Scarlett and the Yankee Carpetbagger
Act 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Orgy, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Clergy, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Act 1 - Miss Scarlett is the mistress of the Oglethorpe Plantation. The Civil War is drawing to a close. Raw passions and unfettered lust consume sexually deprived Confederate females. They are prisoners in their own land with a shocking lack of male company to tend their sexual needs. Miss Scarlett is determined to do anything it takes to save her beloved plantation and her disappearing way of life. Rufus the head field hand has ample outlets for his virile stamina and he performs so very well.

With a thought to keep production costs at a minimum, all three acts have been scheduled to occur at the Oglethorpe Plantation. The first act takes place in the latter stages of the Civil War. The citizens of Dixie are all too aware they are destined to lose this bloody war of attrition. The leaders and the soldiers all still believe in the righteousness of their cause. The simple truth is that they are outnumbered and out financed. The principle of States Rights has fallen by the wayside as abolitionists tout the depravity of slavery in the modern World. The conditions of slaves in the South were shown to be far better than the working conditions of blue collar laborers in the Northern cities. No excuse can be made for the economic necessity of slave labor, but the hypocrisy of Union politicians in bemoaning the plight of the Southern work force seemed to have no reasonable bounds. The civilian populace is comprised of females, small children, disabled ex-rebel soldiers, and the very slaves the Union forces were supposedly liberating from their chains of servitude. The cry more often heard from the hordes of freed slaves was not, "Free at last" but, instead, "Who is going to feed me?" The Union Army detachment under the civilian command of Special Agent Horatio Sherman is moving onto the grounds of the Oglethorpe Estate with absolutely no resistance at all. In fact, the general populace is on the verge of starvation after a disastrous drought and the effects of the efficient blockade of the all ports of entry into central Georgia. Miss Scarlett had not a single clue about the future. She did know that things were already about as bad as they could get. Perhaps the Union forces would be able to stabilize the deepening cycle of starvation and despair.

Curtain rises ... The scene is centered stage left with the stage right still darkened. We are in the bedroom of the Mistress of the plantation, Miss Scarlett Oglethorpe. Only Scarlett and Lucinda her personal hand maid are present.

Lucinda: (Holding up a beautiful blue evening gown) "When are you going to wear this pretty thing again?"

Scarlett: (Brushing her long dark hair in front of a non-existent mirror) "The days of pretty things are long gone, Lucy Girl. We got to think about what we are going to eat tonight. Is there any of the ham left from the smokehouse?"

Lucinda: (Puts the gown down reluctantly on the bed. She moves behind Miss Scarlett and takes the brush from her hand. Then, she continues to brush Miss Scarlett's hair in strong, steady strokes. She is humming a tune too soft and too low to be discerned.) "That ham was gone last night, Miss Scarlett. We got a passel of beans from Jesse's garden cooking up in the kettle. My, lordy, I think you got you a grey hair here, Miss Scarlett!"

Scarlett: (Grabbing the brush from Lucinda's hand and slapping her buttock hard enough to make the slender, finely featured girl wince.) "You need to do a lot more chores, if you're going to be counting my grey hairs, Miss Loosy Goosey."

(Scarlett pulls her night dress up over her shoulders revealing her bare breasts and her frilly knee-length knickers. Lucinda binds her breasts with linen to keep them from swinging in working the garden. Miss Scarlett had been reduced to field hand by sheer necessity to forestall starvation on the Oglethorpe Plantation.)

(A young pickaninny runs in and blurts out a stream of barely audible words.) "Miss Lucinda, theys men with big guns sliding down through the pasture. The road from Macon is filled with dust from all the boots and wheels a heading our way."

Lucinda: (Swats at the boy with a duster just as if he was a pesky fly.) "You best get your trouble-making bottom back down to the kitchen and shell those peas, Little Jimboy, afore I fan it with my switch."

Scarlett: (Lucinda moves over to the large French doors on stage left. She opens one and looks out. Muted sounds of running feet and muffled cries filter onto the stage. A single shot causes Scarlett to gasp out loud and throw her hand up to her mouth in fear.) "Oh, Lucy, I pray you move away from that window. If we are to be occupied, let us do it gracefully."

(A tall, heavily muscled black man, dressed in a black majordomo uniform, slips in the bedroom door and gives Lucy a small pistol.)

Rufus: "This is for Miss Scarlett. You can use it to defend her honor, if needs be. These yahoos are looking for anything not tied down. They want to make sport with any female they can corner and bend over. Even the younguns are prime for the picking. Best you lock up your Ellie Mae before they gets here." (He was referring to Lucinda's young daughter born out of wedlock in the French Quarter a little over 16 years ago.)

