle her warm wet folds. "You little hypocrite! Get yourself off! Have an orgasm for God!"

Betsy was bouncing on the toilet now as she grew ever closer to release. She used her left hand to shove an ample breast closer to her mouth, and sucked hard on the nipple while moaning around it.

Missy was moaning too. She was trying to time her dual natured release with the girl on the video. It was going to be close, but she so desperately wanted to hold out for her favorite part!

Betsy was panting raggedly as she released her breast. The beautiful orb glistened with saliva as the strawberry blonde threw her head back and whimpered. Fear and arousal showed in her eyes as she crammed a fist into her mouth. With a guttural groan, Betsy began to quiver and shake. She looked so beautiful while in mid orgasm!

The best part was fast approaching. Missy staggered to her feet, and kicked her chair across the room. She shoved the computer right to the edge of the desk. Moaning herself, she then dropped the floor. Never releasing her throbbing member, Missy lay on her back, and threw her legs upward. In a well practiced maneuver, she bent as far as she could, and wedged her heels up under the work surface of the desk. This gave her the leverage she needed to bring the head of her cock within reach of her mouth. Bent nearly double, she put all of her effort into capturing the head of her cock between her eager lips.

The position was precarious, but straining her eyes upwards while looking up through her legs, Missy could just see the action on the screen. She felt the pressure building deep inside, and just at the right time! Betsy had finished her orgasm, and jumped shakily to her feet. "Lord, forgive me!" she had cried, before dropping to her knees and clasping her hands in prayer right in front of the toilet.

With a moan, Missy tried to force more of her cock into her mouth. When she had nearly half of the eleven inch length past her lips, she began to madly suck as her fist stroked. Betsy started to pray aloud. "Lord, forgive my weakness!" she wailed, as tears ran down her cheeks. "This is the last time! I swear before you, I'll never do it again!"

That was it! Betsy telling such an obvious lie to her savior was priceless! Missy's cock pulsed. Hot thick semen jetted over her tongue! She swallowed, relishing the mingled taste of body lotion and her own seed! Spurt after spurt of thick gooey warmth filled her mouth. Panting through her nose, Missy swallowed over and over, struggling to keep up with the inhumanly huge load she was producing.

Betsy climbed to her feet. "I, I gotta go to confession!" she whimpered as she snatched up her clothing. "I have to seek forgiveness for my disgusting sin!"

There! Missy's thumb ran over her engorged clit, and it was like lighting the afterburners! Her female orgasm hit, and it hit hard! Heels slipping from under the desk, she couldn't stop her cock from whipping out of her mouth as she unfolded and fell completely prone onto the hard wooden floor. Her hands didn't stop their frantic work. Semen spurted almost to the ceiling, and rained down to plaster all over her lovely face, heaving breasts, and writhing body.

When it was finally over, Missy struggled to sit up. "Shit!" she muttered, looking down at herself. "I forgot to take off my bra. Now I'll have to wash it in the sink so it doesn't stink up the hamper with cum!" she looked around the room. "Hell, I better break out the mop, too. I made a huge mess this time!" Body glisteningly glazed with her own emissions, Missy wearily climbed to her feet. Her shoes slipped on the slimy floor, and she nearly fell. She finally made it safely to the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower before cleaning up the evidence of her wonderfully satisfying explosive birthday climax.

Hours later she was dressed for bed in the spotlessly clean room, enjoying another guilty pleasure. Missy was treating herself to a birthday marathon of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It was by far her favorite American cartoon. "I should write a fan-fic." She said with a laugh as she ate some pop-corn. "I wonder if people would want to read about Big Macintosh bangin' Applejack? Pony incest?" she grinned and went on in a fairly good impression of Scootaloo. "I'm liking this idea!" She laughed. "Throw Pinkie Pie in the mix, and it could be a lot of fun! I know! Maybe Twilight Sparkle could catch a cold, and that would make her magic miss-fire. She could accidentally make Rainbow Dash grow a dick! My Little Futa Pony; that would be so hot!"

She jumped when someone banged frantically on the door. She hurried over and peered through the peep-hole. Moving the chair out of the way, she unlocked and threw open the door. "What happened?" she cried, as she helped a couple girls drag an obviously unconscious Betsy into the room.

"I knew we shouldn't have gone!" Kimmie, the raven haired beauty that tended goal for the team wailed.

Patricia Utley, the stunning ebony forward glared at her. "You were the one who suggested it, Kim!"

"What's going on?" Missy asked again as they lay the limp girl on her bed.

"We were invited to a Frat house party." Patricia said in a hushed voice. "We ALL decided to go."

Missy tried not to stare at the unconscious girl. "Isn't that risky? Everyone knows what goes on at those!"

"We swore to stick together, that way we could protect each other!" Kimmie cried. "I, uh, we thought it would be okay!"

"Calm down Kim!" Patricia continued. "We only ever drink wine coolers, but the captain of the football team offered Betsy an Appletini." She gave her prone friend a pitying look. "I, I don't think she knew exactly what one was, and I didn't want to embarrass her in front of everybody. She liked it, and drank a couple of them."

Kimmie looked self righteous. "She had five, I counted!"

"Shut up!" Patricia shook her head. Betsy was kinda tipsy after that. Then she started worrying that someone on campus would smell alcohol on her breath, and her sponsors would find out she was drinking. The same guy gave her a breath spray, and she gave her tongue two good blasts with it."

Kimmie cut in. "Then Betsy said she had to go pee. We, we let her go without us!" she started to cry. "It was so terrible!"

