Future Perfect
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark Halliwell is a womanising research scientist whose experiments with stasis go awry, and he wakes up 200 years into the future. The idyllic civilisation in which he suddenly finds himself soon turns sour and he is forced into a conflict that will threaten the very fabric of their society.

A whirlwind flew across the room, sending me tumbling backwards to land on the bed.

"Daddy! Daddy!" the girl exclaimed, jumping on top of me and trying to pin me down.

"Princess, you're getting heavier by the day," I cried as I placed my hands under her body and lifted her squealing into the air. She screamed as I pretended to drop her, and then descended into fits of giggles as I lowered her, and then tickled her between the ribs. Angela tried to roll away, but I trapped her and tickled her even more, causing her to beg for mercy.

"Stop it, stop it, Daddy. I'm too ticklish."

"Nobody's too ticklish," I growled, continuing until the sounds attracted the attention of Julia, my wife.

"She's supposed to be going to sleep," Julia informed me. "It's late, and she needs to get up early for school in the morning."

"Uh oh," I gasped conspiratorially to the five-year-old. "Now we're in trouble."

"Uh oh," Angela mimicked.

"Bedtime, Angela. Mark, please take her to bed," Julia sighed impatiently.

"Aye Aye, Miss," I saluted.

Julia frowned as I picked the youngster up in my arms, and ferried her to her room.

"Have you cleaned your teeth?"

Angela nodded. "And I've had a wash and cleaned Teddy's teeth." The stuffed bear was her constant companion; it had no teeth that I could detect. I pretended to check them anyway.

"Last day tomorrow, then two weeks off school for Easter," I reminded her.

"Mummy says we're going to go and stay with Grandma."

"Did she really?" I replied, not fully aware of any such arrangements.

"Are you coming too?"

"Maybe, if things go well. I have to work this weekend. It's that special day that I told you about."

"Won't you get cold when they freeze you?"

"They're not actually freezing me, Princess. They're going to surround me with a magical field. While I'm in it, I won't age a single second."


"We talked about this the other day. Sometimes people get hurt so badly that they die before the doctors and nurses can help them. Other times, they get ill and nobody knows what's wrong with them. By the time they work out what's making them sick, it's too late to treat them."

"I remember now."

"If the equipment we're testing works, Princess, then we'll be able to freeze them until the doctor can make them better, or find out what's wrong with them. It will save thousands and thousands of lives."

"You're not ill?" There was an edge of panic to her voice.

"No, Princess, but I helped design the stasis chamber. It wouldn't be fair to expect anybody else to test it, not the first time."

She still looked worried.

"We've done lots and lots of tests with animals. They're all still as healthy as the day they went in. I'm just going to be the first person to try it. I'll be back before you even know it."

"Maybe Teddy would like to come with you," she pushed him into my hands. "He could look after you."

"Okay," I relented. "Maybe he'll come back looking just the same age also."

The girl giggled. "He's only a toy."

I ruffled my hand through her hair, realising that she was no longer such a little girl anymore, even though she sometimes acted that way. She was already going to school and making new friends, growing up faster than I could keep up with.

"Go to sleep, Princess. I'll see you in a few days."

"Will you say goodbye to me before you go?"

"If you're awake in the morning, I'll sneak in and give you a kiss." I gave her a peck on the cheek for good measure. She responded by throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me tightly.

"Don't forget Teddy," she reminded me as I retreated out of her room. I returned to pick up the stuffed toy and carried it carefully under my arm. When I turned, she was still smiling, but her eyes had closed.

Julia stood against the worktop in the kitchen, a glass of Chardonnay in her hand, and the bottle beside her almost empty.

"You're starting early," I observed.

She shrugged and carried the drink through into the lounge. I retrieved a clean glass from the shelf, poured out the dregs, and followed her.

"Big day tomorrow," she sighed.


"Will SHE be there?"

"Jenny's my chief assistant."

"Assists with everything, or so it seems."

"How many more times do I need to say it? It was a mistake."

"How many more mistakes have there been Mark? How many others that I don't know about?"

"It happened, and I'm truly sorry."

I sat down and sipped the wine, tepid from standing open in the kitchen.