Scarlett: (Smoothing down the long dress hiding her luscious curves.) "Rufus, don't you be worrying about my honor. I quit worrying about that after that fine Captain Buttman screwed me by stealing my money and then screwed me so hard I couldn't walk for three days. Your honorable Miss Scarlett was a right doxie and I deserved to have my face and my honor pushed into the mud like a steamboat tramp."

Lucinda: "Miss Scarlett, we promised not to talk about that if you remember, young lady."

Rufus: "Them fellas is coming up on the porch right now, Miss Scarlett. Should I open the doors?"

Scarlett: "Right away, please, Rufus. We don't want them to think we are inhospitable. I sure don't want any damage to those fine, big doors."

(Rufus moves out the door and Lucinda hides the small pistol under Miss Scarlett's mattress. Scarlett makes a final touch on her lips to bring out the color.)

Scarlett: "Let's see what is in store for us, Dear Lucy. The main thing is we all survive. Honor and pride are not necessary for our existence, however nice it is to have them as our constant companions."

(They both exit through the door into stage right which is lit up to reveal the main entrance hall with a large chandelier and cut off spiral staircase. Rufus is opening the front doors. A few armed men tumble into the stage and take positions along the wall in silence. They are followed by a gentleman in civilian clothes. He is obviously in charge as the men come to attention in his presence. A young chocolate skinned girl runs in the front door and takes in the scene. She quickly moves behind Lucinda and wraps her bare arms around her waist. The young gentleman looks with amusement at the tableau.)

Horatio: "Is this the Oglethorpe Plantation? And, do I have the honor of addressing Miss Scarlett Oglethorpe?"

Scarlett: (Moves close to the gentleman and dips in a genteel curtsy fanning her face with her mother of pearl New Orleans fan at the same time.) "I am she, kind Sir. This plantation has been in our family since the time it was granted in 1755. Are we now under the control of Union forces? May I ask, Sir, What is your name? Why do you invade our peaceful plantation? We have no Rebel forces here."

Horatio: "Miss Scarlett. Please excuse my manners. My name is Horatio Sherman. I am here on assignment to make sure all of the slaves on this plantation have received their letters of emancipation. My records indicate you have 37 slave laborers working for you. I am also here to collect the taxes owed to the State of Georgia on behalf of the Federal Commerce Department. You owe us $2,340.69 as of the end of last month. If you are unable to pay or otherwise vacate this debt, I am authorized to sell your property at auction on the courthouse steps after 72 hours."

Lucinda: Miss Scarlett, is that true? Are we all free now?"

Scarlett: "Hush, Lucy. I am talking to the gentleman. Now, Mr. Sherman, no one in the South has that kind of money any more. What do you mean by vacate the debt?"

Horatio: (He sets down his bag on the floor and moves lazily to Lucinda's side and runs his fingers through her daughter's hair. His sexual attraction is obvious by the way he licks his lips with his tongue as if presented with a tasty treat.) "That is a very good question, Miss Scarlett. The debt can be reduced by your hospitality to my entourage and me. We are 13 in number and will bring some of our own food to throw in the pot. But you must understand the emancipated workers and even yourself will do whatever we require to make our stay comfortable. My men need to rest and to avail themselves of the solace of the flesh after a long period of deprivation."

Scarlett: (The meaning was quite clear. Scarlett understood perfectly. All she knew was she would do anything to keep her beloved plantation.)

"Well, my dear Horatio, I believe we may have an agreeable solution provided your men are not too rough in pleasuring themselves. My bedroom is the one with the white enamel doorknobs. I will be able to receive you any time after dinner. We must all eat to keep up our strength. Do you have any meat to add to our bean porridge and corn bread?"

Horatio: (Turning to the bewhiskered soldier at his side) "Sergeant, collect up those ham chunks from the larder and bring them into the kitchen to round out the dinner table."

Scarlett: "Thank you, sir. We will have dinner prepared shortly for all your men and they can bed down in the cabins in back. I will make sure they are well taken care of. You, of course, will be in my adjoining bedroom and I will await your pleasure in my bed."

(Scarlett moves back through the doorway with Lucinda and her daughter and the stage lights darken in the main hallway. Lucinda and her daughter whisper in Scarlett's ear and exit stage left. Scarlett removes her dress and puts on her night shirt. She also removes her knee length knickers under the cover of the night shirt. A knock at her door signals her appointment with Mr. Horatio Buttman. She moves to the door and admits the slightly inebriated former girl's school principal. When she turns around, he reaches out and cups her ass cheek with his soft, white hand. Scarlett shudders at the touch but does not move away.)