"Kim, get it together!" Patricia sighed. "We finally found her like that about forty minutes later." She pointed at Betsy. "She was passed out on the floor in a little bathroom in the basement! We grabbed her and brought her back here just as fast as we could!"

Missy tried to calm herself. Betsy only drank wine coolers, and suddenly switched and had five Appletini's on top of them? Holy shit! That combined with some mysterious breath spray right before she passed out only equaled one thing. "I bet that wasn't any kind of breath spray!" she blurted out.

Patricia grabbed something from the pocket of her very tight jeans. "It wasn't! He gave her some kind of drug! I saw him giving it to another girl, and I grabbed it while we were heading out."

Taking the little spray bottle, Missy read the label. "Zolpidem, that's a powerful sleeping aid! They were trying to date rape her!"

"I know!" Patricia lowered her voice. "I, I think we got there in time. At least her pants were still on. I, um, I had to pull her sweatshirt back down though. It was up over her head, and, uh, her brassiere was pulled up off of her bosoms." She looked embarrassed. "I, I had to touch her, um, bosoms to pull it back where it's supposed to be."

"We should call the police!" Missy said, ignoring the straining she felt against her straps.

"NO!" both other girls cried in unison.

Patricia shook her head almost violently. "If this got out she'd be ruined! We can't let anyone know Betsy went out drinking! Her scholarship is very clear on its morals clause!"

Illicit thoughts invaded Missy's mind. "Did you at least check and make sure she's still, um, untouched?"

Kimmie and Patricia looked at each other, eyes wide in shock. "C-Check?" Kimmie whispered with a visible shudder.

"Do you mean, look at her, um, c-cunny?" Patricia stammered. "No, that, that's disgusting! Do you think we're some kind of deviant bull-dyke lesbians? Her pants were pulled up and buttoned. Nobody touched her down there!"

Kimmie nodded. "I, I think they just wanted to look at her, uh, her bosoms." She said weakly. "That, that's not so bad, is it?"

It a feat of pure dramatic control Missy avoided giggling gleefully. They were both too prissy to have made sure zonked out Betsy wasn't raped! That detail was pricelessly useful! "Yeah, I, I hope you're right. I still think we should call the police though."

Patricia grabbed both of Missy's hands. "You're her best friend off of the team. Please, you can't breathe a word of this to anyone! Her whole future is riding on it! If her sponsors found out about the drinking, her scholarship would be void!" Her voice dropped to a low whisper. "If even a hint got out, she'd probably also be bounced from the Olympic team! Please Missy, you gotta help her!"

Mind reeling. Missy managed to look solemn. She walked across the room and picked up Betsy's bible. Her beliefs ran along their own lines. She was more of a survival of the fittest believer herself. In her opinion, she was just holding a book, but this situation called for a little histrionics. Holding it to her ample chest, she sighed. "I swear on the Good Book, I won't say a word!" she vowed solemnly. She didn't hold much stock in swearing on some old book, but in this case she unconditionally gave her word. After all, it was in her best interest to keep this exciting news to herself! "I'll keep it a secret to my grave!"

"Thank you!" Kimmie threw her arms around Missy, and hugged her tight. "You're such a good friend!"

She enjoyed the hug, but Missy sure was glad she was wearing her straps. If anyone found out her secret now, the plan burning brightly in her fevered mind would backfire with disastrous results for her! "Thank you, Kimmie. I appreciate that, I really do!"

Patricia smiled weakly. "I checked her pulse, and her respiration seems steady and strong. She'll probably be out for hours, but I bet she'll be just fine in the morning." She looked at her watch. Oh crap! I have to get back to my room! My daddy calls me every night at midnight. If I'm not there he'll be very angry with me for breaking curfew!"

Kimmie looked relieved. "I'll go now too. My parents don't call me every night, but I couldn't tell a lie if they asked if I stayed out too late. Thank you again Missy! You're such a good girl, even if you aren't Catholic!"

When the two girls had left. Missy locked the door and jammed the chair back under the knob. She gazed at the motionless beauty for several minutes. "You know what Betsy, maybe there is a God after all." She looked at the clock and smiled a bright sunny smile. "It's quarter to midnight. It's still my birthday, and I just may have got the best damn birthday present I ever got in my whole entire life!"

Missy took a deep breath and sat at her computer. She ran a quick search on Zolpidem, and possible side effects concerning alcohol use with it. She read aloud from one website. "The types of behaviors that people have experienced vary widely." A grin spread across her face as she continued. "The most commonly reported are "sleep walking," "sleep eating," and "sleep driving." However, one common thread that appears consistent throughout is amnesia." She giggled. "Yes!" she hissed, while punching the air. "The people who experience these behaviors are in a twilight zone at the time, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. They are not conscious of their behavior and, afterwards, do not recall anything about what they have done. The term "Ambian Zombies" has been coined by people observing these odd behavior patterns."

Missy turned to stare at Betsy. "Holy shit you lush, even if you do somehow wake up, the odds are stacked in my favor! You foolish little nitwit, you won't remember a thing!"

Much as she longed to, Missy wisely chose not to make a recording. She didn't dare in case someone stole her computer or something. She removed her ever present Bluetooth glasses, and buried them safely in her underwear drawer. Sighing, she felt as if some unseen force was actually pulling her toward the unconscious girl.

She knelt at the side of Betsy's bed, as if she were going to pray. "I have to be sure though!" she whispered as she gently reached for the white belt around the prone girl's waist. It wouldn't change her plans much, but Missy so wanted to be Betsy's "First"!