"I'm going to Mother's tomorrow, as soon as Angela finishes school."

"She said."

"I thought it best if we spend some time apart."

"What do you mean?"

"It will give me ... give us both some chance to think about what we want."


"I still love you, Mark, but I ... I just can't get this out of my head ... the thought of the two of you, together."

I shook my head. I'd like to say that I regretted what I'd been doing with Jenny, but the sex over the past six months had been simply incredible.

"We can work this out," I stated adamantly.

"You can have all the access to Angela you like. I just need some space alone."

"You make it sound so final."

"Perhaps it is."

"Julia," I protested.

"I had to listen whilst her stupid bloody boyfriend told me you'd been seeing her, how he followed you to the hotel, and found the pair of you on the bed."

I cringed as I recollected Jenny's ex-fiancé beating open the door, and discovering me with Jenny's head in my hands, my cock deeply embedded into her mouth. Her pussy had shone with her juices from where I'd spent an eternity licking her to orgasm.

George had ranted and raved. For an instant, I thought he was going to attack me, although I keep in good physical shape and would doubtless have made a good account of myself. In the end, he spat a few choice epithets and departed. I'd asked Jenny what she wanted to do and within seconds, I was ravaging her once more, and then pouring my come down her throat.

We'd continued our affair, even after George and Jenny split, but the bastard took revenge by informing Julia of my adultery. At first, I'd denied everything, and then tried to convince her that it was nothing but a meaningless fling. She was unconvinced, and I resigned myself to becoming part of the ever-growing statistic of marital breakdowns.

"I'll stay with Mum, at least until I can find a place of my own," Julia added.

"If that's what you want," I replied morosely.

"I've seen a solicitor. He thinks the divorce shouldn't take more than a few months to come through."

I nodded acceptingly, knowing that I only had myself to blame.

"I hope she makes you happy."

"I don't love her," I replied unconvincingly. "It was just sex, nothing more."

Julia snorted derisively and drained her glass. "I'm going to bed. Try not to disturb me when you get up in the morning."

I watched her leave, and then prepared to head upstairs for another night alone in the spare room. It had been three days since I'd last been with Jenny. I hungered for her body.

Returning to the kitchen, I poured the remainder of the wine down the sink, then refilled the glass with water from the tap to cleanse my palate. I observed my reflection in the glass panel of the wall unit, running my fingers through the unsightly stubble.

I knew I'd screwed things up badly. I'd seen friends' lives turned upside down through separation, but never imagined for an instant that it would happen to me. Before we'd had Angela, I'd had no reason to stray. Even though Julia didn't indulge in any of the slightly kinky activities that Jenny and I enjoyed, she nevertheless gave me no cause for complaint. Julia had been a loving partner, deriving every bit as much pleasure as I.

Since Angela came along however, things had changed. Julia had lost much of her interest in sex. After the birth, she'd continually fussed with our daughter, as though if she didn't check on her every half hour, the girl would have lapsed into coma, or caught one of a multitude of childhood ailments. At first, I'd been tolerant, but as time progressed, I longed for the feel of her body against mine. Finally, I sought solace in a series of meaningless relationships, before finally becoming involved with my assistant.

I walked upstairs and undressed in the spare room before snuggling naked under the sheets, another habit that Jenny had developed in me. I caressed my cock, imagining her lips wrapped around the head before she twisted around to present me the choice of her two lower orifices. Julia had never even entertained anything other than the missionary position, but anal sex was just one trick in Jenny's extensive repertoire. If she'd never followed the path of science, the girl could have made a fortune through less conventional means.

Jenny was very different to all the other girls I'd dallied with. As well as having a healthy appetite for sex, she was incredibly intelligent. I remember vividly debating the moral dilemmas of cloning with her one moment, and then screwing her over the sofa the next. With memories of her body firmly in the forefront of my mind, I slipped into the welcome retreat of slumber.

I woke up early and took a shower, rinsing away the sweat of a night spent tossing and turning, restless with worry. I forced down a few mouthfuls of cereal, and then followed it with a cup of disgusting instant coffee. Angela was soundly asleep in her bed. I stooped to kiss her gently on the cheek then returned to the spare room to collect my overnight bag. Teddy was safely tucked inside, ready for his moment of glory.