Scarlett: "You are very forward, sir. Let me remove my shift so you may access my flesh. Yes, Horatio, put your fingers there between my legs. I like the feel of your hands on my cunt. Oh. Yes, please shove your finger up my arse hole nice and deep. I love to be played in my back hole. I want to feel the sting of your hand on my soft, white cheeks. Ahh. Yes. Spank me hard. uhhh. Oh, God. Make me feel it. Ahh."

Horatio: "Get down on your hands and knees, you stuck up rebel trash. See how nice and red your filthy ass is now, Miss fancy pants. That's it. I want to hear you beg me for mercy. Don't like your hair pulled, do you? You slutty whore! Spread those ass cheeks for me now. No more hoity toity, my shit don't stink, Lady of the Manor bullshit. This cock is going to teach your asshole how to be hospitable to a gentleman. Do you feel that? Good! Take it all the way up. Now move that pretty ass. If you don't move it nicer, I am going to have to spank you very, very hard."

Scarlett: (Starts to howl like an animal as Horatio ass fucks her harder than a field hand. Laughter can be heard from outside the window as the soldiers and the newly liberated slaves celebrate their newfound freedom.) "Oh Horatio. You have stuck me truly deep. Please twist my nipples and pull them hard before you shoot your spunk inside my well-stretched ass. Yes, pull my hair like that. I will be a good girl for you. I promise to open wide for you and take it all the way in all my holes. I want to suck your cock and drink your cum down deep inside my throat."

Horatio: (flips Scarlett over with a practiced hand and sinks his heated cock head deep inside her already wet cunt.) "Good tight pussy! I like that, Miss cock tease. Do you like my cock in deep like that?"

(The right side of the stage lights up and we see Lucinda and her daughter listening intently to the sounds of the bedframe banging into the wall. Miss Scarlett's moans are in unison with the slamming of the bed. She tries to cover her daughter's ears, but the 16 year old girl is curious to hear every detail of Miss Scarlett's descent into depravity. Two uniformed soldiers move past them into Miss Scarlett's bedroom. She slaps one soldier's hand from her nicely curved ass cheek.)

Scarlett: "What's the meaning of this intrusion? Can't you see your officer and I are engaged at the moment?"

Horatio: (Laughing)"Easy, you spoiled little cocksucker! These are the first two to share in the use of your beautiful ass. Bend over and give them your pretty little asshole!"

Scarlet: "You can't be serious, Horatio, I thought I was to be your plaything and yours only. These are commoners, no better than field hands. You can't expect me to take them into my bed."

Horatio: "You have tired me out already, my little sweet rosebud. I aim to sit here and watch you take everything these two strapping lads can dish out to you. I plan to have much amusement as I see you take it all and serve their every sexual whim."

(The two men quickly strip and sandwich Scarlett between them on the bed.)

Scarlett: "Oh dear, go easy with that big thing up into my little cunny. Ahhh!. That's nice. Oh! no, Sir! You are most presumptuous with your long shaft poked deep between my ass cheeks. Please, wait, just a moment, I will open my back door as quickly as I can. Eeeek ... Eeeek ... Sweet suffering Jasper, it's in already. You both have me impaled like a whiskey house whore. (The sounds of Scarlett grunting and moaning fill the building as the bed slams again and again into the wall.)

Horatio: "Ok, now, boys! Fill her mouth with your cum. Make her swallow it all. Yes, pump her nice and hard and don't be afraid to pull and twist her hair like the dirty slut she is."

Scarlett: (gagging)"Have a care! I am swallowing as fast as I can. Yes, make me drink it all. I love to suck creamy cum. Please pull my hair and here, twist my nipple nice and hard."

Horatio: "Time for all three of us to fill all of Miss Scarlett's love holes, fellas. Jim, stick your cock into her cream dripping mouth. Get it in deep inside her pretty throat. Jake, you fill her tight little cunt with your mountain of man-meat. I, Dear Scarlett, will ravage every hidden corner of your delicious asshole and make sure you feel it all the way from the top of your head to the tips of your toes."

(This final debauchery left Scarlett panting and exhausted on the bed. The three men filed out of her bedroom with satisfied smiles on their hard faces. Miss Scarlett had certainly started to live up to her end of the bargain. A bargain for survival.)

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