"Hey you bitch!" she yelled, recognizing the gleaming white leather belt. "That's mine! It goes with my vintage sailor dress! I was wondering were it went!" She unbuckled the belt, and jumped to her feet and rather roughly yanked. Betsy rocked and swayed on the bed as Missy tugged it free from Betsy's jeans. "You thief!" she shouted "I never stole anything from you!" She paused a second, but Betsy gave no sign of hearing. She just slept on! Much calmer, Missy playfully slapped the girl's face. "I'll forgive you just this once." She said in a friendly voice. "After all, if I'm very, very lucky, I'll be stealing something very important from you, sweetie-pie!"

Fingers trembling, she slowly unbuttoned Betsy's jeans. She began trying to tug them down. It was more difficult then Missy thought it would be. Betsy just lay there like a lump, not lifting her butt or anything to help out. Pristine snow white cotton was slowly exposed. "Oh crap, that's just too damn precious!" she breathed when the slumbering girl's chaste panties were fully revealed. There was a single word embroidered onto the elastic waist. "You've got to be kidding, day of the week panties? What are you, twelve?" she giggled. "You're even wearing Tuesday, stupid. This is Friday!" she glanced at the clock. "I mean Saturday. Can't you even read a calendar?"

Missy ran into a minor snag as she continued to tug the jeans down Betsy's strong shapely legs. "Fuck! They won't go over your sneakers!" Giggling to herself, she made quick work of untying the Nikes, and tossed them to the side. "Damn, I bet you're glad they're your corporate sponsor for the Olympics. Mommy and Daddy back on the farm in Idaho could never afford to buy you kicks like those!"

When she pulled the little ankle socks from Betsy's unresisting feet, Missy discovered a little something new about herself. Without even thinking, she leaned down and kissed those pretty little toes with much the same reverence that Betsy showed her savior when she kissed his! She sucked a big toe into her mouth, and sighed happily. "Oh great!" she muttered, when she released they gleaming saliva coated little piggy. "I'm still a virgin, but now I have a new fetish!"

She just shrugged her shoulders and went back to her happy task. It was all good, as they say. Now the lovely but unresponsive Betsy was just wearing panties and her school sweatshirt. It was almost pure agony as Missy forced herself to leave the panties in place, and turn instead to the orange sweatshirt with their school's name printed boldly across Betsy's firm and perky chest.

Lifting the girl's arms upward, Missy finally managed it. Now Betsy was just in her simple white underwear, and she looked stunning! "Oh wow!" she hissed, pausing to adjust her straining member in its straps. "Betsy, you're hot!"

Shoving the slumbering girl onto her side, Missy made fast work of unhooking the bra. In seconds it joined the sweatshirt and jeans on the floor. "Oh yeah, oh yeah." She breathed, when she rolled the girl back. Those perky breasts jiggled and swayed in such a mouth wateringly tempting way! 38B just had to be the perfect size for Betsy! "You are so damn beautiful!"

Missy couldn't restrain herself any more! Those little girl panties had to go! Thankfully the panties slid down much easier then the jeans. When she tossed them aside, Missy stood perfectly still for several long minutes.

She gasped, and took a ragged breath. She had actually forgotten to breathe! For the first time in her life, she would be able to touch a naked girl! This was so much better then sneaking glances and shooing video in the showers and bathrooms around campus! It was by far superior to any porn she had ever downloaded! She was in the same room with a completely unconscious naked girl! The door was locked, and the curtains were drawn! She could do anything she had ever dreamed, and nobody would ever know!

She stared in rapturous awe at Betsy's perfect body. All that running around the soccer field had given her such lovely muscle tone and definition. Missy just loved Betsy's tan. It was natural, not something she set out to acquire. Betsy's lovely face was a soft golden hue, as were her arms from elbow to hands, and the twin sections of leg left exposed between her uniform shorts and shin guards. The rest of her was flawless milky white perfection!

This is so cool!" she gasped. She playfully slapped Betsy again. Still, the girl slept on! "This is my best birthday yet!" she shouted gleefully as she knelt on the bed. "Can it even be better? Is it true that her pants weren't pulled down, and just tugged back up again?"

She grabbed silky smooth legs, and spread them wantonly wide! Scooting to the edge of the bed, she maneuvered herself over Betsy, and sort of did a push up. Slowly, she brought her nose daringly close to the motionless girl's treasure. She sniffed deeply, the heady musk setting her soul on fire. "I don't smell any semen!" she gasped joyfully. "I know I'd smell it if someone had shot off a load in her! I can smell just they tiniest drop of my own if I miss any when I clean up my splooge!"

Jumping off of the bed, she grabbed Betsy's ankles. Roughly pulling, she dragged the girl's bottom to the edge of the bed. She knelt between the lovely legs that dangled over the side of the bed. "I should become a Gynecologist!" she proclaimed, as she carefully began examining her dorm mate's sex. "The view is breathtaking!"

Missy had looked at thousands of close up "Flower" shots online, but this was something else! She felt a silly grin on her face as she gently petted the beautiful strawberry blonde bush. Leaning closer, she used the thumb and index finger of her right hand to gently spread the labia majora and sighed. "Oh how pretty!" she breathed, as she worked her fingers softly along the pouty lips. She spread the labia minora and body trembling, gazed in wonder at the vaginal orifice and Betsy's still intact hymen!

Intellectually, Missy knew that this wasn't proof of virginity, but emotionally? "Nobody touched her!" she cheered in delight. She had squatted over a mirror quite a few times and examined her own maidenhead. Of course she had to hold her cock out of the way to enjoy the sight. Betsy's hymen looked very much like hers, and she certainly never stuffed anything other then tampons up there!