The Audi started on the first turn. I made the hour-long journey to the outskirts of Cambridge where the headquarters of Genotech was located. Founded twenty years ago to develop genetic treatments for Alzheimer's disease, Genotech had ventured out into stasis research shortly after I took over as research director. Intended as a means of keeping genetic material viable for longer, we'd come up with the amazing idea of expanding the technique to cover macro-organisms. From initial trials in mice, we'd successfully frozen dogs and chimpanzees, without deleterious effect. The remaining hurdle remained only that of man himself.

Outside of my immediate family, just a handful of people knew about the forthcoming trial. The company had circumvented much of the government's stringent control on human experimentation. We reasoned that we were testing a process, rather than a drug. Absolute secrecy also seemed the best way to avoid details leaking out to the press, before we were prepared to go public with our findings.

When we released the results, following a successful outcome, the value of shares in the company would skyrocket, and investors would become rich overnight. Even my modest shareholdings would remove many of my financial worries, and maybe allow me to purchase that little beachfront property in Florida of which I'd been dreaming. My hopes had been that Julia would finally see sense and take me back, but that possibility now seemed remote in the extreme.

I pressed my ID badge against the smartcard reader and the glass doors slid soundlessly out of my path. A young blonde sat behind reception. I gave her a warm smile, suddenly imagining her naked and spread across the silk sheets of my bed. Shaking my head to clear the image, I returned her casual greeting and wandered over to the elevator.

My office was located on the fourth floor, overlooking the plush rear lawns. I sat down at the computer and checked my email, just as Jenny arrived bearing the first decent coffee of the day. She wore a slinky black dress that clung alluringly to her slender frame. High-heeled shoes elevated her to a level that allowed her to stand eye–to eye with me. Taking position behind my chair, she massaged my neck and shoulders, before reaching around to run her hands over my chest. My head nestled within the pillows of her soft breasts.

"I dreamed about us again last night," she sighed.

"Oh? What were we doing?"

"Guess?" Jenny giggled. "I've got this new apartment lined up. It's only ten minutes away. We'd be able to slip out during lunch."

Despite her voracious sexual appetite, Jenny had one of the most organised minds I'd ever encountered. I'd no doubts that without her, the project would still be foundering in the early planning stages. Her presentations had convinced the senior directors of the veracity of the scheme, although I sometimes speculated that their attention was focussed somewhere other than the projection screen, as she'd outlined details of the project and their possible applications, dressed in her figure hugging attire.

"Are you ready?" she asked excitedly.


"They're expecting you downstairs at eleven, and we hope to start the experiment two hours later if everything checks out okay."

"I'm nervous," I admitted.

"You know it will work," she soothed. "This is just a formality. Next month, we'll announce it to the world, and you'll be on the front cover of Nature."

"I hope so, for my sake and for Teddy's." I lifted up the stuffed toy that would share my fate.

"Angela's?" she laughed.

"She insisted that I bring him."

"I'm sure we'll find room. How's Julia?"

I shook my head sadly. "She's talking to solicitors about a divorce."


"It's not your fault. You didn't force me."

"If George hadn't..."

"She was bound to find out sooner or later. I never was that good at keeping secrets from her."

"What about Angela?"

"I'll get to see her at weekends. Not much different than what happens now."

"What about us?"

"What do YOU want?"

"You could move in with me. It would save you forever getting stuck in traffic."

"I'd never want to get out of bed."

"There is that," she replied as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"We'll talk about it after the experiment."

"And plan how to spend our bonus," she added.

The financial incentives for success were immense, but the intellectual challenge and prestige counted for much more as far as I was concerned. The prospect of a Nobel Prize for physics lingered temptingly at the back of my mind.

"You look like you need relaxing," Jenny observed, dropping to her knees beside me and running her hand over the prominent bulge in my trousers. "I locked the door, just in case. We have time."

I groaned as she opened my fly, and eased my cock out into the open, rubbing her fingers gently up and down the shaft. She hummed to herself until it obtained the necessary degree of stiffness, and then dipped her head to encompass me in her mouth. Her humid warmth filled me with delight and I rested my hands atop her bobbing head to guide her movements.

