Mariel the Merry Mermaid
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Necrophilia, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mariel must complete a full year of "decision orientation" on land before she is admitted to the underwater kingdom. She can't wait until she is rid of her long beautiful legs and her deliciously shaped ass that framed her plump little pussy lips whenever she bends over.

Far away from any shore there lived a beautiful mermaid by the name of Mariel.

She was the daughter of a shipwrecked pirate captain brought back to life by the kiss of the famous underwater member of the royal family, Princess Elinora. This well-loved underwater royal highness was to become Mariel's mother.

When she was just a small girl, Mariel was told many stories of the dire consequences of intermarriage between land-bound folk and the residents of the underwater kingdom. Her grandfather, the wise King Gallipolli, never held her land-bound heritage against Mariel. He loved her even more than his other full-watered offspring and never refused her a single request.

Mariel had just reached her Eighteenth birthday and would soon be forced to remove herself to the land-based society for her mandatory year of "decision orientation".

She was a bit nervous about this process because she had never been outside of the safety of her underwater kingdom. She had only sighted the land-folk vessels from a safe distance and from under the distorting protection of the foamy Ocean waves.

The permanent development of her gill system and the customary swishing tail of an accomplished mermaid would not be hers until she had gone through the decision orientation. Once she had given the final approval after 365 days on land, she would be a full-fledged part of the Oceanic world.

Mariel had already done some "things" with the handsome mer-males that frequented the royal compound.

She was happy that they could experience a completion of their mating cycle even though she had an inferior land-based body with long legs and strange lower body systems with large circular fleshy mounds in her posterior and a long hair-matted slit between her muscled legs. The whistling sounds emitted by the men-males as they copulated with her filled her with wonder and she was so happy she could give them pleasure even though she was incapable of achieving her underwater release until she was fully equipped with mermaid mating systems.

She had to admit she came real close one night when the twin brothers, Cedric and Hardwicke sandwiched her in a mer-male threesome. She could inhale the scent of their emissions and see the telltale cloud of pollination surround her unworthy land-based body. Her best friend Ellie who was a full watered mermaid was so jealous of her that she spanked Mariel's rounded bottom with her very strong tail.

Mariel never told Ellie the truth about her spankings because she was ashamed they made her feel all a quiver inside her tummy and she wanted to kiss and thank Ellie so bad after each one. She just pretended to be humiliated and promised the beautiful mermaid she would be a good girl from here on out. She truly believed she was perverted in some sense because of her intense feelings aroused by the punishment from a full-grown mermaid's tail.

She would always comb Ellie's hair after the beautiful mermaid spanked her. Mariel would let her hand slide down to touch the beautiful mermaid's breast as she stroked the long black hair with a loving touch. Ellie never objected to Mariel's tender touch. In fact, she would smile and swing her tail slowly emitting a sensual mating scent that attracted nearby schools of mer-males.

Down here in the Oceanic kingdom there was no such thing as female to female or male to male sexual attraction, so poor Mariel did not understand why she had such feelings.

She was very sad to leave the kingdom, but rules are rules and she used her human legs to grip and ride the back of a splendid dolphin all the way to the shore of the land the underwater denizens called "Floridiana". The dolphin signaled her that he was not getting too close because they sometimes captured his kind and kept them in captivity in a strange place called "SeaWorld". He had no intention of falling prey to that kind of existence. Mariel sensed that the male dolphin was excited to have her legs gripping him tightly and he took great pleasure in demonstrating how powerful he was as he sped through the choppy waves.

Mariel had donned the bottoms and top of a cloth fabric used by the land-folk when they go into the water. Her mentor, King Gallipolli's cousin, Doctor Emmanuel warned her it must be worn or she would be noticed by the land-folk as being "different".

She asked Ellie to trim her extra hair "down there" so it would not be visible outside her cloth fabric. Ellie was very adept with the sharpened seashell and Mariel trusted her to tend to her hair removal without any fear of being cut by the finely honed tool. She thought Ellie took an awful long time fixing her up and she seemed to be very interested in how her long slit worked. Mariel placed her hands on Ellie's shoulders and opened her legs wide for Ellie's inspection and exploration. She noticed that Ellie was breathing rapidly and her mating scent was so strong that several mer-males started circling closer and closer.

Ellie told her to turn around and she inspected the cord like strand of fabric that was buried deep between her twin globes of rounded flesh.

"There's no hair back here, Mariel. I am just going to clean you real good with my fingers."

The touch of Ellie's fingers sliding into her little waste hole was strange and exciting. She reached back and spread her globes wide to allow her friend full access. A feeling of complete satisfaction blossomed out from her tummy and ran into her slit and down her long land-folk legs.

Ellie was so good to her.

"That is really super, Ellie! When I get back I want you to brush my hair and I will brush yours. I like the way I feel when you are close to me."

Mariel was close to the shore now.

She swam hard to beat the riptide and tried to stay underwater as much as she could until she got into the area where the land-folk were laughing and playing like small children.

The young half-mermaid was very careful to blend in with the other land-folk but she noticed that most of the males were staring at her like she was creature from another world. Mariel looked down at herself and she did not see anything out of the ordinary. Of course, she had those ugly long slim legs that ended up just below the horrible round globes in the back sticking out like twin peaks of feminine flesh. Perhaps it was the size of her two breasts that jutted out and stuck up pertly into the air. The cold air aroused her nipples very prominently and they pushed against her fabric thing like hideous little nubbins of desire.