"Happy birthday to me!" she sang happily as she stared at the most beautiful sight she had ever beheld. In only moments she noticed something wonderful. "You little whore!" she laughed, noting the growing slippery moisture her fingers were encountering. "You're getting turned on by someone touching your twat!" Gently rubbing along those silky lips, Missy nearly passed out when she watched the pink jewel of Betsy's clitoris shyly peek from under its hood. "You little Jesus freak, you want it bad, don't you?"

She needed to immortalize this moment, but didn't dare record a video. "I have an idea!" She jumped up and began searching through her stuff. "Here it is!" Momma had sent her a new digital camera for her birthday present. It was a very expensive unit, but sacrifices sometimes must be made! Besides, her old camera was actually better.

She put on the rubber gloves she used to wash the dishes, and hurried to unpack the camera. It was a little difficult, but this way she was sure she had left no fingerprints on it! Her yellow encased fingers trembled as she slapped in the batteries. She shoved in the dinky memory card that came with it, and was ready. "Neutral background, that's the ticket!" Setting the camera on her desk, she worked diligently at tugging the bedspread and blanket out from under Betsy. "White sheets, no pattern. Perfect!"

She bodily dragged their little dining table over and scrambled up onto it. "Good! I can get just her in the shot, with only white for the background. There will be nothing to indicate where the picture was actually taken!" She fired off a couple shots.

Inspiration struck. She jumped down and grabbed the roll of red duct tape she had bought after watching the Mythbusters duct tape special. She cut out two circles, and stuck them to the palms of Betsy's hands. She dragged the girl back to the middle of the bed as if Betsy were just sleeping normally. Then she spread the girl's arms wide, and positioned the limp hands in line with Betsy's head, making sure the tape was visible.

"This is gonna be so good!" she muttered, while demurely crossing Betsy's left ankle over her right. She applied another red circle just where her leg joined the left foot. "Just one more touch!" It was a shame to do it, but she tore a long length of leafy vine from the plant by the window, and carefully draped it over Betsy's forehead, tucking the ends under her head. Lastly, she tucked another white sheet under each hand, and spread them out over the floor on either side of the bed.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed when she climbed back onto the table. "It'll be so easy to Photoshop now, with just you on a plain white background!" She worked until the low capacity card was full. Jumping down from the table, she removed the card from the camera and hid it in her underwear drawer. Next, she wrapped the camera carefully in plastic wrap, and set that on her desk for later disposal.

Missy snapped off the yellow gloves and laughed. "You won't die for anyone's sins, sweetie, least of all mine!" she promised. "If fact, you'd probably love it if you were awake!"

Missy couldn't resist any longer. She untied the sash of her robe, and slipped it off and tossed it carelessly onto her own bed. She pulled the nightgown up over her head, and tossed that away too. Working feverishly, she undid the straps holding her engorged and almost painfully erect cock down. Up is sprung again, proudly pointing the way to Betsy's bed!

It felt so damn good to finally be naked and not alone! Missy laughed joyously as she slowly walked to Betsy's bedside. "We won't need these any more." She whispered as she removed the tape circles, and the vine. "You're at your prettiest with no adornment, my little whore!" She wadded up the tape and vine, and carefully buried them in the trash.

Trembling in eager anticipation, Missy joined her dorm mate on the bed. "I want this so bad, but don't you worry Betsy, I'm thinking of your pleasure too!"

Missy leaned down and kissed Betsy. The slumbering girl's mouth was a bit slack, and Missy moaned happily as she slipped her tongue between pretty plump lips. "I, I better be careful!" she gasped as she broke their first kiss. "I don't know if any of the drug is still on your tongue, and besides, what if you bite me in your sleep?" She took the risk once again, sighing happily as her tongue ran against Betsy's.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are!" she breathed, before turning her oral attentions to those pretty breasts. Her heart filled with delight when those plump nipples grew even firmer as she licked and sucked them.

Missy lost herself to the sensations. In her frenzy, she began to just generally lick Betsy all over her beautiful body! "I must be crazy." She giggled as she paused to watch her saliva slowly drying on perfect flawless skin. She thought about what she was doing, and decided that perhaps maybe she was.

She knew full well that what she was about to do was morally wrong, as well as being absolutely positively against the law. She just didn't give a shit! Pure wonderful luck had made sure that it was her on the bed with Betsy now and not some frat house clown earlier this evening in a filthy bathroom. Missy thought of her fantastic lucky break as nothing more then a case of bad karma for Betsy. It would have happened tonight anyway, so she may as well be the one to benefit from her dorm mate's excessive drinking!

Missy decided that as long as she was careful and kept her head, it didn't really matter if she wasn't quite sane. To that end, she reluctantly climbed off of the bed and grabbed a couple of nice big towels. "I want no evidence of me on your bed, sweetie!" she said cheerfully as she wedged a folded towel under Betsy's lovely ass, and spread the other out under her legs. "We have to be sure it's logically plausible that your misfortune happened on that dirty frat house bathroom floor! I can't leave any room for people to speculate on if it actually happened here."

Crawling half onto the bed, she happily resumed licking the slumbering girl. Missy tormented herself by drawing ever so slowly to her goal. She started at Betsy's feet, first one, and then the other. She carefully licked and sucked each pretty little toe before permitting herself the exquisite luxury of slowly moving up the right leg. The scent of Betsy's vagina thrilled her as she grew near. She forced herself to stop, and work just as slowly up the left.

Heart pounding beneath her heaving breasts, Missy rained soft kisses all over those firmly muscled thighs. Closer and closer she moved, until with a ragged sigh, her tongue touched warm damp sweetness. Betsy made a small mewling noise, but showed no sign of waking as Missy's tongue swiped over pouting labia. "I'll get you ready for me, sweetheart." She whispered, before throwing herself completely into the joys of connilingus.