Enjoying the leisurely ride to climax, I was disappointed when she disengaged. Jenny hoisted the hem of her dress and slid her panties aside, revealing the delicately trimmed petals of her sex, glistening with her excitement. She dragged my pants and underwear down to my ankles and then straddled me, guiding me between her lips. The tightness of her sheath always surprised me, especially when she clamped her muscles around my girth. Her body settled in my lap as it engulfed my entire length.

I reached up to fondle her breasts, and she assisted by peeling the straps off each shoulder and lowering the front of her dress to expose them. I took an erect nipple between my lips and nibbled, driving the prominent little nub back and forth beneath my tongue. Jenny bounced on me, savouring every thrust, and then welcoming an errant finger as it teased the entrance to her bottom.

"Push it in," she gasped. I obliged by slowly insinuating my index finger into her back passage, sensing the movement of my cock within the adjacent channel.

Sex first thing in the morning was something that I'd come to relish. Once I'd even participated in an important conference call with my cock nestled in Jenny's snug confinement. Fortunately, the corporate bathrooms were just across the corridor, allowing us ample opportunity to freshen up afterwards.

Jenny groaned and shivered as she climaxed. I thrust urgently to relieve my aching desire. Grasping her around the waist, I plundered her charms and then deluged her with my seed, kissing her fervently as my passion peaked and then slowly ebbed away. She struggled to stand, placing her hand beneath herself to catch any escape, whilst I quickly readjusted my clothing.

A paper handkerchief from a desktop dispenser mopped up most of the excess, allowing her to slide her panties back into position and refasten her dress. She stood in front of the mirror for a few moments, restoring her appearance. I admired her hour-glass figure, wondering what it would be like to have her with me, every hour of every day.

"Do you want to check the preparations?" she asked, suddenly all business-like.

"Alright, I know you're dying to show me."

"I've been here since five this morning, making sure nothing is left to chance."

I slapped her playfully on the rump, and then followed her out of the office, back along the corridor towards the elevator.

The stasis equipment was buried three floors underground. The magnets that contained the stasis field occupied vast amounts of space, with only a small area remaining for the test chamber where I'd reside for the next few days. An adjoining observation room housed all the control equipment. Once activated, the stasis field would sustain itself indefinitely within a superconducting jacket, until cancelled by applying a reverse polarity field.

Dozens of technicians worked on last minutes checks and adjustments, none of them realising that history was in the making. Jenny glanced back at me and smiled, obviously looking forward to the moment when we'd be together again.

The stasis chamber was no bigger than Angela's bedroom. It smelt slightly of ozone, and the static laden atmosphere made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. A padded bench placed in the centre of the room would be my only comfort during the apparent milliseconds of my stay. The walls and floor were decorated in a nondescript battleship grey, spray-painted over the titanium shell of the claustrophobic cocoon.

"Get undressed," Jenny told me.

"I don't think I could manage it again quite so soon," I joked.

"We need to compensate for your body's electrostatic field," she smirked.

I handed her my clothes, piece by piece, which she hung over the back of a nearby chair in the control room. I placed Teddy on a shelf in the stasis chamber to oversee events. I also kept hold of my iPhone, mainly out of habit. Thirty feet underground, there was little signal to speak of.

Wearing nothing more than a nylon smock, I lay down on the bench and waited until Jenny wandered in from the control room, and took a series of measurements with a handheld unit. Much to my embarrassment, my cock tented the garment obscenely, but Jenny did her level best to ignore its presence. She failed to disguise her smile at my discomfiture.

As zero hour rapidly approached, she produced a hypodermic needle containing a dark blue fluid. The liquid contained an electrically conductive agent that would combine with my blood cells. On activation of the equipment, it would help protect my fragile organs from the destructive properties of the intense electromagnetic field.

I grimaced as she injected me, my stomach lurching as the moment of truth drew ever closer. I wondered if there was anything that either of us had overlooked. My life insurance was fully up-to-date; Julia would become a wealthy woman if we'd missed anything significant.

"Do you think I'll dream?" I asked.

"Chances are you won't even know that time has passed. Not like the rest us, who'll have to sit here, taking it in turns to watch over you for the next three days."

"I'm sure you'll find something to do."