She bent over at the waist and swung her long hair in the breeze to dry it out. Mariel noticed that several of the males were now congregating directly behind watching her swaying motions with concentrated intent.

The thin belt of gold coins around her waist was heavy on her mind. She knew she had to get to the store with three globes to get them exchanged for up to date currency. Doctor Emmanuel had instructed her to go to Maritime Society front desk and ask for Captain Jones. They would give her the correct documents and the address of a place to live for the next year.

Thank goodness there were a lot of young men and women wearing the same fabrics as her and she did not look out of place. Mariel realized the males were staring at her because they were attracted to her physical appearance. It was so strange because she was afraid she was so ugly no one would want to even talk to her.

After all, she didn't even have a functioning gill system. She had no scales anywhere and was horribly disfigured without any tail to speak of.

As soon as the man in the gold exchange gave her the paper strips that she could use to buy things, she went next door to the second hand store and purchased fabrics that covered up her bottom parts and her breasts a lot better than the flimsy swimming costume from the Ocean floor. She picked a pair of foot covering with a long heel because they made her leg muscles feel so good when she walked. They also seemed to make her feel good between her legs. The clerk told her they were the most popular "fuck me" pumps in the store. Mariel thought it was funny that anyone would want to fuck a pair of shoes.

An elderly lady ran the small boarding house that Mariel walked into a short time later.

Mariel had a hard time looking directly at the woman because she obviously did not have her teeth inserted into her mouth and she looked somewhat witchlike in appearance. She yelled into the back room with a very gravelly and harsh-sounding voice.

"Bobby, get your lazy ass out here now!"

A young lad with long blond hair and a deep suntan sort of glided into the room. He had the most bored looking expression Mariel had ever seen.

"You got any luggage, lady?"

She shook her head no and took the receipt from the old lady.

The young man led the way to the last door on the second floor. The key was a little tight in the lock and he showed her how to jiggle it a bit sideways to get the lock to work. She was surprised that the touch of his hand on hers was not repugnant in any manner. He went inside and checked the kitchen appliances to make sure they were working and that the window on the street was locked with the safety lock.

"Be sure to keep the window locked when you go to sleep at night. We had a lady raped about six months ago."

Mariel looked at him quizzically and then in a halting voice, asked,

"What do you mean by raped?"

The young boy laughed a little nervously and said,

"You know, when a guy makes a girl do something she doesn't want to."

Mariel was confused because she did not know of any females that did not consider themselves lucky to attract the attention of mer-males at any time. The concept of a female not wanting to receive the copulation seed just did not compute in her mind.

"Is the old lady your mama, Bobby?"

"Naw, she is my nana. She raised me after my parents died. I have been living here with her for the last 17 years."

"Bobby, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure thing. I am all ears."

Mariel thought that was a strange thing to say but figured it was some of the mysterious word patterns she did not quite understand as yet.

"Bobby, would you like to stick your cock into my pussy and fuck me until you shoot your sticky stuff into me."

The young boy was taken aback. At 18, he had very little sexual experience, but he knew it was unlikely to fall into his lap like this very often.

"Sure, Miss. Just get on the bed and stick your ass up real high in the air."

Mariel was uncertain how this was going to work, but she followed the boy's instructions carefully and pulled her panties down to her knees and pressed her head into the pillow to "keep the noise down when she got it".

The touch of the young man's long beautiful cock was a revelation to her. She had never felt something so big and so wonderful. Mariel realized she was dripping wet in anticipation of being poked by this handsome male with the nice cock.

Her pussy lips parted sensuously allowing the boy's long thick member to slide in with only a slight slurping noise.

Bobby groaned in sheer pleasure.

Mariel began to pant like the tiny shrimps doing a marathon on the Ocean's floor.

She loved to watch the little shrimps "doing it" repeatedly again and again. They were so fickle in how they moved from one female to the next.

"That's it, Miss Bitch, move that ass back to daddy!"

Mariel moaned real low and pushed her rounded globes back to take the long cock in deeper. It was so nice that she bit into the soft pillow and let her tears flow unimpeded down her cheeks.

Bobby could tell this strange girl liked it very much. He knew he was lucky to get a hot cunt right here in his nana's boarding house. He saw that she even liked the way he punished her beautiful ass with his heavy-handed spanks to make her move just the way he liked it best. Soon, he had no option but to shoot his creamy cum deep into the bitch's hungry pussy.

"Get ready, bitch, here it cums!"

Mariel felt the hot spurts of male human spunk splash forcefully deep inside her pussy. It was all she needed to push her over the edge and she began to shudder in complete sexual abandon as her orgasm took total control of her body.

Bobby had never had an orgasmic female bucking and gyrating like this between his legs. It was so very erotically satisfying that he almost went immediately into another release of creamy cum still gripped by the threshing female's convulsing pussy lips milking his cock for every last drop.

The two of them rested on top of the bed for what seemed like a long time but was in reality only about 15 minutes.

Bobby could feel Mariel's hand playing with his cock like she had found a new and marvelous toy.

"Bobby, thank you ever so much. You have a very lovely cock. I hope you will want to "give it to me" again real soon. Just knock on my door real quiet at night and I will always let you in unless I am with someone else. Promise not to be jealous because I want to make as many friends as I can in the next twelve months."

Bobby was not jealous at all. He knew a good thing even though he was only 18 years old. The promise of continued pussy was enough to make him a devoted fan of Mariel as long as she wanted him.

(To be continued. Part II will see Mariel learn about some very different ways to express sexual desire.)

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