It was love at first, well, taste. Missy knew what her own pussy tasted like. She always licked her fingers after touching her female self. She knew her own vaginal secretions tasted good, and Betsy's were even better! She licked and lapped happily, ignoring the awkward way her legs hung over the bed, and trying not to give into the temptation to hump her hard cock against the towel covered mattress.

Betsy's clitoris was actually quite large, compared with what she had seen in her porn collection. Missy sealed her lips around the lovely pink bud, and gently sucked. Betsy mewled again, and made strange guttural sounds in her sleep as her body was stimulated by a rapidly thrumming tongue.

When Betsy began to move for the first time since she was brought back to the dorm, Missy was just a tiny bit nervous. She couldn't stop now though, and kept right on working her tongue. She almost laughed when Betsy gave a little squeal and said something. The slurred voice made no sense though. Betsy was still completely out. It was just her body responding to the unusual stimulation.

Missy increased her tempo. Her tongue was getting tired, but that didn't matter! Betsy was humping up at her now! Was it going to happen? Missy knew that if she abstained for any length of time, she woke up simply soaked in semen. That's why she needed to masturbate her silly cock so often. If she could climax while sleeping she was sure she could get Betsy to do it too!

Suddenly, Betsy cried out, and Missy's face was positively bathed in warmth. Her voice was slurred to the point of being intelligible, but Missy was sure the girl had said "Jesus loves me!" just as her orgasm hit!

Missy sat up, pride showing on her shiny wet face. "Oh damn! My first girl, and I luck out and get a squirter!" she sighed contentedly while rubbing the wetness on her chin, and then eagerly sucking it off of her fingers. "Guess what Betsy-whore. One good squirt deserves another!"

Missy climbed up over Betsy's body. Her whole being trembled in excited anticipation. She was finally going to do it! Missy was going to sink her penis into a beautiful girl! "You lovely little slut." She whispered as she firmly grasped her thick hardness. "I'm going to show you what happens to girls who go drinking at frat parties!"

She used her knees to lever Betsy's legs wider, and then rubbed the head of her cock against that perfect flower she had so enjoyed licking. "I'm gonna pop you!" she breathed as she slowly lowered her body onto Betsy's. "You and I, you Jesus freak, we'll lose our virginities together!"

Holding the swollen bulbous head of her cock firmly against the delightfully warm damp entrance to Betsy's center, Missy slowly and steadily thrust her hips forward. At first she thought it wouldn't go in, and then suddenly, she felt the resistance give way and the head just popped right inside! The sleeping girl grunted as the thick hard cock slowly slipped into her!

"Oh, Oh fuck!" Missy moaned. The most exquisite tightness was slowly working up her shaft. "Oh Betsy, you're so hot inside, I think I'm going to melt!"

It took Missy almost a full minute to ease her eleven inches into her beautiful unconscious dorm mate. She stared into that beautiful sleeping face, and was a little embarrassed when a bit of drool dripped from her lips to land on her lover's wonderful breasts. "This is so good!" she gasped. "How the hell will I ever go back to just using my hand after knowing how good you feel on my cock?"

Heart racing, Missy began moving her hips, slowly thrusting in and out of Betsy. "Oh God, it's wonderful! I'm fucking! I'm fucking a beautiful girl!" She lowered herself completely, and thrilled at the sensation of her ample breasts squeezing tightly against her slumbering lover's.

Betsy's tight sheath seemed to grip her when she withdrew, as if it didn't want her to pull out. Missy felt it almost sucking her back in each time she thrust forward. "You whore." She taunted gleefully as she slowly increased her pace. "You like this, don't you?"

Betsy didn't answer, but her breathing was growing more pronounced and ragged. Once again her body was responding even while deeply asleep! "You can't wear your Purity ring any more!" Missy gasped. "If you do, you'll just be a lying hypocrite on top of being a whore in front of Jesus!" Missy actually looked up, and winked at the crucifix as the shaking bed made it sway back and forth in time to her steady thrusting.

Missy knew Betsy was a good Catholic, so it was certain the stupid girl-jock wasn't on the pill. She also knew that her female self was in perfect sync, cycle wise, with Betsy. They always went on the rag on the exact same day. Right about now Betsy was nice and ripe! "You bad girl!" Missy moaned. "Going bare back your very first time! Don't you count your calendar days? You were wearing the wrong day's panties, so, so I guess you don't!" she was beginning to pant as her moments became more frenzied. "What a dummy! I, I guess you, I guess you just want a, a big belly then!"

Missy knew that the right thing would be to pull out, and shower Betsy's sleeping face with her pulsing ejaculation. She also knew that she didn't want that! The consequences weren't hers! She wasn't going to stop! She was going to deliver this load right were Mother Nature intended it to go! "I, I'm gonna cum soon, Betsy!" she gasped. "You aren't protected! You, you're gonna be in big trouble!"

She felt it growing deep inside. The pressure was building! Missy was just a few heartbeats away from climax! If she pulled out now, Betsy's future would be saved. That thought made her ram her cock in right to the hilt! Missy grunted as her body went rigid. Overwhelming joy filled her heart as her cock began to jerk and throb! She was cumming with the head of her cock pressed right against Betsy's cervix! Each glorious pulse announced another gooey string of hot sperm rich semen bathing the mouth of Betsy's fertile womb!

Betsy squirmed and wriggled weakly beneath her. Once again she called out intelligible words as her drunk and drugged body shuddered in orgasmic spasms.