She grinned. "Close your eyes. Try to relax."

I could see my heartbeat displayed on the monitor through the observation window, confirming that I was far from relaxed. I closed my eyes as Jenny retreated, and then slammed shut the heavy access door. The only sound in the room was that of my ragged breathing, and the rustle of the smock as I fidgeted impatiently, waiting for the experiment to commence.

"We're going to count you down," she announced over the internal intercom. "See you soon, Mark. Activation in five ... four ... three ... two ... one..."

Her final words were lost in a flash of light as I tumbled into oblivion. The floor opened up beneath me and I plummeted forever. I reached out my arms to break the fall, but my body seemed without substance. Screaming in terror, I suddenly feared that half our prospective patients would likely die of shock before we could ever treat them.

The lights flickered back into existence and I stared up at them in sheer relief. The room smelled musty and decayed. I glanced across at the observation room but the lights seemed dimmer than usual. The glass also appeared dirty, but it could have been my imagination.

I experimentally lifted my left arm but it felt unnaturally heavy. The right one equally so, certainly more than I'd have expected. With great care, I swung my legs off the side of the bench and reached down tentatively for the floor. I had to cling to the bench for support as my legs buckled beneath my weight, feeling like they'd turned to jelly by exposure to the stasis field.

An unfamiliar voice rattled over the intercom.

"What was that? Jenny, did everything go okay?" I gasped.

I stared around but the only familiar face was that of Angela's stuffed toy, sitting quietly on the shelf, and observing me placidly.

"Don't you laugh," I warned as I staggering across to it, playfully punching it in the belly.

Instinct suddenly informed me that something was seriously wrong, and I began to panic.

"JENNY!" I called out, wondering why I'd not heard from her.

The unfamiliar voice returned. "Stay calm," it urged.

"What's happened? Let me out, now!"

"You must remain in isolation until we can treat you. It's possible that you carry many harmful diseases. We must ensure that you represent no danger to us."

An older man appeared at the observation window, not someone that I recognised.

"Who are you? Where's Jenny?"

"We are recycling the air in your room, and will soon arrange for the delivery of fresh food and water. There's nothing to worry about. You are perfectly safe."

I sat down on the bench. "Who are you?" I demanded. "How did you get into the lab?"

"My name is Sarek. I'm a historian. I was asked to come here by the survey team who were exploring the remains, when they discovered your habitat."

"The remains of what?"

"The Ancient settlement in this area. During their investigation, they chanced upon the stasis chamber."

"Hey, you're not supposed to know about that. It's company confidential."

"Stasis fields are quite common. They contain our water supply, keep food fresh, and even preserve important historical documents. You might have remained permanently locked in here but fortunately, I managed to decipher your notes and determine how to disconnect the field."

"Where are all the others?"

"They're currently on the surface. Can you tell me your name?"

"I'm Mark Halliwell, research director of Genotech, and project manager of the stasis project. I'd be grateful if you could call my employer and..."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible."

"And why not?"

"In all probability, your employer and everybody that you ever knew are now dead."

"Dead? You're joking right?"

"We have some time before the decontamination team arrives, so I'll tell you what we suspect. Shortly after you were placed in stasis, an anomaly within the sun's photosphere vented a massive plume of plasma into space."

I gasped.

"There was very little warning. Within hours, intense electromagnetic radiation and fierce storms scored the Earth's surface. A large proportion of the population was killed outright; only people deep underground, or in any facility that could shield them from the radiation survived. Afterwards, brutal wars raged, followed by decades of disease and famine; that continued until a new order eventually established itself."

I hardly heard his words as I sank to my knees, the knowledge of what had happened almost too much to bear. I screamed as my hands covered my ears, refusing to believe that everyone I ever knew was lost.

"Angela," I sobbed, imagining my child incinerated in a furious maelstrom that left nothing behind for me to mourn.

"I'm sorry," Sarek soothed. "There was no easy way to tell you."

"How long ago?" I gasped.

"We are currently in the year 184 of the New Beginning, but the Calamity was twenty years before that."

I quickly did the maths. "Twenty two fifteen," I muttered.

"Your old date system is now meaningless. As facts stand, you've been in stasis for over two hundred years."

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