Missy slipped her arms under Betsy and hugged her tight as her spasming cock slowly eased. "Oh wow, that felt so good!" Mashing their breasts tighter together, she repeatedly kissed her slumbering lover's face. "I hope you know how grateful I am for you ending my virginity!" she laughed. "When you're feeling better tomorrow, I'll treat you to dinner at Golden Corral to show my appreciation!"

She moved a little, and giggled. 'Listen to that!" she did it again, and thought the disgusting slurpy wet sound was music to her ears. "You're full of cum! If you were awake, you'd be in a blind panic right now!" She moved again, and felt her face grow warm. "I'm still hard, Betsy love. Care for another go?" She withdrew, and with a squelch, rammed right back in. "Good girl! I knew you would!"

The second time took a bit longer. Missy had taken off the edge when she had pumped so much into Betsy's body that first massive load! She was able to take her time and enjoy it more completely.

"Listen Betsy!" she giggled at the obscene sounds her cock was making as it thrust in and out of Betsy's semen filled center. "I'm packing it into you like a plunger! I, I bet my sperm is already in your womb, and making it's way toward your fallopian tubes! Isn't that good news?" She settled into an easy slow pace. "You're supposed to be playing soccer in London in just eight months." She laughed. "I wonder how that's going to work."

Soon, that slow steady pace was a delightful torment. Once again Missy lost herself, and began to rut wildly at her sleeping partner. "I, I'm gonna do it again!" she whispered, lips lightly dragging over Betsy's delicate ear. "Should I Pull out? You, you just have to say the word, and, and I will!"

That word never came, but Missy sure did! Once more she cried out as her body pulsed and throbbed. This is what she was born for! This was her purpose! The proud hermaphrodite rammed herself deep into that tight sloppy wet sheath, and once again began to spurt over and over deep into Betsy's unresisting fertile body!

Much later, Missy smiled shyly as she gave Betsy's puffy and sore looking little vagina a nice sponge bath. "I know how you feel, sweetheart." She said with a laugh. I'm a bit sore myself. I can't believe you convinced me to cum in you five times! The last time I shot off that much in such a short time was when I watched "Parade Parade", followed up by episode one of "Discode" and a couple of "Lego Sarah". That was some marathon of Futa goodness! I don't know why animated hermaphrodites are always so timid though. Was I timid with you? I think not! I'm proud of my cock, and I sure showed you I know how to use it!"

She bent to give the tender pussy a gentle kiss. Yes, to also suck a little more of the pink tinted semen and blood mixture that was still oozing slowly out. "I didn't expect you to bleed that much though. Sorry about that!" she laughed again. The towels were in such a state that she'd have to sneak them to the laundry-mat and run them through with cold water so the blood doesn't set, and plenty of bleach to eradicate any DNA traces she may have left behind. She knew she wasn't in any data base, but why take chances? She didn't want any possible link between Betsy's deflowering, and this room!

Using her mouth more then the sponge, she finally seemed to have cleaned up the last of the rather yummy creamy-pie. Missy bundled up the messy towels and stuffed them into her back-pack. Thank goodness the sheets were still clean looking! Missy grabbed a real quick shower, and then got back into her straps, nightgown, and robe. The on a sudden whim, she put her Bluetooth glasses in that same lucky spot in the bathroom.

"Easy does it!" she whispered to Betsy as she struggled to get the girl back into her own clothes. The panties bra and sweatshirt were no problem. Missy had a hell of a time getting her back into those damn jeans though!

When she had the still sleeping girl fully dressed, she managed to work out how to get the blanket and spread back on the bed without throwing Betsy onto the floor. She did it like they do in hospitals. She rolled Betsy first to one side, and then the other as she made the bed up. It wasn't the best job, but she was sure that being hung over would keep Betsy from noticing!

She jut couldn't resist. Before Missy turned out the light so she could grab a couple hours sleep, she bent and kissed Betsy's still bare feet. "Goodnight, mommy!" she giggled, before switching off the light. It hardly made a difference. The sun was already up and bright light was filtering through the blinds.

Missy awoke to the sounds of someone regretting drinking the night before. She suppressed her giggles and hoped that her glasses were recording everything. Not that she wanted to see Betsy go whoopsie! Just this once she went to her computer and watched the live feed.

Betsy seemed to have finished her Technicolor yawns, and had turned around and wearily sat on the toilet. "I feel sick." She muttered, as her head drooped. "I feel awfully sore, too." She gingerly put a hand between her thighs and gave a little wince. "What's wrong with me? It feels different down there." She gasped. "I'm all puffy and it hurts a little up inside." She lifted her hand and looked at her fingers. "That, that's blood; I'm not having my curse yet. Why would I be bleeding, um, down there?"

Missy held her breath as she watched realization dawn on Betsy's face. Her bloodshot eyes opened wide. 'Oh no! Oh please, no! It can't be! I, I'd never let anyone do that, unless we got married first!" she let out a sob. "What happened last night? I, I don't remember anything!" she started to cry, suspecting the very worst. "Oh no, please God in Heaven, please sweet Jesus, let whoever did this to me have at least used a condom!"

The upset girl then did the exact wrong thing, much to Missy's relief. She tore off her clothes and staggered into the shower. She scrubbed herself for quite some time, and then spread her legs wide. Using the fingers of one hand, she spread herself wider still. Aiming the hand held showerhead up between her thighs, Betsy made a completely vain effort to try and rinse away any possible "gift" someone may have deposited within her. "I gotta get it all out!' she moaned. "I know he must have used a condom, but what if it leaked? I gotta make sure I'm clean inside! I, I don't want to get pregnant!"

Missy closed her computer when the steam grew too thick to see anything. It was a good thing, too. Even after all the activity of last night, she was straining hard against her straps! "Betsy, are you okay in there?" she called, tapping on the door.

After a moment, the door slowly opened. Betsy came out looking small and worried wrapped in her nice fluffy terrycloth robe. "I, um, I, I'm fine, why do you ask?"

"Patricia and Kimmie brought you home last night. You were out like a light!" she did her best to look concerned, instead of deliriously happy. "What the hell did you do?"

"Don't swear." Betsy snapped automatically. "Uh, sorry Missy." She began to cry again. "I, I don't know what I did! I don't remember! I, I think, I think someone." She hung her head in shame.

"Someone what?" Missy shouted.

Betsy didn't answer. She stood there sobbing for a moment, and then slowly slipped the Purity ring from her finger and threw it across the room.

"Oh Betsy! Did somebody, uh, force you?"

Betsy threw her arms around Missy. "I don't know! I think so! I don't remember a thing, but, but I know! I, uh, I feel it! I feel different, down there! I hurt, and there's some blood!"

"We have to call the police!" Missy cried heroically, hoping against hope Betsy wouldn't want to.

She didn't! "Missy, no! We can't! I, I can't let anybody know!"

"Are you hurt?" she asked kindly. "We should at least take you to a doctor."

"No police, no doctors! I'm fine!" The crying girl tried to smile. "I bet I'm lucky. I won't have any problems, you'll see! Please Missy; just don't say a word to anyone!"

"What about Patricia and Kimmie? They already know most of it."

As luck would have it, there was a knock on the door. Missy removed the chair, and opened it. "How is Betsy?" Patricia shouted as she hurried inside.

Betsy pushed Missy aside. "I'm a little better now" she said softly. "I still feel a bit sick though."

Patricia asked relieved, and reverted to her normal pushy nature. "Missy, why are you still in your nightgown, it's almost four o'clock! You're wasting your life away sleeping so late."

"Hey! I was up all night watching Betsy to make sure she was okay. I finally dozed off at about seven in the morning." She glared at Patricia and tried to look angry. "Remember what I said about, uh, checking? We should have!" She dramatically pointed to the Purity ring where it lay on the floor.

Patricia gasped. "Oh Betsy, oh my God! I'm so sorry! Maybe Missy is right. We should call the police!"

"No!" Betsy cried. "Nobody can know! I can't let anybody find out I was drinking! Nike would drop me, and I'd be booted off the Olympic team!" she gave a weak and sickly smile. "It's okay though. I washed myself out really good. I'll be fine, you'll see!"

Over the next few weeks, Betsy did her very best to show her friends that everything was okay. She was pretty much back to normal, but never touched another wine cooler. She never touched something else, either. Missy noticed Betsy wasn't using any of their joint stock of tampons. The look of fear on the girl's face was hysterical every time she saw Missy grab a couple and stick them in her bag. Then, six weeks after her drunken escapade, Betsy woke Missy up from a sound sleep, when she leapt out of her bed and ran to the bathroom and threw up!

This practice was repeated every morning for a solid week before Missy finally said something about it. "Betsy, I think you must have the flu." She said conversationally. "Maybe you should go to the clinic and get checked out.

Both of them knew it wasn't the flu, but a white faced Betsy nodded. "Okay Missy, I, I think it is the flu. No. I'm certain it is!" She gripped her dorm mate's hand in a painful grip. "Please, you have to come with me Missy. I, I can't learn if, if, I have the flu by myself!"

Missy sat in the waiting room while Betsy went in for her check-up. She could hardly think straight. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her! Was it true? Did she really sire a child onto Betsy?

When the door opened and Betsy walked out with tears running down her cheeks, Missy had to force herself to not jump up and cheer! "Oh my God, Betsy, what's wrong?"

"I, I'm" she grabbed Missy and hugged her tight. "What am I going to do? I, I'm having a baby! I can't tell mommy and daddy! Oh sweet Jesus, what about the Olympics?" She sobbed as Missy gently stroked her hair, trying hard not to give in to temptation and kiss the crying girl while humping against her with her strapped down but erect cock!

"There, there are options, you know." Missy said softly. "They can probably perform it right here. Nobody need ever know you were pregnant."

Missy judged the Catholic just right. Betsy wailed. "Don't say that! Never say that! I can't commit a sin to hide a sin!" she sobbed. "This is God's punishment for me, for drinking alcohol!" She sobbed. "Please, don't tell anyone! At least if I hide it for a while longer, Nike will keep sending me checks. I, I think I'm gonna need them!"

"I won't say anything. I swear!" Missy declared. She didn't have to!

Several days ago, right when Betsy started her morning puke routine, Missy had gone to a used computer store and paid cash for a half way decent laptop. Missy needed a throw-away machine to do a little work she didn't want traced back to her! "The Memory Bank" always had good deals. Besides, Missy like to look at the fellow busty redhead that worked there. Polly was just so hot, in a nerd-girl kind of way. If she timed it just right, she even got to see Polly kissing her gorgeous Asian biker chick girlfriend! She'd be a fool to shop anywhere else!

Taking the best picture of Betsy in her cruciform pose, she Photo shopped it onto a painting of Jesus on the cross. The results were quite startling! She captioned it "Betsy Coates: She plays soccer for your all our sins". Missy took her new laptop across town and sat in a donut shop to use their WIFI. Days ago she successfully planted a Trojan onto Brock's laptop once she hit on his IP address. Now she just had to trigger it.

"They're off!" she giggled to herself. That picture, along with one other, would soon be anonymously emailed to Nike Corporate headquarters, Betsy's mom's email, and anyone else who happened to be in Brock's address book! Wait until they saw the other picture. It was a high resolution scan of Betsy's test results from the Doctor, confirming her pregnancy!

The silly girl had thrown it away in a trashcan near the clinic. After seeing Betsy safely to the dorm, Missy excused herself and said she needed to go to the library. She ran like hell and retrieved the wonderful document. Using a cheap scanner she picked up at a thrift store, Missy uploaded the document onto her disposable computer, and then burned the original to ashes and flushed them down the toilet.

In the unlikely event that the email got traced back to it's origin, it would only incriminate the guy who actually drugged Betsy in the first place! Missy did a little quick typing, and started the hard drive formatting. When it was complete, she used the same technique she had used weeks ago to get rid of the digital camera. After very carefully removing any fingerprints from the laptop by using a few LCD and Plasma screen wipes, she just 'accidentally' left it on the bench near the frat house!

Watching from a secluded hiding place in some bushes, Missy was glad to see history repeat itself. Like the camera before it, a guy came out of the frat house and grabbed the computer! She was covered! It was a long shot, but she knew that a good cyber forensic technician might be able to match the picture to the camera, and trace the Trojan to the laptop. Both were now safely in possession of the fraternity who's member had gotten Betsy drunk, and then drugged her!

It didn't take long to see the results of her labors, Two days later; there was a loud pounding at their dorm door. Betsy went to open it. She was doing a pretty good job of acting normal when she saw who it was. 'Hi Mommy!" she exclaimed happily. "What brings you here?"

Without a word, the lovely, but plainly dressed woman thrust a sheet of paper at Betsy. "What's this?" Betsy's eyes opened wide. "I, That, that can't be me! What's going on?"

"That filth was emailed to me!" the woman said through clenched teeth. "I'm not stupid, I know such things can be faked, but what about this?" she gave her daughter another sheet of paper.

Betsy looked at it, and started to cry. "Mommy, I don't know what happened!" she wailed. "I, I didn't do anything bad! I, I just, I just ended up pregnant some how!"

"Don't you dare!" her mother shouted. "Don't you dare try and claim that this could be a virgin birth!"

"Mommy, I'm not!"

Missy cleared her throat. "Ma'am, It wasn't Betsy's fault. Somebody slipped her a date rape drug after she had a few Appletini's. She slept through whatever they did, and doesn't remember a thing."

"Oh Missy, no!" Betsy cried in panic, but it was too late!

"You were drinking alcohol?"

"Yes mommy. I'm so sorry!"

"Sorry doesn't hide how you shamed, young lady!" The woman sighed and pulled her daughter into a hug. "I don't hate you, baby girl! I hate the sin! I want you to come with me right now and go to the police!"

"Mommy, I can't!" Betsy wailed. "I can't tell them somebody did, um, something like that to me, and I don't even remember because of the wicked drink!"

Missy almost laughed. The wicked drink? It was more the Zolpidem's fault! Still, Betsy had a point. If she wasn't drunk, she never would have ended up pregnant! "Ma'am, I tried to talk her into going to the cops, or at least a doctor, but she refused."

Mrs. Coates glared at her. "Is this your doing?" she asked. Missy's heart gave a little lurch, but the woman continued. "Did you lead my daughter to the evils of strong drink?"

"No ma'am, I don't drink." She smiled innocently. "I was right here studying. You can ask anyone. I never go to parties. I'm here for my education so I can better myself."

"Well said, young lady. It's a shame my daughter won't get that opportunity now."

"Mommy, what do you mean?" Betsy asked with a sinking feeling in her heart. "I can stay in school, even if I, I wont be in the Olympics!" The realization sank in. She sobbed as her dreams of Olympic gold were obliterated by the big belly she would sport at the time she should be playing her heart out in London.

"Money doesn't grow on trees, young lady! Your scholarship was revoked after that disgusting picture surfaced. There's no way your father could afford to pay your tuition! Since you don't want to go to the police, we have no other business here. Now pack your things. I taking you home!"

"Mommy, please! There has to be a way I can stay in school!"

Mrs. Coates sighed sadly. "Baby, it's just not in your future. You and I both know that without, uh, the help you have been getting, your grades would never be good enough to keep you here." She smiled. "Now cheer up. Being a mother is so very rewarding! I talked with Wilber, your cousin twice removed. He said he'd be proud to have you as his wife."

"Mommy!" Betsy looked kinda sick. "I can't marry my own cousin! I can be an unwed mother! People do it all the time!"

"Young lady, I will not have everyone in town gossiping about you being loose and having babies with no husband in the picture! You'll marry Wilber and like it! Now pack your things! We have a plane to catch!"

Within an hour, Betsy was on her way back to the farm. Thank goodness Mrs. Coates had given Missy their brick and mortar address, as well as phone number and email. She had them already, but it really was nice to be included. Missy really wanted to keep in touch. She couldn't wait to get a picture of their baby!

Missy sighed as she sat totally naked in her dorm room. The guidance committee had unanimously decided that due to the trauma of her best friend having to drop out of school and return home to have her baby, they would give approval for Missy to keep the double room all to herself! Missy was now free to jerk-off any time she liked. Hell, she could even pop a load into the little kitchen sink if she wanted to!

The happy hermaphrodite scanned though her video files as her penis grew eagerly erect. She stopped and began playing one of her new favorites. Patricia Utley looked so gorgeous with her lovely ebony skin. She watched as the new captain of the soccer team pulled down her shorts while preparing to get a shower after last night's game. Missy sighed as she grasped her cock. "I have to think of something soon to get me into Patricia's panties!" she giggled. "She leaves for London in only six months! It's a good thing I saved the Zolpidem. Maybe I can figure something out!"

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